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20, 2014

Ellen Calder

I am pleased to write this recommendation for Ellen Calder. Ellen is currently
student teaching at Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines, Iowa. I have
known Ellen since January 2014 when she was enrolled in my Classroom
Management course in J-Term 2014 at Drake University.

I have observed Ellen teach in a kindergarten classroom setting. While there, I saw
a teacher who is definitely passionate about working with students of kindergarten
age. In the first few moments I was in the classroom I saw how well she has made
caring connections with her students by how students respond to her.

Ms. Calder is well prepared to teacher class. Students come in the room as they
arrive at school and because the routines and procedures have been so well taught,
students know exactly what to do. Because of the consistency in how Ms. Calder
administers these procedures, students do not have to be reminded about what is
expected of them. While students begin to work on the task that has been put
before them, Ms. Calder circulates about the room, making contact with each
student. This lets the students know that she appreciates them and that they are at
school on that day.

The management that Ms. Calder demonstrates is a joy to observe. When students
need reminding about how to conduct themselves during an activity, there are firm,
yet friendly reminders provided in an enjoyable manner. Students know that Ms.
Calder always keeps close watch on them because she will comment on their good
behavior as well as providing redirection when it is needed.

Ms. Calder has a lot of energy and it all goes into her classroom teaching as she
interacts with her students. She is a teacher who seems to be in every corner of the
room at all times. She is aware and willing to redirect and/or praise at any time.
Students know this and respond appropriately.

I highly recommend Ellen Calder for any teaching position for which she is certified
to teach. I believe she will be an asset to the school in which she teaches.

If further information is needed, I can be reached by phone at 515-265-9059, or by
email at billorcutt1@aol.com.


William J. Orcutt
Drake University