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Firmware Revision 8.00.06

Release Notes
Version 0

HST-3000 8.00.06

Rev. 1

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This document summarizes the new features in the Revision 8.00.06 HST base unit firmware.
Highlights of the new capabilities added to the HST in this release include:

Expansion of the MAID Field in the Ethernet Application

Added Error statistics to vectored results
Call Waiting/Caller ID (NA and UK country codes)
Caller ID (UK country code)
Updated PHY software for HST3000-BDCM-2 and HST3000-BDCM-WB2-2

Release (FCS) of Revision 8.00.06 Firmware 15 July 2014

The firmware will be made available on the internal FTP site (ftp://tfs:tfs@ftp.help.acterna.com)
for downloading by JDSU personnel or to the general public on www.jdsu.com/hst under the
Downloads tab.
Once at the site, open the 8.00.06 folder and download the files from the folder labeled 8.00.06
Upgrade: These are the files that are required to upgrade an HST-3000 to the new release.

Firmware download will include;

1. 8.00.06 upgrade files
2. Latest Broadcom 63168 chipset modem drivers/PHYs
PDF versions of the latest revisions of User Guides corresponding to this release, listed below,
are available on One Stop:
1. 21109336-012 HST Base Users Guide
2. 21109872-005 HST Ethernet Users Guide
3. 21109338-008 HST Copper Users Guide

Detailed descriptions of the new features and functionality contained within this release as well
as known bugs/issues in this release and bugs/issues corrected (from previous releases) are
detailed in the pages which follow.

HST-3000 8.00.06

Rev. 1

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Code Changes

Copper Changes
1. Caller ID
Caller ID now supported in UK country code
2. Call Waiting/Caller ID
Call Waiting/Caller ID now supported in USA and UK country codes. The HST will
display the caller ID number when already on an existing call.
DSL Changes
1. Error Sample Messages Bonded, Vectored DSL
Four new error sample counts have been added to the group vectoring results page:
a. Error Samples Sent
b. Error Samples Dropped
c. Error Status Sent
d. Error Status Dropped
These four error counts detail the conversation between the HST modem and the
DSLAM and can be very important to troubleshooting vectored connections.
2. Sync Time in BDCM Reports
Reports generated from the Broadcom SIMs how include total sync time.
StrataSync Changes
1. WiFi Sync
Users can now connect to StrataSync over a WiFi connection (hot spot, etc.)
2. New Error Messages
Seven new error messages which will provide more guidance for what has caused the
3. Proxy Server Support
You can now establish a proxy server connection in the StrataSync connection panel.
Ethernet Changes
1. MAID Field Length Increased
The MAID field has been increased to 25 characters in the OAM application.
Other Changes
1. Flash boot error wording changes
2. Unit will now support USB drives created without a partition table
3. Custom scripting option now ON for all users of 8.00.06 and above
4. Unit must be plugged in to power to update firmware after this release

HST-3000 8.00.06

Rev. 1

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Significant Bug Fixes included in 8.00.06

Bug #18907StrataSync IP Address Cache
Bug #16096StrataSync Error Handling
Bug #13828Copper DTMF Level

Known Issues in 8.00.06 firmware version

Bug # 21735 Copper WB2 Noise not working with WB Noise set to G2, G.1M, G.2M, E1, U0,
or D1 filter
Bug # 21260 BCM63168 chipset xDSL Bonded COS can generate a CRC(slow) error in
ADSL mode

HST-3000 8.00.06

Rev. 1

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