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CCENT Lab 1- Basic Router and Switch Configuration

Concept review
This first lab will introduce you to some of the basics of configuring a router or a switch. The are few
difference between routers and switches for most of the basic configuration commands. These
commands include configuring the following items:
Console Password
Telnet Password
Secret Password
IP address
The console port is generally used for administrative purposes when a technician is onsite.
Telnet passwords (or more correctly the vty password) is set for telnet or SSH access.
The secret password is used to restrict access to the privileged mode
Refer to Chapters 8 and 9 in the ICND1 book for more details.

Lab Diagram

Command Prompts
While doing the lab, please look at the prompts-the prompts tell you what commands will be available.
For example, the prompt can help you differentiate between user mode, privileged mode, global config
mode and line config mode.
See the Command Prompt handout for more examples.

Lab Command Reference

You will be using the following commands during this lab:
configure terminal
line console 0
line vty 0 15
password pass-value
hostname name
interface type portnumber
ip address address

Mode and Purpose

Moves the user from user mode to enable (privileged)
mode and prompts for an enable password if
Enable mode command that moves the user into
configuration mode.
Global command that changes the context to console
configuration mode.
Global command that changes the context to vty
configuration mode.
Line (console and vty) configuration mode. Lists the
password required if the login command (with no other
parameters) is configured.
Global command that sets this switchs hostname,
which is also used as the first part of the switchs
command prompt.
Global command that changes the context to interface
modefor example, interface Fastethernet 0/1, or for a
switch, interface vlan1.
Sets the IP address and subnet mask on a router or
switch interface.

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CCENT Lab 1- Basic Router and Switch Configuration

Enable secret password

Moves back to the next higher mode in configuration

Sets the secret password that lets you get into the
privileged mode.

For this lab, you should access one of the switches and configure it with the following information:
Hostname: Lab1-Switch
Console Pasword: faith
Vty Password: hope
Secret Password: cisco
IP address:
If you need help, see the detailed instructions below.

Setting the hostname and the Console Password

In this first step you will configure the console password on Switch 1.
1. Log in to lab.eliassentraining.com, enter privileged mode and access one of the switches. (See
associated documentation for detailed instructions).
Console-Server# Lab1-Switch
If the switch is already configured, you may want to delete the configuration and restart the
switch. See the associated document-Accessing the Alliance cisco lab for detailed
2. Enter privileged mode
switch> enable
3. Enter global configuration mode
switch# configure terminal
4. Change the hostname using the hostname command
switch(config)#hostname Lab1-Switch
****Notice how the prompt changes immediately.
5. Enter the console configuration mode
Lab1-Switch (config)#line console 0
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#
6. Use the login command to require login
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#login
7. Use the password [password] command to set the password
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#password faith
8. Use the exit command to go back to the global configuration prompt
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#exit
Lab1-Switch (config)#
9. Set the secret password on the switch.
Lab1-Switch (config)#enable secret cisco
10. Set the vty password on the switch
Lab1-Switch (config)# line vty 0 15
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CCENT Lab 1- Basic Router and Switch Configuration

Lab1-Switch (config-line)#login
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#password hope

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CCENT Lab 1- Basic Router and Switch Configuration

11. Use the exit command to go back to the global configuration prompt
Lab1-Switch (config-line)#exit
Lab1-Switch (config)#
12. Enter the interface configuration mode (On a switch, you will configure interface vlan 1. On a
router, you would configure each of the used interfaces For example the serial and FastEthernet
Lab1-Switch (config)#interface vlan1
Lab1-Switch (config-if)#
*****Notice the prompt change
13. Use the IP address command to change the IP address to
Lab1-Switch (config-if)#ip address
14. Use the no shutdown command to make sure that the switch will listen to traffic on VLAN1
Lab1-Switch (config-if)#no shutdown
If the no shutdown command is not used, the switch will not listen even if it is configured
15. Return to priveleged mode by using the exit command
Lab1-Switch (config-if)#exit
Lab1-Switch (config)#exit
Lab1-Switch #
You can verify the settings on the switch with the show running-config command. This will allow you
to see the passwords set as well as the IP address.
You can also use the show ip interface brief or the show interfaces commands to see the status of the
vlan1 interface.

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