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Moov was launched by the Ahmedabad based Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd.(PPL) in

1986 to establish a national presence for the company.PPL is renowned for launching
innovative products & establishing power brands.It is currently the third largest Indian
FMCG company in the country after Nirma & Dabur.Paras is renowned for making a
killing in the OTC segment & believes in making it big where there is a strong number 1
but no number 2.In 1984 PPL had launched the moderately successful Stopache,thus
Moov turned out to be the first successful venture for the company.

In 1986,the time when Moov was launched,the market was dominated by rubs & balms
like Iodex,Amrutanjan,Zandu & Relaxyl.These brands were positioned as Multipurpose
pain relievers & thus did not have any definite target audience.PPL was quick to realize
the hole in the market.It was estimated that 50-80% of the world's total population
suffers from backache.Also,women were found to be most vulnerable to backache.Thus
PPL decided to target women in the SEC B & C segment specifically for lower back pain
through Moov.Enough brand awareness was created to make people understand that
backache could become chronic if left untreated.Thus Moov became the 'backache

Two years after its launch Moov could command only 0.3% of the market share.This
was partcularly because of the niche positioning of the product.However,in 2004 Moov
was able to command 13% of the Rs 4700 million Indian rubifacient market.Almost all
the 4Ps of marketing viz:Product,Price,Place,Promotion played a pivotal role in bringing
about this turnaround.

Product:PPL introduced numerous innovative product attributes for Moov.The product

was sold as a stain-free ointment quite contray to the black gooey apperance of
Iodex.Also,the product was sold in the contemporary pack--tube with carton--which
made it easy to use.In 2002 Moov Spray was launched which targetted Men & had a
catchy tagline 'Jab koi Na ho Saath' which exploited the occasion-based usage
positioning for the product.Recently,Moov underwent line extension & launched Moov
Neck & Shoulder which targets the Younger Working Class.

Price:Moov initially targetted the middle-income housewives & thus was a mass-market
product.However,in 2000 Moov was launched in 5gm economy tube to make the
product more affordable.Also,it increased the household penetration of the product

Place:Moov has excellent Market Penetration & is avaliable in the remotest of places.It
touted a chemists presence of around 95%.Later the channels were expanded to
include the grocery shops & Malls.Separate salesmen were recruited to take orders
from grocery stores.

Promotion:Moov is widely recognized for its excellent communication strategy.The

messages are very crisp & clear with definite impact on the target audience.Also,it
communicated its USPs through separate ads---non-staining attribute of Moov was
communicated though separate TVCs.

Future sucess of the brand depends upon how well the brand is able to transit its stance
from Relief to Prevention.Thus the usage should be more on the preventive platform
than on the curative platform.Also,suitable product innovation should be done to give
the required spur so that the product is able to ride on the maturity phase of the product
life cycle for long.