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1. In what year did Nintendo first introduced video games.

A. 1973
B. 1975
C. 1977
D. 1980
2. Anything that people make to solve a problem is
A. Science
B. Technology
C. Math
D. problem solving
3. This is a mathematics visualization tool with mathematical notation and graphing functions,
suitable for geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.this is great for visualizing
concepts that are sometimes hard to understand.
A. Design Science
B. Math Journal C. Geometers Sketchpad
D. Cabri
4. A step by step procedure for carrying out computation, or another word for working out
math problem is .
A. Algorithm
B. divisivility rules
C. digit rules
D. place value rules
5. Who is the Creators of Fizz and Martinas Math, Primetime Math, and many more computer
programs appropriate for K through 12.
A. Dr. Wei-Chi Yang B. Vivian Pal
C. Tom Snyder Productions
D. none of the
6. What is the exact size of the smallest calculator in the world created by James Gimzewski?
A. 1 nanometer
B. 2 nanometer
C. 3 nanometer
D. 4 nanometer
7. The combination of touch screen hardware and optical character recognition software offers
effortless input in mathematical expressions with all the benefits of electronic media such as
saving and sharing of data.
A. Document Cameras B. whiteboards
C. tablet computers
D. TI Calculator
8. The Asian Conference Technology in Mathematics(ATCM) was founded by ____________.
A. Dr. Wei-Chi Yang B. Vivian Pal
C. Tom Snyder Productions
D. none of the
9. The ACTM Conference was conducted in Taiwan for the second time in ___________.
A. 2007
B. 2008
C. 2009
D. 2009
10. The first all transistor-diode electronic calculator was first introduced by what

11. The bridge between the computer and the old-fashioned

chalkboard or whiteboard.
A. Computers
B. Smartboards C. Overhead Projectors D. DVD players
12. This can be used for many things in the Mathematics classroom. Used to show virtual
models of mathematics like at the Mathematics virtual Library, to create graphs using excel,
and to practice math skills on websites.
A. Computers
B. Smartboards C. Overhead Projectors
D. DVD players
13. This piece of Technology allows teachers and students to write normally and then to have
image projected onto a screen so that all students may see it easily.
A. Computers
B. Smartboards C. Overhead Projectors
D. DVD players
14. A term refers to places that have wireless internet connections.
ANSWER : hot spot
15. A funny name for a noun that describes a small piece of information about your
computer. It is a small file that a Web server automatically sends to your PC when
you browse certain Website.
ANSWER : cookie
16. Which Greek letter represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its
diameter? ANSWER : Pi or
17. Though he was beyond the traditional age limit of 40 years for receiving the gold
Fields Medal, a British mathematician was awarded a special silver plaque by the
International Mathematical Union in 1998. Name this mathematician who is most
famous for proving Fermats Last Theorem.
ANSWER : Andrew Wiles
18. What term refers to a limitless quantity and is represented by a symbol that looks like
the number 8 placed on its side?
ANSWER : Infinity
19. Name the physical chemist who coined the term photon and came up with the
official definition of jiffy in physics.
ANSWER : Gilbert Lewis
20. What computer program can you used to calculate data?
ANSWER : = Microsoft excel or Spreadsheet
21. Name the 3rd-century BC Greek mathematician who wrote Elements of Geometry,
which remained a standard textbook until the 19th century.
ANSWER : Euclid

22. If the number 1 followed by 100 zeros is represented by the term googol, what is the
name for the number 1 followed by a googol number of zeros?
ANSWER : Googolplex
23. What do you call the series of numbers where the next number is the sum of the
previous two?
ANSWER: Fibonacci sequence
24. What was title of the first printed book in mathematics?
ANSWER: Treviso Arithmetic or Arte dell'Abbaco
25. What do you call a number whose digits are rotated around when multiplied by any
number from 1 to 6?
ANSWER: Cyclic number
26. Who is the Greek mathematician believed to be the first person to notice that the
morning and evening stars were actually the same?
ANSWER: Pythagoras
27. What do you call the calculating device that uses numbered rods to perform
multiplication of any number by a number 2-9?
ANSWER: Napiers bones or Napiers rods
28. Who is the founding father of the Formalist School of Mathematics?
ANSWER: David Hilbert
29. If the data are encoded in column A1 to A10, what formula should be used to
calculate the standard deviation of the given scores using the Microsoft Excel or
30. It is a calculator with keys shaped and sized exactly like coins and a dollar bill.It adds and
subtracts money amounts and has a voice output.
A. Keyboard
B. Coin u - lator
C. Fact master
31. The latest model of casios calculator which has been designed for general math,
trigonometry, statistics, calculus, engineering and physics.
32. Who built the first automatic mechanical calculator that could add and subtract?
A. Rene Descartes
B. Blaise Pascal C. Gotfreid Leibniz
D. Thomas De Colmar

33. A program that enables you to access information on the internet through the World
Wide Web.
ANSWER : browser
34. What do you mean by PDF?
ANSWER : Portable Document Format
35. Use of email addresses to send unsolicited messages for the purpose of marketing.
36. What do you mean by URL?
ANSWER : Unique Resource Locator
37. When did the first automatic mechanical calculator invented?
ANSWER : 1642
38. Name the Greek mathematician often referred to as the Father of Geometry for his
revolutionary ideas and influential textbook called Elements.
ANSWER : Euclid
39. A device that can be used not only to compute but also to draw graphs in the
Cartesian coordinate plane.
ANSWER : graphics calculator
40. A set of information that is structured primarily to allow calculations and analysis to
be undertaken.
ANSWER : database
41. The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is denoted by which Greek letter?
42. Which British philosopher and mathematician said: mathematics may be defined as the
subject in whom we never know what we are talking about or whether what we are saying is
true? (Bertrand Russell)
43. How many faces have a dodecahedron? (12)
44. Which German mathematician gave his name to a one-sided surface that he created by
giving a strip of paper a half-twist then fastening the ends together? (August Ferdinand

45. What type of algebra, in which logical operations are replaced by symbols, is also known as
symbolic logic? (Boolean)
46. What is the better known name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a lecturer in mathematics at
Oxford University in the 19th century, who compiled a series of mathematical brain teasers
known as pillow problems? (Lewis Carroll)
47. In 1665, shortly before his death, a French mathematician created a celebrated theorem by
claiming to have discovered the proof that there are no instances in which the sum of two
cube numbers is equal to another cube number. Who was he? (Pierre de Fermat)
48. Name the 3rd-century BC Greek mathematician who wrote Elements of Geometry, which
remained a standard textbook until the 19th century? (Euclid)
49. Which Scottish mathematician invented logarithms and devised a set of graduated bones
used as an aid to multiplication? (John Napier)
50. Which French mathematician, physicist and theologian invented the first calculating
machine in 1641? (Blaise Pascal)
51. Who is the father of geometry? (Euclid)
52. Who is the prince of mathematics? (Friedrich Gauss)
53. What is the first mechanical calculator invented by Willhelm Schickard? (Calculating Clock)
54. Who is the father of Algebra? (Al-khwarzimi)
55. It is the graduated circular protractor with one pivoted arm used for measuring on marking
off angles. (Bevel Protractor)
56. What century did Mathematicians first used plus and minus signs? (16th century)
57. What number a one followed by 100 zeros was first used by nine year old Milton Sirotta in
1940? (Googol)
58. What handy mathematical instruments days were numbered when the pocket calculator
made the scene in the 1970s? (The Slide Ruler)
59. What is a flat image that can be displayed in three dimensions? (Hologram)
60. What Greek Math whiz noticed that the morning star and evening star were one and the
same 530 B.C.? (Pythagoras)

61. What is the first desktop all electronic calculators developed in Britain in 1961 by
Central Systems Ltd.?
Answer: ANITA (A New Inspiration To Arithmetic/Accounting) Calculator
62. Who discovered Pythagorean Theorems?
Answer: Pythagoras of Samos
63. Who mathematician made advances in number theory, algebra and analysis but is
most renowned for his many theorems of plane and solid geometry?
Answer: Archimedes of Syracuse
64. What is the contribution of Rene Descartes in Mathematics?
Answer: He discovered the Cartesian Coordinate Plane
65. Who invented and developed the Decimal System?
Answer: China, Babylonia, Persia and Mayans
66. Who invented the first mechanical calculator?
ANSWER : Blaise Pascal
67. A way of sending message over the internet.
ANSWER : Email
68. Who developed the very first spreadsheet, Visicalc?
ANSWER : Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankstone
69. What was the first spreadsheet written to operate on the apple II and was released in
ANSWER : Visicalc
70. French mathematician who developed the rectangular coordinate system.
Answer: Rene Descartes
71 . Who is the Flemish mathematician who first used decimals in his book La Disme
Answer: Simon Stevin
72. In which country did the Metric System come from? ( Answer : France )
73. Who made the idea and the original invention of a device that able to perform all four
arithmetic operations with minimal human intervention , the calculator ?
( Answer : Blaise Pascal )
74. Who invented the first computing machine in 1822?
( Answer : Charles Babbage )
75. What is the instrument used in measuring small distances?

( Answer : micrometer )

76. The length one foot was based on the length of a foot of a king. Whwwwqwq9w
77. o was that king who ordered everyone to use the length of his foot as a standard unit : foot ?
( Answer : King Gregory )