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In the movie The Monsters are due on Maple Street everything is normal like it would in a typical

small peaceful town until abnormal unexplainable phenomena started to occur such as electricity power
being cut and car began to starts all by itself. As a result the neighbor believe that it was cause by an alien
invasion and that the aliens are resident as a normal human being family. Thus, cause the neighbor to
become distrust with each other since they fear the betraying of their neighbor. In the end due the break
in the tension between the neighbors and they began to destroy each other. This movie was air on
television during the 1959 to 1964 when the cold war was occurring between the United State and Soviet
Union. This movie was able to carefully portrays the concept of McCarthyism that exist during this time
period in the fear that there are communist spies within their own country; thus it lead people to become
afraid and suspicious of other. America want to protect its democracy and individual freedom but due to
the fear of the spread of communism, the U.S. began to accused thousands of Americans of being
communists or related to communists activity. At first America passes the McCarran Internal Security Act
to help regulate the communist party that exist in American by requiring communist organization to
register with the United States Attorney General. Many feel that this was an interfering with their privacy
and liberty in American yet due to the growing tension between the United States and its Communist
enemy the U.S. passed the Communist Control Act of 1954; in which outlawed the Communist Party of the
United States and criminalized membership in, or support for the Communist action organization. In the
movies the neighbors were in constant fear of the attack of the alien similar to American at the time was
in fear of the nuclear weapons that the Soviet was developing. Since the Manhattan Project, American
have always have pride in their development in the nuclear weapons but it wasnt till they found out that
there were spies from the Soviet Union that operated within the Manhattan Project and have inform
Stalin of American progress. As a result when the cold war occur U.S. and the Soviet Union began to be
engage in a nuclear arms race. This event sparkled fears in the United State that Soviet science and
technology had surpassed America. For example after the invention of the Sputnik, American fear that
the Soviet might soon be able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles that could travel from silos in
the Soviet Union to destroy target in the United State. Thus, American keep living in fear everyday
worrying that the Soviet Union would attack; similar to the movie in which the neighbor fear the alien
invasion. Finally this movie was first air in March 4, 1960 coincidently on the same day of the La Coubre
explosion. It was believe that this explosion was attributed to the CIA who at the time wished to
overthrow Fidel Castro. Thus lead to the increasing tension between American and other foreign country.
Overall American fear the threat of the Communist and the threat of nuclear attack from the Soviet that it
began to take every precaution possible including distrusting its own people in order to protect the
democracy that American always value.