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Hotel definition

HOTEL word came from Latin Word HOSPITIUM, that mean living room. This word then undergo a
process of change in understanding and distinguishing the guest house to the mansion house that
developed at that time, the large house called hostels. Hostel leased to the general public to stay and
rest a while, and coordinated by a host. Along with the development and to the satisfaction of the
demands, where people do not like that too much regulation in the hostel, the hostel then undergoes a
change, the removal of the letter s in the word hostel so into the hotel.
Hotel definition from SK Menparpostel Nomor KM 94/ HK 103/MPPT 1987 is a type of
accommodation that use part or all of the building to provide an accommodation, eating and drinking
as well as other services to the public, which is managed commercially.
The hotel is a public housing facilities to travelers by providing room services, food and beverage
providers and accommodation with the payment terms. (Lawson,1976:27).
Hotel is a building or an institution that provides room to stay, eat and drink as well as other services
to the public (Webster dictionary).
Thus, it can be concluded that the hotel is a building providing lodging services, food and beverage,
and other services that are intended for general and commercial managed.

Hotel Classification
Criteria for the classification of hotels in Indonesia formally contained in Government Regulation,
SK: Kep-22/U/VI/78 by the Director General of Tourism. Classification of hotels reviewed based on
several factors:
1. selling price
The classification system is based on the sale price of the hotel room, where the price of the
rooms are sold only room price only or a package system,
- European plan hotel : hotel and costs for room rates only
Practical, widely used in hotel
Facilitate system billing
All rooms are mostly marketing system using this system

American plan hotel : with planning costs, including the price

Dine and room price, divided into two,:
plan (FAP)
: Room rates include three meals a day (breakfast,
lunch and dinner)
: Room rates include two meals a day
- room + breakfast + lunch
- room + breakfast + diner

Continental plan hotel : with planning the room rate includes the breakfast
Bermuda plan hotel : hotel with rooms priced plan that is included with american

2. Hotel size
Hotel classification by size is determined by the number of rooms available,
- Small hotel : < 150 rooms
- Medium hotel : 2 type of medium hotel
o Average hotel : 150 299 rooms
o Above hotel : 300 600 rooms
- Large hotel : >600 rooms
3. Guest Type
Classification of hotels based on the origin and background of the guest stay
- Family hotel
: Hotel for a family group guest
- Business hote
: Hotel for guest in business condition
- Tourist hotel
: Hotel for tourist, domestic or international.
- Transit hotel
: Hotel for a transit guest
- Cure hotel
: Hotel for guests staying in the treatment or cure of disease

4. Star System
The more the number of stars a hotel, services are demanded more and more and better. Hotel
classification system based on the star,

Especially for a five star hotel, there are levels, Palm, Bronze, and Diamond.

5. Length of stay
- Transit hotel
: one or two nights
- Semi residential hotel
: long stay guests with more than a day but still within a short
time period, ranging from two weeks to one month
- Residental Hotel
: hotel with long stay guests long enough, range of at least
one month
6. Location type
- City Hotel
: hotel located in the city, where most of the business
activities and services offered
- Urban Hotel
: hotel near a city
- Suburb Hotel
: hotels are located in suburbs
- Resort Hotel
: hotel located in the tourist area, where most of the guests
who stay do not do business

Hotel resort is divided up according to its location:


Mountain hotel
Beach hotel
Lake hotel
Hill hotel
Forest hotel

Airport hotel

7. Guest activity
Classification of hotels based on the intent of activities for guests
- Sport hotel
: hotel is located in the area of sports activities
- Ski hotel
: hotel that have ski area
- Confrence hotel
: hotel with confrence facility
- Convention hotel : hotel with convention facility
- Pilgrim hotel
: hotel where he serves as a part of worship facilities.
- Casino hotel
: hotel where he serves in part to gambling activities
8. Number of rooms and requirements (minimum)
Based on the number of stars that carried, number of rooms and other requirements,
- One star hotel
: standard rooms, a minimum of 15 rooms with inner bathroom in the
standard room, 20 m2.
- Two stars hotel
: 20 standard rooms and 1 suite room minimal. With inner bathroom.
22m2 for standard and 44m2 for suite room.
- Three stars hotel
: 30 standard rooms and 2 suite room minimal. With inner bathroom.
24m for standard and 48m2 for suite room.
- Four stras hotel
: 50 standard rooms and 3 suite room minimal. With inner bathroom.
22m for standard and 44m2 for suite room.
- Five strars hotel
: 100 standard rooms and 4 suite room minimal. With inner
bathroom. 26m2 for standard and 52m2 for suite room.
In Indonesia, the hotel classification is done with the star system. Starting from one star to five stars.
According to the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Indonesia No. PM 10/PW 301/ PHB-17 on
business and the hotel classification, it was determined that the minimum assessment hotels
classification based on several considerations
- General requirements, such as building condition and completeness of the facilities
- Form of service provided
- Number of rooms available
- The layout of the location or circumstances
Developments Hotels in Indonesia
In the book Hotel Management, Sihite (2000: 63) said that the hotel serves as a means to meet the
needs of guests (tourists or travelers), as a temporary residence while away from the place of origin.
Along with the development of foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia that require more tourism
accommodation facilities are adequate, then during Dutch colonial rule, come further hotels in

As for the hotel business role in supporting the development of the nation and the state, among other
- Income increased industry and society
- Create jobs at the same time the transfer of technology

The development of hotels in Medan

For the city of Medan, trading activities with the activities of hotels and restaurants become the driving
force of the citys economy. The growth of the tourism industry in North Sumatra lately very
encouraging. This can be seen from the rampant growth of five-star hotel in the city of Medan.
List of Classified Hotel in Medan Hotel Name Star Address

***** Hotel Grand Angkasa Jl. Sutomo No. 1 Medan

***** Hotel JW Marriott Jl. Putri Hijau Medan
***** Hotel Grand Swiss-Bel Jl. S. Parman Medan
***** Hotel Grand Aston City Hall Jl. Balai Kota Medan
***** Hotel Arya Duta Jl. Kapten Maulana Lubis Medan
***** Hotel Citi International Jl. Sun Yat Sen Medan
**** Hotel Tiara Medan Jl. Cut Mutia Medan
**** Hotel Asean International Jl. H. Adam Malik No. 5 Medan
**** Hotel Novotel Soechi Jl. Cirebon No. 76A Medan
**** Hotel Quality Suites Jl. Listrik No. 15 Medan
**** Hotel Polonia Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 14 Medan
**** Hotel Danau Toba Intl. Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 17 Medan
**** Hotel Emerald Garden Jl. K.L. Yos Sudarso No.1 Medan
**** Hotel Travellers Suites Jl. Listrik Medan
*** Hotel Garuda Plaza Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.18 Mdn
*** Natour Dharma Deli Hotel Jl. Balai Kota No. 2 Medan
*** Hotel Semarak Jl. Sisingamangaraja No.50 Mdn
*** Hotel Pardede Intl. Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 14 Medan
*** Hotel Sahid Jl. Sisingamangaraja KM 7,5/11
*** Hotel Grand Antares Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan
*** Hotel Madani Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan
** Sumatera Indah Resort Jl. Jamin Ginting KM.11,2 Medan
** Hotel Royal Perintis Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan Medan
* Hotel Elbruba Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 19
* Hotel Sumatra Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 35 Medan
* Hotel Waiyat Jl. Asia No. 44
* Hotel Garuda Citra Jl. Sisingamangaraja No. 27 Medan
* Hotel Petisah Jl. Nibung II/22-38 Medan
* Hotel Ananta Boga Jl. Jamin Ginting KM.14 Medan
* Hotel Labana Inn Jl. Abdullah Lubis No. 67 Medan
* Hotel Dhaksina Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan
* Hotel Ibunda Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan
* Hotel Sri Deli Jl. Sisingamangaraja Medan
Functional Organization in Hotel
In principle, the hotel can be divided into 3 areas of activity, such as:
- Private area. This area is an area for the visitors personal activities, such as rooms in the
- Public area. This area is a meeting between the serving area, the employee with
yangdilayani, the guests and also guests with other guests.

Semi-public area. This area is an area for activities of the employees, especially
employees of the administration, meeting rooms, zones where only certain people can
Service area. This area is a special area for employees, here all kinds
pelayanandisiapkan to the needs of visitors.

Functionally, the hotel has 2 main sections, among others:

- Front of the house. Area consists of private and public areas. Are included in the front
area of the house:
A. Guest Room
Guest room, the room where the guests stay.
B. Public Space Area
It is a place where one can show the contents and themes to be conveyed to his
guest. This area became the main hub of activity that occurred in the hotel, in which
case it becomes clear that a face can be represented by him.
Place the receiver visitors to obtain information, resolve problems and financial
administration relating to the rental of rooms. Spaces are included in the lobby:
1. Entrance hall
The main reception room which connects the outer space or the main entrance to
the rooms in the hotel. Be open with the amount of space that is wide enough.
2. Front desk / Reception desk
Spaces consisting of front desk personnel that functions to process and manage
the administration of visitors.
3. Guest elevator
As a means of vertical circulation to the guests from the lobby or public area to
the guest room or on the other functions.
4. Circulation
Is important in the public area that serves as a means to connect the functions in
it for visitor usability.
5. Seating Area
Providing a place for guests to relax or just berbincangbincang. These tools are
very useful for the social contacts among visitors.
6. Retail Area
Serve to provide the necessities of daily visitors
7. Bell man
As a means of service to the guests who had just arrived or leaving a hotel with a
service brought suitcases visitors.
8. Support function
As a means of support for the guests who are public areas, among others, such
as toilets, public phones, ATM machines, and others.
9. Consession space
Basically these spaces include retail areas, but for star hotel, this concession
spaces separated itself and is part of the public area, which is comprised of:

- Travel agent room

- salon/beauty care
- book store
- Money changer
- Souvenir shop
- Toko-toko khusus

Food and Beverages outlets

That area used to enjoy food and drinks in the form of:

- Restaurant
- Coffe shop

- Lounge
- Bar
D. Multipurpose Room
spaces reserved for various inventions such as:
- Exhibition
- Seminar
- Weding
E. Recreation area
The area used by the visitors for recreation, exercise, relax and others, which include:
- Swimming pool
- Food court
- Retail Area
- Artificial ponds and canals, Amphitheatre + Dancing Fountain
- Garden
- Gym
- Spa and Sauna

Back of the house, Consists of the service area. Which includes back of the house are:
A. food and storages area
This area is a storehouse of food and beverages. There is a dry warehouse and
warehouse wet, tailored to the needs of food and beverages are included.
B. Receiving, trash and general storage area
This area is where the ups and downs of goods to and from the car carrier.
C. staff hotel (employees area)
This area is a space that contains employee lockers for employees, warehouse, etc..
D. laundry and housekeeping
For a five-star hotel, room size is quite extensive and serves as tempatmencuci,
drying, ironing, and press machine is used to serve guests as well as employees. In
the housekeeping area, there is a head and assistant department space, warehouse,
sew the fabric, pillowcases, curtains, etc.. prepared to serve hotel guests.
E. Mechanical and Engineering Area
This space contains equipment for heating and cooling in the form of tanks and
pumps to keep the mechanical operation of the overall system.

That must be considered is that public space should also be associated with a service room and have
clear boundaries, so that the public does not interfere with the activities of the service. For this
reason, penzoningan based on the type of area is essential

Guest Hotel Character

According to the purpose of his arrival, the hotel visitors divided into two, namely for business and
leisure purposes. Visitor characteristics can be divided into:


Guest Character

- Stay 2-4 nights
- conference
- profesional meet
- 75% man, 25%
- business meeting or
- Price do not matter
- Stay 1-2 nights
- 85% man, 15%

- Really take into

- business work
- trade
- conference

Room type
- King,

- batch room with
- a work desk
- King
- standard bathroom
with shower
- work desk

account the cost of


- 1-4 nights or more in
- family trip
resort area
- touring
- middle cost
- family activity


- 1-7 nights
- middle to high cost

- tour or clubs
- weekend
- trip


- 1-6 nights
- young profesional
- middle to high cost

- tour or club
- shoping

-double-double, king
sofa, near room
-seat and tv area
- bathroom
- king
- work desk
- coolcase
- bathroom
- queen
- meal and work area
- standard bath room

Business hotel Overview

As for the type of hotel that is contained in this multifunctional building is a business hotel. Here is the
definition and development of the hotel business.

Defenition of Business
The word is derived from the business English business, busy from the word which means sibuk in
the context of the individual, community, or society. In that sense, busy with activities and work that
generates revenue. In economics, business is an organization that sells goods or services to
consumers or other businesses, for a profit.
Some business understanding according to experts:

Brown dan Petrello (1976) : Business is an institution which produces goods and
services demanded by people.
Griffin dan Ebert (1996) : Business is an organization that provides goods or services in
order toearn provit.
Hughes dan Kapoor : Business is the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell
for a provit, the goods and services that satisfy societies needs. The general term
business refer to all such efforts within a society or within an industry.

Definition of Business Hotel

Hotel business is defined as a hotel that is widely used by businesses, where the hotel has complete
facilities for businessmen. Usually located the center of the city, or business areas and functions
provide facilities, services and ease of accommodation tailored to the character of the business.

Developments in General Business

Formerly, the hotel only serves as a place to stay, but now the hotel has had a dual function, of a
place to stay, until a business tool. Not a few hotels that provides a means business, especially hotels
- luxury hotels. This type is called a business hotel. At this hotel available where it can be used as a
meeting room, meeting rooms, and seminar rooms. The business can take advantage of the hotel
business as a means to promote the company&#39;s products, working meetings and seminars.

Some considerations in choosing the hotel as a meeting / conference:


Determining the cost that would be required to rent space in hotel
Knowing completeness of the facilities provided by the hotel.
estimate the number of participants and adjust the capacity of the hotel room.
Estimate about thecirculation of the hotel

Characteristics of Business Hotel Guest

Efforts in the field of hospitality has targeted accommodation services for business people from both
inside and outside the city of Medan, which consists of:

Conference group
Goverment, etc

Business hotel guest character


Traveling alone or group

Stay with relativity night
Want to quickly complete the task, so that consideration of the distance of the object to
the achievement of objectives should be as close as possible
economic considerations and facilities
In this case, leisure is not prioritized

In general, the businessman has a character that is very efficient. The quality of business interaction
is a major concern. They seek to establish and achieve the shortest possible interaction relationships
as closely as possible. Business interaction can be done in and outside the hotel.
Interaction is done outside the hotel demanding guests move outside and take advantage of the hotel
facilities within a short time, such as a rest. Interaction is done in a hotel environment requires the
provision of a comfortable space, privatization has high and can support the desired business
relationship process.
Business activities can also be carried out while eating, drinking coffee, sports and other leisure
activities. To that end, the hotel business requires sports facilities, relax, eat, drink, and of course
meeting the standard facilities are also required.

4 Star Indonesian Hotels Facilities Criteria

Of this class have the following:

Indonesian dcor elements are reflected in the lobby, restaurant, bedrooms and function
1. Minimum 50 standard rooms, 22m for standard.
2. Minimum 3 Suite rooms, 44m for suite room.
3. 3 meters high minimum each floor
Dining room
When not co-exist with the lobby, it must be equipped with a bathroom / WC itself.
1. If a closed space must be provided with the air conditioning temperature of 24 C.
2. Wide workspace bartender at least 1m.
Functional room
1. Minimum 1 piece contained a separate entrance from the lobby with a minimum
capacity of 2.5 times the number of rooms.
2. Equipped with a toilet when no one floor to the lobby.
3. There is a pre-function room.
1. Have a minimum area of 30 m2.

2. Equipped with a lounge.

3. The minimum common toilet 2 piece with gear
4. The minimum corridor width of 2 m.

Drug store
1. Minimum contained drugstore, bank, money changer, travel agents, air line agent,
souvenir shop, offices, boutiques and salons.

2. Available polyclinics.
3. Available paramedics/doctor

Recreation and sports

1. Minimum 2 piece with a choice of tennis, bowling, golf, fitness, sauna, billiards,
jogging, disco or childrens playground.
2. There is a separate adult pool with childrens pool.
Supporting Utilities
1. There is a vertical mechanical transportation.
2. Availability of clean water a minimum of 1000 liters / person / day.
3. Equipped with the installation of hot / cold water.
4. Equipped with local and long-distance telephone.
5. Available PABX.
6. Equipped central video / TV, radio, paging, carcall.

Classification of class rooms in a hotel are:


Standard room
Types of rooms available for two occupants with the condition, contains one double bed or
two beds and facilities available in the room is generally accepted in all hotels.


Deluxe room
Types of rooms with better amenities than the standard rooms, such as the size of the larger
rooms and additional facilities, such as televisions, refrigerators, etc..


President suite room

The most expensive type of room in a hotel, available for 2-3 or more residents of the state
contains two or three more rooms with larger room sizes, spacious, luxurious and better
equipped with additional facilities such as living room, dining, and a small kitchen (kitchenette
) and a mini bar. His bed there is a double bed, twin beds or single beds.

The standard amenities found in each - each room type are as follows:

Private bathrooms and equipment.

The beds (number and size according to the type).

luggage rack
Telephone, lights, air conditioning.
Radio and Television.

dressing table
table lamp
Ashtrays, matches, towels, stationery, etc..