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UWRT 1102-017 Fall 2014 Group Proposal

Health: Child Development: Diseases and Disorders Throughout Development

It wasnt until the 16th and 17th centuries that philosophers began to take the lead in studying the
nature of childhood development. Even then, most adults didnt understand children, and in
general, most believed children were just small adults. We now know that children and their
development processes are so much more complex. In our approach to child development, we
will focus on maturation, the development of disorders and diseases, preventative measures, and
recovery. We will approach these subject matters along the course of child development from
birth to early adulthood. Even at birth, a child can be susceptible to different health risks such as
diseases and disorders, and we think it is important to show the relation of these issues
throughout ones development into adulthood.
Kim: Child Development is Developing
I have found it very interesting how the care of infants has changed over the years. As new
research is conducted, the norm of how and what and when to feed your baby is constantly
changing. There is a lot of controversy over whether breast feeding or formula feeding or a
combination of both is the most beneficial, and a lot of research has shown that there isnt much
of a difference between the three. Although on the other hand, other studies have shown that
breastfeeding is more beneficial because it is the best for a babys immune system. My question
is how accurate and viable is this new research, and are the new trends in feeding helping or
hurting childrens developments? New research says that it is better to feed your baby on
command rather than on a fixed schedule. Im curious to know if it is necessarily better for
children to be fed according to new research rather than using old fashion ways. My grandmother
raised my mom the old fashion way (breastfeeding on command) and she was a very healthy
child and continues to stay healthy. My grandmother also used the burping technique on my
mother as a baby, which was, and still somewhat is, the norm. Although I have babysat for
families who now decide to use an anti-gas medicine in their childs bottles that alleviate gas,
allowing the mothers not to burp them. Is burping your child really that hard to wear you would
rather give your baby chemicals instead?
Amanda: The Cerebral Palsy Diet
Cerebral palsy is a permanent disorder of voluntary movement and posture that is classified
according to muscle tone and motor movement with little relation between impairment and
intellectual development. I intend on questioning if a special diet can help those who have this
disability. Considering some cases are less severe than others, I want to look into things such as
nutritional needs, diet plans, vitamins, as well as foods that aid muscle function and foods that
restrict muscle function. I also plan on doing some research and interviews with those who have
cerebral palsy or those who have experience caring for or working with someone with cerebral
palsy and see what things they eat in comparison to what research suggests. This is a worthwhile
question for me to investigate because I am a special education major and find such things
extremely interesting, but also because I have an immediate family member that my family cares
for that has cerebral palsy.

Tylah: Obesity Awareness

Obesity has taken over the lifestyle of a young generation. I'll be examining the microbiology of
specific foods for those who follow a particular diet such as vegetarians and carnivores. Well
examine how this lifestyle contributes and influences obesity. What types of foods mainly
contribute to obesity of Americans? Does the food consumed on a daily basis negatively affect
our health by contributing to obesity or does it simply raise awareness to other health concerns?
I'm curious as to if the different types of foods we consume have a direct correlation to obesity
and how it influences the minds of the younger generation to narrowing down to specific food
choices. Ill also examine the importance of food and nutrition as well as metabolic issues. To
increase prevention, Ill also cover diets and possible weight loss ideas. I will also examine if
those with a particular body type are more prone to obesity. How does one recover from eating
Riley: Anorexia and Bulimia: The Recovery Process
Eating disorders have consumed the lives of many people, most commonly, young women. Most
of us are aware of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, but few know what the recovery
process entails. It is possible to fully recover from these two eating disorders. I intend to answer
questions about these disorders, the recovery process, and how family and friends can positively
involve themselves with a loved one whos seeking treatment. While I want my main focus to be
on the recovery process, I also want to explore the avenues of how these eating disorders are
formed. I think it is important to explore how much social and media influences effect people
with these disorders. I want to tune my focus on how these influences can be dealt with as they
are present factors in the uphill battle of the recovery process. Approaching this touchy subject
with a compassionate and supportive stand point may be the most appealing and influential