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H.Q. Mitchell

test booklet

Traveller Pre-Intermediate
Test Booklet
H.Q. Mitchell
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Test 1 Module 1. ................................................................................................................................... 4
Test 2 Module 2. ................................................................................................................................... 7
Test 3 Module 3. ................................................................................................................................... 10
Test 4 Module 4. ................................................................................................................................... 13
Mid-term Test Modules 1-4..................................................................................................... 16
Test 5 Module 5. ................................................................................................................................... 19
Test 6 Module 6. ................................................................................................................................... 22
Test 7 Module 7. ................................................................................................................................... 25
Test 8 Module 8. ................................................................................................................................... 29

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Final Test..................................................................................................................................................... 32

MM Publications Tests CD/CD-ROM includes the following photocopiable tests in PDF format:
 ight Module Tests based on the language used in each module.
A Mid-term Test to be given at the end of module 4.
A Final Test to be given at the end of the school year.
All Tests are also provided in modifiable format, so teachers can modify them (add, omit or change the
order of the items and/or exercises) according to their students needs.
The total number of marks may differ for each test. The number of marks allocated to each activity appears
after the activity. There are also transcripts, keys and audio for the listening tasks.
Module Tests
These tests consist of six sections:

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Mid-term Test
It consists of six sections:
Final Test
It consists of six sections:


Titles................................................................. Track 1
Module Test 1................................................... Track 2
Module Test 2................................................... Track 3
Module Test 3................................................... Track 4
Module Test 4................................................... Track 5
Mid-term Test.................................................. Track 6
Module Test 5................................................... Track 7
Module Test 6................................................... Track 8
Module Test 7................................................... Track 9
Module Test 8..................................................Track 10
Final Test ........................................................Track 11


Test 1 Module 1
A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.




1. I really like your new

2. To tell you the
3. Barry is really
4. I loved Janes
5. A: Dont be late, OK?
B: All right. I
6. This is Kellys first
7. These days people usually
8. Adam has a strong







. Its very trendy.

I didnt like the talent show last night.
in photography. He has some great pictures in his photo album.
last night. Shes a very
for a job and she is very nervous.
through the Internet.
for acting. He wants to be famous one day.


B. Choose a, b or c.

1. Paul can be so
a. well-known

sometimes. I cant stand

b. helpful

c. rude

2. Many famous people try to be good

a. charities
b. role models
c. awards
3. I was never
a. aware

of talent shows. They are

b. fan

4. A lot of people around the world

problem of poverty every day.
a. adopt
b. train


Julie at tennis.
b. argue
c. beat

6. Lucy rarely watches science-fiction films. She

a. is into
b. affects
c. practises
7. My brother is a very
lot of things during the day.
a. active

c. fond

c. face

5. I always
a. win

b. confident

person. He does a
c. quick-tempered

8. Charlie has the

to make friends easily.
Hes very outgoing.
a. ability
b. quality
c. assignment


Choose a, b or c.

Copyright MM Publications

1. A: What does Betty look like?

3. A: Fancy going to the cinema tonight?



a. Shes quite tall, with long, dark hair.

b. Shes shy.

a. You cant be serious. I cant stand them.

b. Got to go. See you tomorrow.

c. She likes soap operas.

c. Im afraid I cant make it. I have other plans.

2. A: Hi, Steve. What are you up to?

4. A: What is May like?



a. Nice one!

a. She has a great sense of humour and shes very

b. Shes a very attractive woman.

b. Nothing much.
c. I suppose so.

c. She has a lot of time on her hands.


A. Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.


1. A: Hi, Paul. What

(you / do)?
B: I
(chat) with a friend on the Internet.
2. A: Whats the problem Kevin?
B: I
(not / understand) this exercise. Can you help me?
A: Sure.
3. A:
(keep) in touch with his friends?
B: Yes, he
(often / drop) them a line. He
(send) an e-mail to Carol
at the moment.
4. A: What time
(you / usually / have) breakfast?
B: At eight oclock in the morning. But today I was late. Thats why I
(have) breakfast at
5. A:
(get) along with your brother?
B: Well, we
(sometimes / argue) but were OK.
B. Complete with the correct form of used to and the verbs in the box.



not play



not study

1. When she was a teenager, Pauline

very shy.
2. Henry
when he was at school, but now, as a university student, he studies hard.
3. My dad
to work but now he uses the underground.
your sister
in the past? Shes very talented!
5. Alex
football with his friends but now he does.
a trendy hairstyle?
C. Complete with the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. How


2. Peter
3. I

(communicate) in the past when they

(leave) because he
(promise) to give Tom a call but I

4. Mike
with his wife.
5. Why

(have) other plans for tonight.

(forget) to and now he doesnt want to talk to me.

(not watch) the talent show last night because he


(not / have)

(lie) to me? I always tell you the truth.

(go) to the theatre


1. There are very

tomatoes left. Lets go to the
a. a few
b. few
c. a lot
2. Is there
orange juice in the fridge?
a. any
b. some
c. little
her free time Nadia enjoys shopping.
a. After
b. In
c. At
4. Jason cant come with us. He doesnt have
a. no
b. many
c. much
5. Sophia bought this car three months
a. before
b. during
c. ago

6. Danny, hurry up. We have very

time left.
a. little
b. a little
c. much
7. The train to London leaves
a. in
b. on
c. at
8. Alice is very kind, thats why she has
a. few
b. lots
c. a lot of
9. He usually works
nine until five oclock.
a. from
b. during
c. to
10. Im sorry but theres
milk left in the fridge.
Have some juice.
a. any
b. no
c. a few

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D. Choose a, b or c.


Listen to a dialogue between two friends and write T for True or F for False.


1. The boy had a MySpace page in the past.

2. The girl wants to make a new page for the boy.
3. The boy likes to meet people online.

Read the text and answer the questions.

Most people know George Clooney for his role on the TV show
E.R., or his many roles in films such as Michael Clayton and
Oceans 11. However, George Clooney is also well-known for his
passion for helping people all over the world.
Clooney is a member of the charity United Way and he gave one
million dollars to this organisation for Hurricane Katrina victims
in the US. Along with other actors he also started the charity Not
On Our Watch. This organisation helps people in need in many
countries around the world. In 2008, Clooney also became a
United Nations Messenger of Peace. The UN chooses famous or
important artists, musicians or sportsmen to help the work of the
UN to improve the lives of billions of people everywhere.
Clooney gives a lot of time and money to these charities. He also
travels to different countries to help give a voice to the people who
face the problems of war and poverty.

1. What are two of Clooneys famous films?

2. Why did Clooney give United Way 1 million dollars?

3. What does Not On Our Watch do?

Copyright MM Publications

4. Who can become a UN Messenger of Peace?



Write a short paragraph describing one of your friends. Write about his/her character, appearance and style.






Test 2 Module 2
A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.



1. I felt






5. Scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean was an amazing

and sick all day yesterday.

2. A


broke into Toms house

for me.
6. Can you give me a(n)

3. When you go to

the desert, just be

box? I want to take it to my room.

7. We took a summer

prepared for extreme heat.

4. We want to go

with this

this summer.

to improve our

8. He had a car accident but fortunately, he

B. Choose a, b or c.

1. Martha doesnt usually go near that dog. It always

a. pushes
b. barks
c. reaches
2. This journey was really
a. bored
b. tired
3. Paul
a. tasted




at her.

. I need two more days to relax.

c. tiring

his wifes chocolate cake but he didnt like it.

b. tied
c. cut

4. When a swarm of bees stung him, the boy

a. followed
b. fainted
c. squeezed
5. Its difficult to
a. survive

in very low temperatures.

b. freeze
c. reach

6. The university arranged for my

a. accommodation b. warning

c. experience

7. I cant eat this kind of food. Its too hot and

a. tasty
b. thick
c. spicy

for me.

Copyright MM Publications

8. Mr Hurt gave the police the

of the mysterious man.
a. warning
b. description
c. condition
9. Carol cant become a doctor because shes
of blood.
a. certain
b. bitter
c. afraid
10. When you stay in the sun for too long,
a. light
b. loose

sunburn is a possible danger.

c. severe


Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box.

a. Im afraid not.
b. Believe it or not he went hiking.
1. A: Where is Ray?

c. What have you been up to?

d. How are things?
2. A: Hey, Julie. (2)

B: (1)

B: Nothing much. What about you? (3)

A: No way. He never walks anywhere not even to

A: OK. I am taking a course in English but I

the shop on the corner!

think its boring.

B: I know.

B: Oh, no. You dont like it, eh?

A: (4)



A. Complete with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.
Jill (1)

(walk) through the forest last night. It (2)

(rain). Suddenly, she (4)

(hear) a noise. She (5)

(be) frightened and started running. As she (6)

man running after her. She (8)

(be) dark and it

(run), she (7)

(see) a

(hide) behind a tree and while she (9)

(wait) for the man to go away, she (10)

(fall) asleep. When she (11)

(wake up) she was in her bed but she (12)

(wear) her clothes. Strange, eh?


B. Complete with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.
1. A: I

(already/see) this film.

B: Really? When

(you/see) it?

A: Last month with Charles and Kathy.

2. A: Is Greg at home?
B: No, he

(you/ever/be) to New York?

B: Yes, twice so far.

A: When

(be) the last time?

B: Two years ago and I really

(go) to the

(enjoy) my trip.
A: Lucky you! I

A: What time

3. A:




B: About half an hour ago.




Copyright MM Publications

C. Circle the correct words.

1. As / As soon as I was getting ready, the phone rang.

2. Colin has just / lately returned from his trip to Asia.
3. Fortunately, my cousin hasnt had any accidents since / for he bought his car.
4. He was cooking dinner when / while the lights went out.
5. They bought this house two months ago / before.
6. I have always / never taken part in a song competition.
7. Have you ever gone / been abroad?
8. Mary hasnt made any plans for her summer holiday yet / before.
9. How many times have you visited Europe so far / ever?
10. Fay hasnt been cycling since / for two months.

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions. Choose a or b.


1. How long did Eric stay in Paris?

a. two months

b. three months

2. What did Eric visit this time?

a. famous sights

b. not very famous places

3. Where did he usually eat?

a. at home with a French family

b. in nice French restaurants



Read the text and answer the questions. Choose a, b or c.

The Amazing Race (TAR) is a popular reality TV show. Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster created it in
2001 and since then it has won many awards. In the show, teams travel around the world to different places.
They try to arrive first, or at least not come last and they also try to win prizes on their journey.
Every year, between 10 and 12 teams play on the show. There are two people in each team and they must
know each other before they come on the game. For example, they can be husband and wife, parents and
children, friends, etc. They have to travel to different countries and work together on the journey. The teams
get some money at the beginning of the race and they use it to buy food, tickets, etc. They can use planes,
trains, bikes or even skis to travel.
The teams explore places theyve never been to before and have games or challenges. These challenges have
some connection to the country they are in and can be things like riding a camel, solving puzzles or eating a
lot of food, for example. The teams often have to face extreme weather conditions during their journey. Many
times they are outside in the rain or snow or in storms and get cold and wet. Its all part of the experience,
Each week, one team leaves the show, and in the end there are only four teams. The first team to get to the last
city on the journey wins the game. TAR is a very hard game and the teams become really stressed, but its an
amazing experience.

2. How many players are there on the show?

a. between 10 and 12
b. between 20 and 24
c. two or more

3. Which of the following difficulties does the writer

a. wild animals
b. bad weather
c. strange food
4. What does the writer think of TAR?
a. It isnt easy but its a wonderful adventure.
b. Its best for stressed people.
c. Its very dangerous but it can make you rich.

Write an e-mail to a friend of yours that you havent seen for a long time. Say that you
want to visit him/her and mention:

when you are visiting your friend

why you are visiting him/her
your latest news






Copyright MM Publications

1. What do teams in TAR do?

a. They do different sports.
b. They win awards and prizes.
c. They race to various places.


Test 3 Module 3
A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.








1. Marion is very experienced in cave

2. Jane bought a(n)
T-shirt last week but nobody liked it.
3. The restaurant was really
so they had to leave.
4. There was a lot of snow on the mountain
5. Our flight had a two-hour
and waiting at the airport was really boring.
6. Can you bring me a(n)
because I cant reach that shelf?
7. The hotel
gave us the key to our room.
8. Whats the
age for scuba-diving?
B. Choose a, b or c.
1. May I see your
a. boarding card b. destination c. conveyor belt
2. We were amazed by the
a. comfortable
b. special
c. spectacular
3. I always ask for a(n)
when I travel by plane.
a. formation
b. equipment
c. aisle seat
4. There were many
shops in the city centre.
a. thrill
b. variety
c. souvenir
5. They discovered the ancient stone
hundred years ago.
a. volcano
b. temple
c. cliff
6. There was so much
in the food that it was
impossible to eat it.
a. chilli peppers b. buffet
c. garlic



7. All passengers with hand luggage only should go

straight to the departure
a. arrival
b. square
c. gate
8. Im
Ron to come by my place soon. Would
you like to come too?
a. planning
b. expecting
c. preparing
9. We visited the
church and took lots of
a. historic
b. suitable
c. narrow
10. You must all wear a
before you go inside
the cave. Its dangerous.
a. tent
b. club
c. helmet



C. Circle the correct words.

1. What a cosy / fascinating story! I liked it a lot.

2. Does the hotel room have parking / air conditioning?
3. The statue attracts lots of tourists / flight attendants every year.
4. The park is important for the communication / protection of pandas in the area.


Copyright MM Publications

1. Can you get me some milk when you go to the supermarket?
2. Do you need to finish this project today?
3. Excuse me, could you help me with these bags?
4. We need to buy some souvenirs for our friends.
5. Remember to bring me the car before 5pm.
6. Could you speak Italian before you went to Rome?

a. Sorry, I cant. Theyre too heavy.

b. I could understand it but I wasnt able to
communicate very well.
c. Sure. Do you also need some bread?
d. Yes, I know. But we neednt spend all our
money on gifts.
e. Im afraid so. I have to give it to my
teacher tomorrow morning.
f. OK. Thanks for letting me borrow it.



A. Circle the correct words.

1. A: Can / Must I go out on Saturday night?

B: Of course. But dont be late.
2. A: Is your wife feeling better?
B: Yes, but the doctor said she needs to / mustnt go to work till she is completely well.
3. A: Did you finish your project last night?
B: Im afraid not. I need to / couldnt work on it again today.
4. A: We dont have to / mustnt buy Amanda a gift; its not her birthday.
B: OK, but we could / dont have to get her some ice cream.
5. A: Could /May you help me wash the car?
B: Sure but first I am able to / must finish this e-mail.
6. A: Sorry, Sir but you neednt / mustnt take pictures in the museum.
B: Im sorry, I didnt know.


B. Complete the dialogues with the modal verbs in the boxes.

1. do I have to


need to


A: Excuse me,
I smoke in here?
B: No, Im afraid not. You
A: So,
go out, or can I smoke
somewhere else?
B: You
go outside. Sorry!


have to



you help me with this exercise?
B: Im sorry but I
meet Julie in half an hour.



C. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.

1. Our old sofa wasnt as

(comfortable) as our new one.
2. Kathleen is
(interested) in going to the theatre than in going to the cinema.
3. Climbing that mountain was
(tiring) than I thought.
4. Mark is as
(careful) as his sister when he drives.
5. That was the
(bad) film Ive ever seen.
6. Paul was able to swim
(far) than Jim in the race.
7. Today Im the
(happy) person in the world.
8. Scuba-diving was the
(exciting) experience Ive ever had.
D. Rewrite the questions in Indirect Speech.

1. Where is your passport?

Can you tell me
2. Who is Jacks mother?
Do you know
3. Why are the shops still closed?
Copyright MM Publications

Do you know
4. How much does this sleeping bag cost?
Can you tell me
5. How many languages does our tour guide speak?
Do you know


Listen to a dialogue between a man and a woman at the airport and answer the questions.
Choose a or b.

1. Whats the womans gate number?

a. 8B

b. 7G

2. What is the man doing at the airport?

a. Hes a passenger.

b. He works there.


3. What does the man tell the woman to do?

a. finish her coffee before boarding
b. have a doughnut at the Airlines Caf



Read the text below and write T for True or F for False.

Havasu Falls are in the Havasu Canyon next to the Grand Canyon in the southwestern USA. There are
actually three waterfalls in the area: Havasu, Mooney and Navajo. The waterfalls are in the Havasupai Indian
Reservation, the home of the Havasupai people. Havasupai means people of the blue-green waters.
The best time to visit the falls is in spring, in the months of April and May because the weather is cool, but it is
warm enough to swim. Later, in summer, it gets hot and rainy and there can be floods, too. Visitors can camp
in a campsite or stay at the Havasu Lodge. But you have to book a room at the Lodge three or four months
before you plan to go.
To reach the falls you start at the parking area at Hualapai Hilltop. From there you can walk, ride a horse or fly
in a helicopter to Supai village, 13 km away. From Supai village it is about 4 km to Mooney Falls.
You dont have to be an experienced hiker to walk to the falls because the walk is safe, even for beginners.
However, you must be very careful because there are many dangerous cliffs. There are also caves to explore on
the way. It is a good idea to take water with you and to watch out for rattlesnakes, too.
Whether you walk, ride a horse or take the helicopter, the impressive waterfalls and the peaceful surroundings
make this one of the most fascinating places you can visit. It is an unforgettable experience.

1. Havasu is one of the three waterfalls in the Grand Canyon.

2. The months of July and August are not a good time to visit the falls.
3. The Mooney Falls are about 17km from the parking area.
4. The walk to the falls is dangerous for walkers without experience.

Copyright MM Publications



You are planning to visit Havasu Falls and you want to stay at a hotel where your friend recently stayed. Write an
e-mail to your friend asking for more information about the hotel. Ask about:






Test 4 Module 4
A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.







1. Im sorry Michael, but well have to




todays meeting.

2. You need to install a(n)

program in your computer.

3. Mark was disappointed when he

4. She couldnt

his driving test.

to buy the painting, so I lent her some money.

5. Young children can easily become

to computer games.

6. Bob thinks hes a(n)

in modern art.

7. This

gadget is also environmentally friendly.

8. Make

you charge the battery on your mobile before you leave.

9. Its difficult for me to

10. Lisa is very

at parties where I dont know a lot of people.

with her homework. She always makes mistakes.

of money and had to borrow some

b. short

2. How easy is it to
a. predict

c. saved

what will happen in the future?

b. exist

c. destroy

this button to turn on the machine.

a. Create

4. Alan has

5. Philip was
a. annoying

a. broke

b. Enter

c. Press

my files by mistake!

a. deleted



B. Choose a, b or c.

1. Alice was
from Matt.


b. caused

6. The

b. stuck

c. worried

we went to yesterday was really impressive.

a. exhibition
7. On

in traffic for hours the other day.

b. image

c. invention

Denise works ten hours a day.

a. average

b. total

c. example

8. We must leave now because were running

a. non-stop

b. cash

c. late

c. delivered

Choose a or b.

3. A: Can I use this phone to make a phone call, please?



a. Trust me. I wont forget about it.

a. Im afraid its out of order.

b. Im kidding.

b. Go on then.

2. A: I bought this dress for 200 euros.

4. A: Look at that amazing painting.



a. Im getting to that.

a. It will do you good.

b. What is it supposed to be?

b. What a waste of money!

Copyright MM Publications

1. A: By the way, when are you going to pay me back?




A. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple or the Future will of the verbs in brackets.

1. As soon as I
2. He

(know) the results, I

(call) you.

(not be able to) help us until he

3. When we

(visit) China, we

4. Richard

(wash) his car before he

5. After I
6. She

(see) the Great Wall.

(go) to the gym.

(read) this book, I

(go) to bed.

(buy) tickets when she

7. As soon as the plane

8. I

(finish) his homework.

(get) to the train station.

(take off), we


(not wait) until Bill



B. Complete with too or enough and the words in brackets.

1. Stacey is

(tired) to go to the cinema with her friends tonight.

2. Jason isnt running

(fast). He wont win the race.

3. I wont be able to walk through the park at 10 o clock in the evening. It will be
4. Hugh isnt


(tall). He cant become a basketball player.

5. Dont buy this dress. Its


6. Lucy was

(kind) to drive me to the airport yesterday.

7. It is

(late) now to find tickets for the concert.

8. Tomorrow the weather will be

(warm) for us to go swimming.


C. Complete the sentences with who, which, that or where. If they can be omitted, put them in brackets.

1. Thats the artist

you met at my house last week.

2. Stratford-upon-Avon is the place

3. Thats the house
4. Ron is the student

Copyright MM Publications

5. This is the street market


Shakespeare was born.

Paul will buy.

won the short story competition.
tourists can find lots of different things.

6. Thats the boy

invited me to the school dance.

7. This is the caf

my friends and I usually go in the afternoon.

8. Is that the girl

you were talking to a minute ago?



Listen to the dialogue and write T for True or F for False.

1. Kelly thinks that Mark uses his mobile a lot.

2. Mark has arranged to go camping at the weekend.
3. Kelly spends most of the day surfing the Net.
4. Kelly doesnt want to go camping with Mark.







Read the text and answer the questions.

Twitter is one of the most popular and fastest growing

websites in the world today. In fact, its the third most
popular social networking website on the Internet
after Facebook and MySpace. Twitter isnt just about
finding friends online. Its about getting the latest
news as fast as possible. Many people call it the SMS
of the Internet. Twitter is something like a blog and
a news site. You receive updates as soon as someone
puts them on Twitter. When you get a new update, or
Tweet, the website sends it to your mobile, too. That
way, you know whats happening in the world before
anyone else! The website started in 2006 and Twitter
already has about 5 million users, including presidents,
politicians, celebrities, and college professors. Twitter
is going to be one of the most important ways of
communicating and receiving news in the future.

1. What can you do on Twitter?

2. What is another name for Twitter?
3. How can you receive an update on Twitter if you are not near a computer?

Write a paragraph about the advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games.

about peoples health
if people can become addicted

if people have fun with computer games

if its dangerous for the computer
if people can make friends

Copyright MM Publications

4. How many people are using Twitter today?



Mid-term test Modules 1-4

A. Choose a, b or c.
1. Alex tries to keep in
with his old friends from school as often as possible.
a. line
b. touch
c. reply
2. Youre so
! You are always telling others what to do.
a. lazy
b. shy
c. bossy
3. We went hiking yesterday and we were really
a. tired
b. boring
c. tiring
4. How many days can a camel
in the desert without water?
a. sting
b. store
c. survive
5. My father is away on a(n)
at the moment.
a. abroad
b. business trip
c. departure
6. The Greek islands are a
holiday destination.
a. popular
b. historic
c. helpless
7. Mr Edwards is a
a. harmful
b. handy
c. successful
8. Kate wants to
an English course this summer.
a. accept
b. arrange
c. take
B. Complete the sentences using the words in the box.








1. Peter is really
of science-fiction films.
2. The police dont know how the
got into the house.
3. It might rain this weekend so take a
jacket with you.
4. We definitely cant
such an expensive car.
5. Most teenagers cant do
their computers nowadays.
6. When you travel by train, you can enjoy the
7. I dont like this soup. Its too
8. The talented singer gave a brilliant
. Everyone enjoyed it.




C. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.


This book is about the

of New Zealand and its history.
After the
of our grandparents we had dinner.
Dont you think Kathys
has improved a lot?
Tony is a
driver. I think he will have an accident.
Mark, I must say theres been a great
in your writing.
We live in a very
Well have a
about the new project in ten minutes.

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1. What is Mark like?
2. When are you leaving for Hawaii?
3. Will you download that new antivirus program
for me?
4. Do you like your coffee?
5. Why dont you buy that black dress? It looks good
on you.
6. Why do you like scuba-diving?


a. Of course. Ill do it when I get home tonight.

b. Its expensive and I dont have enough money on me.
c. Hes outgoing and hes got a good sense of humour.
d. I think its exciting.
e. As soon as possible.
f. Yes, of course. Its just too hot for me to drink right now.

A. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple, Present Progressive, Past Simple, Past Progressive or
Present Perfect Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Mr Smith

(talk) on the phone at the moment.


(want) to call him later?

2. While we
3. Jim

(prepare) dinner last night, the children

(do) their homework.

(already / buy) a present for Tinas birthday.

4. Betty

(see) the doctor yesterday because she wasnt feeling well.

5. Alan, what a surprise! We

6. What

(not hear) from you for so long.


7. Alex

(do) yesterday morning when I

(call) you?

(usually / not go) to the gym in the morning. He

(prefer) going in the



B. Choose a, b or c.
it happened. (2)

I was walking, I heard someone running behind me.


I knew it, I was on the ground, and my bag wasnt there! A man, (4)


, he left me and ran after the man with my bag. I waited there (6)


was there helped me to get up.

he came back with my bag. I

believe he got it back for me. What a hero! One thing is certain, I (8)

stop walking home alone!

1. a. until

b. when

c. as soon

2. a. As

b. As soon

c. As soon as

3. a. After

b. When

c. Before

4. a. where

b. who

c. which

5. a. After

b. Then

c. When

6. a. when

b. as soon as

c. until

7. a. wasnt able

b. can

c. couldnt

8. a. will have to

b. will have

c. will be able


C. Circle the correct word.

1. The man who / which we saw at the cinema is our Maths teacher.
2. Your brother isnt old too / enough to drive a car.
3. We went to the supermarket because we needed any / some butter, a little / little cheese and few / a few tomatoes.
4. The island which / where we usually spend our holidays is very peaceful.
5. May / Could you help me please?
6. Will you be able to / Do you need to help me with this exercise?
7. Tom has a lot of / much friends. Hes very popular.
8. I dont feel very well. Im afraid well have to / well be able to cancel tomorrows meeting.

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I was on my way home (1)



D. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

1. It isnt necessary for Helen to do the washing up.

2. My parents worked very hard when they were young.
My parents
3. I believe swimming isnt as exciting as water-skiing.
I believe water-skiing
4. Where is the museum?
5. On Sundays we dont have to wake up early in the morning.
On Sundays
6. How much did you pay for that jumper?
I want
7. Ben is friendlier than Tony.
Tony isnt

. (have)
. (used)
. (more)
? (tell)
. (neednt)
. (know)
. (friendly)



Listen to the dialogue and write T for True or F for False.


1. John didnt like the hotel they stayed at last time.

2. Karen wants a hotel with a Wi-Fi connection.
3. John doesnt like swimming in the sea.
4. Karen would like to eat at local restaurants.


Read the text and answer the questions.

Copyright MM Publications

Last summer I went on a trip to Mexico. The country

was beautiful and the food was fantastic. However, I will
say that some of the food was too scary to eat. When we
were at a small restaurant in Oaxaca, the waiter told us
to try the chapulines. I didnt know what they were, but
according to him they were very tasty. My brother and I
were waiting for our food, and soon the waiter brought
our chapulines to the table. They were grasshoppers! My
brother didnt even want to look at them. I am more
adventurous than he is, so I tasted them. They didnt
taste bad at all, in fact they were surprisingly good.
They were sour and salty at the same time. I asked the
waiter how they cooked them. I never thought they
would be so easy to cook. The difficult part is buying
the grasshoppers where I live. They dont sell them in
supermarkets. Well, Ill just have to go back to Mexico
and eat my chapulines there!


1. What did the writer find scary?

2. Who was the writer travelling with?
3. Who didnt eat the chapulines?
4. What did the chapulines taste like?
5. Will the writer cook chapulines at home?








You have just come back from your summer holiday. You had a great time and you want to
tell your friend about it. Write an e-mail to your friend in which you mention:

where you went

what you did there
how you felt

what you liked the most

your plans for your next summer holidays

Test 5 Module 5


A. Choose a, b, or c.

1. Suzanne has got a terrible cold and a

a. surgery
b. runny nose
c. treatment
2. What is the exact
of the missing ship?
a. medication
b. development
c. location
3. Try to relax and take a deep
a. vitamin
b. phobia
c. breath
4. While driving in the countryside, we saw a
of sheep.
a. flock
b. swarm
c. team
5. When Beth realised that Ben was lying to her, she was
a. convenient
b. furious
c. embarrassing
6. The doctor
something for my headache.
a. prescribed
b. examined
c. hurt
7. The
liked Andys presentation. Hes very good at public speaking.
a. ambulance
b. survivor
c. audience
8. Be careful! Dont
your drink on my new dress.
a. wave
b. sip
c. spill


B. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box.



1. We have run out






coffee. We need to buy some.

2. Jim is so annoying sometimes! He drives me

the wall.

3. I cant talk to you right now because Im

a hurry.

4. Laura was not looking in front of her while walking down the street and bumped
5. Im afraid the doctor is booked

a wall.

for next Monday.

6. The firefighters were able to put

7. I made a complete fool


the fire after six hours.

myself when I fell down the stairs.

8. James feels dizzy and I think he should lie

for a while.


C. Complete the dialogue with the phrases in the box.

b. they were laughing their heads off

c. I nearly jumped out of my skin
d. I wanted the ground to swallow me up

A: I had an awful day at school today!

B: What happened?
A: My friends and I were sitting around in the classroom telling jokes before the lesson. Some were really funny
and (1)
. But then I saw a spider on my desk and (2)
B: Oh no!
A: Yeah, a boy tried to kill it but the spider got away and jumped in my hair.
B: Thats terrible! What did you do?
A: I started screaming! Then as I was running to the WC, I bumped into my teacher and all the books and papers
he was carrying went up in the air! I was so embarrassed! (3)
. When I realised that it wasnt a real spider
B: At least you werent white from fear anymore.

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a. I went red as a beetroot


A. Complete the text with the full infinitive, bare infinitive, or the ing form of the verbs in


My friend Daniel was really tired of (1)

(work) in that Italian restaurant. He couldnt
(get) along with the chef and his boss always made him (3)
long hours. So, one day he decided (4)
(start) his own business, his own restaurant. At
first, he wanted (5)
(work) together with his brother, but Adam wasnt interested in
(try) anything like that. Daniel didnt have a lot of money, so he had to avoid
(find) a very expensive place. After about two weeks, he found the perfect place. He
called his friend Betty (8)
(ask) her to help him choose the right tables and chairs. He wanted
everything to be perfect. Now, after almost a year, he is happy (9)
(say) that his business is
very successful and he is thinking of (10)

(open) a second restaurant soon.

B. Circle the correct words.



1. The Tower of London is visited / visit by thousands of tourists every year.

2. Mary broke / was broken her leg in a skiing accident two months ago.
3. Alice was thrown / threw in the swimming pool by her brother.
4. The building was surrounded / surrounded by police cars.
5. David turned off / was turned off his computer before he left the office.
6. Students dont allow / arent allowed to bring their mobile phones into the classroom.
7. Chocolate eats / is eaten all over the world.
8. The patient gave / was given a special treatment for his bad cold.
9. The e-mails sent / were sent by Johns secretary.
10. The shopping centre destroyed / was destroyed by the fire last night.



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C. Read the situations and the prompts below and write sentences giving advice. Use should, shouldnt, had
better or had better not.

1. Its very cold and rainy today.

go out / these clothes
take / umbrella
2. Patty has terrible toothache.
make / appointment / dentist
eat / sweets
3. Alan failed his school exams.
watch / TV / all the time
study / harder
4. Kelly is late for work again.
wake up late
leave /house/ earlier
5. Sam lied to his sister.
apologise to her
lie to people
6. Jason wants to borrow his fathers car for Saturday night.
ask / father first
take / keys / without asking



Listen to a dialogue between two friends, Kelly and Dave, and complete the sentences below.

1. Kelly had to give a

2. Kelly started
3. Kelly


in front of the class.

at her classmates because they didnt turn off their mobiles.
to her classmates for shouting at them but it didnt help.


Read the text and write T for True, F for False or NM for Not Mentioned.

People dont normally think of rats as heroes. In fact, rats have a pretty bad name as they are usually found
in dirty places. Here are two stories that will hopefully change peoples minds about rats.
Birgit Steich of Stuttgart, Germany and her family were asleep in their home one night when two burglars
broke in. Gerd, the pet rat, who was hiding behind a bookcase jumped and landed with all four feet and
sharp teeth on the face of one burglar. When Gerd was finished with the first burglar, he jumped on the
other burglars leg and bit him hard on the leg. The family woke up from all the screaming and immediately
called the police. When the police arrived, they discovered that these two burglars were wanted for many
other burglaries.
In Devon, England the Gumbley family was asleep in their home when Fido, an eight-month-old pet rat,
smelled smoke in the middle of the night. Instead of running outside to safety, the rat went straight to nineyear-old Megans room. He started scratching the door until she woke up and realised that the house was
on fire. Megan went to her parents bedroom and everyone managed to get out safely. Fido got a big piece of
cheese for being a hero!
1. Gerd was asleep when the burglars broke into the house.
2. Gerd bit the first burglar on the leg.
3. The burglars were afraid of Gerd.
4. Gerd woke up the family.
5. It wasnt the burglars first burglary.
6. Fido woke up Megans parents first.
7. Fido is younger than Gerd.
8. Fido got a special present.



Ive got a huge problem and I need your advice. Theres this new guy who came to
work last week. He thinks he knows everything and hes really bossy sometimes. I
cant stand working with him. He gets on my nerves and we have to work together
all the time. What should I do?





Copyright MM Publications

Read the e-mail below and write a letter to Mary giving her advice.


Test 6 Module 6


A. Circle the correct words.

1. My grandfather enjoys playing golf but I find it really normal / monotonous.

2. Well have the ride / chance to go parasailing during our holiday. Itll be great!
3. What time do they usually rehearse / applaud for the play?
4. The police want to find all the differences / details of the mysterious death of the famous actor.
5. Sue didnt like the film we saw yesterday. She found the cast / plot unrealistic.
6. Barton takes the ball and, yes, he scores / swings!
7. Pauline has cheered / changed her mind and wont come to the theme park with us.
8. The hero finally takes revenge / action for the death of his wife.
9. Who stars / sets in the new Tim Burton film, Alice in Wonderland?
10. There are a lot of children who have original / imaginary friends.



B. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box.





1. Denise came



advance for the trip to Mexico.

3. They tried to stop Jack

going out in the rain.

4. Mr Rowland checked
6. Mark has never let


some old school photos.

2. You should book

5. I always depend


of our hotel at noon today.

my brother to help me with my Maths homework.
any of his friends. Hes always been there for them.

7. My father should give

smoking. Its not healthy.

8. When will you bring me

my digital camera?


Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box. There is one extra phrase which you do not need to use.

Copyright MM Publications

a. Im going to thrash you!

b. I got a 50% discount.
c. What shall we do for the rest of the afternoon?
d. Ive changed my mind.
e. Check this out!


A: Im bored. (1)

A: (3)

B: Lets play a tennis game on my new game console.

Im really good at it.

B: What is it?

A: Just good? Im the best. (2)

B: Wow! Its great! Isnt it expensive?

B: Yeah, yeah, OK.

A: Well, it was on offer. (4)

A: Its my new aquarium.

B: Really? Thats great.




A. Complete the dialogues with the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect
Progressive of the verbs in brackets.

1. A:
B: No, she
2. A:
B: Yes, they
3. A: The weather is awful!
B: I agree. It
4. A: I
B: But you
5. A: We
B: Its delicious!
6. A:
B: Are you kidding? I


(finish) her homework yet?

(work) on it since seven oclock.
(ever / be) to New York?
(already / travel) there twice.

(snow) all night.

(not call) Gary to invite him to the meeting yet.
(talk) on the phone for almost two hours!
(never / taste) this dish before.

(ever / have) a lesson with Mr Kennedy?

(take) his courses every year for 3 years now.

B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

C. Choose a, b, or c.

(pass) his exams, he

(have) a big party.
(do) if his father
(not allow) him to go out?
(lose) if they
(not play) well today.
(give) him some milk.
(see) her, I
(tell) her to call you later.

1. A: My friend doesnt like extreme sports.

does Diane.
a. Neither
b. Too
2. If it continues to rain, we
have a picnic.
a. not
b. could not
3. A: Im very good at golf.
am I.
a. Either
b. Neither
4. A: Ive never travelled abroad.
B: I havent
a. too
b. either
5. Charlie isnt a very good driver. He
have an accident.
a. could
b. must
winter comes, all our plants will die.
a. If
b. While
7. A: Ron passed his driving test.
B: Mathew did
a. so
b. too
8. I think the film is really boring. I
watch it till the end.
a. may
b. couldnt
9. A: I hate waking up early in the morning.
a. I dont either
b. Neither do I
10. A: I havent seen Mary for weeks.
a. I havent either
b. So have I

c. So
c. might not
c. So
c. so
c. should
c. When
c. either
Copyright MM Publications

1. If John
2. What
3. I think our team
4. If the baby
5. If I


c. might not
c. So do I
c. Neither havent I



Listen to three dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a, b or c.

1. What did the woman like most about the film?

a. the special effects
b. the scene where the hero saves the woman in the
c. the part where the hero saves a little girl

3. What costume did Paul wear last year?

a. Count Dracula
b. Superman
c. Batman

2. Why is the man going to Rome?

a. to visit his cousin Luca
b. to see the football match
c. to go sightseeing







Read the text and complete the sentences.

Wicked is an internationally known musical about the witches in the novel,
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The musical started on Broadway in 2003
and has been going on since then in cities around the world like Chicago,
Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Stuttgart. Wicked is based
on the book Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West,
by Gregory Maguire. The book tells the story of the witches in Oz, Glinda,
the Good Witch of the North and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West,
and how they knew each other. It might surprise fans of the Wizard of Oz
to know that these two witches were actually friends! Dont worry, though.
If you havent seen the original Wizard of Oz, you can still enjoy the show.
Wicked shows how these two very different witches became friends and
then enemies. Wicked gives the audience a picture of what it was like in Oz
before Dorothy, the main character of the Wizard of Oz got there. If you like
the Wizard of Oz, go see Wicked, the musical. The music and costumes are
amazing and, of course, the story is really interesting.

1. Wicked started in
2. Wicked is the story of two

3. Glinda and Elphaba were

in the beginning.

Copyright MM Publications



and it is still on.

isnt one of the characters in Wicked.

Write a paragraph about your favourite film. Answer the questions below.

Whats the title of the film?

What is it about?

What type of film is it?

What do you like about it?

Who stars in it?

Test 7 Module 7


A. Complete the text with the words in the box.






curriculum vitae



It took me a while to find a suitable job but I think I have found what I was looking for. I saw an ad in yesterdays
newspaper. There is this (1)

that is looking for a(n) (2)

manager. I think I have the necessary skills for this position and I have decided to (3)
for it. I am computer (4)

and Im (5)

in two languages.

I have arranged an appointment with the manager on Monday and all I need to have with me is my
and some letters of (7)
. The only problem is that I
havent got much previous work (8)
but I have a good feeling about this interview.

B. Choose a, b or c.

1. I went to the bank to make a

a. brochure

b. work

2. Luckily, Max has a

b. certificate

3. My mother attended a cookery

b. course

b. remember

5. Did you know that Alice got

c. refuse

last month?

a. swallowed

b. fired

c. criticised

is 2000 euros a month! Not bad.

a. degree

b. fee

7. Sarah didnt know that most banks charge

a. commission

c. salary

b. staff

8. The company organises a(n)

a. intermediate

c. exchange

trip for its employees.

b. disgusting

c. annual

10. Paul owns a furniture

b. journalists

c. lifeguards

and he makes a lot of money.

b. factory

c. piece


Copyright MM Publications

carried the injured fireman to the ambulance.

a. paramedics

a. organisation

c. construction

me to lock the door before we leave?

a. remind

6. Her

c. day off

because she loves cooking.

a. career

9. The

c. deposit

today and he is going to relax.

a. bonus

4. Can you please


Complete the dialogue with the sentences a-e. There is one extra sentence which you will
not need to use.


Adam James! Youre finally here! (1)

Ive been waiting here for
James Sorry, mate. I had arranged a job interview for today.
Adam A job interview? Why didnt you call me?
James (2)
Adam Dont worry about it. So, how did it go?
James (3)
Adam What do you mean? (4)
James It was awful! I dont want to talk about it.
Adam OK, then. Lets go have a cup of coffee.
James Great idea!

a. What an experience, man!

b. I was so stressed that I forgot our
c. You called her, didnt you?
d. Didnt it go as you expected it?
e. What took you so long?

A. Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple or the Past Perfect Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. A: What time
B: She


(come) to the cinema yesterday?

(be) late, as usual. The film

(already / start) by the time she

(get) there.
2. A: Last night

(be) a nightmare!

B: Why? What happened?

A: I had forgotten to switch off the lights at my place and when I
(think) that someone

(return) home, I
(break) into my house. So,

(call) the police.

B: How embarrassing! What


(say) to the police?

A: Oops! Sorry!
3. A:


B: We
4. A: Simon

Copyright MM Publications

B: I know. It was because he


(have) a good time at the dance the other day?

(not go) because nobody

(invite) us.

(look) very tired yesterday.

(not sleep) well the past two days.




B. Choose a, b or c.


you want to come to the theatre with us tonight?

a. Wont

b. Cant


c. Dont

a delicious apple pie! Can I have one more piece?

a. What

3. Brandon never talks about

c. How

b. himself

c. his

a. he
4. She runs

b. So

fast that shell definitely win the race.

a. so

b. such

5. Children, be careful! You might hurt

a. yourselves

c. how

b. you

c. yourself

6. A: Thanks for your help, John.

B: No problem.

that what friends are for?

a. Is

b. Isnt

c. Wasnt

lovely Belinda looks in that dress tonight!

a. How

8. This is

b. What

c. So

a difficult problem that nobody knows what to do about it.

a. how

b. so

c. such


C. Complete the dialogues with question tags.

1. A: Its really hot today! What shall we do?

B: Lets go to the beach,

2. A: Timothy apologised to Harriet,

B: Yes, I think he did, last night.

3. A: Tidy your room,

B: OK, Mum, Ill do it now.

4. A: I am your best friend,

B: Certainly, but you dont have to ask me all the time,

A: I suppose youre right.

5. A: Marion believes shes an excellent cook,
B: I think so, but she doesnt cook well,


Copyright MM Publications

A: Of course not.



Listen to three dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a, b or c.

1. How did the man leave his last job?

a. He quit.

b. He got fired.

c. He was hired for only one month.

2. Whats the longest job the man has ever had?

a. lifeguard

b. cook

c. call center agent

3. Why doesnt the woman want to hire him?

a. Because he doesnt work very hard. b. Because he doesnt
have much previous

c. Because he cant swim.


Read the text and write the name of the job next to each sentence.

Odd Jobs
You think you have a bad job, dont you? Read about these jobs and then you might think again about how
bad your job actually is.
A Fortune Cookie Writer sits all day typing on little pieces of paper. How boring!
A Cheese Sprayer has to spray butter or cheese on popcorn. No thanks!
A Snake Milker actually has to take the poison from snakes. Try to do it without the snake biting you. Ouch!
The job of a Furniture Tester is not that bad actually. You just have to sit on different furniture to see if its
comfortable. Thats more like it!
The job of a Dog Food Tester is pretty much what it sounds like. You have to try different kinds of dog food
to see what it tastes like. Disgusting!
Do you know what happens to the golf balls that go in the water, when youre playing golf? There are
actually Golf Ball Divers who have to go and get them out. How fun!
Now, your job isnt so bad, is it?
1. This job is quite dangerous.
2. This job has to do with getting back something which ended up in the wrong place.
3. For this job you have to work at a desk.
4. In this job you just have to sit down.

Copyright MM Publications



Last summer you had a part-time job as a lifeguard. Your friend is interested in working this summer and he/she
has asked for some information about that job. Write an e-mail giving him/her information about your part-time job.
Write about the hours, the salary, the working conditions and the skills he/she might need to have.





Test 8 Module 8


A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.






1. Mike wants to get a(n)




of his favourite singers latest CD.

2. Mr Smith, the manager,

me to my new colleagues.

3. First, you
4. The


the boiled potatoes and then, you

the butter.

was really proud of his tribe.

5. They got married two days ago and have already left for their

6. Does the song Jai Ho come from the


of the successful film Slumdog

7. In all cultures there are gestures and

that other people find strange.

8. The most important

in most Greek dishes is olive oil.


B. Circle the correct words.

1. Please Dennis, turn down the volume / voice. I cant hear anything on the phone!
2. She hadnt seen her grandmother for a long time, so she ran and kissed her on the finger / cheek.
3. Could you give me the oven dish / frying pan to make an omelette for breakfast.
4. The police have been on the thiefs rifle / trail for a few days now.
5. There are numerous brides / festivals across the country during the summer.
6. James used to be the lead / single singer in the school rock band. He was really good.
7. The two men greeted / shook hands and said goodbye to each other.
8. Whisk / Chop the mixture well and then slice / pour it in a bowl.

Complete the dialogues with the phrases in the box.

A: Have you seen Bill lately?

B: Not really. (1)

Is he OK?

a. He has his new CD out.

B: Really? Is it any good?

b. In a couple of weeks in London.

A: Ive listened to it. (3)

c. In fact, I havent seen him for ages.

B: Thats great. Is he giving any concerts?

d. Ill put you up.

A: Yeah, he is.

e. Its wicked!

B: When is that?
A: (4)

Why dont you come?

B: Well, I dont have anywhere to stay and I cant afford to stay at a hotel.
A: Are you kidding me? (5)

Dont worry about that.

B: Are you sure? Thats great then. Thanks.


Copyright MM Publications

A: More than OK. (2)



A. Rewrite the sentences using Reported Speech.

1. Children, you should pay attention in class.

Our teacher told us

2. How do you feel about your new job?

Eric asked Kathy

3. Mandy, please take the dog for a walk.

Mandys mother asked

4. Do you want to go shopping tomorrow?

Emily asked Sharon

5. I have already visited the new museum in town.

Mike told Nick

6. Mum, dont wake me up early tomorrow morning.

I asked

7. Well be back by 10 o clock tonight.

The boys said

8. What are you doing next Saturday?

Anna asked us



B. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. If I

(be) you, I

(not wait) so long to ask her what was wrong.

2. Samantha wishes she

3. Mark

(can) help Bob paint his flat.

(join) the drama club if he

4. His parents wish Patrick


(not stay) out until so late at night.

(Simon / feel) sad if he

6. I wish I
7. If Sam

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(hear) the news?

(speak) Spanish fluently.

(have) the ingredients, he

8. Beth wishes she


(have) more free time.

(make) a delicious cake for us.

(go) to an exotic island for her summer holiday.




Listen to the dialogue and complete the sentences.

1. Suzy is trying to show her friends that she can

2. Suzy melted

and added it to the mixture.

3. She made a mistake and put

in the mixture.


Read the text and decide if the statements are True, False or Not Mentioned.

Drive-ins or Drive-thrus?
People in the U.S. love getting things fast, and one of the most popular ways to buy things is through a drivethru. In fact, these days people can do almost anything in a drive-thru. You can go to a drive-thru bank or
restaurant, and if you want, you can even get married in a drive-thru! In Las Vegas, there are so many drivethru wedding chapels that its also called the wedding capital of the world. You can even have a wedding
based on a theme, like Star Trek.
Earlier, in the 1950s, though, drive-ins were very popular. A drive-in can be a restaurant, where you park your
car and eat in it, or a drive-in cinema, where you watch a film on a big screen from inside your car. Drive-ins
became less popular in the 1970s when drive-thrus first appeared. With a drive-thru, you dont even need to
stop your car! Who knows what the future of drive-thrus will be. Some day we might be able to have a drivethru supermarket, or even a hospital!

1. Drive-thrus are popular in the US because people like to get things quickly.
2. Many people in Las Vegas have weddings based on a theme.
3. Drive-thrus made drive-ins less popular.
4. There are even drive-thru hospitals now.


Read Janets e-mail and your notes below. Write a reply using your notes.

Me too!

definitely be there
Hi there,

Guess what? My first CD is finally out! Im really excited about that and I wanted to let you know. Im writing
because Id like to invite you to the presentation of the CD. You know how nervous I feel when it comes to public
speaking. I would feel more confident if my friends were around, so I would really love it if you could come.

cant / come Sunday morning

no need / take taxi





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The presentation is on Sunday, but you can spend the whole weekend here. I can definitely put you up. Dont
worry about it. Just tell me when youre coming and Ill pick you up from the airport. Cant wait to see you.
Bye for now,


Final test


A. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.











1. Pauls father was

because Paul took his car without asking.
2. Doctor, will you
something for my backache?
3. Marion met the
singer of her favourite band at the concert the other day.
4. Dont forget that they charge
at that bank.
the vegetables before cooking them.
6. I want to sit on the sofa and
my coffee silently.
7. The film was
. I couldnt stop laughing.
8. Will Alan
for the job he saw in the newspaper?
9. Come on, tell me whats the secret
in that dish?
10. Are you computer
? You need to be for this job.


B. Choose a, b or c.

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1. Oh! Ive got a terrible cold and a

a. pill
b. runny nose
2. All
in the music competition, please follow me.
a. participants
b. customers
3. Im sorry but I cant play tennis with you today. My
hurts a lot.
a. cheek
b. lip
4. After the accident, the driver was seriously
a. responsible
b. addicted
the potatoes, cut them and fry them in olive oil.
a. Peel
b. Wrap
6. Jason doesnt have a lot in
with his brother.
a. common
b. charge
7. We all felt
! We didnt know what to do to make her feel better.
a. pleasant
b. helpless
8. Its an action-packed film and the
is fantastic.
a. biography
b. critic
9. This dress is not
for the wedding. You need to wear something else.
a. cosy
b. peaceful
10. The
for the event started a month ago.
a. organisations
b. preparations


C. Circle the correct word(s).

1. The baby was asleep so everyone was waving / whispering.

2. Did Elaine make a prediction / deposit at the bank yesterday?
3. I couldnt stand it any more so I decided to involve / quit.
4. Samantha works for a well-known firm / flock in London.
5. Come on, lets greet / shake hands and forget our misunderstanding.
6. The crew / staff of the plane informed the passengers there would be a delay.
7. Our annual / outing music festival will take place in June.

c. surgery
c. beginners
c. wrist
c. injured
c. Whisk
c. advance
c. proud
c. cast
c. suitable
c. explorations




D. Complete the sentences with the prepositions in the box.






1. Laura pushed me and I bumped




the person in front of me.

2. Danny acted in a very silly way and made a complete fool


3. Please, I need your help and advice. Dont let me

4. Has Diane signed

for the cookery course?

5. His knowledge

computers always amazes me.

6. When Sonias cat got lost, she couldnt get

7. There are lots of activities


8. While I was cleaning the garage, I came

my old bicycle.


Choose a or b.

1. What does your new colleague look like?

a. Shes bossy.
2. Lets go to the cinema tonight.
a. I have other plans.
3. When do you need the project to be ready?
a. I was getting to that.
4. What took you so long?
a. There was a problem with my bank account.
5. Are you good at tennis?
a. Are you kidding? Im going to thrash you.
6. How was your trip?
a. It was very crowded. I didnt like it.
7. I hate cycling.
a. Really? So do I.

b. Shes tall and slim.

b. Ill give you a hand.
b. As soon as possible.
b. It will only take a couple of hours.
b. No. Im booked up.
b. It was an unforgettable experience.
b. Really? Neither does Tom.

A. Choose a, b or c.

Our band has been trying hard for a long time (1)

known. We (2)


different small clubs and have tried to get in touch with various companies. We keep (3)
someone (4)

listen to our work and decide (5)


us. Yesterday, we


an unexpected phone call. It was the manager of a large record company. He said he


of us and wanted to see us perform live. (8)

b. to become
b. were appearing
b. think
b. had better
b. helping
b. had received
b. heard
b. So

c. becoming
c. appeared
c. to think
c. may
c. help
c. received
c. had heard
c. What

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1. a. become
2. a. have appeared
3. a. thinking
4. a. shouldnt
5. a. to help
6. a. have received
7. a. hears
8. a. How

an opportunity!




B. Circle the correct word(s).

1. Is it true that Nina painted the house by hers / herself?

2. Richard got his university degree and Rita did either / too.
3. Im hungry! Lets order a pizza, shall we / dont we?
4. Youve put on weight lately. You had better / might start going to the gym.
5. When / If it doesnt rain tomorrow, well go on a picnic.
6. You neednt / mustnt go to the supermarket. We have lots of food.
7. Hes such / so a careless driver that he may have an accident soon.
8. Im a great singer, am not I / arent I?


C. Rewrite the sentences starting with the words given.

1. Helen cant speak Spanish fluently.

Helen wishes she

2. Fiona, what time did you come home last night?

Karen asked Fiona

3. They serve breakfast from 8.00 to 10.00 every morning at the hotel.

4. Keith has so much work to do today!

Keith wishes he

5. Im flying to Brazil tomorrow, Rita said.

Rita said that

6. The police found the missing child late last night.

The missing child

7. We dont have any free time, so we dont go out.

If we had


D. Choose a, b or c.

1. Marthas cooking is not as

as Ritas.
a. good
b. better
2. You look very tired. I think you
work so hard.
a. couldnt
b. shouldnt
3. If Alice
enough, she wont pass her exams.
a. doesnt study
b. wont study

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4. We didnt enjoy the trip and

a. either
5. The film was
a. such

hot to go jogging.

c. best
c. had better
c. studies
c. too

boring that we almost fell asleep.

b. so

6. Alan will buy a new car,

a. will he
7. It is
a. too

did Jack.
b. neither

c. how

b. doesnt he

c. wont he

b. so

c. much



Listen to four dialogues and answer the questions. Choose a, b or c.

1. What will the people see?

a. a romantic film
b. an action film
c. an animated film

3. What does the woman want to do?

a. go swimming
b. do water sports
c. enjoy the sun

2. What did the man do first?

a. He changed some pounds into dollars.
b. He withdrew some money.
c. He made a deposit.

4. Why doesnt the man want to listen to the CD?

a. He doesnt like loud music.
b. He has a headache.
c. He doesnt like the band.

Read the e-mail and complete the advertisement.

Dear Lucy,
Hello! I am so glad you wrote. It was really good to hear from you. What have you been up to? I have
some news... I just finished my white-water rafting class! I know, its crazy, right? Well, Sally told me about
this class, and it sounded really interesting. She said that it was the most fun she had ever had, and I
completely agree!
The course wasnt very long; it lasted only three weeks. The fee isnt much either. I paid only 55. Whats
more, you dont have to bring anything with you; they have the equipment and everything you need there.
The best part is that you dont need any experience. That was convenient for me, because I had never
been on a boat before in my life! The instructors are very good, they know so much about rafting. At the
end of the course, you get a certificate that says you can go rafting by yourself!
Anyway, if you want to attend the course too, let me know. If you sign up, I know youll have a great time!

White-water rafting courses!

Do you want to do something fun and exciting? Something new and different?
White-water rafting is perfect for you! Our course lasts for
and costs just (2)
. If you dont have any
, dont worry. Well teach you all you need to know!
As for the (4)
, well give you everything you need. Our
are expert rafters who can teach you how to raft on your
own. Sign up today!




Any plans for the summer? Ive got this great idea. Jessica and I are going to this campsite for a couple of weeks. Its
close to the sea, its very peaceful and I know you need to relax. Jessica and I thought that you might like to join us for
a few days. After all, you like camping, dont you? What do you think?
The only problem is that we dont know the exact dates were going to be there. When are you going to take your days
off? Well definitely know next week and Ill let you know. Oh, and tell me if you can take your car as well because ours
has a problem and I dont know if well be able to travel in that. But dont worry if you cant take your car, we can all go
by bus.
Anyway write back and tell me if youre coming. If not, tell me what your plans are.





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You have received an e-mail from Adam, a friend of yours. Read part of his e-mail below and write back to him.
Accept or refuse the invitation and make sure you cover all the points made in the e-mail.