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Jacqueline Mahaboob
UWRT 1101
November 24, 2014
Final Reflective Letter
Dear Malcolm,
Throughout the duration of this past semester in UWRT 1101, I feel as though I have
learned a lot about writing, and myself as a writer. Ever since high school, I have never been a
fan of writing for several reasons such as a lack of confidence, disorganization of my thoughts,
and an absence of interest. Because of these qualities, I found it to my surprise that my opinions
towards writing, as a whole, gradually changed over time due to the nature of the assignments in
this class.
In class activities such as freewriting in our daybook, as well as out of class assignments
like blog posts, were components of the class that I found very engaging and helpful. These
assignments forced us to form and acknowledge our opinions about certain topics. Some of the
assigned blog topics were to watch a video or read an article and respond to it. This meant that
the reader needs to first understand what they are reading and then create a personal stance on
the matter. The same process went for most of the daybook entries; some were reflection or selfassessment on assignments while others were meant to trigger thought and questioning. An
interesting topic for one of our blog assignments was a Ted Talk called Why 20 is not the new
30 which was about starting to plan your future ahead of time and success is more likely. This

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assignment made me consider someones advice with an open yet critical mind which was a
common theme throughout this class. These daybook entries and blog assignments pushed us to
think outside of the box about what we believe and think is correct when there is not one set
correct answer.
Other larger assignments like the Literacy Narrative paper helped me improve on other
skills I lacked such as working with dialogue and imagery. For this paper, I wrote about learning
to read by playing teacher with my older sister as a child. I aimed to be very descriptive with the
setting so that the reader could picture us sitting together in a makeshift classroom in our living
room. The dialogue also helped enhance the paper by adding a personal touch and creating a
scene for the reader to imagine. My level of comfort with the use of dialogue greatly improved
after this assignment and our classroom practice we had done in our daybook with technicalities.
My strongest assignment I completed this semester was my Mini- Ethnography. For my
paper, I chose to write about my small lab group from my freshman seminar Computer Science
class. A personal strength is that I am able to look at things from different perspective and
remove myself from a situation to be able to properly observe it. This quality helped me write
this paper because I was able to remove my personal opinions and observe the group without a
biased opinion. I also believe that I planned the structure of this essay and my interview
questions well. I chose well thought out questions that required lengthy answers so I could find
similarities in my peers answers and my own observations. In class, I took a lot of detailed notes
during our weekly meeting time which is where I observed the social interactions that occurred
between the classmates. This also allowed me to observe how the students that are introverts and
extroverts interact together. The Mini- Ethnography assignment helped me to strengthen my
observation and research skills as well as my interview techniques.

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My biggest weakness is organization skills. I often have issues gathering my thoughts in
an orderly manner and then writing them down on paper. Instead I usually just start writing and
think of things as they come to mind which creates a messy paper. This is shown the most in the
Genre Analysis which was an assignment from the beginning of the semester. For my paper, I
wrote about Mystery Television series and more specifically the show Dexter. After reviewing
my paper, I can see that my ideas are not as organized as they could have been. For example, I
should have introduced the show Dexter in the first paragraph so that the reader would be able to
understand my thoughts easier. While reflecting on my work from this semester, I can see that
over time I was able to realize organization was an issue for me and I made a great deal of
progress with planning out what I want to say and in what order with my following assignments.
During this semester I have been able to realize my strengths and weaknesses and
improve on them. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my organization skills and my
comfort level with writing in general. Writing about myself in my Literacy Narrative came easy
to me because it was about a topic I knew well. Because I felt as though writing had become
easier for me, I became increasingly more confident with writing and it has made writing feel
like less of a task and more like a pastime. This is something that I am very thankful for because
writing is something I now enjoy. Thank you for a great semester. Even though it was an 8am
class, you always managed to keep us awake with laughter.
Jacqueline Mahaboob