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Justify according to development of the concept of how the Savaka became

Although we can find the term Sammasam Buddha, Sambodhi, Pacceka Buddha,
Paccekabodhi and Sravakabodhi in Pali Nikaya, yet the term Sravakbuddha has not been found
anywhere. But in commentaries later on, there has been mentioned about Sravaka Buddhas.
Yet, word Savaka has been mentioned for only Aggasavaka and Mahasavaka, but not
for anyone else. The word S vaka found in the Mah vaggap li used first time. Kolita and
Upatissa heard the teachings of the Buddha from Ven. Assaji and came to see the Buddha. Buddha
saw them that coming from far away and said to the monks that couples of S vakas are coming,
would be my Aggas vakas. At that time, the Buddha used the word S vaka for first time. However,
normally the Buddha addresses the monks by Bhikkhave.
The word Arahant had as synonym to the word Savaka. The Arahant is Pacasamana,
pacasamana means follower of the Buddha. Later on this word has been mentioned for an Arahant.
Ultimately it has been mentioned for the path or the realization by adding the suffix and became
As to why the designation of the Arahant subsequently became the Savaka-Buddha is firstly
we have to investigate the definition of its suffix word Buddha. This word is derived from or
similar to the term Bodhi and grammatically by the same root Budh. According to the
Buddhavmsa-Atthakatha, it applies to the knowledge of Arahattamagga and to the all knowledge.
(bodhiti sammasambodhi arahatta maggananassa ca etam adhivacanam) As a result, the Bodhi has
been divided into three: Sammasam bodhi, Pacceka bodhi and Savaka bodhi.
The Mahamoggallana theragatha Atthakatha shows the three kinds of Bodhi as the paths
or realizations through which become the three Buddhas. Through the path of sammasambodhi, one
will attain the stage of Sammasambuddha, through the path of paccekabodhi, one will attain the
stage of paccekabuddha and after all, if one goes through the path of savakabodhi, one will attain
the stage of Savaka-Buddha.
Therefore, if a Savaka who has the intention to attain into Aggasavaka or Mahasavaka or
even the Arhantship he will be named as Savaka-Buddha.
The word Savakabodhi has been mentioned not only in Theragatha Atthakatha but also
in the Sumaagalavilasini, Saratthappakasini and Samantapasadika which seems to have the
sense of Arahattamagga Nana. Additionally, instead of the word Savaka-Buddha, we just have
come across the term Catusacca-Buddha in the Samyutta Atthakatha, which reads Avasesa
khinasava catusacca Buddhanama.
Furthermore, the term Savakabuddhacan also be found in Theragatha Attakatha. It is
mentioned thus; Savaka, having listened to the discourse explaining the meditation object or four
noble truths form the buddha or his companion. At that time or after sometimes, engaging the same
practice and followintg it and put some oford and penetrates the four truths according to his wish
at the Aggasavaka position or at the moment of fulfilling higher path, realizes the Savakabodhi.
After that he would become a Savakabuddha who is worthy of offering in the world with deva.
This is how Savaka become Savaka Buddha.