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Movie Review

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Dwi Anggita Pangestuti | XII IPA E/10
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Every movie franchise, like every revolution, needs a spark to
get it going. The Lord of The Rings, Twilight and the phenomenal Harry
Potter have all had that world wide mass appeal, making them
unstoppable. Everyone in Holly-wood knows that the basic secret of
going from spark to inferno, is to make all the following sequels
progressively better. And it is the rarest of rarities when a second film
outshines its original. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of those

Taking off from where The Hunger Games left her, Katniss has
returned home as a victor of the 74th annual Hunger Games along with
Peeta. There was of course, supposed to be only one, not two victors, as
in all 73 previous con-tests. But instead, Katniss and Peeta pulled a
proverbial fast one with those poison berries, willing to commit mutual
suicide rather than trying to kill each other for the prize of being the lone victor.
President Snow, again played with sinister perfection by Donald Sutherland, has not taken too kindly
to this, letting Katniss know exactly what the score is when he pays her an unexpected personal visit. It plays
out like a negotiation with Katniss discussing just how to make up for the error shes made. Unfortunately,
the solution will not be easy. It comes down to Miss Everdeens compliance to what the president wants from
her and douse this spark of re-bellion shes created,or face a considerably more severe punishment that could
involve her loved ones. As the old adage goes, You cant fight city hall.
Rebellion may permeate throughout Panem but its the changing of the rules of the 75th Hunger
Games that really drives Katniss and her co-horts to a whole new level of danger. Jennifer Lawrence, again
renders a grand perfor-mance as Miss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire with a character arc that takes her and Peeta
into what is affectionately known to the Capitol as the Quarter Quell. Theres nothing more terrifying than
finding out that you must go through this ordeal once more.
Last year was childs play. This year youre dealing with all experienced killers, Woody Harrelsons
Haymitch warns. He returns as the constantly inebriated mentor to Katniss and Peeta, who, despite his
alcoholic state always manages to offer the most sage advice when confronted with the worst of crises.
Elizabeth banks reprises her role as the annoying, overly jubilant, overly made up Effie Trinkett. However you
actually get to see her exhibit somber emotions this go round, and not just the happy happy joy joy attitude
she usually sports. Plays absolute havoc with her facial makeup.
New comer opponents and allies are just as, if not more colorful, than last time. Theres the golden
boy Finnick(Sam Claflin) who apparently has no compunctions about showing his bulging pectorals. Jeffrey
Wright informs BeeTee with a quiet genius regarding electricity and inventions, partnered up with Amanda
Plummers Wiress who seems to have a disturbing inclination for clocks. Former Hunger Games victors come in

all ages with Lyn Cohens 8Oish Mags, and Jena Malone portrays Johanna Mason as the wild card she was
meant to be.
Once the Quarter Quell games get started, theres little time for our lovers to be intimate, although
there are a few precious moments, and one particularly shocking announcement during the ever popular
Caesar Flickerman show. Theyre way too busy trying to avoid the many death traps orchestrated by new head
gamemaker Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The perilous games naturally culminate into a
climax that will definitely have fans eagerly waiting for the two part finale in Mockingjay.

Story: Katniss is a young woman who lives in a future society that has been ravaged by war,
famine, and natural disasters. To restore order, a central government has enacted strict control over its
citizens. To remind the people of its dominance, the central government holds a yearly contest in which
two children are chosen from each territory to fight to the death. When Katniss sister is chosen, she
volunteers to replace her. She begins the rigorous task of training and preparing for the battle, along with
the other children. Through the process she learns more about the game than what meets the eye. With
this knowledge of how things really work, it becomes even more imperative that she make it out alive, for
her own sake and everyone elses.Good (23/25)
Acting: Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss, and handles the focus and emotion very well. There are
so many subtle levels to this character, so many intricate characteristics that are all strongly and
professionally defined. Josh Hutcherson is strong as well, above and beyond anything hes ever done
before. In fact, the characters all seem bizarrely cast; Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks,
and even Lenny Kravitz are all playing characters that Id never have considered them for. But,
somehow they all work, and all of them add something unique and memorable to the movie. Good
Direction: The director is Gary Ross, same guy who directed Seabiscuit. Wait, what? Yes, like
some of the casting choices, Gary Ross is not the first guy you would think of to be directing an
action/thriller sci-fi movie. Unlike the cast though, Gary Ross work is not as commendable. His insistence
on moving, wobbly camera angles becomes downright annoying right from the beginning of the film, and
not till the action starts, when the character are moving rapidly themselves, does it make sense. There are
also some questionable close-up shots and the poorly integrated flashbacks. The good news is that the
best part of the film, when the actual confrontation begins, turns out perfectly. Okay (18/25)
Special Effects/X-Factor: The special effects of this film range from good to great. The colorful
cityscapes and citizens are the highlight of the movie as far as visual impact, some of the motion overlays
such as the air ships and trains didnt fare as well. The real kicker of this film is the fact that it is an
adaptation of a popular novel. Since Twilight and Harry Potter are basically done, the studios are on the
hunt for the next book-to-film translation geared towards tweens and teenagers. I cant comment on the
comparison to the novel, but based on the qualities of the film alone, I think that the series will more than
meet expectations for fans and the studios alike.Good (24/25)
This film has the right stuff to entertain your eyes and your heart. So emotional and thrilling is the
main characters struggle that it leaves little time or patience to worry about anything else.
Rating: (89/100) = B+ (Highly Recommended)
Whats Good: For once we get an Orwellian story that doesnt feel cold, this one has enough
emotions and action to keep you plugged in. The cast is surprisingly good, and the film delivers when
it counts, echoing the feel of 70s science fiction films while bringing modern polish and production

Whats Bad: The director wanders astray at times, and the lack of a proper background will dissatisfy
those who have not read the book.