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Physical Skills: Spend a # of slots = Agility

Point Value Campaign Scale, Example, and Recommended point division Athletics: Running, Throwing, Acrobatics,
Climbing, Swimming, etc.
Mystery Men. Low-powered heroes common to the Pulp era. Craftsmanship: Carpentry, Construction, Metalwork,
20 points
Recommended: 12 pts for Stats, 8 pts for Powers.
Weaponry, Leatherwork, Stonework
Street Level. Mid-powered Heroes who usually protect a city or neighborhood. Drive: Steering, Control, Tricks, Acceleration
25 points
Recommended: 14 pts for Stats, 11 pts for Powers. Escapology: Loosen Binds, Contortion, Knots, Improvising.
World Class. Among the most powerful in the world, these Heroes often save the Earth. Perform: Play Instrument, Dance,
40 points Juggling, Singing, Acting, etc
Recommended: 18 Pts for Stats, 22 pts for Powers.
Pilot: Evasion, Pursuit, Tricks, Control
Cosmic. God-like Heroes who battle over the fate of entire galaxies. Ride: Galloping, Jump, Tricks, Control
60+ points
Recommended: 24+ pts for Stats, 36+ pts for Powers Stealth: Hiding, Shadowing, Moving Silently, Evading
Security Cameras and Alarms, Palming & Planting items.
Score Cost Brawn Examples Agility Examples Mind Examples Brawn Lifting Agility Movement
Mental Skills: Spend a # of slots = Mind
0 0 Weak & Feeble Severely Severely Im- Cannot lift Run 1 square Commerce: Appraisal, Bargaining,
Disabled paired Faculties 50 lbs Finance, Accounting, Bureaucracy
Computers: Hacking, Building, Repairing,
1 2 Normal Man Normal Man Normal Person Lift at least Run 3 squares
50 lbs Programming, Encrypting
Deception: Disguise, Lying, Jargon,
2 4 Pro Football Player Black Belt PhD. Lift 400 lbs Run 6 squares Detect Deception, Manipulation
3 6 Minor Super Strength Superhuman Genius Lift several Run 9 squares Domestic: Cooking, Sewing, Cleaning, Gardening, Manage
Agility tons Humanities: Art, Foreign Cultures, Religion, Philosophy
Investigation: Analysis, Finding Clues, Questioning, Gut
4 8 Greater Super Strength Very Fast Super Genius Lift tens of Run 12 squares Medicine: Diagnosis, Research, Paramedic,
tons First Aid, Surgery, Toxicology, Genetics
5 10 World’s Strongest Ultra Fast One of the Lift hundreds Run 15 squares Military: Gunner, Command, Tactics, Strategy
greatest Minds of tons Occultism: Astrology, Alchemy, Artifacts,
in history Rituals, Monsters, Legend
Outdoor: Tracking, Direction Sense,
Weakness: Negating or Damaging = +2 pts, Devastating = +4 pts
Survival, Flora & Fauna
Powers List Sailing: Piloting, Navigation, Command, Tacking, Gunner
Movement Powers (Personal) Intense Training Powers Science: Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry
Security: Cracking Safes, Picking Locks, Disabling
Clinging 1 pt;, Sustained Attack Weak Point 2 pts; Security Alarms and Cameras, Surveillance
Flight 1-5 pts; Maintained Double Taps 1 pt Social Science: Law, History, Archeology, Geography
Streetwise: Gut, Gather Information, Gambling, Shortcuts,
Gliding 1 pt; Sustained Disarm Expert 2 pts
Hovering 1 pt; Sustained Fleet of Foot 1 pt; Personal; Technology: Repair, Invent, Jury-Rig, Modify, Sabotage
Super Jump 2 pts Martial Arts Mastery 1-3 pts; Personal; POWER LIMITATIONS
Activation, Always On, Burn-Out, Charges, Concentration,
Super Running 1-5 pts; Maintained Offhand Shooting 2 pts;
Disorienting, Energy Cost, Fading, Finite, Gadget
Super Speed 3 or 5 pts; Tiring Paired Weapons 2 pts [Easily Taken, Fragile, or Ammo], Gradual, Immobile,
Skillful 1-5 pts; Personal; Only Affects Others, Only Affects X, Personal, Same
Super Swimming 1-5 pts; Sustained
Source, Single Use, Situational, Time, Tiring
Swinging 2 pts; Maintained Swift Strike 2 pts POWER ENHANCEMENTS
Teleportation 1-10 pts Weapon Technique 1-2 pts; Personal; Affects Others, Affects X, Area, Extended
Duration, Extra Effect, Linked (2pts), Multi-Power,
Water Walking 1 pt; Maintained
Perception Powers Range, Recharge, Second Nature, Variable
Combat Powers Keen Senses 1 pt; Sustained Mental Powers
Armor 1-3 pts; Personal, Sustained Super Senses 2-5 pts; Sustained Clairvoyance 1-3 pts; Concentration*
Continual Damage 1-5 pts; Range, Area Scan 1-5 pts; Concentration Confusion 1-2 pts; Range, Area
Immunity 1-5 pts; Personal, Sustained X-Ray Vision 3 pts; Maintained Danger Sense 2 pts; Personal;
Damage Aura 1-5 pts; Personal, Area Daze 2 pts; Range, Area
Bio-Manipulation Powers
Deflect 1-3 pts; Sustained Illusion 1-3 pts; Range, Burst, Variable
Boost 1-3 pts; Situational
1-5 pts; Range, Area, Invisibility 1/3/5 pts; Personal; Maintained
Force Field Copycat 2-10 pts;
Duplication 1-5 pts; Memory Tampering 4 pts;
Immobilization 1-5 pts; Range, Area
Extra Limbs 1-3 pts; Sustained Mind Control 5 pts; Maintained
Push 1-5 pts; Range, Area
Ghost Form 1-3 pts; Maintained Mind Shield 1-3 pts; Personal; Sustained
Nullify 1-5 pts; Range, Area
Growing 1-5 pts; Sustained Mind Spikes 1-5 pts; Personal, Sustained
Resistance 1-5 pts; Personal; Sustained
Healing 1-5 pts; Concentration Omni-Linguist 2 pts; Personal; Sustained
Slow 1 pt; Range, Area
Mimic 3-4 pts; Maintained Omni-Reader 1pt; Personal; Sustained
Special Attack 1-5 pts; Range, Area,
Shape-Shifting 4 pts Restore 2-5 pts; Range, Area
Weaken 1-5 pts; Range, Area,
Shrinking 1-5 pts; Sustained Suggestion 1 pt; Concentration
Mastery Powers Stretching 1-5 pts; Sustained 1-5 pts; Range 5 Squares,
Conjuring 1-5 pts Maintained
Sense X 1 pt Take up to 3 Ads, then take an equal # of Disads Telepath 1-3 pts; Sustained
Ads: Alter Ego, Appeal, Celebrity,
Summoning 1-5 pts; Concentration
Contacts, Dumb Luck, Frightening Presence, Gadgeteer, Headquarters, Immortality, Instant Change,
1-5 pts; Maintained, Jack of All Trades, Leadership, Mentor, Never Surrender, Non-Sentience, Photographic Memory, Police
X Mastery Powers, Quick-Thinking, Resources, Security Clearance, Sidekick/Pet, Super Vehicle, Unliving
Disads: Age, Arch-Enemy, Destitute, Hidden Powers, In a Relationship, Involuntary Change, Rogue’s Gallery, Secret,
Susceptability, Freak, Normal, On the Run, Outsider, Public ID, Social Stigma, Uncontrollable Powers, Unskilled, Ward.