White Manjushri daily practice


Good to recite the 11 Reversals and Atisha’s advice daily as part of the sadhana which I have included. or understand the true reality of life. May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes. TAKING REFUGE I take refuge in the Guru I take refuge in the Buddha I take refuge in the Dharma I take refuge in the Sangha (3x) THE FOUR IMMEASURABLES May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes. Realising this. free of bias. I wish everyone luck and happiness. speech and action that ultimately bring us unhappiness. Recite as I have layed it out for you below. difficulties and problems. May all sentient beings abide in equanimity. you understand that all sentient beings. to help yourself and all beings. It is good to take up Manjushri’s practice. 2 . as has been explained below: namely. *Do the meditations and prayers daily to be able to gain and experience the results of a clearer mind. You must be consistent in your prayers. 2012. it is very important to note the following: *The most important aspect of this practice is to set a very strong and determined motivation. do not have penetrative insight or wisdom. If you wish to take this as you personal sadhana. May all sentient beings never be separated from sorrowless bliss. You can do the practice as I have layed out for you below in either Tibetan phonetics or English. Compiled in Kuala Lumpur by myself holding the name Tsem Tulku Rinpoche October 26. You can never go ‘wrong’ with any form of Manjushri. you engage in this practice to gain penetrative insight and wisdom. This is what causes us to create thoughts. Up to you.THE SADHANA AND VISUALIZATION Anyone can engage in these prayers as a daily practice – you do not need permission or initiation. attachment and anger. including yourself.

The indication of having trained in the practice of completion stage is the reversal of our subtle dualistic appearance. ADVICE FROM ATISHA’S HEART When Venerable Atisha came to Tibet. 3 . The indication of having trained in the practice of meditation on impermanence is the reversal of worldly concerns. 4. Atisha replied that he had already given them all the advice they needed. 6. The indication of having trained in the practice of emptiness is the reversal of our selfgrasping. he decided to return to India. The indication of having trained in the practice of the three higher trainings is the reversal of our previous lack of progress on the path to liberation. 2. The indication of having trained in the practice of meditation on the disadvantages of samsara is the reversal of our previous lack of renunciation. The indication of having trained in the practice of relying upon the Spiritual Guide is the reversal of our previous lack of faith in our Spiritual Guide such that we have unchangeable faith. and Jang Chub Ö requested him to give one last teaching before he left. 3. but Jang Chub Ö persisted in his request and so Atisha accepted and gave the following advice. The indication of having trained in the practice of generation stage is the reversal of our ordinary appearance and ordinary conception. After two years had passed. The indication of having trained in the practice of refuge and karma is the reversal of our previous lack of actual protection from lower rebirth. 9. he first went to Ngari.THE ELEVEN REVERSALS BY LAMA TSONGKHAPA 1. 8. 10. or a reversal of our attachment to the things of this life. 5. The indication of having trained in the practice of meditation on precious human life is the reversal of our previous lack of interest in pure Dharma practice. 7. The indication of having trained in the practice of meditation on the sufferings of the lower realms is the reversal of our previous lack of fear of lower rebirth. 11. The indication of having trained in the practice of bodhichitta is the reversal of our selfcherishing mind. where he remained for two years giving many teachings to the disciples of Jang Chub Ö.

and especially avoid despising or humiliating them. Friends. Since you cannot become a Buddha merely by understanding Dharma. so brush them aside like stones on the path. You will have to depart leaving everything behind. Since future lives last for a very long time. Do not contemplate your own good qualities. proud. Words of praise and fame serve only to beguile us. Have no hatred for enemies.How wonderful! Friends. Avoid activities that are said to be meritorious. whereas I am of no importance and have little wisdom. Since the happiness. Until you realize ultimate truth. Avoid all haughty. therefore practise contentment. conceited. and remain peaceful and subdued. have requested me. the things you desire give no more satisfaction than drinking sea water. listening is indispensable. worldly amusements are harmful. it is not suitable for you to request advice from me. and no attachment for friends. Since there is never a time when worldly activities come to an end. Generate compassion for lowly beings. 4 . but out of admiration adopt them yourself. therefore rely upon the holy Spiritual Guide. I shall give you this essential advice from my inferior and childish mind. therefore abide in a place where there are no such distractions. therefore blow them away as you would blow your nose. therefore listen to the instructions of the Spiritual Guide. If you practise with great devotion. and respect everyone as a servant would. pleasure. Friends. and speak truthfully without malice. and always remain where your virtues increase. If from your heart you practise in accordance with Dharma. and rely upon those who increase your virtue. without your having to wait for a long time. Profit and respect are nooses of the maras. results will arise immediately. both food and resources will come naturally to hand. put them all behind you. so do not be attached to anything. and friends you gather in this life last only for a moment. Avoid places that disturb your mind. See all living beings as your father or mother. Because you have received advice. limit your activities. Dedicate your virtues throughout the day and the night. and always watch your mind. whom I cherish from my heart. practise earnestly with understanding. since you already have great knowledge and clear understanding. whenever you are not meditating always practise in accordance with what your Spiritual Guide says. Avoid friends who cause you to increase delusions. but look for faults in yourself. because you dear friends. until you attain Enlightenment the Spiritual Teacher is indispensable. but contemplate the good qualities of others. gather up riches to provide for the future. Always keep a smiling face and a loving mind. and arrogant minds. Until you attain stable realizations. but which in fact are obstacles to Dharma. Do not look for faults in others. This you should take to heart. Do not be jealous of others’ good qualities. and love them as if you were their child. However. and purge them like bad blood.

and you will bring happiness to yourself and others. Distracting enjoyments have no essence. Get 5 . difficulties and neurosis. begin by taming your own mind. Since all the happiness and suffering of this life arise from previous actions. offending a holy being is worse than dying. there is no happiness in this swamp of samsara. as usual. All mother sentient beings of the six realms are all around us. If you engage in many meaningless activities your virtuous activities will degenerate. much more unwanted. All happiness comes from the blessings of your Spiritual Guide. Always keep pure moral discipline for it leads to beauty in this life and happiness hereafter. therefore keep a happy and relaxed mind. now is the time to practise concentration. therefore always repay his kindness. It is completely meaningless to put effort into activities that have no essence. therefore ignite the fire of the effort of application. You should consider this well because it is not just words from the mouth. so move to the firm ground of liberation. do not accumulate negativity for the sake of wealth. Our ‘enemies’ are in the front of us. Since you cannot tame the minds of others until you have tamed your own. If the things you desire do not come it is due to karma created long ago. SETTING THE MOTIVATION Our mother and father are to our left and right. and our actions and result bring us much. Since this human life is wasted by indulging in distractions. You remain in samsara through the power of laziness. Friends. therefore speak in moderation. I who am ignorant request you to take this advice to heart. to penetrate into the projections that chain us to our actions. don the armour of patience. Since hatred is rife in these impure times. free from anger. only when necessary. unwarranted problems. therefore be honest and straightforward. Since you will definitely have to depart without the wealth you have accumulated. therefore investigate correct meanings. Meditate according to the advice of your Spiritual Guide and dry up the river of samsaric suffering. Being under the influence of wrong views you do not realize the ultimate nature of things. Beware. therefore stop activities that are not spiritual. Contemplate all of this deeply before going further in the practice. If you practise like this you will delight me. We especially stress the point that all mother sentient beings around us really do not have the in-depth wisdom to be able to penetrate into the reality of life. do not blame others. but sincere advice from the heart. therefore sincerely practise giving.If you talk too much with little meaning you will make mistakes.

From Manjushri’s heart. wandering around. The Manjushri in front of you is really actually Manjushri. realise that all sentient beings around us. So therefore. toxic. rejoicing and singing songs of emptiness. but meritorious intelligence where we can penetrate into the reality of our lives. we visualise white lights from Manjushri coming. Bodhisattvas. Chenrezig and Vajrapani. unending ocean of milk. It goes especially to these three deities. past. peaceful and happy. Simply to have intelligence and understand or grasp things quickly. The Lord of 6 . concise visualization in mind – and we have practice every day to make it clear – we recite White Manjushri’s holy mantra. inviting Tsongkhapa. black. present and future. our existence – past. disease and problems. We are setting the motivation as to why we are engaging in this holy practice. auspicious and nurturing. which means that it is just for this life. At the shore. Very rare is their intelligence penetrative into future lives. On this island. diseased. walking all over with their trunks up. there are beautiful white elephants. We should think of him as three-dimensional. on this ocean in front of us. including ourselves. we visualise lights going out. We are at the shore. or be able to see things quickly doesn’t help much because there are many. putrid. smelly. The special refuge we take in him is with the motivation explained above. With this clear. and then to all Buddhas. snakes and reptiles – all go out to 7 levels below the ground. So realising this. with scorpions. we visualise Manjushri on a vast. The ocean is vast like the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean and the milk is white. Deities come and Manjushri is completely empowered. as pictured in the thangka. with their tusks facing up. and then we visualise then coming and dissolving into Manjushri. and dakas and dakinis dancing. We can also visualise that White Manjushri is on an island.the motivation correct by contemplation this. And then all Buddhas. From our bottom anus side. As we recite his holy mantra. are really. are a lot of white elephants also. really in need of supreme wisdom. washing away our ignorance. entering our foreheads or crown. surrounding White Manjushri. Believe this is happening. horrific lights –f that are disgusting. It is not just intelligence. WHITE MANJUSHRI PRAISE AND VISUALISATION With as much clarity as possible. supreme insight and supreme intelligence. undamaged. many intelligent people out there whose intelligence is geared more towards self-benefit or short-term benefit. We shouldn’t think of him as flat. and thinking very strongly that all sentient beings and myself have this type of unrecognized suffering – which is not having true penetrative wisdom – then we take refuge in White Manjushri sitting in front of us. the Wisdom of all Buddhas. present and future.

WHITE MANJUSHRI’S PRAISE AND MANTRA (composed by His Holiness the 2nd Dalai Lama) To be recited with the motivation and visualisation explained above. We have to visualise that. opening his mouth and accepting all of this putrid. compassion. Our life is extended. that he will not disturb us anymore. The Lord of Death represents the potential of our own negative karma also catching up to us. horrible negative karma. according to Zong Rinpoche – that he actually lays down and he goes to sleep. Then. He swallows it completely.Death is there. Your body resplendently white as the effulgent moon. He is black. he is the one who comes to take our lives away). A sword of Wisdom and Holy Writ in hand. We have to visualise that he’s very happy to eat and drink this. Then. as we recite the mantra. our merits grow. Your hair coiled in five knots: thus you Epitomise the splendour and tranquillity of eternal youth. This blessed white light comes from Lord Manjushri. disease and doubt. I make humble obeisance to you. we are sitting on top of the ground and our bodies are filled with white light and a great amount of wisdom. On top of the ground is a double vajra. Visualise the Lord of Death rising. Then. you will see your mind turn around better and better. An in-depth understanding into the Buddha’s teachings which will be applicable and which we can apply just pours into our bodies and fills us. Your mind the pinnacle of expansive bliss. This part is important. ignorance. our health becomes vibrant and our mind becomes free from disharmony we should think strongly. sealing the ground so that the Lord of Death cannot come to disturb our mind. Manjushri Great destroyer of mistaken perception. a lot of trust and a lot of faith in Manjushri. he lays down. closes his eyes and goes to sleep. Wide like the lotus petals are your eyes. 7 . We should do this every single day with a lot of conviction. penetrative insight. ferocious. our body and our speech. (The Lord of Death is pictured around the wheel of samsara. Then the ground under us seals up – all seven levels.

But increase forever more! Precious view of Shunyata May it. where born. By perfecting the qualities of the paths and stages.MANTRA: OM WAKEY DHA-NE-MA (At least one rosary per day minimum or more. And. Bring benefit to all beings and the Dharma. May it. where unborn. to flourish! 8 . arise. as time permits.) DEDICATION Precious supreme Bodhimind. May I quickly attain the state of Vajradhara! (Dedication of Virtue) Through this virtue may I swiftly Attain the Guru Deva’s state. And place each and every being. never decline. Do as much as you can with the above visualization or you can contemplate on Lam Rim subjects also. never decline. And. Tsongkhapa. And may it make Venerable Losang Drakpa’s Essence teachings specially shine forever! (Prayer by Je Tsongkhapa) In all lives may I never be parted From perfect Gurus and may I enjoy the glory of Dharma. Without exception. But increase forever more! May whatever virtue that I have gathered here. arise. in that state! May all obstacles be pacified And all good conditions be complete For the fully pure Dharma system Of Dharma King. where born. where unborn.

day and night! May auspiciousness increase both day and night Like the sun rising to its highest in the heavens! Three Jewels of Refuge.H.Because of the combined two accumulations Of myself and others in the three times. Source of every benefit and joy. Remain in this life until samsara’s end! 9 . May Lord Tenzin Gyatso. Always remain. the 14th Dalai Lama) In this land encircled by snow mountains. Chenrezig. May the Teachings of the Conqueror Tsongkhapa Losang Drakpa. please bless us! Three Jewels of Refuge. please bestow attainments! May there be auspiciousness of the Three Jewels! (Dedication for the Guru’s long life) May the Venerable Guru’s life be completely stable. May pure deeds spread to the ten directions. And may the lamp of Lama Tsongkhapa’s Teachings. brightly blaze forever! (Auspicious dedication) May all be auspicious. dispelling the darkness of the ignorance of beings! (Dedication for the long life of H.