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East Jamaica Conference



74 Constant Spring Road P.O. Box 181 Kingston 10 Jamaica W.I.

Tel:(876) 924-1061-3, (876) 924-0263. E-Mail: eastcon@ejcsda.com
Website: ejcsda.com

December 6,2014
To: All Pastors, Elders, Leaders and Church Members
Sincere Christian greetings!
Please see important dates, events and communication from the East Jamaica Conference of
Seventh-day Adventists below.

(1) Facts about Leaders Summit 2014

Who should Attend?
All elected officers of local
churches and Board
Members; all Pastors and
Conference workers.
Note: All Assistant
Directors, Secretaries and
their Assistants etc. are
included in the above-all
who are asked to serve in a
position in the local church.

What is Different?
Programme Format/Structure:
Departmental Meetings - 9:00am-10:45am
Business Session- 11: 00am-12.00pm
Spiritual Charge-12:00pm-1:30pm
More quality time for Departmental
interaction with directors-(9:00am10:45am)
Special Business Session toward
Conference Wide Development
Please see Flyer for more information.

What are the objectives?

To ensure that church officers
are knowledgeable of their
departmental responsibilities
and are spiritually motivated
toward being diligent in their
To initiate a working synergy
between Conference Directors
and Local Church Directors
Impress a sense of ownership
that will cause officers to go the
extra mile for the proper and
efficient running of the Church.

Special Information:
The Directory for the departmental meeting locations and combinations at the Leaders Summit is
posted below and will also be posted on our website and at the Kencot Church before the time of the
Also, in cases where a person at the local church serves more than one department as director, at the
Leaders Summit such person must not unnecessarily plan to move from department to department,
skipping from one to another, getting a little here and there, but plan to attend only one meeting and
properly arrange for local departmental assistant(s) to attend the other(s).

Meric D. Walker, PhD, JP

Executive Secretary
Below is a directory of where departments will meet on Sunday December 7, 2014. With the
exception of Youth Ministries, all departments will meet between the Kencot SDA Church, VH Percy
Center, Kingsway High or Prep. School. The Youth Ministries Department will meet at the NCU
Kingston Campus on Half Way Tree Road.

EJC Leaders' Summit Department Meeting



Elder Donmayne Gyles
Elder Claudette Genas
& Pastor Manley

Children's & Women's
Ministries and Family
Ministerial, Elders,
Deacons, Prayer
Community Services,
Sabbath School &
Personal Ministries


Dr. Donna Brown

Publishing & Spirit of
Health, Stewardship
and Trust Services
Communication ,
Public Affairs and
Religious Liberty

Pastor Meric Walker



Pastor Eric Nathan,

Pastor Linton Williams
Pastor Carl
Cunningham, Pastor
Carl Honeyghan

Kencot SDA Church Upper
Kencot Church - Front Area
Kencot Church - Rear Area

Elder Waldon Wright

VH Percy Multipurpose
Kingsway High School
(Downstairs Left hand Side to
the front )
Kingsway High School
(Downstairs Left hand Side to
the back)
Kingsway High School Staff
Kingsway Preparatory School
(Right hand side downstairs)

Elder Phillip Castell

Kingsway Preparatory School

(Right hand side upstairs)

Sis. Kathleen Dunkley


Adventist Youth

Pastor Dane Fletcher

NCU Building - Half way Tree


Final Instructions for Leaders Summit 2014. (To be Read in Church on Sabbath Dec. 6, 2014)

Leaders' Summit will begin promptly at 9:00 am with devotions at the various locations with
your Department Director as per the schedule above. At the end of your time together,
everyone will meet at the Kencot SDA Church for a business session which will be
spearheaded by President Eric Nathan. This will be followed by the Spiritual charge which is
scheduled to end by 1:30 pm.

In order to streamline the lunch meal distribution after the Summit, only persons with lunch
tickets will be provided with meals. Lunch meal tickets will be provided for everyone in
attendance during the 9:00am - 10:45 am session with the department director.
(2) Notice from the Education Department
The EJC Education Department thanks the brethren for your sacrificial giving towards
Kingsway High & Prep School. We are also using this medium to let you know that envelopes
are available and can be obtained from your Education Promoter or First Elder, for those who
were not able to give your contribution last Sabbath.
Congratulations to our Schools for their Good GSAT Ranking
The Education Department of the East Jamaica Conference wishes to congratulate the
Kingsway Prep. School for its # 24 place ranking in the Government GSAT Prep. School
ranking which was reported in the Thursday Gleaner dated November 27, 2014.
Kingsway Prep. school was ranked #24 of 170 preparatory and primary schools that sent
students to sit the GSAT examinations earlier this year. The 22 students who sat the exams
scored an overall average of 355 out of a maximum of 400. The top school in Kingston and St.
Andrew was Hopefield Prep. which sent 22 students who had an average of 392.
The Gleaner ranking showed Hagley Park Prep school as #38, Woodford Prep as #44 and New
Hope Prep School as the #84 ranked school out of 170 prep and primary schools that
participated in the GSAT exams this year.
Of the schools in St. Thomas, Miramar Prep School placed 21 out 49 Prep and Primary
schools in the parish.
Based on these rankings, we can be proud that our schools, despite the challenges are doing
well to provide Adventist Christian education while providing good academic performances
compared to other schools .
We invite more of our church members to support our educational institutions as we seek to
do our best to fulfill the mandate of our church.

Education Quote:
"In order to successfully carry forward the work to which they had been called, the disciples,
differing so widely in natural characteristics, in training, and in habits of life, needed to come
into unity of feeling, thought, and action." Ed. 86

(3) Notice from the Stewardship, Wills and Trust Dpt.

1) Stewardship Week - November 29 to December 7, 2014
NB. Please follow this link for Stewardship Day Sermons. Click here.
2) For 2015 tithes and offering reading please. Click here

(4) Notice from the Ministerial Department

Follow this link to see prayer schedule. Look for "JAMU 40 Days Prayer and Devotion"
at this link. Click Here.

(5) Notices from the Childrens and Adolescents Ministries Department

1. Commendations to Arnold Road SDA Childrens Ministry team for the number of
persons that were baptized after your one week childrens crusade.
2. All elected 2015 team members are asked to be at officers meeting 2014 at the
Kencot Church. Note that we will meet in our departments from 9 a.m. 10:30 a.m.
Come discuss the 2015 plans with us as well as share your best practice. If you
belong to more than 1 department, you are asked to take along someone who will
deputize for you in the other department.
Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing. But only God can keep you
faithful. Affirm the positive.
(6) Notices from the Family Life Department
1. Calling all team members to be on time to meet with the team to sharpen each other.

2. All Mens Ministries Directors and the team of persons that the Board has named to
that committee are expected to be at the Leaders summit that will be held on December
7, 2014.
3. Calling all churches to send the list with the full names and date of marriage of all the
couples in your church by December 17, 2014. This information is also needed by
JAMU & GC. See document attached.
4. The weekly pre-marital counseling and relationship building session continues
every Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Venue EJC. Note that this is also open to

Tell those around you the things you truly feel about them in ways which they can
appreciate and accept.

(7) Notices from the Womens Ministries Department

1. Calling all team members to be on time at our Leaders Summit at the Kencot
Church this Sunday at 9 a.m.
2. Bring a scarf- Directors kindly assist the GEMS to participate in our scarf
demonstration and other activities at camp meeting. More information to follow.
3. GEMS you are needed for usher/ hospitality duties at camp meeting.

(8) Notice from the Sab. School, Personal Ministries & Comm. Services Dpt.
1. The East Jamaica Conference Evangelism Council has voted to implement the
Members Intensive Personal evangelistic Initiative (MIPEI).This is to drive our goal
to involve every Church member in doing what Jesus has commanded, "Make
disciples" of every nation. Consequently, we are inviting all members of the Sabbath
School & Personal Ministries Department, PM leaders, Superintendents, Community
Services Leaders, Lay Preachers, Bible Instructors, Small Groups Leaders and all other
Evangelistic Lay Workers to be in attendance at Leaders Summit, Sunday, December,
7th at 8:30 AM, so that we can more fully discuss this program. This is notwithstanding
the regular start time of 9:00 am for all other departments.


Please register (send us the information for), now, all Lay preachers in your Church:
Name, Address, Email, telephone numbers etc.

3. Please remember to appoint a Special Needs Officer/ coordinator to relate to persons

with mental, social, physical or other disabilities in your Church and community. They
are being invited to a special meeting next Thursday, November, 27 at 5:30 pm, at the
EJC office. These officers as well as Senior Citizens Leaders are also invited to the
Summit on December 7th, 2014.
(9) Notices from the Youth Department

2. Youth Congressoree will be on December 12 - 14, 2014, with services and activities to
strengthen, enrich, inspire, and de-stress, every youth of EJC and beyond. Come as we
celebrate the dedication of the youth, and youth leaders who keep the flame of Youth
Ministries in East Jamaica Conference. Be ready to celebrate God's goodness as we worship
Him through rich music, and heartfelt praise and adoration.
For all reporting forms please click here
(10) Notice from the Publishing Ministry and Spirit of Prophecy Departments
1. All colporteurs, Publishing and Spirit of Prophecy leaders please make every effort to
be at leaders summit on Sunday, December 7, 2014.
2. The missionary book of the year is Beyond Imagination. Cost is $75.00, come and get
one for your visitor.
SOP Quote
The gospel of Christ is a blessing that all may possess. The poorest are as well able as the
richest to purchase salvation; for no amount of worldly wealth can secure it. It is obtained by
willing obedience, by giving ourselves to Christ as His own purchased possession. (Christ Object
Lessons. 117)

(11) Notice From


The Communication, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty

(1) All newly elected Communication Leaders and Assistants, Public Affairs and Religious
Liberty Leaders and Assistants, as well Communication (Audio Visual) team members
who will be serving for 2015 are invited to meet with me at 9:00 am at the Kingsway Prep.
School ( on the grounds of the Kencot SDA Church) on the first floor.
(12) Notice From The Communication Department

Visit our Picasa Photo Gallery

Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery which is updated every week as we travel across the
EJC Constituency. Feel free to share and download photos with your friends and
family members.
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For Photo highlights of the recent Adventist Health Professionals Health

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(13) Notices from the constituency
The Music Ministries Department of the Washington Gardens SDA Church presents their
Annual Music Week under the theme "The Magnificent Story of the Life of Christ". It will
begin this Sunday November 30 at 7pm under the sub theme "One Child" and will continue on
Wednesday December 3 with theme "The Man called Jesus". The week will climax on Sabbath
December 6 with theme "That Name" starting at 9 am. Music Ministers include the Foster
Triplet, WGSDA Female Quartet, Eternity Singers, Saxophonist Dwayne Foster, Braeton Youth
Choir, Kencot Youth Choir, Brothers in Harmony and many more! Let this musical drama
speak to your heart, take you on your knees, and help you obtain answers for there is Victory in
the Name of Jesus!

(14) Schedule of Upcoming Conference Dates and Events



Nov 29 - Dec 7
Dec 7

Stewardship Week
Leaders' Summit

Dec 12 - 14
Dec 17 - 20
Jan 3, 2015
Jan 3, 2015
Jan 10, 2015
Jan 25 -31

Youth Congressoree,
Camp Meeting
Day of Solemn Assembly
All Night Prayer
Lay Evangelistic Explosion
Religious Liberty Festival

Phillip E. L. Castell
Communication Director

All Churches
Kencot SDA Church
Kencot SDA Church
All Churches
Half Way Tree
Half Way Tree
National Arena