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MKT 6332. 501

Spring 2005
Wed., 4:00 pm – 6.45 pm. Prof. Abhi Biswas
Classroom : SOM 1.212 Email: abiswas@utdallas.edu

Suggested Text: Belch & Belch, Advertising and Promotion, 6th edn, McGraw-Hill Irwin.
Course Objectives

• To understand the basic principles of Promotional Strategy & Management.

• To learn how to analyze, understand, and apply the principles and practices of
advertising along with the other promotional mix elements.
• To provide each student with an adequate familiarity with the terminology and
definitions of Promotional Strategy.
• To learn how firms skilfully adapt & manage all elements of the promotional mix
using the Integrated Marketing Communications Approach.

Course Description
To provide an adequate overview of the field of “Promotional Strategy & Management” from a
managerial standpoint. The fundamental concepts will be systematically presented in class sessions
and related to real-life business situations. Numerous examples and caselets will be used to
highlight the most relevant topics & issues.
The primary mode of teaching will be lecture sessions along with discussions & group
presentations. A few video commercials & cases will also be shown & discussed in class. A
significant component of the learning experience, in a course of this type, is constructive &
reasoned class discussion. With this in mind, all students are encouraged to actively and judicously
participate in all class discussions.

Course Policy
Attendance is important and will certainly be taken into account in the case of students on the
borderline between two grades.
Each group of students will be responsible for one Class Presentation as well as one
written assignment report to be submitted in class.
Group Presentations will be made in class for a 20-25 min duration. Please limit yourself to
the maximum of 25 minutes. ALL group members should present.
Group written assignment reports as well as the individual assignments are due by the end of
the class on the due date of submission (see schedule below).
Synergy in team dynamics & equitable contribution by members are integral to all successful
group projects in business as well as in academics. A peer evaluation by group members will
therefore be used.
Please ensure all case & assignment submissions are made on time. In fairness to the other groups,
late submissions will be penalized.
Abide strictly by the Academic Honor Code.

Course Evaluation and Grading
Group Presentation 25% 20-25 minutes (all members should present).
Group Written Assignment 10% 3-5 pages typed double spaced.
Mid-term 25% 2-4 pages typed double spaced.
Peer Evaluation 10% Evaluate yourself as well as other gp members
Final Exam 30% The final exam will be cumulative.

Dates Topics Chapters
Jan 12 Introduction to Advertising & Promotions 1
Integrated Marketing Communications
The Promotional Mix: The Tools for IMC
Jan 19 The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process 2
Marketing Strategy & Analysis
Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning
Developing the Marketing Planning Program
Jan 26 Perspectives on Consumer Behavior 4
Overview of Consumer Behavior
The Consumer Decision Making Process
Feb 2 Source, Message & Channel Factors 6

Feb 9 Objectives & Budgeting for IMC Programs 7

Determining Promotional Objectives
Sales vs Communication Approaches
DAGMAR: An Approach to Setting Objectives
Feb 16 Planning & Development of the Creative Strategy 8
Presentation by Group 1

Feb 23 Implementation & Evaluation of the Creative Strategy 9

Appeals & Execution Styles
Creative tactics
Presentation by Group 2


Mar 16 Media Planning & Strategy 10

Developing the Media Plan
Market Analysis & Target Market
Presentation by Group 3

Mar 23 Evaluation of Broadcast Media 11

Evaluation of Print Media 12
Presentation by Group 4
Mar 30 International Advertising & Promotion 20
Presentation by Group 5

Apr 6 Sales Promotion 16

Consumer Sales Promotion
Trade Sales Promotion
Coordinating Sales Promotion & Advertising
Presentation by Group 6

Apr 13 Public Relations, Publicity & Corporate Advertising 17

Apr 20 Special Topics & Video