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ED 3382-501

Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies

2006 Spring Instructor: Mary Helen Haines

Office: Teacher Development Center Classroom: GR 2.508 Office Hrs: Wednesday 6 to 7, or by appt. Phone: 214-801-3844 Email: mhhaines@utdallas.edu Class website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CISS-UTD/

Required Textbooks:

1. Teaching Social Studies in Middle and Secondary Schools, Fourth Edition by Peter H. Martorella

2. A Link to the Past: Engaging Students in the Study of History, 2004, NCSS. By Yell, et. al.

3. Texas Social Studies Framework, Texas Education Agency, 1999 (for sale at TDC $10.00, or free online at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ssc/ under downloads)

Highly Suggested booklets for TExES preparation:

TEKS Biographies and Glossary: Available $10.00 at TDC, or free online at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/ssc/ Essential Websites:



Course Description: Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies is designed to help prepare students for successful and effective classroom teaching. Current theories and methodologies will be studied and practiced with an emphasis on their practical applications to Social Studies curriculum using the current national and state standards.

Course Objectives:

The student will:

1. use the Social Studies TEKS, as well as other material, to plan a unit of study.

2. observe a variety of teaching techniques during field experience and reflect on their effectiveness.

3. gain experience for the TExES tests in Social Studies with practice exams.

Course Requirements:

1. Professional attitudes and behavior that demonstrate your ability to be a successful classroom teacher. This includes punctuality, preparation, attendance, and respect for others. See attendance policy below.

2. Twenty hours of classroom observation. Currently employed teachers will observe ten hours taught by other teachers in their school system, or read three journals in lieu of the observations.

3. Develop a major unit plan with complete lessons and assessments.

4. Take mid-semester and final exams that will include TExES practice test for your area.


Unit Plan


Observation Report










Attendance Policy: Because the nature of this course is experiential, absences will directly affect the student’s ability to comprehend and incorporate the material covered in class. If you are absent for any reason, you should contact a classmate to find out what you missed. You will be held responsible for work due the class meeting following an absence and making copies of material missed. More than one absence will result in 0 points for class attendance. After three absences, you should initiate drop proceedings. Exceptions to this policy must be worked out with the professor.




Assignment Due

1-Jan. 11

Introduction to Social Studies Teaching

Jan. 13

Registration Deadline for TExES test

2-Jan. 18


Ch. 1-4 in Martorella,

Computer Lab

Introduction – Ch. 4 in Texas Social Studies

GR. 3.206



Diagnostic Test Due Go to SBEC Website www.sbec.state.tx.us Take your practice test (Social Studies or History), bring to class. Print out the Domains and Competencies for your test from the Test Framework.

3-Jan. 25

Planning to Teach:

Ch. 5 in Framework pp. 39-46

Instructional Planning

Ch. 5 in Martorella Review Wong Ch. 21, 22

4-Feb. 1

Planning continued

Unit Proposal due Print out TEKS for your unit’s course and bring to class

5-Feb. 8

Assessment in the Social Studies Classroom

Ch. 14 in Martorella Ch. 5 pp. 53-65 in Framework Review Wong Ch. 23

6-Feb. 15

Mid-Term Exam

Feb. 18

TExES Exam Date

7-Feb. 22

Assessment continued

Unit Exam due

8-Mar. 1

Social Studies Instructional Methods (Coop. Learning, Simulations, Inquiry)

Ch. 5 in Framework pp. 46-53 Ch. 6, 7 in Martorella (hand in) Link: Interactive Lecture p. 14; Conceptual Cont. p. 36; Coop. Group p. 52

Mar. 6-11

Spring Break-no class

9-Mar. 15

Methods continued (Skills, Values)

Ch. 8, 9 (hand in) Link: Philosophical Chairs p. 41 One Lesson Activity Due

10-Mar. 22

Methods continued (Multicultural, Reading)

Ch. 10, 11 (hand in) Link: KWL p. 9; RAFT p. 26; Ant. Guide p. 30; Note Taking p. 32; I-Search Essay p. 48

11-Mar. 29

Methods continued (Technology, Special Needs)

Ch. 12, 13 (hand in) Link: Response Group p. 18; Video Viewing p. 22

12-Ap. 5

Unit Plan Due Methods continued

13-Ap. 12

Observation Report Due Methods continued

14-Ap. 19

Review session

15-Ap. 26

Final Exam

Instructor reserves the right to make changes to this syllabus as needed.