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CS 5390 - Computer Networks


Dr. Jorge A. Cobb

Office: ECS South 4.406
Phone: 972 883 2479
Fax: 972 883 2349
email: cobb@utdallas.edu

Office Hours: T,Th 7:00-8:00pm ( Walk-ins are very welcome, but I only guarantee to
be in the office during office hours, if no one shows up by 7:30 I will leave unless you
have contacted me in advance that day informing me you will arrive after 7:30)

Teaching Assistant

To be determined

Catalog Description:

CS 5390 Computer Networks (3 semester hours) The design and analysis of computer
networks. Topics include: the OSI reference model, transmission media, medium-access
protocols, LANs, data link protocols, routing, congestion control, internetworking, and
connection management. Prerequisite: CS 5343.(3-0) S

I.e., by the time you get out of this course you should basically know how data is
transferred across a network.


Computer Networks: a systems approach by Larry Peterson and Bruce Davie (Morgan
Kaufmann Publishers http://www.mkp.com ).

We will cover (tentatively) selected subsections of the following chapters:

1. Foundations
2. Direct Link Networks
3. Packet Switching
4. Internetworking
5. End-to-End Protocols
6. Congestion Control and Resource Allocation


Exams: two "midterm" exams and one final exam, each counting 20% to your grade each,
i.e., exams altogether count for 60% of your grade.
Two homeworks and one programming assignment. HW’s are 7.5 % each and the
programming project is 10%, for a total of 25%

A survey paper in a research area of computer networking and an oral presentation on the
topic. Topics to be decided during class. Counts 15%.

Miscellaneous (but important!)

1. Please, don't be afraid to ask questions during class. It breaks the monotony of the class if you ask
questions. Furthermore, I get lonely up there talking by myself! (no kidding) So please ask questions.
Furthermore, I have this nasty habit of speaking very quickly, so I know a few of you will miss some
things I say. If so, please ask me to repeat what I have said. I will be happy to do so.
2. No late homeworks! However, you can prearrange with me to turn it in late in case you are
travelling a lot (interviews or job related). This has to be prearranged with me before the due date of
the homework. No exceptions, unless there is an emergency (and it really should be an emergency).
3. No late exams either. The same rule above for homeworks applies to exams.
4. WEBCT To make it easier on you, I will put my notes on the web, in particular, on WebCT.
However, I cannot guarantee that they will be ready before each class (they might change a little).
Also, I will assign your grade through WebCT. In addition, I prefer that you ask me questions
related to the class using the WebCT discussions tool or the WebCT email tool. I want to keep my
Internet email separate from my classes (it simplifies my life :-)). Also, if you use WebCT
discussions tool all other students will also benefit from your question and my answer. NOTE: if
you use the WEBCT discussions tool, ALL students will see what you posted, so don't ask
details about your homework solutions there. If you send me email via WEBCT, it is private
and sent only to those you specify (e.g. me).
5. I do not have the dates of each exam determined yet. The first exam will likely be after about one
third of the semester is over, and the second exam about after two thirds of the semester are over.
The date of the final exam is in the UTD class schedule. Don't ask me when it is, look it up yourself.
Make sure that you DO NOT LEAVE the country until AFTER the final exam . If you have plans to
leave on vacation, get married, etc., do so AFTER the final exam.
6. You should do all your work (homeworks, projects, exams) on your own. Working with others in
homeworks/projects is considered unethical (i.e., cheating). Also, unethical behavior (i.e., cheating)
during exams, such as copying from someone else's exam or using notes during closed book exams,
will not be tolerated. Unethical behavior in homeworks, projects, or exams will be dealt with
according to university policies and could lead to your dismissal from the university.
7. Explain all your answers in your exams. A yes or no answer is not sufficient (i.e., I don't know
if you are guessing). If you don't explain your answer with a few sentences in English or if you do
not give the correct explanation for your answer, you may not get full credit for the question or get
no credit at all!
8. During exams, you are not allowed calculators (unless explicitly overruled by me for a specific
exam), beepers or cell phones. Why not beepers or cell phones? People have been know during an
exam to go to the "restroom" and send beeper messages to all their friends with answers to questions
in the exam (no kidding!).
9. BRING YOUR UTD ID TO EACH EXAM , I may or may not check it, but you are required to
bring it to all exams.