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Sizing Methodology

Conventional sizing mode: Although most applications may be operated with loads applied in multiple steps, it’s not uncommon a generator set at commissioning be required to demonstrate full load acceptance as per NFPA 110 (NFPA 110 is a North America standard). Depending on the specifics of the installation, governor and/or voltage regulator adjustments may be needed, and frequency and voltage dips may be significant, but all will be capable of demonstrating full load acceptance. This concept is at the core of our “Conventional” sizing methodology. Conventional sizing would equate to "competitive"

sizing, since this sizing methodology permits the user to select a range of allowable voltage dip and frequency dip typically between 5% to 35%. A requirement of NFPA 110 is the

generator set pick up full load and recover

a generator set. The Conventional sizing mode in SpecSizer uses transient response data

from factory tested generator sets on warm engines. It is far less restrictive than the Frequency Limited sizing mode. Most sizings in SpecSizer are based upon the Conventional sizing mode, since it provides the user more options on setting different loads' allowable frequency and voltage dips.


and not stall. Excessive frequency dip can stall

Frequency Limited sizing mode: It is also not uncommon for generator sets to be held to more rigorous standards, such as limited (or restrictive) frequency or voltage dip during load acceptance. The most common example is ISO 8528. (note: a sized generator set may also

meet the ISO 8528 standard using the Conventional mode, if the user defined frequency and voltage dip percentage allowances are set in accordance with the four ISO 8528 "G" classifications - G1, G2, G3 or G4.) Therefore, SpecSizer has included the concept of “Frequency Limited” sizing. A generator set sized using this methodology will respond to its load steps based purely on governor performance, with little or no dependence on turbocharger acceleration. This will limit frequency dip to the minimum value possible, depending on engine displacement and governor design. User selection of the Frequency Limited sizing mode will set or reset each user specified load's frequency dip to 10%. The Frequency Limited sizing mode in SpecSizer uses transient response data from factory tested generator sets that do not exceed a 10% frequency dip on a cold engine. The Frequency Limited sizing mode will almost always oversize the generator set, particularly when some loads in the load scenario do not require a restrictive 10% frequency dip and start earlier in the load step scenario.

Site demonstration specifications: Note that if specifications require both single-step starting and “Frequency Limited” sizing, a large generator set selection may result. However, if the loads are carefully divided into multiple steps, both of these sizing methodologies may at times select similar generator sets.