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Children and Youth Cabinet

Board Member Responsibilities

Membership of the Board of the Providence Children and Youth Cabinet includes a standing seat for
the Superintendent of Providence Public Schools, at least one representative from CYC Work
Group/Subcommittee Leadership, a mayoral appointee and an ex-officio seat for the CYC Director. The
Board will be comprised of diverse sectorial representation to include higher education, philanthropy,
Providence residents and business. The CYC Board is comprised of 15 seats, with eight attending
members being a quorum.

Core Responsibilities:
Core responsibilities of a CYC Board Member include:


Ensure the long-term sustainability of the coalition

Ensure that high-level strategies are aligned to the overall vision of the Cabinet
High-level problem solving (as needed)
Participate in voting function aligned to key focus areas and functions

Supporting Responsibilities:
Supporting responsibilities of a CYC Board Member include:

1. Review and approve all general policies for the Cabinet

2. Provide input to production and approval of strategic plan.
3. Responsible for the execution of specific tasks related to fundraising as stated in CYC
business plan
4. Review quarterly progress towards fiscal and operational goals of the CYC
5. Accountable for year-to-year monitoring of CYC budget as it supports the strategic plan
6. Recruit prospective CYC Board members, Work Group and Subcommittee leadership,
and CYC members.
7. Guide and advise fiscal priorities of the CYC
8. Ratify by-laws, committee and reporting structures and nominate officers
9. Responsible for hiring of CYC Director in consultation with the Annenberg Institute
10. Review performance of CYC Director

Term of Service:

1. Members will attend a minimum of 80% of all Board meetings. Board meetings will
occur a minimum of six times per year
2. Members will serve two year terms with an opportunity to renew for an additional year
to establish staggered terms
3. Members must take a full year off before they can be nominated for another term
4. Members will sign the CYC conflict of interest disclosure document

383 Benefit Street

PO Box 1985

Providence RI 02912