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We’re happy you have chosen to be a part of Mr. Sidewinders 2007 Contest; we hope you’re excited
about competing. We have made every effort to address everything you need to know about
participating in this contest. Please read the application and information carefully, provide all the
information requested, sign where indicated, attach the requested documents and submit your
application as early as possible, but no later than September 5th, 2007.


The contest is a gay event and contestants' must be a resident of Coachella Valley area of
Southern California, must be 21 years of age or over, and should self-identify as gay. As
Sidewinders maxim is “diversity” we encourage any gay male who identifies with the Leather, Levi,
Bear or Cowboy fetish/lifestyle to participate, it is not necessary to have competed before or to have
ever held a title. Sidewinders will support the winner of the contest to compete in the Mr. Palm
Springs Leather contest, if desired. Entry into the Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest is expected.
There is no fee to enter the Mr. Sidewinders Contest. However you MUST be registered as a
contestant by the date shown above.
Although contestants are required to be at all official scheduled events Friday through Sunday,
because it will be a busy weekend and contestants will want to look and feel their best, it is
recommended that contestants try to arrive Thursday evening and leave Monday morning.
Sidewinders does not provide hotel accommodations for contestants.

Throughout the weekend all contestants will be required to assist in various activities, as designated
by Sidewinders, i.e. the selling of raffle tickets, public announcements, etc.

Due to limited space in the backstage dressing areas, Contestants are not permitted to have an
assistant or dresser for events, so plan accordingly. Only contestants will be permitted in the
backstage area. Sidewinders will provide a contestant coordinator/”Den Daddy” to provide guidance
and incidental assistance. Contestants are REQUIRED to be on time for all scheduled events.
Continued tardiness indicates a lack of commitment and dedication to the task and is unfair to others
who are forced to wait. A contestant who continually disrupts preparations or is late will be


The judges are titleholders and other prominent/established members of the GLBT community. In
order to insure fairness in selecting the winners of the contest, the Olympic Scoring System is used.
In the event of a tie of the cumulative contest Olympic scores, the non-Olympic scores (without the
high/low exclusions) will be used to determine the winner - if both the Olympic and non-Olympic
scores are tied, the judging panel will meet to break the tie. Contestants can, immediately following
the contest, make a formal request to the Tally Master to examine the scoring sheets. Copies of the

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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scoring sheets will be mailed to all contestants upon request. Judges will be identified by their
numbers, not their names on the scoring sheets. Keep in mind that judges do not necessarily look for
the best built body or the most handsome or beautiful face.
They do not look for the most muscular or erotic body, but rather, the person who best typifies the
ideal Mr. Sidewinders and in the Judges opinion can best represent Sidewinders Bar throughout the
year in the GLBT community locally and regionally. This involves the Judge’s personal subjective
judgment of each contestant’s image, physical appearance, attitude, personality, self-assurance and


Contestants and judges may and should "fraternize" informally in public situations. Private meetings
between judges and contestants during the contest weekend are absolutely prohibited. Any sexual
contact between judges and contestants during the contest weekend is absolutely prohibited. Any
behavior that might create even the appearance of bias will be brought to the attention of all the
other judges who will decide if the disqualification of the judge and/or the contestant would be
prudent. To avoid accidental violation of propriety, all contestants and judges must display their
contestant or judge identification badges whenever they are attending official scheduled events
during the weekend.


Contestants will be judged on several categories for a total of 200 points. Please note that not all
sections of the contest are weighted equally. You will be judged on your responses to the questions
posed, not simply on your appearance or attire.



Each contestant will be individually introduced to the audience at the start of the contest. You
will appear in your favorite bar wear/”cruise wear” (items that you would normally wear to the
bar on any given day). Your answer to “What does community mean to you?” will be read
by the Emcee. You will be judged on your appearance and your stage presence.


Each contestant will appear in a Jock Strap on stage and you will be asked a question that is
humorous in nature. Unlike many other contests, this segment is not an "exotic fashion
show" or "body competition" but an exploration of our lifestyle and will be judged as such. Your
stage presence and confidence are very important. Each contestant should realize judges are
looking for how well you will represent Sidewinders in public and how well you present and
carry yourself on stage. As a reminder, BARE BUTTS ARE NOT ALLOWED! (You must have
a one-inch strap down the rear center of your jock)

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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FORMAL ATTIRE AND SPEECH: (Maximum 100 points)
Formal attire can be anything from Business Suit to Leather to Cowboy to Uniform; whatever
you feel would be the proper representation of Sidewinders Bar. You will make a 90-second
speech on why you would like to be Mr. Sidewinders and your “platform’ for the coming year.
You may want to talk about organizations you want to support and how you hope to bring
dignity and integrity to the community you represent or talk about a specific issue you hope to
address in your leadership capacity. You will be judged on your appearance, confidence,
communications skills, and the content of your speech.


The primary duty of the winner is to represent and promote Sidewinders Bar and to serve as an
ambassador of Sidewinders within the GLBT community; at its events and celebrations during his
title year.
• One of the foremost expectations Sidewinders has of its winner is that during his title year, he
conducts himself as a positive role model. Flagrant violation of this expectation may result in
forfeiture of their title and possibly monies and prizes associated with that title.
• In addition to raising funds for charities or causes sponsored by Sidewinders Bar, the winner
is encouraged to use his Mr. Sidewinders title to help with fund raising projects for worthy
causes as requested of him by community organizations and/or of his own choosing. Support
of the local organizations that call Sidewinders Bar “Home” is strongly encouraged (ie: Golden
State Gay Rodeo Association, Palm Springs Bears, etc.) Sidewinders is to be kept informed
of all projects being represented by the Mr. Sidewinders title.
• A specific expectation of the winner is to return the following September to Sidewinders
Anniversary Weekend to serve as Head Judge of the Mr. Sidewinders Contest and to pass on
his title to the contest winner.
• During the 12 months of the title year, the titleholder is expected to attend at least four (4) of
Sidewinders Bar special events (as designated by bar ownership/management).
• The first place winner may not compete in any other “bar name title" contests during their Mr.
Sidewinders title year.
• The winner will also play a big part in the creation and promotion of new events/contests for
Should for any reason the first place winner become unable to fulfill his responsibilities as Mr.
Sidewinders, whether it be due to extenuating circumstances, or relating to revocation of title as
stated in the Contestant Agreement, the First Runner Up will assume the title and all responsibilities
of Mr. Sidewinders for the remainder of the title year.

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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Please note the following are REQUIRED for your application to be complete:
• The Contestant Agreement and Contestant Photo Release MUST be signed.

• Attach a copy of your legal photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, or passport).

• The absolute deadline for applications to be received at Sidewinders bar is September 5, 2007.

Contestant Information

Contestant’s LEGAL Name Name to be used on stage & in any promotional materials, if different

Address Phone number

City, State, Postal Code, Country (if other than USA) E-mail address

Social Security Number (US Residents) Date

Contestant Agreement
In consideration of the acceptance of my entry as an Mr. Sidewinders™ Contestant, I hereby waive any and all claims for injury or
damage to my person, property or reputation that may arise, now or in the future, from any cause whatsoever, in connection with my
participation with Mr. Sidewinders™, or against DOGE, Inc. d/b/a/ Sidewinders Bar, its owners, agents, operators, employees,
volunteers, lessors, lessees or any other subsidiaries or affiliates thereof. I release all claims to the use of my name, likeness or
photograph in connection with the Mr. Sidewinders™ Contest. In addition, if I am declared the winner, I hereby agree that no
commercial use may be made by me of my Mr. Sidewinders™ title without the prior permission of DOGE, Inc.
I further understand that should I become the winner, I may be removed from my title by decision of DOGE, Inc., for conduct
unbecoming or for failure to fulfill the duties as stated in the Rules & Regulations, at which time I would be responsible for returning
my sash to Sidewinders Bar and immediate discontinuance of use of the title in any form.



Received Date Application complete Data entered

OFFICE USE ONLY DMI Representative Data proofed

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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Contestant Photo Release

For and in consideration of my being allowed to pose, perform, and/or appear on the stage as a contestant during the Mr.
Sidewinders™ contest weekend, I hereby give DOGE, Inc., (hereinafter known as Sidewinders), their legal
representatives, assigns, photographers, employees, or persons for whom they are working, the right and permission to
copyright and/or use, reuse, broadcast, and/or publish and republish photographic pictures or portraits of me in
conjunction with my name, including audio and video tapes, made through any medium, or reproductions thereof, in color
or black and white, made through any medium at any studio, for any purpose whatsoever including the use of any printed
matter in conjunction therewith.

I hereby waive any rights to inspect or approve the finished photograph or advertising copy or printed matter that may be
used in conjunction therewith, or to the eventual use that it might be applied.

I hereby release, discharge, and agree to save harmless SIDEWINDERS, their photographers, representatives, assigns,
employees or any person(s), corporation(s) for whom SIDEWINDERS might be acting, including any firm publishing
and/or distributing the finished product, in whole or in part, from and against any liability as a result of said publication, or
from any distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion, or its composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may
occur or be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the finished product, its publication or distribution of the

I hereby warrant that I am over twenty-one years of age, and competent to contract in my own name.

I have read the foregoing release, authorization and agreement before signing my name below, and warrant that I fully
understand the contents thereof.



Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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Contestant #
Office Use Only

NOTE: Please type or PRINT VERY CLEARLY! This and the next page are the ONLY sheets the judges will be
given, so do not use “see attached.” If you want to provide the judges with additional information, you must bring
FIVE COPIES of your handout to SIDEWINDERS and give them to the Judges’ Coordinator during the Meet & Greet

Legal Name: First, Last (any pronunciation hints)


Name to be used on stage and in any SIDEWINDERS promotional materials. (if different than above)


Current Title (if any) __________________________________________________________________________________________

Other Titles held, if any (title, Year)

_____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________
Current City, State of Residence Date of Birth – Current Age

_____________________________________ _______________ ______________ _________________________

Current Profession Height Weight Hair/Eye Color

Community Involvement (past 3 years):

Club Membership/Affiliations:


Contestant (Name used on stage) ______________________________________________ Contestant# _________________

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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Answers to the following will be read on-stage during the contest.

What does “community” mean to you?

Sidewinders Bar – A Division of DOGE, Inc. • 67555 E. Palm Canyon Drive, Suite F124 • Cathedral City, CA 92234
Phone: 760.328-9919 • Fax: 760.328-8119 • E-mail: info@sidewinders-ps.com
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