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break remove attend deprive neglect inspect-



commit revisehypnotise abolish injure -



tolerant pregnant independentdesperate happy -



pure content anxious honest -


Read the first sentence. Then add the correct negative prefix to the italicized word to create a word
that means the opposite of it.
Example: She can never resist pizza. She finds it irresistible .
1. The answer to this math problem is not correct. It is ________________.
2. No one inhabits that abandoned old house. It is ________________.
3. My boss does not approve of tattoos. He ________________ of them.
4. The driver who hit my car is not insured. He is ________________.
5. A photocopied thank-you note is not very personal. It is ________________.
6. My handwriting is not legible. It is ________________.
7. Young children tend not to be patient. They are usually ________________.
9. Their parents are divorced, and their father is not involved in their lives. Their father is ______________.
10. I never believe anything my cousin says. Because he jokes so much, I __________ most of what he tells me.

Use the meaning of the roots to determine the word that belongs in each blank.
1. If you misinterpreted the map, you may go in the ______________ direction.
2. Ex-students are ______________ students who no longer attend that school.
3. The doctor was accused of malpractice because the treatment he gave was ______________.
4. Lizs co-workers like her. Everyone who works ______________ her appreciates her positive attitude.
5. To renew their wedding vows, the couple went through a ceremony ___________ on their fifth anniversary.
6. Our bill had the ______________ amount on it because the waiter miscalculated the tax.
7. The Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, and other pro-environment organizations are ___________ laws to
protect the environment.
8. I hate doing my homework ______________ when my teacher tells me to redo it.
Add the correct prefix to make a word that fits the context of each sentence.
1. People who are _________sensitive to cold often do not like the winter.
2. The _________season play-offs are held after the regular season ends.
3. _________mature babies are born before they have had time to develop fully.
4. Because the envelope was _________addressed, it was delivered to the wrong house.
5. Because of a _________formation in the bone, the doctors did surgery to correct the part that was formed
6. Marie buys every _________aging cream in hopes that they will work against wrinkles, spots, and other signs
of age.
In the sentences below complete each word with a prefix chosen from the following list.

re- post- over- pre- super1. We hope the bus wont be _________crowded.
2. Do you think the Mayor will be _________elected for a second time?
3. After he got a Ph.D. in Chemistry, he did _________doctoral work at Oxford University.
4. He took _________cautions against burglary by installing an alarm.
5. The tourist guide promised the tourists that they would get a _________fund if they did not like the trip.
6. The _________sonic plane flies from New York to Paris in two hours and forty minutes.
Fill in each blank with the correct form of one of the words taken from the list below.
child; similar; responsible; happy; member; possible; kind; friend
1. Those two boys look alike and act alike. The [1] __________________ is amazing.
2. If you need to have something done, call on Edie. She never refuses to take on the job. She has a great
sense of [2] __________________.
3. Due to the teachers [3] __________________ the students took an outing instead of an examination.
4. They have been friends for a long time. Their [4] _______________ began during their [5] __________.
5. Im not sure how many people belong to this club. I think the [6] __________________ fee must be about
three hundred baht.
Complete the following sentences by changing the adjectives or nouns in italics into verbs by using -ify,
-ise or -en. Complete with the correct form of the verb
1.- Your explanation is too difficult for me to understand. Can you __________ it a little?


2.- The runway is too short to take the planes. They are making plans to ___________ it.


3.- Most people seem to think it would be a good idea to __________ units of weights and measurements
throughout the world.


4.- That water is not pure enough to drink. It will have to be __________ before it can be used. pure
5.- The government says it is spending too much money, and that ways must be found to ________. Economy
Add a prefix or a suffix to the root word in parentheses ( ) to complete each sentence. Write the
complete word in the blank. Prefixes: dis-

un -

Suffixes: -ful


1. I had a (an) ____________________ trip to the amusement park. (wonder)

2. I ____________________ with my friend. I didnt want to go on the roller coaster. (agree)
3. I felt it was a (an) ____________________ ride because it was very old. (safe)
4. My friend was ____________________ because I didnt want to ride the roller coaster with him. (happy)
5. I explained that it was a (an) __________________ ride, and we should find a different ride to go on. (fit)
6. I was ____________________. I convinced my friend to ride the Ferris wheel instead. (success)
Choosing a holiday can be an (0) .... and
(1) .... experience. Imagining all the places you
might visit can add a (2) .... touch to the
(3) .... routine of everyday life. Long,
(4) .... beaches and a hotel room with a
(5) ... view is what many of us expect of an
(6) .... holiday. Some people prefer a calm,
(7) .... time, while to others a more active.
(8) .... holiday is more


To be a good teacher, a teaching (0) ... is
not all you need. Your (1) ... plays a big
part in the (2) ... of your work, so it's
best to make a thorough (3) ... of your
own character before taking the (4) ...
to take up this challenging (5) ... .
Apart from (6) .... you also need the
(7) .., to accept others' ideas and a
(8) ... to learn from your own mistakes.
(9) ... to the needs of your students is also
important. (10) ... is not enough - who you
are is much more important.

(9) .... . Whatever you choose, if you plan

you're bound to have an (10) .... time.