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1. Engaging in Extracurricular activities is good for an individual.

2. Presentation activities should be included in extracurricular activities.

3. Activities like brand it and case study analysis should be more frequently organized.

4. BIMTECH should promote activities that includes analytical skills

5. Extracurricular activities such as brand it help in enhancing the presentation skills

6. Only extracurricular activities helps to improve networking skills.

7. Presentations in class is more than enough for enhancing the presentation skills

8. Analytical skills can be enhanced by extracurricular activities.

9. BIMTECH should support more ventures like FROOSH for helping a student to build confidence

10. Extracurricular activities do not help in improving an individuals conflict management skills.

11. Sports infrastructure and facilities available in college are up to the mark.

12. More activities by Majlis and Editorial clubs should be conducted to enhance your
communication skills.

13. Extra- Curricular activities help in grooming leadership style.

14. Activities and events like Money trail helps students to develop decision making skills.

15. Conflicts arising between students in extracurricular events make students emotionally stable

16. Extracurricular activities like money trail and case analysis are sufficient to enhance the
analytical skills

17. Being a part of clubs like CCR , E- CELL etc. helps in Building up your network.

18. Academics alone is sufficient for building up confidence of a student.

19. Extra-curricular activities like Big Borrow and Dont Seal and Treasure Hunt help in improving
an individuals conflict management skills.

20. Extracurricular activities help in confidence building

21. An individuals time management skills can be improved only if he/she is into some
extracurricular activity like Just Seen It and Case Analysis.

22. Leadership cannot be improved or change from all Extracurricular activities.

23. Team based events like management games should happen more often to induce in a person
an ability to work in a team.

24. Extracurricular activities like various Inter-College Debate Competitions play a vital role in
developing public speaking.

25. Extra-Curricular Activities help in Building your CV.

26. ECA is the only factor that company looks for in your CV.

27. Extra-curricular activities play role in developing decision making skills.

28. Persuasive skills cannot be enhanced by extracurricular activities only.

29. If you are into some sports activities like Basketball, Football etc., you tend to have better
conflict management skills.

30. The events that require innovation and creativity should be encouraged more as they assist in
attaining managerial skills

31. Extra-Curricular activities help improve an individuals time management skills.

32. Extracurricular activities do not help in improving networking skills at all.

33. Company looks for your Leadership quality during the interview process you have groomed
during the time of various Extra-curricular activities.

34. Extracurricular activities help in polishing influential skills and tactics.

35. Academics alone are sufficient to build up communication skills.

36. The extracurricular events that take place in college like BPL and Liga De Bimtech helps
polishing creativity.

37. The event you participated in required a lot of bargaining and negotiation to score more points.

38. Taking part in sports events makes a person a team player.

39. Extra-Curricular activities do not help in improving an individuals time management skills at all.

40. Company look for Extra-Curricular during recruitment process.

41. Stress and pressure often encountered in extracurricular activities are helpful in molding a
student to be emotionally stable.

42. The activity or game you participated in urged you to try something innovative.

43. Extracurricular activities strengthen decision making capacity.

44. Extracurricular events like Beg Borrow and dont steal increase persuading ability of the