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old PLUS teacher’s book Norman Whitby Contents Introduction UNIT Tuning in UNIT2 Spend it or save it UNIT3 What makes us tick UNIT4 Pushing the boundaries UNITS Thrills and skills UNIT6 Family ties UNIT7 Creative talents UNIT 8 What keeps us going UNIT9 On the road UNIT 10 Close to nature UNIT 11 Always on my mind UNIT 12 A matter of time UNIT 13. A way with words UNIT 14 It's how you tell it Recording scripts Unit and Progress tests Test keys ‘Teacher's notes for photocopiable activities Photocopiable activ CAE quiz ‘OMR answer sheets 2 8 36 60 66 R 78 90 106 37 140 154 182 183 a Z HAA 3456 STUDI INI A VEDECKA KNIHOVNA. Plaefekého kraje 15 -09- 2008 2008 5204 4 Introduction Student profile ‘The students with whom you will be using this course will hhave studied English for approximately 700 to 800 hours and ‘wil now be planning to take the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). They may already have taken Cambridge First Cerificate (FCE) or one or more Certificates, Jn English Language Skills (CELS) at Vantage or Higher level. ‘The CAE corresponds to the Council of Europe Framework level C1. According to this framework, learners of English at ‘his level can function as follows in the language and skills areas described below. Grammar Students at this level have a good degree of grammatical control and do not generally make mistakes which lead to misunderstanding. Erors may still be made in more complex structures. They will need to revise areas such as these. At the same time, they will also need to develop their knowledge of certain more advanced grammatical structures. Vocabulary Students have good range of vocabulary for common topic areas and are able to use a good variety of expressions to avoid repetition. There may be gaps in their vacabulary when dealing with more specialised topics. They will need to