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How to make CSL.

But basically CSL is created by steeping which is done at a range of 40-50

degrees for a period of 50 - 70 hours.
in CSL you will utilise maize, not wet corn. the purpose of steeping is to force
liquids into teh dray maize at temprature which in turn begins to break down
the carbs and forces them out into the surronding water making a sugar
once the maize germ breaks you begin t form yeast. once the steeping process is
done the yeast is taken off to be used and you have a resulting liuid product, or
CSL has we know it. which is rich in sugars/Carbs and his in an active state
with aerobic microbial activivty whish will now continue to feed on the sugars.
this will begin to thicken, the bubbles give off are Carbon dioxide and the more
you see the greater the activity,
after a few weeks you will begin a natural stabilzation in which the microbial
activity weakens due to lack of feed, you can at this stage feen more sugars to
keep activity going and keep thsi culture alive for along time.
If you take this liquer and bottle it, then you begin to form an system starved of
Oxygen which begins anearobic microbial activty, which will feed on proteins,
fatty acids and sugars rapidly, this turns the material darker and wil often see
the bottle swell has gasses are created.
the liuid will begin to smell more boozy and eventually smell like strong alcohol.
This again will deactivate and become dead once the food scouce is depleted. you
can keep this going by feeding but once dead its hard to reactivate.
Sorry peeps not been on much but basically what steve said Anthony. thats the
process but I done mine with a slow cooker I done 2000ml off water to 200g
off maze and keept it going for 50 hours then separated the water and maze
and was defo a really good nice liquid I had

OK I've had aquaculture feed designers agree with me that just 1 percent
inclusion increases feed triggering. BUT You need to get this that betaine is far
better in higher than lower amounts. It can vary according to many many
factors. including for instance how reactive and soluble your baits are e.g. if you

use liquid egg, egg albumin, egg powder whey gel, gels, alginates, agar, glutens,
or use other soluble binders which react in ways bait truly works from the
middle out not the surface predominantly. also different mixture of additives
can mean you can raise intrinsic betaine levels in many many ways, and this is
intrinsic betaine so cannot be over-loaded. Betaine I've found works very well if
you remember that most pure betaine products actually have an initial
resistence to water - so in some ways it is a longer duration slowly waterreacting substance. Other forms of betaine can be instantly acting, such as
betaine HCL, however you need to sample various products from different
companies and test them in a control bait to test them against each other on
easy fish - so few anglers test their baits even in this simple way it astounds me;
most of my fishing these days is like this - only then using baits on so-called
hard waters; aim to get your baits the best of the best of the best of your
winners - really annhialate easy waters and even stop an example 'control
breadymade bait like Cell from catching completely, before going for big fish.
Then you will actually have incredible confidence born of actual fish feedback;
having honed every single version of your baits so everyone is a winner of a
winner of a winner. In my hook baits I use for example 10% betaine. (I use loads
of betaines but remember - I make baits exceptionally soluble protein dense
which is another factor alongside betaine enhancement and vice versa, and I am
Not fixated by having baits last 8 or 12 hours but far shorter times; this is for
countless vital reasons...

The Swill Mix

3oz lt 94 fishmeal
2oz semolina
2oz PTX birdfood
2oz vitamealo
1oz robin red
10oz pigmeal
10 eggs
20ml cod liver oil
10ml sesame oil
20ml minamino
6 ml nutrabaits clove nutraspice

2ml nutrabaits sweet cajouser

2ml protaste
5 tsps liver powder
3 tsps betaine

This is an alternative recipe that WILL catch fish anywhere and

everywhere, as a shelf life of about a year.
1kg liquid liver
600g marmite
500g krill protein hydroslate
1kg csl
Into that, sieve
150g full fatt glm
300g cpsp90 (or any predigested fishmeal)
Finnaly, grate in
250g belachan
You'll need to leave it in the bowl and stir a few times a day for 3 days to
get everything dissolved, after that pop it into a 5ltr jerry can and put it
either in the shade or the fridge, or somewhere below 15 degrees
Coat your boilies with that, and then "dust" then with a mix of glm, krill
and liver powder!
If you don't catch on that (regardless of the quality of boilie) your in the
wrong swim!

my take on Dynamite Crave

100g Tuna Meal
100g Sardine Anchovy Meal
100g LT 94
100g Pre Digested Fishmeal
100g Whey Protein Concentrate

75g Red Factor Birdfood

75g Nectarblend Birdfood
100g full Fat Soya Flour
100g Semolina
100g Maize Flour
50g Kelpmeal
25g Robin Red
25g GLM Extract
15g Sea Salt
5g Hot Chilli Powder
6 Eggs
30ml Liquid Crave
---------------------------------------------------------200g lt94
100g pdf
100g maize
100g soya
100g semo
50g robin red
50g emp
50g nectarblend
50g acid c
50g rennet c
50g wpc80
50g kelp
50g krill
20ml super slop
20ml red venom
10ml hemp oil
2ml sweetener

Red squid mix

100g squid meal
200g lt94
100g pre digested
100g rennet casein
100g soya
100g maize flour
100g sma
50g r r
25g seaweed
25g brewers yeast
50g wheat germ
50g emp
6 medium eggs
20ml solar m17
10ml molasses
10 ml csl
15 ml good oil

100G lt94(protein)
100g sardine and anchovie(protein )
100g tuna meal ,75g pdfm(soluble protein)
150g whole wheat flour(carb/binder)
150g maize meal(carb/binder)
150g emp(texture)
25g lactalbumein(soluble protein)
25g liver powder(powder attractant)
25g yeast(powder attractant and vitamin)
50g mixed herbs and spices(palatability and alkaloid)
10g betain (palatability),10g mineral salt(palatability and mineral)
25g selenavite(vitamin and mineral suppliment)
5g garlic powder(digestability)
Hi Clive the thing about CSL is that you need to also apply heat and a
few crubled brewers yeast tablets. The other little edge I use is a few
grains of particle too but remember the activity an optimum level is only
for a short while
iv been using saccharin,sugar an 2 yeasts an usin csl an molasses
mixed 50 an iv had it that active that iv had a bottle exsplode in my shed
only 100ml but it made a fair mess

Casins are semi soluble they become soluble when they enter the carp
digestive tract. You would be better doing a milky/birdy tbh so the bait
can leek off attractors and the seed would also help with digestion. Say
30% birdfood
30% milk
30% carbs/binders
10% Vit/mins and addatives
Increased fibre in the carp bait, at 5% to 10%, can speed movement
through the gut by peristalsis, so enabling the carp to eat more
food more quickly producing more potential for takes.
High protein ingredients, such as casein, appears to slow down
the digestive process, allowing more time for nutrients in other
ingredients to be more effi ciently digested and assimilated.
Interesting read of John Bakers thoughts on bait:
Summer time - carp require around 35% digestible protein, 50%
carbohydrate and the remaining 15% being ingredients that provide a
spread of fats, oils and vitimins and minerals.
Winter - 5-10% protein with the rest being almost pure carbohydrate.
i know we bang on about protein levels and ben asked what other ratios
of ingredients to use for a balanced bait
binders (carbs) up to 50% but start with 30%
texture (birdfoods etc) 10-20%
solubles (pre digested fishmeal etc) 10-20%
vitamins and minerals 5%
you get enough fat from fishmeal,soya flour and your oil and eggs so
thats basically the ratios
35 to 40 % protein, up to 30 to 50% carbs, 10% or so solubles
gewone suiker => zelfde signalen als water lelies (trekt waterslakken

Krsumyan and Morsi, 1996 paper tells you which amino are attractive or
replant. its interesting that its was the essential amino acids that where a
deterrent. Its a interesting read and gives thought to bait point of view vs
nutrition point of view.

200g lt94
100g krill
75g pdf
75g wpc80
150g clo
100g soya
100g semo
100g maize 50g kelp
30g liver
50g robin green
10g garlic
15g sea salt
10g mixed spices
10g paprika
50g glm
15ml shrimp extract
15ml super slop
6 ml hemp oil
8 drops n-butric
2 tsp ff6