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CAMERA HACKS LEARN HOWTO BUILD + Arduino Cellphone ~ DIY Google Glass + Open-Source laptop ——a— GLOWBIKE - CNC'ED WORKBENCH - RASPBERRY PIRATE RADIO PROJECTS» Wibe0 GAME PLUSHIES »DIVSRIRACHA SAUCE -30-PRINTED CAMERAS MAKERMEDIA makezine.com (WERK PROECT) <0 Qe DISCOVER YOUR LOCAL NIGHTLIFE Build the “Crittergram Capture Cam’ JULIUS SCHMIEDEL MULTIMEDIA ARIST NICK NORMAL CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, MAKE The Arduino microcontroller is a great prototyping platform that lets you build awesome electronics projects with minimal effort. Over the years, many people have designed compatible hardware modules and software libraries that expand what the open- source Arduino ecosystem can do. Here, well show you how to plug together several ofthese common components to create a custom trail camera that sits and waits until it detects movement to take pictures: an Arduino Uno microcontroller, the RadioShack JPEG camera module a PIR motion sensor unit and a special Aurduino “shield” with an SD card reader. Ifyou look atthe specifications of ‘the camera module, you may notice ithas a built-in motion detector. So Advertorial why not use this instead ofthe PIR? The camera module detects motion by changes inthe image so that, for example, a branch moved by the wind would cause it to trigger, But the PIR sensor is temperature sensitive, meaning it wil only trigger if things are hotter (or cooler) than the surrounding environment, Humans, mast animals, ino mn ulead your and moving cars will trigger the PIR, tost Yonaabeg a card whereas a swaying branch and other windblown debris will not, The camera comes wth four reste, Connect he fle nd tothe camara module wth ed 105V, black o GND, brown of, and white to TXD Onthe PR sensor, connect a fomale/nal jumper wire o GND (bck), OUT (ue), and Vor (ed). OY Insart the cardia the lt on the SD cad shold and eannoat ‘he shield tthe Arduino Download and instal he sat ibrary and connect the Arduino ‘oyour computer Open the SD Formate ketch from the Q Unplug the USB cable and con rect the GND, OUT, and VEC Jumpers from the PI sensor to ND pin 7 an pin on the SO ‘ard shield, cespcively Build the “Crittergram Capture Cam” win.radioshack.com/OIT PARTS TOOLS O Arduino Uno O Enclosure Project O Mac, Windows, or Linux Computer JPEG Color Camera Sep K © USBA/B interface Cable Board 20 O SupermountTapess- © Arduino IDE Software O PIR Sensor Module x7 + © Power Supply ow! © Hot Glue Gun O SD Card Shield O dumper Wires O SD Memory Card O ZipTies Reconnect the Arduino Yo your computer, Upload the sketch and ress the bos button Your Ciergram Cature Cam wil bootup and be ready tak pit ‘ow socods, Test by waving your front of the sense, works, natal the projet enclosure indoor use, jst ada all art and yu dro rst weatherproof battery pack. BONUS: to infaredlight—add an nd you can take peur in CONTENTS Welcome 06 Reader Input 08 Engineering for Real World Problems 10 Crowdfunding 12 Encouraging Girls to Hack and Make 13 Made on Earth 14 ean presen] Birney Micro leces Nec ert ar rei Cede Designing and refining an retirees orem Teac) ‘An impractical and somewhat oS eet) Musical Toys of the 80s 20 Maker-Friendly Hardware Stores 24 eo aetes ions cng Sires A Nana Saeed shots ona DIY budget. Te een cg beautiful lang-exposure photography. SCout SST eee eee te Le tee eee Gk ae eee eee te SKILL BUILDERS Light-Field Photography 60 PROJECTS Glow Bike 68 Use EL wire tor Hippie Bike Panniers 71 Build saddlebags from 5-gallon buck Video Game Plushies 72 Make stuffed animals of your favorit ideo game heroes and monster Wireless Ergo Mouse 76 Dremel Devil 78 ke your bike light up Toy Inventor's Notebook 79 Bullda spray booth under your stairs Raspberry Pirate Radio 80 Remaking History 82 Make the mechanism that put ea son the big scree R/C Remote Drop Mechanism 84 gh inthe air and dre 10 Tips for Great Build Videos 62 Cleanyou tea ity and more! Photographing Small Objects 64 Master ight 123: Piezo Contact Mic 85 ‘Wiimote Whiteboard IR Saber 86 Mod a toy i 9 contol your PC Vintage Bulb Lamp 88 a Solitary Bee Condos 92 A swanky pad for bees to go stag Howtoons 93 ‘urn your oom into a camera obscure ble lamp, ‘Amateur Scient Experiment with DIY Sriracha “Rooster” Sauce 9% Impress your ehili-head friends with this 123: GoPro Swivel Mount 97 Build afree-spinning video rig CNC Workbench 98 Create custom tables fo your workshop Homebrew: CT Scanner 112 An open-source scanner fora fraction of the cost ofits jeconv38, TOOLBOX New Maker Tech 102 Books 107 ‘There is nothing worse thana sharp image of a fuzzy concept, Ansel Adams Mark Fravenfelder “Mike Senese indy Lum ‘Gli Mohammadi Stett Holbrook ‘Sean Michael Ragan ‘Arwen OReilly Grifith Craig Couden {Curie Barton Brian Jepson | Patrick Duuste Frank Teng, ii, Sure Faw, ane makezine.com Make: Dale Dougherty ‘Greg Brandeau ae” | Eee anromectoa KatieD.Kunde, Vickie Welch my cecveomn eon ‘tie ee anon ero Jeena Seat saan ae Nat Wilson-Heckathorn his hiee Louise Glasgow: Se |S pene a ur ‘ace pagsi0ENT Michelle Hlubinka Cole Geissinger Bill otzon David Beauchamp Sangeeta David Watta eather Harmon Cochran a a Michael castor PRINTED WITH Daniel Randotph Dale Dougherty, EO ceeapr ore FR ae retin sky CONTRIBUTORS What maker accomplishment are you most proud of? RobNance I ‘The maker accom- plichment am most proudoisastret sled, made from afurnture daly. pecs of plywood, anda ratchet. ling my flaughters tothe reghboricod patkisablas. Wynter Woods | Asamater lammost ingimatved inthe ever-growing commun, learning countossrw tgs och day tat lonce belies! Woulsneverhave the opportunty stk, UaiTirosh RE Trstwouldbetne Ugh aster ict mor com) — Ris astrabe-based mage projector lah enon creative taller photographers and markaer. Startedas anidea,evotvedintoa pretotype, andra became a Fultteages product now sod at top photagraphy stores Jenny Cheng from 30 Mode My proudest achive iment was my cont bution to Grapiviz.a powerful open-source raph wsualzation Sotware. asthe first time realized myprograming skills were goed enought enprove high-prfile opensource projects. Lisa Tro Ores moto ingmoser pects stswhen|gaoespermet ath id avon bay alare teers BY Spy Page tkistaatysey en waren Ueponrtot Jude Pullen SalderSuddy— my Sestinventionan my ~ ft obit realized thatsolder ad hebicyle brake able ould be vee to suiteh the euit—topowor he moter. Im Slsoencitedby the onineinterae~ tian — with people bulngon the Int eoneept making iar btter than nagied! ofile: CINEIK designing his own system that was geared towards simall and one rman film erews. To learn more about CINEIK's unique product line and how @Tormach PCNC 1100 isa vital part of his manufacturing process, visit www.tormach.comfcameras. PCNC 1100 Series 3 sarong 2: $8480 (bus hepa) We're Hiring! Were looking for sie cenergesiand enthusiast rakes techn and ‘echnical speci Vic tormachcomareers to Tearn more, essential tools for Learning Available at ‘amazon.com. TIERTINE Dew Tofnd mote than 40 Tete esl round the word vist www.PPSDP.com WELCOME: WHEN WE STARTED MAKE MAGAZINE nine years ag, we wanted to show that any- body can rake things, and celebrate those ‘who do it well —the makers. That is also ‘what led us to organize the frst Maker Faire and invite makers to showease their work Maker Faire has become a glabal cal- ‘bration of making that invites everyone to bbecomme a maker. In 2013, there were 100 Maker Faire events, 44 of which were hosted bymuseums, Ubraries, and schools. While the two largest Fares are the ones we orga- nize in the Bay Area and New York City, with 125,000 and 75,000 participants, respec- tively, even more people are experiencing 3 local version of Maker Faire, Some 530,0 people attended a Maker Fairein 2013, The majority of events are stil inthe Unit- ced States, However, Maker Faire Rome, the first targe European event, hosted 35,000 people and was a big success. France had its first Maker Faire in the town of St. Malo on the Brittany coast. Germany alsohad its first Faire in Hannover last August. Taipei, Shenzhen, Tokyo, and Seoul produced second-year events, as did Santiago, Chile ‘Already, 2014 is off to 2 good start with Maker Faire Oslo in Norway having taken place in mid-January. I went to Oslo, where the organizers, Jon Haavie and Roger An tonsen, asked me to choose an Oslo Maker ‘ofthe Year: | balked at first. don't ke pick ing favorites, but then | saw it as another way to celebrate makers. My criteria for selection were simple. | ‘wanted to choose a person who was en- tad Prva t es thusiaste, generous, nd a true believer, as Mister Jalopy ance phrased. Someone who represented the core values of the maker ‘movement and engaged othersin making in 2 playlul way Also | Looked for originality — something that hadn't seen other makers doing in the same way, or quite as well, | gave the award to Erk Thorstensson of Gothenberg, Sweden [above right). Erik dern= onstrated a modular construction system he veloped called Strawbees. An open-source sign, Strawbees uses simple cannec- tors, die-cut on demand from scrap plastic | watched kids and adults walk up and build structures from straws — aat, a wand, a camond that folds in on itself, and a pyramid Partof a network of designers called Creat- ables, Erik has boundless energy and enthu- siasm, with a fai for showmanship, deriving bis sense of purpose from understanding the educational value of making ‘There are makers who deserve recogrition inevery community, both loca and virtual. willencourage the independent organizers ‘of Maker aires, who themselves deserve recoghition, to follow Osio's lead and select a Maker ofthe Year in their community. Same makers, tke Erik, go from ane community to the next to share what they do. (Mitch Altman probably tops the list of makers who wll travel anywhere, anytime tintraduce new people to hacking and making) Makers who've created successful busi nesses are increasingly inthe spotlight, to. Bre Pettis had a great year, establishing MakerBot as the frontrunner in consumer makezine.com/38 30 printing and then merging with one of the largest industrial 30 printing compa ries, Stratasys. Chris Anderson let Wired to goall-inas CEO of 3 Robotics and discover ‘new commercial applications for drones. Ayah Bdeir has taken litleBits from a grad school project toa company with sights on putting an educational electronics play sy temin toy stores everywhere. Lisa Fetter rman developed Nomiku, a sous vide cooker, following the increasingly comman path from Maker Fare to Kickstarter to HXLRER in Shenzhen, China, to commercial product Let usnot forget small independent ‘maker businesses, Las fll, visited Ken [Burns of Tiny Circuits in Akron, Ohio, and in Detroit met with the team of SeeMeCNC of Carmel, Indiana, makers ofthe Orion 30, printer fa Delta style printer that | bought David Lang published the Zero to Maker book and, with Eri Stackpole, began delivering OpenROV kits athe classroom. Designer Carla Diana published a children’s book on 30 printing titled Leo the Maker Prince. ‘At Adafruit,Limor Fried and Phil Torrone ‘went from successful business partners to lifelong partners, geting married on Hallow- ceenin 2013, Like Lenore Edman and Windell Oskay of Evil Mad Science, Limor and Phit are examples of what we might call Maker Couples, who lve, work, and make together Both ofthese couples have been leading advocates for open-source hardware Young makers also made their mark in 2013 with Super Awesome SyWvia demon: strating the WaterColorBot to President Obama atthe White House. Quin Etnyre of (techknow was invited to Maker Faire Rome to give a talk titled “Lessons from a 12-year- ld CEO." He tweeted that he had met the mayor of Rome and saw the Pope. The second annual virtual Maker Camp engaged rmilions of young makers, and Maker Corps organized summer internships for 108, college-age makers to engage young mak- ersat 34 host sites around the country. 2013 was an awesome year for ‘makers. Yet I beiave that 2014 wil be ‘even batter Young maker Joey Hudy was part of President Obama's State af the Union address, andlhe was part of an ‘announcement thatthe White House il host a Maker Faire in 2014, Let's find new ‘ays to celebrate makers and elevate the ‘maker community internationally. © © makezine.com