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court of record proceeding according to

common law: Custom and belief of the people

Thrown together by El Spaniardo; Please note: CHECK ALL INFO for yourselves by watching
the videos. I've done my best, but this has taken ages, and I don't have ten years to make it perfect;
so there may be typos, and such like. These are my own notes from Karl's Stuff.
Hope it helps; or provides a handy platform which you can adjust and make your own. Si :O') x

King People and Land are ONE

All i have is my words and my balls and i don't break em for nobody: Tony Montana
A 'NAME' can be owned by reputation (Opinion)
Catch them on the status of a man, by nature, i am man.
Characteristics - rich or poor
Reputation - Actions/Words

The Lord's Prayer

King James Version (KJV)
These are the words from the Lord's prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, taken from the King James
Bible (Authorized version of the scriptures):9

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and
the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Same Verse: Matthew 6:9:13 basic english version 1941


Let this then be your prayer: Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.
Let your kingdom come. Let your pleasure be done, as in heaven, so on earth.


Give us this day bread for our needs.

And make us free of our debts, as we have made those free who are in debt to us.
And let us not be put to the test, but keep us safe from the Evil One.

Common law is unwritten

He calls common law anything common to that society.
[If you believe you are exempt check this box] ;O')

Court of Record: Citations/Quotes/Foundation:

Tomlin's law dictionary: Every court of record is the king's court, a right of his crown and
dignity, though his subjects have the benefit of it; and therefore no other court hath authority to
fine and imprison; so that the very erection of a new jurisdiction, with power of fine or
imprisonment, makes it instantly a court of record. Selk200; 12 Mod588; Finch L.231
The free use of all courts of record and not of record is to be granted to the people.

Court of Record: Legal Def: A court of law which retains written records of its proceedings
and which has the ability to fine or imprison.

William Blackstone 1723-1780: [In his commentaries on the Laws of England

Book 3] "A court of record is that where acts and judicial proceedings are enrolled in parchment
for a perpetual memorial and testimony: which rolls are called records of the court, and are of such
high and supereminent authority that their truth is not to be called in question"

In Volume V of his History of English Law, Holdsworth writes:

"It is the infallibility of its formal record which is the earliest mark of a court of record. But
gradually the court of record developed other characteristics. Its record was kept upon a
parchment roll. The method of questioning its decision was a writ of error, while the method
of questioning the decisions of courts not of record was a writ of false judgment. It alone
could fine and imprison and this characteristic ... Is its most important characteristic at the present

About Him: Sir William Blackstone 1723-1780: To the general populace he was a real
hero. While legal purists chastised his simplistic version of the common law, English people
embraced his plain language, plain truth version of the hithertofore esoteric law of the land.

Book 1:

"The husband... By the old law, might give his wife moderate correction for as he is to answer for
her misbehaviour, the law thought it reasonable to intrust him with the power of restraining her by
domestic chastisement, in the same moderation that a man is allowed to correct his .... Children...
The lower ranks of people, who were always fond of the old common law, still claim and
exert their ancient privilege, and the courts of law still permit a husband to restrain a wife of her
liberty in case of gross misbehaviour."

Supreme Court (US) Ex party Walkins v Peters

No statutory or constitutional court can second guess the judgment of a court of record, the
judgment os a court of record puts an end to dispute of fact by deciding it.

Blackstones Commentaries Vol 3 s 378.

The jury has at their own peril and hazard the right to interpret the law as well as the facts

William Blackstone: it is a settled and invariable principle in the laws of England that every
right when with held must have a remedy and every injury its proper redress.

If there is a a conflict between statute and the common law, statute must yield.

The people ordained and created and established the government

Timothy verse 22: we are equal to God.

Paul's 1st Epistle to Timothy: the law is for the lawless [SEE GALATIANS 6 pages long]

The law of the heart, the knowledge of good and evil.

There is nothing so fearful as ignorance in action.

In the land of the insane, the sane man will be adjudged insane


The primary and general rule of statutory construction is that the intent
of the lawmaker is to be found in the language he has used. He is presumed
to know the meaning of the words and the rules of grammar. *United States
v. Goldenberg, 168 U.S. 9*5;


We appear in public
Appear in open court
Pursuing him to a destination.
NOT - 'in' the district court
i am AT the district court
DO NOT USE WORD: Argument (muddies something up)
I'm presenting my case at my court.
I'm present in court

If you know you did wrong - like exile


you confessed

In the now, a day now past

Concern - worry
Concern about - worry about
Dumb it down. Play stupid.

Top Tips:

Always define the injury (remember - its how i define the injury)

Keep it Short and Sweet (KISS)

Don't Quote their law as we CANT prove it. - The people who wrote it are dead or wont
come forward and i wasn't there.

Technically i can make a claim against the whole STATE and no one can come forward and
rebut me.

Always correct the man acting as Judge [do it nicely]: "That's not proper"

Speak in current tense: This man trespasses on my rights [Rights = property]

Ethos (Thought-Process):

Queen's bench = peoples court.


Only a man can claim.

Only man can believe something is true
I can do whatever I wish. I say I am. I can believe whatever I want.
Man is not bound by paper, we do as we wish
i'm not part of your society, how can i be expected to know the rules.
Matthew 5:25 settle on the private side because neither party wants the judge to deal
with it or decide

Code v Law

We as a man have Rights.

Those operating commercially have (privileges, duties, obligations)


has duties, obligations, responsibilities

by: authority and by right.

We DONT WANT anything!

My first duty is to myself, then my family, then god, then the people
i am a citizen to my family first.

Government 'formed': to maintain and secure property, protect property.

God and my State
God save the Queen and Country

No one can stand behind a piece of paper and say its true.
Notice is screaming out to the world. To take notice.
Require by right and authority
State has authority but no rights.
They have rights over the citizen; they can require of you but not of the man.
The right to question my accuser who is the party i am paying
I have the right to cross examine my accuser.
They want for you to testify against yourself
we man always. We have characteristics.
We don't have to do what we are told. Even if mum tells us.
We have a right to be a defendant, if we want. Ye be judged by your Actions!

They cant testify in open court under oath or affirmation.

They have no standing
Where do you think you i gave you the authority over i a man.

Random Phrases:
Going in and about my lawful and necessary affairs.
Without my licence or consent and against my will, stopped and detained me


when someone gives you an order, it is done 'invoice' Therefore: respond: is that an order?
YES: Hand him a bill
[see Robert Arthur Menard]
They are following orders and they get paid for doing so.

'i am going to demand 'fair and just compensation' for carrying out your orders

Receive an ORDER - hand them a bill: I'll do it for money up front.

Re an Order. This piece of paper looks like an order but if an order can only be given to
a man by another man or woman would you be kind enough to sign and date it ad i will
happily comply with it.

i'll be more than glad to take your order. Then give them a bill for carrying out the order.
Break it down. Since you ordered me to do it, bill officer 'bob smith' - one man ordered
another man to do something with property.
You ordered me to do it. Etc. Of course you gotta pay me.
He says keep it simple so they understand what you're saying.


Secretary of State

Dear andy, greetings

Don't address the title, address the man.
Let some one come and claim that the physical property i am
holding if it should be them holding it physically. Tell them 'you
have no case'

Ask the judge -

is that your wish (makes judge man)

Is that your order - (man)

No such thing as slavery hence to an order you are due fair and just compensation.
Passive compliance; as long as you comply there is no problem.

Do you wish me to give it to you, is that an order?

Re ORDERS between you and i, have to be signed and print their name and date it. "only a man
can make an order to another man"

Let The Games Commence: The Spaniard Court at Queen's Bench

Things to Note:
Ancient rule:
if they cant produce a witness, we are the witness to ourselves, we control the case, we get to tell
the story.
Common law remedies are declaratory judgments and the action is to quiet title CARE?
Torts and property do NOT exist in statute, but only in common law.

Actions in court:
Present the case as a man would. Ie is someone honourable or not? To look at the
actions. Judge is there to protect both sides.

Fighting as a defendant is contempt of court

If you want to prosecute; must issue a claim.

'Build up' to court of record: Typical scenario: they chasing i:


Try to settle privately first [nicely] man to man

Please see attached notice [the one that i sent previously to your predecessor] that i have made

delivery upon you process, service of my intent to settle your case on the private side in lieu of i
having to make a presentment of my case before queen's bench for trespass of wrong caused by a
man known as Barry White.
I: simon spaniard, a man, always believe it is wise to settle a matter with thy adversary on the
private side to avoid bringing the controversy into the public and as you and i have yet to meet i
wish for and of: of and i to be perceived as non adversarial parties so if there is any way we can
sort these matters out prior to trial

"i am a man going from A to point B.

who is making the assumption that i was traveling under a
Who is filing the claim against me?
Is there any law that says man has to have drivers licence?

i, simon spaniard, a man, require of you to place your case before queens bench. Once we get
before queen's bench plaintiff must press the record
Greetings, wayne, a man, who occasionally or from time to time acts in the capacity as 'HEAD OF
XYZ' for the 'GOVERNMENT DEPT', i was given a document by so and so, see exhibit A.
i require you to tell me to whom does this document belong?
Are you claiming that this is mine?
Do you understand that your subordinates and their acts are causing me harm, what are you
going to do about it?
You're a man, and at times you act as 'THE ABC'. You took an oath to abide by............Acts/Codes
and you're not. i'm going to have to hold you potentially liable. Do you understand or realise that
your guy did XYZ and is causing me great stress now. i don't wish to be under stress and i know
that government only exists to secure and protect my property, which my property is my hopes, my
wishes, my dreams, my feelings.
Can you please tell them to back off.
Sometimes you're a dad, other times you're an uncle, but at all times you're a man.
In good faith: here is my best offer (where you happy to pay - use debt management)
Where do you think you derive that power from?
You are here to serve the people [Public Servants] - when a man causes harm to another man he
has to answer for it. You have a responsibility to lead by example, no matter how high you think
you are
Monitor train and discipline
You have subordinates that are causing me harm and i wish it to stop

i create the Rule of Court: and this must be read out by a man who says this is true

Courtesy Notice - to give them an opportunity to correct in X days or will convene a

court of record.

Write letter to woman, i believe that you are XYZ and i will hold you personally liable.
You do realise that once we get before queens bench you have to answer for the wrong...
You trespassed upon another man's land without probable cause
Fair Warning - to the other side
That i will claim so and so. IF they don't do what i require - MUST claim otherwise ALL MOUTH
and no ACTION!
My fellow man or greetings
i believe you're a man and that you always act under the capacity of a man.
Nothing in law that requires me to respond to a computer, address me properly, i need to know
who you are, so that i may hold somebody liable;
Who in this department do i address?
There is no need for this to proceed.
The debt has been settled
Why are you dragging this matter into the public?
Who are you to me? Who am i to you? And what makes you believe you can do XYZ to me?
Who is you that you are referring to? Is you pertaining to i, a man, or do you mean, i, as SIMON
SPANIARD, who is the you?
The man known as simon, i also act as SIMON at times, so which one requires the licence?
Full liability - the liability of a man - treat you like a man
They try and strip you of the home
This place is mine, is anybody else going to come forth and make a claim on this property, come
by and make it or forever hold your peace
Give notice before a claim;
Give notice that they did you wrong. Did you not notice my notice. Then call them out - man to
man - If you don't back off you gonna be interfering with my claim.
Give everybody proper notice and fair warning.
If they don't heed you they gonna be sued
Move your case they cant
Give notice - if you don't heed the claim i will move my claim by trial by jury and require the
public building manager to inform the staff that i will be coming.

Notice: abc must do XYZ in a certain way and i require you to do this or that as
inaction will have repercussion. You done me wrong and i require just compensation.
That wont be necessary.
Good faith offer.

Has to be recorded in the county where i live [Spaniard: certainly true of their claims
against i, and i presume same should be true of claims by i against them]

If they issue a complaint [claimant] - then we notice them to place the case before
queen's bench; and we IMMEDIATELY issue our True Claim!

'i: a man, require of you to place your case before queen's bench. Once we get before
queen's bench plaintiff must press the record.

My wish to have XYZ removed from my property

Be precise; Say exactly what you mean And put it in writing
Normal Rules all over the planet and this is reasonable since you are threatening my

How many witnesses have you got?

They have no case before the Queen

You have no standing in my case in my court - [like a cake: this is how I make a cake,
want my cake to look]


Notice of Rescission
MUST DO NOTICE OF RESCISSION (re any prior 'agreements'/'positions')

In 2010 i entered into a ridiculous contract that i want to bring it back to the
position before the contract, or
At one time i thought it was great idea but........ Now i see the error of my

i made a mistake = constructive trespass or possession - i let you onto my property but
now i want you off!

Give them notice - it was my mistake give them notice - if don't stop - then we charge
them - then it becomes a problem.

EXAMPLE of the Leg Band/Tagging Device:

At one time i believed it was in my best interests to be the defendant, not only do i now
think it was stupid of me, now i wish this to leave and it wont go.
As At this present day, august 16 th, in hindsight believe i erred back on July 3 rd 2003 for
i believe i was in a state of disequilibrium: incapacitation to have made such a wish for
the go between is to bind my person with said article so today august 19 th i wish for the
immediate removal of said article from property and i.
From this date after whomever he or she saith said article is to remain about my person
will be the causal agent of trespass to property and will be held liable for monetary


compensation and damages.

On or about XYZ day July 2rd 2013 i, the defendant, made a wish to possess maintain,
and by an article known as XYZ (leg band) request the immediate placement of a home
monitor ankle bracelet to bound to my person and agreed with the go between agents of
United states of America, said plaintiff.
It's my belief that it would be of a benefit to i and my person if i were to claim a vested
interest or ownership of the stewardship of said article.
i claim to maintain constructive possession of said article (i have possession)

i was once of the belief that you would get to the heart of the matter and verify the
validity of .... i don't require your assistance anymore.

Buyers remorse/signing stuff/rescind

Since i've found out how this really works, i can't agree with that any further and i have
buyers remorse: three days to get out of it.

When answering a Plaintiff [fiction]:


If your a defendant - error answering into the case as a defendant - its a mistake
I've just been made aware i'm not the defendant; i'm so sorry, we must clarify for the

Notice to the Court:

I'm a citizen of the Spaniard family; i: a man answer to them

Their procedures are their secret society / rules.

Their case is hearsay. It cannot be presented before queen's bench.They have NO

STANDING at Queens bench.

Judge bares witness to the fact that XYZ have admitted or have answered, or have
admitted and are trying to avoid compensation for the wrong.

It reads this and that. Does their paperwork say anything. Who is reading it? Who wrote
it? Is the programmer gonna come forth and testify the accuracy of these numbers on
the form?

Is this the contract that is moving the case? Rescind Signature.

No attorney can present in the court any notices, facts as it cannot be pressed upon the
record; that is a right i am relying upon and it is a right that i require. [potential rule of



i'm not bound, i'm not latched, i have to abide by my law, NOT rules.

i'm NOT pro-se

i grant you no licence to cause me harm or to trespass on my rights, or my property, or

to interfere with my rights

ALL showmanship in court. For the benefit of the Jury and all observers

i don't believe i'm part of your legal society.

When they ask a question, he replied - i need a law dictionary

When does the prosecutor think he derives the power to do XYZ?

Is there anything else i can help you with today before i go home?

Their case is hearsay, nobody can come forward

If they hand you something: i cant read it, i dont speak whats in this. Your words mean
nothing to me. You cannot gain joinder here because i do not understand what you are

How many witnesses have you got?

Is this the contract that is moving the case?

Write offs - necessary

I did no wrong
Must write it down.

DHR or XYZ believes it has done no wrong. Fine well come forward and say why not
or i lien the assets of DHR [fiction]

Their code is always future tense; You can never break it.
Their code says: will or shall, future tense not now: i will pay you - discharge the order.

Demand that the plaintiff appear - have the court drag him in now, i would be punished
if i didn't appear or they forever hold their peace, or the case is discharged.

AT COURT: Dismissal whats the benefit?

Why? If i have really done something wrong, lets give them some time to come forward
or come back. If dismissed, i'd be more than happy to come back and when i do come
back i'm gonna need an appearance fee. This time is free. But next time is a fee. This


case has no merit, there is no standing.


Do you believe i do wrong?

i require a claim - if they try and hand you a citation
Where does it say in their code i did wrong?
Only another man can say you did wrong.
Only a man or woman can make a claim to property.
Are you trying to interfere with my right to property?

EXAMPLE: if breach a speeding ticket, they think its a breach of contract.

Tell them to read their code in open court. The cop brings the law into the
court. ' The law has not been broken.' 'Present the law to the court'
I shall go get one; I shall start pursuing it; I shall return;
Shall means eventually: you shall have XYZ


When are you going to allow the law to be: present: the law to the court.
Don't even attempt to interfere with my right to trial in this commonwealth

Bring their law into the court. Let them press their law onto the record. Garnish the County.
Is that your judgment - make him tell you to tell me to take it away (where other side not moved
the court)

Who proposed the order? Who's order is it? Who Took proposed order? Who Turned it
into an order? Who is Now gonna give the judgment and order?

Are you interfering with another man's right to travel from point A to Point B? Ask three
times To take property without consent is wrong. Not only do i believe it, but the
constitution also states......

Their Case Law is hearsay. Needs a man to stand for it.

[this is probably what that bloke meant in the aaron russo film; when referring case from 1926]
In one case - Judge said to barrister: no, you have statements, that's ok in administrative courts,
but its (hearsay) at Queen's Bench
They have no impartial witness - we do because we are the witness of ourselves. Hence they have
no one turn up.
Of the author, witness, require under oath or affirmation that that is what he means, because i


can only guess what they were thinking.

at court:
Do i owe anything. Who told you to come here and take money from me?
[this is only if the judge allows you to play]

Prosecution acts for his principal. The principal said XYZ; he's an agent.
Please produce the principal so i can compensate the principal. How do i compensate
him. Whats does he claim?

i wish to have this case dismissed without prejudice that if any man in the next ten
thousand years wishes to come here and i will compensate him but if any man makes a
false claim i shall require compensation for wasting my time.

We get bills for the costs, the wage bills etc - so bill me. Which party am i paying here?

Need someone to come forward and say it is theirs.

Can i have a signed bill? Must be some proof, wheres the harm? Loss? Damage?

The state failed to 'appear'

Did you bring at least one of the people you claim have been caused harm.
Where/who is the injured party. If they say: they act on behalf of the people - 'well hey, i
want just one, so i can compensate them for the harm. If there is anyone here that I have
caused harm to, I'll compensate them here and now.
Who claims i have done them wrong, bring the injured party forward so i can
compensate them for the loss.

The only order i will accept will come from a jury

I a man have unlimited authority over myself and to self govern so i am not directed [see derectum]

How did you get jurisdiction over me?

So he refused to respond and now he has jurisdiction over me?

How do you believe i am a defendant in this case? I don't believe i am either

How may i compensate you.

Not only it is my belief that this would be beneficial to all but see XYZ, then quote it.....

There is no need for this to proceed. The debt has been settled


Why are you dragging this matter into the public

Who are you to me? Who am i to you? And what makes you believe you can do XYZ to

Who is you that you are referring to? Is you pertaining to i, a man, or do you mean, i, as
SIMON SPANIARD, who is the you?

The man known as simon, i also act as SIMON at times, so which one requires the

Hi Bob, greetings
Have the record brought up to XYZ court.
i'd like an answer to the question

Can i have the findings of fact and conclusions of law for your decision
Thank you
Thumb print bottom right ish - send to the judge after an order.

Wording for a Motion for trial by jury: see KL court papers

The gravity of a sovereign judgment is not favourable for the requirement of an open court trial is
necessary and proper said trial settings give the trial of fact the opportunity to observe parties.
Only thing which moves a court if the law [you are the law]
Make the other side answer this claim or contest it, or forever hold their peace.
If they don't: there is no good reason to show my claim is not a true claim.
All we need is judgment to say the claim is true or not, we get someone else to execute the order.
Prosecutor - proposes to the judge for an order

He wants a trial by jury. What is the common belief of the people in the district.
Sometimes you want to go before a judge in black, and just throw the book at them and use statute
etc; but sometimes use the jury; then pick out the jury carefully.
CARE what we are using for a jury [in absence of a jury of 12, we be the jury and judge]


He says moving my suit [unsure ?]

EXAMPLE: Enter a Court and say

i'm here to answer all claims against me. Who has a claim against me?
has/is any man here to make a claim against me?
i have no contract with anyone

Can you bring the party who wrote (legislation/Act/regulations) into court and say what
that means

NOTE: They must have a trial by jury if you demand it


i have just noticed that this is not a court of record. i'm sorry if you think i'm part of
society, but i'm not.

Is there a claim before this court. Is there a man who is going to come forth and under
oath or affirmation claim that i have done wrong?

May i have leave of a paper and pen so that i may address the court in the proper
Write - to the court, who ever is moving this court can you bring your claim forth now
that i may compensate you for any wrong that i have done. Then ask:
Is anyone going to come forward, if not i require leave of the court until somebody
appears. Have a nice day


i will compensate any man of any wrong that i have done

Is anybody going to bring the claim forward i have nothing else to say other
than to the man who is claiming i have done him wrong
There is no other man i need to talk to
If judge gets a bit formal:

Are you a man sitting in the capacity of an administrator or judge?

i need to talk to the man. Are you moving the court sir? Who is?

i'm not going to talk to anybody else, i did not know that i had done wrong etc, now i'm
going to compensate him and we can all go home.
i wish to settle my debt to any man or anyone who wants to come forward
Hope you have a third party witness to back that up.
i will charge you with wasting my time. Time is a resource and once spent cannot be

Show me where your rules/codes etc has precedent over law in a common law court.


Other Kung Fu Moves:


Man requires of the judge to forgive him of the debt

Ask for/beg for mercy and they shall be merciful - before a man in black he has to be merciful and
forgive me my trespasses. The law of the land = Lords Prayer.

i have the right to cross examine my accuser. Wheres the plaintiff? Who's claiming i owe
the debt? Are you the plaintiff?
The plaintiff must appear.
He says we use a normal county court - these guys were in a circuit court.
Judge did you write the code
Is the person who wrote the code present in court today
If the code is in error well how can you tell me what it means are you prepared to take
the stand
Bring the law into the court

No - read the law into the court

Not proper decision:

To secure and protect my rights by proving an accusation on paper i,now require of you
to make delivery of said XYZ poste haste.

If case dismissed - they can come back the following day.

Judge must say DISCHARGED.
'can i have a discharge please'

In open court. Make the other side answer for this claim. They get one more chance or
forever hold their peace.
Argue or contest: if they don't deny, then no reason not to grant.
i demand and require that this court recognise that this is a true claim and give the
The winner has to execute the collection.
Notice of Lien before Notice of Levy (Levy - The Dam is going to break in 10 days.)[miss
american pie]


I: a man am not a member of the law society / legal society. i was notified to say that you were
going to take property off of me
Levy - know to be founded on a judgment - We need that signed!
How was it served upon me?


Bill - pay immediately

Paperwork process agree the facts
The action for property
Lien hearing: "lift the lien" - i have a right to have a hearing in this matter

Why is this not at the recorders office, why not following all the traditions?

A man created credits - they cant have existed without a man, me hence they are
my property.

You have to send me at least two letters

2 wrongs don't make a right

Press charges on you for taking my property (pin tail on the donkey)

Is this what you believe i owe? Then sign it!

No body from the state will ever come to say that a car belongs to them.
Ask the prosecutor: are you making a claim to my property and are you making a claim
owe you a debt. Do you believe i owe a debt to you?

Plaintiff must appear - cant appear by counsel.

He says tag your car - NOT FOR HIRE, 'Private'


Return of the King: Our Claim, Our court of record:

We can proceed against their 'case'
Court house is a public building.
Building manager - she is holding court today: where is the building manager - steward of the
public building. Head guy in black robe.
People are the highest
When the people walk in its a building manager; head judge is not the court.
This is my building. She manages the building for me.
Office of the building manager. Do you have an objection susie? Are you saying i'm doing wrong?

when someone chooses deliberately to do the wrong thing. Even though they know
what is the right thing to do.

Issuing the Claim: (Download Karl Lentz Court Papers -

Run parallel to them but use different language.


Must never be 1 penny wrong! Or that is fraud.

He says re the damages: ONLY claim what he lost! You claim what is due.
Hence if cant settle private side then we go to the court to slug it out.

When you are moving party or the claim[ant] you call the rules of the
You invoke your jurisdiction



They can challenge the merits of the case

Try and settle on the private side

If it's not worth writing down it's not a court of record.

He says he never challenges their facts or their evidence; i don't care what your
beliefs are or what your facts are; do you have any witnesses to XYZ ?


He says cant go after the company, we must go after the man.

Grant/give/allow them 21 days to answer via Queen's Bench.
[surely this means they should place their case before queen's bench in 21 days if
they believe they have one. If i don't hear back to verify this is a mistake, then I
shall require of you to place your case before Queen's bench.]

We are there to create the case and just file it in. The jury will decide who is right
or wrong.

Note they have their case; you have your case, you have to prepare it how YOU
want. It's your case.
Present it in your way.
Don't explain anything.
Make your case at the queen's bench.
This is where we learn how to be a man/acts as a man in the public.


There is NO procedure
We invoke how it works
Arguments on the case


Common law - we desire: only judge - if a jury (risky)

We explain to the judge the rules of the court
We just need a judge there as a witness

I bring in rules and they can try to say my rules are not fair: Praecipe day is to agree the rules
In "wet-ink" blue ink - their signature

To a judge:
Bob, greetings, i hear that you are going to be the civil presiding officer presiding over this
matter that is going to come before you on May 19th

From his court case the spaniard court requires a magistrate. It has come to the attention of
said court ..... Signed dated thumbprint



MAKE Rules of my court:


They have no case before the Queen

You have no standing in my case in my court - [like a cake: this is how I make a cake,
want my cake to look]

i will present my case before an open court in the spoken form.

Clerk: a complete authenticated copy of the case file as it stands at this moment

i'm gonna have to require that a trial by jury be convened in 14/21 days and i need to
use a room.

Defendant admitting the wrong on a technicality or loop hole

He wants a trial by jury. What is the common belief of the people in the district.
Sometimes you want to go before a judge in black, and just throw the book at them and
use statute etc; but sometimes use the jury; then pick out the jury carefully.
CARE what we are using for a jury

[in absence of a jury of 12, we be the jury and judge]


Show me what the damage is - show me; not conjecture, or speculation, an actual event
that has occurred or is occurring [if they claim against you]

If you believe its true its true


Are you going to try and guess what the code means
This is what the public law reads, not says
I'm not answering to a code; it's written in code

Only two claims at Queen's bench

Trespass on a case - re false documents, tampering with my documents.

I am the moving party - its my court!



We can flip from being a defendant into being a man at any time we want to.
You go back to the status of a man.
At the court house, NOT in the court house [That's their rules]; At the tree, At the hill.
Command: DONT USE - Petition.
He seems to write to the secretary of state and demands they send a letter saying: I'm free and
clear of any burden
He questions everything. Sent 14 notices after a judge issued a judgment.
Any papers or any orders which calls Simon Spaniard a plaintiff etc: send to Court Clerk Office she has no permission to issue documents in my name. Office of the Court Clerk.
She created that fictional law, not me, she did.

District Registry - Practice Manager ?

Allegedly gets access to Queen's Bench?

(Karl said ask for building manager = senior Judge)


Duty Judge - should be available in all courts (24/7)

He likens Queens Bench - Judge Judy = Everyone stripped of title.
Jury - attaintment - strip you of everything. Hence entertainment
When a trial by jury: you make the law. Can go as far back as we like. It has been
established well in the past you say caveman v caveman is the common truth
court of record only moves proceeding according to the common law
[hence NOT pleaded] it moves.

NEVER use Citizens; NEVER use their codes; NEVER use their precedent;
NEVER use any of it.

They have to Identify all persons having first hand knowledge any material fact
alleged in the pleadings of this case and with regard to each such person state
what they know about each such fact and how they came to know of it.

i require FICTION place their case before queen's bench. i require plaintiff to press the

The peoples building: speaking to the man acting as 'judge'


When the judge passes comment on my paperwork: that's my interpretation because i created the
Creator determines what he feels his creation is.
Use word Declaration, Not Affidavit
i require of you to place the witness on the stand.
i require of you to place my witness on the stand.

By right and by my authority

Viva Volce

Queens bench must be there to speak. Paper has no standing - it cannot

stand up on its own.

Not in front of judges - in front of juries

Before a jury - Not a judge
Judge controls defendants / claimants
Judge has no control over the man
When is this court in session? What is the term of this court?- 1 year term from when he opened.
Do i have the right to summons you at any time?
When i need to make an immediate motion and need to convene the court at 3:07am, ?
Court will convene at .........
I believe that is fair and reasonable.
Keep it short and sweet because both parties know why they are there. Hence don't have to write it
all down. They know!
The clerk of the court gives a docket containing my decisions

We move the Court; if unopposed: that move is/was the law!

CLAIM: see

For failure to train, discipline and monitor your subordinates who have caused
me harm. See exhibit A. * hand them a bill.


This is what i claim is due for the wrong; for the harm caused to my person.
Put people involved into the case as exhibits
"all have knowledge of a wrong but chose to to act'
Call the top guy for all the liability. Ask why it happened on their/your watch?
How did they interfere with my right to exercise something?
How did they trespass upon my person?
Do what is necessary & proper (for my survival)
Claim for compensation. Fair and Just.

i require compensation for loss of property; i require the immediate

restoration of property


Claim for a fake claim against the people (those who signed their
names) they are liable to another man.

CLAIM: i: a man, require the immediate restoration of property see exhibit A.
Unless the property [child] is restored i'm going to claim compensation one pound for
every second the property is held unlawful naked possession.
Queens Bench E1 E7 Clerks Office: Office of the Clerk of the Court
Blank Form (I think he meant blank paper)
Then the Parties
The the Law Suit: i: a man claim the trespass of wrong.

Point and Say:
That woman robbed me of my property. You have a duty to protect and secure property. i require
the restoration of my property immediately.

Summary Judgment if nobody comes forward to press the record.
Meaning no witness in a man capacity to make or back up their complaint, to say it is
true ... This leads to void judgment.


There are No time limits on 'void judgments' [we have loads of their case law to
confirm this - see white rabbit trust face book page]

Move for void judgment if nobody comes forth to stand under oath to testify i owe money.
NB: we can compel them to take the stand and testify that you owe them money

I believe you have caused me harm

[they have to show up or be held in contempt of court]

The officer was uninvited


when and if anyone comes with a 'warrant' they must come with
a bond, to be attached to the warrant.
This is my courts jurisdiction. You need a bond attached to the warrant. In
common law demand a bond.

I'll answer you once you put up a million dollar bond; eye for an eye - if you bear false witness on
me, i demand a bond.
Bond attached to warrant: Nothing in their rules.
A bond means if you do anything to my property you compensate me
Relates to court of record: Court make one of our Rules of Court?:
In common law you can ask to have a bond put up - for the claim to be heard.
Says all business must be created by 5pm.
Common law - ask to see the bond behind the warrant. If you want to come into my jurisdiction
then you will need a bond.


Court: Inter-Play

i require of you to place my witnesses on the stand

i require of you to place your case before queen's bench and once we get before the
queens bench plaintiff must press the record.

i require the immediate restoration of property

The state failed to 'appear'

Did you bring at least one of the people you claim have been caused harm.

Where/who is the injured party. If they say: they act on behalf of the people - 'well hey, i
want just one, so i can compensate them for the harm. If there is anyone here that I have
caused harm to, i'll compensate them here and now.

Who claims i have done them wrong, bring the injured party forward so i can
compensate them for the loss.

The only order i will accept will come from a jury

i a man have unlimited authority over myself and to self govern so i am not directed [see


How did you get jurisdiction over me?

So he refused to respond and now he has jurisdiction over me?

How do you believe i am a defendant in this case.


I don't believe i am either

Did you touch my property - yes or no.

That woman touched my property - see exhibit A, B, C, D, E
Mine means property

Make a claim that: you have done no harm or caused no injury or loss (to anybody) and
without that what are you trying to drag me into court for?

We can make an offer [eg re debt] to resolve the situation ie ask them to suggest, or we

What gives you the right to interfere in my domestic affairs. [See also Bill Thornton also
on this point 'domestic[k]' ]

That man bob, deprived me of my property.

i demand that you return my property (refer to them as a man, dressed in a suit, as a
Karl's way: to do it spoken not written

Nobody can interfere with my domestic authority. What makes you think you have any
authority in my home [castle]

i'm claiming the whole equity in my property.

Defendant summoned to appear

They will not appear.

In a language i don't understand, i am an idiot. Not one iota. Where is the law that says
i must use your language?


i require leave of court.

Essential we cast our eyes upon the face of the 'APPLICANT' 'PLAINTIFF'

Require the magistrate to appear.

i wish to post bond on this guy at anytime before a magistrate.

Interfering with my right to XYZ

i want to see the magistrate right now, you have to bring them to me.

i require a discharge please.


Renunciation of this claim.

Statute has no right, Man is not bound.

i am not part of your society' [say to them]

Question witness:

Do you understand that we live in a common law land

You do realise you are on merry old england
Did you trespass on my land

So you are responsible for controlling, monitoring and disciplining your people.
Did you realise that when you came onto my land without a warrant or probably cause
that you have done wrong? [get their agreement]

Lines of thinking:

Only party who can make a judgment call is the parties.

If we make a claim in a court and demand a jury trial, that invokes a common
law court.

We can call late evidence to rebut evidence presented in hearing [fairly

obvious when you think about it]

Just because it's a contract, it's a piece of paper - who is going to say it's true.

You only have your body and your name.

Give me your name; well first give me yours.
NEVER USE 'NO' [conflict]

We have the Right to Move a Claim

If someone makes a claim, it must be answered or you're liable

Hand them the bare minimum. If they want more evidence they can request it or
challenge it.

If they want a breakdown of a bill itemise it for them

In a claim he just goes for the top guy. Let them worry about the subordinates
Go after the man or the woman behind the badge
Winner executes collection. He gets someone to go get it.


Income tax is whatever you believe it is; they cant say what it is or what is not.
They cant define income, we have to define it for them

Some Other Phrases/Examples

Some Guy's Letter:
i require the law to be produced for the following:
The findings of facts and conclusions of law if you believe the answer is 'yes' to any of the
1) is there a law that states there is no where in Canada for a man or woman not fluent in legalese
or a member of your society to move a claim or invoke their right to a trial by jury.
2) Is there a law that states a man or woman have to belong to or hire a member of the legal
society to move a claim
3) Is there a law that states that the man or woman provides justification and or excuses for the
robbery of another man's property that said robber is not required to remedy in the spoken form in
open court what moves them to remove said property or hire a lawyer to explain this on their
4) Is there a law that states that the court clerk does not have to provide their oath of office or bond
and that they have he right to determine law or deny mans or womans claim and that any man has
the right to press their claim via public venue for the use of any man or woman requiring justice
and the immediate release of their property


RANDOM Information:
He asks - why go after the ownership of the title?
Owner carries the liability.
Who ever has the title can tell you what to do.
Eg King Richard and the crusaders Elizabeth re Walter Rayleigh - stripped him of title.
This was a quiet title motion; but being the owner he was still paying the mortgage
It didn't stop the repossession. What does it prove?
They making us into the Bond Servant.
The Bondsman is incompetent and just treated like a child.

How Titles Operate in Commerce: ["D Commercial World]

Person who created the Title
Deed Holder
Owner (bottom) re a house.
What is the purpose of proving you be the owner?
This lien in respect of a deed of trust has not been perfected
Quiet Title: requires that you have to give notice of the debt.
Quiet Title Judgment doesn't make the property free and clear: anyone can come
forward and make a claim


Holder in Due Course: Must call the holder or bring him forth because he is of the
holder my defenses.
Notice of defenses or irregularities
CARE: holder through a holder in due course shelter rule: If someone thinks he has
paid in good faith - still a debt [Spaniard says: surely this is merely evidence of the

Their Court is All built in Contract.

What if my understanding of the terms differs from theirs?

we try on a suit in front of the jury to see if it fits.

[old suits were found in equity]

Claimant creates the order

Claimant dictates the rules
Move your case in Queen's bench - they cannot follow.

Queen's bench is Man v Man

[Alice in wonderland ? Scene in court?]

We demand that a man come to the aid of the fiction.

They have to press the record and they cant in open court.

Lawyers negotiate settlements, lawyers not taught how to win the jury; show

Common Law
Customary law


(Civil & Common Law)
(opinio juris) - a few countries
Sharia / Islamic law

Abandoned property 32

do a title action to the property; is anyone coming forward.

Press the record in open court
Tells the clerk to file it
Then gets sheriff to go in and levy the property
We give them the option to dispute the order
We had a trial = you didn't show
Hence they may contest the order
Who's gonna show up?
[Spaniard says: What about use this on council property - is this why they been selling it off!]

Writs: as examples of what move to make. Re word to suit your case.

Writ of abatement - without admitting or denying cause of action alleged, some fact that
precludes the recovery upon the writ as then framed. [eg - NON JOINDER of a necessary party, or
the disability of either party][disability - its in a foreign language perhaps?]
Writs are Original or Judicial
Original - Chancery (to commence re removal of actions)
Judicial are Actions: actions to be prosecuted; either directed to the sheriff commanding him to
bring in the defendant, summons the jury, or execute judgments: or they may be addressed to the
witnesses in a case, or to the judges or officers of an inferior court requiring them to certify a
record [we would adapt that to verify a record via the spoken word]
In their world: apply for a writ with a praecipe or note of instructions to the proper officer and
when returned are filed with the proceedings which have been had under them, in the treasury of
the court.
Entries of proceedings are of the 'appearance' pleadings and suggestions of the parties, the verdict
of the jury on a trial, or inquisition of a writ of inquiry, or the acts of the court

Habeas Corpus: what are they being accused of? The person accusing you has to bring you
forward. Who said i did wrong? Let them bring me forward.
Notice: put on the di-string-as
Writ of distringas: stop fraudulent dealings with stock by the person in whose name it is
standing: eg a trustee.

My case outstrips theirs.


We can move to reconsider anything; We can issue a writ

of trespass on a case.

Their Rules:
Government has a charter, a constitution, which defines its interactions with people.
The legal society is chartered.
PULL the Charter!
Says this is a hebrew jewish thing. Their world is 2D, promised land

They deal with ORDERS
The rules of the court are not considered as records, but only remembrances of its proceedings;
and are filed with the affidavits in support of them, in the office of the clerk of the rules.
[is this why we have the master of the rolls? They have Master of the Rules] Kept in the Treasury
of the Court! The decisions; bonds; chains. [spaniard]

Ask Yourself:
How did they Get Control: FORMS/APPLICATIONS/What did I say? Anything?
No plea deal until you confess.
There's a paper case and we are waiting on you.we cant offer you a plea until you confess. If they
offer you a plea deal, you have confessed somewhere along the way.
In their story, i'm a wizard so what - it's their story.
Their case is their case; don't worry what they call you.
You either stop interfering with my file or i'm gonna file a case against you.
Some guy said

Ask Yourself: How did they Get Control:

FORMS/APPLICATIONS/What did I say? Anything?


Gov: they issue criminal complaints:

Joinder - latched - bound.
A default judgment is a joke. Not a record.
They cant have belief because they just follow orders - ie corporate.
As a man nobody grants you shit.
They make xtra money for everything.
If we become defendant then we will agree to be held liable for it - usual strawman stuff.
Lawful money of account - have to discharge it via treasury
[HJR 192 just a resolution - they don't have to do it]
Legal system cannot define it's creator.

We Present: They Re-Present

Don't ever answer to be a pro se or a plaintiff (complaint[iff])

Issue summonses and ORDERS.
Entries made on parchment rolls, which are docketed and filed in the treasury of the court,
where they remain as evidence of its proceedings
Correct Cor/Rect - Award
De Recto (of Right)

Rectum is a proper and significant word for the right that any hath.

Wrong/Injury = Tort

Injury and wrong = wrested or crooked.


= contrary to right

Their words are past tense

Not proper decision:
To secure and protect my rights by proving an accusation on paper i,now require of you to make
delivery of said XYZ poste haste.

* The judge cannot move a court.

* The Court has no authority to make someone do something.
* Make the prosecutor order someone to be taken down.
* The party with the judgment must move the court.
* A judge cannot execute the order, he can only ORDER


Says using their forms = applying SAYS ABSOLUTE

DONT use their forms. Says lose your jurisdiction.
Begging asking to be placed within the corporation. Agreeing to follow their rules. Its the
signature page where you agree. 600 pages of xtra contract behind it

He says just compare the letter with the code and reverse it back to them, on them
He says in your own hands
He reads 15th 16th century books

Notice to the court: Judicial notice is the judges notice [Notice to the Judge DONT USE]
This is their case, their rules of court, where they define us.
We're going to queen's bench, where we define them.

Prosecutor proposes order to the judge and judge grants the order



Wheres the harm/injury. Who did wrong? All the rest is contracts and private stuff.
If you don't believe its true nobody can hold you to it. That's it. [nightmare on elm street]
If it isn't proper law it wont stand the test of time. USE Reason.
Accept all Orders - hand them a bill
He suggests we build a rapport with the 2D world & pay debts...
3 days to redeem/redemption your signature. [Nunc pro Tunc]
GOLDEN RULE - no harm to another man.
KEEP paperwork Short and Sweet: Longer than two lines = dangerous.

If you don't believe you did any wrong = no Mens Rea [intent]
If you did know you did wrong then you've had it.
If it is not outlawed, then it is still in law.
There is NO appeal in a court of record.
Don't need to worry about any of their facts because no body will take the stand.
Defeating Statutes:

Pick on one word and tear their code apart. If the 'law' is vague, it cannot
hold up - theirs is based on opinion therefore it cannot hold up!
Eg; what does 'near' mean? Says who? Who wrote it? What did he mean?
And so on...

i'm a man and i got rights.

We should not seek: interest, charges, fees, fines etc.
We seek: fair and just compensation.


Words / Dictionary

DO NOT USE THIS WORD - nor 'false arrest


DO NOT USE: Argument muddies the waters


If you know you did wrong - like exile


you confessed


Only a man can have beliefs

Birth Cert

: proof of claim to land; through 2D world. Prima facie

evidence that i can claim land.
This is my will. I revoke all prior wills and codicils
[Cancels them out]
He says: B/C an indenture certificate [trust cert]. Proves
there is a liability to me. A Voting Stock Certificate potential franchise owner of the Corporation.
They have assumed Power of Attorney (Trustee Husband)
It's a Will and Living Trust.
Cert is the airship: an asset of our trust corpus; we are
ultimately the estate. We be the Gold/Value [Priceless]

Breach of Confidence

a breach only occurs when the evidence of information is an

abuse or unconscionable to a reasonable man


Gage Canadian Dictionary: 1983 $4

To take advantage of. To use to one's own advantage

John Doe

a person who is his own master (sui juris)



meaning the diminishing of status through the use of

capitalization in Roman Law. A diminishing or abridgment


of personality, a loss or curtailment of a man's status or

aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications


meaning a minimum loss of status through the use of

capitalization eg (John Doe). The lowest or least
comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred
where a man's family relations alone were changed. It
happened upon the arrogation (pride) of a person who had
been his own master (sui juris) [of his own right, not under
any legal disability] or upon the emancipation of one who
had been under the patria protestas
[parental authority] it left the rights of liberty and
citizenship unaltered
john doe
Full power
John Doe
least reduction of rights
John DOE
medium reduction of rights
maximum reduction of rights


member of a family: daddy is president


Only a man can make a claim [not to confuse with

claim-ant, or plaintiff (complaint)]


False Claim / Plaintiff


Orders/Judgments: must be discharged


One of the worst things you can say

Driving Licence:

I'm holding in possession waiting for the rightful owner to

come back

Fair & Square

common law and trust


To secure and protect the property of man




In good faith:

Here is my best offer (use for debt management)


compensate and harm or injury to man or woman

In Person

a man but also with duties and responsibilities


v laches [when you are bonded by something]


Money/Time/Feelings etc [Loss has to be demonstrated]


Men in black (agents)


Apparently undefined in a legal land. Gods children



Next Friend

McKenzie friend

Nisi Prius:

First agrees: in other words: agrees unless he objects


No Contract


Notice to the Court

Oath or Affirmation

Don't use affidavit (statement)


Only a man can order (must sign and seal it)


an order for the court to enter onto the book of

judgments and orders.


Only a man can hold property. That which is exclusive to

man. All the products and services he creates by labouring
his body

Real Property:

DONT USE diminished into the public


Not restore


Restored [NO]

we require 'restoration of property'


Order [their world = request]


Notice of: put me back as I was before we met.


Are property


means hearing, notified, seized, proper judgment

(seizing/stealing not the same thing)


Some time in the future


DONT USE to permit or allow / means consent


The interference with the proper function of a government

'all types of government'


are essentially civil wrongs that provide individuals with a case

of claim for damages in respect of the breach of a legal duty

common law jurisdiction torts

individual rights to privacy


Only claim at Queens Bench (forgive us our



we can do what we want to vanquish anything we think is

necessary and proper to maintain the law in our home


Verifiable Claim, verifiable answer


when and if anyone comes with a 'warrant' they must

come with a bond, to be attached to the warrant.


Sometime in the future


Only a man can wish. As King: my wish is your command



One of the worst things you can say


is a plural

They spell everything differently. But they try and make like its the same thing
Wrong: you know whats right but you chose to do wrong.
Discharge = Dead. No Charge.
Necessary and proper - don't let them have this clause....
Thompsons -- Canadian Company: codifies the public law.
We use Wish
We use Demand - they use Authority
We use require - they use request
We Latch - They lache
We get Caught - They take us to court
No limitations - they six years
Unlimited v limited capacity
Unlimited v limited jurisdiction
Correct their language at all times. Change to my language!
Claim for compensation - hand them a bill.
'they' is a pronoun defining a person or group.
Use of they - not as an adjective; who is they?
My presentment of a letter
Who say i do wrong? Present tense


Spaniard's own list of WORDS TO CHECK OUT

(intended for himself; but

included here if you want to check for yourselves)

To muddy
Cant be corrected
Can be corrected
Over ruled
Pro Se
Wish, wishes
Dream, Hope, Happiness, Peace
Desire, Enjoy, Enjoyment,
Hurt, Pain, Injury, Damages, Harm
Jurisdiction = control.
Naturally, Natural, Naturalised
Mercy, Forgiveness, Absolution
Trespass, Trespasses
Me, you, him, her, she, he, they, people
In, at, to, on, place, put, with
Motor vehicle:
self propelled contrivance used in commerce carrying goods or
passengers for hire.
Non assumpsit - this is not a contract; it doesn't appear; sign n/a before your signature.
Entered or filed of [off] record - their language
Suffer, suffering, pain, victim


Subject, defendant, claimant

Register, detention, governor, school, excused
Pursuant, pursuing
And support
Domicile, resident
Maintenance, maintain, appear, appearance, apparition
Attendance, remedy,
Common law bill
Man - no legal definition
Properly, proper
Legal society cannot use the word society properly
Impeachment, impeach
Necessary and proper
Citizen - master of a house hold
Require - by authority and right
At law, in law, by law, according to the law, before, any, all
Actual loss
Quashed, quashing order - certeriori
Service, serve the process
Professional misconduct
Stand in recess
Trial law
Attend them, wrote them
His case in person = MASK
To try Actions, Dead Entities cannot 'act' - they can try!
Upon my honour.


Who is the queen's remembrancer [past events, Hi-Story]

Must find something that says the queen is the people
Depends what the def of is is
Stipulate - prosecutor
Blessed - Cursed - is that man that maketh the LORD his trust
I said, lo, i came,: in the volume of the book it is written of me.
means Loving Kindness
Upon sending
Infront of ... Judge sitting at
They use believe rather than belief
Draft order
Proposal to meet the current monthly installments
By consent
Duly authorised
Suspend the possession order
Senses of words
Facts stated
Pre-scribed - before written (this negates the term condition)
Before it was written
Contain - DONT USE
His - Hiss
Hers - Herse
Owe (own)
Sort (suit)
Buxom (pliant)
Voice, spoke, spoken

Place of public worship [worship must mean commerce/contract

Gladiator combat]
Hinged mast (ready to go)


Mormon Bible
Hear, O'LORD when i cry with my voice:
Psalm 27: have mercy also upon me and answer me when thou saidst seek ye my face, my heart
I move from place to place. I am a sojourner in this place.
Wait upon
Blessed (exhalted in their world) Cursed as a lamb.
I seek peace
Evil doers
Upright, standing
Be humble, meek
Dont have a go at them.
I am a sojourner - temporary stay
Let them look at my deeds
They, wicked
Don't use their arguments, don't answer their arguments
Upright conversation
Let their words be their downfall
Uphold righteousness
Burn the papers or will they bring their own papers
PS 38:23 Steps of a good man are ordained by the LORD
I sought him but he could not be found
They hand presseth me sore
Return - report by an officer of a court.
Wrong - privation of right: meaning deprivation. [of privation]
To the law, and to law are two different things.
To the law and custom of england


Outstanding debt = property.

Upon an action of
Writ of Capius Itlagatum / Writ of renditioni exporias
Shall be discharged in their accounts.
Dieu et mon droit; The motto is French for literally "God and my right" (a fuller version of the
motto is also quoted as "God and my right shall me defend").[4] The word droit was formerly
spelt droict (from the Latin directum, dirigere, to head, to point in the right way)
God save the Queen and country
By the Grace of God


Fifty Most Common Legal Words: by chap at Washington Law School (google search):
Sue, Litigate

Opinion (not judge's Decision)
Security (Bond, Stock)


Karl Lentz: does everything by the spoken word: which is, i think, the better option; so long as
you can master the spoken word [JEDI MIND CONTROL] x

Pull a common law map of the planet from wikipedia

Jerome Daly case [This was issued under Common Law - but the interplay is good to
see. Jerome Daly won the case. Mahoney river Case USC 1968]

The Karl Lentz Court Case Papers -

Websters Unabridged Dictionary: can be downloaded

Karl Lentz will soon have a Dictionary out: Keep eye out for that!

Jurisdictionary (Court Case Flow Chart - 1/2 pages long) see Google. [attached]

Chitty Pleadings [just for idea of moves you can make]


Reading and References:

1865 Banking Act: that the people are the creditors
Listening: Talkshoe 5 hours each Sunday: starts around 12 midnight our time and
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Roman Court Process
Justian Stuff


Outstanding Questions:
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If start in statute (Claim) do we say 'substitute' this claim for that?

Surely can't be dead in the water?

Do we send originals to the court to have them place in 'our case'


Do we keep the originals and send them thumb printed copies of the originals, so
that we maintain the record at all times?

Is it Queen's Bench, or queen's bench?

Do we require them to place these documents/papers into my case and record,

adjust the record, update the record, or let the record


Bill Thornton: court of record

BT says he hasn't lost a case in fourteen years (I think from memory)
Free Disc @ - what to do in front of the judge: using Bill Thornton methods.
Bill Thornton: uses court of record, says he hasn't lost in years; he does it all by written word.

Case of William Penn and William Mead [If you like the Bill Thornton Approach} - see

Bill Thornton Notes To Follow:

Bill Thornton Notes:

Side Bar/Note:
IF: Invoking common law as per magna carta, CONFIRMATO CARTARUM November 5 th 1279.
This requires Officials to 'accept' Magna carta as 'common law' [which they probably wont]
[This is how Bill Thornton appears to proceed, he refers to the Constitution and operates in
the written form]

Five Requirements of a court of record:


It keeps a record of the proceedings

The tribunal is independent of the Magistrate
Proceeding according to common law



Power to fine or imprison for contempt

Generally has a seal

The tribunal is the sovereign himself; or a fully empowered jury

One bringing the Claim is creator of the case.

What is a Court? 2 Purposes:

1. Legal
2. Practical (sovereign sitting on his throne surrounded by courtiers)
It's a stage upon which the sovereign plays his part and puts on a show to convince the world that
he's right, so as to satisfy the world that his decision is a good one.
MUST put on a GOOD show = conduct.
ALL Parties will know what happened in the court arena!

Power to Fine or Imprison

Black's 5th court of record: - has the power to fine or imprison for contempt and it keeps a
record of the proceedings.

Black's 6th

- proceeding according to the common law

Statute of Limitations does NOT apply

(obviously - as No Statutes or Codes apply!)

Tribunal Independent of the Court

The Magistrate:

cannot judge unless we give permission

An official entrusted with the administration of the law
Enforces orders, doesn't create them

WE: are the rule maker and if we want to suspend a rule we can.

SOVEREIGN: opens up his case:

How Violated
The 'law' exists in the moment of allegation and is TRUE until proven otherwise.

In a nutshell:

Opens His Case

Chooses his Court
Chooses his form in the court
Decrees the law
Then says the law was violated and the jury (not understanding)
thinks it has to decide the facts
Sovereign (man) established the Court; and determines the laws to prosecute.
You are required to file; this is the law, decreed by man

In their world: plaintiff/claimant = sovereign

They tend to state the law & the violation of the law eg: they state/quote statute.

Random Notes: Our Court of Record Rules:


NO Appeal in my court


No appeal except to a jury

De-Cree of the Sovereign makes law
We must decree what law gets violated

whatever the obligation is to do or not to do, we decree what the law is

we are not accountable to a higher authority
the decree of the sovereign makes law



I am the King
under oath, affirmation, full liability, press the record and MUST appear


failure to appear is contempt

my own laws
my own court system
Nothing authorises them to take control of a sovereign.


If i take them to judgment - they can always call a jury to TEST my law


Try and mirror their process so as not to cause too much disruption.


We can file by Mail!

Bill Thornton:

likes to put it all in writing and then just read it out

So as not to make mistakes or get tripped up. [His preference]

The Court can ask questions - that;s the reason for a hearing.
Some cases don't need a hearing. WHY? Because they don't need to call us to ask an questions.
A hearing is used to clarify points.

They Administer the Law.

He prefers to stay clear of verbal inter-actions.

Says that things we say may give them an opportunity to nullify the paperwork
[unlimited ability to contract and all that ]

If the Judge plays games: i have nothing to say, it's all in my filed papers

If we open our mouth - the Judge interprets.

Object to anything you don't approve
Motion - object to the whole thing

Judge makes a decision 'i object'

[thinking bout it - perhaps this is akin to saying I'm an object? - spaniard?]
TIP> His typical hearing is 5 mins long: takes a few days to prepare his papers.



i object,
J> Why do you object?
It's not my wish
J> If that's all you can do you're 'over-ruled'
I object
J> duly noted (might even say over ruled again)
Could say: i take exception to that, he says 'i object' is best.

TAKE two witnesses / recorders with you.


Recorded in my memory
just move forward (Steam roller them with your moves)
make the claims and state in follow up paperwork
state that you objected
we make records - they take notes.

Judge will do as he chooses, just object for the record.

We Type and File to record and vacate the Judge's decision.

NOTE: Absolute: The Judge CANNOT make my DECISIONS for me.

Defending a Claim:

Object to the Proceedings and Challenge Jurisdiction - nothing can continue

Counterclaim in a court of record ALWAYS

File Instantly

You have exceeded your authority

Motion for prohibition or stay to answer question of jurisdiction.

Bring them in for contempt of court if they ignore orders

Bring them before the Court

They are sovereign until someone says otherwise [their claim]



They have to prove to my court that they have

jurisdiction. Perhaps say 'what jurisdiction'

If you fail to object, you agree.

Issue an Order vacating his decision


My Court versus Their Court

If lose a case/court action:


We can sue the inferior court; NAME the Court as a defendant.

At this Stage we want the decision, NOT money.
We claim that the court was an inferior court and we are re-opening the case

We CAN have new trials as many times as we want, but usually we have to Bring
NEW stuff and CARE if a Jury trial passed the decision! Are you really going to
persuade an alternate jury?

If they don't ask for a Jury of peers: they have NO CHANCE, When I'm


In their world: appeal court is a court of record. It can see everything.

NEVER allow the Judge to make a decision

We Motion = We move the court; requiring the judge to do something.

prosecutor - one of the people of the British Isles

* THE Court Appearance is to verbalize [spoken word] what is in the paperwork
* Spoken Words and Actions OVER RIDE what's in the Papers!
Transcripts are not the record
They are supplemental and supporting.


Superior court = court of record

Inferior court = a court of non record (limited jurisdiction)

We Can Re-Open ANY Case

There is a presumption of the validity of the superior court decision and not so the inferior
One can sue an inferior court when its all over: NAME the court as a defendant!
NOT for MONEY - But for the decision.
Claim that the Court is an inferior court - reopening the case in a superior court - the court of

Challenge Jurisdiction Every Step of the Way. Challenge every point.

'thank you I'll take that under advisement' (counsel) - I have the ability to make the decision.

If you have an injury you can force the other party into the court
All Judges are Magistrates
Tribunal - the one who does the judging. If you want to grant power to a judge to
make a decision you can.
If brought a Statute in- its not a court of record.
Docket Sheet is not a record (from the Clerk of the Court) - the docket sheet contains
the record.

A 2D boxing match/chess match with words.

Court Stuff:

Typical scenario:
My motion [MOVE]
They pick issues
I come back to answer their issues = 3 piece set. Typical of any case.
Movements within a case.

They play games because we have an unlimited ability to CONTRACT! But

then, so do they!

= Cognisance


We mandate them!
We have the legal power to decide when we will or wont get into a contract with that party. These
contracts only grant jurisdiction for that particular contract
If you don't want to argue a point - DONT bring it up!
Keep Paperwork Short and Sweet
MOST COURTS ARE: Nisi Prius Court - Without Prior Objection
Most Courts are Contract Courts because Failure to Deny is to Admit!
A Contract can exist based on one's actions. What we did shows there was a contract.


A people

one of the people born here but not subject


must be subject to the jurisdiction by privilege - not by right


Have presidents


Have governors - because they act for the people


YES. Gives us freedom?


From inside the jurisdiction.


is the public servant to observe; a government payroll officer. NOT

independent and cannot be independent; nor can he observe.

Non Assumpsit:

no assumption, No assumed contract.


a man considered according to the rank he holds in society with all the
right to which the place he holds entitles him, and the duties which it
imposes. People v N.Co 134 NY 506 31 NK 873
The word in it's natural and usual signification includes women as well as
men. Commonwealth v Welosky 276 Mass 398 177 NE 656
Term may include artificial beings, as corporations
1 Bla Cam 123; 4 singh 669
People v Commissioner of Taxes 23 NY 242 quasi corporations Sedgar,
Stat & Const L 372 LR 5 Ap Cons 857 [check typos]


If a promise is sealed; the seal is the consideration.



means from outside the jurisdiction.


when you don't like something you say no.


NO - From out of state (foreigner)

Quit pro quo:

something for something. Bilateral




The law does not protect someone who slumbers on his rights.
Ignorance of the law is considered equal to slumbering

Their phrases = Their world

Actions at law & suits in equity:
They combined their systems - hence combined the use of words