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Which best describe Murrays ideas about personality?

a. A description of the individuals behaviors.
b. An individuals personality continues to develop over time.
c. The sum total of an individuals thoughts, behaviors and feelings.
d. none of the above
According to Horney ______________ arise when parents do not satisfy childs needs for safety and satisfaction.
a. Basic hatred
b. Basic mistrust
c. Basic inadequacy
d. None of the above.
According to Murray, the superego is:
a. the repository of primitive and unacceptable impulses
b. a culturally implanted construct
c. an innate construct present in every individual since birth
d. none of the above
Which of the following does not belong to Horneys criticism of Freuds theory?
a. Inaccurate view of feminine psychology.
b. Psychoanalysis has too much emphasis on instincts.
c. Psychoanalysis failed to study the impact of culture in personality.
d. None of the above.
Counteraction is the need
a. to justify action
b. to build or create
c. to defend honor
d. none of the above
People describe Sheena as reserved and even conservative. What people do not realize is that Sheena is unhappy of her situation and wishes to
be more involved with others. However, her constant wanting for detachment and seclusion are preventing her from socializing. Sheena is
displaying what neurotic trend?
a. Moving towards people
b. Moving against people
c. Moving away from people.
d. None of the above.
All but one is consistent to Murrays description of personality, which one is it?
a. Personality stems from the brain of the person
b. The history of the personality is the personality
c. Personality is rather fixed and static
d. none of the above
Which is not true about Murrays idea of needs?
a. There are primary and secondary needs
b. There are neurotic and non-neurotic needs
c. Needs can be overt or covert
d. none of the above
Which does not adhere to Horneys ideas about culture?
a. Modern culture is too competitive.
b. Competition is causing hostility and exaggerated feelings of isolation.
c. People feel united because of modern culture
d. None of the above.
Needs, according to Murray are:
a. mostly unconscious
b. mostly conscious
c. equally conscious and unconscious
d. none of the above
Murray used this term to describe his study of human lives and individual differences in personality.
a. personography
b. personomy
c. personism
d. none of the above
Which best describe psychoanalytic social theorys view of childhood?
a. A phase where a person establishes his identity.
b. A phase where an effective persona is important in coping with the demands of society.
c. A phase where lack of genuine love results to neurotic conflicts.
d. None of the above.
Abasement need is
a. the need to seek protection or sympathy
b. the need to enjoy sensuous impressions
c. the need to surrender and accept punishment
d. none of the above

14. Basic Anxiety arises when:

a. Repressed hostility leads to feelings of insecurity and apprehension
b. Repressed insecurity leads to feelings of hostility and apprehension
c. Repressed apprehension leads to feelings of hostility and insecurity
d. None of the above
15. According to Psychoanalytic Social Theory, all but one are coping strategies people use to address basic anxiety. Which one is it?
b. Submissiveness
c. power or prestige
d. None of the above.
16. To cope with her constant feelings of helplessness, Julie often finds herself obeying the demands of her peers even if she feels its no longer for
the best of her interest. Which compulsive drive is she displaying?
a. Moving towards people
b. Moving against people
c. Moving away from people.
d. None of the above.
17. The need to empathize is called
a. similance
b. empathy
c. sentience
d. none of the above
18. Which is not a psychogenic need?
a. achievement
b. sex
c. defame
d. none of the above.
19. Which is not an aspect of idealized self-image?
a. Neurotic claim
b. Neurotic pride
c. Neurotic ego
d. None of the above
20. Which best describe Horneys view about the difference of male and female personality?
a. Differences are caused mainly by culture and social experiences
b. Differences are caused by biological differences
c. Differences are causes by final goal of attaining superiority
d. None of the above