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“Di akn mambo sabotn inu ka pag-I.S.”

Translation: “I do not understand why you took up I.S.”

Many people think, especially those who study in Xavier University, that
International Studies (I.S.) is an easy course. In fact, they say it is the dumpsite of
all the students who do not pass their courses. The particular person who told me
the above statement thinks that I am already too smart to have taken up the
course. Wrong! Truth is, I have sooo much yet to learn that’s why I took up the
course. I.S. is the broadest course I know. Unlike the other courses, it actually
covers everything---economics, politics, society, culture, theories, philosophy,
science, technology or advancement, geography, law, languages, etiquette,
etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Others also think that it is a useless course. International Studies is a course that
helps one to understand the foreign relations of one country to another. And FYI, the
first line of defense of every country is its foreign relations. Kaya nga kinoconsider
na the most difficult exam ang FSO (Foreign Service Officer) examinations kasi hindi
basta basta. Even my lawyer-professor admitted that the FSO exam is more difficult
than the bar.

Others also think that it is difficult to find a job if your course is I.S. or any other
course that is not business-related, I do not particularly disagree with this because I
too have been rejected on a number of job applications because my competitors for
the position happen to be graduates of business-related courses and (this is an
important point) the employers actually need graduates of business-related
courses---but I still tried applying (hehe). Anyway, what I’m really trying to
specifically highlight on this point is that it isn’t your course that determines
whether you get a job or not. It’s your attitude. Nasa diskarte lang yan eh. Si Bill
Gates nga di nakatapos pero nagging bilyonaryo (but I’m not encouraging anybody
here to stop studying ha? Siyempre, iba pa rin if may natapos ka.). Your smarts may
help you achieve a specific goal but it is your attitude that actually takes you to the
achievement of that specific goal. Aanhin mo nga naman ang talino mo if tulog ka
naman nang tulog or absent ka naman nang absent. Di ba? :)

For me, International Studies is the best course there is. I am tired of hearing people
say that it is such a simple course. Those who say that have obviously not gone
through the course and experienced how it is able to quench your brain’s thirst for
almost everything.

Gaya nga ng sabi ko sa mama ko when I was insisting I take up I.S. "marunong na

ha hannamapandi
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akong mag-add, subtract, multiply, divide, etcetera...mas kailangan ng utak ko

itong I.S." eeeyt :))

ha hannamapandi
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