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How should we, as human beings, live together?

We should live together in harmony, living together as one. We as human beings knowing that we have
the greatest capacity in terms of intellect and will shall be living as people that resembles the true
meaning of this traits, meaning we should abide on the rules that we humans have created over years.

That is to say, given that social and political institutions both shape us and are shaped by us, what
values should we adopt so that we might best fulfill our natures as individual and social beings?
We should adopt the values that are learned in our homes, taught in school and experienced in the
society. Needless to say, these values that we learned should be o f what are right and that should be
the basis of choosing what values to be adopted in our lives in order to fulfill our natures as individuals
and social beings.

What is the best type of society?


Which type serves its members better?


Should members obey the Government of their society? Why?

Yes, the members should obey the Government of their society. Since the purpose of the Government is
to protect its people, provide its people what they need, formulate rules and to govern, its basically
right that we obey as people in the Government, it is our responsibility to obey so that we could attain
harmony inside the society.

When may individual disobey Political Authority?

When this authority becomes self-centered and not focused on the welfare of the people. When it is not
bound by rules. When the authority has abused its power to rule. And lastly, when the things to obey
are wrong in nature and society.

What are the social and psychological costs of the current economic system, the dark side, so to
speak, of economic growth?
The rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. It is very demoralizing for people to know that in
this type of economic system, if you dont have enough money to have a capital, the chance for you to
gain your desired wealth is not even close to half the rate of percentage of what the rich can attain, this
fact in our economic system makes a lot of people pessimistic.

What impact does modern technology have on our relationship with nature?
Modern Technologys greatest goal is to make life easier and it has brought numerous man and sciencemade tools like appliances, gadgets, computers and other technological inventions. Modern Technology
continuously caters easier and cheaper production of these. Unfortunately, balancing the Disposal rate
and the Production rate is still not possible at the moment. Given this situation, nature takes toll on the
harmful effects of improper waste disposal from the production.

Is contemporary work a fully rewarding experience?

No, anything that is contemporary may be a manifestation of change and improvement but more often
than not, there are important values that we tend to disregard because of innovations. We also tend to
develop bad habits in our day to day lives.

Are economic inequalities justified, and what are their consequences for individuals and
No. People belonging to the lower economic class of the society are losing hope that they can ever have
a better life. They are also losing trust in the government who should be looking after the welfare of the
people. They become the skeptics of the society.

What concepts and norms should we use to criticize relations of domination between genders and
between ethnic groups?
The concept of equality itself is somehow ironic in the society that we have. Up to now, there are still
existing stereotypes when it comes to gender and sexual preferences. Minority groups or ethnic groups
are still center of discrimination and marginalization in communities. Equality seems to be just an
idealists concept that doesnt exist in reality.

In what sense can we talk of social progress over the last century?
Communication plays an important role in social interaction. With the birth of modern ways of
communication and the emergence of new media forms, the society has also developed. Throughout
the last one hundred years, the progress of communication is also the progress of the society.