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Death Sentence

Author: Annie Cleopatra Leo (a.k.a AC or WitchZ)

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Date: 10th January 2010

我今生最爱的安武第第, 大伯公, 二姑婆, 三姑婆, 曾姑婆, 曾外公, 曾外婆, 还有可爱又爱

Special Thanks to my dearest Brother Woo and all ancestors who frequent me when I
was unable to balance myself in this world.
To My Dearest Brother Woo,

Of all the days you had come to my recues when I am ending my life again and
again, of all the years we had spent wonderfully in my dreams, you are no doubt my
closest kin. It had been 34 years when you sacrificed your life for me, and for the past
three decades you are always the one who is with me when I needed someone.
Because of your company, I had never felt lonely.
I still remember the first time I saw you; you were playing with a wooden truck and I
asked you why you not playing swords and guns, you are a boy. You look at me and
smiled. We keep looking at each other but said nothing. Till last year did you make
attempt to break the glass and we shared so much that we had lost.
My dearest brother Woo, I love you.

Your troublesome older sister,

Read with interests on an article where religion preachers make claims of their
capabilities to resurrect the dead through prayers. I had not seen any proofs so far
except some so-called illusionists staged in a bogus funeral. Needless to explain too
much as there are many actors and actress wannabe willing to take part in this kind
of relatively high pay acts. Just “sleep-dead” and wake up or “comes back to life” at
an appointed time and they may be paid the wages of a class C or B actors.

In a matter of fact, my mum does witness a case in the 50s, where a child was
pronounce dead due to high fever, three days later before the coffin was cemented
the father heard his cry from the coffin and beg the caretakers to open up their son’s
coffin. Of cause was a rather rich family, so their words are worth as gold, when the
coffin cover was removed, they saw their son crying non-stop. After that day the son
was no longer a smart young boy, but a one of below average IQ. The parents do not
mind, as he is their favourite son and they are wealthy enough to hire more maids
and another Mercedes driver just to take care of their son.

Although people cannot resurrect others, they can help ensure that they do not die
before their time. This often happens in overseas hospitals where the messengers of
death are always present, ready to escort the spirits of the sick and the old to the
hereafter. People with Special ESP power or capability may even see the messengers
of death moving about in ward rooms if some patients in the ward are about to die.
Being blessed with this Special ESP may not consider too fortunate as the person gets
to see more “living things” than normal people which may left them wondering
which is humans and which is spirits. Since young I was told by my grandpa not to
turn around if I hear my name being called by an unfamiliar voice or soft whispering.
Sometimes, patients in excruciating pain may begged death messengers to come and
take them away, even though they are not yet fated to die.

In Mexico, for instance, doctors have known for centuries that when a patient extends
his hand toward a window or door, he is seeing a messenger of death and is begging
to be taken from this world. When this happens, the doctor immediately asks the
patient's closest relative to whisper in his ear and tells him how much his family still
needs him. The idea is not only to convince the patient to survive but also to
convince the messenger of death that it is unjust to take a life prematurely. This
approach works well if the patient's time has not yet come. This method can also be
used if a patient has fallen into a coma state. When people fall into a coma, it is
nearly impossible to wake them through conventional means. But for a couple of
centuries, Mexican doctors have tested the method of reviving patients by having
relatives speak softly to them on a continual basis. They report that even people in
deep comas can regain consciousness if they hear the voices of their spouses and
children. As long as a patient is alive, even if in a deep coma, his sense of hearing is
always operative and he can hear every word said to him. Most patients will give up
their unconscious desire to die when forced to remember that their families need
them in this world. Taking the decision is really heartbreaking, though in coma but
can really feel the pain in the mind but not in the physical heart. The principles
governing this method are neither false nor new. Mexican children even put them
into practice by placing buckets over the heads of cats that have just died and calling
their names. This often causes the animals to wake up. Patients who have been
awakened from a coma have described the messenger of death as a tall, slender
woman dressed in a luminous white robe and mantle. No one has ever seen her face,
but she emanates such peace and calm that the sick want to go with her even if they
are not yet meant to die. They say that the entity sometimes playfully teases patients
by extending her hand as if she were willing to take them with her, then pulls it back
at the last moment and turns her back on them. Later, these patients discover
that people in nearby beds have died and were obviously the ones that death
messenger had come for in the first place.

Chinese sorcery can also be used to help a person recover from a coma. To do this,
the sorcerer performs a daily ritual in which he burns petitions asking the gods or
the spirits of the individual's deceased relatives to enter the patient's body and wake
him up. He also writes a special petition on a small piece of paper, in which he asks
the gods to awaken the comatose individual. He then places the paper in the patient's
In western sorcery, sorcerer or magicians may choose to “bargain” with the
messenger of death by invoking god or goddess, angels, and other deities to help. A
virgin parchment or generally known as *magicak parchment may be used to write
the petition and place it close to the patient or on the patient dominate hand.
Petition is possible if only the patient’s life span was not due yet. There is another
way, but that involved the invitation of Satan, that is sign a PACT with the demons,
followers of Satan, for a longer life span. Again, me WitchZ do not recommend.
*Magical parchment may be purchase from my WitchZ blogshop @

Is there any way to extend a person life span beyond the pre-determine life span? Yes,
do more good deeds. Or life exchange ritual may be done. The latter is not
recommended by me, WitchZ, as that will be sacrificing someone’s life span. So, do
more good deeds, anything will do and not necessary to be in monetary terms, even
giving up a seat to an elderly than sleeping in “coma” is a good deed. Good karma
will be return to you one day.

If you have any doubtful question but do not know who to turn to, give me a mail.
Ask WitchZ A Question!
WitchZ words:
For the good deeds that my grandpa and his ancestors had done, my life span has
been lengthened since the day I was born. Though once and again I will die again
and again, yet they will still “pull” me back here. I know that when I am dying, most
of my ancestors will appear in their over lavish Manchu costumes and now I know
the young boy now a grown up gentleman is none other than my younger brother
Woo watching over me since I was young. I had not seen him for weeks he must be
busy saving patients. The patients in the hospital he works are more horrifying than
the ones I had seen in the world. The lungs were protruding and blood was
profusion like red wine from a busted wine barrel or lava from a volcano eruption.
He do not bring me there now as he knew that his older sister still had not overcome
the blood phobia even with years of experience in healthcare industry. Two weeks
ago we met at the garden in the hospital. Very peaceful, he walked me with his usual
charming warm heartening smile and did not say much as the usual him, but I can
feel that he knows I am not well and feeling down that’s why he is accompany me.
WitchZ is a scary kitten, only good in cracking lame jokes. Well, he does love my
lame jokes as he say that can relieves his stress. I know he is always stressed as he
seldom smiles till he sees me.
Blessed Be!

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