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Ancient Hermetic Axioms of Mental Alchemy

Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus

The Kybalion
Hermetic Philosophy
Written by Three Initiates


(A Spiritual Perspective)

THE ALL is in the earth-worm, and yet the earth-worm is far from being
THE ALL. And still the wonder remains, that though the earthworm
exists merely as a lowly thing, created and having its being solely within
the Mind of THE ALL --yet THE ALL is immanent in the earth-worm,
and in the particles that go to make up the earth-worm. Can there be
any greater mystery than this of "All in THE ALL; and THE ALL in
All?" The Universe is a creation of Infinite Mind -- and the difference
between the two poles separates them. And yet it is merely a matter of
degree --the same principle is in operation --the Principle of
Correspondence manifests in each --"As above, so Below; as Below so
And, in the degree that Man realizes the existence of the Indwelling Spirit
immanent within his being, so will he rise in the spiritual scale of life.
This is what spiritual development means --the recognition, realization,
and manifestation of Spirit within us. Try to remember this last
definition --that of spiritual development. It contains the Truth of True

How often have the majority of people heard repeated the statement that
their Deity (called by many names) was "All in All," and how little have
they suspected the inner occult truth concealed by these carelessly uttered
There are many planes of Being --many sub-planes of Life --many
degrees of existence in the Universe. And all depend upon the
advancement of beings in the scale, of which scale the lowest point is the
grossest matter, the highest being separated only by the thinnest division
from the SPIRIT of THE ALL. And, upward and onward along this
Scale of Life, everything is moving. All are on the Path, whose end is
THE ALL. All progress is a Returning Home. All is Upward and
Onward, in spite of all seemingly contradictory appearances. Such is the
Message of the Illumined.

The Process of Physical, or Material Manifestation

("Matter and Energy is exchangeable, not distinct." --Albert Einstein)

This Involuntary stage of Creation is sometimes called the "Outpouring"

of the Divine energy, just as the Evolutionary state is called the "Indrawing." The extreme pole of the Creative process is considered to be
the furthest removed from THE ALL, while the beginning of the
Evolutionary stage is regarded as the beginning of the return swing of the
pendulum of Rhythm --a "coming home" idea being held in all of the
Hermetic Teachings. The Teachings are that during the "Outpouring"
the vibrations become lower and lower until finally the urge (of
manifestation) ceases and the return swing begins. But there is this
difference, that while in the "Outpouring" the creative forces manifest
compactly and as a whole, yet from the beginning of the Evolutionary or
"In-drawing" stage, there is manifested the Law of Individualization -that is, the tendency to separate into Units of Force, so that finally that
which left THE ALL as individualized energy returns to its source as
countless highly developed Units of Life, having risen higher and higher
in the scale by means of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Evolution.
The ancient Hermeticists use the word "Meditation," or
"Contemplation" in describing the process of the mental creation of the
Universe in the Mind of THE ALL....
"The Kybalion."

Time belongs to the relative mind, and has no place in the Eternal or
Absolute. Next, the Intellect informs us that it must think of the Absolute
as Infinite in Space --present everywhere --Omnipresent. It cannot be

limited, for there is nothing outside of itself to limit it. There is no such
place as Nowhere. Every place is in the Everywhere. And Everywhere is
filled with the ALL --the Infinite Reality --the Absolute.
And, just as was the case with the idea of Time, we find it most difficult -if not indeed impossible --to form an idea of the Omnipresent --of That
which occupies Infinite Space. This is because everything that our minds
have experienced has had dimensions and limits. The secret lies in the
fact that Space, like Time, has no real existence outside of our perception
of consciousness of the relative position of Things --material objects....
Yogi Ramacharaka, " Lessons in Gnani Yoga"


Astrophysics Most Interesting Discovery About The Universe
As time goes by, it is becoming increasingly evident, as scientific knowledge
expands, that our Universe is not as physical or material as we believe that it is....
that there is some kind of invisible unchanging "constant".... The new discoveries
of Physics ever points toward the reality of SPIRIT and thus forever increasing the
human knowledge and understanding of THE CREATOR at work in ITS
"constant" Manifestation of the Universe --the unconditional CREATIVE
ENERGY that makes the Universe and each unique human on earth a reality.
"Oh, Great SUSTAINER of all LIFE, how we thank THEE!"

Was the inclusion of the cosmological constant

Einstein's "biggest blunder"?
Einstein's Cosmic Fudge Factor
Finding Dark Matter
Rumors of a Strange Universe
A Year of Dark Cosmology
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Everything Moves and vibrates --Nothing is allowed to stand still.... THE ALL is
immanent within ITS Creation.

The Principle of Mentalism

"The Universe is Mental in Nature, and Mental Transmutation is the art
lines of Matter, Force, and Mind"


"All is in THE ALL, and THE ALL is in All."
"While All is in THE ALL, it is equally true that THE ALL is in All. To
him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge."
"Under, and back of, the Universe of Time, Space and Change, is ever to
be found The Substantial Reality-The Fundamental Truth."
"The atom of matter, the unit of force, the mind of man, and the being of
the arch-angel are all but degrees in one scale, and all fundamentally the
same, the difference between solely a matter of degree, and rate of
vibration--all are creations of THE ALL, and have their existence solely
within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL."

Mental Transmutation
"Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted, from state to
state; degree to degree; condition to condition; pole to pole; vibration to
vibration, True Hermetic Transmutation is a Mental Art."

Arcane Wisdom
"The Lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of Understanding."
"Where fall the footsteps of the Master, the ears of those ready for his
Teaching open wide."
"When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh the lips to
fill them with Wisdom."

Divine Pymander
Master Work of the Ages
Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
From a time long, long before Moses, a contemporary with Abraham

"All this Universal body, in which are all Bodies, is full of Soul, the Soul
full of Mind, the Mind full of GOD. For within He fills them, and without
He contains them, quickening the Universe."
"Life is the Union of the Mind, and the Soul, but death is a dissolving of
that Union."
"God is not a Mind, but the Cause that the Mind is; not a Spirit, but the
Cause that the Spirit is; not Light, but the Cause that Light is."
["The ALL" --CAUSE of all Causation whose inner nature will always remain
unknowable by reason of its ABSOLUTE and INFINITE stature. It can only be
COMPREHENDED and KNOWN to ITSELF. We humans, with our
continuously developing little brains, can only barely glimpse an understanding of

"From an indefinite beginning, to an undeterminable end, for it always

begins where it ends...."

"Greed is an unfulfillable desire."

The Ignorant and Unsuspecting and The

Knowledgeable Informed Master
The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the
wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion;
and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the
Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane above, dominate
their moods, characters, qualities and powers, as well as the environment
surrounding them, and become movers instead of pawns. They help
PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE, instead of being played and moved about
by other wills and environment. They USE the Principle instead of being
its tools. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes, but they
help RULE on their own plane.

Any individuals who have attained any degree of Self-Mastery do this to a

certain degree, more or less unconsciously, but the Master does this
consciously, and by the use of his Will, and attains a degree of Poise and
Mental Firmness almost impossible of belief on part of the masses who
are swung backward and forward like a pendulum.
They cannot annul the Principle (of RHYTHM), or cause it to cease its
operation, but they have learned how to escape its effects upon
themselves to a certain degree depending upon the Mastery of the
Principle. They have learned how to USE it, instead of being USED BY
"The Kybalion"

The Hermeticists have never sought to be martyrs, and have, instead, sat
silently aside with pitying smile on their closed lips, while the "heathen
raged noisily about them" in their customary amusement of putting to
death and torture the honest but misguided enthusiasts who imagined
that they could force upon a race of barbarians the truth capable of being
understood only by the elect who had advanced along The Path.
And the spirit of persecution has not yet died out in the land. There are
certain Hermetic Teachings, which, if publicly promulgated, would bring
down upon the teachers a great cry of scorn and revilement from the
multitude, who would again raise the cry of "Crucify! Crucify!"
If you are a true student, you will be able to work out and apply these
Principles --if not, then you must develop yourself into one, for otherwise
the Hermetic Teachings will be as "words, words, words" to you.
The Three Initiates
from "The Kybalion."
The Yogi Publication Society

Greed prevents a person from recognizing his or her own abundance or

wealth and thus they are unable to utilize their own wealth properly.
They will always think that they do not have enough and fear that they
may lose what they have. Some will go as far as cheating and stealing
from other people to increase their own wealth. The Mental trap of being
greedy imprisons a person in a miserable state of Mind in that they will
always be found in wanton because greed is contradictory to the
immutable Principles and Laws of Human Nature. They may not even be
aware of their mental state. They may escape the law of the land in their

greedy bestial activity, but they will not escape the Principles and Laws
immanent within Human Nature; the cause of events that will follow in
their lives.....

The Constant Change in Nature (Evolution) and The

Termination of Conscious Life (The Body)
104. But the people say, That changing is Death, because the Body is
dissolved, and the Life goeth into that which appeareth not [SPIRIT].
105. By this discourse, my dearest Hermes, I affirm as thou hearest, That
the World is changed, because every day part thereof becomes invisible;
but that it is never dissolved.
106. And these are the Passions of the World, Revolutions, and
Occultations, and Revolution is a turning, but Occultation is Renovation.
"Divine Pymander" page 95

The Experience of Hermes with The

Excerpt from the "Divine Pymander"
The second book called "Pymander"

My Thoughts being once seriously busied about the things that are, and
my Understanding lifted up, all my bodily Senses being exceedingly
holden back, as it is with them that are very heavy of sleep, by reason
either of fullness of meat, or of bodily labor. Melthought I saw one of an
exceeding great stature, and an infinite greatness call me by my name and
say unto me, What wouldst thou hear and see? or what wouldst thou
understand, to learn, and know?
2. Then said I, Who art thou? I am quoth he Pymander, the mind of the
great Lord, the most Mighty and absolute Emperor: I know what thou
wouldst have, and I am always present with thee.
3. Then said I, I would learn the things that are and understand the
nature of them, and know God. How? said he: I answered, That I would

gladly hear. Then he, Have me again in thy mind, and whatsoever thou
wouldst learn, I will teach thee.
4. When he had thus said, he was changed in his Idea or Form, and
straightway in the twinkling of an eye, all things were opened unto me:
And I saw an infinite sight, all things were become light, both sweet and
exceedingly pleasant; and I was wonderfully delighted in beholding it.
5. But after a little while, there was a darkness made in part, coming
down obliquely, fearful and hideous, which seemed unto me to be
changed into a certain moist nature, unspeakably troubled, which yielded
a smoke as from fire; and from whence proceeded a voice unutterable,
and very mournful, but inarticulate, insomuch that it seemed to have
come from that Light.
6. Then from that Light, a certain holy Word joined itself into Nature,
and out flew the pure and unmixed Fire from the moist Nature upward
on high; it was exceedingly light, and sharp, and operative withal. And
the Air which was also light followed the Spirit and mounted up to Fire,
(from the Earth and the Water) insomuch that it seemed to hang and
[Comment: Possibly a description of Ethereal, or Universal Substance ("light") in
which the Earth is suspended and constrained in space by the "will" or "LAW" of

7. And the Earth, and the Water, stayed by themselves so mingled

together, that the Earth could not be seen for the Water; but they were
moved, because of the Spiritual Word that was carried upon them.
[Comment: The formative stages in the creative process of our "Earth" by the
"will" of SPIRIT as expressed in the Principles and Laws that all of Nature obeys
in the Creative Process. ("THE LAW" or "Spiritual Word," of THE ALL)]

8. Then said Pymander unto me, Dost thou understand this Vision, and
what it meaneth? I shall know, said I: Then said he, I am that Light, the
Mind, thy God, who am before that moist Nature that appeareth out of
darkness; and that bright and lightful Word from the Mind, is the Son of

9. How is that quoth I? Thus, replied he, Understand it: That which in
thee seeth and heareth, the Word of the Lord, and the Mind, the Father,
God, differ not one from the other; and the union of these is Life.
[Comment: THE LAW of SPIRIT is the UNITY of all LIFE]

Trism. I thank thee. --Pymander. But first conceive well the Light in thy
[Comment: You must know it! Not just "believe!"]

10. When he had thus said, for a long time we looked steadfastly one upon
the other, insomuch, that I trembled at his Idea or Form.
[Comment: The enormous stature of Infinite and Omnipresent SPIRIT which
occupies no specific point (non-local) in Space and Time is difficult to comprehend
and understand by the finite conditioned Human Mind. Most humans are
oblivious and unaware of its enormous large presence in us and all of surrounding
Nature and the Universe. Oh Yes! It would make a person tremble, not because of
fear, but because of the overwhelming, stupefied awe, at the sight of SPIRIT....
Only an ignorant and foolish human would think that he or she is not standing

11, But when he nodded to me, I beheld in my Mind the Light that is
innumerable, and the truly indefinite Ornament or World; and that the
fire is comprehended or contained in or by a most great Power and
constrained to keep its station....
Hermes Trismegistus
Comment: The "most great power" that Hermes mentioned being the "Word of
GOD" not as spoken by a mouth, but as the active UNIVERSAL COSMIC LAW
that constrains all celestial bodies in the Universe according to LAW in their
proper station or place in the macrocosm as well as the position of atomic particles
in the microcosm of manifested physical reality. The warping of Magnetic energy
and gravitational fields (not visible to the human eye) in the attraction and
repulsion of celestial bodies and atomic particles is evident of the GREAT
CREATOR at work in keeping the Universe in a constant state of manifestation,
vibration, motion, and order, as it cycles through the process of evolution. Even to
the casual observer is it evident that nothing in the Universe can or is allowed to
stand still, that all things are in a constant state of vibration and motion. Our own
galaxy of which our solar system is a member moves through space and time at
two million miles an hour as it evolves toward SPIRIT (the undefined and
indeterminable beginning) in the upward scale of LIFE of which no human or any
other life form has any control. In other words, you the reader and I the writer
are moving through space at two million miles an hour while you read and I write
and we can't even feel it or do anything about it....
How is it possible for
humanity not to "see" the creative process of GOD at work, THE ALL in All?
Has the gravitational field of our planet bedazzled the human consciousness to just
above ground level and the eyesight to no further than our nose? Are we lost in
primitive trivial bickering in the plane of worm consciousness? I will leave these
thoughts for the reader to decide....
Anthropological research supports the evidence of the upward progress of all Life
forms and indicates that all of Life does evolve upward and onward in the Great
Scale of Life by their discovery of changes in the bones and other artifacts in their
ongoing field research around the globe. Their discoveries will reaffirm the

Ancient Hermetic Philosophy which holds that the Universe is constantly changing
and evolving. Darwin and Newton witnessed the physical evidence of this upward
progress of all Life forms but never realized the magnitude of the underlying
causation in the evolutionary process of the Universe. Acceptance of this
knowledge has also been hampered by the premature cognition of doctrines and
dogma of organized religion and the general resistance of humanity to accept
change in the face of Truth. As mentioned numerous times on this web site,
Science and Universal Spirituality are on a parallel path that one day will
Pymander to Hermes

"Know thyself well, and learn the things that are and all that is."

The above axiom is a Divine suggestion that goes far beyond the psychic mind or any religious
belief system; beyond any isms or ologies, it is beyond the flight of any human imagination with
regard to the things that can be learned of The MIND. It is not based on what we believe, or what
we think it should be, or what we would like for it to be, but on "what is." The realization of
Arcane knowledge leaves a person in stupefied, humble, and reverend awe that defies the current
collective understanding regarding the reality of the Infinite GOD. The Arcanum web site is only a
very small and humble token to humanity regarding "the things that are and all that is...."

Yogi Ramacharaka
When the soul sees itself as a Centre surrounded by its circumference-when the Sun knows that it is a Sun, and is surrounded by its whirling
planets--then is it ready for the Wisdom and Power of the Masters. (from an



Man must master himself before he can hope to exert an influence

beyond himself.
The majority of people in the present stage of race development have but
a faint conception of the reality of the "I." They accept the statement of
its existence, and are conscious of themselves as an eating, sleeping, living
creature --something like a higher form of animal.
I assert my mastery over Mind, Energy, and Matter, and exercise my
Will over them, so do I acknowledge my subordination to the Absolute,
and gladly open my soul to the inflow of Divine Will, and partake of its
Power, Strength and Wisdom.
I am the Master of my mental habits --I control my character. I will to be
strong, and summon the forces of my Nature to my aid.

I am a centre.
Around me revolves my world.
I am a centre of Influence and Power!
I am a centre of Thought and Consciousness.
I am Independent of the Body.
I am Immortal and cannot be destroyed.
I am Invincible and cannot be injured!

Realization brings Control---and Control brings results.

The human mind will instinctively find its way to the Truth, even if it has
to blaze a new trail through the woods, departing from the beaten tracks
of other minds around it, which lack the courage or enterprise to strike
out for themselves.
Excerpts from the book, "Raja Yoga or Mental Development," by Yogi Ramacharaka (1906)
Yogi Publication Society.

The lower instincts were not implanted in your nature by "the devil";
you came by them honestly.
Spiritual Mind does not run contrary to Intellect --it simply goes beyond
Intellect is cold --Spiritual Consciousness is warm and alive with high
When we learn to trust Spirit, it responds by sending us more frequent
flashes of illumination and enlightenment.


Man if he chooses, may excel the beasts in bestiality --he may descend to
depths of which the beast would never have thought. The beast is
governed solely by instinct, and his actions, so prompted, are perfectly
natural and proper, and the animal is not blamed for following the
impulses of its nature. But man, in whom intellect has unfolded, knows
that it is contrary to his highest nature to descend to the level of the
beasts --yea, lower by far. He adds to the brute desires the cunning and
intelligence which have come to him, and deliberately prostitutes his
higher principle to the task of carrying out the magnified animal
propensities. Very few animals abuse their desires --it is left for some

men to do so. The higher the degree of intellect unfolded in man, the
greater the depths of low passions, appetites, and desires possible to him.
He actually creates new brute desires, or rather builds edifices of his own
upon the brute foundations....
....which will result in the soul having to spend many weary years in
retracing its steps over the backward road it has trodden. Its progress
has been retarded, and it will be compelled to re-travel the road to
freedom, in common with the beast like natures of undeveloped creatures
whose proper state of the journey it is, having an additional burden in the
shape of the horror of consciousness of its surroundings, whereas its
companions have no such consciousness and consequently suffer not.
Yogi Ramacharaka --"Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy" (1903)

The Brute instincts are still with us, constantly forcing themselves into
our field of thought. Occultists learn to curb and control these lower
instincts, subordinating them to the higher mental ideals which unfold
into the field of consciousness. Do not be discouraged if you still find that
you have much of the animal within your nature --we all have --the only
difference is that in some of us have learned to control the brute, and
keep him in leash and subordinate and obedient to the higher parts of our
nature, while others allow the beast to rule them, and they shiver and
turn pale when he shows his teeth, not seeming to realize that a firm
demeanor and a calm mind will cause the beast to retreat to his corner
and allow himself to be kept behind bars. If you find constant
manifestations of the beast within you, struggling to be free and to assert
his old power, do not be disturbed. This is no sign of weakness, but is
really an indication that your spiritual growth has begun. For whereas
you now recognize the brute, and feel ashamed, you formerly did not
realize his presence --were not aware of his existence, for you were the
brute himself.
The precepts bid the soul to look within for the real source of strength -to be guided by it --to allow it to manifest freely through oneself --to be
led by Spirit. When one has sufficiently freed oneself from the
restrictions and confining bonds of the lower self, and is able to allow
Spirit to flow freely and manifest with a minimum degree of resistance,
then will Spirit act through him and work for him, and guide him. And
even the less advanced soul may obtain the greatest benefit from opening
up itself to the inflow of the Divine Principle, and allowing it to work
through it. The man who is led by Spirit --who recognizes the existence of
the Real Self, and trusts it --may live in a greater measure apart from the
turmoil and strife of the outer world. Not that he may withdraw from the
world (for that is often cowardice), but he is able to take his place in the

great game of Life, and to do his work there and to do it well, and yet feel
certain while he is in it he is not of it. He is able practically to stand aside
and see himself act. Spirit will guide him through the struggle, and will
see that he is nourished and cared for, and will always act for his ultimate
good. It will lead him to that which is best for him and will attract to him
that which he needs. Fear and unfaith are the great obstacles to this free
working of Spirit and until they are cast aside Spirit is hampered and
hindered in its work. But when they are thrown aside Spirit will be free
to do its work.
Yogi Ramacharaka "Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy" (1904)

How shall we approach this subject, which even the most advanced minds
in the flesh to-day can but faintly comprehend? How can the finite
express or comprehend the infinite? Spirit, man's Seventh Principle, is
the Divine Spark --our most precious inheritance from the Divine Power -a ray from the Central Sun --the Real Self. Words cannot express it.
Our minds fail to grasp it. It is the soul of the Soul. To understand it we
must understand God, for Spirit is a drop from the Spirit Ocean --a grain
of sand from the shores of the Infinite --a particle of the Sacred Flame. It
is that something within us which is the cause of our evolution through all
the weary ages. It was the first to be, and yet it will be the last to appear
in full consciousness. When man arrives at a full consciousness of Spirit,
he will be so much higher than a man that such a being is at present
inconceivable to the Intellect. Confined in many sheaths of matter, it has
waited through the long and weary ages for even a faint recognition, and
is content to wait for ages more until it fully brought into consciousness.
Man will ascend many steps of development --from man to archangel -before Spirit will fully claim its own. The Spirit is that within man which
closest approaches the Center --is nearest to God. It is only in an
occasional precious moment that we are aware of the existence of Spirit
within us, and in such moments we are conscious of coming into the awful
presence of the Unknown. These moments may come when one is
engaged in deep religious thought --while reading a poem bearing a
precious message from soul to soul --in some hour of affliction when all
human aid has failed us and when human words seem but mockery --in a
moment when all seems lost and we feel the necessity of a direct word
from a being higher than ourselves. When these moments come they
leave with us a peace which never afterward entirely escapes us, and we
are ever after changed beings. In the moment of Illumination or dawn of

Spiritual Consciousness we also feel the real presence of the Spirit. In

these moments we become conscious of our relationship with and
connection with the center of Life. Through the medium of Spirit God
reveals Himself to Man.
We cannot dwell longer on this subject --it overpowers one, and mere
words seem to weak for use in connection with it. Those who have felt the
impulses of the Spiritual Mind have been made faintly conscious of the
abiding sense of Spirit, although they cannot grasp its full significance.
And those who have not experienced these things would not understand
us if we wrote volumes of our imperfect and undeveloped conceptions of
the subject. So we will pass on, trusting that we have awakened in your
minds at lest a faint desire to be brought into a closer communion and
contact with this, the highest part of Self --Self itself.
(Yogi Ramacharaka) Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy (1904)

To the Spiritually Developing Person

It must not be imagined that this budding consciousness springs fullgrown into a mans mind at once. It has done so in some cases, it is true,
but in the majority of instances, it is a matter of slow growth, but the man
is never just the same after the growth commences. He apparently may
lose his full consciousness of the truth, but it will come back to him again
and again, and all the time it is working gradually to make over that
mans nature, and his changed mental attitude manifests itself in his
actions. He becomes more cheerful and happy. Things that worry his
neighbors seem to have but little effect upon him. He finds it hard to
manifest a respectable amount of regret and grief over things that bear
heavily upon those around him. He is apt to be regarded as unfeeling and
heartless, notwithstanding his heart maybe full of Love and Kindness. His
mental attitude is changed--his viewpoint has shifted. He finds himself
ceasing to fear, and those around him are apt to consider him reckless or
thoughtless. Time has less meaning to him, for the idea of eternity has
come to him. Distance ceases to appall him, for is not all space his?
Such a one had better keep quiet, or he will be sure to be considered a
"queer fish," and people may tap their foreheads significantly when
speaking of him (behind his back).
"Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy." by Yogi Ramacharaka (1904)

Every one may enter the occult world for himself --providing he pays the
price of attainment, which price is not of gold or silver, but of the
renunciation of the lower self and the devotion to that which is highest in
Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy. by Yogi Ramacharaka (1903)

Isis Unveiled
"Secrets of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition"

"....our work then, is a plea for the recognition of the Hermetic

philosophy, the anciently universal Wisdom Religion, as the only possible
key to the Absolute in science and theology."
Helena P. Blavatsky

The Arcanum
The person who understands the workings and operations of Universal
Law, may transmute Matter, Force and Mind, into desirable Conditions
by using the higher LAW against the lower Laws --All Phenomenal laws
are subservient to the causation of the Higher Law.
Who is to say what is, or what isn't? The government? The United
Nations? Religion? Science? When none can grow a single strand of hair
on their head, or a single thumbnail on their finger?
A visual aid has been provided regarding the manifestation of Life and
the cycles of death and rebirth in JPEG format.
There are many beliefs, or combination of belief systems in the world.
The question is, does a given belief hold any substance in reality?
The desire to learn and know The ARCANE TRUTHS is an act of
There is no caste or social status in SPIRIT, only the Unity of Mind.
I thank GOD daily for the Wisdom and Understanding of the Knowledge
of SPIRIT that has brought me the true freedom of my own Mind.
Nothing believed in Spiritual Knowledge; Nothing known in religious

Beliefs can be shaken or altered and are subject to change. Arcane

Knowledge is unshakable, immutable, and backed by solid Universal
Principles that are not invented by man nor is it written by man's hand.
The unwavering established ancient Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom
does not come from us "it comes through us," Dr. D. Divine. Its firmly
established principles leaves no room for argument or debate, anymore,
than we argue and debate about the addition and subtraction of numbers.
The man or woman whose walk is in Spiritual Knowledge (not believes)
will realize that all of Life's events is one great spiritual experience. Such
simplistic tasks as observing a single blade of grass, flowers, trees,
mountains, humans, animals, the stars above, in all of nature becomes a
deep Spiritual experience that for the most part escapes the general
public's focus or attention.
It has been generally accepted that the human brain only operates
between three to ten percent of capacity. Ten percent of what capacity?
All theories, hypothesis, and thesis regarding the Universe and its reality
have been conceived within this limiting ten percent of brain capacity
leaving the other ninety percent hidden or "unknown." Therefore are all
scientific theories, hypothesis, and thesis subject to change as the human
brain expands beyond the current ten percent limitation as its awareness
is increased and a greater perception of reality is realized. Beliefs and
assumptions will diminish and Knowledge will increase, revising the
human perception of reality forever. It is best to always keep an open
Mind which will speedup the process of learning.

The physical Life of a mortal human is but a momentary window of

Conscious Life in the human experience within the Great Physical Plane.
The brain and body, our instrument of awareness, enables the experience
of consciousness in various degrees of conscious awareness in the Physical
Plane through the five senses (physical) but enables a greater sense of
awareness through the learning process of the sixth sense (mental) and
the development and advancement of the seventh sense (MIND, or
SPIRIT). When disembodiment occurs as in physical "death" (so
called), the experience of "conscious life" is terminated and only the sixth
and seventh sense remains because it is non-material and subconscious in
nature and therefore not subject to decay. There are no physical
particles to speak of to cause change. In other words, humans are
"mental beings" who manifest a body. There is more to us than meets
the eye or that we realize because of the holographic connection with our
INFINITE CREATOR in whose image we are created. Without

exception or exclusion, are we beings of Life, Energy, and Light which

cause us to be Eternal. An understanding of the phenomenon of the
holographic principle will tell us how we are related to the Universe.

We humans do not just die and cease to exist, we cycle between our
embodied and disembodied state of being because of the immutable and
compelling Universal Principle of RHYTHM which rules generation and
regeneration, a rise and fall of all things, a creation and destruction, a
birth of embodiment, and a death of disembodiment, a constant decay
and renewal of all things. This process is present in all of Nature. We
have experienced it many times in the past and most of us have no
remembrance of the experience. However, it is well known to our
subconscious Mind which has kept record throughout eternal time.
Many times we have helped each other through the birthing process --the
only way most of us know to obtain a body. We have yet to accept and
learn the possibility of retaining our body. Scientific verification of these
things would be a novel idea, but for the moment it is not possible because
of their focus in the mechanical and analytical state of consciousness.
Many scientific minds are becoming more and more Intuitive which will
propel them into the Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom of reality. It will be
found that the parallel paths of science and Universal Spirituality will
eventually converge and will leave no room for any doubt regarding the
reality we live in. The next step will be the understanding of the
Universal Principles which enables physical Immortality and the reason
why it is even possible in that it will cause a rise in the human
consciousness above the plane of decay where entropy rules. Armed with
the very ancient Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom, man will escape the
beginningless cycles of decay and renewal, the cycles of birth, death, and
rebirth because of his/her higher placement in the scale of Conscious Life.
When organized religion or religious belief are rigidly resistant to change
because of their established dogma, it will become dissolved in time as
their usefulness to humanity becomes redefined in Spirit and their
purpose may become questionable in light of the new understanding of
reality and realization of the existence of THE ALL. When organized
religion throws aside all of established dogma and superficiality of beliefs,
then it becomes a Universal Religion whose "dogma" and "beliefs" are
replaced by Knowledge and is solidly backed by the Universal Principles
of Life. It must be remembered that all things are subject to constant
change and that it is without cessation --nothing can or is allowed to stand
still. Something to keep in mind for organized religion.

Physical Life enables us to learn and expand our Minds (evolution) when
we utilize our time wisely. The disembodied Soul will always be
compelled to return to the Great Physical Plane to experience its
consciousness again, and again, until it has advanced to the point where it
will fulfill and utilize UNIVERSAL COSMIC LAW to its own advantage
and escaping the immutable and beginningless cyclic process of Nature.
This is the Life of a Master, a human who has mastered the lower parts of
his or her own nature and subjecting the lower laws of Nature by using
the Knowledge and Understanding of the higher LAW to which all
phenomenal laws are subservient and obedient. They dwell on Mental
Planes far above that of the collective mindset of today's civilization
whose experience is that of war, violence, suffering. and death. To them,
Life is a mysterious enigma to which they have given little attention, if
FEAR is the root cause of all evils in that it creates hatred, lying,
cheating, theft, dishonesty, maliciousness, separateness, superstition,
human dysfunction, lack of respect, just to name a few. However, there is
another causation back of and behind that of fear, and that is of
ignorance. Ignorance is the fundamental problem in human
consciousness because it is like a ship on the high seas that has no
navigational equipment to pinpoint its location or where it is going in the
rough waters. How will it know where it is, or where it is going when it
lacks the basic navigational equipment? So it is with the human Mind
when it wanders with no direction or purpose in Life. Intellectual
knowledge will give it some direction.... but to accomplish a permanent
solution to the wandering lost human Mind, somehow, it must access a
deeper Knowledge of Life, specifically, a Knowledge of the fundamental
Principles of LIFE which are SPIRIT in nature and an understanding
how it operates the Universe and the human Mind. The two are
inseparable, one cannot escape the other. Most Intellectual Knowledge
caters to the corporate, industrial, and financial world of reality but it
will not give the freedom to the human Mind that consciousness needs in
order to utilize its powerful Intuitive faculties to access the deeper
KNOWLEDGE and meaning of LIFE. All of the world's problems can
be summed up and pointed in the direction of IGNORANCE and lack of
religions of the world have helped in some ways but have hindered
progress in others because of their rigid attachment to tradition, doctrine,
and dogma, they have fallen short of the goals because of the premature
cognition of their documents and rituals. This has closed the human
Mind to the greater Spiritual Knowledge and it may take many future
generations to break this spell.

"Life is like a box of chocolates...." Many flavors and colors.... some are
beneficial, some are not. Nevertheless, we are free to choose and
experience the flavor of our choice.
Believers and Knowers will not share the same view because one is a
premature cognition of a hypotethetical concept of belief while the other
is that of an observation of an immutable and unalterable Truth that is
not of our own making.


Webster's Dictionary defines dualism or the dualistic views of reality:
1: A theory that considers reality to consist of two irreducible elements or modes
2 : the quality or state of being dual or of having a dual nature
3 a : a doctrine that the universe is under the dominion of two opposing principles
one of which is good and the other evil b : a view of human beings as constituted of
two irreducible elements (as matter and spirit)

The problem with dualistic views about reality is that it creates disunity,
separateness, superstition, creates satanic rituals because of the
fundamental believe that there are two entities that rule the Universe.
One that rules "evil," while the other rules all that is "good." This is a
very primitive concept of beliefs in that it is no different than the savage
who worships a rock because he or she believes that there is a supreme
being that dwells in the rock and that there are evil spirits lurking and
flying through the air looking for victims to take to their underworld.
The savage displays a dualistic view of reality based on his personal
beliefs of what he or she believes reality is. The cause of superstition is
caused by a lack of Knowledge and awareness. However, the savage can
advance on the scale of Life if he or she is sufficiently humble in order to
be teachable. Fear is the ruler of the savage's life because of his/her
ignorance of the true reality.
Some segments, if not all, of the Christian religion have taken the concept
of dualism as far as to say that GOD is not present within its Creation....
if this were to be a truth, then the concept about an infinite God is not
possible. This is where science and religion clashes because of the
difference in their views about reality. Science maintains mostly a
monotheistic view about reality that is based on their observations of the
Universe. Science has a problem with dualism because they realize that
no matter how large a system of galaxies and planets or universes they
discover, they always find an increasing larger system that can stupefy
the human Mind. There is also the ten percent limitation of the human

Mind that limits its concept of reality in what it is capable of perceiving.

Furthermore, there is the problem of premature cognition of traditional
doctrine within the ten percent capacity of the human brain that can
further stymie or at least slow the advancement of knowledge regarding
the Universe. Therefore is it important that the Intuitive Mind is
invoked within us in the acquisition of Spiritual Knowledge because
for KNOWLEDGE. When this mode of thinking is invoked, the
Universal Principle of CORRESPONDENCE (the opening of the brow
Chakra) is activated and enables the human Mind to acquire Knowledge
from SPIRIT and from the seat of his observatory on earth, without
having to physically traverse the Universe, acquire knowledge of the
distant galaxies which in truth is not possible to visit because of the
inherent limitations of mechanical propulsion. The concept of physicality
must be transcended before modes of transportation through the
"invisible" can be utilized.
Hermetic Philosophy maintains a monotheistic view about reality and
enables the concept of an INFINITE GOD that Hermetics refers to as
THE ALL in All. "The Theory of Everything" that is appearing on the
scene and the eighty year old cosmological constant that Albert Einstein
proposed in his equations of the General Theory of Relativity keeps
reappearing in new discoveries of Physics regarding the Universe and will
reaffirm and enforce the Hermetic Axiom "All is in THE ALL; and THE
ALL, is in All," --"The theory of Everything."


The true Aryans are an ancient noble Spiritual race that has nothing to
do with the Aryan nations of racism and skin color to which the
mainstream news media has drawn so much attention and given so much
credit without realizing the true meaning of "Aryan.". The word Araya
means cultured, refine, noble. Aryavarta was the land wherein the
people gave great heed to race culture. Arya-bhava was the ancient name
for the highest virtue. Arya-marga is the path of a noble Spiritual Life.

The difference between a Cult and Occult

These two words have been carelessly utilized without understanding by
most people. It is important to Know the difference....

cult (kult) n. [[< L cultus , care, cultivation, orig. pp. of colere , to till:
see WHEEL]] 1 a) a system of religious worship or ritual b) a quasireligious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who
indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views, practices, or
beliefs 2 a) devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a
person, principle, or lifestyle, esp. when regarded as a fad [the cult of
nudism] b) the object of such attachment 3 a group of followers; sect cult
ic adj. cult ism n. cult ist n.

oc cult (for adj. kult ; also a kult ; for v. kult ) adj. [[L occultus,
concealed, pp. of occulere, to cover over < ob- (see OB-) + celare, to hide
(see HALL)]] 1 hidden; concealed 2 secret; esoteric 3 beyond human
understanding; mysterious 4 designating or of certain alleged mystic arts,
such as magic, alchemy, astrology, etc. vt. , vi. 1 to hide or become hidden
from view 2 Astron. to hide by occultation the occult the occult arts or
studies oc cult ly adv. oc cult ness n.
from Comptoms Reference Collection
J. R. Seydel


by Baird Spalding
"Love is, as it might be said, cohesion, or a binding force that keeps all
things in relationship to their source."
"But Love will dissolve that which is not in harmony with the Universal
order for it demands of everything its complete adherence to the principle
of its own nature which is SPIRIT."


"A rise and fall of governments and nations...."
"Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens
according to Law;.... nothing escapes The LAW."
"Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

"If a race or nation refuse to let go of things created by a portion of

human thought instead of that which really exists, the LAW takes a hand
in its progress by allowing the accumulated vibrations sent out by such a
condition to reflect back upon itself (karma) through the light ray. Then
with war, strife, discord, and death on every hand, that race or nation is
wiped out, in order that it may be placed again in a new-lift of creation
(dharma). Thus it can begin over again in a new contact with that which
was before the beginning of human consciousness. Civilization today is
fast approaching a great reconstructive moment."
"All things that seem so stable and well founded now, will soon be
immersed in a state of inversion. Every tree that has not been planted by
Truth will be uprooted. There is approaching a complete cosmic
overthrow of the present social, political, financial, and religious
institutions, that will make room for the placing of the new era in order
that humanity may come in closer touch with that which is and was
established before the present human consciousness submerged and set it
"The leaders of Christian thought have been so busy with their
interdenominational bickering, each one determined that the other
should not succeed, that they have nearly forgotten what true spiritual
life means.
Likewise the Oriental people have set themselves so
determinedly upon the esoteric, occult, and scientific side of their
philosophy, that they have also passed over the spiritual."
The Knowledge and Teaching of a five hundred year old Master in the Himalayas (1894)

From the Himalayas (1894-1898)
"The founding of America portrays the white race's homecoming, as that
land is their former home and one of the places where the great early
spiritual enlightenment was brought forth. Thus it is the land where the
greatest spiritual awakening will take place. In a short time you will be
far ahead of the whole world in physical and mechanical development.
You will go on and develop the physical until it is perfected to such a
degree that you will see there is but one more step to the spiritual. When
that time comes, you will have the courage to take the step. There is a
saying in your country that necessity is the mother of invention.
Necessity placed you in a position where you were obliged to do that
which seemed impossible. Your mode of accomplishment has made you a
very material nation. With your mode of living, this has been necessary
in order to survive. When you, as a nation, do touch the spiritual realm,
the strides that you have made in the material will seem like child's play.

With the strong physical bodies and quick perception you have
developed, your race will become a light to all other nations; and you will
look back and wonder, as you are now looking back and wondering why
your forefathers used the stage-coach and the tallow candle when steam
and electricity were all around them, just as it is around you today. Had
they abided by the law, they would have received and benefited as you
have and will."
"You will find that the spiritual surrounds and is above the material.
You will find that in the spiritual there is a higher law, and when you
abide by that law, you receive the benefit; for the spiritual is just above
and around the mechanical or material."

Hollywood, and the Computer Digital Technology of

"It will come to a point where a few of those who develop the pictures
through mechanical means, to their higher degree of perfection, will be
the first to see the true spiritual meaning, the educational value, the
benefit to be derived, and the accomplishments that are possible. Then
those few will have the courage to step forth and proclaim the
accomplishment by the pictures they produce. It will be seen that these
devices and the people that develop them --now thought to be the most
material --will be the greatest power of any factor brought forth and
developed by your people, in bringing out the true spiritual ideal. Thus it
will be left to those who seem to be the most material of the greatest
material race, to bring forth the truly spiritual. Your people are going
on, and will bring forth a device which will reproduce the voices of those
who have passed, more accurately than they now reproduce the voices of
the living. You are going and will achieve, in a measure, mechanically,
what we do with thought force. This is where you are going to excel all
the world in future development."
From a Spiritual Master of Life in the Himalayas (1894-1898)

Life and Teaching of The Masters of The Far East (Volume II)
[If a movie is produced of Baird Spalding's experiences and his party of eleven
researchers with the Masters of the Himalayas during their expedition in 1894 and
1898 using today's digital technology for special effects, and if it is done right, it
will cause an enormous phenomenal impact in the awakening process of human
consciousness and Spiritual development around the globe, and without doubt,
THE ALL will have a "hand" in bringing it about as IT desires for humanity to
understand SPIRIT and to come in closer contact with it. Peace and prosperity

around the globe becomes a reality as humanity will lean towards the Unity of
MIND and they will ignore and discard the influential evil ambitions of the
warmongers in the world and bring change, thus avoiding the destructive forces of
"ignorance" and lack of "awareness." True global peace and Unity becomes a
reality in the face of a new awareness.]
J. R. Seydel

Things which eyes has not seen and ear has not heard,
and which have not entered the heart of man....
"All the things I have done, ye will do also and greater
do, for I go unto my Father...."

things will ye

"Straight is the way and narrow is the gate and few there will be who find
"Be ye transformed by the renewal of your Mind."
"Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect."


A man was arrested and brought before Pontius Pilate, a Roman governor, by the
Jewish scholars and priests. They wanted him dead for violating their traditional
belief system. Their leader a high priest by the name of Caiaphas, conspired with
the Jewish people to gain support to have Jesus, the heretic, put to death for his
blasphemous statements and teachings in violation of the academic religious
tradition in the order of the priesthood. Caiaphas successfully brought Jesus
before the Roman governor.
Pontius Pilate interrogated Jesus for his alleged crimes and found no fault in him,
neither did he violated any Roman Laws. Pilate did not share the same views with
Caiaphas. The chief priest insisted that he should be sentenced and put to death
and organized himself to gain public support. Pontius Pilate did not gave in to the
pressure of the chief priest, but instead, send him to King Herod to decide what to
do with Jesus. After King Herod interrogated Jesus, Herod send him back to
Pilate and told him to deal with it. Herod believed that Jesus may be a
reincarnation of John the Baptist whom he beheaded and was afraid of the
consequences, which he never publicly admitted, if he sentenced Jesus.
Public pressure was mounting on Pontius Pilate to have Jesus put to death. "You
are no friend of Caesar, if you do not follow through to sentence Jesus to death"
said the chief priest. Pilate gave in under continuous public pressure but made

another move to avoid him from putting to death what he believes is an innocent
man. It was a customary tradition to release a prisoner of the Jewish people's
choice during Passover. On that day Pontius Pilate brought before the Jewish
people, Barabas, a murderer, and Jesus, an alleged heretic, for the release of their
The public shouted, Barabas! Barabas! Barabas! Release Barabas! Crucify!
Crucify! Crucify him! to Jesus. "Your blood cometh over us and over our
children," they shouted.
The next morning Pontius Pilate's wife told him that she had a dream about Jesus
and said, "You must let this man go, he has done nothing wrong." Against his
own wishes and that of his wife, and under mounting public pressure, he sentenced
Jesus and ordered a servant to bring him a bowl of water to symbolically wash his
hands in innocence to vindicate himself of the sentencing of an innocent man to
death. That day Jesus was forced to carry his own cross to the place of execution
while the public cynically taunted, mocked, and scorned him on the way. Later a
Jewish sympathizer helped him carry his cross for the remaining distance after he
collapsed under it's weight. The people celebrated their victory and success to
have finally removed this religious heretic!
A subsequent event occurred, that has escaped the awareness of most humans
today, after the crucifying of Jesus. Two thousand years later a murderer
appeared on the scene by the name of Adolph Hitler who tortured, maimed, and
killed six million Jews. Is it Barabas reincarnated? The Jewish people shouted,
"Your blood cometh over us, and over our children." Is this a self imposed
"curse" in the consequences of the operating Principle of "Cause and Effect" that
followed the subsequent generations of Jewish people to suffer to this day? If so,
then a change must be made somewhere in order not to repeat the cyclic past.
Every human must learn to understand and know the works and operations of the
Universal Principles of Cosmic LAW so that we can do things properly. Did the
chief priest, Caiaphas, conspired to mislead the Jewish people to have Jesus
crucified? If he did, then he will bear the responsibility of his deceptive practices
and actions for centuries, if not for millenniums, to come.
This is not just a lesson for the Jewish people, but for all of us who live on this
planet in the choices that we make and to choose our "words" and "deeds"
carefully on a daily basis. None of us, regardless of race, creed, religion, or skin
color, or social status, is exempt from the works and operations of Cosmic Law.
Universal Cosmic Law is the absolute will of GOD, THE ALL in All.
It is no different today, than it was two thousand years ago. Humans will continue
to fight religious wars with each other for centuries to come until they will learn to
"know" and recognize the "ONE TRUTH" that will bring them together in unity
and harmony. They will continue to resist change when a TRUTH comes to them.
Until then, humans will continue to learn through trial and error the discarding of
useless religious traditions and beliefs, a leftover from the dark ages, the
"inherited tendencies" that has never been questioned to this day, that have
brought them war, violence, much suffering and death....

The idol worshipping of Jesus has become a stumbling block to most
people and religions who engage in such worship in that it prevents a
person from recognizing his or her own Spiritual responsibility in the
attainment of the "proper mind." They believe that "salvation" will all
be done for them and that there is nothing else for them to do. This is a
very dangerous assumption in that it prevents a person from taking the
responsibility and initiative to learn about SPIRIT and to further their
own spiritual growth. When we take upon ourselves his teachings, it will
open the way for SPIRIT to work with us and take us to places in SPIRIT
that we can not even imagine or openly speak about. Something that we
cannot do on our own.
The words that Jesus spoke on Sermon of The Mount became my wife's
and I personal experience( The letter killeth, but the Spirit maketh it
alive). And because of this, we were able to have a deeper understanding
of this great man (Master). We soon realized that his disciples were
prone to the idol worshipping of Jesus for which most of the world has
taken premature cognition for this "inherited" tendency. Jesus
specifically forbade Thomas to kneel down before him when he said, " I
am like each one of you." He referred to the disciples as "brethren."
Most people have followed their religious leaders blindly and copy each
other in this "idol worshipping" of Jesus without pausing for a moment
and to give it some thought. "Blind leaders of the blind, they all fall in
the same ditch."
In the course of time we have learned to idealize the teachings of Jesus
rather than idolizing his person. It is most important for the church and
all religions to discern this difference in order to assist in the Spiritual
growth and advancement of their members. We must learn to recognize
that the value of Jesus' teaching is not in the idol worship of his person,
but in the idealizing of his teaching which is SPIRIT. This mental
posture will perpetuate rapid Spiritual growth and advancement with
SPIRIT itself as our teacher. See above: "The Experience of Hermes
with the SPIRIT of THE ALL."

The Secret of Happiness

The whole meaning and joy of Life lay in the search of Perfection and
understanding of God's Will.
Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy

The Holographic Universe

by Michael Talbot

"There is no observable phenomena without an observer...."

The Rising Cost of Insurance, Medical Care, and

The free enterprise system is the most efficient and dynamic economic
system ever devised by man, but it is afflicted with flaws that would
destroy it through increasingly severe periods of inflation and depression
[RHYTHM]. The most serious flaw in the free enterprise system is that
as it accumulates more and more wealth, it becomes less and less capable
of using this wealth wisely [greed]. As a result, the accumulation of
riches are accompanied by the rapid spread of human misery....
Karl Marx, Das Kapital (1867)

("Enron?" One of many more examples to come, --the savagery of

corporate and industrial cannibalism? Are they willing to jeopardize the
free enterprise system because of their greed?)

Human Misery on The Rise

Unaffordable health care....
Unaffordable health insurance....
Unaffordable medicine....
Unaffordable education....
People going hungry....
Lack of governmental protection....
The continued and increased encroachment of aggressive greedy
pharmaceuticals and financial institutions upon people's livelihood
hungry for profits at any cost....
Lack of governmental protection against these greedy corporate entities
who are the CAUSE of increased human misery (as Carl Marx
predicted). It is only viewed as a "problem," not addressed as insatiable
"avarice and greed " (lack of wisdom). This has caused the "Free
Enterprise System" to become as shark invested waters. A very
dangerous trend for the Free Enterprise System itself because of shear
Godlessness in business ethics.

The Effects of Alcohol and Drugs upon The Etheric

Web of Human Nature
Excerpt from "The Chakras" (1927)
by C. W. Leadbeater

The astral and Etheric centres are in very close correspondence; but
between them, and interpenetrating them in a manner not readily
describable, is a sheath or web of closely woven texture, a sheath
composed of a single layer of physical atoms much compressed and
permeated by a special form of vital force. The divine life which normally
descends from the astral body to the physical is so attuned as to pass
through this with perfect ease, but it is an absolute barrier to all other
forces --all which cannot use the atomic matter of both the planes. This
web is the protection provided by nature to prevent the premature
opening up of communication between the planes --a development which
could lead to nothing but injury. It will therefore be readily understood
that any injury to this web is a serious disaster.
The malpractices which may more gradually injure this protective web
are of two classes --use of alcohol or narcotic drugs, and the deliberate
endeavour to throw open the door which nature has kept closed, by
means of such a process as is described in the spiritualistic parlance as
sitting for development. Certain drugs and drinks --notably alcohol and
all the narcotics, including tobacco --contain matter which on breaking
up volatilizes, and some of it passes from the physical plane to the astral.
(Even tea and coffee contain this matter, but in quantities so infinitesimal
that it is usually only after long-continued abuse of them that the effect
manifests itself.)
When this takes place in the body of man these constituents rush out
through the Chakras in the opposite direction to that for which they are
intended, and in doing this repeatedly they seriously injure and finally
destroy the delicate web. This deterioration or destruction may be
brought about in two different ways, according to the type of the person
concerned and to the proportion of the constituents in the Etheric and
astral bodies. First the rush of volatilizing matter actually burns away the
web, and therefore leaves the door open to all sorts of irregular forces
and evil influences.
The second result is that these volatile constituents, in flowing through,
somehow harden the atom, so that its pulsation is to a large extend

checked and crippled, and it is no longer capable of being vitalized by the

particular type of force which welds it into a web. The result of this is a
kind of ossification of the web, so that instead of having too much coming
through from one plane to the other, we have very little of any kind
coming through.
We may see the effects of both of these types of deterioration in the case
of men who yield themselves to drunkenness. Some of those who are
affected in the former way fall into delirium tremens, obsession of
insanity; but those are after all comparatively rare. Far more common is
the second type of deterioration --the case in which we have a kind of
deadening down of the man's qualities, resulting in gross materialism,
brutality and animalism, in the loss of all finer feelings and of the power
to control himself. He no longer feels any sense of responsibility; he may
love his wife and children when sober, but when the fit of drunkenness
comes upon him he will use the money which should have brought bread
for them to satisfy his own bestial cravings, the affection and
responsibility having apparently entirely disappeared.
The second type of effect is very commonly to be seen among those who
are slaves of the tobacco habit. Its effects are obvious in the physical,
astral and mental bodies. It permeates the man physically with
exceedingly impure particles, causing emanations so grossly material that
they are frequently perceptible to the sense of smell. Astrally it not only
introduces impurity but it also tends to deaden many of the vibrations
and it is for this reason that it is found to "soothe the nerves", as it is
called. But of course for occult progress we do not want the vibrations
deadened, nor the astral body weighed down with poisonous particles.
Its result after death are also of the most distressing character; it causes a
sort of ossification and paralysis of the astral body, so that for a long time
(extending to weeks and months) the man remains helpless, supine,
scarcely conscious, shut up as though in a prison, unable to communicate
with his friends, dead for the time to all higher influences. Is it worth
while incurring all these penalties for the sake of a petty indulgence? For
any person who really means to develop his vehicles, to awaken his
chakras, to make progress along the path of holiness, tobacco is
undoubtedly to be sedulously avoided.
All impressions which pass from one plane to the other are intended to
come only through the atomic sub planes, as I have said; but when this
deadening process sets in, it presently infects not only other atomic
matter, but matter of even the second and third sub planes, so that the

only communication between the astral and the etheric is when some
force acting on the lower sub planes (upon which only unpleasant and evil
influences are to be found) happens to be strong enough to compel a
response by the violence of its vibration.
Nevertheless, though nature takes such precautions to guard these
centres, she by no means intends that they shall always be kept rigidly
closed. There is a proper way in which they maybe opened. Perhaps it
would be more correct to say that the intention is not that the doors
should be opened any wider than their present position, but that the man
should so develop himself that he can bring a great deal more through the
recognized channel. The consciousness of the ordinary man cannot yet
use pure atomic matter either in physical body or in the astral, and
therefore there is normally no possibility for him of conscious
communication at will between the two planes.
We are always adjured to wait for the unfolding of psychic powers until
they come in the natural course of events a consequence of the
development of character, as we see from the study of these force-centres
that they surely will. That is the natural evolution; that is the only really
safe way, for by it the student obtains all the benefits and avoids all the
dangers. That is the Path which our Masters have trodden in the past;
that therefore is the Path for us today.
C. W. Leadbetter
His book, "The Chakras"
Excerpts and Quotations of the

Divine Pymander
The Seventh Book
His Secret Sermon in the Mount of Regeneration, and the Profession of

The lower regions of Human Nature


. 1) Ignorance
. 2) Sorrow
3) Intemperance
. 5) Injustice
. 6) Covetousness
. 7) Deceit
. 8) Envy
. 9) Fraud or Guile
10) Wrath
11) Rashness
12) Maliciousness
"They are in number twelve, and under these many more; some
which through the prison of the body, do force the inwardly placed
Man to suffer sensibly."
A person who engages in the practice of deception, back-stabbing, lying, cheating,
stealing, cunning, selfishness, greed, malicious intend, affecting other humans. A
miserable suicidal human of a
low self esteem at the bottom of the pit who may blame other
humans for his or her misery.

The Nobler heights of Human Nature

. 1) The Knowledge of Truth
. 2) The Power of Joy
. 3) The Power of Temperance
. 4) Continence, The Power over Concupiscence.
..5) Communion against Covetousness
. 6) The Calling of The Truth.
. 7) Access to The Truth.
. 8) Truth accompanied by the Good.
. 9) The Good that follows
10) Life and Light.
"Thou has understood O' Son, the manner of Regeneration; for upon the coming
of these Ten, the Intellectual Generation is perfected, and then it driveth away the
Twelve; and we have seen it in the Generation itself."
"Whosoever therefore hath of Mercy obtained this Generation, which according to
God, he leaving all bodily sense, knoweth himself to consist of divine things, and
rejoiceth, being made by God stable and immutable."

A noble refined Spiritually developed person who dwells in the nobler heights of the
mental scale of MIND. This person is poised and in control of his or her Mentalism
as well as the environment, being made stable and immutable by the indwelling

A Spiritual explanation has been written in light blue colored fonts with
regard to the axioms of the article below in order to help the reader with
its Spiritual meaning. The axioms are written in Green.
Excerpts from "His First Book"
Conversation of the Poemandres or Pymander (God) To Hermes

1. O my Son, write this first book, both for Humanity sake and for Piety
towards God.
2. For there can be no Religion more true or just, than to know the things
that are; and to acknowledge thanks for all things, to him that made
them, which thing I shall not cease continually to do.
3. What then should a man do, O Father, to lead his life well; seeing there
is nothing here true?
4. Be Pious and Religious, O my Son; for he that doth so, is the best and
highest Philosopher; and without Philosophy, it is impossible ever to
attain the height and exactness of Piety and Religion.
5. But he that shall learn and study the things that are, and how they are
ordered and governed, and by whom, and for what cause, or to what end,
will acknowledge thanks to the Workman, as to a good Father, an
excellent Nurse, and faithful Steward, and he that gives thanks shall be
pious or Religious, and he that is Religious shall know both where truth
is, and what it is, and learning that, he will be yet more and more
Religious. (not "religious" as the world understands it.)
13. But now, O my Son, I will by heads run through the things that are;
Understand thou what I say, and remember what thou hearest.
14. All things that are moved, only that which is not is unmovable.
All physical objects, terrestrial or celestial are moved by the Mental activity of THE ALL, while
THE ALL itself, or God, is immovable because it is absolute in presence.

15. Every Body is changeable.

All physical objects by their nature change, in space and time, the realm of relativity.

16. Not every Body is dissolvable.

Bodies are capable of escaping entropy and mortality if it has the sense of reasoning and possess the

Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding of The Divine Paradox of Immortality and mortality.
Each aspect being a half a Truth.

17. Some Bodies are dissolvable.

Dissolvable, meaning, the process of entropy and the resulting death (so called) of all things that is
known to every living human.

18. Every living thing is not mortal.

There are those who are not mortal.

19. Not every living thing is immortal.

Then, there are mortals who have no concept of Immortality and are subject to entropy by reason
of their accepted belief in death.

20. That which may be dissolved is also corruptible.

"Dissolving," the meaning, of decrepit bodies that are no longer capable of sustaining Life with the
resulting death (so called) that follows. Bodies void of a Mind and Life become dissolved and are
returned to the fundamental elements of Nature. Corruptible means the deterioration of the flesh
subject to entropy. However, nothing is ever lost because all that is, has its existence solely within
the enormous presence of THE INFINITE LIVING MIND of GOD which we refer to as SPIRIT -THE ALL....

21. That which abides always is unchangeable.

There are things that are not subject to entropy such as the Principles of Immortality and is
accomplished through the mental transmutation of the physical body. A knowledge of the mental
art that is beyond human reasoning and is freely available to all who seek the Knowledge.

22. That which is unchangeable is eternal.


23. That which is always made is always corrupted.

"Made" means the manifested, or physical realm where everything is subject to change, such as
entropy (decay). The effects of entropy is seen in the aging of the human body, animals, vegetation,
and the rusting of metals.

24. That which is made but once, is never corrupted, neither becomes any
other thing.
The other aspect of reality, the other half of the Truth, the other side of the same coin etc., are
things that are unalterable and unchangeable and is not subject to the process of entropy. It is not
suspected by limited mortal minded people.

25. First, God; Secondly, the World; Thirdly, Man.

26. The World for Man, Man for God.
27. Of the Soul; that part which is Sensible is mortal, but that which is
Reasonable is immortal.
Sensible, pertaining to the physical aspect, the five senses of the human body or any physical body.
Reasonable--The substantial essence of the Human Mind which is capable of a greater sense of
reasoning and awareness and is therefore capable of perceiving the greater Truths or to deviate
from the Truth which results in being a subject of decay. Animals have extremely limited reasoning
power and therefore become subject to the process of Nature. If Man maintains his Mind on the
animal plane, which is a common practice, he or she too becomes subject to the process of Nature of
which entropy is one of the aspects of manifested reality.

28. Every Essence is immortal.

"Essence" is the non-material aspect of being.

29. Every Essence is unchangeable.

30. Every thing that is, is double.
The paradox of reality such as mortality and Immortality, all things have their opposite aspects in
reality such as Positive and Negative, heat and cold, light and darkness, love and fear, good and
bad....all are relative on the ascending scale of Life. Each paradoxical aspect of Life slowly shades
from one end of Polarity to the opposite without abrupt and sudden changes.

31. None of the things that are stand still.

Everything on the physical plane moves and vibrates such as the atoms, planets and galaxies.
Nothing is allowed to stand still. Things come and go, nothing ever stays or endures in the
space/time continuum..

32. Not all things are moved by a Soul, but every thing that is, is moved
by a Soul.
Everything that moves in the Universe, is moved by The Infinite Mind of THE ALL, or GOD,
through the effort of its will and is the Divine Order or LAW by which all atomic and subatomic
particles and elements in Nature behave.

33. Every thing that suffers is Sensible, every thing that is Sensible
Carnal man.

34. Every thing that is sad, rejoiceth also, and is a mortal living Creature.
The pleasures and pains of carnality.

35. Not every thing that joyeth is also sad, but is an eternal living thing.
The evolved Human Mind through the awakening process and awareness of Reality, the truly
Spiritually awakened person who has become polarized on the scale of Life and is no longer subject
to the swing of The Pendulum, unlike the masses of people who are tossed to and fro on the
chessboard of Life having no will and effort of their own and therefore no sense of purpose or
direction in Life. They are subject to the swing of the Universal Pendulum, The Law of
Compensation and Equilibrium

36. Not every Body is sick; every Body that is sick is dissolvable.
Disease is an indication of entropy and mortality in physical bodies that eventually become
dissolved in death.

37. The Mind in God.

The Causation of Mind and Life and the resulting "Mental Laws."

38. Reasoning (or disputing, or discoursing) in Man.

Typical of our present day civilization.

39. Reason in the Mind.

40. The Mind is void of suffering.
Because Mind is a non-material aspect of all "causation."

41. No thing in a Body true.

All that is bodily or physical is subject to change and is highly illusionary.

42. All that is incorporeal, is void of Lying.

The Mental aspect of reality cannot be lied to because it always knows. Ever had a guilty conscious?

43. Every thing that is made is corruptible.

"Made" means "manifested." All things in the manifested Universe is subject to change. A
continuous Life, death, and rebirth of all things, a constant creation and destruction of suns worlds
and galaxies, a rise and fall of governments and nations. The corruption of flesh into old age and
the rusting of metals .

44. Nothing good upon the Earth, nothing evil in Heaven.

The "good" as is understood by the world is a concept in the relative sense. The only significant
good there is, is The Infinite itself because it is the unconditional Cause of all that exists--"The
things that are, and all that is."

45. God is good, Man is evil.

46. Good is voluntary, or of its own accord.
47. Evil is involuntary, or against its will.
48. The Gods choose good things, as good things.
49. Time is a Divine thing.
"Time" is a measurement of the Evolutionary Progress and advancement of all living things, the
Divineward or Spiritward Journey of all Manifested Life of which there is nothing that can escape
its evolutionary power.

50. Law is human.

Mosaic Law upon which the law of the land is based.

51. Malice is the nourishment of the World.

One does not have to look far to see malice.

52. Time is the Corruption of Man.

Birth, youth, old age and the resulting dissolution of the body.

53. Whatsoever is in Heaven is unalterable.

Heaven, or the Astral Planes; the unalterable aspect of the Quantum Reality which is Non-material
and Mental in nature, the aspect of Infinite MIND, of Infinite Knowledge, Wisdom, and
Understanding. Only in this aspect of reality can the concept of Immortality and Eternal Life be
known and understood. Heaven is not a place or a specific locality in Space and Time but a Plane of
hyper Mental activity and vibrations that is spaceless and timeless. It is unchangeable and
unalterable because space, time and physical particles are absent to enable change. A realm that
escapes the present human intellect....

54. All upon the Earth is alterable.

Life as our civilization knows it is subject to the changes of evolution and Mental manipulation and
transmutation of states into desirable conditions; History, or His story, the Present, and the Future,
the Spiritward or Divineward journey of all Life, the Divine Providence of THE ALL that bears
rule over all. Evolution affects all aspects of Life including the daily advancement of technology.
Causing all things to be suspended in a constant changing world as the world moves through space
and time.

55. Nothing in Heaven is servanted, nothing upon Earth is free.

In the "Heaven" aspect of reality are no governments, courts, policemen, soldiers, or leaders of any
kind. While everything in Life as the world understands it, is the exact opposite. Everything in the
"Heavenly" or "Astral Planes" which is SPIRIT in nature knows their proper position of behavior,
consequently the Mosaic type laws of which the law of the land are based upon is not needed.

56. Nothing unknown in Heaven, nothing known upon Earth.

The intuitive Mind is an aspect of the Astral Planes and is capable of "seeing" and "knowing"
things beyond that which the intellectual Mind is only capable of obtaining "empirically."

57. The things upon Earth, communicate not with those in Heaven.
The human race is for the most part totally unaware of the true reality that overshadows their
highly illusionary and trivial reality of materialism and for this reason are unable to connect
themselves with the primordial paradigm of the true reality that could give them the master keys to
the Arcane Knowledge and Wisdom regarding the deep secrets of Mind, Life, and the Nature of of
the reality they live in.

58. All things in Heaven are unblamable, all things upon Earth are
subject to Reprehension.
Reprehension means that every person belonging to this civilization has to answer to another
person or group of persons. It maybe a failure to adhere to the laws of the land, or be subject to
your boss at work. If any of their rules are not followed you become "blamed" and is punishable by
the rules and laws that they have established and you can become subject to fines, jail time, or loss
of a job. "Heaven" is a reality that does not operate by this concept because it is a non-material
realm that is Mental in nature. It can cause a person to rise above the "Reprehension" that entraps
most if not all people. A person who rises above this condition becomes disconnected from the
reality of Reprehension and will eventually find nothing in common with this realm. You become
the silent observer who observes the unreasonable madness of events taking place while being in a
state of complete disconnection.

59. That which is immortal, is not mortal; that which is mortal, is not
The Divine Paradox of Life. Each being a half of a Truth. The paradox of, Immortality and
mortality, light and dark, hot and cold, love and fear, the attraction and repulsion of atomic
particles, of gravity and anti-gravity, of Positive and Negative Polarity, the Cathode, and the
Anode. All of these may seem separate and contradictory to the ignorant human mind, but a
careful observation will reveal that these are all aspects of the two- vined, or di-vine nature of
reality, the Divine Paradox of the Principle of Polarity. "All paradoxes maybe reconciled" and
understood within the Principle of Polarity.

60. That which is sown, is not always begotten; but that which is begotten
always, is sown.
61. Of a dissolvable Body, there are two Times, one from sowing to
generation, one from generation to death.
62. Of an everlasting Body, the time is only from the Generation.
63. Dissolvable Bodies are increased and diminished.
The workings and operations of Universal Law; The Great Principle of Rhythm (The Cycles).

64. Dissolvable matter is altered into contraries; to wit, Corruption and

Generation, but Eternal matter into itself and its like.
The rapid appearance of atomic and sub-atomic particles that seem to come from an invisible void
and then vanish again into the same mysterious void bringing constant change to all physical

objects. All physical objects are generated from the realm of SPIRIT and become subject to the
corruption of entropy while being manifested on the Physical Plane. But, extremely tenuous matter
such as Pranic substance and Ethereal substance is above the manifestation of the Physical Plane
and its causes, therefore is it not subject to the process of entropy. It is considered an "eternal"
matter, a non-material substance.

65. The Generation of Man is Corruption, the Corruption of Man is the

beginning of Generation.
The cycles of entropy; Life, death, and rebirth or reincarnation.

66. That which offsprings or begetteth another, is itself an offspring or

begotten by another.
Sexual reproduction and its continuance.

67. Of the things that are, some are in Bodies, some in their Ideas.
In the reality of all that exists, there are things that are physical in appearance and that which is

68. Whatsoever things belong to operation or working, are in a body.

In the realm of relativity, all physical things that move in the Universe consist of a material body
and a specific identity and locale in space and time, be that of a human body, a planet, a sun, or
galaxy. All have their proper place and are subject to the creative process within the Universe.

69. That which is immortal, partakes not of that which is mortal.

Two aspects of the same reality that are eons apart in the self realization and perception of reality
within the human mind.

70. That which is mortal, cometh not into a Body immortal; but that
which is immortal, cometh into that which is mortal.
The indestructible SOUL

71. Operations or Workings are not carried upwards, but descend

The downward manifestation of matter (from Spirit to the Physical Plane) of space, time, and
change is always "downward" and never upward. "The downward borne elements of God."-Divine Pymander

72. Things upon Earth, do nothing advantage those in Heaven; but all
things in Heaven do profit and advantage the things upon Earth.
There is nothing upon the Earth Plane that contributes to the advantage of the Astral Planes, yet,
the Earth Plane benefits and profits from the "good" that is eagerly and unconditionally bestowed
upon the Earth Plane. This is the "good" of THE ALL.

73. Heaven is capable, and a fit receptacle of everlasting Bodies, the Earth
of corruptible Bodies.
The "Astral" concept of Mind makes possible the creation of immortal bodies, while the carnal
concept of consciousness creates bodies subject to entropy and mortality. It is subject to its own
limited concept of reality.

74. The Earth is brutish, the Heaven is reasonable or rational.

The unreasonable disputes of war and violence with the loss of human life that has no

sensible cause and is known to every habitant of the Earth Plane--brutishness, or animalistic
tendencies. Heaven, is the Spiritually developed individual's Mind which has risen above the plane
of brutishness or animalistic tendencies and has no connection with the unreasonable, unconscious
madness that brings destruction and death --unpleasant revolting experiences.

75. Those things that are in Heaven, are subjected or placed under it; but
the things on Earth, are placed upon it.
The mastery of Mind and matter creates a heavenly reality for the person who, by his or her own
efforts, succeeds creating "causes," and subjecting the plane they dwell upon and planes below
them to the mastery of their Minds, while an ignorant and unaware civilization struggles against
the unrecognized forces of "effects" and wandering in "unawareness." They are subject to the
whims of "effects," unable to dominate their fate. They are "placed upon it"(fate) by reason of
their own follies.

76. Heaven is the first Element.

Heaven; the Astral Planes; the primordial causation of all Life and Matter in the Universe which is

77. Providence is Divine Order.

The primordial causation and effects of UNIVERSAL COSMIC LAW

78. Necessity is the Minister or Servant of Providence.

79. Fortune is the carriage or effect of that which is without Order; the
Idol of operation, a lying fantasy or opinion.
Idolatry worship and superstition which has no substance in the reality of TRUTH.

80. What is God? The immutable and unalterable Good.

A true statement of TRUTH.

81. What is Man? An unchangeable Evil.

After reading this link, think about it before accepting anything as a truth. It is imperative not to
become blinded and controlled by the opinions, efforts, and wills of others if we are to maintain
ourselves as free human beings, even if you live in a country that preserves freedom. The danger is
not only that of changing governments, but an equally dangerous private sector of special interest;
world wide corporate conglomerates that dictate policy to their respective governments and
affecting the laws to their advantage. Their ruthlessness and greedy cause will bring misery to
humanity. For the moment, this will be the Path of our civilization, however, in the near future
there will be powerful forces of human Consciousness that will bring a sweeping change in all levels
of society. Humanity will demand change because of the unbearable pain they suffer from the
rising costs that affects their livelihood. There will be a polarizing of Minds. Spiritual development
and growth is a powerful insulator against this pain because of a simple change in how the situation
is viewed. Mental telepathy brings wisdom in order to navigate oneself around and through these
things until a rise above this plane can bring relief and disconnection from suffering. In this aspect
of Consciousness we relieve ourselves from our own rudeness greed that caused us to be part of the
problem in the first place.

82. If thou perfectly remember these Heads, thou canst not forget those
things which in more words I have largely expounded unto thee; for these
are the Contents or Abridgment of them.

83. Avoid all conversation with the multitude or common People; for I
would not have thee subject to Envy, much less be ridiculous unto the
84. For the like always takes to itself that which is like, but the unlike
never agrees with the unlike; Such Discourses as these have very few
Auditors, and peradventure very few will have, but they have something
peculiar unto themselves.
85. They do rather sharpen and whet evil men to their maliciousness;
therefore it behooveth to avoid the multitude, and take heed of them, as
not understanding the virtue and power of the things that are said.
86. How does thou mean, O Father?
87. Thus, O Son, the whole Nature and Composition of those living things
called Men, is very prone to Maliciousness, and is very familiar, and as it
were nourished with it, and therefore is delighted with it. Now this wight
if it shall come to learn or know, that the world was once made, and all
things are done according to Providence and necessity, Destiny, or Fate,
bearing Rule over all; Will he not be much worse then himself? despising
the whole, because it was made. And if he may lay the cause of Evil, upon
Fate or Destiny, he will never abstain from any evil work.
88. Wherefore we must look warily to such kind of people that being in
ignorance, they may be less evil for fear that which is hidden and kept
The fear of ignorant people for the UNKNOWN.


Bearing Witness of "THE ALL."
J. R. Seydel
A Neophyte