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Social Media

Learn how to apply Social Marketing

successfully in practice through the use
of Social Media.
Discover how profitable communities
are created.

Social Marketing | social networking | social

profiling | interaction | youtube | web 2.0 | rss
| communities | weblogs | co-creation | social
branding | linkedin | twitter | virals | facebook
| hyves | microblogging | virtual worlds |
crowdsourcing | weblogs | vodcasting | cus-
tomer reviews | user-generated content

Course initiator:
Richard van Hooijdonk
Director, MarketingMonday

Former marketing director and author of

the book ‘On to Marketing 2.0’, speaker at
many national and international conferen-
ces. He is also a lecturer at SRM/Erasmus
and a guest lecturer at Nyenrode Business

‘The connected customer’
The ‘new consumer’ is faced with around 3000 communication messages
50% of internet traffic is already generated by every day. Only 14% of consumers still trust standard advertising state-
Social Media. In 2010, 60% of marketers will ments. However, most of them (over 78%) do trust the opinions of others.
invest 25% of their budget in Social Media. They only wish to connect with companies, brands, products and institu-
What will you do? tions if they are relevant. This ‘connected customer’ wants to influence,
think along, create, help decide, share and state his or her opinion. But
Use the ‘Social Media Cycle’ to discover how can we achieve this? Which concrete steps will we need to take? And
how to develop a successful social marketing how can we earn money and establish communication or participation
strategy for your own organisation along the way?

New marketing techniques allow us to make custom-
ers, prospects and fans loyal to our company, our prod-
ucts and our services in smarter ways. The time-hon-
50% of internet traffic is already generated by social media. If we oured customer database is now being replaced by a
look at the new marketing economy, Social Marketing is the most social marketing strategy. This allows us to proliferate, combine and ac-
powerful form of marketing. In 2010, over 60% of marketers will in- celerate viral marketing online and to reduce marketing and communica-
vest at least 25% of their budget in Social Media. The inspirational
‘Social Media’ Masterclass gives you insights into the new consumer
and concrete instructions on how to use Social Marketing with Social • What is the ‘consumer 2.0’ like?
Media as a new source of strength. We present numerous case stud- • What are Social Media, Social Marketing, Social Branding?
ies, examples and step-by-step plans, so that you can then take your • Which forms of Social Media exist? And what can I do with
own first steps towards a successful social marketing and communi- them in practice?
cation strategy. During the Masterclass, you will also put theory into • How can I develop a good social marketing & communication
practice yourself under the guidance of Social Media specialists. Our strategy?
approach is therefore ‘hear it’ as well as ‘do it’. • How can I create a profitable community?
tion costs. Research has shown that marketers will give social media the References
highest priority from 2009 onwards. They can see that in the future, mass
media will shift to community-based communication, where customers,
fans and prospects ‘surround’ the brand or product and develop commer- “MarketingMonday has really succeeded in getting people to take
cially relevant activities on the basis of this connection. Brands and or- action.” The whole group is 1000% inspired and has gained a lot
ganisations will need to gain experience of this highly valuable form of
of new knowledge and ideas, some of which are already being
customer affinity which will have major consequences for the commercial
strategy as a whole. implemented.”

Marie-Jose van Den Boomgaard, marketing manager, KPN/Hi

• Includes teaching material and a generous 2.0 lunch

• Free marketing 2.0 trend newsletter for 1 year “It's rare to take part in a programme which so clearly combines
• Free social media helpdesk for 3 months
concrete business goals and the old and new marketing.”

Hedwig Wassing, director, Euro Relais

A handy step-by-step plan: the ‘Social Media Cycle’

During the inspirational Masterclass, we will take you through the Social
“For my work, I regularly attend various presentations, seminars
Media process. Using the ‘Social Media Cycle’ we will discuss the concrete
steps you can take. All the concepts will be explained and the many case and workshops. But ‘On to Marketing 2.0’ was a real eye-opener
studies will give you an insight into the numerous practical possibilities of and the best course I have seen in quite some time. Thank you!”
a good Social Marketing & Communication strategy. The masterclass will
Ron Grevink, marketing director, RES software
give you the knowledge and insights you need to get started right away.

“If generating enthusiasm is the 2.0 buzzword, you couldn't find

anyone better suited to the task than the speakers from Market-

ingMonday. They think big, wide and outside the box. Enjoy the


Job Koopman, Strategy Director, marketing agency Etcetera

“MarketingMonday summarises the developments in the mar-

keting arena extremely well during the Marketing 2.0 course,

teaching you how to respond to these changes as effectively as

possible... Highly practical and inspirational.”

Robert Gijsbers, Albert Heijn

“MarketingMonday's Marketing 2.0 course is truly inspirational.

It's enthusiastic and passionate. The course really ‘grips’ the par-

ticipants. I can thoroughly recommend both the course and Mar-

ketingMonday. ”

Liesbeth Janssen, Standaard Uitgeverij, Belgium

The Social Marketing Cycle©

Goals Devices
What are your goals? From soft to concrete goals: connec- Our social marketing strategy focuses not only on online
tions, interactions, ratings and reviews ultimately produce distribution. As regards devices, we focus on distribution
conversion possibilities. via (1) the internet, (2) mobiles and (3) offline.

DXeX^\d\ek KXi^\k
@K ^iflgj

Target groups
Which specific target groups will we focus on? Media
And how can we identify them online? The Groundswell Tool for developing Our social media concept takes various forms, namely: (1)
segmentation gives us more possibilities, with its (1) crea- a strong social marketing text, (2) video, (3) photos, (4) podcasts, (5) minisites, (6)
tors, (2) critics, (3) collectors, (4) joiners, (5) spectators, 8iZ_`k\Zkli\ & community strategy: :feZ\gkj games, (7) specific applications
(6) inactives.
The MarketingMonday
Social Marketing Cycle

Concepts D\[`X Architecture

A specific proposition or clear (creative) concept is an im- The use of social media will need to be managed correctly.
portant prerequisite for successful social marketing. Make The media will need to be deployed simultaneously in such
sure that your topics are appealing. a way that each medium reinforces the effect of the others.
The existing cross media approach will need to be trans-
formed into an efficient cross and social media strategy
with relevant crossovers.

Social Media
In order to implement Social Marketing, we use social media.
These media allow us to (A) communicate, (B) cooperate,
(C) impart knowledge or (D) entertain. We can choose from
many different groups of Social Media, which can be further Management & IT

subdivided into ‘custom’ and ‘public’ social media: (1) social There are a few important prerequisites for a successful
networks, (2) publishing, (3) photosharing, (4) video, (5) social marketing strategy: (1) public or custom IT applica-
audio, (6) microblogging, (7) livecasting, (8) virtual worlds, tions are crucial, (2) social marketing intelligence for ac-
(9) games, (10) productivity, (11) aggregators, (12) RSS, (13) countability, (3) the right people with the right knowledge,
search, (14) mobile and (15) messaging. (4) effective campaign management.
Programme What will you gain during the inspirational
• The latest information, statistics and market data regard-
10.00 - 11.30  Inspirational session on ‘Social Media in
ing social media
practice’ • Insight into the steps, media and techniques required to
• The changing consumer implement social media
• Insight into the practical possibilities of social media
• How does social media work?
through many examples and case studies
• Case studies including IBM, Starbucks, • The skills you need to develop a basic social media strategy
Apple, Dolfinarium, Obama • Insight into how communities are created and made
• Statistics and market insights
• Insight into the management aspects of social media
and communities
11.30 - 12.30 Presentation of the Social Media Cycle • Insight into the management aspects of social media

• Social Media objectives and

target groups

• Which social media can I use? Who is the programme aimed at?
This Masterclass is aimed at online marketers, marketing
• How do I develop successful social
managers, product managers and company commercial
media concepts? managers. This Masterclass also offers many opportunities for
• How do I create a community, maintain it, the marketing and communication staff of government,
healthcare and charitable bodies.
make it profitable, expand it?

• How do I determine the architecture of a

good social media strategy?

Who is giving the seminar?
• How does social media relate to Richard Van Hooijdonk (1968) has been the marketing direc-
cross media? tor of various organisations both in the Netherlands and
abroad and is currently a popular speaker and presenter at
• How do you organise social media within
international conferences. He is also a (guest) lecturer at
the organisation? SRM/Erasmus and Nyenrode. In recent years, Richard van
Hooijdonk has grown into one of the leading Dutch consult-
ants in the field of Marketing 2.0. His inspirational seminars
12.30 - 13.30 Lunch break
are very popular and have been attended by more than
15,000 people. More information and videos:
13.30 - 14.30 Presentation of the Social Media Cycle www.vanhooijdonk.com and www.marketingmonday.nl.

14.30 - 14.45 Social media case studies explained High quality

The MarketingMonday programmes are based on knowledge,

14.45 - 16.15 Elaboration of social media case study in practice and the many internal and external sources of inspi-
ration. The high quality of the programmes is guaranteed by
the ongoing practical experience gained by the Marketing-
Monday course lecturers for the various programmes. Every
16.15 - 17.15 Team presentations, feedback and advice day, our lecturers also give organisations practical help with
the shift to new marketing, new media and new techniques.
This knowledge and experience (as well as the case studies)
17.30 End of Social Media Masterclass and therefore create strong, practical and high-quality founda-
start of Social Media social tions for all the participants.
Summary Just some of the companies
who have gone before you:
• Complete Social Media update!

• Learn how to apply social marketing

in practice

• Case studies, step-by-step plans, models

and examples

• Highly experienced lecturers and speakers

• Also suitable as an in-company programme

• Our courses and masterclasses are given

all over the world

Richard van Hooijdonk

You can also call us on +31 (0)20 6541941.

‘‘ Social Marketing’ is becoming

the most powerful avenue for
To contact us directly, please call
+31 (0)6 41330000.
companies, institutions, govern-
ments and organisations. Make
sure you don't miss the boat!’
For further information about the
marketing 2.0 course, please visit:
Evert van de Beekstraat 310 1118 CX Schiphol-Centrum T +31(0)20 6541941
F +31 (0)84 7163822 E info@marketingmonday.nl www.marketingmonday.nl