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Says decision to resign is an
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Environmentalist takes issue with

President, threatening Court action
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These are indicative rates based on results of daily surveys of

the foreign exchange market in Monrovia and its environs. The
rates are collected from the Forex Bureaux and the commercials
banks. The rates are not set by the Central Bank of Liberia.
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I came in July, what I saw was dead bodies everywhere, there were more dead bodies than patients, and
nobody seems to know what to do. They will say, there is dead body on Somalia Drive, I didnt even know
where the Somalia drive was. There is dead body in New Kru town, so I said to myself, Doctor Atai, you have
to put on your tough coat. I put on my tough coat, and I declared that Ebola must get out of Liberia, that was
my resolution, I told Ebola, fear because Atai is in Liberia, and indeed Ebola feared. Dr. Atai Omoruto

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Your Vote is your Voice Vote your Nation & Vote Right

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Monday, December 15, 2014

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Monroviahe 2014 Senatorial elections is back in play with a new

date after last Saturdays decision by the Supreme Court of
Liberia to reject a Writ of Prohibition seeking postponement
of the elections due to the deadly Ebola virus outbreak.
In a 3-2 opinion marred by dissent from two members of the
bench, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor, opined that the court is not a
political branch, thus the issue before this court is political making
it impossible for the court to hear the petition. Wherefore and in
view of the forgoing, the majority of the honorable Supreme Court
bench hereby squash and denied the writ of the prohibition and the
stay order on the pending special senatorial election is herby lifted.
Mr. Blamo Nelson, a former Minister of Internal Affairs and also a
former Senator was grateful to present his case in court, even though
he and his co-proponents did not get the ruling they sought. I think
we had our day in court and thats what we came for. So I am not
disappointed at all. I think the judicial process has taken its course
and that the matter that we brought here has been laid to rest by the
high court, Blamo Nelson, a former Minister of Internal Affairs told
journalists in the judicial yard after Saturdays ruling.
Just 24 hours after the courts decision, the National Elections
declared Saturday, December 20, 2014 as election date, reaching a
decision after a meeting held with political parties and candidates at
the headquarters of the Commission in Monrovia. Political Campaign
will officially end at 6:00 PM on Friday, December 19, 2014,
according to NEC.
Critics of the proponents of the election postponement described them
as mainly old school thinkers of the progressives era who found a
loophole in the election process and decided they would challenge it.
The suit brought on by Nelson, Rev. J. Emmanuel Bowier a former
Information minister as far back as two decades ago and Cllr. Laveli
Supuwood who also has his face on campaign posters across the
country, put the brakes on the electoral process for two weeks leaving
the fate of many candidates across the country in limbo in terms of
valued campaign time.
The decision to reschedule the election from December 16 to December
20, 2014, according to the NEC release is intended to compensate for
time lost as a result of the Stay order imposed on the election and
campaign activities by the Supreme Court. The December 20 date set
for the conduct of the election is in consonance with Joint Resolution
number 002 recently adopted by the Legislation.
Joint Resolution 002 mandates the Commission to conduct the Special
Senatorial Election no later than December 20, 2014.
At the same time, the National Elections Commission has urged
political parties and candidates to assist in informing the electorate
about the new date for the election as they proceed with political
The Commission however advises all political parties and candidates
to proceed with their political campaign within the framework of
the law and measures agreed to at a recent Inter Party Consultative
Committee Meeting held on December 3, 2014. During the meeting,
political parties and candidates agreed that they will conduct their
campaign within the following scope: No street Parades; Campaigns
will only be conducted in districts/communities; and Gatherings will
not exceed 250 persons, etc.
The decision is poised to pose a major blow to independent candidate
Robert Sirleaf who had argued in a separate petition before the high
court challenging the Liberian Government for the issuance of
Executive Order 65, prohibiting political rallies throughout Monrovia
in the wake of the Ebola crisis.
Sirleaf says the order announced by his mother, President Ellen
Johnson-Sirleaf recently is discriminatory, punitive, and wrong.
The President explained that Executive Order No. 65 on December
3, 2014 is intended to strengthen governments efforts to contain the
spread of Ebola, protect the security of the State, maintain law and
order, and promote peace and stability in the country.
But Sirleaf insists that the Order seeks to undermine the ongoing
democratic process by which the citizens would elect the individuals
they believe to be qualified to represent their interests in the
government for the next nine years.
The order came into play in the aftermath of a massive rally by
football legend George Weah on the streets of Monrovia. Supporters
of Robert Sirleaf says, they did not get a chance to showcase their
candidate in the same numbers as Weah.
But it is the ruling to suspend the elections that drew attention
One group of the petitioners told the high court that the Ebola virus
was still a serious health problem in the country and that it was not
possible to hold election when the country has not been declared
Ebola free by the government and its international partners.
Another group of the petitioners had called on the high court to halt the
election because the Legislative branch of government that set up the
election date for Tuesday, December 16, 2014 does not have the right

Wade C. L. Williams,; Kennedy L. Yangian 077296781 and Bettie Johnson; STAFF WRITER
to do so when President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the imposition
of the state of emergency in the country in August, 2014 due to Ebola
outbreak suspended the holding of the Senatorial election that was to
take place on October 14, 2014.
While the National Election Commission (NEC) backed by the
Justice Ministry which was slapped with the writ of prohibition told
the court that its action to go ahead with the election, was consistent
with the law and the decision was reached after consultations with its
But as the petitioners walked out of the Supreme Court Building at
the Temple of justice on Saturday after almost four hours listening
what critics called their defeat being read before them by the court,
the men wore smiles on their faces and their countenance was far
from remorseful.
No I dont think we are, at least we had our day in court and thats
what we came for, said a seemingly disappointed Nelson.
Im not disappointed at all, I think the judicial process has taken its
course and the matter that we brought here has been laid to rest by the
high court. I think all of us should be happy that we see our judicial
system as a place of refuge when we feel that things are not right; we
come and put ourselves at the disposal of the court.
Nelsons argument his critics say is weak and the real reason why they
took the matter to the high court was to stall the elections that had
already been scheduled by the National Elections Commission (NEC)
for Tuesday, thereby making way for a quasi arrangement outside the
law when the legislature would have been rendered unbalanced by
January 16, 2014.
Milton Teahjay, former Sinoe County Superintendent is among those
disgusted with the attitude of the men who filed the petition and
sending the country into a quagmire. He said the longer the court kept
the stay order in place the more the complication.
In the first place this petition should not have been filed because
all of the agency actors, the executive and the legislative branch of
government all acted within the context of their authority, said Mr.
In my mind I think this is an attempt by the petitioners to force an
interim government, so that they will have their place around the
political table. I think this was an action by a few unsophisticated,
egotist who just wanted to pursue an opportunity so that they could
bring this government down to be part of an interim government.
But the lawyers of the petitioners have taken solace in the divided
Supreme Court bench that handed down a 3-2 ruling in the matter.
The petitioners lawyer Cllr. Cyrennius Cephas told journalists at the
court after the reading courts decision that the divided bench showed
that their complaint was in good faith and logical.
Said Cephas: If you listened to the dissenting opinion, all of the issues
we raised; the first issue was whether the conditions that necessitated
the imposition of the State of Emergency have now been removed
and therefore we can now hold elections, the minority opinion said
no, those conditions still exists. Ebola still poses a clear and present
danger. We made the case.
The two Judges, with dissenting views on the matter spent two hours
apart from the almost three spent by Chief Justice Francis Korkpor in
reading the ruling of the court. Onetime Justice Minister, Associate
justice Philip A. Z. Banks III and Associate Justice Kabineh Janeh
who also failed to sign the ruling, differed with Chief Justice Korkpor
shortly after he ruled into the writ of prohibition filed by the political
parties and eminent citizens.
It seems the petitioners were not prepared before rushing to court with
their suit as Chief Justice Korkpor said Saturday in his Opinion, the
other party under the banner the National Democratic Coalition the
high court could not also deal with its brief because its lawyer Cllr.

Laveli Supuwood filed and withdrew all of its brief leaving the high
court with nothing to act upon while the Chief Justice ruled to fine
Cllr. Supuwood the amount of US$ 300.00 payable within 72 hrs for
negligently representing his clients.
He stated that the high court could not deal with the brief of the
Justice Ministry because it filed its return to the brief of other parties
late. He said instead of December 2, Justice Ministry filed its brief on
December 3, 2014.
Chief Justice Korkpor went on to say that the joint resolution by the
Executive and Legislative branches of government was constitutional
adding that Article 1 of the Constitution that says that power is
invested in the people does not means that the people should control
the body-politics of the country.
According to the Chief Justice while it is sudden that the Ebola virus
had taken away the lives of thousands of Liberians and foreigners
alike, but the decision had come from the resolution reached by the
Executive and Legislative to hold the special senatorial election by
December 20, 2014.
Chief Justice Korkpor continued that the petitioners raised a lot of
political issues other than substantive issue adding that the Judiciary
branch of government does not deal with political matters and that
political matter are left with the two other branches of government.
Wherefore and in view of the foregoing the alternative writ of
prohibition cannot lie in this case because the resolution to hold
this election is constitutional and that NEC is advised to put in the
necessary preventive guidelines in holding the election hereby so
ordered, stated the Chief Justice as he read the opinion.
Shortly after his ruling Associate Justice Banks and Janeh differed
on the opinion with two different other opinions read out by the two
Associate justices who sat close to one another.
I dont agree with the majority of this bench because a date should
have been set by this court for the election, said Justice Banks.NEC
needs to put into place a mechanism for aspirants also so that if they
breach the rules they can be penalized.
Associate Justice Kabineh Janeh also stated the deadly Ebola
epidemic virus has hindered the right of the people to freely exercise
their franchise. He said the opinion rendered by the court only looked
at the political aspect of the issue but it did not take into account
the rights of the people. But Justice Janeh will abide by the law
by exercising his right to vote in the election that has now been
rescheduled for December 20, 2014.
We disagree, but the Supreme Court laws states if you disagree you
should state why you are not signing the opinion in my judgment the
opinion was not authentic of rights, I have no reason to doubt the
ability of NEC, I am going to Nimba to cast my vote, said Associate
Cllrs. Theophilus Gould, Musa Dean, Ministry of Justice Acting
Minister Benedict Sannoh represented the NEC backed by the
Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General Betty Larmie Blamo while
the eminent citizens and political parties to include the National
Democratic Coalition and Interest groups were represented by Cllrs.
Cyrennius Cephas and Laveli Supuwood.
Legal pundits told FrontPageAfrica before the high courts decision
that the petitioners petition was dead on arrival and that election
would go ahead because the petitioners did not have a case but were
trying to waste the time of Liberians and the NEC. The question
on the minds of many now is whether one week of campaigning is
sufficient for those eyeing senatorial seats.
For now though, the high court decision appears to have avoided the
possibility of a possible constitutional crisis but voter turnout and the
developments on the campaign trail in the next seven days could prove
to be a pivotal test for Liberias burgeoning post-war democracy.

Monday, December 15, 2014



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Mory Duckry A Sumaworo, Ph.D.Candidate in Comparative Laws, IIUM, Malaysia - Contributing Writer
The Importance Of Free & Fair
Election In The Midst Of Ebola

THE AURA OF CONFUSION casting dark clouds over the holding

of this years controversial Senatorial Elections in Liberia appear to
be over with the Supreme Court of Liberia ruling last Saturday that
there was simply no substance in a petition by a group of Liberians
seeking to postponed the holding of the elections due to the deadly
Ebola virus outbreak.
DESPITE SOME dissenting opinions amongst members of the
high court, Chief Justice Francis Korkpor, in a 3-2 ruling opined
that the court is not a political branch, thus the issue before this
court is political making it impossible for the court to hear the
petition. Wherefore and in view of the forgoing, the majority of
the honorable Supreme Court bench hereby squash and denied the
writ of the prohibition and the stay order on the pending special
senatorial election is herby lifted.
THE RULING LEFT THE petitioners defeated but grateful to
have had their day in court. I think we had our day in court and
thats what we came for. So I am not disappointed at all. I think
the judicial process has taken its course and that the matter that we
brought here has been laid to rest by the high court, Blamo Nelson,
a former Minister of Internal Affairs told journalists in the judicial
yard after Saturdays ruling.
LAST SATURDAYS RULING paved the way for the holding of
the elections many, including Associate Justice Kabineh Janeh
believes should not be taking place.
JANEH, ONE OF TWO JUSTICES who had a dissenting opinion
explained shortly after the ruling that the differences among the
members of the bench did not mean that there was a friction.
When you differ the law dictates that you state why you are not
with the majority decision, that is the law and thats what we did. It
doesnt mean that there is a particular problem on the bench but that
sometimes we look at the law differently. This was not the proper
time for elections and that the law authorizing the election at this
time in my judgment was not fully protected.
SIDING WITH JANEH, Associate Justice Phillip Banks, argued
that if the pending Senatorial Election is not held, it would not lead
to an interim government as stated by the lawyers representing the
National Elections commission.
NOW, THE ELECTIONS initially slated for Tuesday, December
16, 2014 is not set for Saturday, December 20, just five days before
Christmas, according to the National Elections Commission.
HISTORY DICTATES AND conscience demands the NEC work
closely with all political parties and candidates vying for seats in the
upcoming elections to ensure that these elections are carried out in a
fair, clean and transparent manner.
OVER THE PAST few weeks, multiple reports have surfaced that
some candidates have been buying voting cards from vulnerable
voters in hopes of diminishing participation of rival candidates
in the race; some candidates have been trading barbs with others
and there have been many cases of rival supporters tearing down
campaign posters and images of their opponents.
COMING FROM WHERE we have been in the past few years,
Liberians, particularly those seeking seats in the upcoming race,
owe it to themselves and the countrys post-war stability to conduct
themselves in a peaceful and respectful manner during this process.
LIBERIA CANNOT and must not allow itself to sink into the gutter
of yesterday, where some great statesmen and women risked their
lives in pursuit of freedom and democracy.
HISTORY DICTATES and our conscience expects more of us as
these elections go into gear.
NO AMOUNT OF hatred and no amount of reprisals can bring back
the lives of those who died in pursuit of the freedom, rights and
liberties we are still seeking after 167 years as a nation bearing the
tag as Africas oldest republic.
WE OWE IT TO OUR fathers and mothers, living and dead to have
a peaceful election, free of cheating, free of foul play or any sign of
activities that will lead us down the memory lane of 1985, a period
in our history no one in their right mind ever wants to see repeated.
A Hint to the Wise!!!

t is an undisputable fact that pre-election period in any given

country can bring about tension between rival political parties,
as they all fight towards a particular target and strive to achieve
a specific end. That is; either being elected as a senator,
representative, president or any other elective posts as they may differ
from country to country or system of governance to another. However,
electoral forms might be different, but the eagerness and hope, and
aspiration of various political parties and independent candidates
might be identical in terms of using any possible means to get the
seat. This quest gives rise to tension among them, which is not a bad
thing in itself, had it been properly applied, and civically managed as
it is seen in highly advanced democratic nations, such as the United
States of America, France, Singapore, Ghana to state but few.
Thus, as we Liberians are preparing for the special senatorial election,
it is pertinent to refresh our minds and present positive image of our
beloved nation while practicing our constitutional right to oppose
any undesirable party or independent candidate, or support the
party of our choice.Therefore, this piece intends to highlight and
spotlight some positive impacts yielded from civilized behaviors of
all parties involved in the process of election, starting from Elections
Commission, to political parties, independent candidates and their
Civilized conducts of parties involved in the electoral process:
As stated above, there are various groups and institutions involving
in carrying out election from the registration, to campaign, casting
the vote and announcing the result. Hence, all these groups and
institutions have vital role to play in order to make election a starting
point to fostering unity, peace building, sound democracy, good
governance, rule of law and more importantly development in all its
phases. Meanwhile, some conducts of major players in the electoral
process are here underlined:
Elections Commission:
The National Elections Commission is the oversight body of all
elections process and procedures in the country, as provided by section
2.9 (a) of the New Elections Law which reads that the Commission
should administer and enforce all laws relative to conduct of elections
throughout the Republic of Liberia. This proviso is generally delineates
the role and conductof the NEC. Besides, the enforcement of laws
of elections as they are, could reduce radical tensions of political
parties towards outcomes of elections, be it a senatorial, presidential
or otherwise. Because, laws are made by the elected members of the
Legislature comprising of an upper House(senates) and a lower Hou
(representatives), so it would be rare for them
to favor a party over others. All in all, NEC needs to be neutral and
not to take a side with any candidate or political party either directly
or indirectly, if this could be a conduct of the National Elections
Commission, there would certainly be a public confidence, and trust
of political parties in the NEC. Thus, national peace, security, and
confidence of international community and investors will be high in
our democratic system. Hence, this would lead to inflow of foreign
investments to boom our economy and improve ill infrastructures.
Political Parties
Multiplicity of political parties is the first signal of democracy,
and widening the scope of the freedom of citizens to exercise their
franchise. Nevertheless, the absence of which seems in most cases
in some developing world and immature democratic societies to be
a cause of instability, disunity, and hatred among the people of one
country. Therefore, political parties as well as established institutions
on the basis of providing better services to the masses, and building
basic infrastructures for sustainability of socio-economic growth of
the nation have pivotal role to play in making electoral seasons, times
of unification of nations goal and developmental agenda in spite of
diversity and differences in ideologies and political trends.
Partisans are indeed vehicles of political parties and above all they
are citizens, thus they should put their nation first and atop of all
priorities. Their involvement in electoral process must not be a lighter
to inflame chaos and social disorder in the nation no matter what,
because politicians especially in Africa often have alternatives. That
is some may leave the country had they lost the race to so called
countries of residence or even may have different nationalities, and
more importantly may have a source of income whether he/she won
or not thats a fact! Therefore, politicians must not take an advantage
of any of their partisans to fracture our nations peace or cause an
economic injury at the expense of our disadvantaged citizens. Besides,
being a partisan of any desired political group is a right enshrined in
our constitution and international law.Nevertheless, exercising this
right should be a seed of designing developmental strategies for the
party and the nation as a whole. Further, by adopting this concept,
elections will be cure of all socio- economic ills in our country rather
than being curse to the advancement, development and presenting

positive image of the state to the international community, investors

and other development partners.
The Fourth estate or the media play a major role in sustaining sociopolitical stabilities in any part of the word, and of course Liberia
is not an exception from this general principle.Media institutions
nationwide in spite oftheirdiverse political orientations must adopt
ethics and standards of information decimation in terms of putting
national security, and honoring peoples individual rights at the
time of elections campaigns. Furthermore, they must redouble and
intensify their efforts by preaching civil conducts of civilized and
matured democratic society; this will be very timely as it teaches the
masses about their constitutional rights to vote for the candidate of
their choice at the same time observing others rights to select whoever
they want, and above all, prioritizing national security and preserving
international dignity, which has direct or indirect impact on each of
the citizens. For example, not far from us, the Republic of Ghana
has shown to the world since democracy restored to that country its
readiness tohost multinational corporations and conglomerateswith
foreign direct investments (FDIs) which really play an utmost role
in therevitalization and rejuvenation of all sectors of the nations
economy and its international relations. This same thing can be
achieved in our country had we conduct ourselves in a civilized way
and put the nations interest first.
Conduct of three branches of the government:
As stated above, election matters everybody in the country, as the
doctrine of checks and balances has to be adopted and applied to
all other national issues and concerns, various elections; senatorial,
presidential or otherwise have to be looked at by the three branches
of the government. That is; the executive, the legislature and the
judiciary. In other words, the executive as a law implementing arm
of the government has to put all necessary measures for the free, fair
and transparent election by complying with and adopting rules related
to the election (New Election Law). While it is also imperative to
say that the legislature has to play its oversight role whether laws
passed by its honorable members senators and representatives- are
fully implemented by the Executive. Lastly and not the least at all, the
Judiciary which is a law interpreting body of our governance system,
has to partner with other two branches of the government in putting
proper pr
The Impact of Civil Conduct on Sustainable Peace:
Liberia as a fragile state, which has experienced almost two decades
of instability and lawlessness, elections are yardstick to determine its
full readiness to sustain the peace that has been restoring since 2003,
when the Security Council of the United Nations made a resolution
1509, 9 September 2003to deploy peace keeping troops in Liberia
Therefore, our conducts and behaviors to one another as partisans,
political parties and more importantly as Liberians would contribute
to strengthening and fortifying peace that the Republic is now
enjoying. Besides, tolerating with one another while expressing our
constitutional right by casting our votes for our respective candidates
is the most civilized way that would really minimize bad consequences
that can always occurs in many elections in the African Continent
The impact of civil conduct on sustainable Development:
It is an incontestable fact that our economy is largely dependent on
Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and donations from international
partners such IMF, World Bank, African Banks for Development,
USAID, the European Union to state but few. Thus, these major
contributors to Liberia devastated and fragile economy - especially
when the Ebola Virus halted lots of economic activities in the
country since its outbreak in April, 2014 - would rather be more
comfortable to be continuously supporting our governance system
and infrastructural development had we really portrayed ourselves
through regular, peaceful, free and fair elections. Evidently, some
researchers such as Brada, Kutan, and Yigit of Carey School of
Business, Arizona State University argue that FDI decision requires
some assessment of political future and stability of the host country, if
this assessment indicates bad political future and potential instability
of the host nation; it can drastically reduce chances of FDI inflows.
Portraying civil conducts during all phases of elections is a right
way for the citizens to exercise and express their voting right.
Besides, Liberia is on its critical stage of testing its democracy and
sustainability of the peace and stability which are among several
things that really attract and encourage both local and international
investors to take a part in the nations economy recovery. Thus, all
well-meaning Liberians and law - abiding citizens should put nations
interest first and atop all other personal ones by behaving themselves
civically and in conformity of law during this electoral season.

Monday, December 15, 2014

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The Reader's Page

Send your letters and comments to:








Ohm, Liberia shall never return to the dark days when our leaders could do
whatever they wished. The sun has set in and darkness has vanished. This
president should learn lessons from the Arab Spring and take her cues from
the recent political showdonw in Burkina Fasso. Mind you, the youth are
awake and today's youth are far more awake than the youth of 30-40 years
ago. They are awake and not dangerous, but danger comes when leaders
begin to under-estimate the power of thier own population to demand and
enforce changes.
Gongloe is correct on this one that any action affecting the conduct of
election should come of the NEC as the independent body solely responsible
to conduct and manage elections in Liberia. This consistent interruption of
election by both the executive and the court , so far, is chilling for our
struggling democracy.
Your Excellency the people of Liberia are tired of being pushed around.
Please for the sake of your grandkids and us please return to status quo
Henry C K Reeves Tuskegee University/Wayne State University
Your Point is misplaced! The most important point lies with the final
decision of the Liberian Supreme Court which will rule on the feasibility of
the Senatorial election to be held on 20 December 2014. Some of you think
you understand constitutional laws. Some of you criticised the president
for not acting quickly when the Ebola Virus first came into the country.
The security health of our people is at risk. That is the responsibility of the
president. You people forget the hash reality of the experiensed danger of
the Ebola epidemic. If you think the president's action is wrong take it to the
courts. I challenge you to do so.
This is a good article, it contains pertinent information with reference to up
holding those principles that will ensure the discontinuity of past negative
attributes so common during previous administrations. The condemnation
of this practice is a good sign for the survival of Liberia's democracy.
Really FPA! Is this a joke? "NO POLITICIAN in recent Liberian history
has worked so hard and fought so many battles with ruling establishments
than Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
All she fought for has come to this: Prolific government corruption,
cronyism, incompetence and blatant abrogation of the constitution.



Liberia is teetering on the edge again....Timeline: 1979, 1980, 1985,
1989/1990-2003, than Ebola quite recently. Incompetence! Incompetence!
Incompetence! Lastly, just take a look at the senatorial candidates for
Montserrado County; needless do I mention the other counties. What a
I'm not a proponent of the Sirleaf's administration, but must point out that
all of this mess was created by the National Legislators...authorizing NEC
to carryout elections in the middle of a disease outbreak ...ignoring the
(public) safety of our people for political gain and self aggrandizement...
knowing that massive gathering which prompts physical contacts violates
preventive measures of disease(s) outbreak, why carryout elections? Socalled pundits would refer to the constitution that is often ignored when
it comes to discharging public service(s)...once again, Liberians safety
was compromised...On the other hand, President Sirleaf imposed a stay
order to safe her administration from international pressure by adhering to
public safety measures...but the stay order also infringes on the rights of the
masses...WHAT A BAD JOKE! As J.J.Rawlins puts it "Popular nonsense
must give way to scientific truth "...I tell you one thing..when enough is
enough, the people will rise up and stage massive peaceful protsets and sitins at various government facilities to bid this government good bye...the
ten years syndrome is right around the corner ....."One of the great glories
of democracy is the right to protest for right ".- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The comments expressed here are those of our online readers and
bloggers and do no represent the views of FrontPageAfrica

The Editor,

follow Liberian news daily. I am grateful to your paper for making

Liberian news available for the Diaspora.
One of the biggest new stories around Liberia today (based
on what Ive read from a number of news sources) is President
Sirleafs Executive Order No. 65. I have been completely surprised by
the overwhelming response to this order from politicians and the media.
I am a Liberianneither for or against the Sirleaf administration, but
for the betterment of the plight of the Liberian people (particularly the
ones who dont have the ability to be on billboards and media networks).
Im reminded of the G. Henry Andrews From Where I Sit editorials
and I cant help but wonder if I am the only Liberian at home or abroad
whose sitting position reveal several glaring questions about all of
this Constitutional noise? I wouldnt be nave and make that claim but
know that there are others like me who think that their voices make little
difference to all of this. I am breaking that mold and will call out our
politicians and lawmakers. Im unimpressed with your flashy billboards
and printouts. Im unimpressed with your meaningless speeches and
slogans. Im unimpressed with your frivolous lawsuits. Im unimpressed
by your faint show of legislative force. Im even more unimpressed with
your self-centered citations of the constitution of our beloved country.
Again, I am neither at home nor a politician so forgive me if Im missing
something. Here are the questions that should be asked by every voter
who have seen the billboards, heard the speeches, chanted the slogans or
listened to this recent noise about Executive Order No. 65:
Who or what set of circumstances makes the suspension of one
constitutional right acceptable over the suspension of another?
What truly makes Executive Order No. 65 so detestable? Is it the
feelings unearthed related to the historical use of the permissible
authority of Executive Orders, or the use of this authority when Ebola
is not perceived to be a credible threat to the health and socio-economic
wellbeing of Liberians?
Where are the lawsuits, protests, and hearings surrounding the Liberian
children and youths rights to education?
What are the comparable cost-benefits of suspended election-related
gatherings for two months versus a suspended educational system for
over half a year?
Where are the Politicians, legislators and judges who care so much
about Liberian Children that they are battling to get schools reopened?
Ive made no effort to disguise my point. Our politicians and legislators
should exemplify even more passion and enthusiasm over what the
Ebola-related closure of Liberian schools has, can and will do to our
country, than what the suspension of gatherings around the shuffling of
political power between well-off Liberians will do for this small group
of individuals. I challenge any lawmakerto show me how the urgency
in restoring election-related gatherings will result in any immediate
benefit to the residents of Duport road, Caldwell, New Kru Town or
West Point.I challenge Montserrado politicians and lawmakers to
show your people what you have done to mitigate the effects of school
closures on the future leadership and economic strength of our country.
Show your people any action you have taken to ensure some semblance
of continued educational activities for our school children. Show your
people the decency of not treating them like complete idiots with these
cat and mouse games.
There are ways that learning can occur outside of the traditional
classrooms and without mass assemblies. There are legislations that can
be put in place to protect Liberian children from missing a full year of
school. There are international partners that can be consulted around
making this a reality. True politics is listening to the voices of Sylvester
Zayzay and Amos Johnson. True legislation is making sure that their
voices are heard. True governance is taking care of the many orphans
left by Ebolas devastating path. True Liberians define liberty not by how
much wealth and power they can personally amass, but by the individual
role they can play in bringing our country out of the dust of poverty. If
we are bold enough to chastise the President for prohibiting election
gatherings, we should be sitting- in for the reopening of schools.
If we can label this order as discriminatory, we should be prepared
to file lawsuitsboth for the reopening of schools and the evidenced
discrepancies in educational institutions across Montserrado and other
counties. If we are loud enough to see this order as sheer insanity,
we should be even louder to speak against the insanity of expecting to

peacefully govern an uneducated populace.

For me, all of this balls down to the selfishness we have been plagued by
since 1847. Voters and constituents beware! Judge the flurry of political
action not by how loud politicians and legislators scream about it, but
by looking closely into what they are screaming about. Ask yourself:
Will your ability to put food on the table or educate your child be
affected by the ban on political gatherings?
Have the screams of your legislators and/or politicians been equally
loud when it pertains to the issues that directly affect your well-being?
Why are the cars driven by your legislators worth more than several of
your public schools combined?
Will you continue to be used for the personal gratification of the
educated few?
The answers are simple. All of the noise about Executive Order No.
65 isnt about trampled constitutional rights. Itisntabout the logical
calculation that:
If Montserrado is safe enough for political gatheringsit should be safe
enough for educational ones.
Our country has no intentions of returning to the classification of a
Ebola hot zone;
The millions of dollars spent by international partners to fight the spread
of Ebola would be disrespected and disregarded should Monrovia and
its immediate suburbs return to Ebolas siege;
The continued loss of family income with a possible resurgence of
Ebola would be catastrophic;
The continued loss of government revenue will have devastating
implications over the next 3 years;
Liberia cannot afford another full scale onset of Ebola where schools
remain close for an additional protracted period.
All this noise ISabout the detestable and selfish use of the constitution
for personal gains!
The purpose of the constitution is to protect the people. The balance
of power in our democracy was instituted to do the same. Start some
actions around the things that really matter to Liberian families and stop
screaming constitutional foul only when it directly affects your selfish
intent. Fight about who initiated the constitutional push to reopen
schools or provide social services for orphans. Challenge restrictions
on educational activities. Stop for a second and consider the wellbeing
of the people that you were elected to serve. Stop and truly consider
elevating the people you aspire to represent.
L Randolph Carter
Athens, GA


February 12, 2014
Hon. Angela Bush
Deputy Minister/Debt Management
Ministry of Finance
Broad St., Monrovia
Dear Madam Minister:
In her recent Annual Message, President Sirleaf reported that the
country had accumulated US$750 million of debt. I am curious as to
the sources and uses of that debt. I would be much obliged were you
to furnish me the following information: name of each creditor month
and year each debt was incurred purpose for which the debt was
contracted principal amount of each debt classification of each debt
as between domestic and foreign tenor of the debt debt repayments
terms indication of whether debt repayment terms are being met, and
if not, why not
A simple Excel worksheet laying out this information would be
adequate. Thank you!
Yours truly,


Rodney D. Sieh, Managing Editor, 0886-738-666;

Wade C. L. Williams, News Desk Chief, wade.; 0880664793
Sports Editor, Danesius Marteh, danesius.marteh@, 0886236528
Henry Karmo, henry.karmo@frontpageafricaonline.
Al-varney Rogers
com, 0886-304498
Sports Reporter, A. Macaulay Sombai,macaulay., 077217428

Harry A. Greaves, Jr.


Grand Bassa, Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, 0777432042
selma.lomax@, 0886-484666
Sinoe County, Leroy N.S Kanmoh, leroy.kanmoh@
Kadi Coleman Porte, 0886-304-178/ 0777832753, advertise@

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I came in July, what I saw was dead bodies everywhere, there were more dead bodies than patients, and
nobody seems to know what to do. They will say, there is dead body on Somalia Drive, I didnt even know where
the Somalia drive was. There is dead body in New Kru town, so I said to myself, Doctor Atai, you have to put
on your tough coat. I put on my tough coat, and I declared that Ebola must get out of Liberia, that was my
resolution, I told Ebola, fear because Atai is in Liberia, and indeed Ebola feared. Dr. Atai Omoruto

Massa F. or 0886848625

Monroviahe people in the

frontline of the Ebola
fight at the Island
Clinic Ebola Treatment
Unit will miss Dr. Atai Umoruto
as the Ugandan prepares to
depart Liberia.
She was fearless and brave and
did not care if she angered those
in authority as she advocated
for the welfare of Ebola health
workers as the government
delayed their benefits.
Her clinic became full in less
than 24 hours the very day it was
opened to the public. The facility
set up for 150 patients was
flooded with over 200 patients
because there were not enough
beds in Monrovia to care for
Ebola patients.
As the situation improved with
the drop in the number of Ebola
cases nationwide, the thirteen
Doctors from Uganda including
Dr. Atai as she is called are now
bidding farewell to Liberia.
Dr. Atai head of the team at a
farewell ceremony organized by
staff of the clinic on Saturday
said it was a though decision to
make to come to Liberia and help
in the fight against Ebola.
Speaking at the honoring
program held at the Island
Clinic ETU, she said when she
and her team came to Liberia,
they visited several Hospitals
and ETUs to immediately

extend help, but none of those

places were willing to accept
them, something she said that
prompted them to engage the
World Health Organization
(WHO) and Ministry of Health
and Social Welfare to help in
constructing an ETU for them to
care for Ebola patients.
She said they were first instructed
by the government to take over
the John F. Kennedy Memorial
Hospital (JFK) and they were
able to train and recruit staffs.
Dr. Ataisaid it was nightmare
for her to see dead bodies
everywhere even more than
patients and health workers did
not to know what to do.
Said Atai; I came in July,
what I saw was dead bodies
everywhere, there were more
dead bodies than patients, and
nobody seems to know what to
They will say, there is dead
body on Somalia Drive, I didnt
even know where the Somalia
drive was. There is dead body
in New Kru town, so I said to
myself, Doctor Atai, you have
to put on your tough coat. I put
on my tough coat, and I declared
that Ebola must get out of
Liberia, that was my resolution,
I told Ebola, fear because Atai
is in Liberia, and indeed Ebola
The Ugandan said when they first
started at JFK, she and the team

started by pulling out grass and

throwing rubbishes, even before
setting up the ETU. She said
moving to the Island Clinic ETU
taught her another experience,
especially the cooperation from
the staff even when they could
not receive their salaries on time.
Dr. Atai extended thanks and
appreciation to the WHO for the
level of support provided them
during those challenging times.
She said as she leaves Liberia,
she is not sad, but proud for
leaving a mark, because her team
was able to build the capacity
of Liberian health workers in
dealing with Ebola related cases.
We built the capacity of the
people of Liberia, and I know
that they will do a very good job
after we have left, so I am not sad
that I am leaving, she said.
At the Island Clinic ETU, Dr.
Ataisaid she saw scores of Ebola
patients brought in to the hospital
whenthey were almost dying.
This (Island ETU) was like a
mortuary, people almost dying
were brought from Redemption
and JFK and just dumped on
us, she said.I believed that we
managed to save the few out of
those and the ones who came
after them, we tried to save a
greater range.
She said the ETU under her
watch received more than 1000
patients and they saved 60
percent of Ebola positive cases.
She said many of these cases
were children.
We had very many children
out station, we have saved quit
a number of them. But we are
happy that God has helped us, he
has given us the strength and he
has given us the people.
Dr. Atai suggested that the
government has a comprehensive
list of island clinic, JFK and
Ministry Of Defense (MOD)
ETUs staffs who are no longer
working because of the drop
in Ebola cases. She said these
health workers should be
brought together as a team to go

help in the fight against Ebola in

Sierra Leone; so that there can be
an ETU in Sierra Leone that will
be a direct reciprocal of island
They have made a big difference
at island clinic, they can make a
difference in Sierra Leone as a
team. That how we shall manage
the Ebola in Sierra Leone, she
As long as there is an outbreak
in Sierra Leone, as long as there
is Ebola in Guinea, Liberia will
not save herself. Even though
we dont have many cases in
Liberia, but it possible that one
case can cross from Sierra Leone
to Liberia and we will still have
a case.
Lawmaker Saah Joseph who
attended the farewell ceremony
said he is shocked that the
Ugandan Doctors are leaving.
Rep. Joseph whose First
Responders Ambulance were the
first on the ground during the high
period of the Ebola outbreak said
he will write a letter the Ministry
of Health to ask the WHO why
they are sending the Ugandan
Doctors away when Liberia has
not been declared Ebola free.
I will really like for MOH to tell
me why they are sending these
Doctors back when we still have
Ebola in Liberia, they cant tell
me there is no money, I wont
believe that, he said.
include Dr. AtaiOmoruto, Dr.
Kaggwa David, MadiraaKefa,
Waiswa Florence, Komuhendo
Judith, Kusemererwa Teddy,
Sarah, Namutosi Catherine,
Candiga Richard and Tony
Walter Onena.
FrontPageAfrica has reliably
learned that the Island Clinic
will be shutting down at the end
of the month and the few Ebola
cases and staff at the ETU will be
moved to other ETUs.

Monrovia resident Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has officially approved the

appointment of Mrs. Nyanda Finda Davis as Director of
Passports & Visas, a role she acted in for the last few months.
According to a Foreign Ministry release , the President s
approval for appointment followed a recommendation from Foreign
Minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan for Mrs. Davis to assume the
responsibility after effectively serving in said capacity as Acting
Director for Passports and Visas for several months.
The release added that the Presidents concurrence with Minister
Ngafuans proposal is due to Mrs. Davis career path as a young
professional, and the testimonials of her level of dedication,
commitment and ability to deliver on assigned task. Meanwhile, her
appointment will take immediate effect.
Prior to her appointment to the new portfolio, Mrs. Nyanda Finda
Davis served as Deputy Director for Passport & Visas at the Ministry
Of Foreign Affairs, where she efficiently and effectively managed and
supervised the administration of Liberian Biometric Passports both in
Liberia and at Liberias diplomatic missions across the world.
Before coming to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Davis
served as Technical Analyst, Presidents Young Professional, Office
of the Minister of Finance where she was analyzing Debt and Aid
Management in the Office of the Minister of Finance and providing
technical support to the Aid and Debt Management Units of the
Ministry of Finance; at the Finance Ministry she served as Secretary
to the National Budget Committee and the Debt Management
The new Passport Director, who is a graduate of the Cuttington
University Graduate School, holds a Master of
Administration(MBA) degree in Finance and obtained an
undergraduate Bachelor Degree in Accounting(BA) from the
Cuttington University.



Beijing -

he ZiBo Hongye Shangqin Plastic and Rubber Co. also

known as Hong Chin Plastic and Rubber Co., based in
Shandong Province, Peoples Republic of China, has made
a donation of 50,000 pairs of disposable medical protection
gloves to aid in the fight against Ebola virus.
The Company made the donation which is valued at about 230,000
RMB (approximate 38,000 United Stated Dollars) on Thursday,
December 04, 2014, at the Liberian Embassy in Beijing.
The General Manager, Mr. James Ren, in his presentation thanked
Liberian Ambassador D. Mckinley Thomas for his recent visit to the
companys headquarters in Shandong Province and stated that the
decision by the Company to make the donation was in response to the
Letter addressed to the World by Liberian President Ellen Johnson
Sirleaf, which was shared with them by the Ambassador during his
visit. Continuing, Mr. Ren stated: HongChin Plastic and Rubber
Company as a responsible and caring global corporate citizen which
would like to demonstrate support for the new Ambassador and his
country by helping to stop the Ebola disease from spreading further,
and therefore we will in addition to donating these gloves also pay for
their shipment to Liberia.
The Ambassador of the Republic of Liberia to the Peoples Republic
of China H.E. Dudley McKinley Thomas, in receiving the donations
expressed appreciation to the representatives of the company,
Mr. James Ren, General Manager and Ms. Yanling Jia, Deputy
General Manager, for the kind gesture. He noted that the companys
generosity and empathy with the Liberian people during this difficult
period would long be remembered and appreciated by the President,
the Government and all of the people of Liberia. The Ambassador
further noted that the timely support being received from the Chinese
Government and Chinese companies was indeed making a significant
difference in helping to win the fight to eradicate the disease in Liberia
and the other affected countries.
The HongChin Plastic Rubber Company is a Chinese Foreign Joint
venture Company established in 2003, with 16 production lines and
an annual production capacity of about 2 billion pieces of medical
and protective PVC gloves, which are exported to many countries
around the world, including England, Germany and the United States
of America.
The Company has expressed a desire to set up a manufacturing plant
in Liberia, to serve countries that make up the ECOWAS region in the
very near future.

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Monday, December 15, 2014



Environmentalist takes issue with President, threatening Court action against EPA Chief
Henry Karmo (0886522495)


local environmental
specialist Assistant
Johnson Sirleaf over her
latest decision to indefinitely
suspend the Executive Director
of the Liberia Environmental
Madam AyaaVohiri.
Mr. Nyenkan said the action of
the president to suspend the EPA
boss is a violation of the law that
establishes the institution.
Speaking on a local radio
Program Mr. Nyenkan said that
section 16A, B and C of the
act establishing the EPA calls
for the executive director of the
EPA to serve for a period of 7
years and shall be eligible for
reappointment, except that there
shall be appointed an interim
Executive Director; and that
he / she must have security of
Tenure, but shall cease to hold

office if he/ she resigns, guilty

of gross misconduct on advice
of the Board and approval of the
Policy Council and is unable to
discharge functions of the office
for health reasons.
On the Radio program, he
claimed that some individuals
in her inner cycle are misleading
the President. He said these
people are seeking personal
interest and are prepared to do
so in total disregard to the Act
establishing the EPA.
Nyenkan who once served the
EPA as acting executive Director
as a result of the death of the
then EPA boss Ben Donnie,
threatened legal action against
the government for violation of
the EPA act.
Nyenkan said: It is our
understanding that the Brother of
Mr. JerolinmekPiah Presidential
Press Secretary who used to
be Superintendent of Margibi
County, Levi Piah went to china
and did some environmental

course and has returned to the

country, so the President is doing
everything to appease him with
a job by creating a post at the
EPA that contravenes the Act
establishing the EPA.
In a letter of suspension signed
by President Sirleaf, a copy,
which is in the possession
December 2, 2014, the President
stated that Madam Vohiri is being
suspended for time indefinite for
gross misconduct and disregards
to the Presidents request given
her in a meeting on November
20, 2014.
You are hereby suspended for
an indefinite period of time.
The Minister of Finance and
development Planning in his
capacity as chair of the National
Environmental policy council,
has being advised on the reason
for this decision and requested
to take appropriate action, the
Presidents letter stated.
An earlier communication from
the Director General of the Civil
Servant Agency (CSA) Mr.
George Werner dated October
28, 2014, a copy of which is also
in the possession of this paper
requested the EPA Executive
Director to create a new position
of Deputy Executive Director for
operations within the EPA for

communication that the creation
of the new post will help
further improve effectiveness,
achieve operational excellence
and told her that he has raised
the matter with the leadership
of the Ministry of Finance and
development planning to include
the position in the 2014/2015
national budget.
In response to Mr. Werners
request Madam Vohiri in a
communication informed Mr.
Werner that his request was in
contravention of the Act creating
the EPA and that his request did
not meet the current needs of the
The leadership structure of
the Agency as enshrined in the
act allows for the executive
Director, one Deputy Executive
Director and line managers to
form the management team that
is currently operating the EPA
as successfully as it can give
the budgetary and technical
constraints, she stated
Madam Vohiri also complained
of not being able to receive
the support needed to address
the strategic objectives of the
EPAs strategic plan, which
if implemented will address

most of the technical and

administrative institutional gap.
For his part in a communication
to Mr. Werner, Finance minister
Amara Konneh asked the CSA
executive director to direct his
request to the directors of Board
of the EPA, prior to any action
by the MOFDP to include the
positions into the FY 2014/15
National Budget. The finance
ministers communication read:
I therefore request that you
direct your appeal to the Board
for consideration, he said.
Mr. Nyenkan said while the
EPA boss is away representing
Liberia at an international
Environmental summit in Peru,
a trip that was endorsed by the
President, the President has
suspended her with no further
reference to her.
He challenged President Sirleaf
to uphold the laws and statutes
governing Liberia that she has
taken oath to respect and defend.
He claimed that while Madam
Vohiri was away
Madam Mary Broh Executive
Director of the General Service
Agency (GSA) went to Vohiris
residence asking for the
government vehicle assign to
Our concern is not about Anyaa
or Nyenkan it is about the EPA

the survival of the EPA the EPA,

we fought to establish under
the regime of Former President
Charles Taylor and if this
continues it will bring down the
EPA, he said.
But in response to Mr. Nyenkans
comments Mr. Werner said, his
action was in response to the
governments policy to place
students who the government
sent abroad for studies. He said
that he has done that in many
government institutions not only
the EPA, but claimed that the
suspension of the EPA boss had
nothing to do with his request.
environmental scientists and the
natural thing to do when they
return is to turn to the EPA. So
what I did was to look at the EPA
act which is flexible; it doesnt
say you cannot have a deputy for
operations, he said.
The head of the EPA and Madam
Ciata Bishop, President Sirleafs
niece who leads cremation
efforts of Ebola victims in the
country have been at loggerhead
because of the environmental
impact on the community in
which the cremation is done.
Residents have complained of
pollution and as FPA learned
the EPA is not a member of the
Ebola Task Force.


Says decision to resign is an incident that would be treated as such if necessary

Designate Cllr. Benedict
Sannoh has failed to
say whether or not he
will resign his post as justice
minister like his predecessor
Christiana Tah, if the president
or other members of the
Executive should undermine
his function.
In response to a question posed
by Senator Peter Coleman, Cllr.
Sannoh said he cannot speak to
reasons that may have led to
the resignation of Madam Tah,
but noted that such situation
is an incident and would be
treated the best way possible if
it unveils itself.
All of us go into positions
that we are offered normally
with the desire to work or
do well in the interest of
the Liberian people and the
Ministry of justice is a major
arm of government, he said.
If you ask me specifically
that if whether there are policy
differences I would resign, I
will say it will be an incident
and how I handle a particular
incident depends on the
circumstances as they unfold at
that moment in time.
Also speaking during his
confirmation hearing, Cllr.
Sannoh who was deputy justice
minister under former minister
Tah failed to respond to a
question as to whether or not
he advised the President on the
imposition of Executive Order
Members of the public

Henry Karmo (0886522495)

under the rule of law.
Fast Track corruption court

who pledged support to the
Congress for Democratic
Change (CDC) candidate
George Weahcriticized the
action and filed legal lawsuit.
Independent Candidate in the
upcoming election slated for
Saturday December 20, 2014,
Robert Sirleaf son of president
Sirleaf also challenged the
The two parties filed a
lawsuit against the Presidents
Executive order resulting into
a stay order placed on the
Presidents Executive order by
the Supreme Court of Liberia.
Cllr. Sannoh also told the
Senate Judiciary, Claims and

Petition Committee chaired

by Senator Joseph Nagbe of
Sinoe County, that Liberias
justice system is faced with
a huge challenge. He said the
implementation of laws that
are on the book in Liberia
continues to be a challenge
adding that if Liberia is to make
improvement, there is a need
to have people in the various
law enforcement agencies that
would apply the laws without
fear or favor.
He expressed fear that if the
laws on books are not applied
to the letter, Liberia could slide
into lawlessness leading to it
being ungovernable.
If I am confirmed and given

the opportunity to serve that

position, I can assure you that
all of the institutions in the
security and justice sector will
be organized and they would
run in such a manner that truly
implement the intent of the
law, which is law enforcement
agents and not agents of
political interest or individual
desire, he said.
The Justice Minister Designate
also said that the future of
Liberia between now to
2017 lies in the hands of the
Justice system and the law
enforcement agencies because
they are the two government
institutions that are mandated
to keep the country stable and

Cllr. Sannoh in response to a

question from Senator Jewel
Howard Taylor about whether
or not it is necessary for the
LACC to have prosecutorial
powers, said, most of the
reports presented by the
LACC and General Auditing
Commission (GAC) does not
present prosecutorial materials.
They do not have the evidence
to take to court, there is always
a presumption of innocence
in a lawsuit; to overcome that
presumption you must have
evidence not allegations or
witch-hunting, he added.
Prosecution is not only the
matter of the Liberian AntiCorruption
(LACC) we also have
limitations in the court, the
court as they are presently
constituted, cannot hear more
than two cases in a term.
He said discussions are being
held with the judiciary to
establish special courts for
corruption cases as fast-track
court dedicated to corruption.
He frowned on the LACC and
the GAC attitude of always
in his words actingthat they
are the only institutions that
really want to fight corruption.
Cllr. Sannoh said this creates
an impression that nothing is
being done by the government
towards the fight against

The acting Justice Minister
promised to always be bold
with the President on issues
that he feels are not in line with
the constitution, to ensure that
the rights of every citizens is
protected. In October of this
year Cllr. Tah former Minister
of Justice Liberia resigned for
several reasons.
In her letter of resignation
she stated that it became
unbearable for her to persevere
as the dutifully appointed
Minister of Justice of Liberia,
when in reality concrete actions
indicate a determination to
systemically undermine and
gut the portfolio of relevance
and effectiveness.
The landscape of the Liberian
transformed in arbitrary and
inscrutable ways that make
it onerous to conscientiously
navigate, she said. I cannot
be the Minister of Justice and
not supervise the operations
of the security agencies under
the Minister of Justice to
allegations of fraud against
the National Security Agency.
What is the rule of law if a
duly appointed Minister of
Justice with oversight has
grave concerns about what
her volitional resignation will
mean for her own personal
security and freedom as a
Liberian citizen.

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Radio Gbehzon is operates in the Liberia Telecommunication Building on Robert Street, Buchanan

County olice in Grand Bassa
County have sent to
court, Grand Bassa
district three representative
along with three other persons
for allegedly vandalizing and
destroying equipment of Radio
Gbehzohn, a community radio
station in Buchanan.
Hon. Gabriel Buchanan Smith
who is also an Independent
candidate in the ensuing
senatorial election in Grand
Bassa County is accused by
the management of the radio
station of instigating the action
against the station on the
morning of Friday, December
Observers say the incident
occurred when Smith and
his supporters went to Radio
Gbehzohn to request the
purchase of airtime and were
allegedly denied. The Station
Manager, Hector Mulbah told
reporters the station did not
refuse the lawmakers request.
Smith has denied the allegation
and on the other hand accused
the station manager, Mulbah
of frequently denying him
access. He told reporters that
the accusation is a strategy
of smearing his reputation in
favor of another candidate.
This allegation is a way of
creating a negative picture of
Gabriel Smith so that Senator
Findley can have a free ride (in
the election), Hon. Smith said
at the headquarters of the LNP
in Buchanan. This is a clear
calculation from them as I see
it, he added.
Continue Smith: I dont
believe that people belonging
to me caused the trouble
because I said I went (to the
station) with two security
officers who came with me in
the car.
The station manager, Mulbah
has set the damage to his station
at close to USD 17,000.00.
The items destroyed include
one 300 watts transmitter,
computers, Studio mixer board
and headphones among others
including US$2800 intended
for workers salaries. He
clarified to reporters that hes
not accusing the representative
of taking way or destroying
the items and money but is
instead holding the lawmaker
responsible for sparking mobs
that ransacked the station.

Monrovia -

s part of efforts to ensure that drugs are supply

throughout Liberia, the United Nations Population
Fund UNFPA, has presented two trucks that contain
refrigerator for cooling drugs, computers, printers and
accessories to the Health Ministry for used by the National Drugs
The items valued over US$300,000 dollars were presented to the
Ministry by the officers in charge of UNFPA, Remi Sogunro.
Mr. Sogunro said it was UNFPAs way of supporting government
through the health ministry to improve the lives of Liberians and
ensure no shortage of drugs at health facilities in rural Liberia.
According to him if drugs are not distributed in rural counties,
residents in those areas could find it difficult to access health care
and die of common illnesses due to the shortage of drugs.
The UNFPA Officer in Charge said a year ago nobody knew that
Ebola was going to strike in the country but it came as a surprise
and has had a negative effect on the countrys health sector which
was in a reform process.
The official said in the last five years, there has been an increase of
maternal and health indicators coming from the Liberian civil war.
Mr. Sogunro also said UNFPA recent survey before Ebola strike
reveals that health facilities in rural areas were very low and that
three quarter of the health sector was out of drugs.
Mr. Sogunro said the people of Liberia need health care and as
such it is on that promised that UNFPA made several years ago,
decided to present the trucks to the Health Ministry for use by the
National Drugs Service to enable them deliver drugs to health
facilities in remote villages in the Liberia.
He said UNFPA will continue to ensure that the people of Liberia
are healthy and that health institutions are fully equipped and
Whatever we can do to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted,
ever child birth is safe, and all the youths here present and all over
Liberia realized their potential, call us anytime said Mr. Sogunro.
Receiving the items, Deputy Health Minister Matthew Flomo,
lauded UNFPA for being a major supporter to the government
and people of Liberia and also supporting several health related
programs at the health ministry.
According to him the country is now at a critical juncture and as
such it is important that more strategies are designed to support
and improve the health services of Liberia.
Said Flomo We are fighting a twin battle: one has to do with the
issue of trying to address ebola and the second has to do with the
restoration of routine health care delivery programs.
Minister Flomo also said UNFPA has been lobbying for assistance
before the Ebola crisis and even during the crisis when the country
is even at a critical process fighting Ebola.
He assured that the vehicles will play key role in ensuring that
drugs and medical supplies are transported to health centers in the
country and hailed UNFPA for their initiatives .
Also speaking at the brief turning over ceremony at the Health
Ministry, National Drugs Service head of logistics, Thomas
Wolapaye assured that the two vehicles will be used for the
purpose intended and properly maintained.
Mr. Wolapaye also commended UNFPA for boosting their capacity
as the vehicles will enable them to promptly distribute drugs.
We highly appreciative what UNFPA has done and we do hope
with the support given us, it has come a right time especially
when we are about restoring basic health services, the provision
of drugs to health facilities is paramount to NDS we will shortly
distribute drugs when we are require to do so.
He boasted of having a track record of maintaining vehicles and
other items provide NDS by several other organizations.

Protesters at the Police HQ in Buchanan chanted Pro-Smith slogans as Police carried out investigation

Im not accusing Rep. Smith

but it was his men that he
instructed toke away the
money along with some of our
laptops, Mulbah said.
Mulbah insists that he has
never refused to sell airtime to
the politician and at the same
time disclosed that Rep. Smith
premeditated the action against
the radio station.
When I saw Hon. Smith with
15 body men I asked one of
my staff and when I was told
that he came to arrange airtime
I was concerned about the
number of people he had with
him, Mulbah told reporters.
I know the kind of person he
is so I immediately called the
police commander (to inform
him about the situation).
Rep. Smith and two of his
supporters, Solomon Kollie,
Ruben Bannie and Smiths
personal body guard were all
held at the police station from
Friday afternoon hours up to
the evening hours before their
release by 6:55 pm following
the intervention of their lawyers
and Senator NyonbleeKangarLawrence.
Rep. Smith told reporters
he was on his way to the
police to complain Mulbah
before he noticed that some
of his constituents were being
arrested in connection with the
raid on the station.
refused to say Smith and

his supporters were being

detained but sources hinted
police were adamant about
releasing him. Protesters in
front of the police station
demanded Smiths release
while investigation was being
held amidst the presence of riot
The President of the Press
Union of Liberia, Abdullah
Kamara, told FrontPageAfrica
that the Union on Saturday
the situation. Kamara did
not reveal any detail but
condemned the action against
the station but also mentioned
that community radio station
should remain a public facility
providing access to all.
Since 2013, theres been a feud
between the pair when Mulbah
again accused Rep. Smith
of ordering his flocking, an
allegation the lawmaker later
denied. According to Mulbah
since the 2013s incident,
Smith was told by the station
board of directors to apologize
to him something he claimed
the lawmaker has ignored
which prompted the media
black out action against him.
Since the resumption of political
campaigning in the county,
the lawmaker has accused the
station of denying him access
while his supporters, according
to the station manager, have
frequently threatened to storm

the radio station.

But Smith says Mulbah has
crossed the line: Since 2012,
Mr. Hector Mulbah has used
the radio station which I helped
to established in 2004 along
with colleagues of the Bassa 21
man council. He has denied me
access on account of political
reason to support the political
machinery of his sponsor,
Senator Milton Gbehzongar
Findley, Rep. Smith said.
Findleys Campaign Team
Kaffee Williams, criticized
the representatives action but
said he could not comment any
further because the matter was
before the court for hearing.
In Buchanan, views have been
mixed s over the situation
with some asserting that the
who is an Independent in the
pending election, could affect
his political campaign and
distract his supporters. But the
Grand Bassa County District
Three lawmaker insist that hes
determined to win the race.
The first hearing of at the
Magisterial Court in Buchanan
is expected for Monday,
December 15 but legal experts
following the case say the
Police is yet to charge the
suspects. One popular Grand
Bassa County Counselor who
asked for anonymity told FPA
that an out of court settlement
of the matter is likely.

Monday, December 15, 2014

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Monrovia he National Elections

Commission (NEC)
in collaboration with
political parties and
candidates has set Saturday,
December 20, 2014 as the new
date for the conduct of the
Special Senatorial Election.
The decision was reached
Sunday during a meeting
held with political parties and
candidates at the headquarters
The decision to reschedule
the election from December
16 to December 20, 2014,
according to the NEC release
is intended to compensate for
time lost as a result of the Stay
order imposed on the election
and campaign activities by the
Supreme Court.
The December 20 date set for
the conduct of the election
is in consonance with Joint
recently adopted by the
Joint Resolution 002 mandates
the Commission to conduct the
Special Senatorial Election no
later than December 20, 2014.
At the same time, the National
has urged political parties
and candidates to assist in

informing the electorate about

the new date for the election
as they proceed with political
The Commission however
advises all political parties
and candidates to proceed with
their political campaign within
the framework of the law
and measures agreed to at a
recent Inter Party Consultative
Committee Meeting held on
December 3, 2014.
During the meeting, political
parties and candidates agreed

that they will conduct their

campaign within the following
No street Parades;
Campaigns will only be
communities; and
Gatherings will not exceed 250
persons, etc.
Political Campaign for the
December 20, 2014 Special
officially end at 6:00 PM on
Friday, December 19, 2014.

Vacancy Announcement
Under the direct supervision of the CEO, the Administrative Assistant is expected to
perform the following:

Assist the CEO in overall coordination and running of the daily operations of the
Coordinate meetings including preparation agenda, distribution of material, room
and equipment set-up, take minutes and follow up on action items as required
Maintain corporate filing system, creating files as required and set up and
maintain annual archives.
Coordinate travel and meeting arrangements for senior management and Board
Draft and write business letters and emails as directed
Assist in the development of management presentations using most efficient
Compile and prepare information and reports and act as liaison between office of
the CEO and various department heads.
Represent CEO at specified functions when necessary
Perform other duties as may be assigned



A Bachelors degree in public administrations, management or related social

sciences or its equivalent;
Strong management and administration skills, including an understanding of
modern office procedures
3 5 years experience in professional office practices and working experience in
the private sector and/international organizations;
Highly skilled in the development of presentations, facilitation, communication
and report-writing;
Ability to work with diverse groups of people and organizations;
Fluency in written and spoken English;
Computer skills; word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and database

Interested applicants should send CV with cover letter, two passport-sized photographs,
and copies of academic/professional documents by electronic mail to:
The Office Manager
Liberty Aviation Group, Inc.
Tel.: 0886622444
Deadline for submission of applications: January 15, 2015

Monday, December 15, 2014


Page 9

Vacancy Announcement

I. Organizational Context
The UN Women (UNW), grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for
the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of
equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and
peace and security.
About UN Women Liberia:
With over seven years managing programming in Liberia, UN Women leads the United Nations Country Team on
gender equality and the empowerment of women. In line with the implementation of the UN One Programme in
Liberia, UN Women will begin implementation of a new strategic plan in 2014, supporting gender equality priorities in
the Governments Agenda for Transformation in the following impact areas: 1. Womens leadership and political
participation; 2. Womens economic empowerment; 3. Women, peace and security; and 4. Gender responsive
About the Position:
UN Women Liberia CO is seeking a qualified national candidate to fill a position of Program Officer, Gender Based
Violence and Reproductive Rights (SC-9). The Programme Officer Post is expected to enhance Programme delivery
in the area of Peace, security and humanitarian response. The Programme Officer will focus on all projects centered on
Protection, emergency and humanitarian actions. The Programme Officer will support the timely implementation of UN
Womens 2014-2017 strategic plan with key focus on the protection and violence against women thematic; ensuring
coordination of related projects, and contributing to UN Womens global mandate on gender equality and womens
Under the direct supervision of the National Project Manager on Women, Peace and Security and the overall supervision
of the Deputy Representative, the post holder will be responsible for the day to day coordination of projects under the
program with particular focus on Sexual and Gender Based Violence as well as promotion of reproductive health rights;
and will provide technical assistance to Government partners, Civil Society and women and men networks. The position
will also cover monitoring and documenting of key evidence and lessons learned from the field.
The Programme Officer will also be responsible to move forward UN Womens present support on strengthen the
National Health System during this current Ebola outbreak, as well as putting into consideration interventions focusing
on Post Ebola period.
II. Functions / Key Results Expected
Summary of Key Functions:
1. Provide technical and administrative advisory services to project activities aimed at prompting gender equality
with particular focus on ending violence against women and girls;
2. Coordinate project implementation as well as review and analyze reports of implementing partners;
3. Support Government Ministries and UN Agencies for joint or coordinated gender related projects;
4. Conduct regular monitoring to project sites; including supportive supervision to the implementing partners
5. Lead and coordinate processes to conduct needs assessments, feasibility studies, research and capacity needs
of implementing partner as requested or identified;
6. Document and share lessons learned on projects and program activities; whilst contributing change stories to
7. Perform other duties as required towards the implementation of the Country Programme
III. Recruitment Qualifications
Education and certification:

Masters degree or equivalent in Sociology, Anthropology, Public Health,

Peace and Conflict studies, Gender and Development Studies,
At least five years of proven experience in the following areas:

Humanitarian programming, including programming in health

conflicts, direct assistance to victims, IDPs, affected communities
including broad based knowledge of social protection;
Cross-cultural working experience in the field of community based
psychosocial support;
Demonstrated expertise in conducting participatory assessments and
gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls;
Working with rural women, women in cross border trade, market
women, adolescent girls, and other structures;
Survey design, with a focus on gathering data on women and girls;
Experience in public health including: mental health and/or
psychosocial support training;
Ability to write reports for multi-national donors
Women are strongly encouraged to apply

Note: Shortlisted candidates may be requested to provide samples of their

previous work.
Language Requirements:

Fluency in English added advantage of another UN Language and simple

Liberian English

All interested applicants must submit an application letter, CV with a UN standard personal history form and send to: . Please download the P11 form from The deadline for application is December 24, 2014.
We will only consider applications with complete P11 attached. UN Women will only be able to respond to those
applicants in whom UN Women has a further interest. UN Women does not solicit or screen for information in respect
of HIV or AIDS and does not discriminate on the basis of HIV/AIDS status. Women are strongly encouraged to

Environmental Specialist
2 Years Term Appointment
Location: Monrovia, Liberia

The World Bank Group (WBG) is seeking to recruit a highly qualified Environmental Specialist to be
based in the World Bank Country Office in Monrovia, Liberia to contribute to the business lines of the
Global Practice on environmental and natural resources management, especially pollution management
and environmental health; environmental risks management and safeguards in large infrastructure
project; biodiversity conservation and natural resources management; and climate change agenda.
The specialist will support the GPs work on the application of environmental policy to Bank investment
lending, including risk management and knowledge and learning initiatives. The Environmental Specialist
will play an essential role in the application of the Banks environmental policies (i.e. Environmental
Assessment OP 4.01, Natural Habitats OP 4.04, Pest Management OP 4.09, Physical Cultural Resources
OP 4.11, Forests OP 4.36, and Safety of Dams OP 4.37) and in supporting the use of environmental
assessments methodologies across a range of sectors and country contexts.

The Responsibilities will include:

The Environmental Specialist will have the following main tasks and responsibilities: a)Seek and develop
opportunities to integrate sound environmental management and environment safeguards policies in
different investment operations, participate as a team member in such operations and related AAA, and
enhance local capacities for implementing these policies. b) Contribute to the Unit in at least one
particular area of environmental expertise, such as pollution management and environmental health;
natural resources management and biodiversity conservation; and climate change themes that are
increasing in importance throughout the Region. c) Maintain dialogue and coordination between the
Liberian national counterparts and the teams working in Liberia, with an emphasis in developing longlasting relations with Government counterparts and relevant national institutions. d) Participate as team
member in the preparation and/or supervision of environmental safeguards policy requirements in
different Bank funded operations. e) Provide expert advice to client and counterpart organizations, project
teams and GP management with regard to the preparation and supervision of Pollution Management and
Environmental health related projects


In addition to meeting Bank-wide Grade GF level positions, it is expected that the successful candidate
will meet the following selection criteria: Advanced degree (PhD or Masters) in environmental economics,
environmental science/engineering, natural resources management or related field, preferably with major
in one or more of the following areas: environmental health or pollution; environmental institutions or
policy; forestry, biodiversity or climate change. A minimum of 5 years of full-time relevant professional
experience in the environment sector.
For the full job description and selection criteria for this vacancy, qualified candidates are requested to
visit and submit an electronic application at the World Bank careers . Once on the site, Click on > Current Job Opening > Job Type
> Professional & Technical > Job Family > Environment > Job number 141411. The World Bank
Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational
background. Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. Closing date is December 25,
2014. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Port Louis (Mauritius) (AFP) auritius' president

on Sunday named
veteran politician Sir
Anerood Jugnauth
as prime minister, after the 84-year
old won a landslide victory taking
nearly three-quarters of seats in
Jugnauth, a former president and
prime minister, was a statement
from the
Jugnauth's centre-right Alliance
Lepep swept up 47 out of 62
seats in the Indian Ocean nation's
parliament, after voters on
Wednesday rejected the ruling
party's bid to boost presidential
The coalition of the outgoing
ruling Labour Party (PTR) and
the former opposition Mauritian
Militant Movement (MMM) of exprime minister Paul Berenger, took
just 13 seats.


ISTANBUL (Reuters) urkish police raided

media outlets close to
a U.S.-based Muslim
cleric on Sunday and
detained 24 people including
top executives and ex-police
chiefs in operations against what
President Tayyip Erdogan calls
a terrorist network conspiring to
topple him.
The raids on Zaman daily and
Samanyolu television marked
an escalation of Erdogan's battle
with ex-ally Fetullah Gulen,
with whom he has been in open
conflict since a graft investigation
targeting Erdogan's inner circle
emerged a year ago.
In scenes broadcast live on
Turkish TV channels, top-selling
Zaman's editor-in-chief Ekrem
Dumanli smiled and studied
police documents before being
led through the newspaper's
headquarters to applause from
staff crowded onto balconies


Monday, December 15, 2014




PARIS (France) (AFP) rench forces have

captured nearly 200
jihadists in the Sahel
region of west Africa in the past
year, French Defence Minister
Jean-Yves Le Drian said Sunday.
operations, nearly 200 terrorists
have been neutralised in a year,
around 50 since August" when
France launched a massive
across five nations in the semiarid Sahel, Le Drian told French
radio and television.
In separate comments to Jeune
Afrique magazine in an interview
to appear Monday, he said some
important leaders were among
those killed or captured, mostly
in Mali and Niger.


TOKYO (Reuters) apanese Prime Minister

Shinzo Abe's ruling
coalition cruised to a big
election win on Sunday,
but record low turnout could
weaken his claim of a mandate
for reflationary policies to
revive the economy.
Media projections showed
Abe's Liberal Democratic
Party and its junior partner,
the Komeito party, on track
to win more than 317 seats
in the 475-member lower
house, enough to maintain its
"super-majority" that smoothes
parliamentary business.
approved of two years of our
'Abenomics' policies," Abe
said in a televised interview.
"But that doesn't mean we can
be complacent."
Many voters, doubtful of both
the premier's "Abenomics"
strategy to end deflation
and generate growth and the
opposition's ability to do any
better, stayed at home.
Final turnout will be a record
low of 52.4 percent, media
estimated, below 59.3 percent
in a 2012 poll that returned
Abe to power for a rare second
term on pledges to reboot an
economy plagued by deflation
and an aging, shrinking
Market analysts said the
outcome would be positive
for shares and negative for
the yen in the near term given
expectations Abe will stick to
a "Three Arrows" strategy of
hyper-easy monetary policy,
government spending and
But hopes for Abenomics
where hit when the economy
slipped into recession in the

third quarter following an April

sales tax rise.
Wage increases have not
kept pace with price rises,
progress on a "Third Arrow"
of structural reform has been
limited and data suggest any
economic rebound is fragile.
Abe decided last month to
put off a second tax hike to
10 percent until April 2017,
raising concerns about how
Japan will curb its huge
public debt, the worst among
advanced nations.
"Between now and the delayed
tax increase, we need to revive
the economy and find a path
to fiscal rebuilding," said LDP
lawmaker Shinjiro Koizumi.
"If you think about it in that
way, even though we have
won, there is no room here for
Abe called the election after

just two years in office to

strengthen his grip on power
before tackling unpopular
policies such as restarting
nuclear reactors taken offline after the 2011 Fukushima
disaster and a security policy
shift away from post-war
The LDP-led coalition victory
could ease Abe's path to reelection in a party leadership
race next September, boosting
the likelihood, but by no means
guaranteeing, that he stays
in power through 2018 and
becomes one of Japan's rare
long-term leaders.
Democratic Party of Japan
(DPJ) was unable to gain much
traction, largely due to voters'
memories of a 2009-2012 rule
plagued by policy flip-flops,
infighting and three premiers
in three years.

Media projections showed the

DPJ gaining from the 62 seats
it held before the vote, but
falling well short of the 100
seats it targeted.
The Japan Communist Party
was on track to more than
double its eight seats, winning
support from protest voters
loath to back the Democrats.
Analysts said financial markets
would be reassured by political
and policy stability.
But doubts persist over
whether Abe will knuckle
down on his "Third Arrow" of
reforms in politically sensitive
areas such as labor market
deregulation making it easier
to shift workers to growth areas
but also to sack employees, and
reform of the highly protected
farm sector.
"Since the Abe administration
puts emphasis on share prices,
short-term, this will be a



Lagos (AFP) ne of Nigeria's

Muslim leaders,
the emir of Kano,
has expressed optimism that
the Boko Haram insurgency

which has claimed some

13,000 lives will soon be over.
"I say help is on the way. Terror
must and will be defeated,"
Muhammad Sanusi II tweeted
late Saturday. "All it requires
is the good leaders, uncommon

determination, and victory will
be ours."
Sanusi, Nigeria's second most
powerful Islamic leader, was
presumably referring to the
emergence of former military

ruler Muhammadu Buhari as

the candidate of the opposition
All Progressives Congress
in next year's presidential
Buhari will challenge President
Goodluck Jonathan's ruling

tailwind for higher stocks and

a weaker yen," said Tsuyoshi
Ueno, senior economist at NLI
Research Institute.
"But medium-term, investors
will be watching to see if Japan
is changed structurally."
Progress has been limited so
far, partly due to opposition
from members of Abe's own
"I don't expect any big, bold
University professor Gerry
Abe could turn attention from
the economy to his conservative
agenda that includes laying the
groundwork to revise the postwar, pacifist constitution and
recasting Japan's wartime past
with a less apologetic tone.
That agenda raises hackles in
China and South Korea, where
bitter memories of Japan's past
militarism run deep.
"Revising the constitution has
been our partys long-time
aspiration ... But the hurdles for
achieving this are very high,"
Abe said on Sunday. "We need
to continue efforts to deepen
the public's understanding (of
the need to do this)."
Despite hefty wins, the LDP
stumbled on the southern island
of Okinawa, host to the bulk
of the U.S. military in Japan,
boding ill for a plan to relocate
a controversial U.S. Marines
air base that many residents
want off the island altogether.
LDP candidates lost in all four
districts on the island, media
The LDP had 295 seats and
Komeito 31 in the 480-member
lower house when it was
dissolved for the election. Five
seats were cut through electoral
Peoples Democratic Party
for the country's top job on
February 14.
"We will together see the end
of them and their reign of
terror," Sanusi said.
Sanusi became emir earlier this
year after being sacked from
his post as the central bank
governor, where he was one of
the government's most highprofile critics.
Last month, he voiced support
for vigilantes fighting Boko
Haram in the volatile northeast,
urging others to form civilian
militias and questioning the
competence of the military
to end the five-year-old
On November 28, a week
after the comments, gunmen
with explosives attacked the
mosque near Sanusi's palace
during Friday prayers and
killed at least 120 people and
wounded 270.
The emir was out of the country
at the time but many believed
he was the target because of his
criticisms of the Islamist sect,
which says it wants to impose a
strict Islamic state in Nigeria's
mainly Muslim north.

Monday, December 15, 2014




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Miral Welfare Foundation to intensify its campaigns against the deadly virus
Varmah V. Kamara, Contributing Writer

Monrovia he Miral Welfare

Foundation (MWF),
with the Liberia
Taekwondo Association (LTA),
has embarked on aggressive
campaigns to kick Ebola out of
The new initiative is gear
towards increasing awareness as
a result of Liberians becoming
complacent in the fight against
Ebola due to limited number of
The kick Ebola out of Liberia
campaign witness athletes of
the different dojans(Taekwondo
schools) dressed in t-shirts
and caps with Miral designed
symbolic kicks to get rid of the
MWF country director Cho
Hyung-Sub, who has spent
nearly 30 years in Liberia
the Korean Liberian Mission
Church, hailed Miral, especially
its executive director Rev.

Jung HyungSeuk, for the level

of support given him over the
Rev. Hyung-Sub said since
MWF opened its office in
Liberia, it has always intervened
in critical cases in an effort to
revive the hopes of Liberians.
According to him, they have
been able to fund surgeries and
donate food supplies to less
fortunate Liberians and the
disable communities amongst
Rev. Hyung-Sub said MWF has
also given support to students,
through scholarship programs,
to equip them to take on the

challenges of the future.

Liberia is my country and I
love my people. A better future
is what I will like to see for every
Liberian irrespective of status.
We are Christians and want the
best for everyone which makes
Jesus Christ our Lord very
happy, and thats exactly what
we want, he exclaimed.
Rev. Hyung-Sub also reaffirmed MWFs commitment
to continuously work along with
Liberians until the country can
be declared Ebola Free by the
World Health Organization.
For his part, LTF Gbene Baker
lauded the efforts of MWF,

adding that the organization has

always been a help to it.
Baker said the joint initiative is
part of their way of enhancing
the ongoing fights against Ebola.
He emphasized that too many
people have died as a result of
the outbreak and Liberia cannot
afford to continuously see their
citizens falling prey to the virus.
Bakerthen commended the chief
patron of sports for the level of
support but added that the role
of all sectors cant be overemphasized.
President [Ellen Johnson]
Sirleaf has done extremely well
to save the state but we, as a

people, must stand up together

to combat Ebola out of this
country. It is saddened that the
virus has created a dark cloud
over the country and its people
which is undermining every
sector of the state, he added.
Baker noted that while no
member of the LTA has not
fallen prey to the Ebola virus
disease, it will remain, with
support from partners, persistent
in the fight till Ebola leaves
He used the occasion to caution
his athletes and members of
different sporting disciplines to
not be complacent in the fight as
the virus is still in the country.
Mr. Baker asserted that athletes
must take advantage of the
different preventive measures
if they are not to fall prey to
MWF is an international
Korean charity group providing
assistance to hundreds of people
Since its establishment in
Liberia in 2009, MWF has
been able to provide immense
support to less fortunate
Liberians, especially the disable
MWF is one of the few
international organizations that
continues to
governments efforts in the fight
against the virus.
It first started the anti-Ebola
campaign with the dos and
donts as well as the distribution
of buckets, rice and disinfectants
to several communities.
Through its Liberian branch,
MWF is currently operating in
Montserrado, Margibi, Lofa,
Grand Cape Mount and Bomi
Counties with emphasis in 23
towns including Armah and
Kortu Towns and Caresburg,
where 17 persons died from the
MWF has also been able to
work along with health workers
to support Ebola survivals
and at the same time provide
needed assistance to strengthen
communities against the killer



GENEVA (AP) -efending European

champion Madrid
was perhaps most
impressive in the
group stage with a perfect
record, contributing six of the
club's current Spanish record
streak of 20 straight wins.
Madrid advanced with two
matches to spare and its
11-point lead over runnerup Basel was a competition

Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored
a Champions League-record
17 goals last season, has five
so far, allowing Lionel Messi
to build a 75-72 lead in their
ongoing duel for the all-time
competition scoring record.
In a season of heavy scoring
and lopsided wins, even Messi's
eight goals for Barcelona does
not top the standings.
Shakhtar forward Luiz Adriano

has nine - matching Ronaldo's

group-stage record last season
- with eight scored against
BATE Borisov of Belarus.
The Ukraine champion's 7-0
and 5-0 routs of BATE were
among 15 matches in the
group stage won by at least
four goals. There were just 16
such wins in the past two group
phases combined.

helsea boss Jose

Mourinho is refusing
to believe that Gary
Cahill dived en route
to Saturday's 2-0 win overHull
Eden Hazard and Diego Costa
scored to deliver three points
for the Blues against Steve
Bruce's Tigers but the Hull boss
fumed at referee Chris Foy's
failure to show Cahill a second
yellow card for diving.
With Chelsea one goal ahead,
appeared to go to ground under
very little contact in the Hull
box but Foy awarded only a
goal kick.
Mourinho, while admitting that
he had not watched a replay,
told reporters. "I don't believe
Cahill [could have] dived. If
you tell I'm wrong because he
dived, something happened.


ll is not well with

Enrique was hailed
by his players for
his tactical change to a threeman defence in Wednesday's
win over Paris Saint-Germain,
but Saturday's side at Getafe
lacked both identity and
direction. Already, the cracks
are beginning to appear.
As expected, Barca dominated
the possession on a poor pitch
at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez,
but theBlaugrana failed to
create enough clear chances
as Lionel Messi was forced
to drop deep in search of the
ball. That is seldom a good
sign and the Argentine's two
most dangerous moments both
came from free-kicks - one
rebounding off the woodwork
and the other saved by Vicente



helsea felt Cesc

Fabregas' absence
against Hull City on
Saturday but Jose
Mourinho would not be caught
admitting as much.
His response to the suggestion
is difficult to transcribe. "We
never miss the players that
dont play," he said. "We miss,
but we don't miss, do you
understand? We miss, but we
dont miss. We miss, but we
say we don't miss!"





VOL 8 NO.742


Liberias mix martial artist joins campaign to knock-out Ebola; raises funds for Samaritans Purse

nited States-based Liberian mixed martial art has

set-up a fund raising portal to roll back Ebola in his
Prodigy Dwight Jaytee Joseph is the brain behind the
knockout Ebola website, which has a medley of news, insightful
pieces of information, pictorials and animation on the Ebola
response in Liberia.
The mission of the website is succinctly put: to raise funds and
awareness to help the fight against the Liberian Ebola crisis.
Joseph said funds and donations are being made through the
website ( while the proceeds are
automatically directed to the accounts of Samaritans Purse, an

American humanitarian outfit working in Liberia.

Explaining his motivation for the venture, Joseph said: Like
most people, I wanted to help in the fight against the Ebola virus.
So I talked to my sponsors and got them on board to help me start
this knockout Ebola campaign. Our goal is to raise money and
donations that will go directly to the Samaritans Purse
The site has a link for donations and in addition to that as a
celebrity of no mean stature in the entertainment industry, Joseph
has produced specially designed Knockout Ebola t-shirts with his
image imprinted on it for sale online.
He said the proceeds of every t-shirt purchased, through the site,
will go directly to the accounts of Samaritans Purse.

The site is widely visited because of the mixed

martial art champions fan base.
Making a case for his country on the site
he said: Liberia has a significantly higher
amount of cases and a higher death toll due
to this crisis. This virus can have up to a 90%
fatality rate.
In August 2014, the country went into a state
of emergency, closing most of its borders,
putting restrictions on public gatherings and
implementing a curfew. Officials called this
the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history.
Liberia is one of the poorest countries in
the world and lacks the healthcare system we
have here in the United States to deal with the
spread of this virus
Even as there is a declining level of the
virus, the gesture of Dwight Joseph, son of
one of Liberias renowned certified public
accountants, Theo Dekonty Joseph of Baker
Tilly-Liberia, is a cog in a wheel of efforts to
roll back Ebola.
It can be recalled that Joseph was treated to
heroic welcome when he visited Liberia early
this year.
The unassuming Dwight Joseph was quoted
as saying he came to share the glory of
professional exploit with compatriots and
formally presented a won belt to chief patron
of Sports President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
He told newsmen that showcasing the prowess
of Liberia has always been an added impetus
as he participated in competitions, donning the
countrys flag.
Dwight Josephs martial art exposure can be
traced in Liberia with the
Scorpions Taekwondo School under the
leadership of Master Junior Pewee Russian.



CALL: 0775 149 376, 0775 149 161