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Unit 3 Writing connection introduction

Date Author: created: David Geiger 11/04/2014 5:46 PM EST ; Date modified: 11/04/2014 8:31 PM EST

introduction Date Author: created: David Geiger 11/04/2014 5:46 PM EST ; Date modified: 11/04/2014 8:31 PM

Lesson # Grade/Level Subject(s) Date to be Taught

Academic, Grade 7

Language Arts (English)

November 5th Periods 1 and 4

SECTION ONE: Identifying All Standards And Objectives


Students will learn the purpose of persuasive writing by watching a teacher­lead powerpoint presentation. Students teacher that will displays learn five the methods content of from persuasive the powerpoint. writing and examples of each by following a worksheet created by the

Students will prepare their persuasive essays by completing a prewrite on subject organization.


PA­ Pennsylvania Common Core Standards (Draft) (2013)

Subject: English Language Arts Grade 6–12 Grade: Grade 7 Content convey a Area: welldefined 1.4 Writing perspective Students and write appropriate for different content. purposes and audiences. Students write clear and focused text to

Opinion/Argumentative Domain: Focus CC.1.4.7.H Standard: Introduce and state an opinion on a topic.

Opinion/Argumentative Domain: Organization CC.1.4.7.J reasons Standard: by Organize using words, the claim(s) phrases, with and clear clauses reasons to create and cohesion; evidence clearly; provide clarify a concluding relationships statement among or section claim(s) that and follows from and supports the argument presented. Domain: Opinion/Argumentative Style Standard: CC.1.4.7.K Write with an awareness of the stylistic aspects of composition. Indicator: • Use precise language and domain­specific vocabulary to inform about or explain the topic.

SECTION TWO: Identifying Method(S) Of Assessment And Point Of Use Throughout Lesson


Students will go over answers of a worksheet on paragraph structure, style, and clarity.

Formative Assessment

Students will be give answers and explanations on the content in the paragraph worksheet.

Summative Assessment

At suffix the use. end of the unit, students will complete a persuasive essay and take an exam covering sentence structure and

SECTION Will Be Carried THREE: Out Identifying The Learning Activities/Instructional Strategies And Details As To How The Lesson

Introduction (Hook)

Students that their will opinionated recall their writing reading is called from the persuasive "Trick or writing, Treat" article and use in the the unit's introduction literary to connection. segway into The a teacher presentation will discuss on persuasive tactics.

Sequence 1, Step 2) of Instruction (Step

The powerpoint teacher presentation will provide students on persuasive with an writing informational methods handout and helpful on persuasive hints. writing. Students will then follow a

At the end of the persentation, the teacher will hand out prewrites on topic selection and paragraph structure.

Closure/Wrap up

Students reasoning. will use the remainder of the period filling out their prewrite worksheets and solidifying their essay topics and

Transition Materials (Teacher and

Teacher: PowerPoint presentation, persuasive writing handout, topic selection prewrite, body paragraph organizer


(Planning, Assessment) Differentiated Teaching Instruction and/or


If students request individual help on topic selection or paragraph structure, a teacher will be available to assist them.

Use appropriate) of Technology (Where

PowerPoint presentation, smart board

SECTION FOUR: Lesson Analysis

What went well? Planning Reflection Teaching Reflection Student & Evidence Improvements