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Company name: Cummins Inc.
Corporate Headquarters: Columbus, Indiana
Stock Symbol: CMI (traded on NYSE)
Founded: 1919
2013 revenues: $17.3 billion
Fortune 500 rank: 186
2012 net income: $1.66 billion
Employees: 48,000 worldwide

About Us
Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel engines and related
technology around the world. Cummins serves its customers through its network of 500 company-owned and
independent distributor facilities and more than 5,200 dealer locations in over 190 countries and territories.
Cummins India Limited, the countrys leading manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines is one of the eight
legal entities of the Cummins Group in India. Comprising of four business units - Industrial Engine, Power
Generation, Distribution, and Automotive, Cummins India Limited is also the largest entity of the Cummins Group
in India.

Company Vision statement is "Making people's lives better by unleashing the Power of Cummins".
The simple, yet ambitious, statement serves as the guiding vision for Cummins and all its employees in India and
worldwide. The Company takes pride in manufacturing engines, generators, filters and related products that serve
the varied needs of its customers worldwide.

Core Values

Integrity. Strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do.

Innovation. Apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better, faster, first.
Delivering Superior Results. Exceed expectations, consistently.
Corporate Responsibility. Serve and improve the communities in which we live.
Diversity. Embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honor with both dignity and respect.
Global Involvement. Seek a world view and act without boundaries.

Business Units

The Industrial Engine Business caters to the industrial sector with its broad spectrum of diesel engines
ranging from 65 HP to 3500 HP. The range is designed to power varied market segments such as
Construction, Mining, Compressor, Marine, Rail, Agriculture, Pumps, Oil & Gas, Power Generation and
The Power Generation Business addresses standby and prime power needs through the design and
manufacture of pre-integrated generator sets, transfer switches, paralleling equipment and controls.

The Automotive Business integrates Cummins diesel and natural gas engines with related technologies such
as filtration, exhaust, turbo, fuel and coolant systems and lube oil to serve the commercial vehicle segment in
The Distribution Business was acquired in 1967, with the objective of providing products, packages, services
and solutions for uptime of Cummins equipments. It has since been engaged in the business of sale of
engines, and providing after-market support to customers in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

Global Impact
While Cummins has worked on a wide variety of community initiatives since its inception in 1919, the Company
focuses its resources on three global priorities critical to healthy communities: Environment, Education and Social
Justice/Equality of Opportunity.
Environment: Ensuring that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment. Problems such
as global warming and diminishing natural resources demand action not only from government and individuals,
but from businesses as well. Cummins demonstrates its commitment to the environment by producing the
technology and products that reduce harmful emissions around the globe, and by lessening its own
environmental footprint.
Education: Improving the quality and alignment of educational systems to ensure that the students of today are
ready for the workforce of tomorrow. Education provides the platform for successful individuals and the skilled
workforce that Cummins and many other employers need.
Social Justice/Equality of Opportunity: Increasing opportunity and equity for those most in need. The opportunity
to pursue a better life should be available to everyone. Cummins has a long history of reaching out to those
denied access to opportunity.

At Cummins, our mission demands that everything we do leads to a cleaner, healthier and safer environment.
We have an unwavering commitment to produce the cleanest and most fuel efficient products in the world. We
view new regulations not as a burden but rather as an opportunity to leverage the full extent of our technical
expertise and leadership on behalf of our customers.
Cummins is equally committed to reducing the Companys environmental footprint as part of our Corporate
Responsibility value to serve and improve the communities in which we live.

At Cummins, we see keeping our workforce safe as a key component of sustainability. Thats because we depend
on a highly skilled workforce to deliver on the kind of innovation our customers depend on.
Health and safety leaders are constantly working to drive down injuries and illnesses. Working through the
Companys Health and Safety Management System, they identify potential safety hazards, set key safety objectives
and monitor safety performance.

The workforce of more than 46,000 employees is the companys most valuable resource.
Cummins believes its workforce is its greatest asset and it invests significantly in employee development at all
levels and across all parts of the Company. A bad boss can drive good employees away. Leaders need many skills

including the ability to think strategically and set goals, coach and develop, foster open communication, manage
talent and leverage the full benefit of a diverse workforce. Meanwhile, employees need to constantly hone their
skills in a highly competitive global economy. They also need to be ready for new experiences that will expand
their skill sets. Cummins also believes in recognizing outstanding work through awards.

Corporate Responsibility
The Cummins India Foundation (CIF) was instituted in 1990 by the Cummins Group in India to channelize Cummins'
commitment towards Corporate Responsibility. CIF is dedicated towards serving the communities we live in and
improving the lives of people.
All its initiatives, both in the local community and in other parts of India where Cummins operates, fall under the
three key focus areas of Higher Education, Energy and Environment, and Local Community Infrastructure
While the various projects undertaken under each of these key focus areas receive financial support from the
Foundation, Cummins is also committed to the active involvement and participation of its employees in its
corporate responsibility initiatives.
As a mandate, under the Every Employee Every Community initiative (EEEC), every employee is encouraged to
dedicate a minimum of four working hours towards any of the projects undertaken under these three focus areas.