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Font style and type They have used

different types of fonts to give the magazine

genre different effects. The font they have
used is different for the paragraphs as it looks
like a type writer styled font and the title of
the page is in a bold font which stands out on
the page, so its the first place people will
look. The title is a bit crooked and different
sizes so it gives the page a messy effect.
There are paint splodges behind the title
which shows that this could like to the image
of graffiti as spray paint is what they use. The
paragraphs are in a small font so that they
only take up a small amount of the page.

The basic layout they have used

would be

Column width and positioning -

Quotations In the article there are

speech marks referring back to what
someone has said, this tells the audience
that they have spoken to an individual
about the topic and have been
given/received information about it.

Use of space On the double page spread

they havent left very much white space
which makes the page look fuller. They have
covered a large amount of space with images,
one page is of a medium shot of the artist
Dizzee Rascal and the other page has smaller
images at the very bottom of the page which
is showing items that people would have
when going to a party. This takes up of the
page, the article also takes up in the lower
centre of the page and the title takes up 2/4
of the page as its in a large font so it would
take up a large amount of room.

Use of images The main image on the double page spread is of Dizzee Rascal as this is
taking up a full page. Dizzee is standing by the graffiti wall which also looks like he is
going to add some of his work to it because he looks suspicious and has a paint can in
his hand. He is looking away from the camera which suggests that its not a direct
address shot as he is not engaging with the audience. He looks as if he is looking around
to see if anyone is there before he sprays the wall, which shows that hes being
rebellious. The images on the right bottom section are of empty beer bottles on a table
with a music player, this suggests that there has been a party.

Colour scheme - The colour scheme consists

of mainly black and white as this is the
background colour that the text is written on
top of and the text colour is black. But also
has a range of other multicolours because of
the graffiti background as it has been

How image and text are integrated The

images relate to the text because the article
is about Dizzee Rascal and theyre showing
an image of him so the audience knows who
he is. The drink bottles link to the text as it
says that 2009 has been Dizzee Rascalss
year which would mean that he wouldve
celebrated his success in music. The music
player links to the text because music is
what career he has and its what theyd play
at parties. The large letter at the start of the
article would draw the readers attention
into reading it, as its larger and bolder than
the rest of the articles text so would catch
their eye. Mode of address has been used as
a music magazine is presented to the
audience because they try to interest them
with interesting topics. They are talking to
the target audience when they address
them by using the word you for example.