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Ripley, Believe or Not

Is it not bad enough to cause harm to an innocent victim of mortgage fraud, but to also
add insult to injury? Is it an intimidation factor or has the world gone that nuts?

In January 2014, Wells Fargo agents caused the Alvie Campbell and his family to be
removed from their legal real property at 250 Private Road 947 via forced eviction. As
instructed at that time of the forced removal by the Williamson County Constables
Office, the Campbells secured their titled vehicles elsewhere to prevent Wells Fargo
from removing such titled property of the Campbells. The Constables Office is aware,
and does recall that Mr. Campbell, or someone, moved those titled vehicles onto resident
property at a different location, with permission, from the landowner. They saw them on
the other property, not the property these law enforcement came to so-call protect. And
being afraid of the judge, these guys had to follow orders and throw my family from
their home and remove them off the newly acquired Wells Fargo property. Sad, but true.

Did Wells Fargo encourage criminal activity

It is unclear why Wells Fargo Bank, N.A would encourage, instruct, or authorize, its
agents to conduct actions of trespassing on land posted with private property - no
trespassing signs at its entrance at private road 947 & county road 406. Nevertheless,
this criminal activity was engaged on that private property, and Wells Fargo agents have
shown a photo of Mr. Campbell vehicles and made claims that Wells Fargo instructed
them to conduct such actions to remove them so Wells Fargo can sell the property its
agent lied, cheated, and stole from its victims. By law, Wells Fargo can not prove it
lawfully held rights of any sort.
It is also unclear why Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. would encourage, or authorize, its agents
acts of burglarizing vehicles. Nevertheless, Wells Fargo, through its agents engaged in
acts of unlawful appropriation of property without permission or consent of the property
owners. Wells Fargo agents burglarized vehicles, and unlawfully appropriated property
to a certain questionable Wells Fargo property located at 250 Private Road 947, Taylor
Texas, also causing damage to the vehicle during that removal.

The stolen property can be evidenced by viewing the trailer placed on Wells Fargo
property of record, at 250 Private Road 947, underneath a carport to support where such
stolen property was relocated. To support this, I am including a printed image of a photo
taken of the property after the theft

[Above] Photo of stolen trailer on Wells Fargo property.

Even though the trailer and its contents may not look like much, and many may wonder
why I write such an article, the reader may need to understand the principal of the matter,
which is, Wells Fargo Bank trespassed, burglarized, damaged, and stole a vehicle. It was
not just one vehicle that this type of activity happened to. There were multiple certificate
of title vehicles, including motor vehicles in which Wells Fargo caused harm to.
If stealing the trailer wasnt bad enough, Wells Fargo has decided to remove all of the
Campbells vehicles from another private property owners land whether the landowner
gave permission or not. The Wells Fargo representative provided a photo of all the
vehicles and told witnesses he was directed by Wells Fargo to remove all the vehicles,
which he was doing.

Vehicle area

250 PR 947 property lines

[Above] Photo to provide clarity of property lines for 250 PR 947 & 200 PR 947.

Commencement of Criminal activity

Sometime in November, 2014, possibly prior to that date, without permission or consent
of Alvie Campbell, or the property owner, agents for Wells Fargo Bank entered onto
private property at 200 Private Road 947, Taylor Texas. Upon entering that private
property, Wells Fargo agents trespassed, burglarized, and stole property belonging to Mr.
Campbell. Wells Fargo agents burglarized a 1995 Ford F-150, and removed property
from the motor vehicle. Portions of stolen property from the burglarized F-150, small
appliances, are now located inside the body of Mr. Campbells recently recovered stolen
trailer. Other items were opened, damaged and thrown into the back of the F-150 leaving
the items to be exposed to the outside weather.
Wells Fargo agents burglarized other vehicles belonging to Mr. Campbell according to
eyewitness accounts. Wells Fargo agents engaged in criminal acts of trespassing,
burglarizing vehicles.
Wells Fargo agents engaged in burglary and theft of a vehicle and its contents, by
unlawfully removing an 18ft trailer and its contents; (1) a riding lawnmower, (2) a 22
push mower, (3) a small landscape cart, (4) an eight foot wood ladder, and (5) other
wooden items contained on the trailer, which were then placed on Wells Fargo property
at 250 private road 947, Taylor Texas by the Wells Fargo agents or representatives.

Vehicles belonging to Mr. Campbells in this criminal activity by Wells Fargo were
previously positioned on adjacent private property, by permission of the owner at 200
private road 947. The burglarized vehicles on the private property were; (1) 16 ft fishing
boat and trailer, (2) 95 Ford F-150, (3) 92 Ford Explorer, (4) 18 ft. titled trailer, Each of
those listed vehicles contained additional personal property in the body of each vehicle.

[Above] Photo of F-150, explorer, and fishing boat.

The thieves

[Above] Photo of small Ford pickup truck which had stolen trailer attached to it.

Eyewitnesses in the area witnessed the trailer connected to this pickup truck prior to this
photo being taken.

Witnesses to the crimes

Witnesses have attested that the Wells Fargo representatives were instructed to return the
trailer and its contents back onto the property at 200 Private Road 947. According to
witnesses, one agent for Wells Fargo Bank claims another agent for Wells Fargo Bank
removed the property from it permissive location at 200 Private Road 947. That agent
refused to return the stolen trailer back to the landowners private property when
Eyewitnesses accounts conclude they saw Wells Fargo representatives gain access into
the subject motor vehicles, and vehicles, rummaging through and removing property
from the Campbells vehicles. Some Items rummaged through can easily be seen laying
on the ground around these vehicles. Other damages items were tossed into the back of a
pickup truck. I am including a photo of this.

[Above] Photo of the boxes of our families Christmas decorations, and other items
opened and thrown out to weather.
According to the Williamson County Sheriffs Office and the Constables Office, Wells
Fargo Bank, N.A. is the property owner of record of 250 Private Road 947, at this time,
though that is seriously questionable under law.

Officers of the Williamson County Constables Office know where Mr. Campbell placed
the vehicles when Wells Fargo caused the Constables to force the Campbells from their
property at 250 Private Road 947. Clearly, law enforcement knows the Campbells
vehicles and motor vehicles were placed on adjacent property at 200 private road 947
with permission from that land owner because they were there to witness the vehicles
after they were moved onto 200 private road 947 property prior to the forced eviction.
All witnesses will attest that the Campbells vehicles resided in the location provided by a
private land owner for many months without a security breach, or a breach of the peace
of Mr. Campbells property, until Wells Fargo agents appeared and violated the security
and damaged the Campbells vehicles recently.

Did Wells Fargo agents notify its principal of previous criminal activity
As it appears by the admission from the Wells Fargo representative to the witnesses
confronting the representative at the 250 Private Road 947 location, the latter agent failed
to notify Wells Fargo of the criminal activity being conducted by the previous agents for
Wells Fargo Bank, or, the agents are both concealing the crimes theyve committed.
Otherwise, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. surely would have made an effort to correct this
serious matter with Mr. Campbell before now.

They even went as far as removing license plates

[Above] Photo of missing license plate on F-150. It is missing from the front bumper also.

Contacting Law Enforcement

You would think that after being a victim of such crimes, law enforcement would be
geared to go arrest someone. As it appears, that is not the case in Williamson County

Texas. Ive talked to the Constable, then to a Wilco deputy Sherriff. Even though this is a
criminal matter, these guys appear to want me to do the legwork for this crime. As of
today, December 15, 2014, I have yet been able to get a crime report started. IT is hard to
comprehend why law enforcement would avoid investigation, but the only thing Ive
witnessed from them is they seem to participate in legal advice. And I thought that was a
crime itself? Everyone seem to want to combine civil matters of the past as a reason not
to investigate crimes taking place now. It makes me wonder if what many have said,
which is Williamson County is corrupt. Is this something I should believe?
It is sad that Wells Fargo Bank can direct its agents to burglarize our vehicles, damage
vehicle tires and the contents in those vehicles, and then steal a titled trailer, a riding
lawnmower, a push mower, a landscape cart, and construction equipment, all without
being arrested for any single crime committed.
So, with all humiliation, and insult to injury, I provided to you, the reader, a short version
of how Wells Fargo Bank can commit crimes on the lower level of America, and get
away with them just like it does in the upper level of America.
As it appears, To protect and to Serve has a different meaning than that from the past.
Why hasnt anyone realized that these big banks are an enemy of the State yet? Ill give a
simple for instance. I have a Lis Pendens recorded. The real property at 250 Private Road
947 is listed, yet Wells Fargo is selling the property without taking me on a judicial trail
to remove the lis pendens before it sells the property to some unsuspecting buyer. Okay.
But what happened to the money that would go to the judicial proceeding if Wells Fargo
bypasses such procedure? Is this not just like bypassing the transfers of mortgages in
public records. Using either avenue to circumnavigate the laws of Texas, the bank is
depriving the State of monies for filing, or recording.

Why would a judge side with an enemy of the State?

Why do so many say Williamson County, Texas is corrupt?
Can Wells Fargo direct its agents to trespass, burglarize, damage and steal other peoples
property without being arrested or investigated?

Wheres a good lawyer when you need one?

Wheres a good cop when you need one?

Peace be with you,

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