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Civil Practices are Civil Actions R. 4:2-1 PG 1209

Justice>Efficiency: R.1:1-2 PG 30
Roles of Judges/Administrative Responsibility R. 1:33-1-6PG 424
No Frivolous Litigation R. 1:4-8 PG 57
Certification in Lieu of Oath R. 1:4-4(b)PG 53
R. 4:3-2(a)(1)-(3)PG 1213
Chancery v Law Div R. 4:3-1 PG 1210
Corporate Parties R. 4:3-2(b) PG 1213
Filing a complaint commences a civil action R. 4:2-2PG 1209
Complaint must assert facts to support relief R. 4:5-2PG 1244
Issuance R. 4:4-1 PG 1216
Form R. 4:4-2 PG 1217
Proof of Service R. 4:4-7 PG 1238
Who can serve Process R. 4:4-3 PG 1218
Personal Service R. 4:4-4(a) PG 1220
Constructive Service R. 4:4-4(b) PG 1221
Service on Absent Defendants; In Rem or Quasi In Rem Jusidiction R. 4:4-5 PG 1236
Optional Mailed Service R. 4:4-4(c) PG 1222
Acknowledgement of Service R. 4:4-6 PG 1238
Amended Pleadings R. 4:9-1PG 1547
Relation Back Doctrine R. 4:9-3 PG 1552
Supplemental Pleadings R. 4:9-4 PG 1556
4:5-1(B)(2)PG 1240
Notice of Motion for Entry of Default R. 4:43-1 PG 1844
Motion for Entry of Default R. 4:43-2 PG 1846
Setting Aside Entry of Default R. 4:43-3 PG 1851
Setting Aside Entry of Default Rule applies to All Parties R. 4:43-4 PG 1852
Motion to Vacate Default Judgment R. 4:50-1 PG 1894
Various Motions R. 4:6-2PG 1478
Motion for a more definite statement R. 4:6-4(a) PG 1528
Motion to dismiss for failure to plead fraud with particularity R. 4:5-8 PG 1452
Affirmative Defenses R. 4:5-4 PG 1246
Failure to answer allegations in complaint=admitted R. 4:5-5 PG 1450
Serve answer w/in 35 days of service R. 4:6-1(a) PG 1477
Extension of time to answer R. 4:6-1(c) PG 1477
What to file with the answer: R. 4:5-1(b) PG 1240
Reply to answer w/in 20 days R. 4:6-1(a)PG 1477
Must be brought with answer R. 4:6-1(a) PG 1477
Omitted Counterclaim R. 4:7-4 PG 1534
CROSS-CLAIMS R. 4:7-5PG 1535
Time to assert cross-claims R. 4:7-5(c) PG 1535
Procedure after third party is joined R. 4:8-1(b) PG 1544

When it begins R. 4:24-1(a) PG 1678
Extensions R. 4:24-1(c) PG 1679
Protective Orders R. 4:10-3 PG 1590
Before making a Discovery motion, try working it out R. 1:6-2(c) PG 76
Form of answers R. 4:17-4(a) PG 1629
Time to serve R. 4:17-2 PG 1628
Uniform Interrogatories R. 4:17-1(b)(1) PG 1625
Time to answer uniform interrogs & automatic service R. 4:17-1(b)(2) PG 1625
Limitations R. 4:17-6 PG 1636
Amendments R. 4:17-7 PG 1636
For dismissal w/o Prejudice R 4:23-5(a)(1) PG 1672
For dismissal with Prejudice R 4:23-5(a)(2) PG 1672
Motions for dismissal must contain a proposed form of order R 4:23-5(a)(3) PG 1673
Failure to provide expert reports R. 4:17-4(e) PG 1630
Scope R. 4:18-1 PG 1642
Procedure for Request R. 4:18-1(b)(1) PG 1642
Objections R. 4:18-1(b)(4) PG 1643
Continuing Obligation R. 4:18-1(b)(3) PG 1643
Copies of documents referred to in pleading R. 4:18-2 PG 1648
No sanctions for failure to produce ESI R. 4:23-6 PG 1678
Failure to respond= fees R. 4:23-3 PG 1671
Expenses for motion granted R. 4:23-1(c) PG 1665
Pre-suit R. 4:11-1(a) & (b) PG 1595
Pre-suit Order and examination R. 4:11-1(c) PG 1595
The use of pre-suit deposition R. 4:11-1(d) PG 1596
When they may be taken R. 4:14-1 PG 1603
Notice R. 4:14-2(a) PG 1604
Organizations R. 4:14-2(c) PG 1604
Production of Things R. 4:14-2(d) PG 1604
Costs R. 4:14-6(c) PG 1610
A party may object on the same grounds as live testimony R. 4:16-2 PG 1623
Objections Not Waived R. 4:16-4(c)(1) PG 1624
Objections Waived R. 4:16-4(c)(2) PG 1624
Objections after completion R. 4:16-4(d) PG 1624
Objections to deposition notice R. 4:16-4(a) PG 1624
Objections to the deposition officer R. 4:16-4(b) PG 1624
Move to compel answer R. 4:23-1(a) PG 1665
Evasive or Incomplete R. 4:23-1(b) PG 1665
Award of expense of motion to compel R. 4:23-1(c) PG 1665
Failure to comply with order R. 4:23-2 PG 1668
Non party subpoena R. 1:9-1 PG 178
Motions that must be made during the discovery period R. 4:24-2 PG 1682
Copies of motion papers must be served on all parties R. 1:5-1(a) PG 63
Completion of service R. 1:6-3(c) PG 84
Form of Motion R. 1:6-2(a) PG 75

When Affidavits are Required R. 1:6-6 PG 87

Briefs R. 1:6-5 PG 86
Timing R. 1:6-3(a) PG 83
Filing with the Court R. 1:5-6(b)(1) PG 70
Deficiencies in R. 1:5-6(c) PG 70
Copies sent to judges R. 1:6-4 PG 86
Not signing a motion R. 1:4-8(a) PG 58
Serving the entered order R. 1:5-1(a) PG 63
Motion for judgment on the pleadings R. 4:6-2 PG 1478
Time effect on responsive pleadings R. 4:6-1(b) PG 1477
Timing to file motion for judgment on the pleadings R. 4:6-3 PG 1527
Time for making motion R. 4:46-1 PG 1858
What to file R. 4:46-2(a) PG 1859
Affidavits R. 1:6-6 PG 87
Opposing Partys Affidavits R. 4:46-5(a) PG 1870
Affidavits made in bad faith R. 4:46-5(b) PG 1871
Voluntary R. 4:21A-1(b) PG 1650
Mandatory R. 4:21A-1(a) PG 1650
Removal R. 4:21A-1(c)(1) PG 1651
Notice R. 4:21A-1(d) PG 1651
Prehearing Submissions R. 4:21A-4(a) PG 1653
Issuing an Award R. 4:21A-5 PG 1653
Dismissal if no action taken R. 4:21A-6(b) PG 1654
Trial De Novo R. 4:21A-6(c) PG 1654
Manner and Time of Making Offer R. 4:58-1(a) PG 1930
Manner and Time of Accepting Offer R. 4:58-1(b) PG 1931
Consequences of Non Acceptance R. 4:58-2 PG 1931
Renewal in a new trial R. 4:58-5 PG 1932
Trial Date R. 4:36-3(a) PG 1761
Adjournment R. 4:36-3(b) PG 1762
Bifurcations R. 4:38-2(b) PG 1776
Pre-trial Conferences R. 4:25-1(a) PG 1682
Attorney Conference R. 4:25-7(b) PG 1687
Waiver of pre-trial exchange of info R. 4:25-7(d) PG 1688
Jury must be requested R. 1:8-1(b) PG 103
Six member jury if other not requested R. 1:8-2(b) PG 108
Alternate Jurors R. 1:8-2(d)(1) PG 108
5/6 standard for verdict R. 1:8-2(c) PG 108
Jury Demand R. 4:35-1 PG 1756
Jury Selection Process/Challenges R. 1:8-3 PG 115
Special Verdict R. 4:39-1 PG 1778
Bench Trials R. 1:7-4(a) PG 99
When cases have issues to be tried by a jury and by the bench R. 4:35-3 PG 1761
Order of Statements R. 1:7-1 PG 89
Motion for Judgment R. 4:40-1 PG 1783
Judgment notwithstanding the verdict R. 4:40-2 PG1783
Involuntary dismissal R. 4:37-2(b) PG 1766
Motion for a New Trial R. 4:49-1 PG 1880

Prevailing party can enforce judgments pending appeal R. 2:9-1(a) PG 672

Cannot appeal a jury verdict unless you made motion for new trial R. 2:10-1 PG 686
Appeals as of right R. 2:2-3 PG 569
Interlocutory Appeals to the Appellate Division R. 2:2-4 PG 601
Appeals from Interlocutory Orders R. 2:5-6(a) PG 640
Appeals as of Right to the Supreme Court R. 2:2-1(a) PG 565
Appeal on Certification to Supreme Court R. 2:12 PG 774
Interlocutory Appeals to the Supreme Court R. 2:2-2 PG 568
Cross Appeals R. 2:3-4 PG 613
Time to file appeal R. 2:4-1 PG 615
Time to file cross appeal R. 2:4-2 PG 619
Time to file a leave for appeal R. 2:5-6 PG 640
Time to file a cross appeal to an interlocutory appeal R. 2:4-2 PG 619
Extensions for filing an appeal R. 2:4-4 PG 621
Documents required in appeal R. 2:5-1 PG 623
Requesting a transcript R. 2:5-3(a) PG 631
Five copies of transcript to App Div R. 2:6-12(d) PG 631
Who transcript must be served on in App Div R. 2:5-3(a) PG 631
$300 appeal fee R. 2:5-2 PG 631
Motion for leave to appeal needs a brief R. 2:8-1(a) PG 663
Notice of Petition for Certification R. 2:12-3(a) PG 774
Cross petition for certification R. 2:12-11 PG 777
Where to file certification, how many copies R. 2:12-2(a) PG 774
Making the Petition for certification R. 2:12-7(a) PG 776
$300 Fee for Petition for Certification R. 2:12-5 PG 776
Opposing Certification & Reply brief R. 2:12-8 PG 777
The record on appeal R. 2:5-4(a) PG 636
Appendix R. 2:6-1 PG 642
Time for Serving and Filing Briefs R. 2:6-11 PG 654
Length of Briefs R. 2:6-7 PG 653
Contents of Brief R. 2:6-2 PG 645
Colors of Covers R. 2:6-6(b) PG 652
Motion Briefs R. 2:8-1 PG 645
Motion for Summary Disposition of Appeal R. 2:8-3(b) PG 645
Stays pending appeal R. 2:5-6(a), R. 2:9-5 PG 679
Supersedeas Bond R. 2:9-6(a) PG 681
Temporary Relief in Emergent Matters R. 2:9-8 PG 684
Motion for Reconsideration R. 2:11-6 PG 773
Oral Argument R. 2:11-1 PG 766
Order to Show Cause R. 4:67-2(a) PG 2010
Service of OTSC R. 4:67-3 PG 2011
Temporary Restraining Order R. 4:52-1 PG 1911
Docket Judgment R. 4:101 PG 2134
Discovery to find Assets R. 6:7-2 PG 2458
Process to enforce Judgments/Executions R. 4:59-1 PG 1939