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Robert G.

Van den Heuvel

(818) 335-7354

U.S. Citizen

email: robertvanden2@gmail.com
Los Angeles County, CA

Web Content


Product installation and operation manuals, quick start guides
Web pages, blog posts, press releases, online marketplace listings
Product brochures, whitepapers, demonstrations, purchase requisitions
Steps of operations, contingency plans, technical setup
Diagrams, videos, DSLR photography, image manipulation


Computer Systems
Technical Support

Unix, PC and Macintosh computers. Up to 38,000 unix users supported.

Delicate settings of computer systems, recipes for fixing problems,
tutorials to make staff members more productive.
Productivity tools designed to speed up manual labor and save money.
Help desk, troubleshooting, personal tutoring in the field.



Advertising, electronics, IT, audio/video manufacturing, aerospace

Promoted by the CEO, 2008. Awarded Employee of the Month, Feb. 2014.

Documentation Tools

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word (advanced), Excel, PowerPoint (int.)

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) (advanced)
Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Pro (intermediate)
Visio, Techsmith Camtasia (intermediate)
Adobe Captivate, Photoshop (novice)
Chicago Manual of Style, Elements of Style

PC hardware/software, Windows (advanced)

Unix, Linux, Perl, Java, C++ (intermediate)
WordPress, LDAP, HTML, JavaScript (intermediate)
Nikon DSLR cameras, photo editing (intermediate)
Redmine, Joomla, SharePoint, BonitaSoft (novice)
API docs, software lifecycle (SDLC), Scrum

Freelance Writer Northridge, CA
Technical Writer and Researcher

August 2014 to present

Writing health-related blog posts and creating an information resources website

Creating an information web site to help sufferers of food allergies.
Researching and writing on natural health forums on the internet.

SoloPoint Solutions Pacoima, CA (Contract assignment)

Technical Writer
Helped modernize the design of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

June 2014 to July 2014

Formulated a new standard for the content of all future technical manuals.
Worked in close cooperation with a director and experienced subject matter experts (SMEs).

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Pacific Management, Inc. Chatsworth, CA (Contract assignment)

Technical Writer

May 2014 to June 2014

Helped modernize a library of SOPs

Met with customer teams to identify improvements to a library of standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Drafted a template to standardize SOP document contents and an emergency procedure to process critical jobs.
Researched graphical user interface (GUI) improvements to legacy operations software

MediaShift, Inc. Glendale, CA (Internet advertising company)

Technical Writer

April 2013 to February 2014

Created key solutions on an accelerated schedule. Won a productivity award.

Created flagship videos and marketing demonstrations of key MediaShift product offerings.
Wrote key demo documents that allowed prospective customers to test MediaShifts products live onsite.
Worked with vice presidents (VPs), the director of product management, and the chief operating officer (COO) to
support aggressive deliveries of marketing documents to airline and hotel chain customers.
Awarded Employee of the Month for rebranding 480 public-facing corporate documents in 1 month.
Used Microsoft VBA and Perl to identify and help process documents faster.
Originated new SOPs for installing MediaShift software and hardware systems, monitoring key performance
indicators (KPIs) at remote facilities, and monitoring advertising impressions, page views, and Google AdSense.

Genuent, Inc. -- Monterey Park, CA (Contract for a large commercial bank)

Senior Technical Writer
October 2012 to November 2012
Revised outdated documentation for top executives. Enabled better cross-training of SMEs.

Worked under a department vice president to revise outdated online documentation for IBM mainframes. The new
documentation enabled senior managers to view critical system vulnerabilities.
Enabled SMEs to better cross-train on separate computer systems. Collected computer system facts into templates. .

4PC HELP Los Angeles, CA (Part-time computer repair service)

Served Los Angeles with speedy computer service.
October 2011 to October 2012

Provided customers with mobile PC hardware and software installation and repairs, backups and on-site tutoring.
Delivered fast, mobile service with a unique pricing model. Communicated technical matters in plain English.

IQStor Networks, Inc. Newbury Park, CA (High-density data storage manufacturer)

Sales & Marketing Specialist
July 2011 to October 2011
Created a quick start guide for a flagship product. Updated the website. Conducted sales campaigns.
Authored a new much-needed quick start guide for a massive data storage device featuring photos, panel connection

diagrams and step-by-step installation instructions.

Added press releases and product briefs to the company website. Worked with the director of Sales and Marketing.
Managed a database of sales leads using Goldmine. Launched email-based solicitation campaigns.

Gefen, LLC Chatsworth, CA (Leading audio/video signal management company)

Special Projects Coordinator
June 2006 to April 2011
Created manuals and promotional materials for an expanding product line. Promoted by the CEO.
Tracked projects. Designed technical solutions for remote customers.

Wrote technical content for hundreds of web pages, bi-fold manuals, and audio/video product listings.
Worked with the chief executive officer (CEO) and project managers to formulate best wording for advertising.
Enabled project managers to track projects, adjust task priorities, and identify holdups using a live project database.
Prior to writing career, delivered outstanding remote technical support to Gefens customer base from 2006 2008.
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CompunerdsLA Los Angeles, CA (Computer repair company)

Computer Repair Field Technician

March 2003 to June 2006

Superior mobile service within the Los Angeles County area

Provided mobile PC repair and technical support. Assisted with upgrades, hardware repairs, backups and tutoring.
Delivered fast, mobile service. Communicated technical matters in plain English.

California State University Northridge, CA (State University since 1958)

Operating Systems Analyst II
August 1996 to March 2003
Co-Managed data centers, help desk. Resolved key computer issues for staff members and students.

Co-managed the main campus data center. Resolved account problems with web sites, e-mail, disk storage.
Ran the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) help desk. Supervised two student assistants.
Reduced help desk calls by automating tedious data center labor with Perl and shell scripts.
Cut staff labor in CECS departments by automating purchasing paperwork with Delphi and Microsofts OLE API.
Documented crucial technical configurations and fix it recipes.

Pratt and Whitney Rocketdyne Canoga Park, CA (Rocket engine manufacturer)

Network Administrator / Jr. Software Engineer
October 1990 to August 1996
Increased staff efficiency. Modernized & managed PC and Unix networks for scientists.
Improved space vehicle safety and manufacturing costs.

Increased staff efficiency on a 70-user Novell PC network. Upgraded outdated hardware and providing daily
technical support. Achieved results under strict budget constraints.
Setup and operated a classified computer lab for scientific programmers. Enabled immediate productivity by
tutoring personnel and writing quick start guides. Administered DOD security procedures.
Wrote C and C++ code that significantly improved rocket engine health monitoring software and a manufacturing
cost simulator. Documented code and deliverables.
Improved aerospace proposals and software requirements documents.


California State University Northridge, Northridge, CA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (GPA 3.6)
Work Activities:
CSUN User Services Group: Worked concurrently during college in the campus computer labs and data center.
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM): Secretary, planned events.
Major Coursework:
1 year of college English credit awarded in High School (EEE Examination)
Software engineering, VSAM and B*Tree database design, Calculus, statistics, electronic systems
Algorithms, robotics, computer languages (assembler, C, C++, COBOL and others)
Computer software terminology concise creative simple expert elegant strunk white chicago microsoft manual of style facebook twitter blog blogger research ventura thousand oaks northridge pasadena

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