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Monster AC MV HD THAC0 #AT Damage SA SD AL

Griffon 3 12, Fl 30
(C, D mounted) 7 13 3 1d4/1d4/2d8 Nil Nil N
Hobgoblin 5 9 1+1 19 1 Weapon Nil Nil LE
Kender 8 6 1 19 1 1d6 Sp. Sp. LN/CN
(Hugon Barker) 5 6 3 17 1 1d4 Sp. Sp. CG
Lamia Noble 3 9 10+1 11 1 1d6 Sp. Nil CE
Leopard, Snow 6 15 3+2 17 3 1d3/1d3/1d6 Sp. Sp. N
Lizard, Subterranean 5 12 6 15 1 2d6 Sp. Nil N
Man, Bandit 8 12 1d4 17-19 1 1d6 Nil Nil NE
Man, City Guard 8 12 2 19 1 1d6 Nil Nil N
Man, Farmer 10 12 2 19 1 1d6 Nil Nil N
Man, Highseeker
Master 8 12 7 13 1 1d8 Nil Nil CG
Councilor 8 12 5 15 1 1d8 Nil Nil CG
Man, Holy Guardian 4 12 4 17 1 1d8 Nil Nil LG
Man, Hunter 8 12 2 19 1 1d6 Nil Nil N
Man, Nightshade 10 12 4 17 1 1d4 Nil Nil LG
Man, Plainsman 10 12 2 19 1 1d6 Nil Nil CG
Man (Raven-eye) 9 12 3 17 1 1d4 Nil Nil CG
Man, Refugee 10 12 1 19 1 1d4 Nil Nil N
Man (Sunstar) 8 12 2 19 1 1d4 Nil Nil CG
Man, Townsman 10 12 1 19 1 1d4 Nil Nil N
Mastodon, Skeleton 4 15 13 7 4 2d8/2d8/2d6/2d6 Nil Nil N
Mummy 3 6 6+3 13 1 1d12 Sp. Sp. LE
Ogre 5 9 4+1 17 1 1d10 + 2 damage Nil CE
Pegasus 6 24, Fl 48
(C, D mounted) 4 17 3 1d8/1d8/1d3 Sp. Nil CG
Piercer 3 1 2 19 1 2d6 Surprise Nil N
Pudding, Deadly (Dun) 7 12 8+1 13 1 4d6 Sp. Sp. N
Ram. Giant 7 12 2 19 1 1d4 Charge Nil N
Rat, Giant 7 12, SW 6 1d4 hp 20 1 1d3 Disease Nil N(E)
Roper 0 3 10 11 1 + 1 Sp. + 5d4 Sp. Sp. CE
Satyrs 5 18 5 15 1 2d4 or weapon Sp. Sp. N
Shadow 7 12 1
7 3+3 17 1d4+1, sp. Sp. Sp. CE
Shrieker 7 1 3 17 0 Nil Nil Noise N
Skeleton 7 12 1 1 1d6 Nil
19 Sp. N
Skeleton Warrior 2 6 9+12 11 1 1d12 Sp. Sp.
Slug, Giant 8 6 12 9 1 1d12 Acid Sp. N
Snake, Poisonous 6 15 2+1 19 1 1 Poison Nil N
Spectral Minion,
Guardian 2 30 6 15 1 1d8 Nil Nil LG
Spectral Minion,
Philosopher 2 30 4 17 1 1d4 Nil Nil N
Spectre 2 15, Fl 30(B) 7+3 13 1 1d8 Sp. Sp. LE
Spider, Huge 6 18 2+2 19 1 1d6 Sp. Nil N
Sprite 6 9, Fl 18(B) 1 19 1 1d4 or 1d3 Sp. Sp. N(G)
Sylph 9 12. Fl 36(A) 3 17 0 Nil Sp. Sp. N(G)
Treant 0 12 11 9 2 4db/4d6 Sp. Sp. CG
Troll 4 12 6+6 13 3 1d4+1/1d4+1/1d8+4 Sp. Sp. CE
Vulture, Giant 7 3, Fl 24(D) 2+2 19 1 1d4 Nil Nil N
Warthog 7 12 3 17 2 2d4/1d8 Nil Nil N
White Stag -5 24 10 11 3 1d6/ld6/1d12 Nil Nil LG
Wight 5 12 4+3 15 1 1d4 Sp. Sp. LE
Will o’ Wisp - 8 Fl 18(A) 9 11 1 2d8 Sp. SP CE
Wolf 7 18 2+2 19 1 1d4+1 Nil Nil N
Wolf, Dire 6 18 4+4 15 1 2d4 Nil Nil N
Wolf, Winter 5 18 6 15 1 2d4 Frost Nil NE
Wraith 4 12, FL 24(B) 5+3 15 1 1d6 Sp. sp. LE
Wyvern 3 6, Fl 24(E) 7+7 13 2 1d6/2d8 Poison Nil N(E)
Zombie 8 6 2 19 1 1d8 Nil Nil N

AC = Armor Class, AL = Alignment. #AT = Number of attacks per round, CE = Chaotic Evil, CG = Chaotic Good. HD = Hit Dice. hp = hit points,
LE = Lawful Evil, LG = Lawful Good, MV = Movement Rate, N = True Neutral, NE = Neutral Evil. NG = Neutral Good, SA = Special Attacks.
SD = Special Defenses, Sp. = Special, THAC0 = Number needed To Hit AC 0 1990 TSR, Inc All Rights Reserved.
The best-selling DRAGONLANCE saga begins again, better than ever before!

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Official Game Adventure

Volume 1
by Hickman, Niles, and Dobson
Table of Contents
Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Much is revealed to the Dungeonmaster.
Chapter 1: The Road Travels East . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Darkness spreads over the land, and the heroes move toward an ancient city.
Chapter 2: Lost City of the Ancients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
The heroes reach Xak Tsaroth, a once-great city.
Chapter 3: Descent into Darkness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Beneath the ruined buildings of Xak Tsaroth lies the greater city and its lost glories.
Chapter 4: Lair of the Dragon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29
A mighty dragon guards treasure and knowledge in the ancient ruins.
Epilogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 3 5
More and greater trials lie ahead for the heroes.
Chapter 5: Que-Kiri and the Plains . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36
The fires of the Dragon Highlords spread.
Chapter 6: Solace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 8
Dragonmen hold sway over first home and the Last Home.
Chapter 7: The Slave Caravan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 1
The wagons move toward the slave mines of Pax Tharkas.
Chapter 8: Elvenhome . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 5
The heroes rest, hear songs and legends, and, learn of the Sla- Mori.
Chapter 9: To the Walls of Pax Tharkas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50
Through the perilous tunnels of the Sla-Mori.
Chapter 10: The Tharkadan Towers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 5
In the heart of the Dragon Highlord’s dark fortress.
Epilogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 6 5
Though a great task has been completed, the quest beckons.
The Refugees of Pax Tharkas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66
The plight of the refugees is explained for the Dungeonmaster.
Chapter 11: The Way . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 8
The heroes attempt to find safety and shelter for the refugees of Pax Tharkas.
Chapter 12: The Outpost Mines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 7
The heroes discover remnants of a once-mighty dwarven kingdom.
Chapter 13: Skullcap . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 1
The tomb of Fistandantilus is found, and the mysteries of the Dwarfgate War revealed.
Epilogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..89
Events to come cast their shadows, and the fate of the refugees is revealed.
Chapter 14: The Doors of Thorbardin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 1
The heroes dream dark dreams and seek a long-lost kingdom.
Chapter 15: The North Gate of the Dwarves . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 4
Entering Thorbardin, the heroes encounter evil and a legendary dwarf.
Chapter 16: The Honor of the Hylar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 8
The Council of Thanes meets, and the heroes receive a quest.
Chapter 17: Kalil S’rith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0 1
The heroes seek a mystical treasure in the Kingdom of the Dead.
Chapter 18: Dark Realms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 0 6
Verminaard returns for the final confrontation.
Epilogue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 0
This book of the saga ends, but the path is long ahead.

Appendix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112


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Additional Cartography: Sarah Feggestad

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Let your mind float free, Dungeon- Raistlin is a mage gone cynical, a from other worlds lose all their
master; enter the mind of Astinus of doubter. They have survived great and powers (but these can be regained, if
Palanthus, Lorekeeper of Krynn, who terrible trials. The tests that Raistlin all goes well).
sighs as he rises from the crystal underwent to become a mage left him All PC elves are Qualinesti elves.
globe of wisdom, weary from travel- with skin the color of gold and pupils Other elves appear in later
ing the world in his spirit form, weary the shape of hourglasses—he sees the DRAGONLANCE® adventure mod-
from following the trails of history to constant, terrible effects of time. ules.
their ends Slowly he stands, and Sturm Brightblade is the son of a The equivalent of a halfling in this
shuffles across the floor to a table Knight of Solamnia. Now taking up world is called a kender. Kender re-
piled high with parchment scrolls, He the mantle of his father, his most puis- semble wizened 14-year-olds and,
dips a quill pen into an inkpot and be- sant knightly aim is to die nobly in a unlike halflings, they wear shoes.
gins once more to scribe. battle against his enemies. His motto These folk have two special abilities
is Perunde ocadaver—Obedience (in addition to the usual halfling abili-
. . . Darkness has fallen over poor, suf- Unto Death. He is a man of military ties):
fering Krynn. Thus it has been since bearing, of great dignity, and of
the great Cataclysm, when the old power—a true knight. 1. Taunt. Kender are masters at en-
world fell. Curse the High Priest of Is- Flint Fireforge is a fighter of the hill raging others by verbal abuse. Any
tar, whose pride caused him to give or- dwarf race, distrustful of all— creature a kender taunts must roll a
ders to the True Gods! For the Gods including other dwarven races (espe- successful saving throw vs. spell or
punished Krynn for this blasphemy, cially the cursed Aghar, the gully attack wildly at once for 1d10 rounds
and much was forever lost. Lost were dwarves). Now of grandfatherly age, with a -2 penalty to their attack roll
the great cities, the accumulated wis- he is but two dwarven generations re- and a +2 penalty to their armor
dom and knowledge of many genera- moved from the great Cataclysm it- class.
tions. Lost as well was all knowledge self! His family was killed through the 2. Fearlessness. Kender are immune
of the True Gods, and mankind sank neglect of the mountain dwarves, and to fear, both magical and non-
into idolatry. Priests lost their power, now he seeks to avenge his people. magical. They are, however, curious
and mankind lost hope for its salva- Tasslehoff Burrfoot is a handler (I about everything—a tendency that
tion. would say thief) of the kender people, often gets them into trouble.
But hope always spring from the a halfling in size but a giant in curios- Finally, dragons have been absent
most modest of causes, and so it was ity. He is a treasure of odd informa- from Krynn for nearly 1,000 years.
that the lnnfellows began the salva- tion, of useful insights, and of clever They are considered merely legends
tion of Krynn. Originally there were solutions to knotty problems. by all who have not personally be-
seven: Tanis, Kitiara, Flint, Tasslehoff, These are the original Innfellows, held them. Characters may be
Raistlin, Caramon, and Sturm. Five but the puzzle is not yet complete. On thought foolish, or liars, if they talk
years ago they set out from the Inn of their journeys, the heroes will meet about dragons to the wrong people.
the Last Home, seeking knowledge of others who seek to battle the evil that Gold is worth a lot less on Krynn
the True Gods. In five years they found threatens all. than on other campaign worlds.
nothing, and so all returned to the Where will the heroes, armed with Steel is the metal standard on Krynn;
sleepy town of Solace, the tree-city scant knowledge, go from here? They one steel piece (stl) is the equivalent
built in a vallenwood grove. All re- must hurry, else Krynn is doomed. of one standard gp in purchasing
turned save one: Kitiara the beautiful, Although weary, I must keep power (i.e., on Krynn, the prices for
whose whereabouts are yet unknown. watching. I shall return to my golden common items found in the Player’s
Tanis is the leader, a half-elf born of chair, once again gaze into the crystal Handbook are in stl rather than gp).
an elf mother who was taken by a hu- globe, and let my spiritjoin the lnnfel- But when players from other cam-
man turned savage in the terrible lows on their quest. . . paigns convert their gp to stl, their
times that followed the Cataclysm. From the lconochronos of Astinus wealth decreases greatly. The official
The elves took him in, and he was of Palanthus, Lorekeeper of Krynn, conversions are as follows: 1 stl = 10
raised in Qualinesti, elfhome. But he is in the 351st year after the Cataclysm. gp = 20 sp = 100 cp = 2 ip (iron
ever torn between his human and el- pieces) = 2 bp (bronze pieces) = 1/5
ven halves, and has found the wan- The World of Krynn pp.
derlust strong within him He has (The most commonly given reason
roamed the world and seen much. His There are important differences be- for the relative values placed on gold
heart is split between the fiery Kitiara, tween the world of Krynn and stand- and steel is that, in a world as
a human woman, and the elf maid ard AD&D ® game campaigns. wracked by turmoil and conflict as
Laurana. True priests have been unknown in Krynn, a metal that can be crafted
Caramon and Raistlin are twins— Krynn for centuries. There are into weapons is much more valuable
yet unlike as night and day. Caramon priests, but they do not have spell than a soft, fragile metal.)
is bright, Raistlin is dark. Caramon is a powers since they worship false
fighter of great strength and courage; gods. PC priests who enter Krynn

The DRAGONLANCE® saga is a given for an NPC are those at the that choice the most logical, most
complex epic, filled with detail, leg- time the PCs first meet that NPC. If appealing one for your players. Only
end, and history not found in most the PCs have gone up in level since you can do this, as only you know
modules. To run this adventure prop- the first time they met this NPC, the how to best tantalize your particular
erly, you must think of it as a story, NPC should have advanced also. If group of garners. This is a test of
and try to motivate your players sub- the PCs easily overpowered an evil your skills as a DM—to keep your
tly to follow the right path. It is partic- NPC the first time they met, advance players interested and to make them
ularly important that you read the the NPC faster than the PCs. Con- believe that they are free to make
adventure several times, visualize versely, if the NPC got the better of any choice they wish.
the story, and think about the differ- the PCs, have him advance slower While reading this adventure prior
ent things your players might do. No than the PCs. to play, note the various methods
matter what, it will be necessary for The supplementary NPCs (Laur- given in the text for steering way-
you to improvise from time to time. ana, Elistan, etc.), listed on pages ward players back into the story (the
Several enemy NPCs, members of 114-115, can be attached to the party white stag, etc.). Make a list of these
the Dragonarmies appear through- as NPCs when they are met (unless and add a number of your own. As
out this adventure. Try to make them the text says otherwise). They cannot you use each one during the adven-
ha ve “ obs c u re d e a t h s ” if t he y ar e be used as player characters during ture, cross it off—try not to use the
killed; if at all possible, their bodies the course of the adventures in this same method twice. Also, don’t let
should not be found. Then, when the book (though this option is available your players get the impression that
NPCs appear later, you have a later in the saga). no matter what choice they make,
chance to explain their presence. Be Players and PCs: Don’t feel that you’ll steer them back on course with
creative; think up an explanation for you and yourplayers have to march in no harm done. Set a batch of dracon-
their “miraculous” survival. If this lock step with the DRAGONLANCE ians on them every so often when
becomes awkward, or your players novels! Feel free to allow your play- they stray, then let them limp back
become suspicious, then let the NPC ers to play the DRAGONLANCE saga on track. Teach them that thinking
die, but be prepared to create a simi- with characters from other worlds. things through often avoids danger-
lar (but not identical) NPC to take the This will entail some juggling on ous situations.
dead NPC’s place later in the adven- your part, as certain portions of this Events and Encounters: Most of
ture. If you are willing to do this, you adventure (dream cards, for exam- the occurrences within each chapter
may eliminate the “obscure death” ple) refer to specific characters in the of this adventure are categorized as
rule entirely. saga. Reassign them to the most ap- either events or encounters. Events
After Goldmoon becomes the first propriate members of your party. a re t rig g e re d a t sp e cif ic t im e s o r
true priest on Krynn, other priests Be sure that any PCs you allow into when specific conditions have been
may obtain spellcasting powers by Krynn are no more powerful than the met. Encounters are triggered when
dedicating theselves to the worship PCs depicted on the cover of this ad- the PCs enter a specific area.
of Mishakal or Paladine. Goldmoon’s venture. Lower their levels and strip Encounters occur as soon as the PCs
Medallion of Faith will create Medal- them of their fancy armor, weapons, enter the indicated area, unless oth-
lions for other true priests. and devices, if need be (if the players erwise noted in the text. Be sure to
Sections of boxed text contain in- protest, stand firm to keep the ad- keep careful track of time and loca-
formation that should be conveyed venture balanced). tion so you know which event or
to the players. You may either read If your players decide to use the encounter to run next.
the text to the players verbatim, or heroes of the saga as their PCs, give Time: Assuming that you have the
you may paraphrase it. them the character cards on the DRAGONLANCE Adventures hard-
At certain times in the adventure, cover. Each player gets 500 stl to back book, try to keep track of the
characters may have to make an equip his character at the beginning phases of the moons of Krynn, not-
Ability check. If such a check is nec- of the adventure (the items listed on ing how these affect the wizards of
essary, the player rolls 1d20. If the re- the cards already belong to the PCs the various Orders. (In this adven-
sult is equal to or less than the PC’s and don’t have to be paid for). ture, Raistlin is a wizard of the Red
appropriate ability score (Strength, Try to ensure that the PCs don’t Robes.)
W isdom, Dexterity, etc.), the check rise in level too fast (or the adventure
succeeds. might become too easy for them). A
gain of one level per four chapters or
NPCs: Statistics and other infor- so is good.
mation for NPCs are found either in Though this adventure follows a
the NPC capsules (pages 116-117), fairly set story line, part of your job is
for major NPCs, or on the Combined to mask this from the players. When
Monster Statistics Chart (inside only one choice out of several will ad-
cover), for minor NPCs. vance the PCs along in the adven-
Keep in mind that the statistics ture, use your wiles to subtly make

Hear the sage as his song descends Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams
like heaven’s rain or tears, and began the Age of Might,
and washes the years, the dust of the many stories When Istar, kingdom of light and truth, arose in the east,
from the High Tale of the Dragonlance. where minarets of white and gold
For in ages deep, past memory and word, spired to the sun and to the sun’s glory,
in the first blush of the world announcing the passing of evil,
when the three moons rose from the lap of the forest, and Istar, who mothered and cradled the long summers of good,
dragons, terrible and great shone like a meteor
made war on this world of Krynn. in the white skies of the just.

Yet out of the darkness of dragons, Yet in the fullness of sunlight

out of our cries for light the Kingpriest of Istar saw shadows:
in the blank face of the black moon soaring, At night he saw the trees as things with daggers, the streams
a banked light flared in Solamnia, blackened and thickened under the silent moon.
a knight of truth and of power, He searched books for the paths of Huma
who called down the gods themselves for scrolls, signs, and spells
and forged the mighty Dragonlance, piercing the soul so that he, too, might summon the gods, might find
of dragonkind, driving the shade of their wings their aid in his holy aims,
from the brightening shores of Krynn. might purge the world of sin.

Thus Huma, Knight of Solamnia, Then came the time of dark and death
Lightbringer, First Lancer, as the gods turned from the world.
followed his light to the foot of the Khalkist Mountains, A mountain of fire crashed like a comet through Istar,
to the stone feet of the gods, the city split like a skull in the flames,
to the crouched silence of their temple. mountains burst from once-fertile valleys,
He called down the Lancemakers, he took on seas poured into the graves of mountains,
their unspeakable power to crush the unspeakable evil; the deserts sighed on abandoned floors of the seas,
to thrust the coiling darkness the highways of Krynn erupted
back down the tunnel of the dragon’s throat. and became the paths of the dead.

Paladine, the Great God of Good Thus began the Age of Despair.
shone at the side of Huma, The roads were tangled.
strengthening the lance of his strong right arm, The winds and the sandstorms dwelt in the husks of cities,
and Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons, The plains and mountains became our home.
banished the Queen of Darkness, As the old gods lost their power,
banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts we called to the blank sky
back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses into the cold, dividing gray to the ears of new gods.
swooped upon nothing and nothing The sky is calm, silent, unmoving.
deep below the brightening land. We have yet to hear their answer.

Events The Song of Riverwind is in the cen-
from the woods on both sides of
ter of this module. If Goldmoon is a
Events take place at specific times. the road. Their yellow-green skin
PC in the adventure, have the player
They may happen anywhere unless pales against their heavy black ar-
read the lyrics aloud or, if he or she
stated otherwise. The first event be- mor; their twisted faces glare from has natural minstrel abilities, sing
gins the adventure, then each follows the evening darkness. They them with the music provided.
at its stated time in the sequence be- crouch in a large circle about you,
If any PCs present at the event suf-
low. well beyond sword range.
fered any damage from previous
A stout pony struggles up onto combat, a strange thing happens: A
Event 1: The Adventure the road, sagging beneath a flabby crystal staff falls from a fold in Gold-
figure who resembles a larger ver-
Begins. moon’s robe, rolls over to the injured
sion of those who surround you.
PCs, and heals their damage. If no
Your players stand at the location The pony rider suddenly turns his PCs suffered damage, then Gold-
marked “X” on the Wilderness map head toward you and yells, “Onyx moon simply puts her lyre away in
(Map 1). Begin by relating the follow- demands the blue crystal staff! her pack and, standing, draws forth
ing to them: Forfeit the staff now or die!”
the staff.
If Goldmoon is a PC, her player
The air surges fierce and sweet,
Fewmaster Toede waits for no reply may now take over the character and
carrying the clear musk smell of
from the party: he has no intention of join the rest of the PCs. When she
the woodlands. The soft murmurs
granting mercy. Roughly turning his joins the party, her player should
of stirring leaves, insects, and
swayback pony, he shouts, “Destroy read the back of her character card.
small animals fill the landscape.
them and bring the staff to me!” He Then, as Riverwind offers his back-
The clear highland sky blushes
then gallops into the woods. Ten hob- ground, you should read the back of
with the end of day and fades into
goblins attack the PCs. his character card to your players. If
starry sleep. This is home.
Left to Toede’s business, the hob- no one plays Goldmoon, she will fol-
From this rock outcropping the
goblins attack. Any captured hob- low Riverwind (who is always an
valley below seems peaceful, un-
goblins know only that they were NPC) and be an NPC herself for the
touched. Dense forests of pine
ordered to search the road at night rest of this module.
carpet the mountainsides, broken
and find a blue crystal staff. Unless the party takes some action
only by thick aspen woods. The
When the combat is finished, pro- to join with Goldmoon and River-
mountains, deep blue in the dis-
ceed with the adventure. By now, the wind, they gather their belongings,
tance, circle the valley floor and
PCs are on the road east of Solace bow to their audience, and leave. The
form a soft highland bowl.
(area 1). players may meet them again in
Five years ago, you and your
Event 3.
friends parted to search for a true
cleric. Tonight, you meet on the Event 2: Goldmoon Found.
road to Solace Town and report on Roll 1d4. The result indicates how
Event 3: Goldmoon Seen
your discoveries. many encounters take place before Again.
this event. If Goldmoon does not join the party
If the players are using the characters in Event 2, the PCs may still meet her
provided in the center of this mod- Suddenly, soft music begins. Its later. Roll 1d6 every game day, add-
ule, they should now read aloud the source is a slim, beautiful girl. ing 1 to the number for each day
backgrounds written on the backs of Lyre in hand, she sits gracefully as Goldmoon does not meet the heroes.
their character cards. Notice that she plays; nearby, a large plains- When the result is 6 or more, the PCs
Goldmoon does not begin the game man raises a flute to his lips. glimpse Goldmoon and Riverwind in
with the party, but joins them shortly. The girl’s eyes are a bright sky the distance sometime during the
Players choosing to play their own bl ue ; h er skin is a b u t t e ry t a n . day. The strange musicians pause,
characters have no stories to tell. Most striking of all is the flowing nod, and give the PCs a chance to
white gold of her hair. Plush white meet them.
After each player reads his back- furs trim her woven cape. A single
ground, read the following: feather folds back along the right Event 4: Reading of the
side of her head. Canticle.
None of you have found any sign Her voice clear as winter air, she
begins to sing . . . On a night the party is camped (your
of true clerics during your travels.
choice), pass around the Canticle of
The bushes to your left rustle.
the Dragon. As though around the
Suddenly, dark shapes scurry
campfire, have each player read one

verse aloud, from first verse to last, 1. Solace Township behind the bar are being polished
until they finish the poem.
by Otik Sandath, the barkeeper.
A warm autumn breeze rustles the
He t u rn s a n d wa ve s, smi l i n g a t
Event 5: All Winds Turn great vallenwood trees of Solace.
you, and motions the barmaid in
Cold. The road that wanders through the
your direction.
trees blazes in the bright colors of The low murmur of voices fills
On the fourth morning after the ad-
autumn. The richly stained build-
venture begins, a chill breeze begins the inn. The bartender turns
ings of Solace rest cradled over-
to blow from the north. thoughtfully to polish the glasses.
head in the boughs of the trees.
At a far table, near the storyteller,
Event 6: Thunderclouds. a man and a woman sit together
Around 500 people live in Solace, and speak quietly. Another man
During the fifth game day, thunder- not counting the farmers of the out- stands beside the now-silent story-
clouds hover angrily to the west, lying fields. The town is built entirely teller while a small boy stares
south, and north of the party. in the huge boughs of mature vallen- thoughtfully into the fire.
wood trees. The barmaid steps toward you,
Event 7: The Dragonarmies Solace is primarily a farming com- smiles, and shows you to a table.
March. munity. It has no local government, Something about her seems famil-
Just after dusk on the fifth game but is ruled by the Theocracy of iar. The hair? The intelligent glint
night, the Dragonarmies begin to Seekers from their central city of Ha- of her eyes.? Could this be Tika,
march and conquer all the lands to ven, some three days’ journey to the the little girl who swept the tavern
the south; every four hours there- west. floors a short five years ago? The
after, one encounter area falls into All services that adventurers ex- inn never changes, but its people
their hands. Treat areas that fall as pect from a town of this size are avail- do.
Dragonlands (as area 43). In order to able for reasonable rates. The
fall, an area must either border area exception is smithwork: Theros Iron-
The people in the inn all speak in low,
43 to begin with or have bordered an feld, town smith, charges usual rates
hushed tones. Any NPC the PCs ap-
area captured in the previous hour. for work on iron items, but because
proach reacts, friendly 50% of the
The general trend of captured areas steel is so valuable, charges extra for
time. Each reveals the following if
should direct the PCs toward Xak weapons. Because he works with pre-
Tsaroth (area 44). cious steel, Theros is the most re-
The barkeeper: “A magical staff! 1
If PCs are in a captured area, they spected man in town.
bet it was forged by demons from the
see the front lines of the draconian terrible Darken Wood. There are ter-
army approaching at a movement 1a. Inn of the Last Home rible mysteries in that place, there
rate of 9. This gives them the chance Read the first description as the play- are!”
to flee the army, toward Xak Tsaroth. ers approach the inn. Read the sec- A man at a table: “Hooded men
Two regions cannot be captured by ond if they enter, the third if the have been in town asking about that
the draconian army at this time: the players are using the PCs provided in staff! An evil lot they were, too. 1 won-
Qualinesti Elflands (area 19) and the the module. der if they were offering a reward.”
Darken Wood (22-26). Their times of A man by the storyteller: “A man
trial will come later in the saga. The Inn of the Last Home rests cra- of the Holy Guard rode through two
dled high in the boughs of a val- days ago asking about that staff. He
Encounters lenwood tree—as do all the said that anyone who had it or had
buildings here, for Solace is a tree- knowledge of it should make haste to
Encounters are episodes in the ad-
top town. Warm laughter tumbles Haven and meet at once with the
venture that are keyed to areas on
from the inn. The worn steps wind Prelate of the Temple there—but 1
maps. Whenever the PCs enter an
around the heavy trunk up to the certainly don’t want to get involved!”
area, the designated encounter takes
familiar, carved door. The old storyteller: “I foresee greas,
place at once. Some areas have the
The Inn of the Last Home never and terrible destiny in your eyes.
same number; this is to create a fur-
changes. The polished wooden There is a blue staff that you must re-
ther sense of certainty as your play-
bar curves around several living turn to Xak Tsaroth. There, in but a
ers follow their journey across their
branches. An old man weaves sto- few days hence, you shall face your
unnumbered map. If the PCs cross
ries in the corner and delights the greatest peril in contest for the great-
from one encounter area into an-
crowd gathered about him. The est gift given to man.”
other with the same number, simply
delicate windows of stained glass A girl at a table: “It was probably
repeat the encounter.
found in Darken Wood. 1 hear that the

ruins there are filled with wealth— to sound a horn. They are so well
dapples the floor of the woods, concealed behind cut branches that
and dangers to match. No one who
and sparrows and squirrels quar- a PC would have to climb a tree to
has entered that place has ever re-
rel overhead. The musty smell of find them. Even then there is only a
turned to tell the tale.”
fallen leaves rises through the fra- 30% chance of discovering them. If
A boy dreams by the fire: “I saw the
grance of late wildflowers. any draconian is spotted, all of them
white stag up near Prayers Eye Peak
just a few days ago! If only 1 could attack, sounding a horn and filling
catch it. He who walks the paths of the woods with cold, rasping battle
the white stag is blessed, 1 hear tell.”
4. New Haven Road cries.
If your PCs spot the draconians
The Solace Stream sparkles be- and the attack takes place, the en-
2. Crystalmir Lake
neath an ancient stone bridge. Wa- emy glides from the vallenwood
ter tumbles out of the forest, over trees and blocks the heroes’ retreat
The blue of the autumn sky dark-
the rocks, and toward the to Solace. A distant horn blares in
ens on the deep stillness of the
Southpass that lies between the answer to their battle call. The dra-
lake. The soft forests of giant val-
southern Sentinel Peaks. West of gonmen fight to the death in an at-
lenwood border the serene waters
the bridge, the road splits in two, tempt to destroy the party.
on the eastern, southern, and
branching to the south and the The hornblast is a warning to those
western shores. To the north, a
west. Both roads wind among the draconians who follow this party—
patchwork of fields stretches to-
great vallenwoods, whose boughs not a call for aid. The dragonmen in-
ward the distant purple moun-
form a brilliant canopy over the tend to remain disguised or
roadway. concealed while traveling the human
lands. They are sure that soon their
3. Solace East Woods Despite the apparent calm here, un armies will swarm across these
familiar creatures lurk among the fields; for now, they are searching for
The huge vallenwood trees tower trees near the fork in the road. These the Crystal Staff, although they do
above soft forest paths. Sunlight are Baaz draconians, waiting for not know why.
their leader up the road (see area 6)

5. Prayers Eye Peak These forms are 1d100x30’ away. 7. Jakanth Vale
They see the party at the same mo-
ment the party notices them. If the Trails lead deeper into the woods,
The flaming colors of fall sur- heroes don’t approach, one of the fig- but even at its edge an unnatural
round you, and an autumn breeze ures points in their direction; an- stillness has settled on the place.
ripples through your hair. To the other slowly walks toward the party. The woods seem much the same,
southwest, the white-capped out- These are 11 Baaz draconians in but there is a subtle difference, a
line of Prayers Eye Peak soars in disguise. Hoods and black cloth heaviness in the air. Even the in-
the distance. Barely visible from masks cover their faces. Heavy sects are silent.
here, a sharp crack splits the peak gloves shield their hands and thick
as though it consisted of two leg wrappings cover their feet. Al-
hands pressed together. Heavily wrapped feet tread upon this
though it is autumn, they seem a bit
trail a short time ago. Following
overdressed against the cold.
these tracks will bring the heroes to a
When the party passes through this As its companions join it next to
campsite in a glade.
area, there is a 30% chance that one the party, the leader speaks: “Good
The campsite smells like burned
of its members (determine ran- day to you, travelers! Please pardon
hair. Charred bones lie in the ashes of
domly) will spot the white stag. If en- the questions of an old cleric. Some
the fire pit. The grass has been
emies pursue the heroes into this days ago, our healing staff was stolen
stamped down around the area.
area, this chance increases to 80%. from Xak Tsaroth. Now one of our
Searching the area uncovers a
If it is spotted, the stag crashes flock is dying, and we desperately
bright silver bracer fitted with four
through a tangle of bushes and trees, need that item to bring our brother
gems (500 stl each). inside the band
emerging well ahead of the party. It back to health. He lies yonder in the
is engraved: “Firehawk, warrior of
stays just ahead of the heroes, a back of the cart. Have you heard any
Que-Shu.” Que-Shu Plainsmen can
flashing white form in the under- word of a blue crystal staff?”
identify this as the bracer of the war-
growth, until it has led them through If the heroes claim to know noth-
riors whose task it is to defend the
the crack in the middle of Prayers ing about the staff, the disguised
tribe. These bands are forged around
Eye Peak. After that, it bounds at full leader signals its comrades, who step
the warriors’ arms. Death alone re-
speed into the Darken Wood (24). aside and allow the party to pass. If
moves them.
The stag cannot be captured. If the the heroes suggest that they have
heroes kill it, dark thunderclouds seen or heard of the staff, the dracon-
form overhead. These hover above ian leader rattles off more questions, 8. Northfields
the party for seven days during which its voice shaking slightly: Where did
time players suffer a +1 penalty to they see it? How long ago? In whose A sea of grain sweeps across the
their Armor Class. The body of the hands? If the adventurers reveal that north flats. Stalks sag with rip-
end grain, ready for harvest. But
stag disappears. they have the staff, the draconian
no one is around to harvest the
leader screams and reaches for its
grains or tend the crops.
6. Twin Flat weapon. At the scream, the robed
draconians attack, limited to their
lowest movement rate because their The few farm houses in the area
A clear mountain valley sprawls
wings are bound. Once each round, a seem to have been abandoned in a
about. To the northwest and south-
draconian may tear off its robes in- great hurry. The adventurers have
east, thick vallenwoods flash yel-
stead of attacking. Each has a 20% only a 20% chance per turn of dis-
low and scarlet against the bright
chance of doing this, which frees it to covering, here and there in the fields
autumn sky. To the east shimmers
move faster. The draconians try to and at some farm homes, signs of a
the cool blue of the Crystalmir
force the party back east down the fierce fight. Footprints of draconians
Lake. Westward, the valley enters
road. If they can drive the party into surround these marks of struggle,
a canyon rimmed by granite cliffs.
area 5, the draconians sound a horn. but only those heroes who have met
The valley floor itself continues to
If their comrades in area 4 are still draconians can identify them, and
the northeast.
alive, they sound their horn in an- then only 60% of the time.
Some distance away, a group of
swer, then rush to close the trap. All All tracks lead east (to area 35).
huddled men pulls a large cart
of these draconians fight to the death
slowly west down the Haven road.
trying to gain the staff. 9. Nearfields
They sway rhythmically. Coarse,
heavy robes completely conceal
their features. Here, farmers and their workers
tread through fields of grain. The

There is a 15% chance per turn that game hour) a troop of Holy Guard-
thick wheat falls smoothly before the heroes find a typical farmer and ians passes. Fifty percent of the time
the flickering scythes. these troops are going away from Ha-
his family moving toward the south,
pulling all their belongings behind ven.
The workers here seem a bit ner- them in a dogcart. On the main road, PCs have a 30% chance of stop-
vous and speak with the PCs only this chance increases to 30% in area ping the Guardleader. If they do, he
20% of the time. “Good luck on your 13 and 70% in area 14. In area 15 a shakes his head and says: “Total
way. We want no trouble,” is all they family can always be found traveling madness, that’s what it is! We march
say. Only 20% of the time will those south down the main road. up and down this rag-tag line of beg-
who have spoken say more, and if The people flee south, intent on gars, trying to keep some kind of or-
they do, their thoughts are almost as nothing else. Their eyes fixed to the der. But it’s impossible. What has
one: “We don’t know what is going road ahead of them, these refugees happened to the world? These peo-
on, but people have been disappear- stop to talk with PCs only 20% of the ple run to Haven, but there is no es-
ing in the night from our camps and time. If they do stop, however, they cape from Haven except to the
homes. Now we fear all strangers. have an interesting story: “See the Qualinesti Elfkingdom or the
What terrible devil has struck our smoke rising from the valley yonder? Darken Wood. Now Qualinesti has
homes?” Devils from the Cataclysm, they closed its border, and no man enters
were, that started the fires! Came the Darken Wood and lives.
10. Sentinel Gap down from the north, only three days “By the way, have you heard any-
ago, and ever since they’ve plun- thing about a blue crystal staff?”
Walls of granite soar on either side dered and killed. Now we’re fleeing If the heroes make known that
of the narrow canyon floor. A south to the capital, to Haven. Surely they have seen or even heard of the
chilly breeze whistles and rumbles from there we can get to happier and Crystal Staff, the guardsmen pull
between the cliffs. safer country.” them up onto horseback and escort
them directly to the Council of
16. Haven’s Vale Highseekers in area 17b.
11. Twin Peaks Vale
Dust cloaks the highway, which 17. Lordcity of Haven
The twin peaks, Tasin and Fasin, stretches down the center of the Read this description when the party
stand to either side of the Shadow plain. A stream of refugees shuf-
nears Haven:
Canyon, overlooking the north fles and limps southward toward
road to the capital city of Haven. In t he g l ist e n in g , d ist a n t sp ire s o f
S ix wh it e t o we rs ris e fr o m th e
front of them, a lush mountain val- Haven.
foothills of the eastern mountains,
ley echoes with the sweet sounds encircling the delicate architec-
of the forest. Refugees flee down the road, stag- ture of Haven. A long file of refu-
gering and occasionally squabbling gees chokes the road entering the
over food. All of them are too busy or city’s main gate.
12. Shadow Canyon worried to speak with the PCs. Now
and then, a contingent of Seeker
Solid granite cliffs vault high over- Read this description once inside Ha-
Guards rides up and down the lines
head, forming walls that seem top- ven’s gate:
of refugees trying to keep order (and
less, casting deep shadows into looking for the Crystal Staff).
the crevasse. The canyon floor is The bases of delicate fluted pillars
All of these people have but a sin-
narrow but well-traveled and clear. are covered by swarms of people.
gle thought: to get to the city of Ha-
Every street surges with panic-
ven as fast as they can. There they
stricken refugees, milling and cry-
believe the Highseekers can guide
13-15. North Seeker ing beneath the ancient, serene
them and grant them the protection
Reaches of the new gods. There they hope to
be safe from the invaders. All of the
Green farmlands stretch between fields in this area are abandoned. Oc- The Lordcity of Haven is a glistening
mountain walls in a great valley. casionally, (10% chance per turn) a place of white marble towers
Farm houses and trees dot the fight starts on the edge of a roadside trimmed in gold. A low wall, more
landscape and many well-traveled field, as 2d20 refugee men scuffle decorative than protective, strings
trails lead south to a central road. o v e r w h o sh a ll st e a l it s cro p s o r together six spindly towers like a
fruits. necklace about the city.
Now and then (25% chance per “City,” however, is a misleading

term for Haven: its inner circle is only
and a woman, in leather armor A large hall rises to a ceiling sup-
one mile across, and only three miles
and wearing an eye-patch-are ported by pillars on either side. At
across counting the homes outside
less brooding than the others. the far end, nine chairs sit in a
the wall. The normal population is
Though they seem rather quiet, semi-circle on the polished gran-
only about 5,000.
they busy themselves with helping ite floor. Upon each chair sits a
Almost all the services one might
older people find places to sit and man in clean white robes trimmed
expect in a town of this size are avail-
clearing places for women with in gold. A steel girdle bands each
able; however, the ironsmith is in the
small children. man’s waist.
direct employ of the Highseekers
and works only at their bidding.
Two areas may be of special inter- Though most here are deep within The Council Hall is large and elegant.
est to adventurers in this city: the their own thoughts, adventurers can The councilors are desperate for
Steel Tankard Tavern (17a) and the converse with the three people men- news of the blue crystal staff. The
Councilhall of Highseekers (17b). tioned above. draconian army to the north has of-
The city overflows with refugees. “I should leave town right now,” fered not to invade if the crystal staff
All of these people are close to panic; the man in the fur cloak says. “The is returned to its place in the eastern
they have horror stories of the in- Highseekers say we are safe here, but city of Xak Tsaroth. The council’s
vaders to the north. Only 5% of the they have no power. Where is their prayers to the new gods have gone
refugees have actually seen the dra- magic? Where are their miracles? unanswered and they have no stand-
conians and hobgoblins or their How can they speak for gods if they ing army; the Crystal Staff is their
army well enough to describe them; have no powers?” last hope to save the nation.
the rest tell obscure and greatly ex- The forester: “The guards of the The council asks for the news the
aggerated tales about “demons to city are looking for someone bearing party bears. If the party has the staff
the north.” None of these people is a crystal staff. 1 wonder why? Could and makes this known, the counci-
the least bit helpful. Their only desire the staff preserve us from the in- lors plead passionately that they be
is to find safe passage from Haven to vaders in the north?” allowed to take the staff. If the party
the south. The woman: “The ways south are refuses to hand over the item, the
On every street corner, Holy all blocked. The elven lands of councilors plead with them to return
Guardians try to keep the peace—an Qualinesti are closed—the elves turn it to Xak Tsaroth.
impossible task. us away. The Darken Wood may be The Crystal Staff has other ideas.
Though they leap in to break up entered through the southern Any councilor who touches the staff
scattered fights (20% chance per passes, but I’ve never heard of any- (roll 1d8 and determine randomly; it
turn) or help people find their way one returning from there. That is beneath the dignity of the Master
(40% chance per turn), the most leaves the River White-rage between to rise and touch the staff) will be hit
pressing mission for the Guardians is the Darken Wood and Qualinesti: a by a lightning bolt from the staff for
to find the bearer of a blue crystal most dangerous route. Not a happy 4d6 points of damage. If this hap-
staff and bring him before the Coun- choice!” pens, the Highseekers declare the
cil of Highseekers with all haste. staff an evil artifact and command
17 b. Councilhall of
They have been told that this person that the PCs return it to Xak Tsaroth
may be the only hope for the city and
Highseekers to save the nation.
its people.
In the center of the city, a hall sup-
118. River White-rage
ported by six towers glistens
17a. Steel Tankard Tavern
above the shouting crowd below.
The rivers of the Haven Vale, the
Holy Guardians encircle the build-
The tavern is packed shoulder to Darkwater River flowing from
ing, barring all entrance.
shoulder with men and women try- Darken Wood, and the clear wa-
ing to forget the reason they have ters of the Elfstream join in this re-
The PCs must pass the 100 Holy gion to form the frothing,
come to the city. The heat is sti-
Guardians before they can enter the powerful River White-rage. The
fling despite the bitter autumn
hall. If they do, they may address the water crashes swiftly between the
weather outside. The crowd is ee-
Council of Highseekers directly. cliffs that its current has cut into
rily quiet, each person drawn into
The guardians let no one pass ex- the plain. To the north, the
his own thoughts and sorrow.
cept those who bear news of the blue Darkwater River pours gently
Three people—a man in a fur
cloak, a tall man dressed in the crystal staff. They stare cautiously from the deep shade of the Darken
greens and browns of a forester, for a moment at those who bear this Wood trees. A path leads beside
news, then usher them before the

however, pursue the PCs farther than
the Darkwater river into the the borders of their land. altogether. The trunks of the trees
woods. To the south, the tall, are gnarled and knotted, their
If asked why they have orders to
straight trunks of the Qualinesti bark almost black. Ahead lie
take the PCs into the Darken Wood,
forests march into unseen dis- deeper and deeper shadows.
one of the elves replies, “We have
tance. seen signs of unspeakable evil in the
land. Haven and all the Seeker lands Those who enter the Darken Wood
The PCs may cross the rivers easily will fall unless a miracle takes place. (22-26) are subject to its confusing
before they join, but the River White- A glorious being passed through our charm. When a PC leaves the Darken
rage is impassable without some land and said you would be coming. Wood, he cannot express what he saw
kind of raft. Those trying to walk or We do not know his name, but we or experienced there, even though his
swim across must roll a successful have orders to take you to the edge memory of adventures and encoun-
Strength check to swim back to the of Darken Wood at his bidding.” ters there is quite clear. If the players
side of the river they started from. If continue, read the following:
the check fails, they are swept down 20. The White-rage Cut
the river, swirling and plunging for Between the twisted shapes of the
100 feet and suffering 1d12 points of Here the frothing torrent of the trees, strange shapes flit nearby. It
drowning damage. There they must White-rage River spills between is hard to see their shape or size
check their Strength again. Repeat tall cliffs and funnels loudly down through the dense woods.
the process until the PC succeeds or its course, crashing between two
drowns. PCs cannot be swept to the soaring bluffs. Unless the PCs withdraw from the
other side of the river.
woods, the spirits challenge them,
The heroes may elect to build a
Raft pilots must check both Strength asking their names. If they answer
raft. This takes 1d4 hours for every
and Dexterity once per turn here. If a falsely, then the guardian spectral
PC the raft is built to carry. Thus a
pilot fails any check, his raft splinters minions attack. If at any time either
raft for a party of six would take 6d4
on a rock in the river, casting all pas- before or during combat, the heroes
hours to build.
sengers into the rapids. If this hap- give their correct names or show
The river is safe for rafts, and if the
pens, the raft is nearer to the Goldmoon’s Crystal Staff, the min-
heroes allow their craft to float down
northern shore of the river. Use the ions halt any attack and let them
the river, they enter area 20.
swimming rules from area 18 to de- pass.
termine if the characters can reach Heroes who are allowed to pass
19. Qualinesti Elflands the rocks on the northern shore. PCs hear the leader of the minions say,
on the northern shore find paths up “The Forestmaster awaits. You are
Aspen trees stand in thick clus- the cliff face into area 22. expected.” The shadowy spirits part
ters, their trunks only a few feet before the heroes—all but one, who
The raft moves three hexes per
apart. Beyond them, the forest turn. escorts them down a path to area 26.
darkens. If the PCs ask their escort about
21. Magical Mountains the spirits, he replies, “Ages ago, be-
After the adventurers have spent fore the world changed, we were or-
more than one hour in the area, 15 The mountain valley runs east and dered to keep this land safe. That was
elves suddenly emerge from the west between Prayers Eye Peak our purpose. We failed. Now we re-
trees and surround the party. and a second ridge of mountains. pent by protecting the land while we
Their bows are nocked, their Tall aspens, still green well into au- can.”
swords drawn, but the elves do not tumn, shiver in groves about the
attack. Instead, they call for the party valley. The vale itself is carpeted in 23. Centaur Reaches
to surrender. These elves have orders tall, soft grasses. Both exits from
to take the PCs to the centaurs of the valley, to the southwest and to “Halt!” The broad torso of a man
area 23 for a special purpose. the east, lead into the dimmness suddenly rises above a head-high
If the party fights the elves, they of deeper woods. bush. He looks down from at least
must take on the rest of the elven two feet above eye level. His mus-
army, one unit every game hour. cular arm poises, spear in hand.
These units are identical to the first 22. Spirit Forest “Ye be trapped. Come with me to
unit encountered; they keep on com- the judge of the forest, or be
i ng, w a v e a fte r wa ve , f i gh t i ng f or The canopy of leaves thickens; the judged by my lance and those of
their homeland with cold fierceness. sunlight dapples, dims, then fades my fellows.”
They fight to the death. They do not,

If the heroes resist, the centaurs fight rectly to area 26 regardless of what hurtle into the air, their wings whis-
to the death. Otherwise they relieve the heroes try to direct them to do. If pering on the wind, and soar above
the party of their weapons and, pull- a PC threatens a Pegasus, the crea- the glade. PCs looking back see the
ing the PCs onto their backs, take ture bucks once in the air, causing its Forestmaster standing proudly on
them to area 26. rider to roll a successful Dexterity outcropping. He calls to them, “The
The centaurs are reluctant to check or fall from the winged horse. greatest gift given to man awaits
speak about anything to the PCs un- you. Carry the peace of my home
til they have seen the Forestmaster. 26. Unicorn Grove within your hearts—soon it will live
To the adventurers’ questions they nowhere else.” PCs flying out of
simply reply, “The Forestmaster will The dense oak forest suddenly Darken Wood are subject to the con-
answer all things.” opens into a forest glade. Soft fusion of leaving (see area 22). They
green grasses carpet the floor up a also must roll a successful Constitu-
24. Dryad Forests hillside, at the top of which sits an tion check each turn or fall asleep.
outcropping of rock. Atop this If the PCs foolishly decide to at-
Tremendous, deep-rooted oak overhang stands a majestic uni- tack the unicorn, he calls at once for
trees tower overhead. Though the corn, its head raised high and magical forest creatures to defend
grass and brush continue under proud, but a strange sadness in its him. Roll immediately on the Ran-
them, littered with acorns and eyes. dom Encounter Chart for the Darken
twigs, it is hard to see more than a Wood. From now until the PCs leave
few feet into the forest. the woods, all creatures encountered
If the PCs approach the outcropping,
attack them on sight; if, however, the
the unicorn speaks with them; he can
heroes are headed out of the woods,
Unless another creature of this forest call forest creatures to his aid if PCs
the creatures try simply to chase
escorts the PCs, the dryads make are foolish enough to attack him.
them from the area.
themselves known after the heroes As the PCs approach, the unicorn
travel more than 1/4 mile into the speaks. “I am the Forestmaster. You
area. PCs see them only briefly— have entered my Great Forest: I grant
27. Gateway Pass
long-haired women whispering in you passage and the aid of all crea-
sweet low voices to one another. tures while you remain within our The brilliant leaves float softly
borders.” From now until the PCs from the trees to the floor of the
They make no effort to address the
leave the forest, no creature attacks canyon. The road leads peacefully
heroes, and vanish if approached. If a
forest creature escorts the PCs, they them unless they attack first. between the spires of the Sentinel
do not see the dryads. Peaks.
At a moment of your choice, the
The Forestmaster gives the dryads Forestmaster tells the PCs: “Some
their home and protection in return days ago, a great and glorious being
for their guarding this forest. They came among us. He held great wis- 28. Gateway
whisper to one another when they dom and power rare in the land to-
see intruders and forewarn the day. He foretold your coming and left Smoke drifts lazily from the chim-
Forestmaster. you a message: ‘You must fly straight neys of Gateway. The comfortable
away across the Eastwall Mountains. houses and shops nestle in the
25. Starnight Canyon W ithin two days you must be within arms of the Sentinel Mountains at
Xak Tsaroth. There, if you prove wor- the base of the Gateway Pass to
thy, you shall receive the greatest gift Solace. The smell of baking bread
Craggy canyons climb steeply
given to the world.’ Those were his sweetens the autumn breeze.
among the peaks of the Sentinel
Mountains. Clouds race over blue- very words—‘the greatest gift given
green mountain glades. to the world!’ ” Gateway resembles Solace in many
The Forestmaster knows no more respects, except that its buildings are
of this, but he is aware of a terrible on the ground and the town has no
1‘he party has a 15% chance each
force of evil that will destroy the ironsmithy.
turn to encounter pegasi in this area.
beauty of his domain shortly. Gateway’s citizens know of no dan-
The pegasi graze calmly, untroubled
If the PCs request the help of ger from “demon men” or “evil arm-
by the party’s presence. The crea-
Forestmaster, he summons pegasi. ies” and brush off such talk as tall
tures are so docile that PCs can
The beautiful and powerful animals, tales. “Dragons in the night” is their
mount them.
one for each PC, silently circle over- name for stories of things that don’t
Once the heroes mount them, the
head and land with feather gentle- exist.
pegasi bound into the sky. However,
ness in the nearby grasses. They
once they are in the air, they fly di-
allow the PCs to mount them, then

29. Westplains If the PCs kill the guards and try to 36. Que-Shu
enter the town, the entire town drives
Read this when the heroes enter the
Grassland plains sprawl for miles them out and gives them no aid or in-
east of the Sentinel Mountains. formation whatsoever. Adventurers
Their brown grasses bend in a fall can get one of the guards to speak
wind turned suddenly cold. with them 80% of the time. If he Chill winds scatter the smoke
speaks, he says: “We don’t know from dying fires in the midst of the
what the danger is that’s on the way, village.
30. Que-Teh but we know it is coming. Our scouts Birds wheel over the motionless
have seen great fires in the north. village, descending slowly among
The chill wind rustles sadly Many of our number have disap- the huts. Everything else is still
through the silent village of Que- peared in the last week. But now we and quiet.
Teh. are prepared for the enemy. There
are over 600 of us-who could stand
against us?” They are sure that they Read this as the heroes enter the vil-
Signs of hurried flight are scattered can defeat any enemy; nothing will lage:
throughout the village: half-emptied stop them from doing so.
food jars, meals half finished, and
They are gone. The huts and tents
chi l dren ’s ra t t le -b e a ds c a s t as i d e.
33. Kiri Valley of Que-Shu lie abandoned. A
Rangers have a 50% chance to find
strange, creaking sound comes
the tracks of the villagers, which lead
The forest darkens and thickens from the center square of the vil-
straight to area 38.
beside an ancient trail. A cold, dry lage.
stillness hovers in the air. The The birds stare coldly into noth-
31. The Great Crossroads trees are knotted and bent. Every- ing. They perch atop a strange
Things seems to watch you. construction thrown together in
In the mid s t o f a r ol l i ng p l a i n , the center of the square. Two stout
three roads converge. At their in- posts have been driven into the
tersection, a single stone pillar An evil wizard died here long ago.
ground by unspeakable force,
points the directions to Que-Teh, Only his essence remains.
their bases nearly splintered by
Que-Kiri, and Que-Shu. Cold wind the impact. Ten feet above the
swirls about the stone; a single 34. Western Que-Shu Plains
ground, a crosspiece pole is
hawk circles to the east. lashed to the two upright posts.
A chill, biting wind cuts across the
flatlands. Carried on the wind All the poles are charred and blis-
The ground here is trampled. A tered. Three chains, the iron of
from the east is the sharp smell of
ranger has a 30% chance to identify each cold but apparently once
burning grass.
some of the tracks as those of dra- melted, creak in the wind. Sus-
conians (only, of course, if he has en- pended from each chain, appar-
countered the creatures before). The ently by the feet, is a corpse.
draconian tracks lead east, toward
35. Northern Desolation Though blackened and seared,
Que-Shu (36). the three bodies are certainly not
The grasslands soon turn to human. Atop the dark structure, a
burned stubble underfoot. For sign, roughly clawed into a shield,
32. Que-Kiri
miles the once grassy plains are has been stapled to the crosspiece
charred. The ashy taste of with a broken sword blade.
Thin columns of smoke rise from
scorched earth laces the air.
the chimneys of Que-Kiri. As you
Large, heavy creatures have tram-
approach the town, men, appar- The PCs can find signs that the vil-
pled the ground everywhere.
ently from the town, move cau- lagers left their homes in a hurry.
tiously in your direction. Tracks from the village obviously
A ranger who has encountered dra- lead east toward the mountains.
These city guards escort the PCs conians before can identify these Each PC has a base 15% chance to
through the town but do not allow prints as theirs 80% of the time. A read the writing on the shield. PCs
them to stay. They speak with the he- ranger also has a 20% chance to tell who have read language abilities may
roes but are worried about the safety that the prints first pass south, then add that score to the base percent-
of their city and do not trust stran- return north. age. The sign reads: “Know ye, my
gers. servants, the fate of those who take
prisoners against my will. Kill or be

killed. Verminaard.” The corpses are hold back their armies only for fear If the PCs move south, they encoun-
those of hobgoblins. that a crystal staff will return to Xak ter the southern draconian army, one
Tsaroth while they are not watchful. unit of 1d10 + 10 Baaz per game
37. Sageway Broken Why, I do not know.” His voice be- hour. The number of units they can
comes desperate. “Do not go south, encounter is limitless.
The broken stones of an ancient for only slavery and death lie there. These guards have orders not to
roadway cut through brown Find the crystal staff, and take it to pursue anything north of the river
plains. The stones lead north and Xak Tsaroth. It is our only hope.” but to attack and kill anything cross-
south. If the PCs cure his wounds, this ing south of the river. They have no
man will go with them. He has no further information.
equipment at all.
A close look at the road uncovers
many footprints. It seems that a great 41. Sageway East
number of people and heavy crea- 39. Oldroad Bridge
tures moved south along this route a Read the following when the heroes Here in the canyons of the Foresa-
few days ago. enter the area: ken Mountains, an ancient road
lies broken and abandoned. Yet
the grasses and weeds growing be-
38. Refugees In the distance, an ancient bridge
spans the torrents of the White- tween the broken stones of the
road are trampled flat. A cold wind
A single figure, scantly clad, scur- rate River. Several dark shapes
dives out of the east.
ries over the rise. He is a man—by crouch on the northern side of the
his looks an exhausted one. Be- bridge, many others on its south-
hind him, three figures lope stead- ern side. A ranger has a 50% chance to note
ily, tirelessly in pursuit. They are tracks of human plainsmen mixed
laughing, taunting their prey, wait- wit h o t h e r, h e a vie r t ra cks. If th e
When the PCs get within 300 feet of
ing before closing for the kill. the bridge, they discover that the ranger has met draconians before, he
has a 30% chance to identify their
forms are Baaz draconian guards; 4
tracks here as well.
The man is 500 feet away when the watch the north and 10-20 the south.
encounter starts. The grasses of the Orders have come from their
plains are three to four feet tall and Dragon Highlord not to take any 42. Cursed Lands of Newsea
can easily hide the heroes. The man more prisoners. They will kill anyone
can run 550 feet farther before he who approaches. This is all they A forest of ironclaw trees
collapses. The Baaz draconians, in- know about the position and situa- stretches eastward to the Newsea.
tent on their prey, do not notice the tion of the Dragonarmies. Beneath an umbrella of branches,
PCs until they are within 50 feet— If the heroes approach on a raft, the streams of the Forsaken
not at all if the PCs take cover. the draconians leap onto them from Mountains crawl through a
Since the PCs pose a real threat to the bridge, capsizing the raft and spongy swamp. Still waters encir-
them, the draconians give up their spilling both heroes and dragonmen cle islands of soggy ground. The
pursuit of the man and attack the he- i nt o t he r i ve r. Use t h e swimmin g landscape extends into the swamp
roes once they notice them. rules from area 18. and is darkness.
If they rescue the fugitive, the PCs The guards on the northern side of
may speak with him. He gasps from the river are the only ones who are al- Each turn there is a 15% chance that
exhaustion as he tells his story: “I am lowed to pursue north of the river. the soggy ground the heroes are
Nightshade from the village of Que- The reserves may pursue anything walking on will dead-end and the
Teh. The dragonmen are taking all of south of the river. party must cross 1d4 + 5 feet of wa-
us south as slaves. This morning the ter to get to the next section of
men of my tribe held secret council, 40. Southway ground. See the Random Encounter
chained though we were in the cara- table for details.
van. I was chosen to escape, to go to The tall grasses of the southern
Que-Shu for aid, while the rest of my bank bend oddly against the wind. 43. Dragonlands
comrades rose against the dragonmen Occasionally, the gleaming point
and drew their attention. A tremen- of a spear or the flash of a helm The flames from a thousand
dous army of evil lies to the south. 1 flickers through the grasses to the campfires glitter in the distance
have overheard them speak of a sec- south. The cold, fall sky is over- on the burned plains. Nearby, sev-
ond army that waits to crush the cast, and thunder rumbles to the eral creatures stoop about their
Seeker Lands from the north. They south. own campfire.

If a PC can move silently to within 30 44. Xak-Tsaroth
feet of the guards, he hears them spongy. All is in shadow; sun
When the adventurers enter the an- shows only a brief glimmer
speak in the common tongue. The
large draconian says, “We can crush cient city, they begin in area 44a. Use through the jungle overhead.
this human scum. So why wait until the Swamp of Xak Tsaroth map.
old Verminaard gets some fancy Occasionally, (1 in 6 chance per
crystal staff? Why, he even has Khi- 44a. Swamp Ruins round) ruined items jut from the un-
santh tied up waiting for it, when we derbrush: broken foundation stones,
could use her help out here!” The exposed roots of ironclaw shattered urns, ancient carvings.
If the PCs move past this outpost, trees twist into the mud and Many creatures passed through
they meet the bulk of the draconian swamp water. Vines, trees, and this area within the last three or four
army, one unit of 1d10 + 10 Baaz per ferns block vision beyond a few hours. The tracks look faintly reptil-
game hour. The number of these feet. The ground is soaked and ian. If the adventurers have met dra-
units is limitless. conians before, they have a 20%
chance to recognize these tracks.

44b. Waters of the Swamp 50% losses, they retreat. braces for the wings are tied together
This group knows that the Crystal just below the dragon’s mouth. The
Green scum covers the dark Staff is a very powerful item. It has mouth itself forms a funnel. If a PC
swamp water. Sour, metallic been stolen from the ruins, and it is gets inside the wicker dragon unno-
smells float on the air. the one thing their leader Vermi- ticed, leaps up and down on the main
naard fears can upset his plans. brace and shouts through the mouth,
he panics the draconians and drives
The water depth is unpredictable them screaming into the jungle for
44e. Broken Bridge
(1d6 feet, roll once for every 30 feet 1d6 turns. The whole structure, how-
traveled). Whenever anyone enters ever, has a 30% chance to fall face-
Amid drooping vines and mosses,
the water, for whatever reason, roll first into the bonfire and burn
a bridge spans two sections of
1d6. If the result is less than 4, roll furiously if a PC tries this. Anyone
ground. Its ornate wooden lattice-
1d4 + 20 on the Random Encounter caught inside must roll a successful
work, carved to resemble vines, is
table to determine what creature Dexterity check to escape the idol
broken in many places. Two
rises up to attack. and the damage from the fire. He suf-
hooded figures stand on the north-
ern side of the bridge. fers 1d6 points of damage each
44c. Vine Bridges round he fails his Dexterity check.
The cage that holds the heroes is
Thick vines, woven into strong 44f. Temple of Baaz made of bamboo. A Baaz draconian
ropes, stretch like a long spider guards it night and day. There is a
web between two sections of land. Massive ruins break the jungle un- 10% chance each daylight hour that
Each end is knotted around sev- dergrowth. Small broken towers the guard falls asleep next to the
eral ironclaw trees. Slimy mosses rise through the cover of trees. cage. The chance increases to 30%
cover the ropes. Ferns and bushes sprout through each hour after sundown. Any suc-
a flagstone plaza surrounded by cessful bend bars roll breaks the bars
small shacks and lean-tos; a huge apart.
This makeshift bridge is surprisingly
bonfire blazes its northern side.
sturdy. PCs must each roll a success-
Beyond the fire, set in the remain- 44g. Tower of Truth
ful Dexterity check with a -5 penalty
ing half shell of a crumbled dome,
to cross the bridge without trouble. If
a huge black dragon stands, its A graceful tower, crumbling yet
someone fails, he falls into the water
wings outfolded! still beautiful, rises from the wa-
below and disturbs a monster in the
water (same procedure as in 44b). ters of the swamp. Finely carved
The black dragon is only a wicker and polished stonework walls still
44d. Battle of the Fallen model. The draconians nearby, one glint beneath the jungle under-
Bozaak and seven Baaz, attack any growth.
unescorted intruders. If the PCs are
prisoners, their equipment is placed It is sad to see the remains of a capi-
The soaked ground slopes into
randomly in one of the six huts; the tal city brought to silence and decay.
thick swampwater. A giant iron-
PCs themselves are held in a bamboo Although the wooden floors and
claw tree has fallen here, spanning
cage. rafters have long since rotted away, a
the waters to another section of
The Bozak draconian runs the carved staircase circles up the inte-
ground. Thick green moss drapes
camp and conducts worship services rior of the tower to a stone floor at its
the log.
before the great wicker dragon. He top. The tower provides a view of all
orders that the PCs be held for three the surrounding swamplands; a clus-
Behind the trees and brushes, only days until Khisanth, the group’s com- ter of ruins (44k) lies to the north-
15-20 feet away, lurk six Bozak dra- mander, comes to claim them. If the east.
conians. Four are on the heroes’ side PCs have the staff, he tells them,
of the river; two are on the far side. “The Crystal Staff is the greatest dan-
44h. Breeding Pool
These ambushers plan to capture ger to our masters we know.” If they
the party and take them to their do not have the staff, the draconian
camp for questioning. They attack A pool of black water stands amid
asks them if they know where it is. At
the towering jungle trees. Not
first with web spells. PCs must roll any rate, it tells the party, “Now that
even the mighty ironclaws grow in
successful saving throws (with a -2 you are here, we only hope that you
this water.
penalty) or be tangled in the trees be- do not die as easily as those of Que-
hind them. After that, the draconians Shu did at our hands.”
try to cast sleep on the party. They The black dragon is a draconian Five leathery egg shells lie on the
take all captives to their camp (44f) idol woven of vines and branches. shore. All of these are cracked open
and hold them there. There is an opening in the figure at and unoccupied. Each is about two
If the draconians suffer more than the base between its legs. The main feet long. Black dragon hatchlings

lurk beneath the water and rise sud- And their generous deeds. temple finds himself in area 46.
denly to attack if the PCs disturb the The gods reward us A dark and terrible stillness lies
surface of the water. In the grace of our home. around the well. PCs who gaze into it
see nothing but vast blackness.
44i. Swamp Falls 44k. Plaza of Death Rushing air, deathly cold, swells from
below. Suddenly, a fantastic shape,
The soggy jungle floor suddenly Emerging from the dense jungle, huge and black, bursts from the well
ends in a 1,000 foot cliff! Water a broad cobblestone street runs and unfolds its tremendous leather
from the swamp trickles down the south and north among the ruins. wings! Magical darkness (from the
stone bluff to a crashing seashore. A roadway branches to the west. A ring of darkness the dragon wears)
The Newsea spreads to the eastern large cobblestone courtyard lies covers the entire area.
horizon, covering what was once a to the east amid crumbling build- The dragon (named Khisanth) uses
fertile plain. ings. Beyond the courtyard are its first combat round to gain speed
five tall free-standing columns; no in the air and circle around for a bet-
trace remains of the building they ter attack position. PCs are suscepti-
44j. Fallen Obelisk once supported. In front of these ble to the fear a dragon generates.
pillars, a huge well plunges into The dragon then attacks the heroes
A tremendous obelisk lies beside the earth. Vapors rise from the from the air, hovering to avoid
its broken pedestal base. Strange well. To the north of the well, a sin- swords and hand weapons. It bom-
spidery runes cover its surface. gle building stands whole, al- bards the heroes with magic missile
The obelisk bridges two sections though time and the weather have and sleep spells (it can cast two of
of ground divided by swamp wa- worn its outer walls. each). The dragon then makes two
ter. passes, using its acid breath weapon
to sear flesh with deadly accuracy. Fi-
The heroes may enter the building to nally on the third pass, feeling the
The PCs have only a 15% base the north, taking them to area 46a. need for the safety of its lair, it flies
chance to read the runes, although The building to the north is a tem- over the well, folds its wings, and
those who have read languages abili- ple of the ancient goddess of healing, drops like a stone down the well.
tie s m ay a d d t h e ir s c or e t o t he i r Mishakal. The only entrance to the Deep below it, it will break out of its
chances. The runes read: windowless temple is through the dive and move toward its lair.
front door—gold doors weighing After this encounter takes place,
The Great City of Xak Tsaroth 15,000 gpw each. They are on the adventurers may explore the well
Whose beauty surrounds you counter-poised hinges so they open (area 45) further (see the Cavern of
Speaks to the good of its people as normal doors. Whoever enters the Xak Tsaroth map).

45. The Great Well and the purpose of their quest. The The heroes may capture these dra-
statue also has the ability to recharge conians if they inflict more than 50%
The shaft plunges into darkness, the Crystal Staff. damage on them. The draconians
from which a fowl air rises. Steam If a priest brings the Crystal Staff know the way into the cavern
and the heavy odor of rottenness into this room, the statue comes to through the well (area 45), though
make it hard to see the bottom. life and speaks to him: “Beloved dis- this is helpful only to flying crea-
ciple, the gods have not turned away tures. The draconians also know
from man. Man turned away from the about the elevator system at 47c,
The masonry shaft of the well drops gods and now seeks gods who do not and the location of the dragon’s lair
100 feet before it opens into the ceil- exist. But the end of darkness nears. (70k).
ing of a vast cavern beneath the Krynn is about to face its greatest
swamp. On the floor of the cavern, test. Men now need the truth more 46e. Southern Holy Circle
some 800 feet below, lie the shat- than ever. You must return the truth
tered remains of Xak Tsaroth. Much and power of the true gods to men. It A high, domed ceiling caps this
of the city slid into this cavern at the is time to restore the balance. circular room. Fungus creeps
time of the Cataclysm. It is the most “To gain the power, you shall need down all the walls, covering fres-
preserved part of the ruined ancient the truth of the gods. Far below this cos faded beyond recognition. To
capital. The well sits directly over the temple lie the disks of Mishakal: cir- the west, five squat figures claw at
central plaza of the ruins (area 67). cular plates of platinum that are all the wall with stubby fingers, scrap-
you need to call upon my power. You ing the frescos into a heap of wet
46a. Temple Entrance must recover these disks. plaster on the floor.
“But your way will not be easy. The
Double doors of tarnished gold disks now lie in the lair of the dragon.
close off each end of the corridor. Therefore, I charge your staff: if you The five Aghar gully dwarves are too
Blue oval archways rise 30 feet to present it boldly, never wavering, busy scratching and scraping to no-
form the ceiling. A second pair of then you shall prevail. Even then, tice the PCs. In common speech,
stained gold doors stands shut at your journey is not complete; you their leader says: “Claw, mates, claw!
the other end of the hall. must leave here, must search for a We gots to get these here pictures off
true Leader of the People.” o’ the walls! I hear tell that humans
The arms of the statue are curved used to keep pretty treasures behind
These doors weigh 15,000 gpw each. walls like these. That Highbulp king
as though they once held a long, thin
They move on hinges and open as of ours down in the cavern-city might
pole. If any PC places the Crystal
normal dungeon doors. give us special favors if we bring a
Staff in the statue’s arms, the staff
glows brightly and recharges. pretty to him.” With a start, the
46b. Mishakal’s Form dwarves suddenly realize that the he-
roes are in the room.
46c. Southern Worship “lt’s the lords, mates!” shouts the
The golden doors open into the
central chamber of the temple. A Room leader. All the dwarves drop like
tremendous dome rises high sacks to their knees. Faces pressed
above the delicate tile floor. It A greenish tinge covers marble against the slimy floor, they grovel
seems as though time has stilled benches throughout the room. It out, whimpering, “We didn’t mean
looks as though this room has not nothin’ by it, your lordships!” They
in this room. In the center of the
circular room stands a polished been used in a long time. jump up and head out to join the line
statue of singular grace and of other gully dwarves (47b).
beauty: the delicate form of a If the PCs stop them, the Aghar
46d. Northern Worship
woman, draped in flowing robes. beg for mercy. If the heroes promise
Her hair cascades about her shoul-
Room to spare them, the Aghar draw a very
ders and neck, which is adorned crude map that shows the way down
by a detailed amulet. The look on The marble benches are coated in into the cavern city. They advise: “Go
her face is one of radiant hope a thin, greenish film. Opposite the visit our king, the great Phudge
door, three figures crouch over a
tempered with sadness. A feeling Highbulp. He’ll help you right
of warmth and love abides in the dais, Their robes hide their fea- straight!”
tures as they spring to attack.
46f. Northern Holy Circle
The statue is the likeness of Misha- In their haste to attack, the Baaz dra
kal, the ancient goddess of healing. conians leave the scroll they were in- A circular fresco, faded and damp
Her power still fills the chamber. specting lying on the dais. with age, covers the walls of this
Through this statue, Mishakal will re- The scroll is a wizard scroll for a 60-foot-high room. A domed ceil-
veal the destiny of the adventurers 10th-level lightning bolt.

If they notice the heroes, these 47d. Northern Crypts
ing vaults overhead. Fungus Aghar only put dirty fingers to their
creeps down the walls. lips: “Shhhh!” They run if attacked. Row upon row of dark and musty
crypts line either side of a ten-foot-
46g. Paths of the Dead 47c. Going Down wide, 30-foot-high hall.

A domed ceiling caps this 60-foot- Hot mist rises from two large
high circular room. Vines and holes in the floor, one on the north 47e. Floorless
mosses dangle from great cracks and one on the south. A tremen-
in the ceiling. Fungus covers the dous black iron pot hangs from a Four archways enter a square
walls. In the center of the room large chain over the northern hole. room, well preserved but for one
stands an empty pedestal, the top The chain runs around two large exception: there is no floor. Mist
of which cannot be seen from the wheels, crosses the ceiling, and billows from the gaping hole
floor. On the west side of the drops through the center of the where the floor once was. Only
room, just in front of the doors, a southern hole. Two large figures about one square yard of floor re-
circular staircase, its flagstones crouch beside the pot. mains in the northeast corner. A
slick with green film, descends small box sits at the edge of this
into darkness. floor section.
The holes, each ten feet in diameter,
break through the ceiling of the ca-
vern below, dropping 700 feet to The room is 30 feet square. The box
47a. Hall of the Ancestors contains five gems (1,000 stl total).
area 66. Every three game turns, a
Dim light shines up through the gong sounds far below; then one of
the draconians cracks a whip and 15 47f. Watch Room
broken floor. A vast hall stretches
to the east. The ceiling, heavily re- gully dwarves from 47b clamber into
the room and scurry into the pot. This room has remained un-
inforced, stands solidly above, but touched for centuries. A green
below, the floor has fallen away in When the pot is full—dwarf arms and
legs sticking out, some Aghar even film blankets everything; cor-
several places. Hot mists, carrying roded metal fittings lie where a
the odor of decay, rise through the hanging on the sides— it slowly de-
scends, pulling the chain with it. banded table once stood.
holes in the floor.
W ithin five rounds, another huge
pot, containing draconians, groans The fittings crumble at the touch.
Any dwarf can tell that this floor is up the chain through the southern The floor is slippery; all creatures
unsafe. The holes open to a 700-foot hole. The machine is the Aghar idea fight here with a -3 penalty to their
drop straight into the lower ruins of of an elevator. The two Baaz dracon- attack rolls.
the city. Anyone who weighs more ian overseers order the Aghar into ei-
than 500 gpw and comes within five ther the northern pot or the southern 47g. Treasury
feet of a hole’s edge runs a 25% pot, using this crude pulley system to
chance that the floor below him will bring up their comrades. Six stone coffins lie in the room.
collapse. If the heroes attack, the overseers Thick fungus and slime cover
Even if a hero makes it to the edge panic and leap into the pot. The pot everything in sight. A hollow
of a hole, all he sees is foul mist swirl- sinks slowly, and PCs have a chance voice, as if from the bottom of a
ing below. to jump aboard; however, the heavier deep well, calls to you: “Who en-
the pot gets, the faster it moves. You ters the tomb of kings?”
47b. Southern Crypts should warn the PCs that “the pot is
falling quickly” if more than two try The guardian spectral minion
Crypts line the hallway. Cloaked in to climb aboard. watches the tombs of the kings and
foul mists, a group of squat forms When the second pot rises into the may not leave until relieved of duty.
files into a line. room, it contains six Baaz draconian He is tired of his eternal watch. If the
troops. heroes speak kindly to this spirit, he
These are shock troops, trained to tells them his purpose. If someone
Many gully dwarves slouch and stoop
fight to the death. They do only what tells him that the party has come to
in line. Every three turns, a whip
they are told and know nothing ex- relieve him, he is released from his
cracks and half of these dwarves (15)
cept the way from their quarters vow and departs.
rush through the eastern entrance to
(64g) to their post (44e). They are not In each coffin lies the skeleton of a
the hallway. The rest move up to the
above having a snack along the way, king of ancient Xak Tsaroth. Each
entrance. In one hour, the same 15
however, and the adventurers look skeleton holds a gleaming sword
gully dwarves that rushed out the east
pretty tasty to them. +1, the hilt at its chest, the point to-
end of the hall come in the west end
and get back in line. ward its feet.

no hero falls down the tunnel, the
Aghar back all the way down to area
49 and let the party pass by.

49. Sewer Junction

The slick sewer tunnel suddenly
branches downward. The corridor
continues steeply before you, but
the branching looks even steeper.

50. Sewer Branch

Moss and slimy green muck coat
the four-foot-diameter tube. Water
trickles slowly down the shaft.

51 a. Cellar Above

A sewer pipe breaks through the

cavern ceiling only ten feet above
the floor. What is left of the room
appears to be upside down. Ceil-
ing rafters span the floor, and the
doors hang three feet above the
47h. South Temple quite some way, but there would
be no room to swing a sword. A huge spider has wandered into the
This 30-foot square room rises 20
feet to a flat ceiling. Wall carvings, room in a search for food. It attacks
If Riverwind is with the party, he re- the first PC to slide down the sewer. It
coated in a slimy green substance,
members having been here before. fights to the death.
adore the walls.
The sewer opening leads to area 48.
51b. Tipped Hallway
47i. Temple of the Dead 48. Sewer Entrance
What was once polished plank
The 30-foot-wide octagonal room Mosses and a slimy green film flooring covers the ceiling.
rises 60 feet to a domed ceiling. coat the walls of the three foot
The back wall bears a relief statue diameter sewer.
of the goddess Mishakal. The 51c. Ceiling Cooks
arms of the statue reach down as if
to receive something. Exits lie to The walls are extremely slick. Unless
Cooking utensils are scattered
the north, south, and west. the PCs have both hands free to
about the room. A large wooden
climb down, they have to roll a suc-
table hangs from the floor above.
cessful Dexterity check here (with a
47j. North Temple -4 penalty) or slide down the shaft
to area 49. If the heroes enter this room, they
The ceiling has partially col- Those who slide do not slide alone. see three spectral minions guardian
lapsed! A four-foot-diameter Five gully dwarves are crawling up this cooks standing on the ceiling, behav-
sewer constructed of fitted stone tunnel, halfway between the junction ing as if nothing is wrong. The cooks
apparently fell through the roof, (area 49) and the top of the sewer. Any try to chase the adventurers out of
caving in the northeast corner of hero who slides down bowls them over their kitchen.
the room. Now, the jagged edge of and tumbles with them all the way
the broken sewer juts through the down. Since the tumble is more a gen- 51d. Bottoms Down
rubble-strewn floor. It looks as tle slide than a fall, PCs do not suffer
though a man could follow this falling damage. Broken tables and chairs sprawl
tunnel downward into the dark The dwarves are irritated at the ac- about the room. Swamp water
cident, but do not bother the PCs. If

ing water comes from that direction. best he can. He knows the location of
seeps through the shuttered win- If any PC slides down the sewer the disks of Mishakal (area 70k) and
dows and collects in pools be- shaft into this room, he launches into how to get there.
tween the ceiling beams below. A the rotting sacks. The sacks disinte-
huge fireplace against the far east- grate in a sudden explosion of white,
ern wall receives the overflow,
55. Treasury Court
and the flour within them covers the
which drains down the chimney. PC. Although the hero suffers no
Thin music and hollow laughter The street emerges from arched
damage, until he cleans off the flour buildings into a plaza. Tremen-
float through the hall. Overhead, everyone he meets asks him why he
spirits float upside down as if sit- dous cracked and crumbling pil-
is covered in it. lars strain beneath the rock
ting at tables. They laugh and
joke. ceiling. Water from the street
53b. Slidestreet rushes into a river flowing west
from the east wall toward a steady
Unless they are attacked, these spec- The buildings that once lined this roar of water. Across the plaza
tral minion revelers go about their street have toppled against one river, blackened steel doors stand
business and ignore the PCs. If the another, forming a rough arch of in the face of a solid, square struc-
PCs attack them, they scatter and marble slabs over the cobblestone ture.
vanish. street. The place is still but tense,
like the nave of a haunted cathe-
51e. Sleeping Inn dral. Doors and broken shop win- Those who try to wade across the
dows yawn into the street as river must roll a successful Strength
though the buildings had ex- check (with a +5 bonus) to cross the
Rotted c o t s lie in a j u m b l e a l l
ploded from inside. river. Kender and dwarves do not get
about the room. Water seeps in
the bonus mentioned above. Any
through the shuttered windows,
hero who fails tumbles ten feet far-
collecting in pools on the floor.
The overflow drains through the
54a. Philosopher Front ther down stream toward the falls
(area 56). He has to check again until
southern door.
Books line the northern wall of the he succeeds or goes over the falls.
room, their spines stained with The steel doors weigh 5,000 gpw
52. Chimney Down green fungus. The rich, musty each and are worth 5,000 stl each in
smell of rotting paper fills the Solace, Haven or Gateway. The doors
Water trickles down this chimney. room. are on counterpoised hinges and
Loose bricks provide handholds open easily for the adventurers.
on all sides. The books ‘bear familiar titles: Huma
and the Lance of Dragons, Tales of the 56. View from the Falls
The chimney now descends from the Greystone Wars, Chronicle of Kith-
fireplace, water trickling down its in- Kanan, The Gods of Krynn, and Water rushes around columns and
side. A man could easily fit down its Iconochronos, Vol. II. Why, you, As- plunges from hanging steps into a
shaft, and there are plenty of hand- tinus wrote the lconochronos. In fact, vast cavern. Overhead, mist thick-
holds in the loosened bricks to help you’re working on Volume X right ens beneath the fading ceiling. A
him descend. The chimney ends now! These books are so rotted from single shaft of light illuminates
abruptly in mid-air, 15 feet above the the swamp water that they crumble the vast underground area. Over
sloping floor of a small cavern (area at the touch. 500 feet below, ruins litter the dim
58a). floor of the cavern. The ancient
54b. Philosopher’s Court city of Xak Tsaroth is in many
53a. Bakery states of decay: some buildings
A large golden chair sags to one are almost intact, many are noth-
A sewer tube of fitted stone breaks side atop a platform at the western ing but rubble. Several waterfalls
through the ceiling of this shop. end of the room. Floating above pour into the cavern, and many of
Water trickles from the tube onto the chair is the bright, transparent the streets are rivers, all of which
the floor and streams out the door form of a man in robes. f lo w in t o a sin g le a b yss to th e
to the east. On the floor directly north. A huge chain extends from
south of the slanting sewer tube sit the mists overhead down into a
The heroes in the room hear the small courtyard below. Vines at
20 large rotting sacks. ghostly figure speak: “I am Ossamis. your feet twist over the edge and
It is my vow to answer one last ques- appear to reach almost to the floor
This shop was once a bakery. The tion before 1 may leave. Ask: yours is of the cavern.
windows in its east wall overlook the the answer.”
ruins of a city street. The roar of rush- Ossamis answers any question as

The vines are slippery and damp. If 58a. Northern Cavern cramped cave. The ceiling of the
a hero wants to climb down them, he
small area is covered with running
must pass two Dexterity checks. A The fragments of a chimney hang water. On the floor the water falls
fall (failing the first means a fall of down five feet from the cavern through what appears to be 30-
130 feet and 13d6 points of damage; ceiling. Water trickles from the foot-tall windows laid into the
succeeding on the first but failing the chimney and from fissures in the stone floor. The glass is gone, but
second means a fall of 60 feet and surrounding cavern walls. Fifteen the ironwork of the window
6d6 points of damage) would cer- feet below the chimney, the cavern frames remains.
tainly attract the attention of the dra- floor slants sharply to the south.
Curtains of woven metal strands fall
57a. Outer Treasury 58b. Drain from the northern ends of the win-
dows (what had been the top before
A long counter of chipped, dusty The steepening floor of the cavern the room capsized) down to the floor
marble bisects the room from east suddenly narrows into smooth, of the room below. These can sup-
to west. Against the southern wall, yard-wide, nearly vertical drain. port any PCs trying to climb down.
four ghostly forms stand at atten- Water collected from all the fis-
tion, their weapons drawn. Just sures in the cavern swirls steadily 59b. Dance on the Wall
behind the counter stands another down the sides of the shaft.
long-faced ghostly form. He The vast hall lies on its side. Its
speaks as you enter: “So you’ve fi- 58c. Down the Sink northern wall is beamed like the
nally arrived. Kathal! Well, you’re ceiling it once was; its southern
the last, so pay the tax!” wall is a great, tiled floor. Now the
Water splashes down the slick
sides of the shaft. The tunnel is ceiling and floor of the room are
chilly; the noise of the water is windowed. Water pours into the
The counter has a three-foot gap at
deafening. room from the upper windows and
its eastern end, and is about four feet
out through the broken lower
high. The spectral minion warriors
ones. Mosses and fungus cover
hover around it and demand the pay- The PCs can either fall down the the hall. The fungus on the floor
ment of Kathal’s taxes: 500 clay shaft (suffering 15d6 points of dam- appears to be moving. From the
Tsarothian culli. The accountant ac-
age) or they can lower themselves northern ends of the overhead
cepts no other currency; payment re- down via ropes, or “walk” down by windows, curtains made of some
leases him from duty. bracing their backs against one side corroded, woven metal hang
If the PCs have no culli, the ac- of the shaft and their feet and hands limply toward the wall below.
countant orders the guards to kill
against the other side. This last Each of the three upper windows
them for trying to impersonate Ka- method entails two Dexterity checks, has these drapes, but those from
thal. one at 100 feet above 59a, and the the westernmost window have
other at 50 feet above 59a. Failure of been pulled over to an arched
57b. Vault either check means a fall to 59a opening in the western wall, where
(10d6 and 5d6 points of damage, re- t h e y h a ve b e e n f a st en e d . Th i s
Hundreds of rotting sacks lie spectively). opening, 30 feet up the western
within the room. Clay tokens spill After traveling about 100 feet wall, leads to a dark corridor.
from their split sides. Three skele- down the shaft, the PC who leads the
tons, two holding shovels, sprawl way suddenly hears something com-
half-buried in the clay tokens. ing toward him: sniffling, muttering, The curtains easily support the
Their faces grin hideously. Two al- a loud curse or two. It is eight more weight of a man. Each adventurer
coves sit in the eastern wall; the gully dwarves, climbing up to add who attempts to move from one cur-
moss-covered inscriptions above their weight to the lifter. tain to another must roll a Dexterity
them are difficult to make out. The dwarves grumble, move back check or fall to the floor (3d6 points
down to 59a, and let the heroes go by of damage from the fall) and be at-
tacked by the ten poisonous snakes
The PCs have a 30% chance to read (they flatten themselves against the
sides of the shaft to avoid falling that live there.
the inscriptions. The northern one
reads “Treasury,” the southern one PCS).
“Taxes.” The alcoves are both dimen-
sion door portals to the ruins of the 59a. Windows Below
Treasury Tower (area 62).
A natural shaft of smooth rock
carries a spray of water into the

60. Entrance to the Hall of 63. Northern Mall
front of the doors, mosses cover
Justice an ancient, faded mural.
The catastrophe has marred once-
Only a dim light from above re- beautiful buildings. Moss-covered
lieves the darkness in the cavern, rubble hides the carefully laid cob- The heroes must clean off the mural
shining faintly on the ruins that blestones of the street. Rushing before they have any idea that it is a
cover the cavern floor. The air is through the rubble and cobble- map of a city. Even if they discover
heavy with moisture and heat. The stones, an icy river surges north- this, they have only a 30% chance of
facade of an ancient building juts west. There the street ends recognizing their current location on
sideways from the cavern wall. Its abruptly in a chasm: mist billows the map.
roof lies half buried in the rubble from the hole, and falling water Anyone who figures out which part
of the cavern floor to the north, its crashes somewhere below. of the mural is the cavern area can
steps now rising to the south. The discover the way to the Great Plaza
delicately carved pillars that stood (67), the Pillars of the Palace (70a),
The water charges out of the cavern and the Treasury Tower (62).
in front of the building now lie bro- here. Heroes trying to cross the swift
ken amid rubble that slopes west water within 50’ of the chasm must
to a cobblestone street. Farther each roll a successful Strength check
64b. Northern Cell
west, a ring of broken stones and Dexterity check to make it
marks the foundation of a tremen- across unaided. Those who fail either Dark stains streak the walls of the
dous tower. The tower itself lies 20-foot-square room. Two sodden
check are swept ten feet toward the
next to the foundation, its top bur- wooden doors open to the east
twisting whirlpool in the crevasse.
ied in the cavern wall. Water pours and south
T he n t h ey mu st su cce ssf u lly ro ll
into the cavern from several both checks again or be swept an-
places high up the walls. other ten feet toward the maelstrom.
Anyone who falls into the crevasse 64c. Northern Armory
drowns, unless he has a spell, potion,
61. Cobblestone Street or device of water breathing, in which Ancient bronze weapons dangle
case he finds himself at the bottom from broken racks on all the walls.
This cobblestone street is heavily of a 1,000-foot-high cliff, floating out A low ceiling, heavy with mois-
damaged. Rubble is strewn about into the Newsea. ture, strains on sagging beams. In
and many small fissures make the center of the room, two squat
passage difficult but not espe- 64. Palace Guard Hall shapes bat their leathery wings,
cially dangerous. chattering loudly and tugging a
steel weapon between them.
The shattered walls of the city bow
62. Treasury Tower darkly above the street. Mosses
and fungus cling to the ruins, as if The two Baaz draconians in the cen-
trying to drag the walls down. In ter of the room are arguing over a
A broken foundation circles the short sword. They and their three
the middle of the street that runs
area where a tremendous tower Baaz companions stop bickering and
between the ruins, a river flows
once stood. Two ten-foot cubes attack the party, fighting until death.
swiftly north. A dim shaft of light
stand within the circle, apparently
overhead centers on a great plaza
untouched by the catastrophe that 64d. Assembly Hall
to the south. To the east, one
destroyed the city. Each cube has
building seems to have held up
an arched opening in its side. The
most admirably. Dark growth ob- This room is dark, but the echo of
openings face each other, 20 feet your footsteps suggests that it is
scures the lettering above its dou-
apart. To one side, the fallen tower large. From deep in the darkness
ble doors.
lies on its side, its top buried in the
comes a shrill, hiccuping sound.
cavern wall to the north. Inside the
hollow cylinder the tower is only The adventurers have a good chance
darkness. (60%) to read these runes: “Guard- The hiccups come from a stone
ians of Justice.” drunk Baaz draconian, lying in the
northwestern corner of the room. It
The cubes are permanent dimension
64a. Entry thinks the adventurers are its dracon-
doorportals both of which lead to the
ian brothers, so they have no trouble
vault of the treasury (57b). These
Dark stains spot the walls. The getting it to babble at them in com-
warp space so that they appear to be
ten-foot-wide hall curves before a mon tongue. It is drunk and upset:
normal arched entrances into the “The Captain an’ I was havin’ a little
vault. set of bronze double doors. In
celebration when we got a bit too cel-

ebrated! 1 remember that a bunch of 65b. Larder
stinking gully dwarves came along There, under the sputtering torch-
light, three, dark shapes argue
and carried him off. If they let the hu- This 30-foot-square room has no
mans in on our real plan, the whole natural source of light. Wicker
thing could be ruined. I’m pretty sure b a ske t s a re st a cke d a g a i n st i ts
they dragged him off to their “What are we waiting for?” roars the walls.
guildhouse west of here. I’ve got to first Baaz draconian. “I’ll tell ya! The
get a rescue party together—just as Dragon Highlord needs this here
soon as I’ve had a chance to sleep. . . crystal staff, see? If he don’t have it Anyone who checks the room care-
off . . . this . . .” where it be safe and sound, then fully notes a glint of metal from be-
The draconian will sleep for at them humans might just be able to hind the baskets against the western
least three hours. It cannot be awak- clean our noses.” wall. A cache of extra weapons: three
ened in that time. The second Baaz replies, “If old long swords of superior craftsman-
Verninaard, our high and mighty ship (+2 to attack and damage rolls)
and an elven bow with a marching
64e. Southern Cell Dragon Highlord, needs a staff, then
let him get it! I don’t see why it’s so quiver of 12 arrows ( + 1).
Dark stains streak the walls of this important. Khisanth guards the only
20-foot-square room. A green, writings of the true gods we know 66. Court of Reception
slimy substance coats its ceiling. about—without them the humans
can’t stop us.” A thin shaft of light overhead
“Look, all we gotta do is wait until dimly outlines a dismal courtyard
those spineless Seekers in Haven 40 feet in diameter. Broken cob-
64f. Southern Armory
come up with the staff. Then we crush blestone streets run east, west and
Bronze weapons, corroded and them and take it. What’s a few days’ south from the courtyard; ruined
wait for a little extra safety, eh?” walls sag threateningly toward the
useless, hang askew from broken
These draconians are spoiling for streets. Against the northern wall
wall racks.
a fight! They fight to the death. of the courtyard, a ten-foot-tall
wicker dragon stands, bearing a
65a. Larder Office large round metal plate sus-
64g. Quarters pended in a hole in its chest. A
Three figures squat in the center robed figure stands next to the
Mosses drape the darkened corri- statue. A huge black metal pot sits
of the room, their wings folded flat
dor. Inky alcoves branch off to in the center of the courtyard. A
against their backs. They seem to
both sides of the hall. A putrid chain rises from the pot and disap-
be tossing something on the floor.
smell hangs in the air. pears above into mists.
In the northwestern corner, a fig-
ure lies bound head to toe. His
Snorts, hisses, and whistles rise from eyes glitter above the gag over his The robed figure is a Baaz draconian.
the 15 sleeping draconians lying in mouth. W ithin a few minutes, a group of
many of the cells in the hall. These eight Baaz arrives in the plaza.
fellows do not sleep well, and each Their leader nods to the robed dra-
“What luck,” says the largest of the
hero who enters this area must be conian by the statue, who takes a mal-
three Bozak draconians, “that this lit-
quiet or risk awakening them. Even if let from its robes and hits a round
tle morsel fell into our hands! We’ll
he is trying to be silent, each hero metal gong in the statue. Moments af-
cast our bones on the floor until one
must roll a successful Dexterity ter the sound rocks through the ca-
of us wins him. He’ll make a nice
check to avoid awakening the sleep- vern, the chain overhead grows taut
change of diet.”
ers. If awakened, the draconians and the pot begins to rise, with the
The kender (Hugon Barker) held
have but one thought on their minds: eight Baaz draconians scrambling in.
prisoner by the draconians is in seri-
to kill the intruders. A second pot, bristling with stubby
ous trouble: Caught up in the middle
of wanderlust, a natural time of ken- arms and legs, descends on a chain
64h. Mess Hall der life, he felt as though he had to and passes the ascending pot. Within
find out what was at the bottom of five minutes, the descending pot
Smoky torches light this large the cavern. He knows nothing about bumps to a stop in the courtyard. It is
room. Broken tables lie scattered the plans of the dragonmen, or even full of 15 gully dwarves, some having
about, and a fireplace, cold with what they are. If rescued, he gladly ridden down on the outside of the pot.
disuse, is built into the eastern joins the party. They wait until the robed dracon-
wall. Three unbroken tables stand ian yells. “Now, you scum! Climb out
upright in the center of the room. or else!” Then they leap from the pot
and scramble from the cavern, back
to area 47c.

67. Great Plaza 67a. Eastern Falls Aghar. If they awaken, these Slud
clan Aghar rush toward the door and
A single column of light pierces Torrents of water from high above safety; if captured, they know (and
the overhead mists and spreads batter the rubble, hurling mists tell) about the elevator (47c, 66) but
onto a vast plaza at least 120 feet i n t o t he a i r, t h e n se t t le in t o a nothing else.
across. Steady streams from the stream running west down the
eastern and western streets flow street. Vines grow up the side of 68d. Glup Room
into a large pool of water, which in the cavern next to the waterfall.
turn empties into a river chan- Fungus and water stains streak
neled down the northern street. The wet vines are very slippery. The the wall. Light flickers into the
The roar of waterfalls fades to si- adventurers must roll Dexterity room through four vertical slits in
lence, the moss-covered ruins that checks twice to climb to the ruins of the northern wall.
surround the plaza recede into the the treasury (see area 56 for details).
darkness when a low, throaty An escaped prisoner of the dracon- Heroes looking through these slits
noise rumbles from the entrance ians hides, trembling, behind the see the torch-lit room (68c).
of one of the southern buildings. curtain of water.
A huge, black creature arches The woman (Sunstar) crouches in
like a cobra on the steps to the
68e. Welcome Room
the rubble, as far from the water as
building. The plaza stills. It seems she can get. Cornered, she fights
as though light and air flee the Torches sputter and smoke in
fiercely and to the death, unless the
spot on which the creature stands. sconces mounted on the eastern
party shows that they mean no harm.
The dragon (it must be a wall. Darker than the smoke are
She is one of only two survivors in
dragon: a winged draconian the slits in the southern and west-
her tribe, and is desperate to escape
kneels before it) speaks in a low, ern walls. These slits are two
the dragonmen. Her cell (70g) is near
hissing language from the stairs. inches wide and four feet long.
the dragon’s lair (70k). If the party is
Behind the draconian, several friendly, she joins them gladly.
dirty forms g ro v e l in t he m os s , The southern slits look into an empty
turning their eyes from the glossy 68a. Alley room (68d). The sound of hearty
black scales. snoring rumbles through the western
A narrow passage, framed by wall slits. The guards (in 68f) that are
The dragon Khisanth whispers fur- crumbling walls, winds through supposed to make this a death-trap
ther to the Bozak draconian, who the vine-covered ruins and ends are napping. No amount of noise in
then turns and yells to the Aghar: suddenly in a door. this room awakens them.
“Begin the search.” While the dragon
looks on, the search party and its dra- 68f. Guard Post
conian leader scurry off. A moment 68b. Scum Entrance
later, the dragon retreats through W ith their backs to the slits in the
area 70a into its lair (70k). The room is damp and chill. An eastern wall of the room, three
The PCs would be seen before they ol d an d t e rrib le q u ie t ru le s t h e gully dwarves lean against each
could get close enough to hear the place, as though stunned by the other, asleep. The huge round
dragon’s instructions. However, the past—by something unspeakable nose of the largest bobs up and
draconian’s voice carries throughout that happened here once. down with every rolling snore. His
the plaza, saying, “Aghar slime, hear arms are folded across his chest;
me! If this prisoner escapes, 1 will be his notched short sword rests on
eaten alive for breakfast, but not be- 68c. Slud Rooms the floor well out of his reach. He
fore 1 eat you! 1 want that prisoner leans against the second dwarf,
and 1 want her now!” The draconian Brown and drying mold covers whose ears curl in cycle with his
cracks a whip overhead and the every wall. A dull stench rises loud snoring. The feet of the third,
Aghar scatter down each of the from beneath the lumpy, woven small dwarf stick out from be-
streets. The draconian follows one of mats piled about the floor. Faint neath his friends, wearing two
the search groups randomly. sounds rattle from each of these huge boots, their soles tattered.
They are looking for an escaped mats. The snoring of the guards could
prisoner— a Que-Shu tribeswoman awaken a mountain.
who is hiding in area 67b. The room is an Aghar barracks.
Thieves must moue silently to walk These are crack Aghar guards! If
among these sleeping dwarves with- wakened, they try to bully any one
out waking them. Non-thieves who trespasser but run away from more
attempt to enter the room wake the than one. If they run, they go straight

to the Highbulp’s throne room (68m), men and lift the darkness! We guard western wall. Any heroes who search
report that “an army” has broken in, the true knowledge of the gods. Un- the clothing piles find an old, stained
and ask for orders. der the eye of Khisanth, the truth is map.
safe in the secret!” The map shows the location of the
68g. Waiting Place sewer access (69b) and the tunnel
68i. Messy Mess that leads from there to the dragon’s
The streaked walls of this room lie lair at 70k. Crude notes on the mar-
buried under tapestries and deco- Lukewarm, stinking glop flies gins of the map read, “Big treasure,
rations almost too gaudy to be be- about the room. Bowls shatter much goods. Old bark of a dragon
lieved. The tapestries hang against the walls, knives clatter on not miss if great Highbulp take his
everywhere, some upside down or the floor. Gully dwarves are set- share!”
sideways. Fraying gold cloth tling a wild argument over dinner.
drapes between statues of every 68l. Secret Exit
shape and kind. It is the Aghar Each round a hero is in this room, he Thieves of old used this exit when
idea of the good life. suffers a 70% chance that a bowl of they needed to get into the street
goo hits and splatters on him. This is quickly. The secret doors are one
Other than the obvious doors in the Aghar stew, made by throwing just way only—out of the old guild hall.
room, a secret door in the eastern about anything dead or near death
wall leads to 68h. Anyone within into a pot. The stuff stinks violently, 68m. Court of the Aghar
three feet of this door will hear and keeps on stinking. It wears off in
thumping sounds against the door, 1d20 turns, but during that time other
Heavy, frayed gold cloth adorns
followed by muffled growls and yells. heroes must each roll a successful
the hall. Statues line the walls, and
Constitution check to be able to stay
carpets of every color and descrip-
within ten feet of the smelly goo. Nei-
68h. Treasury tion form a patchwork across the
ther the hero or anyone with him has a
floor. At the western end, a huge
chance of surprising an enemy.
A single Bozak draconian glares throne sits, the gold leafing peel-
The Aghar do not notice the he-
from the darkness. Its hands and ing badly from its carved frame. A
roes until five rounds after they enter
feet are bound tightly, its wings shrivelled figure, nodding be-
the hall. Some of them throw food at
tied securely against its body. On neath a tarnished crown three
the intruders, though their chances
either side of it, two small gully sizes too big for him, sits buried in
to hit the heroes do not increase. If
dwarves stand, bearing wooden robes on the throne. Four armed
the heroes try to fight, the foul-
spears. They prod the draconian dwarves, their heads rattling in-
smelling dwarves simply run out one
with their sticks, then jump back side their helmets, stand beside
of the doors of the room.
as though it is not tied. Each time their king.
they jump, their oversized horned
helmets roll around atop their 68j. Bulp Rooms
This is the court of the Highbulp
heads, sometimes failing over Phudge I, King of the Aghar. He bar-
their eyes. Grinding snores and whistles echo
from the dirty cells of the hallway. gains with whoever comes into his
court. The guards attack only if they
The dwarves notice the heroes after or Phudge are attacked first. Though
If awakened, the eight aghar try to
two rounds. They try to flee the Aghar generally run away from a
run away. If captured, they reveal
room. The draconian, stripped of its fight, when backed into a corner they
some valuable knowledge: They
weapons and its uniform, is the cap- are ferocious!
know of the tunnel from 69b into the
tain of the draconians and has awak- The Highbulp does not like dra-
dragon’s lair.
ened with a horrible hangover! conians. He feels that pickings were
If untied, the draconian captain easier before they came, and he
uses every means it can, but mainly 68k. Highbulp Quarters misses the times when Aghar could
its spells, to escape and regain com- go for weeks without working. Fur-
mand of its troops. A huge bed—carved, rotting posts thermore, the dragonmen have
The captain tells the following, at the corners—sags in the middle cleaned the place up far too much for
only if threatened with death or if of the room. Tattered hats, some his tastes. The Highbulp knows that
charmed: “Verminaard is our Dragon of which sport shredded or soiled the disks of Mishakal lie in the drag-
Highlord! True cleric of evil, he calls feathers, hang on racks lining the on’s lair at 70k; he also knows about
upon the powers of darkness to bring western wall. Caps and loud cloth- the tunnel from 69b into that lair. He
this land under his rule. Yet he fears ing of all kinds are piled about. o f f e rs t h e p a rt y g u id es to va r i o u s
one thing: the uprising of light places in the caverns, but he offers
against the darkness. We guard that This is the bedroom of the Highbulp no other aid.
which might kindle hope among Phudge. There is a secret door in the

69a. Delvers Welcome ken the stonework and forms
70f. Bozak Captain’s
much of the courtyard. A large Quarters
Water seeps down the walls in the archway leads into a huge dark
room, pools, then winds out the room to the east. At the back of This 20’ x 30’ room is quite spare:
southern door. A long stone the courtyard, a set of stained A bedroll lies on the floor, a pack
counter bisects the room from steel doors stands closed. These in the corner.
east to west. Behind it, another also lead east.
doorway leads north.
The pack contains dried meats and a
map showing the exact layout of the
69b. The Secret Way 70b. Honored Dead palace (70a-70h).

Rivulets of water trickle down the Tremendous, 40-foot-tall statues 70g. Prisoner Cell
walls of the room. Although a of ancient kings stand at the
great deal of water is flooding the northern and southern walls of the The door creaks open to reveal a
room, there seems to be only one hall. Their deeply carved features man hanging limply by his wrists
or two inches of it covering the are masked in shadows, but they from manacles driven into the
floor. seem to watch intruders. walls. His torso is bare and
stretched, showing signs of tor-
PCs who check the floor near the ture.
center of the room find a closed trap 70c. First Hall
door operated by a pull ring. Add the The man’s name is Raven-eye.
strengths of all PCs trying to pull the Soiled walls rise 30 feet to an
Though weak, he speaks: “Our tribe
door open to find the percentage arched ceiling. Mosses and an off-
was set upon by demons from the
chance of their success. white fungus line the hall. An-
north. We fought bravely. To our
The trap door is four feet square cient, man-sized statues stand
shame, we still fell into their hands.
and opens over a four-foot-square throughout the chamber.
Only two of us are left—the other is a
shaft 20 feet deep. There it opens woman who escaped just a few hours
into a masonry tunnel half-filled with Two Bozak draconians guard the ago.” He knows the way to the drag-
water. northern end of the hall. They attack on’s lair (70k) and will join and aid
If the PCs enter this area, check for the PCs on sight. the PCs.
a random encounter. If an encounter
is indicated, roll 1d20 to determine 70d. Palace Treasury 70h. Bozak Commander
how many rounds later it takes place.
Treat a rolled encounter with Khi-
Huge chests, their wood rotted The door opens onto a room lit by
santh as no encounter.
and split, spill their contents into a smoky torch. A crude desk sits
Water trickles into the main tunnel
the room. in the middle of the room. Sitting
through gaps in the stonework.
behind it, a scaly winged lizard
North of the access shaft, the tunnel
creature wearing partial armor
runs 30 feet to a cave-in. The tunnel There are 30,000 Tsarothian clay
culli in this room—absolutely worth- suddenly looks up and leaps to his
extends south into the darkness,
Through the darkness, the tunnel less. However, if a PC searches
runs 200 feet south, then turns 340 through the culli, he has a 30%
feet east to another cave-in. Thirty chance of finding one of the follow- If badly outnumbered, this sly Bozak
feet before the end of the tunnel, ing: two throwing daggers +3, 1 pair draconian surrenders, then tries to
however, a shaft ascends 30 feet to a gauntlets of climbing, one spellbook lead the players through the western
gate in the floor of Khisanth’s lair containing wizard lock, knock, and doors of area 70j, insisting that it is
(70k). invisibility spells, and a shield +1. the only safe way to enter the drag-
on’s lair.
70a. The Pillars of the 70e. Bozak Quarters
Palace 70i. Long Hall
Cells branch north from a long
Broad steps lead from the great hall that runs to the east. The hall Water seeps down the arching
plaza to a pillared courtyard. All is silent. walls of the ten-foot-wide hall. A
cracked, same, shattered, the pil- cold, musty smell rides the air.
lars support a sagging stone roof.
In places, the cavern wall has bro- The hall runs south into the rubble of
a co lla p se d ce ilin g . S t e e l d o u b l e

doors, weighing 500 gpw each, stand
the mists above, spreading onto ringing sound fills the chamber.
closed on the right of the corridor.
the center of the rotunda. There a The shining blue light pulses, its
These lead to area 70k.
glossy black dragon straddles a power shaking the earth itself. The
pile of jewels, steel weapons, and great dragon is covered in the
70j. Hall of Sound intricate items. glow and falls, screaming, into the
light. The walls shake; pillars in
A 30-foot-high ceiling arches
the room sway and topple. The
above the hall. Mosiac patterns T hi s i s K h isa n t h ’s la ir. K h isa n t h ,
cracked ceiling begins to crum-
cover the floor with meaningless known commonly as Onyx, is duty
ble. Above the falling ceiling, the
designs. bound to keep the disks of Mishakal
cavern walls themselves begin to
from the PCs. If she has a breath
weapon or any spells left, she takes
The hall is 90-feet-long. Forty feet to the air and uses these. Otherwise,
from either end, pressure plates in she must slug it out on the ground Everywhere the PCs go in the cavern,
the floor activate a loud gong, which with the PCs. from now on, rocks tumble from the
resounds throughout the palace and If the PCs have the Crystal Staff, wails, and water gushes under tre-
area 70k. If the PCs fail to note this the PC who holds the staff while in mendous force, into the area. All
trap and sound the gong, the dragon this area hears a soft, feminine whis- creatures encountered are trying
pushes her head out the eastern per: “Retrieve the disks and strike desperately to escape the collapsing
doors and uses her breath weapon on the dragon with this staff. All will be cavern. The water level in the cavern
the party in this narrow space. She well.” If the PC manages to hit the rises one foot/turn. It is up to the
then calls for draconian guards, un- dragon with the staff, the staff ex- players as to how their PCs make
aware that there are none in the area. plodes on contact. Read the follow- good their escape from the floor of
ing boxed description if this the cavern. If they manage to escape,
70k. Court of the Balance happens: direct them to the Temple of Misha-
kal (46b) and read the Epilogue.
A vast chamber stretches before The staff shatters as it strikes the The dragon’s horde contains the
you, 100 feet in diameter. The cir- dragon. Blue light bursts from the disks of Mishakal, 26,000 stl in gems,
cular room rises four stories to a staff in brilliant spherical waves. a cloak of invisibility, and 1,000 pp.
cracked and broken translucent The figure who broke the staff is The dragon wears a ring of darkness
dome. Dim light filters through lost in light, disappearing as a that projects up to a radius of 100

Start the characters at the spot the southern cities of Gateway and
marked “X” on the map. They are Que-Teh and advancing to the White- who ran fell among the small
moving westward on a cloudy, chill rage River. To the south, they have demons—man-sized but looking
afternoon. seized the fortress of Pax Tharkas, like their larger masters. 1 don’t
aided by treachery from within the know where they took my people
citadel. Even now, their slaves are I was too clever for them. 1 hid!
Great pillars of smoke rise from
working the Tharkadan mines. Yes, I hid!
beyond the Sentinel Peaks—a
“When shall my people return?
grim sign that there is trouble in
What shall become of my gar-
Solace. How much of the once- 71. The Witness den?”
mighty forest of vallenwood trees
has fallen to fire? The grasslands Que-Kiri is almost as barren as the
that stretch toward Que-Kiri—a surrounding plains. Most of the 72. The Draconians
town at the gap in the buildings are shattered and
Nine Kopak draconians still skulk in
mountains—are hot and dry. The burned, and many blackened
smoke adds an eerie touch of the wreckage of Que—Kiri, concealed
bodies sprawl in the empty
darkness to the autumn after- in some rubble in the center of the
streets. The air is hot and thick,
noon. town. They attack the PCs at some
laced with the odors of ash and de-
point. If the characters seek out and
“Your journey is not complete; cay.
you must leave here, must search listen to the old man, this attack oc-
Splintered timbers and
for a true Leader of the People.” curs as soon as he dies; if they do not
scorched stones litter the narrow
This strange message, spoken by find the man, have the draconians at-
streets, and smoke drifts through
the statue of the goddess Misha- tack at any time when the party is in
the abandoned town. Everything
kal, suggests that your mission is the ruined town.
is dead and silent. Suddenly, a
far from over. Where in the vast The Kapaks are overconfident
faint groan rises from behind
world of Krynn will this search from their recent victories: they toy
some collapsed beams.
with the PCs before attacking. The
Here on the barren Plains of monsters emerge into plain sight
Abanasinia, the late autumn wind The groan comes from a badly 180 feet from the PCs and then pause
bites sharply. The yellow-brown burned old man who lies at the verge a round. They lick their swords with
of death. If the PCs investigate imme- long, reptilian tongues. (This enven-
grass withers in the rushing cold,
but the feeling is much more dis- diately, they find him before he dies. oms the blades for three rounds.)
turbing than that of a normal If they wait more than a round, how- The next round, using their wings to
change of seasons. ever, they are too late. accelerate the charge, the dracon-
The old man lies under the wreck- ians attack. They fight to the death.
In many places, the plains are
marked by the tracks of crude, age of an inn, the heavy crossbeam
two-wheeled carts and many pinning his legs to the ground. In ad- 73. Journeys Across the
clawed footprints. Thousands dition to his burns, he has lost much Land
must have passed this way. Noth- blood. The man has been blinded, so
the PCs must make noise to alert him If the PCs decide to continue to Sol-
ing is alive here—neither the wild
to their presence. ace, go to chapter 6. Read the open-
animals that normally inhabit
The old man is very confused and ing encounter as the party crests the
these areas nor the occasional set-
frightened. His pattern of speech is pass in the Sentinel Peaks between
tler scratching a living from the
jerky and halting, but he says this: Que-Kiri and Solace.
harsh land.
If the heroes decide to spend the
Most ominous of all these signs
“Didn’t you see it? You must have night here, begin to roll wandering
are the great black scars stretch-
seen it! From the north . . . they monster checks immediately. This
ing for hundreds of yards along
came from the north! From be- reflects the growing tide of scaveng-
the ground, often through the
tween the mountains. First the ter- ing creatures following the Dragon
charred remains of farmhouses.
rors that rode the great wyrms . . . Highlords’ army from a distance.
Fire has gutted and collapsed
they came into our town and fear Treat Que-Kiri and areas just east of it
these dwellings. The thick smell of as plains; the PCs reach mountains
death and decay fills the air, and filled our breasts. We fought,
though. Yes! We fought long and as soon as they leave the town to-
even the wind is silent.
hard, but still more of them came ward the west. The dragonmen have
on leather wings.. . straight out of conquered all of the areas off the
The PCs should have no random the old legends they came, fire northern and eastern edges of the El-
encounters during this trek, since splashing like waves over our ven Mosiac map. If the PCs leave the
the Dragon Highlords’ army has laid homes. map at these edges, move immedi-
waste to the area. As the PCs ap- Many fled. . . many died. Those ately to event 75: “Captured!”
proach Solace, this army is sacking

74. The Dragonlands W ithin an hour of their capture,
dragon’s broad neck. Both drag-
the heroes are surrounded by several
At the start of this adventure, the ons bellow menacingly; their eyes
hundred Kapak draconians. Their
Dragonarmies have conquered all of glitter, and wisps of smoke curl
weapons and possessions are re-
the lands on the map except from their nostrils.
moved and they are loaded into a
Qualinesti. Although folk still live in
huge wheeled cage and taken to Sol-
these areas, the Dragon Highlords
ace. There they become part of the
have absolute power. If the PCs wan-
caravan to the south. Go to chapter
der through these areas, let several
The two old red dragons and their 7.
days pass with the usual random
two Kapak riders try to capture the At Solace, Tika Waylan, Theros
encounters, then go to encounter 5:
heroes if at all possible, but they are lronfeld, and the elf Gilthanas are
willing to fight to the death. thrown into the cage with the PCs.
All these villages and towns out-
side of Qualinesti have been cap-
tured and damaged, but most have
not been entirely destroyed. Que-
Kiri, New Ports, and Que-Teh have
been razed; no buildings stand and
no original inhabitants remain. Treat
these areas as “ruins” for random
All other communities are in the
same shape as Solace—they have
been conquered, losing some build-
ings and some people. A few busi-
nesses and farms survive to provide
services for the Dragonarmies. The
conquerors terrorize the people: For
example, draconians may use a
farmer’s family as hostages to force
him to help feed the Dragonarmies.
Treat these areas as “towns” for ran-
dom encounter checks.

75. Captured!
This encounter returns the PCs to
their epic path if they stray or dally.
Run the encounter when the party is
in open terrain (plains or low moun-
tains) and has no place to hide.

Two specks of crimson approach

in the far northern sky. As they
rush south they grow, forming
mighty engines of death—red
dragons. The monsters dive
swiftly, and upon their backs sit
creatures who seem to be minia-
ture versionsof the terrible steeds.
The riders’ faces bear a look of ser-
pentine evil: lizardlike faces and
cold, gleaming eyes.
The dragons land less than 100
feet away. From one of the riders,
a hollow, metallic voice rings:
“Drop your weapons, puny
ones, or you shall feel the heat of
my pet in anger.” He strokes his

Begin this section when the heroes ble for an encounter with Kapak dra-
reach the pass in the mountains just ace is not a ghost town. A few conians.
lights twinkle in the windows of Once the PCs are in the town, they
east of Solace.
some of the buildings, and hu- can see the remains of the inn, once
mans, dwarves, and elves can all lodged in the branches of a vallen-
The scene bears no resemblance
be seen aiding in the construction wood tree, sitting somewhat awk-
to the lofty forest that was here
of the fence. They seem to be tak- wardly on the ground. Not only half
only a week ago. The beautiful
ing orders from a number of whip- remains, but makeshift walls and a
and legendary vallenwood trees
wielding dragonmen. Many other kitchen enable it to be open for busi-
have been hacked, uprooted, and
bands of dragonmen are visible ness.
burned. Only a few of the mighty
poking through the brush of the Many other buildings sprawl on
trees still stand among a vast ruin
fallen trees. These bands are heav- the ground, most of them smashed
of blackened branches and low,
ily armed, and seem to be orga- beyond recognition. Fires smolder
thick stumps.
nized into patrols. here and there amid the wreckage,
The elegant tree-city of Solace
is now only a few ramshackle huts and survivors scratch through the
on the ground amidst the wreck- rubble in search of a few former pos-
age. South of the city, strange As darkness falls, lights begin to sessions. Moans of pain and the cries
creatures are building a tall pole flicker in a number of buildings in of babies carry through the town.
fence. Apparently they intend to town. If the PCs ask, tell them that Very few healthy men remain in
fence in the ravaged community. the guard patrols seem to be casual town; those who survived the inva-
In a central square cleared of and unorganized. It seems as though sion now work the mines of Pax
scorched branches and smashed slipping by the patrol and into town Tharkas. Most of the inhabitants are
homes, many blackened stakes would be fairly easy. too old to fight, or are the widows
have been driven into the ground, In fact, the PCs can get to the Inn of and children of soldiers killed in the
like a dark parody of some ancient the Last Home without incident, un- war.
temple of the True Gods. less they are downright belligerent The only business other than the
Unlike Que-Kiri, however, Sol- toward the draconian guards. In this inn that have survived are a large
case, use the Random Encounter ta- blacksmith shop, which was always

on the ground, and a battered gen- their journeys. She quietly leads the
eral store, which apparently landed of cooking. The cheery sizzling conversation around to this topic,
can only mean that his famous pretending to be bored with life in
on its side and was righted. Dragon-
men have taken over these two spiced potatoes are heating even town. This “boredom” disguises her
places. now over glowing coals. very real fear of the dragonmen. As
Frequent patrols of dragonmen Suddenly the door of the make- the PCs talk with Tika, move directly
shift kitchen bursts open, and the into encounter 77 below.
wander the streets of Solace, more
spill of torchlight outlines the fig-
concerned with bullying lone peas-
ants or carousing with their com- ure of Tika the barmaid. She holds
a steaming pan in her right hand, a
77. Unwelcome Guests
rades than with guard duty. If the PCs
foaming pitcher in her left. “Sit Shortly after the conversation be-
do not start any trouble and do not
down!” she orders, her loud voice gins, five Kapak draconians burst
display weapons, the draconians do
out of place in the somber town. into the inn, sit down at a table near
not bother them. If, however, the PCs
“Git somethin’ to eat—you look the PCs, and loudly demand service.
act belligerently or show weapons,
like a pack of starved rats.” Her Tika grimaces and rises to wait on
the guards attack them: consult the
voice falls as she approaches: them, doing her best to ignore their
Random Encounter table for a battle
with Kapak draconians. “and then we’ve got to talk.” crude behavior.
While the barmaid spoons pota-
If the PCs do fight the draconians
in the streets, they find themselves toes from her large pan, the cloaked
Tika guides the party to a table in the
surrounded by over 100 Kapak rein- figure who was seated near the door
rear, away from the few customers.
forcements when the battle is over. rises and approaches the PCs. The
After serving the PCs whatever they
The Kapaks disarm them and load robe still covers his head and most of
order, she pulls a chair to the table
them into a cage of the slave cara- his face, but as he passes the dracon-
and sits in it. She sets a heavy iron
van. Go to chapter 7. ians, one of them pulls the garment
pan full of steaming potatoes next to
off to reveal a handsome elf. At once
her, after she sees that everyone gets
the invaders begin to shove the un-
76. The Inn of the Last a portion.
fortunate character around, gleefully
Home bullying him.
Curly auburn hair tumbles around
Use the map of the Inn of the Last No matter what the PCs do, Tika
Tika’s lightly freckled face. Her
Home to run this encounter. The map has had enough of this bullying. With
striking green eyes match her low-
is scaled for use with miniatures; if a scream of rage, she slams the pan
cut blouse. A fur-trimmed leather
you wish you may remove it from the down on the head of one draconian,
vest actually doubles as effective
book and place the miniatures right automatically hitting him for double
leather armor if she gets involved
on the page. the normal damage.
in unexpected trouble. She wears
If the PCs join in, a melee obvi-
a gold ring on a chain around her
A smoky fire struggles in the ously begins. Any dragonmen who
blackened stove, feebly challeng- spends a round in which PCs or
Tika is a brash young barmaid
ing the gloom in the town. In sharp friendly NPCs do not attack him licks
who looks older than her 19 years.
contrast to the usual lively crowd, his blade to envenom the weapon for
Rough living has hardened her
the few patrons present are lost in three rounds.
and she presents a tough image as
their own thoughts. No one If the PCs do not come to Tika’s
protection against her sense of
smiles, nor does anyone seem in- aid, the dragonmen subdue her
vulnerability. Indeed she has cer-
terested in the arrival of a few quickly and carry her out of the inn.
tain childlike qualities: a fascina-
more customers. The PCs next meet her in the cage on
tion with magic and a fear of
A thin, cloaked figure sits alone the caravan to Pax Tharkas.
heights. Formerly quite happy at
at a table near the door, an un- the Inn of the Last Home, she now
touched glass of ale before him. nurses a bitter hatred toward the 78. Prisoners of the Guard
Three old men crouch above a ta- dragonmen that have invaded her Read this passage to the players after
ble in the back of the inn, staring home. She realizes that it is just a Tika has been arrested, or, if the play-
silently at the dirty tabletop. The question of time before her pa- ers have come to her aid, immedi-
usually bustling inn is otherwise tience with the brutal conquerors ately after the melee in the inn:
empty. wears out and she does something
One familiar note carries good rash and foolish. Heavy feet clatter outside, and ee-
cheer with it, however; the aroma rie torchlight flickers through
drifting from the kitchen—a mix-
Tika fidgets in her chair and looks chinks in the doorway and wall.
ture of onions, chives, garlic, and Suddenly the door splinters in-
mysterious herbs—shows that over her shoulder at every sound.
She whispers that she wants to leave ward, and a crowd of draconians
Otik Sandath still rules the realm
Solace and accompany the PCs on bursts into the room.

Leading the band is a swagger-
ing ugly hobgoblin, the stench of
his unwashed body preceding him
by several feet. He sneers as he ad-
vances across the room, flanked
by four Kapak draconians to either
side. Beyond, dozens more of the
creatures stand in the sinister light
of their torches.
Fewmaster Toede’s wispy white
hair tops a very ugly face. His
speckled gray skin, double chins,
and pot belly all resemble those of
a vicious little toad.
Toede is a bully. He snivels and
whines around superiors but is full
of bluster and threats when he has
the upper hand. Like all bullies, he
is cowardly, but he possesses a
certain crude cunning that helps
him to stay alive and prosper.

If the heroes helped Tika fight the

draconians, Toede arrests them for
brawling. Otherwise, he sneers as he
recites charges of “trespass and ma-
licious destruction in the realm of
Xak Tsaroth,” then places the party
under arrest. If the PCs resist, 40
Kapak draconians outside the inn
swarm indoors to overcome them.
The draconians disarm the party
and seize all visible possessions ex-
cept for rings and armor. A character
has a base 50% chance to hide a
small object on his person. Make this
check privately, modifying for any
factors that seem relevant. Thieves’
tools and spell books cannot be hid-
The dragonmen tie the heroes’
hands and lead them through the
rubble of Solace to an open space
that once functioned as a town
square. Tika Waylan and the elf from
the inn are brought with them. All
PCs and the two NPCs are herded
into a caged wagon.

Here the dragonmen load the heroes pressed, since they know that their
onto a slave caravan and move them families have been taken to Pax the nearby ruins of Solace, and
south. On the way, the PCs learn a Tharkas as hostages. If prodded, ghostly figures flit among the
few things and, if they are patient, they reveal this information, as well wagons. Several of these figures
benefit from a timely rescue. as the fact that they turned them- approach, and it becomes clear
selves in because of the hostages. that they are draconians. They
The bars of the cage are much too pour a foul-smelling slop into
Gritty smoke drifts from a few lin-
gering fires through the clearing, heavy for even the strongest charac- buckets in the nearby wagons.
ter to bend. The cage has two sepa- A fierce clatter of swords dis-
adding a ghostly dimness to the
rate locks, both of which must be rupts the morning calm. Dry
air. Many hobgoblins and a few
unfastened to open the door. screams and yelps of the dragon-
dragonmen scramble about, load-
men rise above the crash of metal.
ing things onto several large wag-
Somewhere a deep human voice
ons. Beyond these wagons, the 79. The Elven Stranger rings out in challenge, and the
s mok e l i fts b rie fly a ro un d t hr ee
The heroes quickly recognize the elf sounds of fighting move toward
large cages. Each is mounted on a
that approached them at the inn. His the voice.
sturdy four-wheeled carriage.
hood is thrown back, since he no Gilthanas starts at the sound of
The hobgoblin commander
longer needs a disguise, and he talks the voice. A look of alarm clouds
screams his orders above the bus-
to the adventurers. his face. “That is Theros Ironfeld,
tle and chattering, and all of the
elf-friend. The evil ones must have
monsters leap to obey Fewmaster
Gilthanas was serving as a mes- learned of the aid he has given my
Toede. Another group of
prisoners—mostly women and senger for the elven king at people. I fear that he will pay with
Qualinesti when he was captured his life.
children—are dragged into the
clearing and roughly loaded into by the dragonmen. A feeling that “The dragonmen would have
one of the cages. At the same he has failed overwhelms him, but taken me days ago, had it not been
time, Fewmaster Toede unlocks this does not show to outsiders. He for the courage of that smith. He
succeeds in appearing both calm has smuggled elves out of Solace
the door of the heaviest cage. His
escort prods the prisoners forward and confident; indeed, he is sure since the city fell, with no regard
at sword point and thrusts them that elves will make a rescue at- for his own safety.”
behind the solid iron bars. The tempt as the caravan passes The sounds of combat cease. A
Qualinesti. large band of dragonmen hobble
cage door shuts with a heavy
clang, and Toede locks both of its from the mist, carrying the bleed-
locks himself. ing figure of a huge man. Under
Although he provides no details, Gil-
watchful eyes of 30 archers, the
thanas suggests that fate is not al-
cage door is opened and the man
Toede is assembling a caravan to ways as unkind as it appears to be.
is thrown inside.
carry prisoners to Pax Tharkas, He is friendly to the PCs and makes
Blood from the stump of his
where slaves are needed to work the an effort to cheer them up.
right arm pools, on the dirty floor.
iron mines. The huge cages carry the The caravan does not move, and
Moaning softly, but apparently un-
captives, while the other two wagons the captives are left without food or
conscious, Theros lronfeld slips
are loaded with routine supplies. The water for an entire day and night. The
toward death.
heroes’ possessions are loaded on temperature at night drops alarm-
the first wagon, where Toede intends ingly, causing some very uncomfor-
to ex ami ne t h e m a n d c la i m a f ew t ab l e a nd s l e e p le ss h o u rs. Ma n y Any use of magical healing saves
items for his own. hobgoblins and draconians walk be- Ironfeld’s life, although he will be
side the wagons. Some of them carry very weak (1 hp only). Without such
The heroes’ cage also holds Gil-
bows; they shoot at characters who aid, he will become still and lifeless
thanas (the elf from the tavern), two
soldiers from Solace who fought do anything suspicious. one turn after he is thrown into the
against the Dragon Highlords, and If the PCs hatch any rash plans of wagon. One of the soldiers from Sol-
Elistan—a high priest of Haven who escape, Gilthanas counsels caution, ace then shouts at the nearby dra-
believes in the false gods. Elistan will saying that the chances may be conians, “You’ve killed him!” Then
give no clue to his identity. He is an much better later. If asked what this the draconians open the cage (using
intelligent and perceptive man, how- means, he only smiles. the same procedure as when they
ever, and if confronted with evidence threw lronfeld in), draw out the
of a true cleric, he will question his 80. A Chilly Sunrise smith’s body, and cast it into a
faith. At this point Tika may become nearby pile of rubble.
a player character. As dawn colors the sky, the au- If any of the PCs uses magic to
All three of the heroes’ human tumn chill makes another save Theros, Gilthanas looks on with
companions are silent and de- onslaught. Heavy mists obscure slightly raised eyebrows. The three
captive soldiers react more obvi-

ously, staring wide-eyed at the healer are in the first cage), and another
and muttering about a “miracle.” supply wagon follows. Last in line is a The war was long and bloody, leav-
force of 100 hobgoblins. ing scars that no treaty could heal.
Two hobgoblins man each wagon. Thus, when borders were agreed
81. The Wagons Roll upon and the bloodshed halted.
The front supply wagon contains all
of the PCs’ equipment as well as a the elves of the west felt removed
A long day passes underneath a from their kin and wanted no part
surprisingly warm sun. Draconian load of swords and shields. The last
wagon is filled with grain, of the ancient home of Silvanesti.
and hobgoblin guards remain on “With the scribing of the Sword-
watch throughout the day, but no sheath scroll, many problems of
new prisoners are added to the 82. Gilthanas’s Tale the world were laid to rest. The
cages. An air of waiting hangs King of Ergoth gave the western
over the wrecked town square. Through the long night the wag- elves a magical wooded place of
As the sun drops behind the ons roll ever southward. The tow- great beauty and natural
stumps of the vallenwood forest, ering summits of Twin Peaks Pass harmony—the land that has come
the waiting comes to an end. The soon fall to the rear. Winding out to be known as Qualinesti.
square suddenly swarms with hob- of the mountains, the caravan “Sad was Silvanos the king,
goblins, goblins and draconians, passes through a dark and silent when his eldest son Kith-Kanan
all following the orders of the re- town—the formerly bustling com- chose to lead the western elves to
pulsive Toede. Huge elk are munity of Gateway. Obviously the their new home. Deep was the
brought forward from the village Dragon Highlords have been at split between the two elven king-
pens, and four of the beasts are at- work here. doms. Silvanesti continued to fol-
tached to each wagon. South of Gateway, the plains of low the lofty ancient ways,
Darkness falls as the guards Abanasinia spread to all sides. For removed from the other peoples
form ranks before and after the several hours, the caravan makes of Krynn, while Kith-Kanan and
column, which consists of three good time across the dull flat- the Qualinesti made peace,
cage and two supply wagons. A lands, until the sound of flowing traded, and intermarried with
driver and a guard climb into the water whispers far to the south. their neighbors.
front of each and urge the elk for- Shortly, the caravan trundles over “Perhaps the greatest accom-
ward. The reddish glow of twilight the only bridge to cross the plishment of a great life was Kith-
provides one last look at the ruins mighty White-rage River. Kanan’s signing of a permanent
of Solace as the caravan slips Now the land rises. More trees peace with the mountain dwarves
away to the south. line the ascending trail. The of Thorbardin. Sharing their
Elvenhome of Qualinesti lies knowledge and skills, the two peo-
somewhere to the west. ples built the mighty fortress of
Toede rides a small, shaggy pony
“Pax Tharkas,” Gilthanas says Pax Tharkas at the border of their
along the column, shouting orders to
quietly, “That must be our destina- two lands. For many centuries Pax
his soldiers. He taunts the prisoners
tion. It is bitter indeed that a mon- Tharkas was a bastion of peace
as he passes with tales of the
u m e n t to peace has been and safety—a symbol of the coop-
dungeons of Pax Tharkas and of the
Dragon Highlord waiting to meet perverted to the evil purposes of eration among folk of different
slavery:’ backgrounds and trades.
them there. His servant, a young, un-
kempt gully dwarf named Sestun, “Even now, as we hear that the
follows his master as best he can. If any PC questions him, Gilthanas fortress is in the hands of the dra-
Sestun is constantly falling down or begins the following tale: gonmen, I cannot believe that it
getting splashed by mud from the has fallen to storm. Only the dark-
passing of wagons, and he finds it im- “Long ago, in the near-forgotten est treachery from within the walls
possible to keep up. The PCs see him Age of Dreams, Kith-Kanan led could have led to this sorry out-
jog past their wagon often, his new the elves to Qualinesti. The Sec- come.”
metal helmet askew over a face dom- ond Dragon War of Silvanesti had
inated by a massive red nose. A bat- brought these western elves great
tl e ax e o f d o u b t f u l q ua l i t y s w i n gs
83. Fight for Freedom
fame back in their ancient home.
from the dwarf’s side. But Silvanos, King of Silvanesti,
At the front of the column Suddenly, a wavering call rolls
felt uneasy at the rise to power of
marches a troop of 45 Kapak dracon- from the woods off to the west,
the Qualinesti elves.
ians, preceding the goblins by about like the cry of some elegant bird.
“Yet when the Kinslayer war
1/4 mile. One hundred goblins follow Gilthanas stiffens, brings a finger
with the human kingdom of Er-
the draconians in a long line ending to his lips. Another call floats from
goth erupted, the king did not hes-
just before the first supply wagon. the east, and now the elf responds
itate to call upon the Qualinesti.
with his own call.
The three cages are next (the heroes

The elven rescuers free the pris-
Immediately, the caravan eyes wander to the cage holding oners, mostly women and children,
guards begin to shriek and whim- the heroes. from the other two cages, and escort
per. The driver of the cage wagon Hoisting his dented battleaxe, them into the forest. If the PCs follow
slumps forward, an arrow bristling he moves to the locks holding the after dispatching the goblins, they
in his neck. Quickly, the guard at cage shut; he shatters them with have no more combat here.
the driver’s side draws his sword two solid blows. As the door The heroes may try to regain their
and leaps to the ground; a deadly swings open, the little gully dwarf possessions from the supply wagon,
arrow whistles into his breast. disappears into the underbrush. which has halted immediately before
Fewmaster Toede gallops from Although freedom lies just be- them.
the rear of the column, screaming yond the swinging cage door, the If they try to recover their supplies,
to his troops to draw arms and battle outside is becoming more they must dispatch a detail of 16
face the unseen foe. He barrels violent. Several elven warriors hobgoblins that has rushed back to
into his gully dwarf servant, and glide from the darkened woods, the battle. Once they have done this,
berates the poor creature with a but 20 of the goblin guards have they may recover everything and
volley of curses. rushed to the scene as well. make an escape into the forest fol-
“On your feet, you pitiful worm, lowing Gilthanas. If they choose to
and cover my glorious retreat. Characters may leave the cage at the go elsewhere, turn to encounter 84;
Above all, dog, these prisoners are rate of two per round. They can pick though he will urge going into the
not to escape!” Staggering be- up shortswords in 1d3 rounds: many forest, Gilthanas accompanies the
neath his weight, Toede’s horse of the guards dropped their weapons party.
carries him to the front of the when felled by arrows. The 20 gob- Carefully laid elven traps tangle
column, where the sounds of fight- lins arrive at the rate of two per draconian patrols who might want to
ing are the faintest. round, and all concentrate on the pursue. Soon all sounds of pursuit
T he l i ttl e d wa rf c limb s t o h i s prisoners from the PCs’ cage. grow faint and disappear.
feet, muttering under his breath. The three warriors from Solace
He adjusts his oversized helmet refuse to escape, because their fami-
and raises a fist in the direction of lies are imprisoned in Pax Tharkas.
his master. He still grumbles as his Gilthanas, however, joins the fray.

The heroes are taken into the sacred the Random Encounter table) per
realm of Qualinesti. There they learn game hour. These dragonmen fight gins to ascend. A curtain of silvery
of a high task that may fall to them. to the death, and there is an infinite water sheds light on the secret
Of course, any elf PC is received supply of squadrons. If the party way. The path is strangely easy,
quite hospitably—but half-elves are goes south, run the adventure the turning beneath the waterfall until
treated with the same suspicion as same as if they were going north or it finally emerges under a clear au-
humans and dwarves. east, as one day from the rescue, the tumn sun, atop the high plateau of
s ou t h er n D ra g o n a rmy le a ve s P a x Qualinesti.
Tharkas to march on Qualinesti. (See Aspen forests shiver in the noon
Dawn lightens the woods as the
last sounds of pursuit fade. The Encounter 89 and 91.) The PCs brightness, the trunks reflecting
encounter an elven war party (con- in ivory whiteness. The fresh,
tall elf who seems to be in com-
sisting of 40 normal elves, three el- earthy scent of moss rides the air.
mand calls a halt. The escaped
ven fighters, and an elven mage) if A soft trail spread with evergreen
prisoners and their escort of two
they attempt to enter Qualinesti un- needles seems to appear magi-
dozen elven warriors stand in a
escorted. cally before Porthios as he leads
large clearing bright with dew and
The mage is invisible, following the way farther into the wood.
striped by the shadows of ghostly
pines. the PCs closely. If combat breaks out,
Gilthanas speaks earnestly with the elves attempt to subdue and cap- 86. Qualinost
the leader of the war party, then in- ture the heroes. Gilthanas will try to
troduces him as Porthois. stop the fight, but he does not join ei- After several more hours of pro-
Porthois then turns to the freed ther side. viding a smooth path through the
prisoners and says: “People of Sol- If the PCs move away from woods, the needle-strewn forest
ace. . . you are free from the cages Qualinesti, Gilthanas goes with floor ends abruptly in a deep
of the Dragon Highlords. Where them, taking Theros lronfeld with chasm. Rolling blankets of moss
you can go I cannot say, for all the him. Have them meet Eben Shatter- coat both sides of the gap; billow-
land is wracked by their evil. stone as described in encounter 92. If ing mist far below suggests that
“I suggest you try the south, for the party is captured and taken to rapid waters cut along the chasm
once past Pax Tharkas you might Qualinesti, pick up the adventure as bottom. A narrow footbridge, sus-
find safety in the realms of the described in encounter 86. pended from sturdy aspens, spans
southlands. I am not sure what you the chasm.
may find there; but the heavy fist Gilthanas speaks: “Qualinost is
85. The Secret Ways
of our foe has battered everywhere protected on all sides by such bar-
in the north country.” riers. Yet 1 fear that even these will
He turns from the mass of pris- The tall elf called Porthios leads be of little aid against the Dragon-
oners to the PCs: “I would ask that the way through the pine forest. armies.”
you please come with me, through As dawn creeps to daylight, a deep Across the bridge, a few slim
the sacred realms of Qualinesti to roaring thunders in the far dis- towers appear through the aspens
our capital of Qualinost. Gilthanas tance. After several hours, it is ob- ahead. Now Porthois walks with
has told me something of your vious that the source of the sound
bouncing steps, like travelers, and
story. I know it would please my is a huge waterfall, plummeting Gilthanas sees their home on the
people to hear more.” from an unimaginable height. horizon.
The path westward is blocked The dense aspen forest thins
by a massive gray cliff of dark out in front of the spires and
84. Away From the Elves granite. The pines march right to arches of Qualinost. The city is
If the heroes accompany the elves, the cliff base; from there smooth small by human standards; by the
skip this section. If not, here is de- stone ascends for nearly a mile. A same token, no humans could
tailed the state of the world in which fringe of green at the summit sug- ever build a city like this. Four
they may travel. gests that more forest lies beyond. slender towers lined with silver
To the north, two Dragonarmies Porthios leads the way through mark the four corners of the
move south for the invasion of a chuckling stream to the base of roughly square city. Between each
Qualinesti. To the south, Pax the falls, where a deep, clear pool of these towers, strings of slender
Tharkas blocks the only path. To the collects the outflow of the tower- arches—also silver—stretch in an
west lies Qualinesti, still an elven ing spume. Stepping nimbly from elegant chain.
stronghold. rock to rock, the elf crosses the A high tower of burnished gold
If the players go north, they have pool and enters a darkened hollow dominates the city, throwing off
random encounters (see Random that gapes behind the waterfall. sunlight in a whirling, sparkling
Encounter table for the next game Here, a steep stairway, cut from pattern that gives the impression
day). Then they run into one squad of the living rock of the cliff-face, be- of movement. Of course, the
Kapak draconians (use entry #4 on

The Speaker is aloof toward all but
tower is quite still, but the illusion elves—especially cool toward the “A great and evil leader, hidden
is very realistic indeed. humans. He is not, however, hostile by a beast-like mask, rode the red
Beyond the arches, the wide, or insulting. As the story grows dragon downward beside the
quartz-lined avenues of the city lie clearer, and particularly if the charac- stakes in the square. He spoke as
dappled in the strange green forest ters fought beside Gilthanas at the the serpent landed: ‘I am Vermi-
light. Many of the city buildings are Inn of the Last Home, the Speaker’s naard, Dragon Highlord of this
made of quartz, too, and of aspen attitude warms up, but only slightly. realm. I have need of all mortal be-
beams inlaid with silver and gold. If Tanis is with the heroes, the ings in the great work of the
The buildings are tall and slender, Speaker recognizes him, but is very Dragon Highlords. Those who
blending gracefully with the many cool toward him. obey shall serve me. Those who do
aspens that fill the city. not shall feel my wrath!’
And everywhere, there is frantic A pair of gilded doors swings si- “Then the dragon breathed
activity. Female elves and elf- lently open into a chamber that flame upon my fellows . . .” Gil-
children either rush about carry- looks much bigger than the out- thanas’s voice trails off, and he
ing large bundles toward the side of the tower. The huge room gestures toward Theros Ironfeld.
central tower, or scamper toward has a white marble floor and walls. “A kind of madness came over
houses, empty-handed. The adult Many windows admit the sunlight me, and had not this man re-
males are all armed and alert, and fresh air. Many elves stand strained me, I too would have been
graceful bows and slim long there expectantly. burned into nothingness. He
swords ready to meet any foe. The tallest elf is dressed in a re- risked his life for me, and indeed,
splendent yellow robe, and his suffered the loss of his arm for the
Any elves in the party immediately hair is tinged with silver. He steps crime of protecting a frightened
realize that this hustle and bustle is forward eagerly, opening his arms elf.”
very much out of place. Because of to embrace Gilthanas and
the screen of warriors around them, Porthios. Gilthanas then relates his acquaint-
the PCs do not attract attention right “My sons! I thought 1 would ance with the heroes; he mentions
away. Soon, however, an elf-child never meet you in this world any priest spells that he has seen
spots a dwarf PC, if one is present (if again!” For a moment, joy rises in used.
not, a human will do) and, shrieking his voice, then his manner be- The Speaker becomes more polite
hysterically, flees to his mother. comes serious. “Gilthanas, what toward the PCs if they do nothing to
Soon all activity ceases as the citi- of your raid?” deserve otherwise. If they mention
zens gawk at the procession of PCs “Lord Speaker, my father,” says priest spells, he acts impressed, say-
and elf warriors. Gilthanas solemnly, “I have failed. ing that it has been more than a cen-
We traveled with all stealth south- tury since such knowledge has been
Gilthanas and Porthios have been ward as was planned; yet fate had held by the children of men. He does
talking quietly. Now Gilthanas us meet a northbound army of the not volunteer anything about elven
turns: “I know you are all tired and Dragon Highlord. I was struck magic; if the PCs persist in question-
need a well-deserved rest. I ask upon my head and fell into a ra- ing him on the subject, however, he
that first you accompany us to the vine, thinking that to be the end of tells them that all the elven priests
Tower of the Speaker, where you my days upon the face of Krynn. disappeared to the south at the time
will meet the Speaker of Suns, my “Some time later I awoke and of the Cataclysm.
father. As soon as possible we will found tracks leading northward to
see you to comfortable quarters Solace. Thinking to free my war- “It was the worst of times, the
and refreshment.” riors who may have been taken Great Sundering,” claims the
All of the elves are moving in prisoner, I followed. I found that Speaker. “We keep what we know
the general direction of the lofty Solace has been taken and its val- in memory and song. It was then
golden tower. Porthios and Gil- lenwood forest razed.” that a great darkness fell, but now,
thanas start off in that direction. A gasp rings through the coun- as our poet will tell you, the dark-
cil chamber at the thought of the est of the gloom is lifting.”
mighty forest leveled. Gilthanas
87. The Speaker of Suns lowers his eyes and speaks his
The following council occurs in the next words with difficulty. “I found At this time, the court poet steps for-
Tower of the Speaker. At first, the he- my companions in the square, tied ward and recites the Canticle. Read
roes are only spectators as the elves to stakes made from the fallen the Canticle to your players or have
conduct business. At any time, of trees. A large red dragon soared your players read it aloud. After the
course, a PC may have something to above them. I watched the people recital, the Speaker makes the fol-
say; this should be worked into the of Solace forced into a large circle lowing statement:
description. around the captives.

“Travelers, I shall have a place pre-
89. A High Council cruel might of the Dragon
pared for you while you are among As twilight descends over Qualinesti, Highlord.
us. Follow my daughter, and she Laurana rouses the heroes from their “Still a third Dragonarmy
shall see you comfortably tended. slumber and asks them to attend a poises against us here.” Now the
After you have had a chance to council in the Hall of the Sky. This Speaker’s staff strikes sharply on
wash, eat, and sleep, I shall send “hall” turns out to be the central the narrow pass of Pax Tharkas.
for you. Time is indeed short.” square of Qualinost, where a cluster “We have learned from captives
An exceptionally beautiful el- of stars is just appearing overhead. that the Dragon Highlord would
ven maiden moves forward from As the heroes arrive on the scene, like to see the race of elves driven
the onlookers. She curtsies read the following. At the same time, from Krynn; and they have nearly
slightly toward the Speaker before allow the players to look at the Elven succeeded with respect to our kin
blessing the weary travelers with a Mosiac map. of Silvanesti.”
smile like a spring sunrise. Her
beauty seems greater as she The entire population of The heroes may wish to say some-
moves closer; yet a child-like air Qualinesti seems to be gathered thing here, as the Speaker pauses.
about her belies the wisdom in her around the wide square. The war- Allow them to speak, and answer
eyes. riors are in the center ring, around questions if you feel they are appro-
She glides toward the gilded t h e S p e a ke r a n d se ve ra l o f h is priate. Eventually, work the conver-
doors and they part for her, almost chief lieutenants; the other men, sation around to the speaker again,
as if a gentle gust of wind per- women, and children are more dis- as he continues.
suaded them to open. She leads tant, but still observing the pro-
the way into the sun and leaf- ceedings.
“Here, in the depths of Pax
speckled streets of Qualinost. A path opens through the crowd
Tharkas, work the warriors of Sol-
to the center of the circle, and the
ace, Haven, and the other north-
Speaker looks up with a cool stare
88. Laurana of Qualinost ern lands. Why would they slave in
as the heroes of Xak Tsaroth enter
the mines, gaining iron for the
Laurana is a very spoiled little girl. his sight. “Forgive our somber
forges of the Dragon Highlords?
In childhood, she and Tanis were “be- air,” he says slowly. “These are
“Because also here,” and the
trothed,” although it is uncertain how heavy times, and we face the be-
Speaker’s staff strikes Pax
seriously the half-elf takes this child- ginning of a long and lonely road.
Tharkas with a vengeance, “are
hood vow. If Tanis is with the party, “Look, if you will, upon our situ-
their women and children—
she fawns on him, showing all of the ation.” The Speaker gestures to a
hostages lest the warriors can dis-
signs of an adolescent crush. If he is detailed mosaic on the ground.
play the rage and hatred that they
not with the PCs, this affection The colors and shapes seem to
must feel against their villainous
should be directed at a male PC elf represent a map of some kind. As
masters. This was the reason for
from Qualinesti, if at all possible. the circle of elves draws back, the
Gilthanas’s mission only a few
She tends to sulk when she does not l a nd of Q u a lin e st i a n d it s su r-
short days ago. He and his band
get her way; she is skillful at using roundings are displayed entirely.
were to enter Pax Tharkas by a
her good looks and charm to her ad- “Here and here,” the Speaker
hidden route—the Sla-Mori—
vantage. says, tapping the end of his staff
known only to the elves. They
Destiny has an important role for against the northern communities
would free the hostages and lead
Laurana in this saga, and she will be of Solace and Haven. “Two huge
the slaves in a revolt, escaping to
called upon to grow up in a hurry. By armies of the Dragon Highlord
the south and drawing the Dragon-
hi ghl i gh t in g h e r imm a t u r i t y a t t h i s Verminaard have gathered. Even
army in pursuit.
point, you can increase the dramatic now they prepare to invade the an-
“The humans can reach safety
effect of her growth upon your play- c i en t Elve n h o me o f Q u a lin e st i.
and elude the dragonmen, for the
ers. This little girl possesses an in- There is no way we can stand
mountainous route contains many
ner strength that will one day lead against the might of such hordes.
secluded valleys where they can
armies! “Our only choice is to flee
hide. Yet they will never have a
Laurana takes the PCs to a pleas- Qualinesti to the west, and hope to
moment of freedom unless some
ant, sun- dappled grove of aspens bring our people safely to some
means of rescue is offered.
that flourishes in the heart of the city. land in that unknown region.” The
“It is our belief that you should
Clear springs furnish fresh water, and Speaker pauses to let his remark
accept this heavy task. Gilthanas
many mossy beds seem to invite sink in; for it is indeed stunning to
has offered to accompany your
sleep. Pears, apples, and peaches all think of the elves of this fabled
party and show you the ways of the
grow in profusion, and Laurana wood—elves who have lived here
Sla-Mori, even the room of the
urges the heroes to eat their fill. since the Age of Dreams—forced
Great Chain—the quickest en-
from their ancestral home by the

the caravan was raided and Gilthanas Take your priests and read them this
trance to the fortress itself. If you freed. Six Kapak draconians have passage!
accept this opportunity, you not also been carried to the elven city,
only offer freedom to those of and even now move to attack the The landscape you lie upon is
your kin trapped within the walls characters. Whether the PCs move to blurred, as is often the case in
of the fortress, but you offer our investigate or simply hold their dreams.
beleaguered folk a chance to es- ground, they are attacked by the The wind has died away, and the
cape Qualinesti alive, a chance to Kapaks as the huge serpent, now air seems far less chilly than it did
live that many of ours were not bearing two riders, rises across the before. Indeed, a glowing warmth
given when your people caused red moon as Toede shouts, “Your loy- spreads across your back.
the Cataclysm, the turning away alty is touching, my little Kapaks! To When you turn toward the
of the gods.” give your lives is all that my grand- source of the heat, you see that
ness could ask of you!” Qualinesti forest is burning. The
Thus is presented the plight of the The Kapaks were sent by Toede to fire withers aspen, snaps ever-
elves and the suggestion for the he- create a diversion, then abandoned. green, and the woodland erupts
roes’ help. If the heroes take on the Left on their own, they fight to the into red columns of flame.
quest, go directly to encounter 90 death. The noise of the skirmish Dark shapes lope toward you
below. If they decline, go directly to arouses the community, but no elves out of the fire. A rain of arrows and
encounter 91. are near enough to intervene until spears cannot stop the rushing
the battle is over. By then, it is obvi- draconians, their wings flapping
90. Kidnap! ous that this was an isolated raid and as they charge across the ground
not a general attack. like large, wounded bats. Your
Speed is important; Gilthanas feels If the PCs mention Laurana, the comrades fall around you—first
that the party’s chances to enter Pax elves know of her absence at once. If one, then another, as your weapon
Tharkas are greater if they enter the not, it is morning before they realize grows heavier in your hands.
Sla-Mori at night. Therefore, the elf she is missing. In either event, noth- Finally, seven draconians turn
urges that the party leave the next ing can be done about the kidnap- toward you—toward you alone.
morning. This should bring them, af- ping. The elves react to the Three of them lick their swords.
ter a long day’s travel, to the mouth kidnapping with sad acceptance, and Their lidless eyes stare hungrily at
of Sla-Mori. Also, since draconians tell the heroes to sleep while they your throat. They move coldly and
prefer not to travel by day, this have the chance, for the next day’s firmly in your direction, whisper-
lessens the chance that the PCs will mission must go ahead as planned. ing in dry, rattling hisses. They
run into them. While the heroes sleep, the elves surround you; one of them lunges
The council has adjourned. As load their packs with two weeks’ at you with a spear, and a white-
they part, the people sing an ancient, worth of the nourishing elven quith- hot pain explodes in your chest.
haunting song of the elves. At this pa, a kind of dried fruit. Quith-pa The dragonmen appear to dou-
time, you may read or sing the song functions in all respects as iron ra- ble in size, and then suddenly
“Elvenhome.” Immediately after- tions. shrink to the size of sparrows.
ward read this passage. At this point, Gilthanas may be- Your weapon falls to your side.
come a player character. Theros Your legs do not work. Everything
Laurana leads the way back to the elects to remain with the elves. is dark now.
quiet hilltop grove. “Sleep peace-
fully, for the road tomorrow is 91. If the Heroes Refuse the If the PCs still do not take up the
long,” she whispers, then moves
Elves quest, the dream comes true almost
silently down the hill.
Suddenly, the stillness of Of course, the Innfellows may reject to the letter. Qualinesti is in the
Qualinesti shatters. A sharp fe- the elves’ appeal. In this case, the hands of the Dragon Highlords in
male scream rises from the direc- elves are considerably colder to the 1d6 days; no matter which direction
PCs; they no longer extend their hos- the PCs go after one game day they
tion Laurana has gone. Even as
the echoes bounce from the hills, pitality, asking the PCs to leave. The encounter draconians as they did in
a dark shape blacks out the next morning, Gilthanas and a band encounter 94. These skirmishes con-
of hand-picked elven warriors leave tinue, one every game hour, until all
moons, settling among the aspens
for Pax Tharkas, gravely weakening the PCs are dead.
of the city.
the fighting strength of the
Qualinesti nation.
A wyvern, ridden by Fewmaster
The elves do not bother the PCs if
Toede, lands in Qualinost. Toede has
they consent to leave Qualinesti qui-
decided to capture one of the party
etly. At the first nightfall, priests in
as a peace offering to Verminaard,
the party have a prophetic dream.
who is surely going to be angry that

The heroes make a long day’s march The wounded man is Eben Shat-
and hobgoblins lie grotesquely in terstone (see Supplementary PC
and are at the Sla-Mori at nightfall.
the places where death claimed cards, page 114, 115). Eben wears
Today, also, the Dragonarmy
them. clothes that once were very fine, but
marches out of Pax Tharkas toward
A groan sounds from the center a lot of rough wear has tattered them
of this carnage, and a battered hu- somewhat. He has straight, jet-black
man warrior rises from a pile of hob- hair, cut fairly short, and his face is
Dawn is just beginning to color the goblins. His eyes appear glazed and
sky as Gilthanas leads the way ruggedly handsome. A faded red
unfocused as he turns his head cape hangs from his shoulders, and
through the aspenwood of about, finally looking at the trail
Qualinesti. The trail descends his fine chain mail is rather tar-
where it enters the clearing. He nished. He also wears a scarlet hat.
gradually to the south. Soon the
struggles to stay on his feet, but Eben is completely self-serving,
whisper of a rushing stream rises
gives up with another groan. willing to do anything to win favor
from nearby, as the path begins to
Suddenly a look of surprise with those whom he sees as in power.
follow a clear brook. The route
crosses his face, and he points to Right now, this is the Dragon
grows steeper and steeper, and the
the dense pine forest. “Look out! Highlord Verminaard, who has sent
water deepens and roars as it tum-
Dragon . . .” The effort proves too Eben to infiltrate the party and try to
bles toward the sea with increas-
much, and he topples onto his direct them to Pax Tharkas, where he
ing force.
back again. is to betray them. Eben is not evil,
The aspens of Qualinesti blend
with the tall pines of the lowlands, nor will he risk his life for the Dragon
Highlord, so if he does not have a
and by the time the sun is high, 92. Ambush
there are no signs of the silvery chance to betray the party safely, he
Immediately after this statement, 12 will not do so. If at all possible,
trees of the plateau. Dark and
Baaz draconians rush from the pines Eben’s mission should not be discov-
looming, the evergreens crowd
to attack the party from all sides. If ered. If it is, however, and the PCs
the trail, making the brightly
the heroes heed the wounded war- turn on him, see to it that Eben
sunny day seem closed and dusky.
rior’s warning, they are not surprised meets an obscure death—that his
The stre a m s till r o ar s , bu t t he
by the ambush; otherwise, check body is lost.
sound has become threatening,
normally with a 1d6. Eben has blood upon his legs and
like some unspeakable thing in
The draconians attack savagely, arms. He graciously denies that he
tireless pursuit.
fighting to the death. If the battle needs any magical healing and sug-
Suddenly, the pines spread to
seems to be going in the heroes’ fa- gests that the magic should be saved
reveal a clearing about 150 feet
vor, the wounded man climbs to his for a later time. In fact, he is not
across. The grass has been
feet, joins the melee, and strikes a wounded at all: he has staged the en-
churned into mud by a furious
Baaz from behind after most of the tire encounter so that he might join
combat. The bodies of both men
draconians have been killed.

the group of heroes. He will attempt 96. The Ways of the Sla-Mori
A narrow trail climbs steeply from
to betray the party later.
the plains into the wooded valley.
Eben thanks the PCs many times, A whiff of musty, dead air emerges
Splashing with impartial cheer, a
and offers his aid wherever they as the huge block moves aside.
clear brook emerges from the cut
might be bound. Gilthanas urges The passage plunges directly into
in the mountains, as Gilthanas
haste in continuing to Pax Tharkas, the heart of the mighty peak that
leads the party ever higher. Soon,
and if his opinion is sought, remarks guards the eastern flank of Pax
the elf leaves the path and begins
that an extra swordsman always Tharkas. A thick coat of dust lay-
comes in handy. to pick his way through under-
ers the floor, and cobwebs hang
Soon the pines give way to the brush made especially dense by
loosely from the ceiling nearly 15
the falling of night.
open plain, and in the southern dis- feet above. The tunnel is 20 feet
tance, Pax Tharkas sits wedged be- wide and completely dark.
tween mountains. By moving 94. Trolls Despite the many birds and
steadily, the party can see the small animals in the nearby
Tharkadan walls by late afternoon. The trolls in this valley always place a
woods—all chattering noisily but
guard to cover the approach from the
a few moments ago—the area is
plains. This troll alerts its partners,
93. The Hidden Valley now covered by a stunned silence,
and the three monsters attack the
as though the mountain protests
rear of the party as it leaves the trail
The sun has almost disappeared in this break-in and the animals have
and begins to move toward the Sla-
the west; the important fortress of paused in sympathy.
Mori. Check normally to see if the
Pax Tharkas is nearer still. The
PCs are surprised.
tops of its two mighty towers rival The trolls try to kill two PCs and Gilthanas advances firmly into the
the mountain peaks for control of tunnel. If the PCs falter, he pauses
carry the bodies to their lair—a small
the sky. Between the towers, a and urges them forward with a whis-
cave on the opposite side of the val-
massive wall closes off all passage per. He knows this area only through
ley, about 1,000 yards away. The
through the mountain gap. A sin- lore—he has never traveled it—and
cave is 30 feet wide, 50 feet deep,
gle gate, 30 feet tall and 20 feet and ten feet high. It contains a collec- the grim passage makes him uneasy.
wide, seems to be the only en- The tunnel is obviously ancient.
tion of bones, worthless scraps of ar-
trance. Whether it was carved by hand or cre-
mor and weapons, a rusty key amid
Suddenly, the massive gate the rubbish at the back wall, a shield ated by the flowing of water is impos-
swings open. Even before it fin- sible to determine. Loose chunks of
+ 1, and a locked strongbox. The key
ishes moving, column after rock litter the floor, and the walls and
opens the strongbox, which contains
column of armed troops march ceilings are crumbling. The dust on
257 sp and three gems, worth 150
out. Rising clouds of dust soon ob- the floor looks as if it has not been
stl, 100 stl, and 200 stl.
scure their exact numbers, but disturbed since the Cataclysm.
surely several thousand pass from
the fortress onto the plains. The 95. The Gate to Sla-Mori 97. The Crossroads
road they follow leads to
Qualinesti. Gilthanas leads the way along the A crossroads offers a choice of di-
“The Dragon Highlords’ power,” base of a tall granite cliff for sev- rections 120 feet into the moun-
says Gilthanas grimly. “The time eral hundred feet, halting at a tain. The corridor continues
has come.” The elven warrior slight niche in the wall. He takes a straight ahead but it also branches
points to a narrow vale leading small, glowing gem from beneath to the right.
into the mountains just east of Pax his tunic and holds it forward with More significantly, the dust on
Tharkas. “Here lies the approach his right hand. Making a set of mo- the floors of the tunnels now
of the Sla-Mori. We must move tions in the air, he chants an an- shows the passage of many feet.
carefully: this valley is sometimes cient series of incantations. The marks extend into both of the
not a safe place.” Suddenly and silently, a tremen- passages continuing into the
dous stone block moves to the mountain; only the corridor lead-
side. ing to the gate seems to have been
The elf refers to rumors of a band of
untraveled before.
trolls that has come down from the
high mountains into the valley. He Use the Sla-Mori map for the follow-
tells the PCs about this if they ask ing encounters. The numbers of The tracks in the dust were made by
him. Urging haste, he then leads the these and all further encounters are a number of different types of crea-
party into the valley, to the secret keyed to areas on maps. tures. Most of the tracks seem to be
gate of the Sla-Mori, or “hidden humanoid, although it is impossible
path.” to tell more. Most of the animal
tracks are those of small, clawed

The corridor continuing straight 99. The Closed Corridor The wraith pursues trespassers. If
ahead has more tracks in it. the intended victims enter area 102,
The corridor widens to 60 feet, the zombies emerge and aid the
98. Hall of the Ancients still continuing forward. The air in wraith; if the PCs flee into the loop at
the room is stale and musty; loose 101, the wraith follows them before
An eerie, gigantic hall has fallen boulders and stones litter the the sliding wall closes.
into decay. Many tall columns rise floor, but apparently a wide path
to a lofty ceiling, others have runs down the center of the corri- 101. The Sliding Wall
fallen over and litter the center of dor. This path is free of any speck In the area marked on the map is a
the room like the felled vallen- of dust. sliding section of wall, constructed
wood trees of Solace. From be-
centuries ago as a trap for tomb rob-
hind the rubble comes a chittering
The far end of the corridor has been bers. The wall cannot be detected
and scratching.
caved in by the Cataclysm. Boulders when open, as it is when the party
A huge, granite throne sits
the size of houses are wedged to- first passes by.
against the eastern wall, flanked
gether to form an impenetrable wall. When they reach the western sec-
by two large statues. The stone
A giant slug has cleaned the path tion of the loop (marked with an X),
guardians are warriors three times
through the chamber. It lives off the the lead characters feel the floor sink
the height of a man, each armed slowly down one foot. There is no
refuse created by the rats in Kith-
with a broad, granite sword.
Kanan’s tomb. other perceptible effect unless a
Dwarfed by these images, the
The slug is wedged amid the boul- character is very near the sliding
decayed remains of a man sit atop
ders at the far end of the room. It wall, which closes when the trigger is
the throne. Gaunt, empty sockets
does not detect the heroes until they sprung. When closed, the sliding wall
and bared teeth stare from an an-
advance to within 60 feet. Then the can be discovered as a secret door,
cient skull. A worn, once-regal
monster slides forth and attacks, and opened when pushed by com-
cloak covers his body; a sheathed
pursuing if necessary. The slug can bined Strength of 50 or greater. Up to
sword lies across his lap.
turn around in a 20-foot-wide corri- three characters may push at once.
dor; in any area narrower than this it The door cannot be opened from the
Further examination of the chamber must continue forward until it lo- outside.
reveals that the wall opposite the tun- cates a wider space.
nel entrance has collapsed, appar- 102. Tomb of the Zombies
ently triggering the fall of the 100. Chamber of Doom
columns. A huge pile of rubble here The tunnel breaks into the corner
is riddled with small tunnels and pro- The winding of the narrow tunnel of an old hall, obviously con-
vides shelter for thousands of rats. finally ends in a dark chamber. structed with care in some distant
The rodents are timid creatures, The air is heavy and cold here, and age. A wide center aisle stretches
however, and represent no threat. a nameless sense of evil throbs to the limits of sight, and a row of
The double doors at the western somewhere within these slick, stone doors line each side.
end of the room are closed, but they stony walls. A thick layer of dust Rats have passed over the dust
swing open easily. They are made of covers the floor, as if the fright- on the floor throughout the Sla-
bronze, now well-tarnished, and cov- ened creatures living in the tun- Mori, but much less often in here
ered with a relief drawing of Pax nels know better than to come than in most other areas. None of
Tharkas. here. the tracks approach the doors,
This is the burial chamber of Kith- which are supported by huge iron
Kanan, founder of Qualinesti. The el- hinges spiked right into the stone.
ven prince and his dwarf comrades Lurking in the northwestern alcove
Each door has an iron handle, but
built the fortress of Pax Tharkas dur- of the room is the source of this
apparently no lock.
ing the Age of Dreams. His tomb has nameless evil: a wraith. This potent
been sealed further by the cata- spirit begins to move forward as soon
clysm, which has closed off access to as it detects life in this room. Its at- This is the tomb of Kith-Kanan’s elite
Pax Tharkas proper. Your adventur- tack is swift and merciless. royal guard. Through a lifetime of
ers, of course, will have to find this This undead creature is the evil rem- valued service to their lord, these
out the hard way. nant of a graverobber who broke into honored elves, dwarves, and men
The sword across Kith-Kanan’s lap the Sla-Mori trying to plunder the have earned the right to burial here.
represents one of the most potent tomb of Kith-Kanan. Forcing entrance In the centuries since, however, an
weapons of his age: it is Wyrmslayer, through the gate, he became trapped e vil p e rve rsio n h a s co r r u p te d th e
a two-handed sword +3. If drawn inside. Nourished only by the force of bodyguard, creating a band of 44
from its scabbard, it gleams brightly his own evil, his mortal body perished mindless zombies dedicated to only
with magical radiance. and left only the sinister presence that one task: kill all intruders!
now dwells in this room.

The undead lie on stone biers, two Tharkas (103-107 on the map) have hind the gate of the fortress, block-
behind each door. They arise and at- not been traveled in over a century. ing any attempts to batter down the
tack when any of the following occur: The rats and other small creatures portal with even the most massive of
roaming the outer tunnels, as well as rams.
* One of the tomb doors is opened. wandering monsters, never pass The chain rises through the ceiling
* A magical spell, rod, wand, etc. is through the Tomb of Zombies into of the room, 100 feet above, in a nar-
used in the room (not including mag- this area. Therefore, thick dust cov- row channel, to the Chamber of the
ical weapons used to shed light). ers everything, and the adventurers Chain in Pax Tharkas (see area 131).
* The double doors in the western have no encounters in these areas. Although the chain nearly fills the
end of the room are opened. chute, a small individual (a kender or
* The wraith (from area 30) enters 104. Trap a human man child) could climb the
the room and commands the zom- chain and emerge into the chamber.
bies to arise. A single bronze door swings open Such an ascent would require thiev-
easily into a short corridor that in g a b ilit y a n d a su cce ssfu l cl i m b
Coldly and silently, the zombies runs for 60 feet to another bronze sheer surfaces roll.
close in on the party and try to de- door, identical to the first. Each
stroy them. Any that are turned by a door bears the inscription of a jew- 106. Tharkadan Treasure
cleric escape by the most convenient eled crown.
route, returning to their tombs if they
The dust in this corridor is very
can. thick, and undisturbed by any
The double doors at the western Having detected the secret door,
tracks. locating the concealed latch is a
end of the room are made of solid
bronze. Like the doors to Kith- simple matter. It releases with a
Dwarven engineers rigged the last 20 soft click, and a section of the
Kanan’s tomb, they bear a raised out-
line of Pax Tharkas, done in feet of the corridor as a trap for un- stone wall swings silently inward.
considerable detail. This design wary trespassers. When any pressure The room beyond is fairly large,
is applied to the false door, either and nearly filled with yellow,
adorns each side of the doors. They
pushing or pulling, a 20-foot section brick-like objects that glitter
are unlocked, and open silently with
a push. of the floor drops away. All charac- through a layer of dust.
ters standing on it fall 20 feet into a
103. Hall of Columns pit and suffer 2d6 of damage. Stacked 25 high, 25,000 gold ingots
line the walls around the room. Each
This large chamber echoes softly 105. Chain and Support contains the equivalent of 1,000 gp
with the sounds of any passage, no of the metal. Gold was valued highly
matter how quiet. Puffs of dust The long, dusty corridor finally by the dwarves of Pax Tharkas in the
rise with each footfall on the passes through a bronze door into Age of Dreams, but it is of little use
floor—here again is an area that a large, circular room. Here, as in to the current adventurers.
seems not to have known the pas- the corridors leading into the
sage of a living soul in decades. chamber, the dust on the floor is 107. Gates to Pax Tharkas
The passage gradually widens thick and unmarked. A curious
feature of the room is the column Do not read this passage until the ad-
from the doors, but the true di- venturers have discovered the secret
mensions of the room are lost in in its center, which slants to one
darkness. A row of stately granite side and climbs far out of sight
columns lines each wall. These are above.
A closer look shows you that the The wall seems to block the corri-
plain supports with no ornate carv-
column is actually a massive dor is a secret door, apparently ac-
ings or unusual shapes, but they
chain, supported by a huge iron tivated by a small catch near the
seem to have been constructed
bracket sunk into the center of the ground. Beyond the portal is si-
with great care. The fact that they lence.
have survived the Cataclysm in- floor. Each link is as long as a
tact indicates that their builders man, and the iron bands forming
were accomplished engineers. the links are nearly a foot thick. Finally your adventurers have
The bracket in the floor is 15 feet reached the walls of Pax Tharkas it-
across and nearly three feet thick. self. If they decide to advance, use
This chamber is the fruit of dwarven
the map of Pax Tharkas.
labors, designed as a fitting entryway
to the resting place of Kith-Kanan’s This chain is the final support mech-
elite. anism for the heavy stone defenses
You should make careful note that that protect Pax Tharkas against at-
the chambers from here to Pax tack from the north. If it is released,
massive blocks of granite drop be-

The c ut-aw a y ma p d is p l ay i n g P a x as coming from Solace and Gateway. the dragonmen move to fight at
Tharkas should be used for the fol- Also in the large room is a deep once.
lowing series of encounters. Note well, capable of providing fresh wa-
that the map does not show the en- ter in times of siege or if the streams A savage-looking dragonman
tire fortress, only those areas the he- flowing from the mountains outside hauls a young woman by the arm.
roes are able to visit. This includes of the fortress should dry up. He hurls her toward a door on the
the ground floors of each of the two far side of the room, growling:
towers, as well as the underground 109. Lower Guardroom “My lord Verminaard requires
level and second floor of the eastern your presence! Who are you to
tower. Also shown are the wall con- Listening to the door to this room re-
refuse his noble calling?” The
necting the two towers and the hold- veals the rasping voices of dragon-
monster advances toward the girl,
ing bin for the tons of rock used to men mingled with a woman’s voice.
menacingly, while three other dra-
block the gate. The woman sounds upset. The door
conians watch, their faces twisted
In area 133, immediately inside is solid, but not locked or stuck.
into hideous grins.
the doors to both the eastern and If the heroes open the door slowly
western towers, are two ropes at- and carefully, they can watch the fol-
tached to an alarm mechanism. If lowing scene for a few moments. Of The Kapak draconian takes the girl
any members of the Dragon course, if they smash down the door, from the room, unless interrupted by
Highlord’s army see the heroes and
manage to pull one of these, the for-
tress is alerted. In this case, double
the number of random encounter
checks and double the number of
creatures encountered in the for-
tress. Surprise is impossible after the
defenders are alerted.
As the party enters the fortress,
Gilthanas should mention that there
is a gate-blocking mechanism within
the walls. This can be used to seal the
gates for a long period, and—if the
party could activate it—would be
useful i n d e la y in g p u rs ui t b y t he
Dragonarmy that just marched off to
the north.

108. Cellar

Three tunnels lead from the secret

door through a maze of crushed
stone and broken timbers. The
tunnels have been cleared from an
area that was once totally caved
in. A thin, undisturbed coat of
dust covers the floor.

The tunnels all lead to a large cellar

room, with rough and rocky walls to
the east, but a finely crafted, smooth
stone wall to the west. A large,
wooden door stands near the center
of the western wall.
To the heroes’ left as they enter is a
pile of wooden crates, nailed shut.
These contain clothing, pots and
pans, curtains, heavy coats, boots,
and blankets. A character passing a
W isdom check can identify the items

the heroes. If combat erupts while 111. Women’s Prison #2 not attack her, even if she should
she is in the room, the girl runs to the
This chamber is the prison of more of awaken. She is half mad, and
southern end and crouches there un-
the mothers from the northlands. there’s no telling what she might
til the fight is over.
Sixty women between the ages of 18 do if aroused.”
If attacked suddenly, the Kapaks
and 40 are locked up here, in much
have no time to envenom their
the same conditions as the women
blades. If more than one of them is 113. Chamber of the Aghar
next door.
slain, survivors try to escape through
the western door and alert the for- A series of strange noises rise
tress. 112. Maidens from behind this door: first, a loud
Although Laurana is quite startled This room holds 45 young women, crash, followed several seconds
by her sudden rescue, she is spirited between the ages of 12 and 20, who later by a dull thump, and then
and courageous, and she quickly re- have not married or borne children. gales of raucous laughter. The
covers her wits. She has been kept in As in the other two rooms, the condi- laughter dies down slowly, and af-
area 112, but knows that 111 and tions are squalid and dirty. ter a minute the pattern repeats.
110 also contain some of the women The women from all of these cells
from the north. The keys to all of react with quiet joy to the thought of
these rooms are kept on the belt of The women have no idea what is in
rescue; this reaction, however, cools
one of the draconian guards. this room. The door is quite typical,
with the knowledge that the red
If the PCs do not enter the room and does not seem to be locked. In
dragon above still watches the chil-
before Laurana is dragged out, she is fact, it is not even stuck and opens to
taken before Verminaard. If not res- reveal the following:
The women explain the situation
cued by the heroes, she dies an “ob- to the heroes, including the proce-
scure death” and returns later in the A long timber is balanced on a
dure for tending the children every
saga. boulder in the center of the room.
evening. The women also know that
At each end of the timber is a
many other women are held on the
wide, dish-shaped container. Set
110. Women’s Prison #1 bottom floor of the western tower.
on the ground by these containers
This cell holds 34 women from Sol- The men are forced to work in the
is a pile of large stones and a tall
mines, and are kept in a crude cave
ace, Gateway, and Haven. Rude straw wooden box. Huge mattresses of
south of the fortress during those
mats line the walls, and several low straw have been spread on the
brief periods when they are not work-
chairs are scattered about. No other floor beyond either end of the tim-
furniture or other accommodations ing.
ber. A dozen short, stocky crea-
The women also send a group of
are present. tures scurry frantically around the
12 up to the mines to feed the men
Maritta the Seamstress is one of timber, shouting and cursing each
every night. They wear heavy shawls
the prisoners in this room. She is other. They wear oversized tin hel-
generally regarded by the women as and robes to protect against the au-
mets, and several wear swords in
tumn chill, and the guards pay little
their leader and spokesperson. It is their belts. Because these swords
attention to those on either feeding
she who leads the group of ten are several inches longer than
mission. Thus, any characters con-
women each evening up to the cham- their legs, those creatures who
ber on the ground floor (room 117) to cealed as these women would be able
wear them often get them tangled
t o m ov e a b o u t t h e f o rt re ss f a irly
feed and tend to the children. The between their feet, sprawling
safely, as long as they could conceiv-
youngsters are imprisoned there un- headlong onto the floor.
ably be on one of these feeding mis-
der the watchful eyes of the red Shortly a pattern emerges. One
dragon Flamestrike. sions.
of these creatures (who by now are
If the heroes do not think of this,
Also in this room is a battered Elis- recognizable as Aghar gully
Maritta suggests that armed men,
tan, injured from a fall in the mines. dwarves) climbs into the dish at
disguised in women’s robes, could
Because of his influential position, one end of the timber, dropping
enter the chamber where the chil-
the Dragon Highlords allow the that end to the ground like a large
dren are kept and rescue them.
women to tend him, when they would see-saw. Three other Aghar climb
If the PCs decide to make a rescue
let most prisoners die unaided. Even onto the wooden box at the other
attempt in this way, Maritta has the
so, Elistan is near death and needs end of the timber, where com-
following advice about Flamestrike:
magical healing. rades have already raised three of
If the PCs heal Elistan, he aban- the large stones. The Aghar on the
dons his disbelief and embraces the “You must try to pass the dragon
boxes drop the stones together
true gods. He renounces his past be- quietly, as she sleeps very deeply. I
into the dish below them, drop-
liefs and begins to worship Mishakal, don’t think she would normally
ping that end to the ground and
or whichever of the true gods the PC harm the children—in fact, she
catapulting the dwarf at the other
priest who healed him worships. seems very fond of them—but do

being held prisoner in area 120 for
end through the air, over the heads trail mars the center of the floor.
the crime of aiding the escape of a
of the three on the box, and into Some of the tapestries, depicting
group of Fewmaster Toede’s pris-
the mattress of straw. pastoral woodland scenes, have
oners. If the heroes aid in his rescue,
After each of these stunts, all been defaced: charcoal has been
the Aghar are much more willing to
the Aghar laugh uproariously, take risks for the party. used to add a beard and mustache
then run around crazily for a while to an elven princess, and long
until the process is ready to start slashes ruin a scene of elves and
114. Storage Room dwarves in council.
The door to this room is locked.
These Aghar are servants of the dra- This hallway connects most of the
Many rows of crates, boxes, and rooms on the first floor of the tower,
conians, amusing themselves in
barrels line the walls of this large and thus receives a lot of traffic. Dou-
their off-duty moments. If the PCs do
room. Several boxes containing ble the usual number of random
not announce their presence, the
iron nails are open nearby. All encounter checks while the party is
dwarves do not notice them for 2d4
other containers are closed. in this area.
When and if the Aghar discover Standing outside the throne room
the adventurers, they cease their Stored here are 72 barrels of oil, 20 (area 121) are two hobgoblin guards.
game immediately and dive for cover barrels of fresh water, 12 barrels of They do not attack on sight but are
behind the timber and stones. A min- salt, 20 crates of nails, 140 boxes of very suspicious of any armed charac-
ute later, several of the tin helmets grain, 43 crates of wool woven into 4’ ters in the hallway and demand iden-
peek out from behind this cover. X 8’ pieces (430 pieces total), 12 tification. If alarmed, they rush to get
Finally, one of the sword-bearing crates of leather in the same dimen- their comrades from area 119.
gully dwarves swaggers forward. His sions (60 pieces total), and 30 boxes
face is hidden behind a bushy beard, of pots and pans. 116. Reception Room
and his tin helmet shadows his eyes. If the oil is ignited, the contents of
In fact, he can see very little; as he the room burn up in two turns. One Much like the outer hallway, this
nears the party, he trips over his turn after such a fire begins, the hall- room has the appearance of
sword and falls headlong, his helmet way outside fills with smoke. PCs in former luxury now fallen into de-
rolling to the feet of the forward PCs. this area suffer 1d6 points of damage cay. The carpet is slashed and
The dwarf rushes to snatch his hel- per round until they reach fresh air. spotted; many fine pieces of furni-
met back, blustering about tres- The smoke continues to spread at ture are strewn across the dirty
passers and uninvited guests. this rate, filling all adjacent areas floor. Some fancy chairs have
This is Highklahd Drooth, leader each turn if no door blocks the way. b e e n sp lin t e re d , a p p a re n tl y so
of the Klahd Clan of the Aghar. An- Areas behind doors take two turns to their legs can be used as firewood,
g rily he de ma n d s a n ex pl an at i o n fill with smoke. Those rooms adja- since a smoky blaze struggles in a
from the party; although what they cent to rooms filled with smoke fill huge fireplace.
are supposed to explain is unclear. on the following turn (or two, if a A strong smell of ale hangs in
These 12 Aghar are no friends of door blocks the way), and so on for the air, and a large keg lies on its
the Dragon Highlords and only re- 20 turns, when the fire extinguishes side in the center of the room. An-
main here because Pax Tharkas has from lack of air. other keg sits in the center of the
been their clan home for centuries. room. Another keg sits in the far
Although suspicious and cranky, 115. Upper Hallway corner, and around it crouch five
they will not betray the party, and draconians.
may offer aid if approached with “ap- This hallway is furnished with
propriate honor.” great care, creating an atmos-
The Aghar are quite familiar with These Kapak draconians have been
phere of comfort and luxury. A drinking. If they are disturbed, they
the layout of the fortress, and even plush purple carpet blankets the
understand how the stonedrop react aggressively. They take time to
floor, and many tapestries of rich envenom their blades as they charge
mechanism to seal the gate operates. red and golden colors decorate
Their services must be purchased, across the room.
the walls. Each of the several If three draconians are killed, the
however; rope, weapons, armor, doors is made of dark-grained val-
food, clothing, or things that might remaining two realize that the PCs
lenwood and has golden rivets, are tougher opponents than they
work as toys can all be used for bar- hinges, and latches.
ter. Note that the Aghar are essen- thought, and they bolt for the other
At closer examination, how- door. Once in the hallway, they raise
tially cowardly, and do not ever, the luxury begins to wear
voluntarily get involved in risky busi- a cry, alerting the fortress.
thin. Dark stains blot the carpet in
ness. many places, and a wide, muddy
The Aghar are aware that Sestun is

117. Dining Room This room is the duty quarters for 28
great splashes and loud cursing. A hobgoblin guards. They have been
third gully dwarf snarls: “Dinner
For some reason, this elegant p la yin g va rio u s g a mb li n g g a m e s,
ain’t gonna be ready for hours if eating, or practicing with weapons.
room escaped the destruction we can’t get some privacy what to
rampant throughout the rest of They rush to attack any intruders.
work in! Now get lost!” He moves If the heroes enter the room and
the fortress. A shiny table made of forward, a heavy frying pan raised
smooth vallenwood occupies the fight with the door closed, the for-
aggressively. tress is not alerted. Otherwise, the
center of the room. It is sur-
rounded by a dozen finely crafted alarms certainly go off. The hobgob-
chairs. An undamaged carpet, of These Aghar are the official cooks lins fight to the death.
the same rich purple found in the for Verminaard, present lord of Pax Hanging on a nail in the wall is a
hallway, covers the floor. Tharkas. While they are afraid of the key that unlocks the cell next door
Three golden chandeliers hang Dragon Highlord, they are rude and (area 120). Scattered about the
from the ceiling, each ablaze with unpleasant to everyone else. room, on tables and the floor as well
dozens of candles. Many more If the heroes attack them, the gully as carried by individual hobgoblins,
candles flicker from sconces in dwarves turn and run. are 54 stl, 187 sp, and 327 bp.
the wall, bathing the room in If the heroes identify themselves
bright and cheery light. as enemies of the Dragon Highlord, 120. Prison Cell
The table is set for four, with the gully dwarves become much
fine china and silver. A large plati- friendlier, although they are still sus- The door is heavy and barred and
num pitcher is placed in the center picious. They explain that they are has a small hatch near the bottom
of the table; beads of moisture preparing Verminaard’s dinner, and A massive lock protects the latch
have collected on it. Four match- that he is planning to entertain one of to the door as well as the hatch.
ing platinum goblets stand next to the women from downstairs as his
the pitcher. guest. The meal consists of fresh
bread, a fine haunch of venison, po- If the heroes pick the lock, or use the
tatoes, and apples. These Aghar are key found in area 119, read the fol-
The pitcher contains ice water. If a actually not bad cooks, so the meal lowing. Note that this door cannot be
player asks about the length of the smashed in.
will be a good one.
candles, inform him that no wax has
The Aghar cooperate very little if
dripped from them, so they have ap- the heroes ask for any kind of aid. In The large room contains only a
parently been lighted very recently. no case do the gully dwarves do any- single occupant: a dirty, un-
If the party remains in this room shaven, and very smelly gully
thing (such as poison the meal) that
for two rounds, the gully dwarves might cost them their heads. They dwarf. He looks up angrily from a
from the kitchen enter, carrying trays might provide secret aid, however, if straw mat on the stone floor, then
of steaming food. (See area 118 for they have very little chance of being seems surprised by the appear-
gully dwarves’ reaction to the PCs.) caught. ance of his visitors.
Note that these Aghar are encoun-
These dwarves know that Sestun is
tered in one place or the other, but imprisoned in area 120. If the heroes This is Sestun, the gully dwarf who
not in both areas! aid him, the gully dwarves will be freed the heroes from their cage in
much friendlier to them. the slave caravan. Although he
118. Kitchen slipped away from the caravan, he
119. Guardroom was captured by a party of dracon-
A long counter is covered with a ians as he moved southward. Now he
wide variety of foodstuffs, and sev- If the heroes listen at the door here,
is being held prisoner while Vermi-
eral ovens spew smoke into the they hear loud laughter and argu-
naard attempts to come up with a
air. Four Aghar run busily around ment within. The voices are not
suitably vicious punishment.
the room, armed with pots, pans, those of draconians.
As revealed by his actions in the
and in one case, a large meat caravan, Sestun is an Aghar of high
cleaver. Several inches of liquid— Many chairs and benches of rude
courage and spirit. He despises the
perhaps some kind of gravy— wooden construction are scat-
Dragon Highlord and hates their dra-
spread over the floor, and the gully tered about this room. Sitting or
conian and hobgoblin servants.
dwarves are coated with all kinds moving around the room are sev-
Sestun is willing to participate in
of food. eral dozen ugly guards, their grin-
anything that is likely to anger Ver-
As the door opens, two of the ning faces displaying yellowed
minaard; he knows that he has no fu-
Aghar turn their attention toward tusks. Their skin is a ruddy yellow
ture working for the Dragon
it and collide headlong with each color, and they are all armed with
Highlord. If he is offered a chance to
other, falling to the floor amid swords and daggers.
escape, h e w i l l d o s o , c a u s i n g a s
much trouble on the way out as pos-

sible. When the slaves make their es- half damage, the dragon flees
cape to the south, Sestun will tag incompetence, that priest has through the double doors and up
been allowed to live, bringing my through the chimney, but not before
along in the background.
If any PCs a re c a p tu r ed i n P a x opposite power back among men! he has stopped and let Verminaard
Tharkas, they are disarmed and Find them and slay them all . . . mount. (Statistics for Ember and Ver-
placed in this room. Their posses- bring me their heads before the minaard can be found in the Com-
day is out! bined Monster Statistics Chart and in
sions are taken to Verminaard and
“If that traitor that I planted the capsules, respectively.)
placed behind his throne. In 2d6
hours, the Dragon Highlord calls the among them does not do the job, Verminaard’s face is concealed be-
captives before him, asking them to then the task is on your shoulders. hind the grotesque mask of a Dragon
Hear me well, Toede: either your Highlord—a vicious visor that has a
betray their comrades and explain
their purpose in Pax Tharkas. Re- head or theirs will decorate my pair of wicked horns curving from
fusal results in being fed to the red throne room tonight!” the forehead. He wears shiny blue
The figure before the Dragon plate mail and a billowing blue cape.
dragon Ember.
Highlord cringes even more, and Standing well over six feet tall, Ver-
begins to speak in a pathetic minaard presents an imposing im-
121. Verminaard’s Throne whine, “Your most worshipful age of evil.
Room lord, I offer my hopelessly inade- Verminaard is dedicated to the
The massive double doors that lead quate apology. If I had known that ruthless destruction of good in all its
into this room are unlocked and push the ones you seek were impris- forms. No shred of conscience dis-
o p en s i l ently . If t h e h e r o es o pe n oned in my caravan, I would have turbs him in his quest for power. He
them only slightly, they may hide and brought you their heads person- controls all of the lands from the
observe the discussion described ally as I brought you the elf maid Seeker kingdoms south to Pax
here. Laurana. If not for the treachery of Tharkas. He is constantly striving to
The PCs may also observe this dis- one of the loathsome Aghar, they extend his power.
cussion from the balcony (area 130) would even now be kneeling be-
or through a crack in the wall of the fore you, prisoners to your tender
mercies . . .”
122. Verminaard’s Quarters
chain room (area 131). Of course, if
the party visits several of these “Enough!” roars the Dragon Verminaard has taken over these
places, they observe this scene only Highlord. “You have my warning, three connecting rooms as living
the first time they look into the now go!” The voice lowers, heavy quarters. The doors are all polished
throne room. with menace. “And Toede, do not vallenwood, and locked securely.
fail me again . . .” Verminaard himself carries the only
This huge, looming chamber was keys.
obviously the throne room for the Toede turns and scuttles for the
elven and dwarven races that built doors, while two draconian guards 122a. Waiting Room
the great fortress. Tall columns pull them open to allow the Fewmas-
brace the ceiling, and a huge ter quick exit. Of course, any in- This room has kept its former
stone throne occupies a central truders at the door are discovered at splendor: The plush carpet on the
spot. this time. floor is undamaged, and the chairs
Tall, silvery mirrors line the As Toede races for the door, Vermi- and couches are all richly uphol-
walls, creating the impression that naard leans back in his throne and stered. A small table sits in the
the room is even larger than it re- slowly surveys the room. If any he- center of the room, and a pair of
ally is. In the middle of the west roes are watching from the door, the crystal goblets and a crystal de-
wall, a pair of huge doors—easily balcony, or the chain room, he sees canter filled with a golden liquid
12 feet high by 20 feet wide—lead them in the mirrors. He calls: “Em- sparkle from atop the table.
from the throne room. ber!” and the red dragon immedi- A large tapestry covers the far
A figure seated in the throne ately pushes through the double wall. This is the only indication
wears the hideous mask of a doors on the west wall. “Destroy that the fortress has recently
Dragon Highlord. His hoarse voice them!” is Verminaard’s next com- changed hands: it displays a huge,
rasps from behind the grotesque mand. red dragon, jaws agape, spewing
covering, addressing a cringing There are six Kapak draconian flames over a small village. Sev-
figure before him: guards in the throne room, as well as eral large candelabra provide
“Toede, you miserable rodent, Verminaard (an 8th-level priest). The steady light for the chamber.
you have the gift of ruining the draconians enter the combat only if,
simplest plans! As if kidnapping for some reason, the dragon seems
the elf maiden wasn’t bad enough to have trouble making the kill. Ver-
. . . now thanks to your idiocy, your minaard stays out of range and
watches the fight; if Ember suffers

122b. Private Dining Room showing the gradual increase in locked. If the fortress has been alerted,
lands controlled by the Dragon there are six Kapaks here. Use Ran-
Half of this chamber is filled by a Highlord. On top of the pile is a map dom Encounter 4.
polished table of gleaming dark of Qualinesti, showing that peaceful
wood. A buffet with glass doors land pierced by three great daggers: 124. Storeroom
displays a priceless collection of one each moving from the northeast
china and silver. Light spills from a and northwest, and one advancing Many shelves line the walls of this
pair of golden chandeliers, each straight from Pax Tharkas, just as the small room. Stacked upon them
supporting many flickering can- elves had reported. are blankets, cloaks, tiny boots,
dles. Another sheet of paper diagrams and a number of toys similar to the
A pair of tapestries has been the permanent defenses of Pax ones strewn about the playroom.
added to the eastern and southern Tharkas, showing how the chain and
walls of this room. One shows a stone mechanism (room 132) oper- The cloaks are all children’s sizes.
massive red dragon landing amid ates to block the massive gates.
a troop of armored horsemen and The desk has one drawer, firmly 125. Chamber of the
wreaking gory havoc. The second locked and guarded with a dose of
shows a region of black moun- sleep gas. If the lock is picked with-
tains, heavy with mist and out deactivating the trap, all in the
The arched tunnel enters another
shadows, where a looming for- room fall asleep for 2d6 turns, no
room, even larger than the play-
tress rises up in the distance. saving throw. This drawer contains
room. No windows shed light into
two sheets of rolled parchment, each
this area, but a soft, wheezing
a priest scroll. They contain these
A small, locked drawer in the bottom noise gives evidence of another
of the hutch is trapped with a poison presence here. Soon, the torch-
needle (successful saving throw vs. light falls across a monstrous red
Scroll #1: cure serious wounds,
poison or suffer 15 points of dam- tail, then massive crimson flanks
prayer, find traps
age). Within the drawer are four that rise and fall with a slow, rhyth-
Scroll #2: light, augury, cure light
small bottles containing two potions mic pattern.
of extra healing, a potion of gaseous Now the great head appears:
form, and a potion of invisibility. eyes closed, forked tongue ex-
The closet contains several robes, a
tending from wicked jaws, and
black cape, a pair of boots, and a suit
122c. Verminaard’s nostrils flaring ever so slightly
of black plate mail.
with the slow breaths. This cham-
Bedroom ber is occupied by an ancient red
123. Children’s Playroom dragon!
This chamber seems to be a com-
This door is barred on the outside
bination office and bedroom. A
with a heavy wooden beam. At first, Flamestrike looks every
huge bed, lushly canopied and
bit as awesome as is usual for her
quilted, nearly fills the southern
This large, open room has no fur- kind, but a closer look reveals that
end. A large wooden closet sits
niture. Scattered about, however, this dragon suffers some of the ill ef-
next to it. Across the floor are
are many small bits of wood and fects of age. Many of her teeth are
spread rugs made from the skins
rags carelessly carved or sewn blunted or broken (accounting for
of many of the large carnivores
into dolls, wagons, balls, and her lessened bite damage), while one
found throughout Krynn: brown
other toys. A tall arch in the east- of her eyes is cloudy and apparently
bears, jaguars, panthers, wolves,
ern wall leads into darkness, and blind. Long scars mark her weath-
and a tiger.
next to the arch is a normal ered flanks, and she looks unusually
The other end of the room is
wooden door. A pair of huge doors slender, even scrawny.
taken up by a large desk, plain
in the southwestern corner appar- Flamestrike lost her brood of
wooden chair, small table, and
ently leads outside, since four win- young to an unknown enemy years
washbasin. Three tapestries, pic-
dows in that same wall admit ago, and this tragedy has deeply
turing scenes of dragon-wrought
some cool, fresh air. scarred her personality. She is a very
destruction, add a dark touch to
careful guardian of the children, and
the walls. Several smoky torches
would never harm one of them under
flicker in sconces. Several candles The double doors are held by a very
any circumstance. She deals harshly
and a lamp sit on the desk, but heavy beam, requiring a total Strength
with those she believes threaten
they are unlit. of 25 to remove. There is a similar
“her” children. The only visitors she
beam on the ground outside these
allows are the ten women who, once
doors that may be used to bar them
Spread upon the desk are many a day, arrive to feed and care for the
and keep something (i.e., Flamestrike)
maps of this portion of Ansalon, youngsters.
inside. The door to room 124 is not

126. Food Storage and Nothing lives in this room, so the he-
The great red dragon slowly raises roes may take their time here with-
Preparation her head, muttering softly: out being bothered. If they wish to
“Maritta, you take all of my chil- examine the pictures closely, they
On the right-hand wall of this dren together . . . is it not easier will see that the oldest paintings are
room, several shelves are piled with a few at a time?” Blinking her directly before them. They seemed
high with goods. To the left, a one good eye, Flamestrike slowly to be organized chronologically, get-
large oven and a pot-covered looks around and sniffs the cham- ting more recent as the viewer moves
counter run along the wall. The ber. Suddenly, she screams with to the left.
small room is cluttered with food rage and springs to her feet! Read the following if the party
and utensils. “You cannot steal my children!” takes some time to look at the art-
In this room the women prepare the Flamestrike tries to attack the he-
food for the children. Barrels of salt roes with teeth and claws. She will The first paintings show a high
pork, beans, salt, flour, lard, dried never use her breath weapon while mountain pass glittering in the
meat, and potatoes sit on the the children are nearby! light of the sun. Snowfields flash
shelves. If the heroes escape with the chil- among the peaks, and thick for-
dren to the outside, Flamestrike can- ests cover the lower slopes. Many
127. Children’s Room not follow them through the double streams, frequently interrupted by
doors. She will not emerge from the ponds and waterfalls, wind into
This large room bustles with sev- fortress until the moment described the lowlands.
eral hundred children, ranging in in “Escape from Pax Tharkas.” A large band of sturdy dwarves
age from infant to about 12 years labor in the pass, building a low
old. Their frightened, questioning 128. Upper Landing stone wall across the opening.
faces stare at the doorway. Several Now many elves appear, bearing
of the older boys and girls stand The stairway emerges into a long, huge logs on low wagons, and the
pr o tec ti v e ly b e f o re th e y o un ge r narrow room. Two silver-coated wall takes on a familiar form. First
children, as if to spare them the doors, embossed with an image of the main wall of Pax Tharkas goes
sight of anything horrible. an elf and a dwarf holding a lute up, elves and dwarves working
Although fear and hardship between them, lead to the left. The side by side in the monumental
have struck these youngsters un- lure is an ancient symbol of peace task. Then, even as two curtain
justly, their spirit has not been bro- in Krynn, so the artwork dates walls rise on the slopes below the
ken. Courage and resolve shine in these doors to the period of elven main wall, two mighty towers be-
the faces of the older children, and and dwarven cooperation when gin to inch their way into the sky.
the younger ones look to their Pax Tharkas was built. After a few pictures displaying
older brothers and sisters with re- the various stages of construction,
spect and pride. Not even the The secret door operates by twisting during which the seasons make
smallest baby is crying. a stone that is set into the door itself. the yearly cycle several times, the
fortress assumes its current
129. Gallery shape. Following this series are a
There are 180 children in this room.
number of portraits displaying
They will recognize and instantly re-
This huge room is chilly, exposed various elves and dwarves, usually
spond to Maritta, if she is with the he-
to the autumn drafts by a number dressed in shiny plate mail and
roes. Otherwise, a very mature boy bearing gleaming weapons. A
of slit windows along the curving
and girl advance to talk privately with
walls. To the left, it follows the an- number of these paintings have
the PCs, seeking information about
gle of the wall of the fortress out of been crudely defaced.
them. The children will never consent
sight. Then begins a series in which
to leave unless convinced that their
The entire outer wall of the mighty dragons rage about the
parents will join them in freedom.
room is covered with paintings. towers of Pax Tharkas. Acid, light-
If the heroes begin to rescue the
The different styles and varying ning, fire, and cold all rain down
children, they file slowly and silently
degrees of aging indicate that they upon courageous defenders, driv-
past the sleeping Flamestrike. The
were created over a long span of ing them from the parapets to
red dragon stirs in her sleep, but
Krynn’s history. The paintings shelter within the solid walls.
does not awaken until all but a few
show woodland scenes, rugged Soon, the mighty dragons land all
dozen of the children have passed—
mountains, several views of Pax over the fortress, and it seems that
unless of course, a PC attacks or
Tharkas, and portraits of various mighty Pax Tharkas has fallen.
arouses her.
elves and dwarves, dressed in fine But then new weapons appear.
When the dragon wakes up, read
costume. Long, slender, and gleaming like
the following:

131. Chamber of the Chain walkway, apparently connecting
polished silver, these lances are
carried by fighters of highest cour- This cavernous room can be entered somehow with the stone blocks on
age. Slowly, at a fearful cost, the through the secret door in room 128, the right.
dragons are driven from the tow- or ( by a h a lf lin g ) b y climb in g t h e At the far end of the walkway
ers and walls. Great gashes bur- chain that is anchored in the Sla- (marked “A” on the map), a large
row into their scaly hides, as they Mori. screw and winch mechanism can
begin to bleed and die. Finally, al- be used to release the chain. This
though the parapets are red with A thick layer of dust coats the requires a combined Strength of
the defenders’ blood, the skies are floor of this vast chamber. Much 40 to operate, and takes 3d6
free of dragons, and it seems that rubble, in the form of boulders rounds to activate.
peace has once again returned. and small stones, lies strewn When the rocks fall, the crash-
At this point, the course of his- about. Running along the wall is a ing shakes the foundations of the
tory has carried halfway around mighty chain, made of foot-thick e n t ire f o rt re ss. A n yo n e i n a r e a
the room. Several more portraits steel bars bent into six-foot-long 133 is killed outright by tons of
follow, this time displaying hu- links and held taut by unimagina- stone. Area 132 fills with so much
man leaders in historic poses; ble force. dust that movement and vision are
then the series ends. A thin trickle of light leaks impossible for 1d6 rounds.
Faded spots on the wall show through a crack in the wall, lead-
that more paintings hung here at ing into a large room. Voices can
one time; a pile of blackened be heard through the crack. 133. The Great Wall
ashes at the far end of the room
This area is basically a large corridor
provides a clue to their fate.
If a player looks through the crack that runs the length of the Tharkadan
into the throne room, describe the wall. Massive winches operate the
130. Balcony situation there as in area 121 (unless mighty gates, requiring a Strength of
this incident has already taken place, 80 to move. Even then it takes two
Many slender columns support a in which case area 121 is empty). Re- turns to open or close a gate. The
high ceiling. Twenty feet from the member that the mirrors enable Ver- northern gate is slightly open (a six-
wall, the floor drops sharply into a minaard to catch sight of the foot-wide crack), while the southern
deep pit-actually, two pits sepa- eavesdropper eventually, at which gate is shut.
rated by a stone wall. The larger of time he will send Ember up to
these is well lit, and voices rise breathe fire into the crack.
Although an intelligent hero can 134. Western Hallway
from inside it. The second,
smaller pit is dark. avoid the fire by moving to the side, The double doors leading from 133
the chain turns bright red, then white into this area stand open.
from the heat of the blast. Finally, it
If the heroes advance into the lighted stretches, snaps, and releases the The walls of this hallway are dirty
pit, read the scene described for area stone blocking mechanism, sealing and bare, and the floor is covered
121 (unless they have already wit- the mighty gates for at least a month. with mud. Several broken chairs
nessed Toede’s interview with Vermi- A stairway in the northwestern cor- and a small table, only two of its
naard from another vantage point, in ner of the room climbs to the next four legs intact, are the only furni-
which case room 121 is empty). If level of the tower. Six more levels ture. The double doors in the
they look into the darkened pit, read can be found this way, but all the northern wall and a single iron
the following: rooms are dusty and empty. door in the western wall are all
closed. The double doors look as
Enough light filters over the wall
132. Gate-Blocking if they have been hacked with a
and through the huge connecting
Mechanism blade of some kind.
doors to cast a faint glow on the
bottom of this pit. Curled up there,
alert eyes blinking warily here and A narrow stone walkway, covered
The iron door is locked; the double
there, is the serpentine form of a with dust, leads through the
doors are not. Listening at the iron
monstrous red dragon! length of the Tharkadan wall high
door reveals low sounds of conversa-
above the ground. To the right, ten
tion and occasional laughter.
feet below you, are scattered piles
Any untoward noise from the PCs, or of massive granite. To the left, the
other signs of their presence, brings mighty chain stretches across the
Ember flaming upward for the kill. darkness. Many chains, only
Her statistics are listed in the Com- slightly smaller, lead from this
bined Monster Statistics Chart. massive chain underneath the

135. Western Guardroom alarms have sounded by this time,
the PCs run risks by stopping to an- the walls, and a wide aisle runs
swer many of these questions. down the center of the room.
Several ugly guards sit at a table in Three sets of doors give access to
the center of this long room, play- Any attempts to smash open the
double doors leading outside suffer a the room, and the shelves cover
ing some kind of gambling game. the rest of the wall space.
Two more of the guards are -2 penalty to the roll.
Stacked on the shelves are hun-
grappling—apparently in dreds of suits of leather armor, a
practice—at the far end of the 137. Monster Mess Hall similar number of shields, rows of
room, while another two, swords If the heroes have already battled the heavy boots, cloaks, and capes,
drawn, rush toward the door! monsters from this room because and a number of sealed wooden
the guards from 135 have sum- crates and barrels.
The eight hobgoblins in this room moned them, read only the first para-
are charged with guarding the graph of this description.
The sealed wooden crates contain a
women held in area 136. Seven at- mysterious smoked meat (wild dog).
tack any intruders, fighting to the This room is dimly lit by a number The barrels contain oil. If a fire starts
death, while one slips out the back of flickering fireplaces, and the air here, it spreads with the same smoky
door and tries to get help from the is gray with smoke. Many long ta- effects described in area 114.
monsters in area 137. bles and benches sit in the
If the escaping hobgoblin is not in- shadows, and the stench of foul
tercepted, five rounds after the he- food and cheap ale fills the air.
139. Kitchen
roes enter this room, they are Suddenly, scraping sounds of
attacked from behind by the seven movement erupt from the dark- This room resembles a large mili-
Baaz draconians and six hobgoblins ness, followed by gruff challenges tary kitchen that has been ravaged
from room 137. and the whisper of swords being by a tornado. Stale food covers
Scattered on the table are 23 stl, drawn. A bench falls over with a the floor and counters, ashes from
15 sp, and 2 pp. One hobgoblin car- crash, and shadowy figures lunge the ovens are spread around, and
ries keys that open the doors to this out of the darkness. Blades up- pots and pans lie overturned, spill-
room and room 136, as well as a raised, the troops of the Dragon ing sticky garbage over the rest of
pouch containing a 300-stl ruby. Highlord charge! the mess.

136. Large Prison The seven Baaz and six hobgoblins This kitchen served the draconian
attack desperately, fighting to the hordes while they were stationed in
The single door to this room (from
death if necessary. If any of them the fortress. After cooking the last
135) is made of iron and is solidly
make it through the door, they try to meal before the army moved out, the
locked. It cannot be smashed open.
sound an alarm and alert the fortress. hobgoblin servants simply left things
The stairway in the northern part as they were.
A cavernous chamber stretches A deep well, four feet in diameter,
far off into darkness, but the num- of the room climbs to the second
floor, which is a huge, empty room sinks through the floor in the north-
ber of people crowded into it ern end of the room. The water is 20
makes the room seem small. Sit- that the draconians once used as a
barracks. The former residents were feet below, and it is quite drinkable.
ting, standing, or lying down, sev- This well can be used to support the
eral hundred women turn their the troops that the party saw march-
ing to the north toward Qualinesti. garrison in times of siege.
attention listlessly toward the
door. A stairway leads from the second
Those nearby leap to their feet to the third, fourth, and fifth floors. 140. Armory
in surprise; a wave of excitement Each of these was used as a barracks; The double doors to this room are
spreads through the room like a each contains 1d20 Kapak dracon- made of thick timbers and are solidly
spring breeze. All of the women ians that somehow were left behind locked. Any character trying to
rush toward the door. A thousand when the army moved out. Treat smash them suffers a -2 penalty to
questions fill the air, but no one these as random encounters (see his open doors roll.
waits for answers. Random Encounter 4 or 2 1). Nothing
of value can be found on any of these Row after row of wooden racks
upper floors. cover this room. Although most of
In this room are 287 captive
plainswomen. The PCs receive many these racks are empty, a few
138. Western Supply Room chipped swords, broken spears,
frantic questions about the children,
followed by queries such as “Who are and rusty daggers show that this is
This is a well-stocked supply an armory. Many thousands of
you?” and “Where did you come
room. Many sturdy shelves line
from?” Since it is likely that some

141. Smelter and Mill 143. Mines
weapons could easily be stored
here, if the racks were filled.
This deep cavern has a huge en- Hundreds of swearing, muscular
trance, about 80 feet wide and 20 men toil across this great strip of
If the players try to gather some feet high. Acrid, sulphurous mountainside, raising picks or
weapons here, they find that most of smoke billows in the chamber and pushing shovels to scrape a rusty
those remaining are unusable. They drifts out to the valley. Gully red ore from the earth. Several
will, however, be able to pick up 23 dwarves scramble to and fro in dozen draconians are scattered
short swords, eight long swords, 108 their usual hectic fashion, al- about the area, but they seem to
spear heads (no shafts), and 60 dag- though there seems to be a bit take little interest in their pris-
gers. All of these are somewhat rusty, more organization than usual. oners. After all, with their women
but may be cleaned up and used. Many of the Aghar use huge and children safely locked in
hammers to smash red rock into mighty Pax Tharkas, these men
The Tharkadan Mines gravel. Every few minutes, an- can ill afford any thoughts of es-
other batch of rock falls through a cape!
Areas 141-143 are not in the fortress
hole in the ceiling, and the Aghar When they have collected a
proper, but have been excavated
attack it fiercely. Other Aghar great pile of ore, the slaves drag it
from the mountainsides south of Pax
carry the pulverized rock across on pallets across the mountain-
Tharkas. They represent an impor-
the cave, to huge vats that sit atop side to a hole directly above the
tant part of the Dragon Highlords’
smoky fires. smelting cavern. Other slaves
operations in the region.
Great bellows feed air to these shovel the ore into the hole, where
fires, while gully dwarves pile on it lands among the gully dwarves
If the heroes leave Pax Tharkas to the
coal. The sulphurous smoke below.
south, read the following passage:
belches from the vats in great, yel-
low clouds. Although the Aghar There are 310 men working here. If
A narrow mountain valley winds
work furiously, there is no sign of
steeply down to the south. In the the slaves see their loved ones
draconians or other masters.
eastern wall of this valley are the brought from Pax Tharkas, they turn
mouths of two large caves. From on their guards and slay them easily.
these caves, several narrow and This is the processing plant for the Running down the narrow trail to the
treacherous trails wind up the iron ore that the slaves mine on the bottom, they soon rejoin their fami-
slope to a gaping scar on the Tharkadan slopes. Although the lies and begin rejoicing. Despite the
mountainside, two hundred feet gully dwarves are unsupervised, they pleas of PCs, the people insist on lo-
above. do not stop working for anything cating those closest to them, a proc-
A band of dull red streaks the short of a cave-in; they have been ess that takes 15 or 20 minutes.
rocky surface of the scar, while threatened with death if they do not
hundreds of human-like figures produce a high quota of iron.
toil to scrape the rock away and re-
veal more of the rusty red mate- 142. Slave Quarters
rial. This is the fabled Tharkadan
iron mine. This huge cave is deserted now,
but the floor is virtually covered
If the heroes talk to the miners before with dirty straw pallets. Several
they rescue the children, either dis- fire scars dot the interior, and
guised as women or by sneaking up some rotten wooden buckets leak
here at night, they discover that the dirty water onto the floor. Any un-
miners are slaves and that the slaves fortunate souls that live here put
are very lightly guarded (since the up with hardship indeed.
children are held under the watchful
eyes of Flamestrike, the Dragon This is home for all the male pris
Highlord has very little fear that the oners from the north. They are at the
miners will escape). mines for 16-18 hours a day. There is
Indeed, no prisoner is willing to nothing of value in this cave.
join any risky undertaking without
assurances that the women and chil-
dren are safe.

If the heroes have rescued the
women and children, Flamestrike is dragons lock in a fearsome melee,
battering against the barred doors, thrashing their mighty bodies
the men rush down from the mines, a c r os s t he va lle y a n d b rin g in g
boulders tumbling from the
and the thousands of troops that
marched out of the fortress to the
north are rushing back to answer the
alarms. The mass of people, around If the heroes take advantage of this
800 of them, should be collected on diversion, they can lead the band
the southern side of the great for- down the valley and out of sight of
tress. the fortress while the two dragons
At this time, read the following struggle. Verminaard barely survives
passage: the fight, and it takes 12 hours before
he sends his army after the escapees.
Suddenly, with a splintering crash, If the heroes have succeeded in drop-
the double doors holding Flame- ping the gate-blocking mechanism,
strike fly outward. The great beast it is four days before he can send an
slithers out of the tower toward army.
the crowd of prisoners. If the heroes make good their es
“My children! You shall not have cape at this time, read to them from
my children!” Her voice is shrill the following passage:
and strained. “Leave me my chil-
dren!” she demands, lumbering The autumn sun disappears be-
down the gradual slope. hind a mountain ridge, as 800
Now another great crimson people huddle among a cheery
shape appears, flying. Bellowing a grove of tall pines. Tired and hun-
challenge, a second huge red gry, they are nonetheless happy
dragon lands on the mighty for their nearly miraculous es-
Tharkadan wall. On its back is the cape.
imposing figure of the Dragon This small side valley should
Highlord Verminaard, still con- provide shelter for the night from
cealed by the fearsome mask. His any draconians that have been
voice booms through the valley. sent on the hunt. No doubt fresh
“This is the final insult! I have problems will arise tomorrow, but
tolerated your impudence far too for now the plainsmen are safe.
long. . . slaves are cheap and plen- The biting chill of the wind
tiful. Now you pay for your foolish brings warnings of the winter that
daring!” As the people scream and is soon to come. The wilderness
turn to flee down the valley, his yields little food, but many
evil voice picks up more power: mouths need to be fed. The great
“Now, I destroy you! I destroy your silver moon rises and the stars
wives! I destroy your children!“ blink into sight.
As Ember leaps from the wall,
F la m es tr i ke p a u s e s in h er a d-
The heroes may easily locate skilled
vance. Confusion shakes her as
teachers among the rescued pris-
she looks from the children to the
oners. This enables all fighters,
great engine of death above her.
mages, and thieves to gain one level
Suddenly, her dim eyes take on
of experience immediately. Multi-
clear focus as she makes a deci-
classed characters advance in the
class that requires the least number
Curling her long neck upward,
of experience points.
Flamestrike sends forth a horrify-
Priests who have learned of Misha-
ing spout of fire, straight at the fly-
kal or another of the good True Gods
ing dragon and the Dragon
of Krynn may gain one level by medi-
Highlord. With a scream, Vermi-
tating and praying to their deity.
naard vanishes in the glowing
cloud, and his dragon-steed bel-
lows in pain. Quickly, the two

Much of this adventure involves lead- Table 1: Refugee Attrition Table 2: Combat Modifiers
ing 800 refugees (not counting lead- Chance Attrition Circumstance Modifier
ers, PCs, and named NPCs) through +20
Each night in the Terrain Advantage
the wilderness to safety. Use the fol- open without cover 80% 2d10 Surprise +10
lowing rules to run the refugee popu-
Each day in camp Defending +20
lation. Outnumbered by 50% -10 for
without moving 60% 1d10
Each day without or more each 50%
Movement f o o d 20% 1d10 Magic Use +20 per
Panic or rout 100% 4d20 caster
The entire refugee population mov-
Unarmed Fighter -1 each
ing as a group can travel one hex per
hour on the Abanasinia Wilderness Each time that a circumstance oc-
curs that might cause attrition, roll All modifiers are cumulative. Use
map. The refugees have carts and
percentile dice. If the result is less c o m m o n sense w h e n j u d g i n g
supplies that slow down their move-
than or equal to the chance of attri- whether a modifier applies.
ment. If the refugees panic (during a
tion, roll for attrition as listed. De- Each side rolls percentile dice and
draconian attack, for example), they
duct losses from the total refugee adds their Combat Modifier to the
can flee at a rate of 18 for up to 20
population, taking only 10% of any roll. Consult Table 3 for casualties.
rounds. Panicked refugees automati-
attrition loses from the fighters.
cally lose all supplies and wagons. If
the refugees decide to abandon all Spread losses evenly among the five Table 3: Combat Losses
supplies and leave behind the weak refugee camps (see “Politics”), un-
less common sense says that one
and sick, they can move two hexes Roll Losses Result
per hour. camp should suffer most or all of the
100 or
Regardless of movement rate, the attrition.
more 4d20 Enemy panics
refugees can travel no more than 12 80-99 3d20 Enemy retreats
hexes per day. Combat 60-79 1d20 Continue Battle
The refugees are far from combat 40-59 1d10 Continue Battle
20-39 1d6 Continue Battle
Supply ready. Only 10% of the men (80 to-
10-19 1d4 You retreat
In their rush to escape the mines of tal) have combat experience, and
only half of these have weapons. 9 or less 0 You panic
Pax Tharkas, the refugees plundered
what they could. There is one wagon Treat these as 1st-level fighters. Keep
track of the fighters separately from All losses are taken from NPC fight-
for every 20 refugees (40 wagons to- ers. Civilians become combat casual-
the main refugee population.
tal). The wagons contain enough ties only if all refugee fighters are
The following system is used to re-
food to feed all the refugees for two killed. Player characters, henchmen,
days, and they also carry enough solve mass combat involving refugee
fighters. Use normal combat rules and named NPCs can be killed only
blankets for everyone. Keep track of in individual melee. Repeat this proc-
the total food supply. Each wagon for smaller melees. All combat in-
volving PCs or named NPCs uses ess until one side is destroyed, sur-
lost means 20 hungry and cold refu- renders, retreats, panics, or
gees. normal combat rules.
For mass combat, compare Total withdraws. Unarmed fighters can ac-
Refugee Strength and Total Attack quire weapons from dead enemies.
Attrition Strength. The Total Refugee
The refugees were starved and Strength is the sum of the remaining Politics
beaten in Pax Tharkas, and the cruel refugee fighters, plus 5 for every PC
Because the heroes liberated the ref-
weather and conditions of their es- or named NPC present and fighting.
ugees from Pax Tharkas, they auto-
cape has weakened them further. It is The Total Attack Strength is the total
matically have a leadership role in
likely that some of them will die be- number of attackers.
the refugee community. However,
fore they reach safety. Attrition pri- Roll percentile dice. If the result is
politics is part of the human condi-
marily affects the weak and ill, rather greater than the Total Refugee
tion, and there are other leaders who
than the few remaining fighters Strength, the refugees panic and
also play a role.
among the refugees. Keep track of flee. (See “Attrition” for the effects of
From the time of the escape from
losses in the refugee population. flight. All wagons and supplies car-
Pax Tharkas until the refugees first
Consult Table 1 for conditions that ried by panicking refugees are lost,
make camp, the heroes are com-
cause attrition. regardless of the outcome of the bat-
pletely in charge. The refugees do
whatever the players wish.
Next, determine the Combat Modi-
When the refugees make their first
fier for each side, using Table 2.
camp, they begin to select their own
leaders: the Council of Freedom. The

draconians enslaved community Eben Shatterstone, leader of the Free the parts of the Council members
leaders as well as regular folk. Now, Peoples. As a secret agent of Vermi- yourself. Encourage role-playing
those people are again asserting naard, he plays a complicated game. and active participation rather than
their authority. Publicly, he is friendly to the heroes just rolling dice.
The Council, once established, di- and supports them. Privately, he is al-
vides the refugees into five camps, lied with Locar to discredit the he- Table 4: Political Rating
each with one representative. The roes and take control of the refugee
(Base Political Rating = 40)
PCs are appointed Advisors to the movement. He is very charismatic
Council, but they have no votes. and is working to sway Briar and Modifier Circumstance
Laurana, whose political and diplo- Brookland to the side of Locar. To - 5 Each vote taken
matic skills are very strong, should keep on everyone’s good side, he al- - 5 Each day in wilderness
be the PCs’ primary liaison to the ways votes last and votes with the - 5 Each time refugees
Council. majority. If he is forced to break a tie, must break camp and
The Council members and their he votes according to the PCs’ wishes move
camps are as follows: 50% of the time. If the PCs should -10 Each combat
suspect Eben, try to kill him, or exile - 1 Each refugee death
Elistan, leader of the Believers. He is him, he heads for Verminaard and -20 Each day without food
actively friendly to the PCs, and does not reappear until later in the -50 PCs use violence
votes according to their wishes 70% adventure. against any Council
of the time. He and Laurana work member
closely together on matters concern- The voting tendencies of the Council +10 Each 800 food units
ing the party. members are meant to be advisory found by PCs
only. Not even Locar will vote against +20 Refugees reach
Locar, leader of the Seekers. Locar a plan to gather food or to build shel- Encounter Area 21
hates Elistan, who was once a ters for the sick. However, if the deci- + Reaction Charisma of
Seeker, for his new faith. Locar wants sion to be made is even slightly Adjustment character trying to
to take control of all the camps, pre- controversial, political intrigue persuade the Council
ferring to lead than follow. He is ac- comes into play.
tively unfriendly to the PCs, and The Council must vote on any de- Experience Points
votes according to their wishes only cision affecting all five camps. Each
10% of the time. He works to under- leader is responsible for running his In addition to normal experience
mine the PCs’ role at all times. If the own camp, and decisions by that points for combat and treasure, each
PCs try to kill him or remove him by leader are final. (Locar, for example, PC receives 10 additional experience
force, Briar and Brookland both turn can refuse to allow PCs access to his points for each refugee still alive at
against the heroes. camp.) the end of this adventure.
The voting tendencies of the
Briar, leader of the Plainsmen. He is Council, and the reactions of any in-
neutral to the PCs, except for Gold- dividual leader, are modified based
moon and Riverwind, both plains- on the political rating of the PCs.
men. He is basically a good but Consult Table 4, in the next column.
suspicious man. Locar can influence
him on complex matters. He votes All political rating modifiers are cu-
according to the PCs’ wishes 30% of mulative. In addition, add or subtract
the time, but is more cooperative on up to 10 points based on your judg-
matters that are simple, straightfor- ment of the PCs’ proposal. To deter-
ward, and easily explained. Political mine the Council’s decision, add the
persuasion used on Briar tends to cumulative political reaction modi-
backfire. fier to each Council member’s base
chance to vote as the PCs wish, and
Brookland, leader of the Woodfolk. roll percentile dice. If the result is
He is friendly to elves and half-elves less than or equal to the modified
and can be swayed by Laurana. He is chance, the Council member votes in
a good man who seeks only the favor of the PCs’ proposal.
safety of his people. He votes accord- Do not let these rules get in the
ing to the PCs’ wishes 40% of the way of common sense! The political
time, but he cannot be stampeded intrigue and goals of each Council
into a vote without consideration. member can make for very entertain-
ing role-playing. Encourage the play-
ers to act out the situations, and play

This chapter is divided into encoun- the sounds of pursuit stop and the kingdom—yet no one knows where it
ters (keyed to areas) and events sounds of the refugees get closer. can be found!
(keyed to time). The order of events After 1d6 turns, the characters The Council requests that the PCs
and encounters depend on the play- catch up to the fleeing refugees. help find a temporary resting place
ers’ actions. Keep track of both loca- for the refugees and the gates to the
tion and time to know which event or W ind-driven snow attacks 800 dwarven kingdom. One clue is
encounter to run next. huddled forms as the refugees known: that the location of the dwar-
Encounters are keyed to the trudge wearily through the moun- ven gates might be found some-
Abanasinia Wilderness map—think tain pass. They move slowly, push- where in the tomb of Fistandantilus,
of it as a large, outdoor dungeon in ing their heavily laden wagons rumored to be deep underneath a
which Encounters happen as soon as through the snow and ice. mountain shaped like a skull.
the PCs cross an encounter border.
The adventure begins with event 1. Event #3: Elistan is Called
Event #2: The First Night
This event takes place following the
Events This event occurs the first time the
first meeting of the Council. Gold-
refugees stop for the night.
moon (or another PC priest) sud-
Event #1: Escape denly has a vision of Elistan clothed
A few campfires flicker in the in the robes of a priest of Paladine.
The PCs start at the location marked snow-covered wilderness. Around
with a cross on the Abanasinia Wil- He carries the disks of Mishakal and is
them are gathered tired, weak, bringing word of the True Gods
derness map. and scared families. Several refu- throughout Krynn. This vision lasts
gees ask you to attend a meeting only a moment. The priest has a
Your lungs ache from breathing of the leaders of the people. strong feeling that Elistan must read
the bitterly cold air. A heavy snow- the disks of Mishakal right away. This
fall blurs the Kharolis Mountains This is the formation of the Council vision takes place whether or not El-
to either side. Behind you is the of Freedom. Introduce the Council, istan was converted to the worship of
evil Dragonarmy. Before you are using the information given under Paladine earlier.
nearly 300 families just liberated “The Refugees of Pax Tharkas.” The If the priest speaks with Elistan
from the dungeons of Pax Council begins by thanking the PCs about the disks, he appears mildly in-
Tharkas. for their valiant help, and offers them terested and says he will look at them
Suddenly, you hear the war cries a non- voting advisory role. If the PCs later. That night, he takes the disks
of your draconian pursuers! argue for voting membership, Locar and stays up all night. The next
explains that the people are more morning he emerges refreshed and
Four Baaz draconians attack the likely to follow known leaders than with new power and determination.
PCs. The sounds of the fleeing refu- strangers. (Locar’s opposition to the Overnight, he has become a 7th-level
gees recede southward into the PCs should be revealed gradually.) It cleric of Paladine. From this point
snows. As soon as the draconians are is apparent that Elistan is the PCs’ on, use Elistan’s character card.
defeated, more screams come from best friend on the council. Laurana
the north within 1d6 rounds. offers to be the PCs’ primary liaison Event #4: Changing Weather
to the Council. Remind Gilthanas’s (Day 2, Turn 1)
player about his sister’s diplomatic
Unexplored canyons of sheer rock
skills. The dawn breaks clear and cold.
and snow form a maze before you.
Once the Council is set up, all po- The snow-laden clouds have
The ever-present shock troops of
litical rules are in effect. moved off to the east, leaving a
the Dragonarmy pursue you re-
The Council then discusses what chilly, blue sky.
lentlessly as you plunge headlong
must be done to ensure safety for the
into the snowstorm.
refugees. It is clear that the Dragon-
army will attack soon. The PCs’ expe- For the next seven days the weather
If the PCs stay where they are, an- rience with draconians shows that is clear.
other party of draconians attacks. the refugees must move quickly. El-
Each time the PCs are attacked after istan suggests that a way south be Event #5: Dragonarmy
remaining in place, one more dra- found. The Kharolis Mountains lead Breaks Through
conian than before attacks. into a valley, site of the ancient
If the PCs flee southward, they are Dwarfgate Wars. Somewhere in that If the characters sealed the gates of
attacked again, but this time by one valley are the gates to the Kingdom Pax Tharkas during the escape, the
fewer draconian than before. Each of Thorbardin, home of the moun- Dragonarmy takes four days to get
1d4 turns, they are attacked again, tain dwarves. The only escape from over the wall. If the characters did
but by one fewer each time. Finally, the valley is through the dwarven not seal the gates, the Dragonarmy
takes two days to organize pursuit.

When the Dragonarmy breaks solved normally; each attack against
the refugees causes 1d6 casualties. The chill of night is pushed back
through, this event takes place.
by a tremendous bonfire in the
Once the attacks are made, the great
center of the camp. This night, at
In the distance, clouds of snow rise dragon flies off. If Verminaard or Em-
ber is killed, he should meet an ob- least, the people do not live in fear.
from the ground as though kicked
up by some tremendous wind. scure death. The sounds of merriment and mu-
sic float over the crackle of the
Soon, the glint of weapons and ar-
fire. Elistan, with quiet majesty,
mor can be seen. The Dragonarmy Event #7: Fizban Found stands. A hush falls over the peo-
has escaped Pax Tharkas!
This event takes place only if the PCs ple.
enter encounter area 160 before they “Hear now the retelling of the
The Dragonarmy advances in a cau- enter encounter area 162. Great Tale, the Canticle of our peo-
tious yet disorderly fashion. They are ple,” he says.
highly suspicious of a trap and slow A strange, shabbily dressed old
to a movement rate of 10 when they man is just ahead of you. He wears Ask each player in turn to read aloud
first see any PCs or refugees. a long beard and a floppy hat. He one verse of the Canticle, from first
The Dragonarmy occupies one seems to be deeply involved in to last.
encounter area every four game conversation with a large tree. The
hours. In order for an area to fall, it tree does not seem to be respond-
must border an encounter area previ- ing. As you watch, the old man Encounters
ously occupied by the Dragonarmy. gets very frustrated that the tree is Encounters in this chapter are keyed
The Dragonarmy cannot occupy not answering. to the Abanasinia Wilderness map.
encounter areas 161 (Snow Passage), Whenever the PCs cross an encoun-
163 (Hopeful Vale), 174 (The Bog), or ter border on the keyed map, the
175 (Skullcap) at this time. Fizban welcomes any invitation to
join the party, since he has nothing encounter takes place immediately.
If the Dragonarmy and the refu- If the PCs enter an area with the same
better to do. Even if the party doesn’t
gees are in the same encounter area, number more than once, simply re-
50 Baaz draconians attack the camp invite him to tag along, he will follow
anyway. peat the encounter.
once per day.
If the PCs enter an encounter area
Event #8: The Final Battle 144. Ice Passage
occupied by the Dragonarmy, double
the normal number of random When the Dragonarmy occupies all
encounters. In addition, the PCs Sheer walls of granite form a nar-
encounter areas in Event #5, it row canyon through the snow.
encounter parties of eight Baaz dra- pauses for two days to consolidate its From the north comes the distant
conians once every six turns. conquests—then it advances once thunder of siege engines. The
more. It takes one encounter area south is silent, except for the
Event #6: Dragon Attack! every 12 hours, saving encounter mournful wind.
This event occurs after Event #5. area 164 for last. If the refugees have
not escaped by then, the Dragon-
There is a 10% cumulative chance, Each turn that the PCs are in this
checked every six hours, that this army finds them. Each hour, 100
Baaz draconians attack until all refu- area, they are attacked by eight Baaz
event takes place. It can happen sev- draconians who fight until killed.
gees and PCs die, flee, or are cap-
eral times. Each time the event takes
tured. If this happens, the PCs have
place, start the checks over again.
failed. Make a note of how much 145. Pax Tharkas
time remains before the Dragon-
An ancient, huge, scarred red
army conquers all—this determines The fortress of Pax Tharkas looms
dragon appears overhead. Its
how much time the PCs have to com- on the horizon. The sounds of a
great wings send gusts of wind to
plete the remaining adventures of great army resound over the stone
mark its passing. The Dragon
this first book of the walls. A thundering boom shakes
Highlord Verminaard is clearly vis-
DRAGONLANCE ® saga. the earth. The armies of the
ible on its back. The dragon
Dragon Highlord demand pas-
wheels overhead, then swoops to
Event #9: The Refugees sage!
Encamp Dark forms climb onto the wall,
spread leathery wings, and glide
Verminaard and Ember make two This event takes place on the first down to the canyon floor.
passes against the refugees. Vermi- night the refugees reach encounter
naard casts spells and Ember uses area 163.
This assumes that the gates to Pax
his breath weapon. They do not land.
Tharkas were blocked during the es-
Attacks made against PCs are re-
cape. If not, then the Dragonarmy is

mustering before the gates. 147. Canyon Trail 150. Kingdom of the Neidar
Eight Baaz draconians discover
the heroes after three rounds and The snow-filled canyon slopes A tribal village lies beside a frozen
fight until killed. PCs who try to hide gently upward. Footprints form a lake. Wisps of smoke issue from
have a base 50% chance (thieves add wavering line up the canyon floor. the lodge-pole buildings and curl
their hide in shadows chance) of es- into the air.
caping the notice of the draconians.
Check once every three turns. These are the same tracks that were
If the PCs are discovered, the dra- discovered in encounter 146. This is the village of the Neidar tribe.
conians attack and also call for help; If the heroes have made friends with
1d4 draconians join the melee every 148. Spire Zirkan, they are invited to stay in the
three rounds. guest lodge for the night. The lodge
Draconians continually clamber The canyon opens into a great consists of one room and a fireplace.
over the walls of Pax Tharkas. Once mountain bowl rimmed by majes- If the heroes have not met Zirkan,
down, they form into squadrons and tic peaks. In the center of the bowl, they are greeted with suspicion. The
move south down the pass. a single mountain peak towers Neidar are always ready to fight, and
Any captured draconians coerced into the sky. The wind howls and they attack unless the heroes man-
into talking (60% chance) say that snow spirals upward. age to convince the tribesmen of
the entire Dragonarmy is inside Pax Several canyons open into this their good intent. There are 50
Tharkas, but it is only a matter of bowl: one to the north, one to the Neidar tribesmen and 100 noncom-
time before they march against the east, and three, filled with snow, to batants in the village.
refugees. the south. A lone set of footprints Since Flint is a hill dwarf, he is well
winds from the eastern canyon to received. The Fireforge family is
the middle canyon on the south. known to the Neidar, but Flint does
146. Southern Road not know any of the Neidar person-
The broken remains of an ancient These are the same tracks that were The Neidar are fascinated with
roadway glitter with windswept discovered in encounter 146. fighting prowess. If a battle breaks
ice. Here and there, old monu-
out between the Neidar and the PCs,
ments of stone jut from the frozen 149. Neidar Trails each dwarf retreats after his hit
ground. Their surfaces are cov- points drop below 50%. After 15
ered with snow-filled runes. dwarves have retreated, the Neidar
A pine forest blankets this valley.
To the south, the way branches.
W inding through the trees and up chieftain orders the battle to cease. If
The roadway, mostly buried in the into the craggy canyons are many the PCs agree to a truce, the chieftain
snow, turns to the east. To the west well-traveled paths through the praises their fighting ability and
is a mountain pass that leaves the
snow. In the snow are tracks that seems quite friendly.
road. A set of small footprints fol- show that something recently The chieftain grants an audience
lows the southwest route. to the PCs. Although cordial, he
moved this way, dragging large
objects behind it. The trail runs up makes it clear that the refugees can
The monuments are ten feet tall and into a narrow canyon. only stay overnight. He does grant
four feet in diameter. The runes are safe passage through his kingdom.
written in the Thorbardin dwarf lan- He listens to warnings about the
The first time the PCs follow any of
guage. Anyone who can read dwarv- Dragonarmy but refuses to flee.
the Neidar trails, they encounter 12
ish has a 70% chance of “Better to die in battle than live in
dwarven axemen of the Neidar (Hill)
understanding the runes. The runes cowardice,” he says.
dwarf tribe gathering wood. They are
tell of the ancient dwarven kingdom If asked about escape from the
led by a dwarf named Zirkan.
of Thorbardin and of the Road of Dragonarmy, he says that the only
Zirkan and his people do not trust
Kith-Kanan that linked the dwarves escape is through the kingdom of the
strangers. They fight unless the he-
with their elven neighbors to the mountain dwarves, sealed off long
roes make it clear that they come in
north. ago during the Dwarfgate War. He
A ranger inspecting the footprints does not know where the gates are,
If the heroes convince Zirkan that
can tell they were made by a dwarf. although he believes that important
they mean no harm, Zirkan offers to
The prints are close together and can clues lie within the tomb of Fistan-
take them to his village, and escorts
be easily followed. dantilus under Skullcap Mountain
them to encounter area 150.
(chapter 13). He says that others of
his tribe have tried to explore the
tomb, but none have ever returned.
If asked about food, the chieftain
tells the PCs about encounter area

153 (Honeycomb). He insists that the 152. Southern Exit 154. Cold Cathedral
PCs give the Neidar 10% of all food
gathered there. If they bring back the Thin clouds of vapor billow from A waterfall is frozen in mid-
royal jelly, he gives them each a bat- an arch carved into the stone of descent, forming a wall of ice over
tle axe +1 and a shield +1. the mountain. Over the arch are a steep ravine.
If Flint is with the party, the Neidar carved dwarvish runes.
chieftain gives him a gift of a battle
axe +2, a shield +1, and a suit of Characters can climb down the fro-
chain mail +3, because of his noble Anyone who reads dwarvish has an zen falls by rolling successful Dexter-
ancestry. 80% chance of reading these runes. ity Checks (failure means a slide of
They say: 60 feet and 3d6 points of damage).
151. Valley of Clouds
Exit ye hereby 155. Crystal Lake
The lands of Thorbardin
The tall peaks of the Kharolis
Leaving on the road behind you A clear lake reflects the snow-
Mountains disappear in a deep,
The justice capped peaks that surround the
rol l i ng fo g th a t s e e m s t o ar i s e
Of the Nine Thanes below. valley. To the southeast, the frozen
from somewhere in the canyon
ahead. meadowlands drop steeply into a
Beyond the arch, a hall extends as far canyon. To the northwest, a can-
as can be seen. A cobblestone road yon opens into a mountain-
PCs who enter the valley find them- runs from the arch and turns to the rimmed bowl.
selves in the midst of the clouds. The southwest.
farther they go, the warmer the air The hall leads to encounter area
gets. Soon the humidity becomes al- 189 of chapter 12: Outpost Mines. 156. Bridge of Derkin
most unbearable. If Fizban the Fabulous has not yet
At the southern end of the valley, 153. Honeycomb been encountered, run event #7 im-
vents in the earth spew forth boiling
mediately prior to this encounter.
hot steam. Anyone who falls into a Sheer cliffs lead into a beautiful
vent suffers 3d6 points of scalding valley. The cliff face to the west is The highlands end in a precipice
damage each round. perforated with hundreds of that drops into a steep canyon
At the far end of the valley, where caves. leading southeast. On the north-
the visibility is only a few yards, PCs
ern edge, an ancient cobblestone
find the following.
There is a 20% chance (thieves add road runs straight into a sheer cliff
hear noise chance) to hear a deep face in one direction and onto a
The hot, clinging mists part to re- large bridge in the other.
veal a large, carved archway, more buzzing sound coming from within
the caves. The bridge is weathered, and its
than 50 feet high. Runes are
There is a 30% chance each game stones are loose. Great arches rise
carved into the surrounding stone. out of the glacier below. The
The stonework is obviously of turn that 1d10 giant worker honey-
bees emerge from the caverns. bridge leads to a road on the other
dwarven manufacture.
If the heroes enter any cave, they side. The span of the central arch
find a swarm of giant honeybees has given way—a gap of 30 yards
Anyone who reads dwarvish has an working inside a vast complex of blocks passage across the bridge.
80% chance of understanding the honeycomb. In the lair are 48 giant The glacier drops 50 feet and
runes, which state: worker honeybees, seven giant sol- levels off. its ice is very smooth; a
dier honeybees, and one giant queen climber could easily slide into the
Enter ye hereby honeybee. The bees attack intruders. canyon and the unknown lands be-
The lands of Thorbardin There are 2,400 food units of yond.
Follow the road that lies beyond honey here. If the queen bee is killed, “Stand back!” Fizban suddenly
Into the justice the PCs find a deposit of royal jelly, cries, acting as if he just woke up.
Of the Nine Thanes below. the equivalent of four potions of He stares out across the bridge
extra-healing with the side effect of and then spreads his arms wide,
Through the arch lies a hall that goes cure disease, worth 3,000 to 8,000 stl his sleeves flopping over his
into the mountain. The hall leads to if a buyer is found. hands. “I see the way! Behold!” His
encounter area 176 of chapter 12: hat topples over his face. “The
Outpost Mines. powers. . . I. . . uh . . . powers. . .
I . . .” He bats at the tassel that
swings in front of his face. “Uh . . .
oh. . . yes. . . powers I bring forth!”

160. Ice Forest nificantly larger—in fact, it is large
W ith a flurry and rustle of loose enough to hold one more than the
sleeves, the strange magician number of people who enter it.
Ice-covered pines glitter in the
looses his spell. Improbably, a The old man is, indeed, Fizban the
sun. Broken sections of an ancient
bridge span appears to cover the Fabulous, absent-minded sorcerer.
road run from southeast to north-
gap, bathed in brilliant light and He introduces himself, whether or
apparentl y ma d e c o mp l e t e l y o f not he has already met the party. He
silver and gold. talks in a very loud voice, causing the
Fizban’s triumph is short-lived. This road connected with the road in canyon walls to rumble ominously,
Moments later, the bridge col- encounter area 158, but that was be- but his voice never adds to the ava-
lapses completely, on both sides, fore the Cataclysm. Now the south- lanche score.
taking the ground on which you eastern route ends in a solid cliff He explains that he is building a
stand with it. Fizban falls first, face. “secret defense” against the Dragon-
quickly disappearing into the can- army. He urges the PCs to bring the
yon below. Uncontrollably, you 161. Snow Passage refugees through the canyon to
slide down the glacier chute. The safety.
last thing you see as you slide off The canyon narrows here, with If the refugees enter the canyon,
at breakneck speed to the south- huge snowdrifts piled on either the dark shapes of draconians ap-
east is the golden span, still float- side. The drifts creak and groan pear just behind them! A major force
ing high overhead. under their own weight, threaten- of nearly 1,000 foot soldiers charges
ing to collapse at the slightest vi- the party!
The characters slide into encounter bration or sound. An avalanche does not occur until
area 157. the refugees are safely through the
canyon and past the snow fort. Fiz-
Any sound louder than a whisper
157. Glacier Chute ban tells the PCs to wait until the ref-
causes rumbling and shaking. Small
ugees are safely past the small fort,
Players find themselves sliding down chunks of snow tumble down the cliff
then says, “Now for my secret de-
the chute on their faces, backs, and face.
fense!” He points with pride at the
sides, in complete disorder. Each PC There is a chance that an ava-
immense wall of snowballs. “We’ll
must roll six Dexterity Checks; each lanche occurs. Score any noises
throw them at the enemy!” he says
failure results in 1d6 points of dam- made as follows: Normal Voice = 1;
with glee, and then does so.
age. Loud Voice = 2, Shout = 3. Noise
Of course, the thrown snowballs
If the refugees also slide down the scores are cumulative. When the to-
do not stop the draconian advance.
chute, total losses are 1d10 wagons tal noise score reaches 7, an ava-
But, as the snowballs are taken from
(and all supplies carried) and 1d10 lanche occurs.
the wall, the overhang of snow over
refugees. An avalanche hits everyone in its
the pile becomes dangerously frag-
path. PCs and named NPCs suffer
ile. It creaks and rumbles, and then
1d10 points of damage. Refugees
158. Ice Forest caught in an avalanche lose 1d20
begins to collapse.
“Hurry! Into the fort!” Fizban cries
wagons (and supplies carried) and
Pine trees coated in ice sparkle in as the wall collapses.
1d20 people.
the l i ght. Billo w in g c lo u ds s w i r l The avalanche crests over the
On the first occasion that PCs en-
about. The frozen remains of a snow fort and decimates the oncom-
ter any encounter area 161, run the
stone roadway lead southwest ing army. All attackers perish. When
following section. If the PCs have al-
through the trees. the heroes emerge, they find nothing
r e ad y m et Fizb a n , h e d isa p p e a rs
but silence. Most of the draconians
shortly before this section is run. See
are buried under huge snowdrifts.
The clouds cover encounter area event #7 (and Fizban’s NPC capsule)
However, enough short swords are
152. The road leads to encounter for details of Fizban the Fabulous.
found to equip all the fighting refu-
area 162.
gees with weapons.
As you enter the canyon, you see a
159. High-Mountain Bowl lone figure scurrying in the dis-
162. Southern Bowl
tance, busy at some task. It seems
This snow-covered valley is filled to be an old man making a snow
fort. Beside him is an immense Several canyons lead into the gen-
with pine trees.
wall of snowballs. tly sloping valley before you. The
biting wind moans through the
The snow fort is shaped like a small
igloo, about four feet high and five
feet in diameter. Inside, it seems sig-

163. Hopeful Vale 167. South Road the arrows point to the sunset marks
when it is actually sunset, a ringing
A valley five miles wide, carpeted The plain of Dergoth stretches sound comes from the lens. A bril-
in great evergreen trees, lies be- south. A few miles away is a tower liant red shaft of light appears and il-
fore you. In the middle of the val- by a huge stone slab. Next to them luminates the stone slab. Glowing
ley is a wide clearing containing a are the faint tracings of a road letters of gold appear where the light
frozen freshwater lake. leading south. Beyond the tower strikes. As the sun slowly sets, the
Tracks of game animals are eve- are roiling hills dusted with snow. shaft of light moves slowly down the
rywhere. Loose and broken timber In the distance, purple mountains slab, illuminating the mystic writing
is scattered about. The howling line the horizon. line by line. The runes are written in a
winds are now just a gentle breeze. dialect of dwarvish easily read by
anyone who can read dwarvish. They
The refugees make camp here.
168. The Eye of Elar state:
Enough food is available for the refu-
gees to gather at least 800 food units A solitary stone tower stands in In the time of Derkin,
per day. On the first night in this val- the lonely plain. A single door of Lord Thane under the mountain,
ley, run event #9. iron hangs twisted and open. Did the world sunder
Next to the tower, about 100 And darkness fell upon Krynn.
feet away, is a giant, black slab of Look now upon the plain of war
164. Southern Branch stone. Once runes were carved Whereon brother slew brother,
across its face, but they have worn And surged as a tide of death
The canyon walls broaden into smooth over the centuries and can To take that which was not theirs
snowy plains to the south. A river no longer be read. From those who were cold of heart.
runs down from two mountain
Look on as did Fistandantilus,
canyons and through the center of
The tower is a hollow stone cylinder Magician past his age,
the valley into the plains.
100 feet high and 100 feet in diame- Through the Eye of Elar
ter. A ten-foot-wide spiral staircase At the Gates of Thorbardin,
165. Fallen Forest leads to a platform at the top. Sealed now and forever against
On the platform, a steel frame- Love and life.
A hardwood forest provides some work supports a huge glass lens, now Now only he holds the key
shelter, yet there is something pe- chipped and pitted at the edges. It is Buried with him far below.
culiar about these woods. mounted so that the lens can be ro-
tated as well as tilted. A smaller 169. Way of the Warrior
The western edge of the woods is frame just to the right holds a sec-
normal. Toward the east, however, ond, smaller lens that is fixed at Powdery snow blows in gusts
the forest changes. Trees lean toward about eye level. across the ancient stones of a
the west. The eastern side of the A hammer symbol is engraved on road.
trees have burn marks of increasing the floor of the tower behind and
severity. slightly to the left of the large lens. To Scattered about are relics of the
During the final throes of the the left of the hammer is an engrav- Dwarfgate War—here a rusted helm,
Dwarfgate War, the wizard Fistandan- ing of a sunset. An arrow is engraved there a broken weapon. All found
tilus cast a devastating spell that de- in the base of the frame perpendicu- items are rusted beyond use and
stroyed the Plains of Dergoth and lar to the plane of the lens. An arrow have no value.
much of the forest that covered it. is also engraved along the tilt axis of
the large lens.
This strange device has two pur-
170. Winterfruit Grove
166. Blackened Wood
poses: showing the location of the
gate to the dwarven kingdom and re- Here, the dead forest comes alive
Blackened and scarred tree trunks with strange, copper-leafed trees.
can be seen through the snow. The v ea l i ng t h e writ in g o n t h e ma rb le
trees all seem to have fallen in the slab.
same direction. If the arrows on the plane and tilt These are winterfruit trees, which
axes of the lens are aligned to point bloom and give fruit in the winter.
to the hammer mark, a character The fruit of these trees is unusually
These trees are also part of the dev-
looking through the smaller lens nourishing; PCs can gather 2,400
astation caused by Fistandantilus.
sees the magnified image of a sheer food units here. Although there is
The refugees can find shelter here for
cliff face. This is actually the food, there is no safety against the
a night against the wind and cold.
Dwarfgate, but there are no land- Dragonarmy here.
However, this position cannot be de-
marks or clues to help locate it.
fended against the Dragonarmy.
If the large lens is aligned so that

171. Trampled Plain 173. Battle Plain The waters of the swamp are sur-
prisingly warm to the touch. If PCs
The mountains march north on ei- This flat plain shows scars of the enter the swamp, the sounds of bat-
ther side of this three-mile-wide Dwarfgate War. The blasted heath tle seem to get closer. Within 1d10
valley. is punctuated by the rusting hulks rounds after PCs enter the swamp,
About a mile away is a dark spot of ancient, broken war machines. g h o st ly sp irit s (g u a rd ia n sp e ctr a l
in the snow. The wind howls across the plain. minions) rise out of the swamp to
Rusted, broken swords, shields, fight each other. They ignore the PCs
and armor litter the plain, ob- for 1d6 turns unless attacked. There-
The dark spot is a party of eight Baaz after, one spectral minion attacks the
scured by sand and drifting snow.
draconians lying dead in the snow. PCs. Each round the PCs remain in
The great iron war machines stand
They have been stripped of valuables the swamp, one more spectral min-
draped in ice, monuments to de-
and weapons. Surrounding the ion attacks. No more than two spec-
corpses are large footprints of crea- tral minions attack any PC
tures that are not draconians. simultaneously. This process con-
If the PCs do not turn back, they There is nothing of value here. tinues until the PCs leave the swamp
are attacked by a party of 1d10 or are killed.
ogres. Every 1d6 turns that the PCs 174. The Bog
remain in this area, they are attacked
175. Skullcap
by a new group of ogres—each group Clouds of vapor rise from the
consisting of 1d4 more ogres than warm surface of the swamp and fill A great mound of rubble rises
the previous one. the area with a thick chilling fog from the swamp. Its craggy fea-
Brown reeds clog the area so that tures resemble a skull half buried
172. Hills of Blood you can see only a few feet ahead. in the bog. The eye holes of the
skull are gaping caverns leading
Snow-capped hill roll in seem-
The characters hear the distant clat- into the mound.
ingly endless procession to the ho-
ter of swords and faint battle cries in
rizon. There is no wind here, yet
every direction. Sometimes the Any exploration of Skullcap leads di-
the moaning and rushing sounds sounds seem very far away; at other
of wind are heard. rectly to chapter 13: Skullcap.
times they appear to be very close.

The dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin comfortably hot. The northern 179. Southeastern Road
once controlled this entire region. entrance connects to encounter area
Outposts—small cities—were built 151 in chapter 11. A corridor runs southeast for 280
in convenient caverns. When the feet, then turns south for 50 feet.
gates of Thorbardin were sealed for- 177. Junction The clouds of steam become
ever during the Dwarfgate War, the thicker and hotter. Vision is lim-
small outposts were left to fend for The steam grows hotter and ited to ten feet, regardless of the
themselves. Only one of the outposts thicker here. Three corridors in- light source.
survived, but even that is inhabited tersect at this point: one leads
now only by the ludicrous Aghar north, one southeast, and one The heat quickly grows unbearable.
dwarves. southwest. To the southeast, the If characters take off armor and
Use the Steam Caverns map for steam gets denser and hotter and winter garb, they can progress nor-
the encounters in this chapter. a distant hissing sound is heard. mally. If they do not remove these,
they lose 1 point of Constitution
Encounters All three corridors are 60 feet wide. every round they remain in the area.
Giant, broken statues line the way. If a character’s Constitution reaches
176. Northern Entrance
The ceiling is 100 feet overhead. 0, he faints and does not revive until
brought to a cooler location. Lost
Clouds of warm steam pour from a
178. Southern Route Constitution points return after 1 d 10
carved opening in the mountain
rounds in a cooler environment.
wall. A 60-foot-wide corridor runs
deep into the mountains. Giant A corridor runs southwest for
statues, now broken, line the hall. about 850 feet and then turns 180. Steam Caverns
south for about 1,000 feet. As you
travel down this corridor, the tem- Natural vents in the earth blast
The broken statues are of long-dead perature changes from uncom- forth steam. The roar of the escap-
dwarven heroes. There is nothing fortably hot to comfortably cool. ing steam is deafening. A maze of
special about them. The corridor The clouds of steam thin and dis- stalagmites and stalactites weaves
runs 600 feet south to encounter appear. through a huge cavern.
area 177. The air grows warmer far-
ther down the corridor, becoming un-

Characters cannot see farther than Once the guard has decided that with the Dwarves of Thorbardin?” If
ten feet, regardless of the light the party can pass, he asks, “Are you asked about Skullcap, the Dwarf-
source. lnfravision cannot be used. here to see the great secret treasure gate, or Fistandantilus, the device
For every five feet characters travel of the Aghar?” If the answer is “Yes,” tells the story of Fistandantilus.
in the steam, there is a 1 in 3 chance he offers to lead the heroes to the (Read the introductory material at
(1 or 2 on 1d6) that their path is Aghar Highphulph, Lord of Phulph the start of chapter 13.)
blocked by either a steam vent or a Clan Aghar. If the heroes ask what Th e d e vice a n swe rs o n l y th r e e
stalagmite. the “great secret treasure” is, the questions per day.
Lurking in the cavern are ten Aghar won’t tell them, since it’s a se- The Highphulph is ecstatic that he
ogres, a vanguard of Verminaard’s cret. has finally found out how to use the
army that is searching for the refu- This map block consists of the great secret treasure. He asks the he-
gees. They wandered into this cavern Great Gate and various shops and roes what boon he can offer them,
through the south entrance and, lik- storehouses, mostly empty. All stairs and provides anything within reason.
ing the warmth, have decided to stay lead nowhere. The Aghar leads the (The Aghar are poor and stupid.
for a while. They attack the heroes, heroes directly to encounter area They cannot provide very much.) He
trying for surprise, and fight until 183. offers to allow the heroes and all the
killed. refugees to come live in his kingdom
Constitution penalties (as in area 183. Court of the Thanes forever. (If the PCs propose this to the
179) also apply here. Council of Freedom, the leaders of
You walk down a wide corridor the Woodfolk and the Plainsmen bit-
181. The Steam City with large columns on either side. terly oppose living underground with
The guard opens double doors Aghar.) He can provide up to 400 foot
Although this city once held over
that lead into a huge court. At the units, all unpleasant-tasting.
1,000 dwarves, now only 200 Aghar
far end, a semicircle of thrones The rest of encounter area 183
dwarves live here. The Steam City is
sits on a raised dais. On one of the consists of royal chambers (squalid),
a fine example of dwarven architec-
thrones sits another Aghar temples (mostly useless), and store-
ture, consisting of traditional map
dwarf—this one wearing a crown rooms (filled with garbage).
blocks grouped together to build a
community. Now, most of the city three sizes too big and ill-fitting
has fallen in one encounter section. robes. The guard whispers, “Don’t 184 & 185. Walls of the City
The players should not try to explore be af r a id . I t ’s ju st His Ma g n if i-
The great wall forms a defensive pe-
the entire city. If the players stray off cence, the Highphulph!”
rimeter about the ancient city. Store-
course, improvise encounters with rooms and barracks, both empty, can
the Aghar society, such as it is. The Highphulph welcomes the he- be found here. There are stairs that
roes in his squeaky voice. He asks once went somewhere, but no longer.
182. East Gate them if they have come to see the Pits lead deep into the earth. Any
great secret treasure. If the heroes dwarf with the party recognizes them
This corridor leads into a wide answer “yes,” h e l e a d s t h e m t o a as the Pits of Reorx (god of the
courtyard. Before you is a wide small temple room (labeled “A’ on dwarves), a religious feature com-
gate, obviously the work of master the map). In the center of the room is mon to dwarven settlements.
builders. In front of the gate is a a great slab of black stone. Before There is nothing here of value or
strange sight: a single Aghar the stone is a circular dais of white particular interest.
dwarf standing guard in the mid- stone. Gold letters are carved around
dle of the gate. His helmet is fall- the edge. Unfortunately, the Aghar 186 & 187. Residences
ing over his eyes and he is having cannot read (the Highphulph admits
These blocks formed the residential
considerable difficulty keeping this with some embarrassment), and
thus they have no idea what to do area of the dwarven community.
his oversized halberd from falling
next. Now, most of the houses are empty.
to the ground.
The inscription is written in an old The ones inhabited by Aghar are eas-
ily found by their smell. Stairs lead
dialect of dwarven, readable by any-
This dwarf is supposed to guard nowhere.
one who knows that language. It
against intruders, but he has a poor
says, “Stand and ask, if you would re-
idea of how this is to be accom- 188 & 189. Passages
ceive knowledge.” If any person
plished. As the characters approach,
stands on the dais and asks a ques- These passages are identical to those
he calls out in his most challenging tion in dwarven, fiery letters appear
squeaky voice, “Halt! Answer me be- in areas 177-179, except that area
in answer on the slab. 188 runs between 180 and 181, and
fore I let you pass! Are you supposed
All questions must be about area 189 leads outside, through area
to come into this kingdom?” If the
dwarvish matters, or else the answer 152.
answer is “Yes,” he lets the party pass will always be, “What has this to do
without question.

Following the Cataclysm, the hill the magic. It was in this form that he Rubble is piled 50 feet high before
dwarves and men of the Xak Tsaroth greeted the Cataclysm. It was in the the cavern. It can be climbed easily.
regions fled southward seeking ref- rabble at Thorbardin’s gates that he The remaining 30 feet is made of the
uge in the kingdom of the mountain saw his chance to regain the power glassy black material that covers all
dwarves. This kingdom, known as he had lost. of Skullcap.
Thorbardin, could not support the He built a magical fortress at the The surface of Skullcap is blue-
hundreds of thousands of refugees, roots of a mountain, and formed a black, as though burned and melted
and thus the Thanes (rulers of the great army to take Thorbardin. The by tremendous fires. It is now icy and
Kingdom) closed the gates against battle raged across the valley. And, cold to the touch, and impossible to
the refugees. when his defeat looked certain, his climb normally (climb walls penalty
Disorganized and without leader- vengeance knew no bounds. He of -50%). Ropes or other devices
ship, the refugees proved no match loosed the most powerful magic he must be used.
for the organized and motivated knew, and both his armies and his en- Jagged stalactites and stalagmites
forces of Thorbardin. emy’s were consumed. His mountain form the “teeth” of the skull. Once
Then came Fistandantilus. fortress was blasted until only the inside the cavern, characters see the
Fistandantilus was an ancient shattered and glazed form of a giant following:
mage of the Age of Might that pre- skull remained—Skullcap.
ceded the Cataclysm. Magic at that Deep beneath Skullcap, legend Stalactites and stalagmites form
time was despised as an “impure” has it, are the remains of Fistandanti- grotesque rows of teeth. At the
profession. Wizards, both great and lus and the path to the gates of Thor- back of the opening, a natural tun-
small, became outcasts. Yet Fistan- bardin. nel descends into the mountain.
dantilus foresaw a time when mages
would again be important in Krynn. Encounters The tunnel is made of the same fused
He knew not when, but he swore that
black rock as the outside of Skull-
he would be there when the time 190. Jaws of Death
cap. After 20 feet of gentle down-
ward slope, the angle of the tunnel
The years came and went, but the The mouth of the skull-shaped
mountain, 80 feet above the changes to a 70-degree incline—too
day of magic’s reign did not come.
steep and smooth to walk. Charac-
Eventually, Fistandantilus used mag- swampy plain, forms a cavern
ters can use ropes and spikes to de-
ical means to prolong his life, until leading deep inside.
scend, or they can slide down the
there was nothing left of him except

smooth tunnel. The tunnel leads to The cavern is 100 feet across. A pool 195. Generals’ Way
encounter area 194. Climbing up the of water covers the cavern floor from
tunnel from the bottom is the same the exit to area 203 to the lower plat- Ancient dust fills the corridor.
as climbing the smooth exterior of form (area 193a). Behind the lower Stains streak the metal finish on
the mountain. platform is a small tunnel (leading to each of the doors.
area 218) that serves as the drain for
191. Eye of the Dead the pool.
A waterfall empties into the pool These doors are oak covered with sil-
from the bowl above (area 192). At ver, worth 1,000 stl each.
The eye sockets of the skull-
shaped mountain form caverns the level of the waterfall is an upper
platform (area 193b). A five-foot- 196-200. Empty Rooms
leading deep within.
wide ledge at the level of the upper
platform goes around the entire edge Broken furniture is strewn about.
Both these caves are identical. At the of the cavern.
back of each is a small tunnel leading On the upper platform, beside the The room is otherwise empty. There
down at a 70-degree angle. However, waterfall, resides a shadow dragon. is nothing of value here.
they are not made out of the fused The shadow dragon, an ancient,
glassy material, and handholds are huge member of its race, was bound
available for an easy descent. by Fistandantilus long ago to guard
201. Brass Buttons
Both tunnels lead to the same this fortress as long as Fistandantilus
place: a metal framework overlook- remained alive on this earth. The On a broken table is an old tunic
ing encounter area 203. There are no with brass buttons on it.
shadow dragon, who can speak,
handholds down; characters must tie mentions this to anyone it has not yet
a rope to the metal framework and eaten. A spectre appears and attacks if the
lower themselves to the floor, or use The shadow dragon prefers to rest brass buttons are disturbed.
equivalent means. on the upper platform and wait for
adventurers to raid its store of trea- 202. Priesthood West
192. Rubble Crater sure. Then it attacks, using breath
weapon and spells first. This room is empty.
A large crater forms the top of The shadow dragon has an Intelli-
Skullcap. The crater is filled with gence of 18 and speaks common, hill 203. Great Stairwell
rubble. Strange and tortured dwarf, mountain dwarf, and all
shapes of stone twist skyward, ob- dragon tongues. It has the following A central stairway descends deep
scuring the bottom of the bowl. A spells (cast as an 8th-level mage): into the mountain. Torn by the
pool of water has collected at the 1st Level: magic missile, phantasmal same terrible forces that long ago
bottom. force ravaged Skullcap, the iron frame-
2nd Level: darkness (15’ radius), fog work that once supported these
cloud stairs is n o w t wist e d and
If characters explore the bottom of wrenched. Overhead, the ceiling
3rd Level: fireball, suggestion
the bowl, they find a 20-foot-wide
4th Level: confusion, shadow mon- is shattered, revealing the iron
shaft descending at a 60-degree an-
sters frame that once held the stairway.
gle. It can be climbed slowly and with
some difficulty. After 70 feet, the
The treasure consists of 900 pp, 21
walls become glass-smooth. The stairwell is 60 feet in diameter. A
500-stl gems, 3,000 stl, one suit of ten-foot-wide staircase circles down
The shaft leads to the upper ledge
human-sized chain mail +2, two po-
of encounter area 193. The pool of about 20 feet to area 2 14 (Twisted
tions of clairaudience, and boots of
water has an outlet at the bottom five Iron). The dome above leads to area
levitation. 191.
feet wide; it leads to the waterfall in
area 193.
194. Lords’ Hall 204. Armory
193. Shadowlair
Faded tapestries, depicting men A grey hemisphere shimmers in
and dwarves at war, line the walls. the center of the room. Armor
The sound of rushing water fills
this large cavern. A waterfall stands gleaming against the walls.
pours into a large pool covering
the cavern floor. In the middle, Anyone who enters the room can see
surrounded by water, is a small is- into the hemisphere. Read the fol-
land, on which are piled gems and lowing:

breath weapon, the brass dragon any attack and do not fight back.
A gleaming metallic dragon is fro- flees and Ember pursues. Blaize flies
zen in mid-flight, its mouth gaping toward the nearest mountain and
open. Below it, a goblin is also fro-
211. Ballroom
weaves among the sandstone cliffs.
zen, this one in mid-stride as Both weave out of sight and do not
though fleeing for its life. An immense hall stretches into
return. darkness. Shadowy figures swing
Blaize is a small, adult brass and sway to a music that cannot
If a nonmagical piece of iron or steel dragon, and has the following spells: be heard.
touches the grey hemisphere, it van- 1st Level: magic missile, protection
ishes like a popped soap bubble. from evil, sleep
Nothing else will break the spell. The 2nd Level: continual light, web Most of the dancers are harmless
spirits like those in area 210. How-
instant the hemisphere vanishes, the
temporal stasis that holds the two The armory contains the following ever, the room contains two spectres
creatures breaks. With a lunge, the treasure: three suits of plate mail, that were once generals in the army
brass dragon devours the goblin in a three shields +1, two javelins of light- of Fistandantilus. They move to at-
ning, and two cloaks of protection tack.
single bite. Then it notices the party.
The brass dragon is understand- +2.
ably confused, since it has been fro- 212. Altar
zen for 350 years. Shocked by the 205. West Guards Hall
changes, it pauses. If the characters A skeleton lies draped over a low
This room is empty. altar along the far wall. Its armor is
attack first, it will fight back, but if
they do not, it asks them what has rusted, but a gleaming sword lies
happened. 206. Arrow Slits next to the figure, still grasped in
The brass dragon’s name is Blaize. Six wraiths are in each of these its hand. A rolled parchment is
It was part of the attacking force dur- rooms. They are armed with bows clutched in its other hand.
ing the Dwarfgate War, and the last and arrows and fire through the slits
thing it remembers is Fistandantilus at anyone in area 207. This is the skeleton of a good warrior
casting a spell. It does not know any- who died in battle here. It is not ani-
thing about the disappearance of 207. Gateway mated in any way. The armor is use-
dragons from the world, or about the less, but the sword is a vorpal long
recent reappearance of the evil drag- sword +3. The scroll shows general
The iron doors are bowed inward,
ons. When the current state of the yet remain shut. A half-inch slit is details of the mountain forest before
world is explained, it does not have its destruction. It shows that a gate-
open between the doors.
any idea why the good dragons have hall once extended from the north
not entered the fray. side of the mountain to what is now
Blaize is a bit of a braggart and Any character checking the walls dis-
area 207. The map shows that the
loves to talk about its great feats in covers the arrow slits. If anyone
central stairwell was the only way to
the war. opens the doors at the northern end,
reach the lower levels. The chambers
The dragon is very interested in the wraiths close the doors at the
of Fistandantilus are marked on the
the history of the current war. It tells southern end and begin firing.
map. They appear to be directly be-
the characters that it will seek out neath the bottom of the staircase.
good dragons, if any remain, to help 208-209. Trashed Halls The chambers can be reached only
their cause. In the meantime, it offers through a huge room that is not de-
Each of these rooms contains lots of
to accompany the heroes for the a scribed on the scroll map.
smashed furniture and a nest of 4d10
while. It can fit through double
giant rats.
doors, though not through single
213. Eastern Priests’ Room
Blaize remains with the party until 210. Guardians This room is empty.
one of three events occurs: Vermi-
naard and Ember attack (see Event The doors open to reveal a once- 214. Twisted Iron
#6), the heroes battle the shadow plush room, now in rags. Golden
dragon (area 193), or the heroes double doors at the far end of the
The stone steps circle down about
leave Skullcap. room are closed. Shadowy forms
20 feet, and then stop. The shaft
If Blaize fights the shadow dragon, lurk about.
once occupied by stairs is torn and
run combat normally until the blasted. A tangled mesh of twisted
shadow dragon is dead. These are the harmless spirits of the iron framework hangs down into
If Blaize fights Verminaard and fine lords and ladies who once the cold darkness below.
Ember, he flies up and engages the feasted in this hall, but died during
red dragon. When Ember uses his Fistandantilus’s defeat. They ignore

All the floors between the first floor cannot be climbed without magical Neither the skeleton nor the keys are
and the bottom of this staircase were aid. magical. The keys (there are seven)
gutted by Fistandantilus’s final spell. are the Keys of the Guardian, and will
Nothing remains but rubble. Most of 219. Collapsed come in handy later.
this shaft, in fact, is now made of the
same glazed material as the exterior Once, there were additional levels 222. Locker
of Skullcap. here. Now, only the edges of the
The iron framework hanging in the This room is empty.
floors remain, edges glazed
darkness once supported the center smooth, jutting from the walls of
of the fortress. It now hangs sus- the shaft.
223. Crystal Maze
pended from the top seven floors of
the collapsed area, and hangs freely You are standing on a balcony
down to a depth of 270 feet. By fate, Ropes can easily be secured on these overlooking a 70-foot-square
one end of the frame was imbedded l ed ge s . I f ch a ra ct e rs t ry t o climb room that is 60 feet from floor to
in the wall ten feet above the cavern from ledge to ledge without ropes or ceiling. The balcony you are on is
entrance at area 215. equivalent aid, they must roll a suc- ten feet from the ceiling. Across
Although the frame looks danger- cessful Dexterity check when they from you and on the wall to either
ous, it is actually well secured. reach each ledge, or they fall to the side are identical balconies—four
Climbing down, however, is tortur- bottom. total, including the one you oc-
ous work at best. There is a 20% cupy. Beneath you is a second set
chance per turn that the characters’ 220. Shifting Corridors of four balconies, each 20 feet
movement causes the entire struc- above the floor. Four archways
ture to sway. Each person not se- At the bottom of the shaft, a tan- exit the room from the floor level.
cured by rope or other means must gle of jagged stone and iron forms The room is brightly lit by a globe
roll a Dexterity check. Characters a steep mound. In the center of the in the ceiling.
who fail start to fall off the structure, mound, a narrow funnel leads But none of this is as impressive
but they get to roll a second Dexter- down to the top of an iron frame- as the creature in the middle of the
ity check, this one with a -5 penalty work that was once a dome. Be- r o o m — a hydra constructed en-
to their Dexterity, to catch onto an- neath the dome is a rubble-strewn tirely of metal. As you enter the
other part of the frame. If the second floor. room, it grinds slowly into motion.
check fails, the character falls to the One of its 12 heads turns toward
bottom, suffering normal falling you while another spews flame
Climbing is easy here. If the rubble is
damage. against the ceiling!
searched, broken bones and skulls
Blaize cannot climb down or fly
are found.
down the shaft. He offers to wait until The iron hydra is a mechanical con-
As soon as characters reach the
the characters return. struct. It is AC 0 and hits as a 12-HD
iron framework, they are attacked by
three skeleton warriors. These be- monster. Its breath weapon causes
215-216. Crevasse Climb ings are still enslaved by Fistandanti- 6d6 points of damage (successful
lus’s powerful magic, and they attack saving throw reduces this in half).
The blast caused a deep fissure in the adventurers until dead or the ad- Each head can attack once per
the rock here. Although the fis- venturers flee. While attacking, they round, inflicting biting damage of
sure is made of glazed stone, beg the heroes to recover the circlets 2d8 points. Each head takes 20
cracks in the stone make conven- and free them from their servitude. If points of damage to destroy; the en-
ient hand holds. the characters succeed in recovering tire monster can withstand 100
the circlets and give them to the war- points of damage before falling
The tunnel rises steeply for 150 feet riors, the warriors instantly disap- apart.
and then descends slightly to area pear. PCs should receive full Once, each of the 12 heads could
217. experience points for such a noble breath fire three times per day. Now
act, as if they actually defeated the the hydra in the western room has
creatures. only three functioning heads, while
217. Drain that in the eastern room has only one
This is where water from the tunnel 221. Skeleton Key functioning head. Both creatures ex-
at area 193 runs out. The tunnel con- pend one breath against the ceiling
tinues west. A skeleton in once-fine robes in warning.
slumps over a stone table in the Both the eastern and western
218. Waterway center of the room. A set of rusted rooms are actually magical mazes.
keys on a ring hang at its side. The open room the adventurers see
The water from the tunnel at area is the product of permanent invisibil-
193 washes down here. The tunnel i t y a n d p e r m a n e n t i l l u s i o n spells.

Actually, there are three floors of 225. Wrong Turn 227. Eastern Entrance
walls, ceilings, stairs, and shafts—a
This area is identical to area 224. The
maze of crystal to trap the unwary. This room is lit by dim red globes o n ly d if f e re n ce is t h a t th e sta tu e
The actual room contents can be on the ceiling. In the center, a smiles at movement toward the east-
seen only if a wizard casts both detect large stone statue of a dwarf ern doors and frowns at movement
invisibility and detect illusion (either stands. Its legs are planted on the toward the western doors.
one alone will not suffice), or a detect floor, its hands press against the
magic spell. ceiling. Another set of golden
The invisible walls of the maze re- 228. Pressure Pot
doors is behind the statue.
sist the hydra’s breath. If the proper
route is followed, adventurers can This room is empty except for
walk through each level of the maze The stone walls have scorch marks stone double doors in the middle
to the appropriate exit, descend to on them. If the golden doors are of both end walls.
the next level, and eventually depart opened, a smaller room is revealed.
the maze. If a character walks into There is nothing in it.
Once, long ago, there was a fire- If the stone door at the southern end
the shaded area of the map, he falls is opened, a fireball trap is sprung,
into the pit (there are no railings on ball trap here, but it was triggered
long ago and never replenished. causing 10d6 points of damage to
the magically concealed stone walk- everyone in the room.
ways), suffering falling damage, and
is attacked by the hydra. If a charac- 226. Trap!
229. Alcove
ter walks into an area not protected This room appears identical to area
from the hydra by a wall, the hydra 225, including the stone statue. A statue stands in the shadows of
first breathes and then attacks with
an alcove where the two corridors
1d4 heads. This room has a permanent reverse meet. Double doors made of iron
In addition to the iron hydra, the gravity spell and a stone golem oper- face north.
room is also occupied by three invisi- ating in it. There is only one way to
ble stalkers (detect invisibility also de- travel through it without activating
tects them) that attack anyone not the golem. The iron doors are wizard locked and
carrying one of the Keys of the When Fistandantilus wished to can be opened only by a knock spell
Guardian (encounter area 121). If pass through this chamber, he en- or by the Keys of the Guardian (from
Fistandantilus is finally destroyed, tered through one set of doors and area 221).
these stalkers vanish. was immediately pulled to the ceil- The statue is of Nuitari, the god of
Each room’s maze occupies three ing by the reversed gravity. To avoid dark magic, in his aspect of Knowl-
levels. The exit from each maze (la- hitting the ceiling, he grasped an in- edge. This is one of the Seven Faces
beled “E” and “F” on the map) leads visible stone ladder to the right of the of Nuitari. A magical spell allows Fis-
down to Level 3, where the PCs ad- doors. Once on the ceiling, he tandantilus to see any visitors
ventures in Skullcap will conclude. walked to the other set of doors, through its eyes, so he cannot be sur-
where the reversegravity spell ended, prised.
224. Western Entrance and he used the invisible stone lad-
der by those doors to prevent himself 230. Rites of Passage
A grotesque statue of a man with a from smashing onto the floor.
single huge eye stares at the stair- If characters miss the invisible The iron doors open to reveal a
case. A set of golden double doors stone ladder, they fly up and hit the short corridor 20 feet wide that
stands on either side of the statue. ceiling (or fly down and hit the floor, leads to a second set of iron dou-
at the far doors) for 1d6 points of fall- ble doors. On either side, alcoves
ing damage. Any character who falls contain statues draped in heavy
The giant eye seems to follow the
to the ceiling or floor immediately shadow.
characters as they move about the
room. If they move toward the west- activates the stone golem. The
statue attacks all moving creatures
ern doors, the statue appears to Four sets of double doors separate
in the room. The golem senses its area 229 from area 231. Signs of the
smile. If they move toward the east-
prey by movement: if all characters final blast of Fistandantilus streak
ern doors, the statue appears to
stand still for two rounds, the golem
frown. It does nothing else. the walls here.
returns to its original position and
If the statue is attacked, it falls and Each set of double doors is wizard
the characters can move safely. How- locked, and can be opened only with
shatters. The head continues to func-
tion as long as it remains intact. ever, if anyone falls again, the golem a knock spell or with the Keys of the
is reactivated. Guardian.
The shadowy figures in the alcoves
(two in each segment of corridor) are

statues of the remaining six faces of This is the demilich form of Fistan- 235. Western Treasure
Nuitari. Each statue radiates magic. dantilus. If the characters do not at-
As the characters move through the tack it, after three rounds it settles A dome of brilliant white light illu-
corridors, they pass through the back into dust. It does not move from minates the room. Piled about the
magic fields between the statues. the spot where it stands, and does floor is the treasure of Fistandanti-
The magic effects, described below, not stop the passing of the adventur- lus. A shining dwarven helm
can be prevented either if a dispel ers into the next chamber. adorned with large gems is promi-
magic spell is cast, or if the Keys of Recovering the circlets is not con- nent in the pile.
the Guardian are inserted in a small sidered an attack.
keyhole at the base of each statue.
The treasure consists of 4,500 stl,
The first pair of statues represents 232. Treasure Junction 8,000 pp, 52 800-stl gems, 12 pieces
Death and Chaos. The magical field
of jewelry worth 1,000 stl each, a set
casts dispel magic on anyone and Twenty-foot-high archways open of dwarven plate mail + 3, and the
anything passing through. There is in both the western and eastern helm of Grallen.
no keyhole in the base of these sides of this hall, leading into bril- The helm of Grallen is a dwarven
statues. liantly lit treasure rooms. A set of helm set with 12 large gems (1,000
The second pair of statues repre- iron doors to the north stands stl each). The enchantment of the
sents Might and Wealth. The magical closed. helm is that if the wearer should be
field polymorphs any weapon pass-
killed, his soul is instantly m a g i c
ing through it into wood. The weap- The doors to the north are wizard jarred into one of the gems.
ons return to normal if they are locked and can be opened only with a The helm was made for Grallen,
passed through the field in the oppo- knock spell or the Keys of the Guard- Prince of the mountain dwarves and
site direction (when exiting, for ex- ian. son of the great dwarven king, Der-
ample). If characters look through the kin, when he rode off to fight Fistan-
The third pair of statues represents archways, they see areas 235 and dantilus in the Dwarfgate War.
Youth and Passion. The magic field 236. Read the descriptions of those Anyone who puts on the helmet
casts a charm person spell on any areas if requested. activates the magic jar spell. The soul
person passing through, with the The archways are actually telepor- of Grallen possesses the wearer (no
specific effect that charmed charac- tals. The western archway leads di- saving throw). The wearer’s life force
ters cannot harm Fistandantilus. rectly to area 233; the eastern is transferred to a gem.
archway leads to area 234. When this happens, Prince Grallen
231. Chambers of T he o nl y wa y in t o t h e t re a su re immediately bows to the characters
Fistandantilus rooms is by casting a dispel magic and tells the following story:
spell, which negates the teleportal
The ceiling, once a dome of mar- for the duration of the spell, or by in- I am Grallen, prince of the moun-
ble, is now shattered. Huge stone serting the Keys of the Guardian in a tain dwarves, killed by the forces
blocks litter the floor and block secret keyhole (discover as a normal of evil in the Dwarfgate War.
the opening above. In the center of secret door). By means of this magical helm,
the room, a metallic object shines I have survived these centuries
brightly. 233. Western Cages that my tale and fate may be told.
I rode forth on the morning of
Rows of cages contain the skeletal the last battle in the great charge
The metallic object is actually three
remains of those once trapped of Hylar dwarves. We came from
circlets—the controllers of the skele- here.
ton warriors at area 220. the North Gate of Thorbardin
The circlets lie next to the broken across the Plains of Dergoth. My
skull of a human lying among shat- Anyone entering the great archway troop assaulted the mountain
tered bones in a pile of rubble in the leading to area 235 suddenly finds home of the Dark Wizard here. My
center of the room. If the characters himself in area 232. brothers fought with courage and
approach within 20 feet of the skull, valor; many fell with honor at my
the following occurs: 234. Eastern Cages side.
Yet when the tide of battle
Rows of cages contain the skeletal turned in our favor, and I con-
The broken skull rises into the air,
remains of those once trapped fronted the wizard in his lair, he
the dust from the rubble swirling
up in a howling wind and forming here. smiled, and a great magic rushed
about it in the rough shape of a from his being. A flame of power
man! Anyone entering the great archway and horror broke through stone
leading to area 236 suddenly finds and steel.
himself in area 232.

Thus, in his rage and despair, he Once all questions have been The map case contains a map show-
destroyed both his allies and his asked and answered, Grallen sends ing the route from Skullcap to the
enemies. his life force back into the gem. The gates of Thorbardin.
Thus did I die. wearer of the helm becomes normal In addition to the map, there are
Now I beseech thee, return my again, though he is disoriented and 5,000 stl, 5,000 pp, 42 500-stl gems,
soul to the kingdom of the Hylar in cannot fight for 1d6 turns. and 12 pieces of jewelry worth 1,000
Thorbardin, tell my story to the stl each.
Council of Thanes, and give me a 236. Eastern Treasure
proper resting place in the Valley 237. Access
of the Kings. A globe of brilliant white light illu-
minates the room. Piled about the The double doors open into a
Grallen stands silently after his story floor is the glittering treasure of square room with great archways
is told. He explains how to find the Fistandantilus. Prominent among on either side. Each archway leads
North Gate entrance to Thorbardin if t h e t r ea su re is a d wa rve n ma p to a 10-foot-deep alcove.
asked. He answers any other ques- case.
tions put to him to the best of his The western alcove is a teleportal to
ability. and from the southern alcove in area
235. The eastern alcove is a telepor-
tal to and from the southern alcove in
area 236.

This portion of the adventure ends
when the heroes find a safe tempo-
rary home for the refugees (area 163)
and discover the route to the doors of
the dwarven kingdom. When those
conditions are met, read the follow-

Tonight is a time for feasting and

celebration-the first moments of
happiness in many long days. For
the refugees of Pax Tharkas have
found at least temporary safety
from the advancing Dragonarmy,
and you have discovered informa-
tion leading to the long-lost dwar-
ven kingdom of Thorbardin.
Tomorrow you will adventure
once more, but tonight the Coun-
cil of Freedom toasts your suc-
cess. Even dour Locar, the Seeker
leader, praises you tonight. And
Elistan, a true priest and good
friend, pledges you the support of
the people.
You accept the cheers of the ref-
ugees, and you drink the newly-
made mead around the warm
campfires. In spite of great dan-
gers to come, tonight there is

Elistan has received a dream vi-
The PCs’ Mission ground is soft beneath your feet
sion from Paladine, and has gone
Eight hundred refugees are fleeing the and a sweet, warm wind blows. But
into the dream world to battle Vermi-
army of the Dragon Highlord. They as you walk, the tower changes.
naard. The PCs do not learn this until
were forced to enter a wilderness the end of the adventure. Now it is made of steel and stone,
ringed by impassable mountains. The Elistan cannot be revived by any and the wind is bitter. And now it is
only route to safety is through the an- made of tough, decaying stone,
means available to the party. He ap-
cient dwarven kingdom of and the tower is in ruins.
pears dead, but his body does not
Thorbardin—but the gates to Thor- grow cold. There are seven open archways
bardin have been hidden for over 300 The Council asks the PCs to leave into the tower. As you watch, a
years. The PCs must find the gates to group of hooded pilgrims ap-
in the morning to find a way through
Thorbardin, get permission for the ref- proaches. As they come closer,
Thorbardin. If the characters found a
ugees to cross through, and get back map to the gates earlier, they know they begin to change into dracon-
before the Dragonarmy attacks the where to go—otherwise, Fizban the ians, but they do not attack you.
refugee camp. They enter the tower.
Fabulous (see the NPC Capsules)
You see a long, dimly glowing
now reveals that he knows exactly
tunnel that leads inside. You and
Time where the gates are.
your companions enter, and sud-
As mentioned earlier in this adven- denly find yourselves in a large
Event #2: Dreams of chamber!
ture, the Dragonarmy conquers ar-
eas of wilderness on a regular basis. Darkness Seven hallways radiate from
Be sure to keep track of the time T h i s ev en t t a ke s p la ce t h e sa me this room. Six are brightly lit; one
available to the refugees. If you have night as event #1, as soon as the he- is dim. From the dim hall whispers
lost track, assume that the heroes roes fall asleep. All sleeping charac- the voice of Elistan: “I have en-
now have seven days to complete ters have the following dream: tered this door and cannot come
their quest. Do not tell the players back. Please! Follow me and bring
how much time they have. The Epi- that which I left behind!”
You are standing in front of a huge
logue tells what happens if the he- In the six bright hallways are
door. You feel that there is a great
roes succeed or fail. your heart’s desires—glory,
evil behind it. The voice of Elistan,
power, wealth. But you know that
now very weak, is calling for you.
your doom lies down the dim cor-
Events “I have entered this door and
cannot find my way back,” he
Event # 1: Departure of cries. “Please! Come and bring
Suddenly, you wake in a cold
Elistan sweat, deeply disturbed. Some-
that which I left behind!” He does
thing horrible happened to you
The adventure begins in the camp of not seem able to hear anything
and your companions—but you
the refugees at midnight of the same you say; he just repeats his cry
can’t remember what!
night in the Epilogue after chapter over and over again.
Ask each player in turn if his PC will Event #3: The Dragon
You are summoned to a late night open the door. If all players refuse, Highlord Arrives
meeting of the refugees Council of the dream ends and the PCs awake; This event takes place the following
Freedom. When you arrive, you skip event #3 below. If even one char- morning. If no hero opened the door,
not ice that Elistan seems acter opens the door, read the next t he event does not occur.
strangely peaceful. “The Dragon- boxed section.
army is approaching, and now you
Out of the rising sun comes a dark
must find the way to the gates of
You feel yourself floating in a vast shadow and a rush of wind. It is a
Thorbardin. It is the only hope for nothingness for an uncertain huge red dragon, its wings terribly
our people. There is little time; length of time—whether mo- scarred. Astride it is the Dragon
waste none of it. As for me, I now
ments or centuries, you cannot Highlord of Pax Tharkas—
know what must be done,” he says.
tell. Suddenly, you are standing on Verminaard!
“To the hope of safety!” he says, an empty plain. In the distance, The huge dragon hovers above
lifting a flagon and drinking. mountains are silhouetted against you, its mammoth wings beating
a starry sky. Before you is a tower slowly.
Although the flagon contains only made of crystal, silver, and pure
water, as soon as Elistan drinks, he white marble. Beside you are your
companions in adventure. Verminaard calls out to the heroes,
grows pale and shudders once. Then,
using both voice and telepathy. “Piti-
eyes rolling back, he pitches for- You walk toward the tower. The
ful fools,” he sneers, “to think you
could defeat me in the Mind of Evil!”

When Verminaard uses the phrase, with spells, but it does not use its * A knock spell can open the door.
“the Mind of Evil,” any hero who breath weapon. Fizban does not use that spell.
opened the door in event #2 sud- If the heroes reject Verminaard’s * The door-opening mechanism can
denly remembers the terrible dream offer, he says, “Fools! I could destroy be found if any elven or half-elven
of the night before. you as you stand. But I have other character successfully checks for se-
uses for you...and there are things cret doors a second time. The device
Memories flood into your mind. In worse than death!” is a two-foot-square door that is eas-
the dream, you walk down the dim W ith that, he commands the ily opened. Within the door is a small
corridor, afraid and despairing. dragon to fly off to the north. opening with a mechanical hand in
Each step you take is harder than it. If any character shakes the hand,
the last. At last you enter a large Event #4: the Dwarven Gates the door slowly opens.
After event #3 (or the next morning, When the door begins to open, a
There, before you, stands Ver-
if event #3 does not occur), the Coun- deep rumbling sound (like an earth-
minaard, holding Elistan prisoner
cil urges the PCs to seek out the quake) is heard. The ledge and cliff
in a crystal cage. A small golden
dwarven gates without delay. Using face begin to shake. The door sud-
lock holds the cage shut. Elistan
the Abanasinia Wilderness map, a denly breaks free and pushes out five
sees you and tries to speak, but he
map discovered earlier, or instruc- feet; anyone standing in front of it
tions given by Fizban (who goes with must roll a successful Dexterity
Verminaard raises his hand. Out
the party in any case), the PCs reach check to avoid falling off the cliff. No
of the darkness step fearsome
the doors after four hours’ travel. matter how the door is opened, Fiz-
fighters. He laughs, and lowers his
Run normal wilderness random ban manages to be caught on the
hand in a chopping motion. The
encounters. After four hours’ travel, ledge, and falls down, apparently to
fighters attack!
the heroes see the following: his death (though his body is not
found). The door continues to move
Give each player an appropriate The steep defile suddenly opens o u t wa rd a t a ra t e o f f i ve fe e t p e r
Dream Card (see the Appendix; you up onto a narrow, five-foot-wide round.
may photocopy these cards and ledge. Below you, a cliff drops The door is built on a giant screw
hand them out). Once the players 1,000 feet to the valley. Above, the shaft propelled by a mechanism
have read their dream cards, Vermi- cliff climbs 500 feet to become within the mountain. Originally, the
naard laughs chillingly. “So, fools, part of the mountain range. An- door would rest on the wide ledge
now you remember your night in the other defile can be seen at the far that once was here. However, during
Mind of Evil!” end of the ledge, almost 100 feet the Cataclysm, much of the ledge
The Dragon Highlord speaks to away. collapsed. Therefore, after the door
each member of the party, revealing
has moved out 15 feet, the machin-
that he knows exactly what hap-
A large secret door is in the middle of ery begins to strain. Strange noises
pened to each person in the dream.
this cliff face. There is only a 15% are heard. In the next round, the
He mocks the futile efforts of the he-
chance that it can be found by non- screw shaft breaks, and the door,
roes to resist him, and belittles their
elven races. Elves and half-elves which weighs several tons, plunges
accomplishments both in the dream
have normal chances to find the over the cliff face, falling 1,000 feet
and in the real world. He gloats of his
door. If the PCs have a map, they and crushing anything beneath it.
victories and their defeats.
know that the door is supposed to be The entrance to the lost dwarven
“It is pointless for you to continue
here. kingdom of Thorbardin has been
in this lost cause,” he says. “Wealth
The defile on the far side of the found. The door, once opened, re-
and power can be yours if you but
ledge leads into a box canyon dead mains open forever.
take your place beside me, and place
your swords in my service.” end.
Verminaard has no intention of If the PCs cannot find the door, Fiz-
keeping his word. If the heroes be- ban locates it for them.
tray the refugees, Verminaard takes The following methods can open
them back to Pax Tharkas with the great door:
promises of rich rewards. Once
there, he orders his troops to feed * A fireball spell can open the door. If
Fizban is with the party, he tells ev-
them to Ember.
If the heroes attack, Ember flies eryone to stand back, then casts his
out of missile range. Verminaard fireball. Fizban stupidly stands right
laughs at the futility of the attack. If in front of the door, and appears to be
the heroes actually hit either Vermi- destroyed in the blast. The door
naard or the dragon, Ember attacks slowly opens (see below).

Using the Dwarven dom are currently inhabited, others 3. Kings Wall Corner 1
are in ruins. Modify the block de-
Kingdom Maps scriptions below based on the infor- The Kings Wall is an inner defense
mation in each chapter. for the dwarven city. It is made up of
The great kingdom of Thorbardin is
City blocks are connected to each city blocks 3-7. The Kings Wall is
detailed on the color Kingdom of
other by the little extensions on each generally an upper-class area, filled
Thorbardin map. This map shows the
block, which are open. If a city block with expensive inns, homes of the
locations of cities, major corridors,
doesn’t connect with anything, the rich, and lush temples.
lakes, caverns, and the like. Also on
extensions are just alcoves. If there is a city level below a Kings
the map are the 16 city blocks that
Some of the cities of Thorbardin Wall block, then the pit drops
make up the dwarven cities. All the
are not visited in this adventure. You through to the next level, 100 feet be-
city blocks have north at the top.
can create your own dwarven cities low. If there is no level underneath,
It has been said that if you’ve seen
just by preparing “crossword puzzle” the pit is 50 feet deep.
one dwarven city, you’ve seen them
maps, and set your own adventures The temple in this block is used by
all. Nothing could be more true.
therein. visitors to the city, rather than by city
Once a dwarf finds something he
likes, he sticks with it. Dwarves leave
architectural innovation to the elves, City Block Descriptions 4. Kings Wall Gate
who enjoy that sort of thing. In the
world of Krynn, all dwarven cities are The 16 dwarven city blocks are de-
The Kings Wall Gate controls access
made of the same city blocks, re- scribed below. Some areas of the
to the inner city. The drawbridge is
peated endlessly. kingdom are currently inhabited and
made of wood and can be burned (ten
To find your way around a dwarven active. In those areas, use the full de-
rounds until collapse) or removed by
city, a third type of map is used. This scription. Some areas are deserted
soldiers (this takes five rounds).
map resembles a crossword puzzle, and lie in ruins. In those areas, ma-
Beyond the drawbridge are heavy
made up of small boxes with num- chinery does not work and every-
iron doors and portcullises lined with
bers and letters in them. thing is covered with the dust of
arrow slits on either side.
Each chapter has one or more of centuries. In the Northgate area,
In inhabited areas, guards are sta-
these maps in it. Each box on the scars of the Dwarfgate War are every-
tioned at the drawbridge and also oc-
map represents one of the 16 city where: skeletons, rusty armor, etc.
cupy the guard houses inside the
blocks on the large map. Nothing is of use to the players.
In each box is a place for a city Because it is important for the he-
block number (one of the 16 city roes to get through the dwarven
kingdom quickly, not a lot of detail is 5. Kings Wall I
block types), facing (a compass direc-
tion: N, E, S, W, or R for Random), provided for the various cities. Keep In this block are the homes and tem-
and encounter (keyed to an encoun- the characters on track as they move ples of the upper class. If this block is
ter number in of the chapter). All through the kingdom. If they wander above another city block, the air
boxes have a city block number and into areas not described, or need a moat opens onto the level below—
a facing; only some of them have level of detail not provided in the ex- otherwise it drops into water 20 feet
encounters. planation, you must improvise to fit below the floor.
The le f t b o x in t h e e x a m p l e on the situation.
page 97 contains a “2” and an “E.” If you decide to create additional 6. Kings Wall II
On the large map, “2” is a Great Hall. adventures in the halls of the
dwarves, you can add whatever addi- This block contains upper-class
(Remember, all city blocks on the homes, temples, and shops.
large map are facing north.) Since tional detail you need to the city
the direction is “E,” rotate the block blocks.
90 degrees so that the top of the city
7. Kings Wall Corner II
block, which formerly faced north, 1. Gatehouse This area is similar to city block 3.
faces east. It connects with an “8E.” Gatehouse blocks control access to
Looking again at the large map, you the dwarven city. The immense gate 8. Court of Thanes
see that “8” is a Court of Thanes. is powered by a water-driven ma- The royal court is lined with sculp-
Since it, too, faces north on the large chine that turns a huge screw.
map, you must rotate it to face east. ture and tapestry—the finest art of
The court contains an encounter, as the dwarven kingdom.
2. Great Hall The seven thrones are for the
well. Refer to the current chapter’s
The Great Hall forms the main street Seven Ruling Thanes Under the
encounter section to find out what
happens in the court. of a dwarven kingdom. Merchant Mountain, the rulers of each of the
(Note: If the direction is “R,” assign shops line the passage. major dwarf races. Once there was a
a facing at random.) High King of Thorbardin, but no one
has risen to claim the throne since
Some areas of the dwarven king-

the days of Derkin. ter of dwarven life. Assembly halls cise facilities. Not all cells were
This block also contains quarters are the homes of plays and music. locked, depending on the status and
for visiting thanes, as well as temples Major bazaars and shops are located behavior of the prisoner, since exit
for use by the court. Government of- here. There are also smaller public from the cell area is so tightly con-
fices are also located here. worship halls and guildhalls for the trolled. If Dungeon Blocks are adja-
dwarven artisans. cent, there is frequently free
9. Residence movement between them, but all
11. Wharf connection with the outside is still
Most dwarves live in residence controlled by the guards.
blocks. A few stores operate in the Dwarven cities sometimes open onto
residence blocks, but goods are underground lakes and rivers. The
dwarves in these cities carry on trade
14. Smithy
mostly purchased elsewhere.
by water, and occasionally fish. In the great smithies, the dwarves of
10. Transport Shaft The wharf area contains boat slips, ages past created wondrous works.
warehouses, government offices, Stone troughs convey metal from the
The Transport Shafts are the primary and repair facilities for boats. central furnace to the many stalls
method of travel between levels in where dwarven craftsmen work. A
the dwarven kingdom. The central large cauldron hangs over the cen-
circular chamber is a shaft that
12. Great Temple
tral fire pit, controlled by complex
stretches through many levels above The dwarves of Thorbardin are machinery. The cauldron can be
and below. among the few races of post- swiveled, tipped, or pulled out of the
Driven by a mechanism at the bot- Cataclysm Krynn to retain knowl- fire to be filled. The floor of the fire
tom of the shaft (city block 15), chain edge of the True Gods. The primary pit is covered in several feet of soot
ladders and great hanging buckets god of the mountain dwarves is and ashes. The floors and walls of the
move up on one side and down on Reorx, the forger. smithy are streaked with hardened
the other. Platforms lead out over the According to dwarven religion, the bits of metal and scorch marks.
pit so that it is easy for a traveler to holy kingdom of Reorx is located far
step into one of the buckets as it beneath the earth. If the temple is lo-
moves slowly past, and then to step cated above another city block, the
15. Transport Machinery
off when the desired level is reached. pit opens up onto the next level. Oth- The large pit in the central chamber
In deserted areas of the dwarven erwise it is at least 1,000 feet deep, is filled with the machinery that oper-
kingdom, the shafts are abandoned for the dwarves believe the deeper ates the transport system. A net is
and the driving mechanisms disen- the shaft, the more holy the temple. suspended above the machinery. The
gaged. The chains and buckets do Climbing down a Shaft of Reorx net serves two purposes: it reduces
not move unless someone climbs on, would be considered a vile sacrilege falling damage by 50%, and it pro-
and then they allow only downward to a dwarf. tects the machinery from anything
movement. The chains cannot be In a typical Great Temple block falling into it.
climbed unless the locking mecha- there are small stores selling reli-
nism in city block 15 is engaged. gious items. Dwarven priests nor- 16. Gardens
To get onto the chain or into a mally live in a Temple Block, and
bucket in a deserted area, a charac- have a private temple in the block for These beautiful, well-kept gardens
ter must jump ten feet from the edge their own use. are the parks of the dwarven realms.
and catch a chain. This requires a They are lighted by shafts of crystal
Dexterity check. If the check suc- leading to the surface (a primitive fi-
13. Dungeons ber optics system). The garden con-
ceeds, he descends slowly. If the
check fails, the player makes a sec- Although fierce in battle, the tains small trees, shrubs,
ond check to arrest the fall. If that dwarves allow opponents to surren- mushrooms, and fungi.
check succeeds, he catches a chain, der.
but suffers 2d6 points of damage. If The dungeons have cell areas ac- Encounters in the
the second check fails, a third check cessed through special rooms called
transit areas. A special mechanism Northgate
is made. If the third check succeeds,
the character falls 30 feet before controlled from the guard area oper- There are both random and set
catching a chain, and he suffers 3d6 ates first one portcullis, then the encounters in Northgate. Use the
points of damage, but then descends other, serving to control access to random encounter chart in the Ap-
normally. If the third Check fails, the the cell blocks. A key is required to pendix to determine random
character falls the full distance of the operate the mechanism. Outside the encounters; do this once for each
shaft and suffers normal falling dam- cell area are guard quarters and city block the PCs enter in
age of 1d6 (cumulative) per 10 feet weapons storage areas. Northgate. Whenever the chart indi-
fallen to a maximum of 20d6. The internal areas are the cells cates that a random encounter oc-
The Transport Block is in the cen- proper, including dining and exer- curs, roll 1d8. Each city block has

the numbers 1-8 located on it. The
encounter occurs at the die result An armed party of dwarves steps A stunted dwarf, pale of skin and
into the corridor before you. The with large eyes, sits mumbling to
(e.g., a roll of “6” means that the
leader steps forward. Strength and himself and pulling at his hair. He
encounter takes place in location 6
in that city block). confidence show in his every is clothed in black, oily rags with
The heroes may decide to bring move. The large hammer at his bits of leather and metal sewn into
side is held loosely but ready. He them. He looks up and begins to
the refugees along with them into
rumbles, “What business have you cower before you.
Thorbardin. If they do, 20 dwarves of
the Theiwar kingdom (also known as strangers among the halls of the
dark dwarves) attack 1d6 turns after Hylar?”
This is Krothgar, a Theiwar, recently
the refugees enter Northgate. An ad- ousted by his clan for cowardice.
ditional 20 Theiwar attack each 1d6 The leader is named Arman Kharas If he is offered food or safety, he
turns. After three attacks, if the he- (see the NPC Capsules in the Appen- agrees to guide the party through the
roes have not already decided to dix). With him are 12 Hylar dwarves, dwarven kingdom. Actually, he plans
have the refugees retreat, the refu- each wearing chain mail and carry- to guide the party to the Theiwar
gee council decides to turn back. ing shield and war hammer. community on the upper level
The refugees make camp outside of If the heroes attack, the dwarves (encounter 244) hoping to redeem
Northgate to wait for the heroes’ re- fight fiercely. If it looks like the Hylar himself by offering his clan these
turn with permission to enter. The will be beaten, Arman surrenders. If strangers from the outside world.
refugees have heard many awful ru- the heroes talk, Arman listens to
mors about the dwarves of Thor- their story, though his men remain 241. Prisoners
bardin, and they are very fearful. ready to fight.
Because the refugees have now If the heroes treat Arman with re- No random encounters occur in this
moved farther from the approaching spect and honor, he decides to take block. In the spot labeled “1,” two Hy-
Dragonarmy, the heroes have an ad- them before the Court of the Thanes lar dwarves are held prisoner—one is
ditional 48 hours to get passage for judgment. There they might be Pick, Arman Kharas’s half-brother. In
through Thorbardin. granted safe passage. If the heroes the spot labeled “5” are 2d4 Theiwar
All drawbridges in Northgate are are disrespectful, Arman orders guards. At the “ 8 ” a r e o t h e r p r i s -
down and can be crossed. The draw- them out of Thorbardin and attacks oners, including Aghar, Hylar, and
bridge mechanisms are rusted and if they refuse. Klar dwarves.
cannot be repaired. The Hylar usually avoid Northgate, If Pick sees the party, he calls out
since it is held by the Theiwar for rescue, and says his family will re-
ward his safe return. The other Hylar
238. Dwarfgate dwarves, sworn enemies of the Hylar.
However, the Theiwar have captured dwarf in the cell is dying of a rotting
Arman’s half-brother Pick, and Ar- disease; he dies an hour after rescue
The scars of fierce battle streak if nothing is done to cure him.
the walls. The floor is littered with man is searching the halls of
Northgate for him. If the heroes offer Once rescued, Pick would gladly
broken shards of pottery and
to help Arman rescue his half- lead the party through Thorbardin,
rusted metal. Ancient wagons,
brother, Arman takes them to the but unfortunately doesn’t know
their axles broken, litter the major where he is or how to get home.
corridors. The skeletons of Court of the Thanes even if they are
dwarves and men lie where they disrespectful.
died so long ago, clothed in rusted Arman has an idea where Pick may 242. Anvil’s Echo
armor and rags, silent witnesses to be held (see encounter 241), and
the terrible conflict that once leads the heroes toward the dungeon A vast cavern opens up before
raged in these halls. if they agree to help him. you, spanned by a bridge that
Once Pick has been rescued, Ar- leads off into the darkness. The
man leads the heroes to the City of slightest whisper seems to echo
Everything is deserted and in ruins. the Hylar (chapter 16) by the most di- endlessly in the black depths. Low
There are no random encounters in rect route. stone rails, three feet high, line
this block. The mechanism that once It is very important that the heroes each side of the wide bridge. The
operated the doors is rusted and bro- accompany Arman and do not fight rails are held up by carvings of
ken. him. Encourage peaceful negotia- small dwarves.
tion and highlight Arman’s good in-
239. Arman Kharas tentions and behavior. The cavern is called the Anvil’s Echo.
If this encounter has already oc- Legend has it that the sound of a
curred, do not repeat it. 240. The Dark Guide dwarven hammer on an anvil will
If this encounter has already oc- echo for eternity in this dwarf-made
curred, do not repeat it. cavern. The ceiling is 100 feet above:
the floor of the cavern (encounter

245) is 100 feet below. the chains. See city block 10 for op- 245. Floor of Anvil’s Echo
The bridge is part of the Northgate eration of the transport system.
defense system. Murder holes in the The Theiwar can ride the chains, A huge, rectangular cavern is
ceiling were used to drop missiles, but they do so only in emergencies. carved out of the solid stone. The
boiling oil, molten lead, and boul- Since they do not see this as an emer- floor is lined with rubble. Scat-
ders on attackers—but the defenders gency, they do not pursue. tered about are skeletons long
of Northgate are long dead. If Krothgar is guiding the party, he dead, fallen from the great bridge
Halfway across the bridge are two runs back in the direction from which above.
ropers, flattened against the stone he came, since these Theiwar are
guard rails, waiting to ambush the from a different clan, and would
party. gladly kill him, too. Krothgar finds Northgate
the nearest stair and runs to the up-
Attack of the Theiwar per level, which is occupied by his
own clan. The Theiwar do not pursue
A clan of Theiwar dwarves is forag- into what they consider enemy terri-
ing in this block. Unless the party is tory.
totally silent, the Theiwar are not sur-
prised. There are 75 Theiwar. As the 244. City of the Theiwar
heroes approach the center of the
block, the dark dwarves fill the main Krothgar’s clan occupies the small
hallways to the south and the east. walled fort on the upper level of
If the party is being led by Arman Northgate. There are 250 Theiwar
Kharas, he races down the west end led by a savant. If the party enters the
of the hall shouting for all to follow clan fort, the Theiwar try to capture
him. He leads all who follow to the t h e p ar t y , t ake t h e ir p o sse ssio n s,
nearest Transport Block, and jumps then throw them into the well of An-
to catch one of the chains. All of Ar- vil’s Echo (encounter 242) to their
man’s men follow him onto the deaths.
chains; they all succeed in catching
captured heroes for 24 hours, then 248. The Second Road of
Encounters bring them before the Council of Thanes
246. Leaving Northgate Thanes in the Hylar city.
The party departs Northgate either This is identical to the First Road, ex-
If the party leaves Northgate in the cept it leads to the middle level of the
on the First Road of Thanes (if they
company of Arman Kharas, Arman North Hall of Justice.
left Northgate from the lower level)
guides them through the dwarven
or on the Second Road of Thanes (if
realms to the city of the Hylar by the
they left from the middle level). 249. The North Hall of
safest and most direct route. He
knows where the Theiwar strong- Justice
holds are, and he avoids them when- 247. The First Road of The North Hall of Justice (see map) is
ever possible. Arman wishes to avoid Thanes a small complex of city blocks that
combat, intending only to get his once served as government offices
half-brother Pick to safety and to A wide tunnel through the moun- and a second line of defense. When
take the party before the Council of t a i n l ea d s in t o d a rkn e ss. Me t a l Thorbardin was sealed off from the
Thanes. tracks in the center of the stone outside world, the North Hall of Jus-
Arman answers questions about floor are worn smooth. Once, tice fell into disuse. It is now occu-
the dwarven kingdoms to the best of thousands of dwarves must have pied by Theiwar, who prey on unwary
his ability. As a son of Thane Hornfel, walked here. Now, there is only travelers.
leader of the Hylar, he knows much dust and emptiness. Your foot- Sentries are posted in the Great
of the rivalry that plagues the king- steps echo in the deserted corri- Halls on the lower and middle levels.
doms of Thorbardin (especially be- dor. A party of 40 Theiwar wearing
tween the Hylar and the Theiwar). At leather armor and carrying light
every occasion, he talks about his crossbows with poison arrows is sta-
The Roads of the Thanes are the ma-
supposed descent from the dwarven tioned in each Kings Gate Block in
jor highways that connect the cities
hero Kharas. the complex, where they can fire on
and outposts of Thorbardin. In the
If the heroes depart Northgate intruders through arrow slits in the
civilized areas of the realm, small
without Arman, they must find out cars roll along the metal tracks, Kings Wall. All Theiwar are of the
what to do and where to go by them- lowest type. Arman knows nothing
pulled by cables connected to dwar-
selves. Most of the possible encoun- of their presence; he came to
ven engines. Cars pulled by beasts of
ters in this region of Thorbardin are Northgate by a different and more
burden travel along the roads, as do
with Theiwar dwarves, who try to lure dwarves on foot. dangerous route.
unwary adventurers into a trap. If the If the party inflicts more than 50%
The First Road leads to the lower
heroes reach the West Warrens, they casualties on the Theiwar, the remain-
level of the North Hall of Justice.
encounter numerous Hylar farmers, ing fighters flee; they are not inter-
who call for guards to capture the in- ested in prey that fights back. Arman
truders. The guards imprison any and his warriors help the heroes.

An additional 250 Theiwar, led by selves. If Arman Kharas is with the as wide at the top, inside which an en-
a 7-HD savant and a 6-HD student sa- party, the guards behave with defer- tire city has been carved (see map).
vant, live on the upper level. They at- ence and offer to escort the party to The city can be reached only by
tack the party only if the PCs venture their destination. If the heroes are cable-boat (another dwarven inven-
upstairs. without Arman Kharas, the guard tion). The cable-boat leads to Level 1
The First Road of Thanes (lower leader orders then to surrender their of the Life-Tree.
level) leads on toward the Hylar re- weapons. If they refuse, the guards If the characters should comman-
gions. The Second Road of Thanes attack, and are joined by an addi- deer a boat and try to visit any of the
leads southeast to the city of the tional 1d10 guards every five rounds other cities that line the Urkhan Sea,
Theiwar. Arman insists on traveling until the party surrenders, is cap- they are attacked by a dragon turtle.
the First Road. If the party should de- tured, or is killed.
part the North Hall of Justice on the If the characters are captured, they 255. The Life-Tree of the
Second Road, they encounter a war are held in the prisoner block in the Hylar
party of 1d10 Theiwar led by a 5-HD Guardian Halls for 24 hours before
commander after 1d4 turns. Every being brought to the Council of A working transport shaft provides
1d4 turns thereafter, they encounter Thanes. passage up the Life-Tree. Hundreds
another party, each with 1d6 more o f Hyla r d wa rve s clo g t h e sh a fts.
Most of them have never seen a non-
Theiwar than the previous one, until 252. Guardian Halls
they turn back, are killed, or are cap- dwarf before, and they gawk as the
The Guardian Halls (see map) control strangers pass. Young children make
passage through the dwarven rude remarks. Riding the transport
realms. The Gate Blocks at either shaft is quite safe, though the charac-
250. Road to the West side are normally open, but they can ters may feel otherwise as they look
Warrens be shut in case of invasion. Guards in down the long shaft.
the block control who passes The dwarven city is illuminated by
After many long hours of travel, through. A large dungeon holds a species of glowing coral that works
the Road of the Thanes opens up those who are caught crossing into as a continual light spell.
into a large, natural cavern. The the wrong kingdom. If the characters are currently pris-
cavern teams with life—huge If the heroes were captured in the oners, they are taken to a dungeon
mushrooms, strange fungi, and farms, they spend 24 hours in one of block on level 17 of the city (area “C”
other odd plants. the prison cells, and then the guards on the map). If the characters are
take them to the city of the Hylar. If with Arman Kharas, they are taken to
This area is called the West Warrens. the heroes are with Arman Kharas, a well-appointed inn (area “B”) on
The northern section, where the they pass through the Guardian Hall level 28 (the home of the very rich
characters enter, is a wilderness. without incident. and powerful) in the Kings Gate just
Much of the land in the Warrens is un- outside the Court of Thanes (area
der cultivation: Farmers from sev- 253. The Sixth Road of “A”).
eral of the dwarven kingdoms raise Thanes If the characters are free, they can
food here. wander around the dwarven city
This dwarven highway is in working while waiting for the meeting of the
order. An endless chain of cars trav- Council of Thanes on the following
251. The West Warrens els along the metal tracks, pulled by morning.
a strange dwarven engine.
The wilderness of fungi gives way Either in chains or in the company
to greater order. Here are fields of 256. Audience With the
of Arman Kharas, the characters
mushrooms, carefully fenced in. board a car and are pulled slowly Council of Thanes
Dwarven farmers labor in the along the road. The ride lasts about The Council of Thanes rules Thor-
fields. Cars full of mushrooms and half an hour. bardin. Each of the nine dwarven
fungi, pulled by stunted ponies, kingdoms is theoretically entitled to
travel on dirt roads heading south.
254. Docks an equal seat on the council. In prac-
tice, this is not the case. The Neidar
The ride ends at one of the Hylar
Four shriekers are located at the (Hill) dwarves split with the dwarves
wharfs (see map). The wharfs give ac-
northern edge of the farms. They be- of Thorbardin during the Dwarfgate
cess to the Urkhan Sea. Looking out
gin to cry out when the party ap- Wars, and so their seat is empty. The
at the sea, the PCs’ attention is drawn
proaches. A patrol of 40 Hylar seat of the Kingdom of the Dead is
to an amazing sight: the Life-Tree of
soldiers, wearing chain mail and car- also vacant. The Kingdom of the
the Hylar.
rying war hammers, arrives in 1d6 High King has been vacant for over
The Life-Tree is truly one of the
rounds. Their leader calls for the 300 years—since the time of Derkin.
wonders of the world. It is an im-
party to stop and identify them- The NPC Capsules of the Thanes of
mense stalactite, half a mile high and

Thorbardin provide some back- asked to leave the room so that the and asks them to take it to the Valley
ground on the six Thanes that are Council can make its decision. of Thanes and leave it in the tomb of
present. The Council’s debate lasts an hour, Kharas. He tells them that the helm
The Thanes are Hornfel (Hylar), then the heroes are invited back in. will be of help to them in their quest.
Bluph (Aghar), Gneiss (Daewar), Hornfel speaks. Hornfel raises his hand, and two
Realgar (Theiwar), Rance (Daergar), dwarves enter the chamber. One car-
and Tufa (Klar). Hornfel is the father “It is true that you humans ries a drum, the other a scroll. They
of Arman Kharas; he is sympathetic brought the Cataclysm upon the chant the Song of Kharas (see Ap-
to the heroes’ plight. Realgar is an world, and it is true that the Neidar pendix).
agent of Verminaard; he sees this as made war on Thorbardin. But dark
an opportunity to have the Theiwar times are here again, and ancient 257. Leaving the Kingdom
rule Thorbardin. grudges must not control our des- of the Hylar
To run the Council meeting, first tiny.
have Arman Kharas (if present) intro- “Here, then, is the decision of If the heroes do not agree to the
duce the heroes to the Council and the Council—that whosoever re- quest, they are imprisoned in the
introduce the Thanes to the heroes. covers the hammer of Kharas, that dungeon on level 17 of the Life-Tree
Then have the heroes present their person will the dwarves of Thor- and left to rot.
case and make their request. Hornfel bardin befriend. If you agree to If they agree, Arman begs his fa-
listens with interest, but Realgar be- our terms, and bring the hammer ther to allow him to accompany the
gins to speak with hatred about the to us, then your people may pass. heroes. Hornfel agrees. Arman and a
hill dwarves and men that brought on “There is one other condition— party of Hylar guards escort the he-
the Cataclysm and the Dwarfgate that one of your party remain here roes away. Eben stays behind as a
Wars. as a hostage for your safe return.” hostage.
Have each player roll an Intelli- The trip out of the Hylar city is the
gence check with a -5 penalty to In- same as the journey in. The party
Hornfel names Eben as the hostage takes a cable-boat across the Urkhan
telligence. Any who succeed feel that
to be kept (this is Realgar’s idea, but Sea to the Eighth Road of Thanes.
Realgar’s speech patterns are very
the heroes should not know this). If The trip down the Eighth Road is by
similar to those of Verminaard. In
the heroes refuse the quest, they are car. The journey ends several hours
fact, Realgar is being telepathically
imprisoned. If they agree, Hornfel later at the Guardian Hall complex
controlled by the Dragon Highlord.
tells them that the hammer lies that adjoins the Valley of the
During Realgar’s tirade, tell the
somewhere in the Valley of Thanes, Thanes—where all the dead of Thor-
players that the Theiwar Thane
burial ground of the dwarves. If the bardin are buried.
seems to be swaying the Council
heroes have the helm of Grallen,
against them. Finally, the discussion
Hornfel thanks them for its return,
is finished, and the characters are

The final kingdom of the dwarves is Rathkar’s story takes hours to tell,
Kalil S’Rith, the Valley of the Thanes. wind whines about the hillocks,
and he mumbles. His sin was that he
Here are buried the dwarven dead. seeming to carry the groans and
never told his wife that he loved her.
Those of royal lineage are entombed laments of dying warriors. A freez-
If the party does not listen or
in cairns; commoners are interred in ing rain begins, soaking the
refuses to forgive, Rathkar attacks.
humble graves in the stony plain. ground and limiting vision to 100
He commands 21 skeletons and 19
If the heroes posses the helm of yards.
ghasts. None of the undead can leave
Grallen, its wearer suddenly realizes this hex: they are turned as undead
that he has the power to turn undead 259. Tomb Mounds of the two levels higher (e.g., the skeletons
as if he were a 12th-level priest. are turned as ghouls and the ghasts
as mummies). If destroyed, Rathkar
Encounters Carved tombs, pitted and worn, re-
re g e n e ra t e s, b u t t h is t a ke s se ve n
place the simpler cairns. The wind years.
258. The Valley of the and rain raise a mournful howl.
Thanes 259b. Spectral Tomb
The undead here hate all life and at-
The sun seems a strange sight af- 259a. Tomb of Rathkar
tack to destroy all intruders. One
ter many hours underground.
spectre, two mummies, and eight
Ahead lies a dreary, barren valley A rotting figure limps down from a
ghasts are present. They can leave
between soaring mountains. Eve- large tomb. Its arms are out-
the mound for one turn only, and
rywhere, desolate mounds in the stretched and it is mumbling. Be-
then are teleported back to their
naked earth form burial cairns. hind it trail dwarven undead.
graves for the rest of the day.
Far away, in the heart of the valley,
there is a small patch of green. Ris-
This is the mummy of Rathkar, who 260. The Garden
ing from it, forming a stony pinna-
cannot rest until forgiven by 77 men
cle, is an awesome tomb. The A green oasis surrounds a lake at the
who listen to his entire life story. He
has been forgiven by 31 so far. valley’s center. Stone tombs, cov-

ered with ice from the freezing rain, suggests that they do so. the elevator shaft fill with webs.
fill the oasis. As soon as the heroes Once the arch is rebuilt, it be- * Eight doors (pick at random) are
enter the oasis, the rain ends and the comes a teleportal leading to hidden behind illusionary walls.
sun comes out. Overhead, looming encounter 261. Saying the phrase, “I They can be found only by touch.
above the lake, is a giant floating mourn for Kharas” activates it. * Every time the heroes choose a di-
rock crowned with a castle—the rection, they may (50%) move oppo-
Tomb of Derkin. site the way they think they are
The Floating Tomb moving.
One tomb stands empty before the
heroes. On the opposite shore of the Derkin’s Tomb was built before the * Everything radiates magic.
lake is a ruin. Cataclysm. Upon his death, Kharas
carried Derkin to his final rest, and Evenstar is basically a peaceful,
here Kharas met his own doom. though world-weary dragon, amused
260a. Tomb of Grallen
Shortly thereafter, Evenstar, the at the heroes’ struggle. It enjoys con-
Regardless from which direction gold dragon, arrived in exile to guard fusing people by changing shape
they approach, Grallen’s tomb the hammer of Kharas. Evenstar, us- when not observed. It does not reveal
stands before the heroes. A 15-foot ing hidden knowledge, wrenched the that it is a gold dragon until noted in
obelisk stands on the lake shore. Be- tomb from the earth and set it in the the text, it reveals only that it is the
hind it is a statue of an armored sky. He then filled the tomb with guardian of the tomb. It does not use
dwarf, arms spread, bare head magical perils. Yet his magic was not its powers to cause death.
thrown back. There are Hylar carv- all danger, for Evenstar loves beauty If a hero falls down the shaft or off
ings that read: “Raised to honor and light and adorned the castle with the tomb, he gets to roll a Dexterity
Prince Grallen, hero of the final as- these things too. check (with a -4 penalty to Dexter-
sault on the fortress of Fistandanti- Derkin’s Tomb is 400 feet above ity) to catch himself; if he fails, he
lus.” the ground. It is built in several levels suffers 1d6 points of damage for
If the players have the helm of Gral- in the rock on which it floats. Sheer each level fallen. At the bottom of
len, it speaks to its wearer, saying, cliffs separate the levels. Consult the the shaft there is a net that break the
“Bless you, for my brow has been Derkin’s Tomb map as the players ex- fall, but at the cost of 2d6 additional
cold these long winters.” plore the tomb. points of damage. If a character falls
When placed on the statue, the The tomb has a feeling of age and off the tomb and does not catch him-
helm turns to stone and the statue wonderful craftsmanship about it. self, he falls to the lake below, result-
speaks. “What you seek is above. Its Each room is more exquisite than ing in a total of 20d6 points of
only entrance is across the lake. Say the last. Even the halls and shafts are damage.
‘I mourn for Kharas’ and step through decorated with brilliant murals. At
the unbroken arch.” The statue then any moment it seems the beauty will 261. Reception Tower
crumbles. If the heroes keep the come to life. (It frequently does
helm, the wearer must roll a success- through the magic of Evenstar’s ring A duplicate of the teleport arch from
ful saving throw vs. spell once per of telekinesis.) area 260b is here. As the last hero ex-
turn or throw the helmet to the Every six turns, a muted gong its from the teleport, there is a flash
ground. The helm vanishes once sounds throughout the tomb. of light and the arch vanishes behind
dropped. him. There is a trap door in the roof
How to Run this Adventure here but no ladder.
260b. Broken Gateway
The tomb has only one occupant: 262. Lower Gallery & Stairs
The ruins across the lake are over- Evenstar. He uses his spells and abili-
grown with lilies, jasmine, and snap- ties to challenge the heroes. To play This wooden walk is weakened in
dragons. The ground is carpeted with this section, first review the rules several places. There is a 10%
petals. In the ruin’s center stands an about dragons in the Monstrous chance it breaks. Each character
arch broken in the center. Nine frag- Compendium, read the description of must roll a successful Dexterity
ments are scattered about it. Evenstar in NPC Capsules, and study check or fall ten feet.
If the heroes search the area, they the map of Derkin’s Tomb. Sug- Evenstar can cast grease on the
find the nine fragments and a stone gested uses for Evenstar’s spells are stairs, causing the PC on that part of
plaque engraved in Hylar script. It noted in the encounters. the stairs to topple back into the oth-
reads, “I wait and watch; he will not Evenstar casts guards and wards ers. This causes all affected heroes to
return. Alas, I mourn for Kharas.” as soon as the heroes enter the tomb. receive 1d6 points of damage.
The heroes must fit together the This has the following effects:
nine pieces to rebuild the arch. When 263. Hall of Enemies
the pieces are put in place, they mag- * All doors are wizard locked. The booty of victory—the weapons,
ically merge together until the arch * Corridors fill with a misty violet va-
armor, and shields of Derkin’s
is unbroken again. If the heroes do por that reduces sight to ten feet.
not think to rebuild the arch, Arman * Inner stairwells, the Spiral Way, and

d efeated e n e mie s , is s t or ed he r e . 269. Banquet Hall down the shaft to the ground 500 feet
Evenstar may use his ring of telekine- below (receiving the maximum 20d6
Long tables are lined with fine foods. points of damage).
sis to make things appear to move.
Fruits and sweets are spread in the
centers of the tables. The room is
264. Upper Galleries filled with the aroma of good cook-
273. Elevator Shaft
This is a stone walkway. At the top of ing. This is a square shaft filled with
the stairs a voice (magic mouth) cries Upon closer examination, the food webs. Ice chips fall from the shaft and
out in Hylar, “Defilers, begone! Dis- is found to be made of precious evaporate as they strike the floor.
turb not the sleep of the ageless.” metal, gems, and jewels, worth thou-
The passage slopes upward to the sands of stl. Making the best choices, 274. Ruby Tower of Singing
north past several archways. each person might be able to take Light
Evenstar may decide to cast trans- 2,000 stl worth. “Kharas” warns
mute rock to mud and dancing lights against theft here. The room at the tower’s base holds
here. In the center of the room is a tall crystals and colored bits of glass.
chair, a reading table, and a book. Ly- From above comes the sound of
ing on the book is a pair of ruby- heavenly chimes. The tower itself is
265. Votive Cells
colored spectacles. The book is a flooded with a rainbow of light danc-
These are bare, stone cells. history of Derkin, written in an ob- ing on the walls and crystal chimes
scure tongue. ringing in the wind.
266. Overlook The spectacles have the properties
From this overlook, the PCs can see of infravision, comprehend lan- 275. Shrine of Reorx the
the ruins to the east. In the distance guages, and read magic. They also Forge
to the west is another exit from the act as a gem of seeing. They can be
worn for up to four hours a day with- On the altar are three items and a
valley. South are the nests of giant tapestry that reads, “Take if in need.”
vultures in caves. To the north, the out ill effects. If worn longer, they
Any who enter the shrine are filled
snow-shrouded peaks of the moun- give the wearer a splitting headache
with a feeling of anticipated battle.
tains are covered by a huge army (-4 penalty to THAC0).
The three items are a potion of extra
crawling down into the valley. The healing, a scroll with a remove curse
enemy is coming. (This sight can be 270. Grand Overlook and a prayer spell, and a necklace
seen from every overlook in the See encounter 266 for what can be with three prayer beads—bless, cure,
tomb.) seen here. The floor here is rotted; and karma. Evenstar can identify the
there is a 10% chance per 50 pounds beads.
267. Fountain of Time that a character falls through. Falling
In the center of this room is a moss- characters get a Dexterity check to 276-278. Histories of
covered fountain. Lying against the catch themselves; failure results in a Derkin
fountain is a white-bearded, sleeping 20-foot drop to the support beams
below for 2d6 points of damage. These three chambers tell the story
dwarf. He meets the general descrip-
of Derkin’s life, creations, and battles
tion of Kharas. This is Evenstar. If the
through dioramas and trophies.
heroes awaken him, he appears 271. Grand Promenade
They include his triumph over Bone-
dazed. He has trouble understanding This corridor is lined with shallow crusher the Ogre and his final battle
that time has passed and he wants to niches holding granite statues of no- fought atop Mount Skull. Evenstar
know where his hammer has gone. ble dwarves. The pits drop the lead may use his ring of telekinesis to
He had stopped for a drink after bury- PCs 20 feet. make things come to life or use danc-
ing Derkin and that’s all he remem- Evenstar can cast stinking cloud in ing lights to lure party members to
bers. (If any heroes drink from the this area. the elevator shaft.
fountain, roll dice as if checking for
an effect, then look relieved and say
that they made it.) “Kharas” agrees
272. Tipping Path 279. Unseen Danger
to go with the heroes. After encoun- See the diagram on the map. This This room is filled with red light from
ter 273 he slips away or changes bridge is lined with crossbars sup- the level above. A hammer pendu-
form. ported by a central metal beam. lum swings 30 feet overhead. This
When the party crosses the bridge, it room has a red glass partial floor that
268. Antechamber flips to vertical once more than half is invisible in the light of the tower. It
the total party weight crosses the appears that the room opens onto
Thes e walls a re ma rb le d an d m i r - midpoint. Characters may catch hold the shaft. The real floor is a network
rored, making the room seem larger. of a crossbar by rolling a successful with gaps. Invisible, overhead swing-
Dexterity check; if they fail, they fall ing logs strike (THAC0 15) at any-

thing above three feet tall. Any PC 30 feet high, and the fountain spouts the hammer falls to the invisible
who is struck by a log suffers 2d4 nearly to the ceiling. If a player de- floor of area 279.
points of damage and has a 15% cides to look closely, have him roll an Once the heroes obtain the ham-
chance of being knocked into a hole Intelligence check. If he is success- mer, see the “Raging Ember” section
in the floor (he must then roll a suc- ful, he sees a small wooden platform at the end of this chapter.
cessful Dexterity check or fall 550 bobbing at the top of the fountain.
feet to the ground). PCs who walk This platform has a permanent levi- 286. Watch Tower
across the glass floor without check- tate spell on it, but it can only sup-
ing the floor in front of their feet have port 20 pounds. On the platform is a This three-story tower contains two
a 50% chance of stumbling upon a potion of superheroism and a wand of ballistae and ammunition. Bunks,
hole (successful Dexterity check or a frost with only three charges left. The kegs of oil, and a gong are above. A
long fall, as above). On the far side of command word (“O.G.“) is written in wooden ladder leads up to the stee-
the room is a brass ladder leading up. runes on the wand. ple.

280. Courtyard 284. Vestibule 287. Test of Determination

From this flagstone courtyard, the This room is filled with an obscuring W ind fills this room, moaning up
heroes can see sights as described in smoke that slowly dissipates once from the shaft. Swaying in the wind
encounter 266. The cap of the large the door is opened. A broken phial across this pit is the remnant of a
ruby tower bears a sharp spike. In the lies on the floor. rope bridge. Now only a single strand
center of the courtyard, beside a On the floor before the second set remains with several boards still at-
hole, lies a 16-foot-long flagpole with of doors is the corpse of a dwarf. He tached. A hand-over-hand crossing
a lance tip. This a crude model of a wears the signet ring of Kharas. This requires three successful Dexterity
dragonlance. An inscription on the is the true Kharas. If Evenstar is mas- checks. To tightrope walk, roll two
wall of the Pilgrim’s Hostel (area 281) querading as Kharas, it admits that it successful Dexterity checks (with a
reads: is just the guardian of the tomb and -4 penalty to Dexterity) or one
has been testing them. It does not climb walls check (for rogues only)
Lances did great Huma seek change into a dragon. with a -20% penalty.
To forge upon the dragon’s peak Beneath Kharas’s heel are the re-
With silver arm and silver pool mains of a small scorpion; he was ig- 288. Robbers’ Trap
And Hammer did he forge wyrm’s nobly stung to death. A stone phial A fountain of flame is in the center of
doom. attached to his belt contains a fluid this room. Set in the wall is a door
that forms an obscuring cloud of with a lever beside it.
281. Pilgrim’s Hostel smoke, 40 feet by 40 feet by 20 feet, This room is trapped to dispose of
when poured on the ground. ro b b e rs. Th e t ra p is a cti va te d b y
This is a refuge for visiting pilgrims.
A ramp circles a fountain, providing moving the lever or opening the door
two tiers of stone cells. Here is the
285. Ruby Chamber of the (it only opens outward). When acti-
gear and plate mail +1 of Kharas. Hammer vated, a block of stone drops across
the double-door entrance to the
This room is hot, lit with a sanguine
room, and the room’s ceiling begins
282. Lonely Vigil light streaming through crimson
to drop, causing the flame to spread
windows. Only a narrow balcony
This tower is dark. A set of stairs spi- out. It drops to head height in one
ral up around a water-filled cistern to thrusts over the shaft that opens to
round and then descends one foot
the distant lake below.
a balcony. The stairs are covered with per round. By the time the ceiling is
Hanging from a slender thread, a
webs and broken in several places. A four feet from the floor, the flame
careless hero may fall 10-30 feet. mighty bronze hammer swings back
fills the room. The ceiling stops two
and forth. Every hour it strikes one of
Evenstar may use a phantasmal feet above the floor and then rises
the gongs thrusting out from the
force spell to make the cistern appear one foot per round until it is at its
to release a flood of water for 3d4 original height of ten feet.
points of damage. As the PCs reach this room, Even-
The flame causes 1d4 points of
At the top of the tower is a wooden star casts an invisible cylindrical wall
damage per round. Everyone in the
of force over the swinging hammer.
cylinder containing a magical scroll room suffers this damage while the
The hammer may now be retrieved
with flame arrow, fire shield, and ceiling is four feet high or lower (a to-
only by finding some way to sever
haste spells. tal of four rounds).
the cord and catch it, climbing up to
The door with the lever is only a
it from below, or by waiting for the
283. Dilemma end of the spell.
false door. The exit from this room is
a concealed stone panel.
In this tower is a gushing fountain. A Using a crystal and mirror or the
ramp leads downward. The room is ruby glasses to focus the red-tinted
sunlight burns the cord through and

Ember bellows, “Prepare to die!” dle. At the last moment, the horses
289. Derkin’s Final Peace feather fall gently to the ground.
and takes flight. If needed, review the
In the center of this room is a bier dragon rules in the Monstrous Com- Behind, the fledglings circle the
holding the coffin of Derkin. The lid pendium and Ember’s NPC Capsule tower in confusion. The tomb shud-
is carved to resemble Derkin. In this in the Appendix. Ember does not at- ders, crumbling, until the spike
room are statues of servants and a tack Evenstar intentionally. It circles breaks, tossing Ember’s broken form
golden anvil that weighs 800 and breathes, then claws and bites as earthward. Then the tomb slowly
pounds. Several sealed chests hold it glides the next two rounds. Then it sinks.
resplendent garments and furs worth climbs, banks, and swoops to The army starts a mile away from
5,000 stl. On a stand is Derkin’s breathe again. Finally, it dives for the party, but it moves a mile a turn.
golden plate mail +3, helm, and double claw damage and then lands The heroes must flee or be captured.
shield with the avenging flame em- to fight and cast spells. As the heroes near the Guardian
blem. The armor is cursed for any Evenstar does not help unless Em- Hall out of the Valley of the Thanes,
who steal it—it becomes AC 10 at a ber causes Evenstar damage or shadows glide past as a party of eight
critical moment in battle. Also here harms any part of the tomb. If this Kapak dragonmen drop from the
is a two-handed bronze war axe +2 happens, Evenstar flies into a rage cliff top. From the mouth of the tun-
and a ring of protection +2. and attacks. nel rides a Bozak astride a subterra-
The hammer does not use its spe- nean lizard.
Raging Ember cial abilities. If thrown off the tower,
Evenstar has it after the fight.
This encounter occurs when the he-
If the heroes use the flagpole as a
roes enter area 280 with the Hammer
heavy lance (dmg 3d6) to set against
of Kharas (if the heroes avoid this
Ember’s dive, it causes double dam-
area after obtaining the hammer, this
age. Ember can avoid the lance if it is
battle occurs at any overlook they
seen in time.
enter or when they reach the ground.
Evenstar suggests that the lance
Adjust the circumstances of the fight
be used if the heroes do not think of
accordingly). If Evenstar is not with
the heroes, he is waiting for them as
When Ember is reduced to 5 or
Kharas. A shadow crosses his face
fewer hit points, it screams in a final
and he looks skyward. There on the
death cry, takes to the air, tries to fly
tower’s cap perches Ember, the red
away, falters, and tumbles backward
dragon. Verminaard is not astride
onto the spike on the tower cap.
Ember. Evenstar shakes his head at
War horns sound from the valley
those who draw weapons.
below. The army approaches. Even-
In a voice that is a hissing roar, Em-
star collapses and changes to
ber speaks, “So Old One, you con-
Kharas. He is aging and the tomb
sort with my enemies! More, you
trembles. He speaks, “1 have com-
hide behind their puny forms! Step
pleted at last my fateful mission, and
aside, they are mine! Nothing holds
now the end is upon me. Take the
back my claw now!”
hammer—let it not fall into the ene-
Evenstar smiles, “Begone, child!
my’s hands! Flee to the Thanes and
Do not tempt my anger. Do you de-
fail not.”
sire death so?”
He encourages Arman to guard
Ember’s lips curl in a cruel snarl.
the hammer and fulfill his destiny. He
“No, Old One! It is you who tempt
gives the heroes six horse statuettes.
fate! 1 know the Oath; by the power of
They are to throw these to the
your word you are bound! Not even
ground and cry “Branchala Guide
the terror of the dragonlance could
Me!” The statuettes become living
bind one so well. Come, Evenstar,
horses for three turns (move 24), and
show these puny mortals what com-
can be used three times.
pany they keep, or has the Council
As the heroes mount to flee, a rau-
stripped you of your pride too?”
cous screeching is heard. Six young
The dwarf’s face clouds with an-
dragons, Ember’s brood, are heading
ger; his form swells, taking on a
for the tomb. If the horses have been
golden hue, stretching and growing
activated, they rear and then leap off
until there stands a golden dragon.
the side of the tomb. Any riders must
Ember laughs in derision. Evenstar
roll Dexterity checks; failure means
turns to the heroes and tells them
that the hero is hanging from the sad-
Ember is right, it may not interfere.

Events scouts encountered, the main body If a Daergar patrol attacks, each
of the Dragonarmy is ten rounds be- turn there is a 10% chance that an
Event #5: Escape hind the heroes. If not delayed, the identical patrol joins the hunt.
This event takes place immediately army pursues the heroes onto the
Ninth Road of the Thanes. This in-
after the heroes leave Derkin’s Tomb.
creases the frequency of random
encounters in these tunnels to one The South Hall of Justice once
As the great tomb crumbles, you served a role similar to that of the
check every two rounds.
see the mass of the approaching
In describing the Great Hall, note North Hall, but it is now controlled by
Dragonarmy giving chase. Your
that the roof is supported by pillars the Daergar. It is also occupied by
horses gallop away, but your pur-
that are cracked and fragile. Pulling Verminaard and his forces. Once the
suers grow ever closer!
down a pillar takes one round of tug- heroes have entered the Ninth Road
ging by a combined Strength of 45. If of Thanes from the Guardian Hall,
There is a 10% chance per turn that a t hr ee p i lla rs a re p u lle d d o wn , t h e the only route leads to the South
scouting patrol of eight Baaz dracon- ceiling collapses. It takes the Drag- Hall. This is a very critical part of the
ians comes within 1d6 x 10 yards of onarmy six turns to dig through and adventure, and it must be carefully
the heroes and charges to the attack. resume pursuit. run.
Remember that the magical steeds The enemy forces should be in hot
last for only three turns, and that Event #6: The Hunt pursuit of the adventurers. Empha-
they can be regenerated only twice. size the urgent nature of their flight
Then the heroes must proceed on This region is controlled by the from the Theiwar and the Dragon-
foot. The Dragonarmy has occupied Daergar kingdom, currently allied army. If the heroes are cornered at
most of the Valley of the Thanes. Dra- with the Theiwar and with Vermi- any point, the enemy will call for
conians swarm over the northwest- naard. In addition to normal random them to surrender. If the heroes sur-
ern parts of the valley; the only encounters, check three times (need- render, they are escorted under
escape route for the heroes is in the ing a 1 on 1d6) to see if the party heavy guard to the Temple of Stars
direction of the Guardian Hall lead- encounters a Daergar patrol, consist- (encounter 299). Their weapons are
ing to the Ninth Road of Thanes. ing of 12 Daergar. The patrol always taken from them, but they are not
The Gateway block leading into begins 1d6 x 10 yards behind the he- bound.
the Great Hall block to this road is roes. If encountered, the patrol gives If the heroes are not captured, they
cracked and broken. Regardless of chase. should end up in the Prison (encoun-

ter 290), where they meet Eben and moves on, one of the heroes looks 294. Cricketherds
Berem. From there, Eben should back and sees Berem stand, look
urge them to go north to leave this confused, and run off in another di- Here, a group of six Daergar tend
complex. They must enter the Tem- rection. their herd—20 giant cave crickets
ple of Stars to escape, and there the After the prisoners are freed, no grazing on fungi and garbage. Their
final scene takes place. enemies appear for ten rounds. The sudden chirping has a 2 in 6 chance
heroes can follow Eben, who claims of drawing a random encounter.
290. Prisoners of the to know the way out, find another
way out, or stand and fight. Vermi- 295. Curtained Alcove
naard has ordered his forces to cap- As the party passes through this
As soon as the heroes cross the draw- ture the heroes alive. If captured, the block, they see a curtained alcove off
bridge in the King’s Wall, they hear heroes are brought to the Temple of to one side. Inside is a pretty lady,
terrible cries coming from the next the Stars (encounter 299). If the he- dressed in rags, chained to the wall.
block. The next block is a dwarven roes retreat or follow Eben, the en- (She is really a lamia noble. Oops.)
prison guarded by 20 Daergar, who emy forces them in the direction of
are outside the cell area. Once the encounter 299.
Daergar are defeated, entering the 296. Survival of the Fittest
cell complex is easy. 291. Invasion of the Daergar The heroes can slip by if they move
There are 100 prisoners held here, quietly. If there is a commotion, the
but only 20 Hylar, ten men, and five Enemy troops have entered the monsters turn on the party.
kender are in shape to fight. There South Hall of Justice through the
are enough Daergar weapons to Seventeenth Road of Thanes. Wher-
297. Petrified Remains
equip all fighters. ever this encounter occurs, a party of
Eben is found in one of the cells, 25 Theiwar, 25 Baaz draconians, and Here are the petrified remains of a
along with an old man. Eben is very a Kapak draconian riding a subterra- mastodon. If the bonemaster
glad to see the party; he says that af- nean lizard attacks the party. Their (encounter 293) has followed the
ter the heroes left on the quest, there objective is to capture the PCs or to party, he animates the skeleton,
was a raid on the Hylar city and he force them into the prison cell block which cannot be turned while the
was kidnapped by Daergar. Eben’s (encounter 290). bonemaster is alive. (HD 13, hp 52,
clothes are torn and he has bruises, AC 4, THAC0 8, AT 2d8(x2)/2d6(x2))
but he is not actually hurt. The other Special Encounters
prisoners confirm that he was
The following special encounters can
The Final Battle
brought into the prison by Theiwar
take place anywhere in the South This is the climax of the first book of
guards, beaten, and thrown into the
Hall complex. You may use some, the DRAGONLANCE® saga. Read
cell. In fact, Eben is here only to lead
none, or all of these to help guide the the following section carefully. Al-
the party to Verminaard so that the
adventure. Normal random encoun- though this situation is extremely
Dragon Highlord can recover the
ters can be used in addition to or in dangerous, it can be survived, if the
hammer of Kharas. Verminaard ar-
stead of these encounters. h e ro e s t h in k a n d a ct in t e ll i g e n tl y.
ranged Eben’s placement here
There is a lot of role-playing here; try
through his puppet, Realgar.
292. Warning to understand the needs and objec-
Eben says he saw the Daergar
tives of all the NPCs before begin-
commander’s maps and thinks he Impaled on a staff is a grotesque, ning play.
can find the way out of the kingdom. tusked skull. There is a 50% chance
If permitted to guide the party, he that there is a spiked spring trap hid-
leads them to the final encounter in a 298. Doorway to Despair
den here (2d6 points of damage).
roundabout fashion. Each turn after the heroes pass, If none of the PCs experienced the
The old man in Eben’s cell has there is a 10% chance of a magic full dream of event #2 and #3, elimi-
forgotten how to talk and is slow to mouth shouting, “Intruders!” nate the deja vu aspects of the follow-
understand. He has evidently been ing description, but try to give the
here for a very long time; his beard players a feeling of dread nonethe-
293. Bonemaster
and hair are waist-length and his less.
clothes are in tatters. His long beard This rogue dwarf has a few assistants No matter which way the heroes
conceals a strange gem implanted in gnawing bones clean. He designs come upon the final encounter, they
his chest. This is Berem Everman weapons, armor, and tools from the find themselves heading down a
(see the NPC Capsules). He follows bones. He is able to animate bones; strangely familiar corridor. . . .
the party until the next fight. At that there are 20 Theiwar skeletons
time, regardless of dice rolls, he suf- nearby. He uses the skeletons and his The way ahead of you dims, as if
fers an evidently mortal wound and helpers to cover his escape. the light of your torches and lan-
falls to the ground. When the party

At this point, remember the spe-
terns is being sucked up by the the army of the Dragon Highlord cial powers of the hammer of Kharas
grim dwarven halls. Your sur- enter. They part, and from behind (see Magical Items in the Appendix).
roundings take on the feeling of a them strides Verminaard, clothed It can possess its wielder and person-
dream, as if you are sleepwalking. in black armor. He steps up onto a ally act to make events come out to
An awful feeling of deja vu creeps balcony over the central pit, and its satisfaction. Give the players a
up into your soul . . . for you were laughs with sinister joy. “Welcome chance to save themselves, but if
here once before, in a dream. to despair!” he shouts.
they fail, the hammer can take an ac-
Memories of your nightmare in tive role.
the Mind of Evil flood back, for the
In addition to all items and spells in
corridor stretching into the next
Verminaard’s NPC Capsule, he wears Verminaard laughs as the hammer
dwarven block is the corridor in
a ring of protection +3, a ring of pro- of Kharas is taken from you. The
your dream!
tection vs. normal missiles, and a hammer-wielder says to you, “You
brooch of shielding. He has cast resist are fools to resist my master! He
If characters try to go in another di- fire on himself. If the heroes attempt will reward me richly; you will see
rection, they encounter parties of to attack, he shrugs it off. The your folly when 1 am made gover-
Daergar and draconians that fight to Daergar fire a flight of darts to warn nor of this land!”
either capture them or force them the heroes. “Hold your tongue, lackey,”
into the final encounter. If the heroes entered the Mind of snarls Verminaard. “You are sim-
Evil in events #2 and #3, have them ply a pawn, and you will serve your
299. The Final Battle review their dream cards and remind betters! Bring me the hammer!”
them of the details of shifting and
This encounter takes place in the changing to become more and more
Temple of Stars (City Block 12). Re- The traitor is outraged and protests,
like the dream. Sturm and Laurana
view the map block carefully to place but Verminaard exerts his will and
feel that this is not where their
all the participants in it. In locations the unwilling lackey moves closer to
dreams took place.
2 and 4, the ceiling has caved in, Verminaard. But as he reaches the
blocking the passage so that the Dragon Highlord, the hammer sud-
Verminaard speaks again. “Word denly begins to glow. The Daergar
party must enter the main temple
has reached me that Ember has are awed and fall to their knees. The
area (center of block).
been slain! For that you will pay traitor passes from the influence of
If the party was captured previ-
dearly! You thought to best me by Verminaard to the influence of the
ously, they are brought into this cen-
gaining the hammer of Kharas, but hammer.
tral area. Their weapons are piled
I was in control all along. I permit- Verminaard is livid at the disobedi-
nearby. If the party did not release
ted you to retrieve what I could ence, and he demands again that the
Eben from the prison, he is brought
not. Now I have you and the ham- traitor bring him the weapon. But the
in to stand by Verminaard, appar-
mer, and with it I shall command traitor is fully under the hammer’s
ently a prisoner too.
the dwarven kingdoms. To show
control, and says, “With this ham-
you how futile has been your
The great hall north is barred by a mer, 1 control the dwarven realms,
struggle, one of your own will not you!” He throws the hammer at
locked golden gate. Suddenly, the bring the hammer to me.”
face of Verminaard, ten feet tall, Verminaard, automatically hitting
appears in mid-air, and a tele- for maximum damage. The hammer
pathic voice booms in your heads. His gaze sweeps over the party mem- rebounds and lands at the edge of the
“Finally! You are mine!” The doors bers. Ask each player in turn if he will pit. The Daergar begin to chant the
fling open and nearly 200 Daergar voluntarily take the hammer to Ver- name of the traitor as he bends to
rush in, weapons at the ready. minaard. If all refuse (as they pick up the hammer.
Verminaard laughs. “So now should), Eben Shatterstone reveals But at that moment, Verminaard
you know what lies beyond the himself as the traitor. Take Eben’s casts spiritual hammer, hitting the
doorway of dreams. Nothing can character card back from the player traitor automatically for maximum
save you now!” who has been running him and have damage, and keeps him from retriev-
A horn sounds from behind the Eben tell the party that, indeed, he ing the hammer. Each round there-
golden gates and the image fades. works for Verminaard. If Eben is not after, Verminaard strikes again for
The Daergar cower as a light mag- with the party, Verminaard can at- maximum damage, slowly crushing
ically shines on the gates. Sud- tempt to telepathically control any- the hapless traitor.
denly, the gates are flung open. A one with a Wisdom of 10 or less. The
party of four warriors, four dracon- person he attempts to control gets a Battle Royale
ians, two ogres, and an ettin, all saving throw vs. spell to resist. If all
Now the heroes have a chance to
wearing the uniforms of officers in resist, Verminaard has his personal
break free. There is one Theiwar for
guard retrieve the hammer.
each hero in the party; they must be

overcome before the heroes can re- yet over!” he cries. But when he lifts Death of a Hero
co ve r thei r w e a p o n s , if t he y w er e the hammer, he cries out in pain and
Regardless of actual battle events,
captured earlier. suffers 15 points of damage. He can-
Arman Kharas receives a fatal wound
The Daergar soldiers are only con- not hold the hammer and flings it
in this fight. As the final enemies flee
cerned with who possesses the ham- away. Verminaard continues to fight,
or die, a faint whisper is heard from
mer. Its influence keeps them from but when he is down to his last few hit
the crumpled form of Arman. There
being active in the battle. If the he- points, he says, “You shall not have
is no saving him; he seems to have
roes liberated the prisoners earlier, the satisfaction of taking me alive,”
wraps his cloak around himself, and been poisoned.
the prisoners fight an equal number
If the heroes attempt to aid him, he
of Daergar. The heroes must defeat steps into the pit, falling to his death
shakes his head and says, “No, I am
Verminaard’s guard and the Dragon without a sound.
undone. No aid will save me. Take
Highlord himself to win. Once Verminaard is dead, the
the hammer to my father; he will un-
Once the traitor is dead, Vermi- Daergar flee and Verminaard’s guard
ify the kingdom. Tell him not to
naard tears a dragon-headed neck- suffers -1 penalties to their attack
rolls, damage rolls, and saving mourn, I have served the Wheel well.
lace from around his neck and
I know I am not Kharas, but I have
throws it into the pit, crying, “Come, throws.
driven the darkness back.”
oh mighty Queen! Send me your ser-
And with his final words, he dies.
vant so that your child may be
avenged!” Silence follows, and then
from the pit arises a horror—a
fireshadow! The fireshadow resem-
bles a wraith-like dragon outlined by
pale green fire.
The fireshadow first attacks one of
the prisoners with its ray of oblivion,
disintegrating him. Next, it strikes a
Daergar, converting him into dark
flame. The heroes must defeat the
fireshadow and the dark flame
Daergar, in addition to their other
If the heroes do not think to re-
trieve the hammer and use it against
the fireshadow, it glows and rings
out. The hammer allows only Eben,
Arman, Tasslehoff, Flint, or Cara-
mon to pick it up. The fireshadow au-
tomatically attacks any person
holding the hammer. The hammer
can dispel the fireshadow if it hits the
creature. The hammer arcs through
the monster and it fades away, but
then the hammer falls at Vermi-
naard’s feet.
If the heroes entered the Mind of
Evil in their dreams, suddenly they
sense the mind of Elistan among
them. Hope floods into their souls,
and they gain a +2 bonus to their at-
tack and damage rolls and a -2 bo-
nus to their ACs for the remainder of
this battle. Verminaard staggers
back under the mind of Elistan; he
suffers a -2 penalty to attack and
damage rolls and a +2 penalty to his
Verminaard, reeling, stoops to
pick up the hammer. “You may think
you have won, but this battle is not

Endgame If the Heroes Return Too at their head is Elistan, risen
Late again.
If the heroes fail to defeat Vermi-
naard in the final battle, then the Elistan lifts his hand, and the
forces of darkness triumph. The he- A vision out of nightmares greets people fall silent. “Welcome!” he
roes almost certainly are captured. you as you approach the refugee cries, and another great cheer
The hammer of Kharas falls into the camp. For where there were once erupts from the crowd.
hands of evil, and the Theiwar Thane 800 living souls, now there is only “We must leave quickly, ere the
takes the throne of Thorbardin. The death and destruction. Men, Dragonarmy reaches our camp.
forces of evil prevail. This concludes women, and children are strewn But now that you are here, we
the adventure in despair—though about like rag dolls. The wagons know that safety and freedom are
are smashed; the fragile lean-tos not far away.”
the heroes may yet escape to fight
again. are burned. Mixed with the refu-
gees are the remains of
If the heroes defeat Verminaard As the refugees quickly pack their
draconians—the defenders of the
and recover the hammer of Kharas, a few belongings, Elistan takes the he-
camp fought bravely to the end
party of Hylar dwarves led by Hornfel roes aside. If the heroes entered the
arrives shortly after Arman Kharas’s and took many enemies with
them. Mind of Evil in events #2 and #3 in
death. He asks the heroes to give him chapter 14, Elistan says, “Thank you
the hammer. You have returned too late. The
for bringing hope into the Mind of
If the heroes give Hornfel the ham- Dragonarmy has won yet another
Evil. Thanks to you, I was able to
mer of Kharas, he hails them as the victory. Your quest to find safety
for these people has come to stave off the dark forces and attack
saviors of Thorbardin, and he grants Verminaard at the critical moment. I
them and all their companions safe naught . . . but the battle for Krynn
is not yet over! witnessed your final battle, then
passage through the kingdom. Each awoke at the death of Verminaard to
character who survived is made an bring news of your victory to the peo-
honorary War Leader (equivalent to a While in Dragonarmy-occupied terri- ple. We have awaited your coming,
knighthood) and a citizen of Thor- tory, the characters have an encoun- and now know that freedom is in our
bardin. ter with eight Baaz draconians once grasp.”
If the heroes refuse Hornfel’s re- every four game turns, in addition to If the heroes did not enter the Mind
quest, the hammer uses its powers to normal random encounters. of Evil, Elistan says, “I was con-
take over its wielder, who is forced to Twenty refugees led by Laurana sumed by the darkness of Vermi-
hand it to Hornfel. Hornfel treats the managed to escape, carrying the naard. My strength and faith were
heroes the same as if they gave him body of Elistan. They make their way barely enough to keep me free. But
the hammer voluntarily. to Northgate and are found there. El- Verminaard’s death freed me, and I
It is vital that the hammer end up istan revived shortly after the heroes awoke to bring news of your victory
in the hands of Hornfel, for this is the defeated Verminaard. He has told the to our people. We have awaited your
only device that can forge story of the final battle to the survi- coming, and now know that freedom
dragonlances. The players, of course, vors. is at last in our grasp.”
should not learn this until much Continue with the final scene
later. below—but the final feast is dimmed
Possession of the hammer of with sorrow, and the ending of this
Passage Through
Kharas allows Hornfel to declare saga is not a happy one. Instead of re- Thorbardin
himself King of Thorbardin. As King, maining at Southgate, the few surviv- The survivors of the 800 refugees fol-
he can assert authority over the ing refugees elect to accompany the low the characters into Northgate
Theiwar and Daergar, and once again heroes south to Tarsis. and through the long halls of the
open Thorbardin to the outside Because the players failed in their dwarven kingdom to Southgate, its
world. mission, they lose 50% of the experi- southern exit. (For mapping pur-
ence points they earned in this ad- poses, Southgate is identical to
Rescue of the Refugees venture. Northgate except for the compass di-
At this point, determine how much rection.)
If the Heroes Return in Time Hornfel, now wearing the crown of
time remains before the Dragon-
army reaches the refugee camp. Ask the High King, comes to Southgate
As you approach the refugee to welcome the refugees. “We greet
the players whether they want to
camp, a mighty cheer goes up. you, the first humans to pass through
travel quickly or slowly back to the
The survivors of Pax Tharkas are our kingdom in many centuries. For
camp. Quick travel takes one day
happier than they have been in the courage of your leaders, and for
from the South Hall; slow travel
many a day. Men, women, and their contribution to at last reuniting
takes two days. Do not tell the play-
children rush to greet you . . . and the dwarves of Thorbardin, we are
ers how much time is left!
pleased to grant you the land outside

the Southgate as a refuge until dark-
ness lifts from Krynn.” huge dwarven gate is open, a sign to take his place. The first battle
of safety and refuge. has been won, but the war con-
The land is able to support the sur-
Everywhere there is peace and tinues.
viving refugees, and it will be a long
time before the Dragonarmy re- rejoicing. Children and parents Perhaps in Tarsis answers can
alike dance in the glade’s soft be found. Why have dragons re-
unites under another leader. For the
grasses. Music fills the air. The turned to Krynn? What is the
time being, the refugees are safe.
sunset is impossibly rich and bril- power of the Dragon Highlords?
The Council of Freedom elects to re-
main here, while the heroes, accom- liant. How can they be defeated?
It is a time of peace and rejoic- And somewhere in the world is
panied by Elistan, go south to the
i n g, f o r t hi s is t h e ma rria g e o f the key to the dragonlance—for if
seaport of Tarsis to arrange passage
Goldmoon and Riverwind. Cele- the hammer of Kharas was no
for the refugees to lands free of the
bration is in the air. And, as the myth, then the dragonlance may
menace—if, indeed, such lands
exist. sun sets, a line of dwarves, carry- also exist. If they can be found,
The characters should remain with ing torches, winds its way down perhaps the tide can be turned,
from Southgate to attend the and you can take back the stolen
the refugees for a few weeks, to re-
cover from their trials and receive feast. Elistan calls the people to- northlands.
the level advancements they have gether.
earned by training with dwarven Here ends the first book of the
masters and rescued veterans. The Wedding Song (in the Appendix) DRAGONLANCE ® saga. Knowledge
If the characters saved the refu- was written for the feast of this mar- of the true gods has returned to trou-
gees, they each receive a bonus of riage. You can perform it or read it bled Krynn, and with knowledge,
1,000 experience points in addition aloud. Elistan conducts the wedding hope.
to any other points earned in the ad- service, and when the two are joined, The second book of the
venture. shouts of jubilation are everywhere. DRAGONLANCE epic tells of the he-
The heroes have several meetings The feast lasts long into the night. roes’ role in the Great War, and of the
with Hornfel, and they attend the fu- And late, around the campfire, the discovery of the dragonlances. Many
neral of Arman Kharas. The dwarves Canticle of the Dragon may once old mysteries are solved, but new
gladly furnish the heroes with what- again be recited. ones arise.
ever supplies and equipment (no In the third book of the saga, it is
magical items) they need for their shown how the will of one man can
quest southward.
The Story Ends. . .
change the fate of the world—for
During this period, Riverwind and good or ill— and reveals the final
Late at night, you join your com-
Goldmoon decide to marry. This is mysteries and fate of the dragons of
panions on a ridge, looking south.
the occasion for a great feast—the fi- Krynn.
The plains of Tarsis stretch to the
nal event of this story.
flat horizon. Somewhere to the
south the shining city of Tarsis
The Wedding of stands, somewhere its towers
Goldmoon and Riverwind gleam in the sunshine, and its
ships set sail for lands free of tyr-
Autumn warmth fills the glade of anny.
trees. Behind you, the shadow of Verminaard is dead, but soon
the great mountain looms. The another Dragon Highlord will arise

Dream Card—Sturm Dream Card—Sturm
Fierce draconian warriors attack, and you are consumed with Fierce draconian warriors attack, and you are consumed with
battle-lust! You draw your sword and strike about you, cutting battle-lust! You draw your sword and strike about you, cutting
down your enemies. down your enemies.
Great elation fills your heart as you see Kitiara, the great love Great elation fills your heart as you cut down the draconians
of your life, fighting at your side! You know that you are unbeat- surrounding you. You look around to see where you are needed.
able, and that victory is in your grasp. Magically, a wall rises before you, and you hear guards crying
You realize suddenly that if you strike the golden lock with that the draconians are preparing to breach the wall. A huge
your sword, Elistan will be freed and Verminaard forever de- blue dragon appears in mid-air, demoralizing all who face it. You
stroyed. But you must act now, for Verminaard is moving to take know that you are the only one who can defeat the dragon. You
Elistan with him into the darkness! start toward the wall as trumpets sound the retreat.
As you lunge forward, you hear Kitiara cry for help. You turn But you cannot go forward. Fear such as you have never
and see her sorely beset by draconians. Without your help, it is known stabs into your heart. You know that if you confront this
obvious she will die. You hesitate, torn between your duty and monster you will die.
your love. You turn away, shaking and ashamed. Behind you, the wall is
At that moment, a draconian drives a spear deep into your breached and the draconian hordes pour through. The dragon
chest. Your last, blood-dimmed sight is of Kitiara dying at the lands.
hands of the draconians. You do not resist as you are trampled by hordes of draconians
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.
pouring through the battlements. Bitterly despairing, you die a
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dream Card—Goldmoon
Out of the darkness come fierce warriors-members of your Dream Card—Laurana
own Que-Shu tribe, murdered by draconians! You see their ex-
pressionless faces, and you realize that they are lost to evil. Fierce draconian warriors attack, and you are consumed with
You fight because you must, but tears run down your cheeks battle-lust! You draw your sword and strike about you, cutting
as you cut down people you loved dearly. Despair, guilt, and hor- down your enemies.
ror oppress your soul. Yet you fight on. Around you, your com- But the draconian hordes are endless, and around you there is
rades die, one by one. You feel that the True Gods have death. Sturm falls beside you, draconians hacking at his body.
abandoned you. You look around and see the horror. You falter.
Suddenly you know what you must do. You step forward, and Voices shout at you, asking you what to do. Another voice
with a mighty blow shatter the glass case. Elistan steps out, cries for you to take command. Everyone’s eyes are on you; ev-
looks at you and then at Verminaard. His eyes become cold, ex- eryone is yelling your name, calling for help.
pressionless. You scream, and reach your hand out to him, ig- But you don’t want to help. You want to be told what to do. You
noring the blows that fall upon you. Elistan reaches down to want to be helped. Finally, you can’t stand it any more. You
you, grabs the amulet around your neck, and tears it from you. throw down your weapons and run out of the room into the dark-
You collapse, weak and bleeding from the sword-thrusts in ness. You run farther, only to find that the darkness grows . . .
your body. As you die, you see Elistan’s white robes turn to scar- and you cannot stop running.
let as he disappears into the void with Verminaard. ©
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.

Dream Card—
Dream Card—Riverwind Tika, Gilthanas, and other Warriors
Out of the darkness come fierce warriors-members of your Fierce draconian warriors attack, and you are consumed with
own Que-Shu tribe, murdered by draconians! You see their ex- battle-lust! You draw your sword and strike about you, cutting
pressionless faces, and you realize that they are lost to evil. down your enemies.
You fight because you must, but tears run down your cheeks You are determined to prove yourself in this battle, yet things
as you cut down people you loved dearly. Despair, guilt, and hor- start to go wrong. You stumble and accidentally trip Sturm, who
ror oppress your soul. Yet you fight on. Around you, your com- falls under the flashing blades of the draconians. You jostle
rades die, one by one. Raistlin just as he is about to unleash a spell. Your friends are
You see Goldmoon before you, fighting to reach Elistan as yelling at you to get out of the way, to leave them alone.
your own tribesmen stab her. You are bleeding from your many Panicked, you look around. Enemies you thought you killed
wounds, yet you shrug off the pain and fight your way toward are standing up and attacking. Soon you are fighting through
Goldmoon. tears of frustration.
Your legs and arms grow strangely heavy, and you can’t seem You fight on, stubbornly, but your mistakes get worse and
to get closer to Goldmoon, no matter how hard you try. Despair worse. Suddenly, you see a huge, armored back—a draconian!
and anguish stab into your heart as you see her fall, mortally You stab deeply, and your aim is true. You wipe tears from your
wounded by her own tribesmen. eyes, and, too late, realize that you have stabbed Caramon!
You drop your sword and do not resist as the draconians stab
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. you. You die, falling across Caramon’s body.
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dream Card—Tasslehoff and other Rogues Dream Card—Caramon
Suddenly, battle rages all about you as draconian hordes attack! Fierce draconian warriors attack, and you are consumed with
Your companions can take care of these monsters—only you battle-lust! You draw your sword and strike about you, cutting
can free Elistan! Carefully, you make your way to the crystal down your enemies.
cage, and inspect the small golden lock. What luck! The lock is You stand together with your brother Raistlin. His magic pro-
childishly simple. tects you as you slay enemies all around you.
You pull out a lockpick and go to work. But the lock doesn’t You are fearless in your attack, but see your friends, one by
yield. You try again, but you find that this simple lock resists one, overwhelmed by the draconian hordes. Yet you stand, and
your best techniques. You hear the sounds of combat behind you and Raistlin are able to move toward the caged Elistan.
you, and see your friends begin to die under the onslaught of the But suddenly the magical spell protecting you dissipates! You
draconians. turn to see Raistlin, now dressed in black robes, leaving you for
You know that you can stop the slaughter if you can just open Verminaard. Your beloved brother has abandoned you, and you
this simple, simple lock! Your hands begin to bleed from tearing are bereft. You call his name, but a fierce pain in your back re-
at the lock in bitter frustration. minds you of the battle.
Finally, ignoring your better judgment, you try to force the You have been stabbed in the back, and you cannot see your
lock open, but you trigger a very simple trap you knew was there killer. You pitch forward, dying: your last thoughts are of your
all along. As the small, poisoned needle enters your hand, you brother, forever lost to evil.
realize that your quest is doomed. As the poison courses ©
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.
through your body, you know that this is the end.
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.

Dream Card—Flint
Verminaard signals, and a horde of mountain dwarves—your
Dream Card—Raistlin and other Wizards sworn enemies—rushes to the attack. The battle-lust sings in
A horde of draconians attack, but you know that your spells will your heart as you realize that your revenge is at hand!
protect you. The magic has never been more strong within you, But there seems to be an infinite supply of the foul creatures,
and you know that today you are capable of feats far beyond and you and your fellows are slowly overwhelmed. “I led them
what you thought possible. Victory is at hand! into this fate,” you think. “I am the oldest and thus responsible.”
Suddenly, you have a vision of yourself dressed in black Despair and guilt enter your heart as you see your dearest
robes, feared and respected, rich and powerful. Before you, friends perish at the hands of your enemies. There Tasslehoff
opened, is the Book of the Magius, in which all the knowledge of dies, trying to rescue Elistan; there Tanis dies: there Caramon
mages throughout time is contained. All you have to do is walk dies.
through a door in front of you. You look at your companions, All is hopeless. You keep fighting, now much weaker, as the
and then at the book. How pitiful they look; how doomed! mountain dwarves continue their assault. You hardly feel the
Without another glance, you stride through the door, noticing axes cutting into your body. The loss of blood makes you
as you do so that your red robes turn black. weaker, and finally you fall. Your last thoughts are of your
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dream Card—Priests except Goldmoon

A horde of draconians attacks at Verminaard’s signal. You call
on the True Gods for support, then lay about you, hoping to de-
stroy as many of the vermin as possible.
The draconians continue to attack, no matter how many are
killed. Despair enters your heart as you realize that you and your
companions cannot survive.
Suddenly you know what you must do. You step forward, and
with a mighty blow shatter the glass case. Elistan steps out,
looks at you and then at Verminaard. His eyes become cold, ex-
pressionless. You scream, and you reach your hand out to him,
ignoring the blows that fall upon you. Elistan reaches down to
you, grabs the amulet around your neck, and tears it from you.
You collapse, weak and bleeding from the sword-thrusts in
your body. As you die, you see Elistan’s white robes turn to scar-
let as he disappears into the void with Verminaard.
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


CUT OUT CARDS Supplemental Character Cards

tika Waylan 5th-Level Human Fighter gilthanas 5th-Level Elf Fighter/4th-Level Mage
(3rd-Level Thief)
S T R 12 D E X 16 C O N 12 T H A C 0 16
STR 14 D E X 16 C O N 13 T H A C 0 16 I N T 14 W I S 10 C H R 13 AL CG HP 26
INT 9 W I S 12 C H R 14 AL NG HP 30
AC 2 (Chain mail, shield, Dex bonus)
AC 8 (Leather armor)
Weapons Long sword +1
Weapons Short sword Long bow, 20 arrows
Equipment Selected by player
Frying pan (1d8)
Languages Qualinesti Elf, Silvanesti Elf,
Equipment Selected by player
Languages Common, Plainsman
Spell Use 3 1st-Level and
2 2nd-Level per day

See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.

Laurana—NPC 4 t h - L e v e l E l f F i g h t e r Eben Shatterstone—NPC 5th-Level

Human Fighter
STR 13 DEX 17 CON 14 THAC0 17
INT 15 W I S 1 2 C H R 1 6 A L C G HP 2 8 S T R 14 D E X 13 C O N 8 T H A C 0 16
I N T 15 WIS 7 C H R 15 AL CN HP 28
AC 0 (Chain mail +1, shield, Dex bonus)
AC 4 (Chain mail and shield)
Weapon Short sword
Weapons Long sword
Equipment Selected by player
Languages Common, Qualinesti Elf,
Equipment Selected by player
Silvanesti Elf
Languages Common

See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.

Elistan—NPC 7 t h - L e v e l H u m a n P r i e s t

S T R 13 D E X 12 C O N 12 T H A C 0 16
I N T 14 W I S 17 C H R 16 AL LG HP 40

AC 5 (Chain mail)

Weapon W ar hammer

Equipment Selected by player

Languages Common, Seeker, Qualinesti


Spell Use None until Medallion of Faith


See the back of this card for more information.

Gilthanas appears young, but his eyes reveal his true matu- Tika is the daughter of a thief. She grew up fast and tough,
rity. He moves nimbly and quietly. but inside she remains vulnerable. At the age of 15, she
He is the brother of Laurana and Porthios, and he is the tried to rob Otik Sandath, owner of the Inn of the Last
son of the Speaker of Suns. He is unsure of the wisdom of Home, but she was caught in the act. Otik felt sorry for her
Tanis and Laurana’s relationship. and offered her a job, which she eagerly accepted. She
Gilthanas served as a messenger and spy in the occu- grew to love Otik as a father.
pied lands. While in Solace, he was captured by dracon- Tika looks older and seems more worldly than she truly
ians, along with the other heroes. After their rescue by is. Her father left her a ring, which she wears on a necklace;
elves, Gilthanas elected to accompany the heroes in their it doesn’t seem to be magical, she just keeps it for senti-
desperate mission to free the captives from Pax Tharkas. mental reasons. She hates the Dragonarmy and the loath-
some draconians. She is fond of Caramon and fascinated
by magic.

Eben Shatterstone was born to wealth and comfort. His Laurana is the daughter of the Speaker of Suns and sister
father, a minor noble, sent Eben to the finest teachers. to Gilthanas and Porthios. She has been spoiled all her life,
Eben grew to be a handsome, charming, and proud man. both for her royal lineage and her beauty. Her heart is
But the family wealth was lost through poor manage- good, though. She is used to getting her own way, but she
ment, excessive taxes, and bad luck. Eben was forced to can be diplomatic when she has to.
become a wandering adventurer. He is proud of his past In childhood, she and Tanis were “pledged,” though she
and ashamed of his current condition. He longs for wealth took this more seriously than he.
and the chance to rebuild his family’s fortune. Although Laurana is immature, she possesses great in-
Eben is charming and friendly, but he tends to dominate ner strength. It remains to be seen whether trials and dan-
conversations. He is a capable fighter, but he does not hesi- ger will destroy her or forge her into a person to be
tate to run if the odds aren’t in his favor. reckoned with.

Elistan was once a Seeker priest and worshiped false gods.

When the Dragonarmy took Haven, he was captured and
brought to Pax Tharkas. There he met Goldmoon, a fellow
prisoner. When she used magic that had not been seen for
centuries, Elistan realized that her gods were the true
He refused to join Verminaard’s cause, and he suffered
greatly for it. Then he was rescued along with the refugees
of Pax Tharkas. Goldmoon shared with him the knowledge
of the True Gods and he became a cleric of Paladine, the
highest god of good.
Elistan now devotes his life to the service of Paladine
and the welfare of his people. Although a man of peace, he
fights to defend his people.

1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Resewed.
Verminaard He was forced to swear to the oath
1st Level: sleep, detect magic he despised, then banished to the Ka-
Dragon Highlord 2nd Level: web, mirror image lil S’rith (Valley of the Thanes) to
8th-Level Lawful Evil Cleric 3rd Level: haste guard the tomb of Derkin, where
Kharas and the hammer were buried
Strength 14 Intelligence 12
Fewmaster Toede after the Dwarfgate Wars.
Dexterity 10 Wisdom 16 T’holoth took the name of Evenstar
Hobgoblin Subcommander in his exile, since his light was
Constitution 15 Charisma 18
THAC0 16 Hit Points 50 4th-Level Lawful Evil Fighter dimmed by banishment from his fel-
AC 1 Movement 12 lows.
Strength 16 intelligence 8 Evenstar arrived to find the tomb
Spells: Dexterity 10 Wisdom 11 defenseless. Using the knowledge of
Constitution 16 Charisma 6 his kind, he wrested the tomb mound
THAC0 17 Hit Points 25 from the earth and set it in the sky. He
1 st Level: cause fear, cause light, wounds
AC 8 Movement 12 then crafted defenses—some magical
(x2), command (x2)
and some mundane—and filled the
2nd Level: hold person (x2), resist fire, si-
Carries a short sword, dagger, and a tomb with peril.
lence 15 ft. radius, spiritual hammer
shield. Wears leather armor. In his loneliness, Evenstar used his
3rd Level: cause blindness, dispel magic,
magic to create life, beauty, and laugh-
ter to share the tomb with him. In his
4th Level: cause serious wounds (x2) Toede’s wispy, white hair tops a very
longing, he adorned the castle with
ugly face. His speckled gray skin, dou-
those things which brought him joy.
Wears plate mail +2. ble chins, and pot belly all resemble
Evenstar has the special ability to
Carries Nightbringer, a mace +2. On a those of a vicious little toad.
polymorph at will, and he changes
successful hit, the victim must roll a suc- Toede is a bully. He snivels and
shape frequently for pleasure. He of-
cessful saving throw vs. spell or be whines around superiors, but he is full
ten changes into the form of Kharas,
blinded for 2d6 turns (+4 penalty to AC, of bluster and threats when he has the
and he always does so whenever any-
lose shield and Dexterity bonuses to AC). upper hand. Like all bullies, he is cow-
one enters the tomb searching for the
If a character of good alignment tries to ardly, but he possesses a certain crude
hammer. Other forms he chooses in-
hold Nightbringer, he must roll a success- cunning which helps him to stay alive
clude a beautiful elven maiden named
ful saving throw vs. spell, with a -2 pen- and prosper.
Serinda, a galeb duhr, an eagle, a
alty, or be permanently blinded. pony-sized dog, an Aghar, and a pini-
cus. If attacked by tomb robbers, he
Verminaard’s face is concealed be- Evenstar (T’holoth) assumes the form of a wemic, but re-
hind the grotesque mask of a Dragon tains his gold dragon characteristics.
Highlord—a vicious, almost machine- Ancient, Huge Gold Dragon
Evenstar, however, is not a fighter,
like visor that has a pair of wicked Lawful Good Hit Points 96 but a poet and dreamer. He discharges
horns curving from the forehead. He AC -8 Movement 12, Fl 42 his duty faithfully, testing all who seek
wears shiny blue plate mail and a bil- (C) the hammer until he finds those with
lowing blue cape. Standing well over #AT 3 Damage 1d10+8/ bravery and knowledge of the True
six feet tall, Verminaard presents an 1d10+8/6d6+8 Gods. Then shall he be released, to re-
imposing image of evil. HD 20 THAC0 5 turn to his own people.
Verminaard is dedicated to the ruth- Fire & Gas Breath Spell Use
less destruction of good in all its
forms. No shred of conscience dis- Spells: Fizban the Fabulous
turbs him in his quest for power.
He now controls all of the lands on Magical: 1st Level: dancing lights, grease Eccentric Mage, Level
the Abanasinian peninsula from the 2nd Level: pyrotechnics, stinking cloud
3rd Level: phantasmal force, delude Unknown
Seeker kingdoms to the Plains of De-
rgoth, and he works continually to ex- 4th Level: fire charm, illusionary wall
tend his power. Fizban is a mage of indeterminate
Priest: 1st Level: cure light wounds level. He appears to be senile, but was
obviously once a wizard of great
power. He seems to lead a charmed
Ember (Pyros) T’holoth was exiled by his people for
life. Although he always appears be-
speaking out against an oath sworn by
Ancient, Huge Red Dragon all good dragons after the Cataclysm. fuddled and absent-minded, the
His punishment was to serve as the things Fizban does always turn out for
Chaotic Evil Hit Points 88 the best—but never in the way ex-
AC -7 Movement 9, Fl 30 guardian of the hammer of Kharas un-
til an ancient prophecy was fulfilled: pected.
(C) “When the power of the gods re- Play Fizban for comic relief—even
#AT 3 Damage 1d10+8/ to his apparent death, which happens
1d10+8/3d10+8 turns, then shall the hammer go forth to
forge once again the freedom of in this adventure. His true nature and
HD 17 THAC0 5 purpose will be revealed in future
Fire Breath Krynn.”
Spell Use DRAGONLANCE® adventures.

power to be feared.
Berem Everman patriarch of the Kytil clan, Thane and Realgar has nine spells: affect normal
prelate to the Hylar council. Fiercely fires, blink, charm person, ESP invisibil-
The Hunter loyal to his people, Arman is a dwarf ity, paralyzation, repulsion, shadow
5th-Level Neutral Good Ranger with a vision and looks forward to the magic, and wall of fog. He also has a cloak
day when his people can return to the of protection and a rod of beguiling.
Strength 12 intelligence 15 light. Rance, War Chieftain and Thane of the
Dexterity 12 Wisdom 11 Even though his name means “sec- Daergar, is an angry and vicious fighter
Constitution 13 Charisma 13 ond” or “lesser” Kharas, he believes who plays dirty at every opportunity. He
THAC0 16 Hit Points 37 he is the true reincarnation of Kharas, is a dangerous dwarf, but his temper and
AC 10 Movement 12 greatest hero of the Hylar. He searches lack of control keep him from being the
for a way he can prove his legacy and leader he thinks he is. He has a fearsome
Immune to all fire, acid, poison, magic, become the first King of Thorbardin war club, encrusted with teeth, that
disease, and petrification. Automatically in hundreds of years. causes double damage. His strength is
regenerates any form of damage at a rate 18 (75).
of 1 hit point per round. Gneiss, leader of the Daewar, is a war
Thanes of Thorbardin chieftain who administers his realm with
Berem has a long, white beard and Once, a mighty king reigned over the a professional hand. He is calm and
long, dirty hair. But beneath the con- nine dwarfrealms—now, the Council of steady, but not an inspiring leader. His
cealing whiskers is the face of a Thanes rules Thorbardin. Six Thanes sit people admire and respect him, but do
middle-aged man. on the Council: Hornfel of the Hylar, not love him.
Imbedded in Berem’s chest, hidden Realgar of the Theiwar, Rance of the Tufa, Thane of the Klar, is a modest,
by his beard, is a dull gray stone the Daergar, Gneiss of the Dawear, Tufa of though respected man. He rules the Klar,
size of a fist. It is this mysterious stone the Klar, and Bluph of the Aghar. Three a tribe of hill dwarves inside Thorbardin.
that gives him his great recuperative thrones have been taken from the Coun- Since the war with the Neidar, the Klar
powers and makes him immortal. cil Hall: the throne of the Neidar (7th are at the bottom of the dwarven caste
Berem is nearly 400 years old, but Kingdom), vacant since the Dwarfgate system, considered fit only for the most
he has been imprisoned away from Wars; the throne of the Kingdom of the menial of work. He works to improve the
the world for so long that he has Dead (8th Kingdom), which is considered lot of the Klar. He is allied with Hornfel,
forgotten how to speak. Only slowly to be a kingdom though without repre- but does not wish the Klar to be puppets
does his speech return. sentation; and the throne of the High of anyone.
Berem serves a larger purpose in King, vacant since the time of Derkin. Bluph, Thane and Highbluph of the
the great scheme of things. For now, All the dwarfrealms agree that a strong Aghar of Thorbardin, has great dignity
he should remain a mystery. king is needed, but none can agree on and feels himself destined to be the first
whom it should be. The Hylar and their Aghar King of Thorbardin. Although ac-
allies seek a peaceful solution, but the tually no less stupid than the average
Arman Kharas Theiwar and their allies seek victory by Aghar, Bluph is considered to be a ge-
whatever means they can. nius by his people. He is much-beloved
7th-Level Lawful Neutral Dwarf Fighter and a great hero to the Aghar.
The political division of the
dwarfrealms is as follows: the Hylar are
Strength 16 Intelligence 11 the oldest, the leaders. The Daewar and
Dexterity 10 Wisdom 6 Aghar support them, and the Klar tend to
Constitution 17 Charisma 9 follow their lead. Against the Hylar are
THAC0 14 Hit Points 69 the Theiwar and Daergar, both of the de-
AC 2 Movement 6 rro race. Recently, the Theiwar were con-
tacted by agents of Verminaard, and an
Wears chain mail +2. Carries small unholy alliance has sprung up between
shield and footman’s mace. Also carries the derro races and the Dragon
a miner’s pack with 100 feet of rope, Highlords. Each side plans to double-
hammer and chisels, sand, 12 spikes, a cross the other at the first opportunity,
diamond (10 stl), a water skin, and iron but Realgar is unaware that Verminaard
rations. can control him.
Hornfel, Thane and prelate of the Hy-
A coarse black beard falls to the mid- lar, is the father of Arman Kharas, and is
dle of Arman’s muscular chest. A loved by his people. He is a cautious
braid marking noble blood hangs leader and a veteran of wars. He is con-
from beneath a leather skullcap to the vinced that the days of dwarven isolation
right of his troubled face. His features must end, and that Thorbardin must
are worn, but the fire in his dark eyes open its doors to the outside.
shines brightly. His left hand is cal- Realgar, a derro savant, believes him-
loused and bruised and his thumb is self destined to become King of Thor-
scarred. Over his armor he wears a bardin, and he pursues his goal with all
leather jerkin tied at his knees. available means. His alliance with Vermi-
Arman Kharas is the son of Hornfel, naard is only the latest vehicle for his am-
bition. He wants the dwarves to become a

stack together. Each of the plates is ruption against undead and creatures
Blue Crystal Staff from the netherworld. It turns un-
engraved on both sides.
(The Crystal of Mishakal) Anyone of Lawful or Neutral Good dead as a 12th-level priest.
alignment may examine the disks. This artifact is intelligent (Int 11,
This staff is carved from a single Others suffer 4d6 points of damage Ego 11), and can control anyone who
piece of blue crystal. It is about five each time they try to touch or read touches it if their Intelligence and
feet long and has a two-inch- the disks. W isdom scores total less than 22.
di ameter s h a f t . T h e or na m e nt al l y Priests who read this book gain It has the following special abili-
bladed head of the staff bears a gem knowledge of the True Gods of good: ties, at 20th-level of magic use:
in its center. Paladine (rulership), Majere (medita- Detects evil as a paladin.
Although Riverwind does not re- tion and control), Kiri-Jolith (war and Gives wielder immunity to fear,
member, a manifestation of the god- battle), Mishakal (healing), Habba- both normal and magical.
dess Mishakal gave him the staff. It is kuk (seas and animals), and Bran- Cannot be affected by 1st- to 4th-
an intelligent artifact of Lawful Good chala (elves, forests, and music). level magic.
alignment with an Ego of 10. It can Any priest who worships these It can cast prayer once per day.
be used only by those of its align- gods may receive spells as per stand- It provides protection from normal
ment; others who try to wield it suffer ard AD&D ® game rules. The book missiles once per day.
4d6 points of electrical damage. tells how to worship these gods and It can act as a potion of fire giant
(Though a Lawful Good person may gain true priest abilities. strength once per day.
then wield the staff to heal the dam- It can cure serious wounds once
age it caused.) The staff has the fol- per day.
lowing powers:
The Hammer of Kharas
It can inspire magical awe in all
Strikes as a staff of striking (1d3 The hammer of Kharas is a mighty ar- dwarves and derro.
charges per use) tifact. It is the only hammer that can The hammer chooses when to acti-
Casts any of the following priest forge a dragonlance, and it is impor- vate any of its abilities.
spells (two charges per level of spell tant to the ultimate success of the he-
cast): roes. It is vital that this artifact not
1st Level: command, cure fight remain in the hands of the heroes! It
Helm of Griffon Mane
wounds, remove fear must end up in the hands of Hornfel, Discovered by Tasslehoff in the ruins
3rd Level: continual light, cure Thane of the Hylar and father of Ar- of Xak Tsaroth, the helm was given
blindness, cure disease, remove man Kharas. to Flint. It is of dwarven make and fits
curse only dwarves. It is decorated with a
5th Level: cure critical wounds, horse’s mane. Since Flint has always
raise dead claimed that he is allergic to horses,
7th Level: restoration, resurrec- he insists that the mane is from a grif-
tion fon.
Teleports (at its own discretion, us- The helm of griffon mane subtracts
ing 15 charges) 1 from the AC of any dwarf who
Deflects dragon breath in a 10’ ra- wears it.
dius (10 charges per use)
The staff holds up to 20 charges at a Medallion of Faith
time. It regains one charge per day When this relic is first found, it is
from the combined influences of known to have only one power: To
Krynn’s three moons, but it can be re- create another medallion when a
charged immediately and com- good priest enters the worship of the
pletely at the statue of Mishakal (area True Gods.
46b). Once the PCs complete the It has other powers that are un-
quest for the disks of Mishakal, the known to the PCs at first, but the DM
staff becomes part of the statue may reveal each when the need
again. arises. A power may be revealed
The hammer appears to be a war
hammer +2, but twice normal size. It through divine guidance, a dream,
The Disks of Mishakal causes 2d4+2 points of damage on a an omen, or any other method the
successful hit. It cannot be lifted by a DM can think of.
These are platinum disks 18 inches
person with a Strength of less than Bless — Once per day.
in diameter. Each disk is 1/16 inch
12, and anyone with a Strength of Protection, 10’ radius—Once per
thick. There are 160 of these plates
less than 18/50 has a -2 penalty to day, lasts as long as the priest con-
in all. A bolt passes through one side
his attack roll. centrates.
of the plates, allowing each to swivel
The hammer acts as a mace of dis- Slow Poison — As long as the me-
out and be viewed while keeping the

dallion is worn, it will sustain a poison
victim in a semi-comatose state for
up to one day.
Detect Evil — The medallion glows
a pale blue and chimes when
touched to an evil object or person.

Staff of Magius
This item is useable only by mages.
The first set of abilities is known to
the user automatically. The second
set may be discovered when casting
certain spells.
The staff functions as a ring of pro-
tection +3. It can strike as a +2 mag-
ical weapon and causes 1d8+2
points of damage. Once per day it
can invoke a feather fall and a contin-
ual light spell.
In the hands of a mage of 6th level
or higher, the staff of Magius can en-
hance spells cast by the mage. It dou-
bles the duration of spells involving
light, air, or mind influence. It main-
tains spells that require concentra-
tion for one round after
concentration ends. It also adds +2
points of damage per die to any spell

Tika’s Ring
To Tika, this ring (worn on a neck-
lace) is but a memento of her father.
She has not yet discovered its true
uses. In times of stress, she slips on
the ring, asking her father for guid-
ance. Unbeknownst to Tika, this acti-
vates the ring.
This is both a ring ofprotection +2
and a ring of fire resistance.

This two-handed sword +1 causes
double normal damage when used
against a dragon or draconian. It is
immune to the imprisoning effect
that occurs when a Baaz turns to
stone. Whoever holds Wyrmslayer by
the hilt gains a +3 bonus to all sav-
ing throws vs. breath weapons and
against any spells cast by dragons or
Wyrmslayer has a drawback, in
that it emits a loud buzzing noise
when within 30 feet of a dragon (not a
draconian). This buzzing always
wakes a sleeping dragon.

In addition to the set encounters and
events in this adventure, the follow-
ing random encounters can occur at Chapter 1 - Chapter 4 Chapter 5 - Chapter 10
the DM’s discretion. You can alter the Table 1: Encounter Checks
frequency if you choose, or omit Table 1: Encounter Checks
them altogether if the party is seri- Area Check Range
ously weakened. Properly run, ran- Town 1/3 Turns 1d6 Area Check Range
dom encounters can add flavor and Plains 1/6 Hours 1d12+2 Town 1/3 Turns 1d4
excitement to the game. Forest 1/4 Hours 1d12+3 Ruins 1/3 Turns 1d8+2
Use the following sets of tables to HilIs/Mtns 1/6 Hours 1d12+6 Plains 1/6 Hours 1d8+6
set up random encounters. Each set Marsh 1/3 Hours 1d12 + 12 M o u n t a i n s 1/4 Hours 1d8 + 8
of tables is to be used with a certain Ruins 1/3 Turns 1d12+10 Sla-Mori 1/3 Turns 1d4+15
part of the adventure (listed accord- Darken Pax
ing to chapter numbers). Within each Wood 1/3 Turns 2d4+23 Tharkas 1/3 Turns 1d6+19
set of tables, Table 1 contains a list of
all the areas that might be explored
during that part of the adventure.
Next to each area is a column labeled Table 2: Creatures
“Check.” This shows how often you
should check to see if a random 1. 3d10 Townsmen
encounter occurs in that area. For 2. 3d4 Baaz
example, “1/3 Hours” means that 3. 1d10 Plainsmen Table 2: Creatures
you should roll a random encounter 4. 1d4 Elves 1. 2d6 Townsmen
check once every three game hours 5. 2d10 Townsmen
2. 2d4 Baaz
when in that area. Roll 1d10; if the re- 6. 1d6 Holy Guardians 3. 1d4 Wild Dogs
sult is a 1, a random encounter takes 7. The White Stag
4. 2d6 Kapaks
place. 8. 2d4 Giant Eagles
5. 3d6 Goblins
9. 1d4 Giant Boars
Next look under the column la- 6. 2d12 Giant Centipedes
beled “Range.” Roll the die listed and 10. 4d4 Wild Dogs
7. 266 Baaz
add the modifier (if any) beside it. 11. 1d10 Baaz
8. 3d6 Hobgoblins
12. 1d8 Bozaks
Then look on Table 2 to find the ran- 9. 1 Wyvern
13. 1d12 Huge Spiders
dom encounter that corresponds to 10. 1d3 Trolls
that number. The statistics for each 14. 2d6 Ogres
11. 3d10 Elk
creature are listed on the Combined 15. 2d6 Wraiths
12. 1d6 Wights
16. 2d4 Trolls
Monster Statistics Chart on the in- 13. 2d4 Dire Wolves
17. 1d3 Will o’wisps
side cover of this adventure. 14. 1d3 Griffons
18. 1d6 Poisonous Snakes
15. 1d6 Giant Rams
19. Khisanth
16. 2d10 Zombies
20. 1d10 Bozaks
17. 2d4 Carrion Crawlers
21. 1 Catoblepas
18. 1 Wraith
22. 1d10 Black Dragon Hatchlings
19. 2d6 Soldier Bees
23. 1d6 Poisonous Snakes
20. 2d6 Baaz
24. 2d6 Wraiths
21. 2d4 Kapaks
25. 1d12 Griffons
22. 3d4 Hobgoblins
26. 1d6 Treants
23. 3d8 Goblins
27. 2d4 Satyrs
24. 2d4 War Dogs
28. 1d12 Centaurs
25. 1d4 Aghar Dwarves
29. 1 Brownie
30. 10d10 Sprites
31. 1 Sylph

Chapter 14 - Chapter 18
Chapter 11 - Chapter 13 Table 1: Encounter Checks
Area Check Range
Table 1: Encounter Checks Dergoth
Area Check Range Plains 1/4 Hours 1d8
Mountains 1/3 Hours 1d10 Hylar
Hopeful Kingdom 2/Hour 1d6+6
Vale 1/3 Hours 1d10+1 Empty
Dergoth Halls 1/4 Hours 1d6+8
Plains 1/4 Hours 1d10+7 Warrens 1/2 Hours 1d10+11
Skullcap 1/3 Turns 1d10+14 Dark
Steam Realms 1/3 Hours 1d10+18
Tunnels 1/4 Turns 1d10+21 Valley of
the Thanes 1/2 Hours 1d6+26

Table 2: Creatures Table 2: Creatures

1. The White Stag 1. 1d12 Neidar Dwarves
2. 2d4 Bozaks 2. 1d20 Giant Eagles
3. 2d6 Kapaks 3. 1d4 Elk
4. 2d4 Hunters (Men) 4. 1d3 Cave Bears
5. 3d4 Ogres 5. 1d6 Dire Wolves
6. 2d8 Wolves 6. The White Stag
7. 2d6 Warthogs 7. 1d12 Neidar Dwarves
8. 3d10 Hylar Dwarves 8. 1d12 Neidar Dwarves
9. 3d6 Hylar Dwarves 9. 2d20 Bandits (Men)
10. 1d10 Aghar Dwarves 10. 1d3 Snow Leopards
11. 1d3 Giant Badgers 11. 2d4 Winter Wolves
12. 1 Galeb Duhr 12. 2d10 Baaz
13. 2d4 Giant Spiders 13. 2d10 Ogres
14. 4d6 Theiwar Dwarves 15. 1d4 Vi- 14. 3d6 Wolves
olet Fungi 15. 1 Ghost
16. 2d4 Ropers 16. 1 Ghast
17. 1d4 Deadly Puddings (Dun) 17. 2d10 Shadows
18. 1d4 Giant Slugs 18. 1 Spectre
19. 2d10 Cave Crickets 19. 2d4 War Dogs
20. 2d4 Klar Dwarves 20. 1d4 Wraiths
21. 1 Cave Cricket 21. 2d10 Aghar Dwarves
22. 1 Kender (Lost) 22. 1d4 Violet Fungi
23. 1 Lamia Noble 23. 2d10 Kender Prisoners
24. 3d4 Ogres 24. 1d3 Green Slime
25. 1 Ettin 25. 4d10 Giant Rats
26. 2d4 Wild Dogs 26. 3d6 Piercers
27. 5d6 Skeletons 27. 2d4 Shriekers
28. 1 Subterranean Lizard 28. 1 Giant Slug
29. 3d4 Giant Vultures 29. 2d10 Aghar Dwarves
30. 1d8 Ghasts 30. 2d10 Aghar Dwarves
31. 1d3 Mummies 31. 2d10 Aghar Dwarves
32. 1 Spectre

Draconians Baaz are often encountered in dis- Kapaks
guise. They conceal their wings un-
Draconians, or dragonmen, are the Kapaks are distinguished by their
der robes and, wearing large hoods
special troops of the Dragon venomous saliva. They often lick
and masks, pass though civilized
Highlords. they are more predictable their weapons before attacking.
lands as spies.
than humans and more apt to follow Kapaks are larger than Baaz, and
When a Baaz reaches 0 hit points,
orders than the ogres and goblins they often bully and abuse their
it turns into a stone statue. the per-
that make up the bulk of the army. smaller cousins. Because of the Kap-
son who struck the death blow must
Draconians are not affected by aks’ venomous nature, the Dragon
r ol l a s u cce ssf u l De xt e rit y ch e ck
dragon awe, indeed they seem to Highlords employ them as assassins
(with a -3 penalty) or his weapon is
seek out evil dragons. as well as combat troops. Kapaks are
stuck in the statue. The statue crum-
Draconians move either by walk- sly and conniving, seeking to lure
bles to dust in 1d4 rounds, freeing
ing upright, gliding down from prey into traps and tripping foes to
the weapon. The Baaz’s weapon can
heights (for a distance four times gain an advantage.
be picked up.
greater than the launching height), The paralysis induced by a Kap-
or running on all fours while flapping ak’s poison lasts for 2d6 turns if the
their wings. This latter form of move- victim fails his saving throw vs. poi-
ment is their fastest, and it kicks up son. Weapons licked with poison re-
an intimidating dust cloud on the main poisoned for only three rounds.
battle field. When a Kapak reaches 0 hit
While units of draconians are often points, its body instantly dissolves
found in evil human armies, they re- into a ten-foot-wide pool of acid. All
main aloof from other races. They within this area suffer 1d8 points of
answer directly to Takhisis, the damage each round they remain in
Queen of Darkness, regardless of the the pool. The acid evaporates in 1d6
command structure of the army they rounds. All items the Kapak was car-
are in. rying are useless.
The statistics for the three types of
draconians encountered thus far are
in the Combined Monster Statistics
Chart on the inside cover of this ad-

Bozaks are magic wielders, able to
cast spells as 4th-level mages. They
are cruel and cunning warriors, spar-
ing a life only if it directly benefits
them. Their favorite spells are burn-
ing hands, enlarge, magic missile,
shocking grasp, invisibility, levitate,
stinking cloud, and web.
When a Bozak reaches 0 hit points,
its scaly flesh shrivels and crumbles
from its bones in a cloud of dust.
Then the bones explode, causing 1d6
points of damage to all within ten
feet (no saving throw).

Baaz are the smallest and most plen-
tiful of all draconians. They are the
Dragon Highlords’ common ground
troops. At the bottom of the dracon-
ian social order, Baaz often tend to
chaotic in nature and self-serving
when they can get away with it.

The Dwarves of leave the leadership of Thorbardin to The Klar
the Hylar, but they take an active in-
Thorbardin terest in public safety and public The Klar are hill dwarves who lived
works projects. inside Thorbardin at the time if the
There are seven major races of
Dwarfgate Wars. Following the wars,
dwarves in the lands of Krynn: the
the Klar were deprived of property
Hylar, the Theiwar, the Daewar, the The Daergar and persecuted terribly for their sup-
Daergar, the Neidar, the Klar, and the
The Daergar are derro who split off posed sympathy for the Neidar (in
from the Theiwar many hundreds of fact, many Klar fought with bravery
years ago. Their culture has flour- in the war). Now they serve the
The Hylar ished, and now they are powerful in wealthy dwarves of Thorbardin in
The Hylar are mountain dwarves, the Thorbardin. They are, if possible, menial roles. After centuries of suf-
oldest and most noble of the dwar- even more evil and dangerous than fering, they long for someone to de-
ven races of Thorbardin. Most of the their Theiwar cousins, favoring mur- liver them from their plight.
great dwarven kings have been Hylar, der, torture, and thievery to get their
including both Derkin and Kharas. way. Their leader is always the most The Aghar
Even in the dark days since the Cata- powerful warrior of the Daergar king-
dom, “elected” in a bloody combat The ludicrous Aghar, or gully
clysm, the Hylar retain great influ-
against all rivals. dwarves, are the lowest members of
ence. Most Hylar live in the famous
t h e d wa rve n ca st e syst e m . O th e r
Life-Tree, an incredible feat of dwar-
dwarves and humans find them com-
ven engineering. The Hylar invented The Neidar ical for their stupidity (few can count
many of the mechanical devices for
The Neidar are the hill dwarves who higher than two) and their incredible
which the dwarves are justly famous.
lived outside Thorbardin at the time e g o s. Th e y wo rk a t d irt y , m e n i a l
of the Cataclysm. Based on old trea- tasks, but that is all they are qualified
The Theiwar ties, they felt they had the right to to do.
The Theiwar are derro, a strange, de- seek refuge in the underground king-
generate dwarven race. They hate dom, but Thorbardin could not ab- The Kingdom of the Dead
light and suffer from nausea in sun- sorb all the Neidar. Thus came about
the tragic Dwarfgate Wars, which pit- The dwarves venerate their dead,
light. Nevertheless, their dreams are
ted cousin against cousin. Hatred be- and they consider the kingdom of
of world conquest and domination.
tween the Neidar and the dwarves of the dead to be the eighth kingdom of
Of the dwarven races, they are the
Thorbardin continues to this day. Thorbardin. This has little practical
most concerned with spells and
effect on politics, as you might ex-
magic—most of their leaders are sa-
pect, but it says a lot about dwarven
vants with spellcasting powers.
t h in kin g o n t h e a f t e rlif e . D w a r ve s
The Theiwar consider themselves
use a variety of divination methods
the highest of the dwarven king-
to speak with their ancestors—some
doms, and they seek to wrest leader-
are valid and work fairly well, but
ship of Thorbardin away from the
others are merely superstitious non-
Hylar. They look forward to winning
by whatever means are closest to
The High King
The Daewar The last dwarven kingdom is that of
the High King of the Dwarves. The
The Daewar are mountain dwarves,
high throne has been vacant since
like the Hylar. They are justly re-
the days of Derkin. No one has yet
spected, and many important lead-
managed to claim it, though many
ers have come from their midst. The
Daewar are great soldiers, and they
wer e a t t h e f o r e f r o n t i n t h e
Dwarfgate Wars. In peacetime, they

but a mace of disruption affects it as a them. The weapons and the spectral
vampire. The hammer of Kharas de- minions disappear if the minions’
stroys a fireshadow on a successful vows or quests are fulfilled or if a
hit. spell is cast to remove their curse.
Fireshadows are immune to fire- Spectral minions appear as they
based attacks. The dark flame did in life, but they are almost trans-
causes 1d6 points of damage to all parent. While spectral minions are
within ten feet (no saving throw, but hard to tell apart, they seem to fall
fire-resistance effects apply). into distinct categories.
The fireshadow’s most feared en- Guardians: These minions were
emy is the light of day, which will de- quested to guard some area or ob-
stroy it within 1d4 rounds. ject. Usually they require only a pass-
word or signal to allow a person to
Spectral Minions pass safely. Unfortunately, everyone
who knew the password is usually
long since dead. Guardians are al-
ways honest and good spirits endeav-
oring to complete their assigned
Fireshadow task. Once the password is given,
they are freed of their responsibility.
The Combined Monster Statistics Philosophers: Philosophers love
Chart, on the inside cover of this ad- libraries and books. They can spend
venture, contains the statistics for decades studying the nuances of a
these dreaded creatures. single book. They usually attack an
Fireshadows are creatures from intruder only if their honesty is ques-
the lower planes. They can be sum- tioned. Philosophers can be of any
moned by an evil priest of 8th level or alignment. Often they are found in
higher, with the permission of his de- groups of two or more, engaged in
ity. heated debates.
Fireshadows are made of dark,
cold, green flame. they can assume
any shape specified by their sum-
The dark flame works like green
slime: It converts flesh to dark flame The statistics for spectral minions
on contact at the rate of 1d8 hit are given in the Combined Monster
points per round. The spread of dark Statistics Chart on the inside cover of
flame on flesh can be stopped by a this adventure.
cure spell or by holy water (cures 1d6 Spectral minions are the spirits of
+ 1 points per vial). humans or demihumans who died
If a begin is completely converted before they could fulfill powerful
to dark flame, the fireshadow can ab- vows or quests. Even in death, spec-
sorb it or control it as a smaller tral minions are bound to the vows or
fireshadow with the statistics the quests placed upon them when they
creature had before conversion. Ab- were alive. Every day they must re-
sorption restores 1d20 points of live the events leading to their
damage to the creature. deaths, trying to fulfill their mis-
The fireshadow has a special at- sions.
tack called the ray of oblivion. Every Outdoors, spectral minions must
other round it can use this ray to in- stay within 1,000 yards of where they
flict 16 points of damage to all in the died. Indoors, they must stay in the
area of effect. A successful saving corridor or room in which they met
throw vs. breath weapon will cut the death. On very rare occasions, when
damage in half. If this damage slays a the quest was to perform an act over
target, its body is disintegrated. The an area, they are free to roam within
ray is five feet wide and 130 feet the area.
long, and it comes from the crea- Spectral minions can inflict dam-
ture’s mouth. age only if they died holding weap-
A fireshadow cannot be turned, ons. Such weapons become part of

Sing verses 1,2 and chorus then sing verses 3,4,5, and chorus

3). The grasslands are fading, 4). The grasslands are fragile, 5). The grasslands are faded,
The summer wind dies, As yellow as flame, And autumn is here.
He comes back, the darkness The chieftain makes mockery The girl joins her lover,
Of stones in his eyes, Of Riverwind’s claim, The stones whistle near,
He carries a blue staff He orders the people The staff flares in blue light
As bright as a glacier: To stone the young warrior: And both of them vanish:
The grasslands are fading, the summer winds die. The grasslands are fragile, as yellow as flame. The grasslands have faded, and autumn is here.

the Song of kharas

Three were the thoughts of

those in Thorbardin
In the dark after Dergoth when
the ogres danced.
One was the lost light, the
limping darkness
In the caves of the kingdom
where light crumbles.
One the despair of the Then was Kharas among us,
Dwarfthane Derkin the Keeper of Kings,
Gone to the gloom of the The Hand on the Hammer,
tower of Glory. Arm of the Hylar.
One the world, weary and At the gleaming grave site of
wounded gold and garnet
Down to the deep of the Three sons of the thane he
Darkling’s waters. buried thereunder. But the stalwart in heart is
Under the heart of the While Derkin saw dark upon strong as a stone,
highland, dark in the runnels, And bold and unbending his
Under the ceiling of mind to the better:
stone, In the halls of the nation saw
nooses and knives, The Hammer of Hylar was firm
Under the wane of the in the halls.
Killers and kingmakers came
world's glory, Denying all discord, all doubt
Home under home. to Kharas
With agate and amethyst, and division,
asking allegiance. He turned from intrigue, from
Under the heart of the the wild tunnels,
highland. Out to the open, one oath
Under the ceiling of swearing
stone, That time nor treachery shall
Under the wane of the ever tarnish
world's glory, The Hammers return in a time
Home under home. of great troubles.
Under the heart of the
Under the ceiling of
Under the wane of the
world’s glory,
Home under home.

CUT OUT CARDS Character Cards

STR 16 DEX 16 CON 12 THAC0 16 S T R 12 D E X 14 C O N 12 T H A C 0 18

INT 12 WIS 13 CHR 15 AL NG HP 35 I N T 12 WIS 16 C H R 17 AL LG H P 25


Weapons LONG SWORD +2 Weapon SLING +I, 20 BULLETS


See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.


STR 18/63 DEX II CON 17 THAC0 15 STR 18/35 DEX 16 CON 15 THAC0 16
INT 12 WIS 10 CHR 15 AL LG HP 56 INT 13 WIS 14 CHR 13 AL LG HP 41


Weapons LONG SWORD Weapons LONG SWORD +2





See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.

Rastlin 3 RD -L EVEL H UMAN M AGE Flint Fireforge 4 TH -L EVEL D WARF F IGHTER

STR I0 DEX 16 CON I0 THAC0 20 STR 16 DEX I0 CON 18 THAC0 17

INT 17 WIS 14 CHR I0 AL N HP 8 INT 7 WIS 12 CHR 13 AL NG HP 45






See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.

Sturm Brightblade 6 TH -L EVEL H UMAN F IGHTER tasslehoff Burrfoot 4 TH -L EVEL K ENDER T HIEF

STR 17 DEX 12 CON 16 THAC0 15 STR 13 DEX 16 CON 14 THAC0 19









See the back of this card for more information. See the back of this card for more information.
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1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


© ©
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


© ©
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


© ©
1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1990 TSR, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Monster AC MV HD THAC0 #AT Damage SA SD AL

Badger, Giant 4 6, Br 3 3 17 3 1d3/1d3/1d6 Nil Nil N
Bear, Cave 6 12 6+6 13 3 1d8/1d8/1d12 Hug Nil N
Bee. Grant (Queen)
Bee. Giant (Soldier)
Bee, Giant (Worker)
Beetle, Boring 3 6 5 15 1 5d4 Nil Nil N
Boar, Giant 6 12 7 13 1 3d6 Nil Nil N
Brownie 3 12 ½ 20 1 1d2 Spells Save as 9th-lvl
priest LG
Carrion Crawler 3/7 12 3+1 17 8 1d2 Paralysis Nil N
Catoblepas 7 6 6+2 15 1 1d6 + stun Death gaze Nil N
Cave Cricket
Centaur 5(4) 18 4 17 3 1d6/ld6/weapon Nil Nil N (CG)
Centipede, Giant 9 15 2hp 20 1 Nil Poison Nil Nil
Demilich - 6 Sp. 50 hp 11 Sp. Sp. Nil Nil NE
Dog, War 6 12 2+2 19 1 2d4 Nil Nil N
Dog, Wild 7 15 1+1 19 1 1d4 Nil Nil N
Draconian, Baaz 4 6/15, Gl 18 2 19 2 or 1 1d4/1d4 or weapon Nil Nil LE

Draconian, Bozak 2 6/15. Gl 18 4 17 2 or 1 1d4/1d4 or weapon Spells + 2 to saves LE

Draconian. Kapak 4 6/15, Gl 18 3 17 1 1d4 Poison Nil LE
Dragon, Black.
Hatchling 4 12, Fl 30(C), SW 12 6 15 3 1d6/1d6/3d6 Acid Nil CE
Dragon, Black
(Khisanth) - 3 12, Fl 30(C), SW 12 16 5 3 1d6+8/1d6+8/3d6+8 Acid Sp. CE
Dragon, Brass (Blaize) - 2 12, Fl 30(C), Br 6 14 7 3 1d6+6/1d6+6/4d4+6 Sleep gas Sp. CG (N)
Dragon. Gold (Evenstat - 8 12, Fl 42(C) 20 5 3 1d10+8/1d10+8/6d6+8 Spells Sp. LG
Dragon. Red, Old - - 9. Fl 30(C) 17 5 3 1d10+8/1d10+8/3d10+8 Spells CE
Dragon. Red (Ember) - - 9. Fl 30(C) 1, 5 3 ld10+8/1d10+8/3d10+8 Spells CE
Dragon, Red
(Flamestrike) - 7 9, Fl 30(C) 17 5 3 1d10+8/1d10+8/3d6+8 Spells Sp. CE
Dragon, Shadow - 2 12, Fl 24(C) 10 11 3 1d6+8/1d6+814d4+8 Spells Sp. NE
Dragon Turtle 0 14 7 2d6/2d6/4d8 Steam Nil N
3, SW9 3
Dry ad 9 12 2 19 1 1d4 Charm Sp. N
7 1d4/1d4 or weapon
Dwarf, Aghar (Gully) 6 1 19 2 or 1 Sp. Sp. CN
Dwarf, Hylar (Mountain) 4 6 1 19 1 1d8 Sp. Sp. LN
Dwarf, Klar (Hill) 6 6 1 13 1 1d8 Sp. Sp. NG
Dwarf, Neidar (Hill) 6 6 1 19 1 1d8 Sp. Sp. NG
Dwarf. Theiwar 6 1 10 1 1d8 Sp. Sp. CE
Dwarf, Theiwar Savant 5 6 3 17 1 1d8 Spells Sp. CE
7 3. Fl 48(D) 4 1d6/1d6/2d6 Dive N
Eagle, Giant 17 3 Sp.
Elf 5 12 1+1 19 1 1d10 + 1 to hit Sp. CG
Elf, Fighter 4 12 3 17 1 1d8+2 Sp. Sp. CG
Elf, Mage 5 12 5 15 1 1d4 Spells Sp. CG
Elk 7 15 3 17 1 2d6 Nil Nil N
Ettin 3 12 10 11 2 1d10/2d6 Nil Sp. CE
(2d8/3d6 w/club)
Fireshadow 0 6 13+3 7 3 or 1 1d6/1d6/3d6 or 2d20 Sp. Sp. CE
Forestmaster Unicorn 2 24 10 11 3 1d8/1d8/2d10 Charge Sp. CG
Fungi, Violet 7 1 3 17 1 to 4 Sp. Sp. Nil N
Galeb Duhr -2 6 9 11 2 3d6/3d6 sp. Sp. N
Ghast 4 15 4 17 3 1d4/1d4/1d8 Sp. Sp. CE
Ghost 0 or 8 7 10 11 1 10-40 years Sp. Sp. LE
Goblin 6 6 l-l 20 1 1d6 Nil Nil LE
Golem, Stone 5 6 14 7 1 3d8 Sp. Sp. N
Green Slime 9 0 2 19 0 Nil Sp. Sp. N

AC = Armor Class, AL = Alignment, #AT = Number of attacks per round, CE = Chaotic Evil, CG = Chaotic Good, HD = Hit Dice. hp = hit points.
LE = Lawful Evil, LG = Lawful Good, MV = Movement Rate, N = True Neutral, NE = Neutral Evil, NG = Neutral Good. SA = Special Attacks.
SD = Special Defenses. Sp. = Special, THAC0 = Number needed To Hit AC 0

1990 TSR, Inc Ail Rights Reserved
Four Official Game Adventures