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An Organization Study at

Green Valley Beverages Industries Ltd

Submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirement for the award of the



Submitted by
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Under the guidance of

Faculty Member



I declare that the project report entitled An organization study on GREEN

VALLEY BEVERAGES INDUSTRIES LTD Submitted by me for the award of
Master of Business Administration of M.G University is my own work. The report has
not been submitted for the award of any other degree of this university or any

Place: Ernakulam


First of all I wish to express my deep gratitude and thanks to God who helped
us in completing the organization study successfully.
I shall remain grateful to. Mr.:BSS IT MISSION
THYACDU for his amble guidance and encouragement for completing the
organization study. I am also extremely grateful to faculty member for their valuable
suggestions and advice regarding this work. I also express my profound gratitude to
project guide .,Sr. Manager, HRM for his valuable guidance and
timely advice and well-wishers for Encouragement given to us during the course of
the project. It is my pleasure to express a deep sense of grateful to
Sr. Manager, Safety & Environment Department & MIS without his
untiring efforts and tremendous background information this work would not have
materialized. I express my sincere
for their co-operation during my study in the company. Last but not least we thank my
parents and for all their moral support and help, they Had given to me.


I. Introduction
II. Company Profile
III. Product Profile
IV. Functional Departments
Production Department
Marketing Department
Finace Department
HR Department


SWOT Analysis

VI. Findings&Suggestions
VII. Recommendations
VIII. Conclusion




"Organizational study is an effort towards understanding the organization,

its policies, structure and methodology adopted. It gives us brief description of the
overall functioning of the company or organization."

An organizational study as a part of second semester MBA is really helpful to

get a real view of organization. It helps to know the working environment of a
company apart from the theoretical knowledge we are acquiring. O r g a n i z a t i o n
s t u d y d e a l s w i t h c r i t i c a l e v a l u a t i o n a n d a n a l ys i s o f a l l t h e a s p e c t s
particular firm. It gives a clear idea about the functions and
p r a c t i c e o f v a r i o u s department heads and operational efficiency of the
department as a whole. This particular study gives a clear idea about the
functions, practices and the delegation of authority of Green Valley
Beverages Industries Ltd, Ernakulam The organization study will help us to
reveal the how things are coordinated in real time situations. The personnel
function is


all about


It is

agreed that


i n d i v i d u a l s a r e m o t i v a t e d t o p e r f o r m e f f e c t i v e l y, t h e y m a y
n o t a c h i e v e t h e l e v e l o f performance that is desired to them. Managerial




their subordinates to release their



potential more


and thereby permit the desired goals of the organization and the needs of
employees to be achieved. The purpose of motivation is to create conditions which
people are willing to work with zeal, initiative, interest and enthusiasm so that the
goals of an organization are achieved effectively


The main objective of the study is to familiarise

with the organisational functions in the organisation, there are many other minor
objectives also.
They are the following:_ To understand about how an organisations system is performing.

_ To know about various departments and their functions in an organisation.

_ To study the managerial activities performed in an organisation.

_ To know how an organisation coordinates its activities.

_ To get a practical exposure as the future manager.


The scope of the study is to know about the
organisation, its structure, the functions performed by various departments and to
know the
overall performance of the organisation. The study will help the management students
to get a
practical exposure..


The study was limited, because the time period allotted was not sufficient to
conduct a thorough study on the functioning of the organization. The employee of the
various departments was not able to spend enough time in explaining the functions of
their department, as it affected their work schedule. Respondents were reluctant to
reveal complete details. This lack of knowledge of the respondents and the bias of
them has acted as a hindrance to the study.


The Water shortage around the world and particularly in third world countries
has opened new avenues for bottled water Industry. If we compare the growth and
status of Indian Bottled Industry with western or Asian market, we are far behind in
terms of quantum, infrastructure, professionalism & standards implementation.
In India, the per capita bottled water consumption is still quite low less than
five liters a year as compared to the global average of 29 liters.
Though concept of bottled water in Western countries picked up in early 1900 ,
Indian Elite first tasted it only in 70s as it was difficult to gulp down the fact by an
average Indian that water was up for sale!!
Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd, Bombay based brand with Italian
antecedents was THE MINERAL WATER and it ruled till early nineties under
monopolistic conditions and had a dream run for so many years. Mineral water meant
tourism ,opening up Indian economy, rapid urbanization [ 33% India is considered
urban] shortage and improper quality of drinking water saw a spurt of growth in
bottled water , all over the country in early 90s. Till that time, bottle of drinking








LTD packed in PVC bottle.

The filtration process was turning a new leaf with reverse osmosis technology
trying to make a foothold. Around same time, Polyethylene Terephthalate, widely
known as PET, too, started gaining ground as an ideal packing medium. Its usage was
beginning to be accepted. With numerous companies taking a plunge around same
time, the experiment with process, packing and market was on

With no regulations to control neither the entry nor the quality, the market saw
phenomenal and unchecked growth for 7 years. Time and again, media hailed this
industry as a SUNRISE ONE and put the annual growth rate at phenomenal 40%.
Small entrepreneurs, big business houses, individuals, distributors, made a beeline for
this industry. And then came the disturbing part; In between there were numerous
reports of inferior quality brands, duplications of the product, recycling of bottles,
utilization of tap water. Even well-known brands had a tough time with reports of
inferior quality involving them started making rounds.

Perturbed by these reports, finally MINISTRY OF HEALTH & FAMILY

WELFARE [Department of Health] vide notification dated 10 it compulsory to
obtain ISI mark for every processor operating under Indian Territory. It was supposed
to be enforced from 29 March, 2001 and later date was relaxed till 30 these standards
were prepared long back, nobody had bothered to obtain the mark [Barring one: Blue
Lite, Delhi]
ISI has stringent procedure of screening the unit .Process, hygienic conditions,
in house lab testing, packing & documentation pertaining to these. Due to absence of
regulation nobody wanted to touch ISI with a barge pole as apart from these lengthy
procedures, a tag of heavy marking fee came along. Post Regulation, it became fate
accompli. Things were not the same
The new regulations outlined the processes, packing, hygienic conditions, in
house labs, presence of chemist and micro biologist, rigorous testing of
product, voluminous documentation and heavy marking fee. Out of unofficial reports
of presence of more than 3500 processors and packers, only handful survived Most of
them are bottled up!

While Pepsis AQUAFINA & Nestles PURE LIFE [1999-2002 ] started their
sojourn with Indian Bottled Water, entry of Kinley [ May 2000] really shook the
market with Media Blitzkreig , aggressive marketing and maximum utilization of

existing distribution channels. By the end of that year, it notched up 8-9% market
share, equivalent to what Aquafina had achieved after 15 months of operation. The
aggression continued & eroded market leaders share considerably and in just in 3
years it achieved what others collective couldnt do in a decade: Shake the leader. By
the end of the year 2002, claims were made that KINLEY HAD dented the
considerable market of leader but GREEN VALLEY BEVERAGE INDUSTRIES
LTDstill maintains that it has unassailable share of 50 % till date


Burgeoning population

Rapid Urbanization

Phenomenal increase in Tourism

Growing awareness about drinking water safety.

Inability of central local government to provide clean drinking and safe draining

Strained government resources

Consumption of bottled water in India is linked to the level of prosperity in the

different regions. The western region accounts for 40 per cent of the market and the
eastern region just 10. However, the bottling plants are concentrated in the southern
region of the 3400 + bottling water plants in India, more than 55 % are in 4 southern
states. This is a major problem because southern India, especially Tamil Nadu, is
water starved


Name of company

Green Valley Beverages Ltd

Date of incorporation


Address (Registered office)

Green Valley Beverages Ltd

Kolencherry , Ernakulam(DIST)
Phone, Fax


Administrative departments


Name of Chairman

Mr. Jacob T Abraham

Name of M D

Mr. Abraham Jacob

Present activity

Bottling Plant

Business type

Manufacture, Supplier

Total number of workers


Green Valley is manufacturer of Packaged Drinking Water located in Kolenchery,

Ernakulam. The company came into existence in the year 1998 under the headship
of Mr. Jacob T Abraham, the Managing Director of the company.

"Green Valley" name quickly became established as a luxury brand through its use at
prestigious venues and sponsorship at many sporting events. With an increasing
demand for its bottled water,the company grew from strength to strength. Clients such
as Indian Railway, Travancore Devaswom Board, Indian Oil Corporation &
KTDC resorts have helped to ensure the increasing reputation and popularity of
Green Valley.

We are engaged in offering the purest form of packaged drinking water. Stringent
quality tests are conducted before making the final delivery of processed water. We
put special emphasis on the packaging of the products and offer customized packing
to suit the specific requirements of the clients.

And our other main products are Soda and Soft Drinks (Lemon, Orange & Cola)

Strategic Intent

The Mission, Vision and Quality Policy of GREEN VALLEY BEVERAGE

INDUSTRIES LTD are stated as follows:


To increase the network of super stockists and distributors in represented town

and create new super stockists and distributors in unrepresented towns whereby we
can increase our sales turn over and finally the market share.
To have motivation, training will impart to all employees for development of
skill and potential so as to benefit the Companys growth and individual growth.


To maintain our present position. i.e. No.1 among the Kerala based packaged
drinking water industry.
To make our products available in all major towns of all the districts of Kerala
State and ensure the cent percent availability of stocks any time any day.
To commit towards substantial and sustained growth of existing product and
diversified product of Food & Beverages giving equal importance to the welfare of
Human Resources.

Quality Policy
To enhance customers satisfaction by providing healthy and quality packaged
drinking water and its allied product at better price. To provide the public with
high quality drinking water that conforms to the stringent specifications of Bureau
of Indian Standards. We endeavor to supply drinking water with near zero
bacteriological level, sparkling whiteness and natural sweetness.

Quality Objective

Green Valley Industries Ltd shall establish quality objectives at relevant functional
levels which will bring continual improvement in the functions and thereby in the
organization. The quality objectives focus on strategic advantage to the department as
well as performance improvement. The quality objectives established are realistic,
quantifiable and shall set suitable action plans. Also the management will assign
responsibilities to the concerned managers for achieving the objectives as targeted in
the MD`s Vision.


Its a compliment being generic to the category, but its not very good when
consumers think any mineral water brand is Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd.
Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd, a product established in India by Ramesh
Chauhan, Chairman of Parle Aqua Minerals has become a generic brand. Green
Valley Beverage Industries Ltd was the first marketed bottled water in a totally virgin
market. The brand has become synonymous with packaged drinking water, thus
consumers accept any brand offered by the retailer when they ask for Green Valley
Beverage Industries Ltd. So far Ramesh Chauhans Green Valley Beverage Industries
Ltd enjoys the largest market share of 44% in the giant packaged drinking water
industry and is growing at the rate of 80% per annum. Annual sales of Green Valley
Beverage Industries Ltd have touched Rs.616 crores. In seventies, Green Valley
Beverage Industries Ltd was the only packaged drinking water which had national
presence and the sale was to tune of approximately one hundred thousand cases
valued at about Rs.60lacs.

The various sizes available are:

Product innovation To make sure that the product that reaches the consumer is always
high quality and also meets international standards, Green Valley Beverage Industries
Ltd has always been involved in improving its product packaging. One such recent
development is the temper proof break-away seal. Green Valley Beverage Industries
Ltd also recognizes the need to produce environment friendly products and is working
on the PET project. Recent innovation at Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd has
been Break-Away seal: keeping in mind the consumers need should recognize a
genuine product that cannot be tempered with, Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd
developed the Break-Away seal. The unique cap has been patented and cannot be
duplicated or tempered with. This technology development in the product ensures that
the consumer will only get a highly safe product when they consume Green Valley
Beverage Industries Ltd packaged drinking water.3. Product packaging To ensure
purity of the bottled water, the bottles that are used are blown and filled at the factory
itself, to avoid contamination. Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd is extremely
conscious of environmental issues since PET bottles are not bio-degradable and not

easy to dispose. The company is currently working on the PET recycling project,
where they will collect bottles from various places, crush and shred them. The
shredded material will then be made into ropes, PET containers for the non-food
industry and other PET like polyester fiber, flower vase, gift items etc.

PRODUCTION PROCESS Over the last 15 year, company has set up 10 new units
besides taking on 7 franchisees. And over the3 year, the 120 bottle per minute (bpm)
capacity of the 17 units across the country will be increased to 250 bpm. Today Green
Valley Beverage Industries Lads manufacturing each indicates that it is represented
across the country except in east the east. The Mineral water plant is being set to
international standards with a high degree of automation and in-build mechanism
maintaining high standards of sanitation and hygiene. The entire plant and the piping,
which comes in contact with the process water, are made of food grade stainless steel.
A strict code of hygiene and religiously conducted quality controls tests (8 in number)
every shift further ensures quality product. Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd is
100% free from bacteria and toxic minerals. Water is purified in plant capable of
consistently producing uniform quality of high purity water which meets Green Valley
Beverage Industries Ltd`s high standards. It undergoes exciting quality controls from
the water source stage to final packaging.

PURIFICATION PROCESS Purity and safety are two major factors taken care in
sourcing and processing of Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd water. Underground
spring is carefully selected based on its portability and pathogen free water. Great care
goes in tapping this source. Only water below 25 meter is tapped. This is to avoid any
surface contamination to percolate and mix with under ground water source. Area
surrounding the water collection tube at the surface is protected and kept clean. The
steps of manufacturing process are given below.

The water is collected in water storage tank where it is chlorinated, giving sufficient
contact time (1 hr.) for chlorine to destroy all bacteria. Water then passes through sand
filter and carbon filter. Sand filter removes all suspended particles whereas carbon
filter removes odor and chlorine. The water is now free of all bacteria, suspended
particles and chlorine.

The water now goes to ion exchange where the water is softened (the undesirable
heavy salts are removed). This helps in digestion.

Water now passes through reverse osmosis plant, which is capable of getting rids of
even minute traces of toxic minerals, should and happen to exist. In its simplest form
the reverse osmosis plant consists of semi permeable membrane which acts as
molecular filter.

Water now comes to second water storage tank and it once again chlorinated. Just
prior to use water is passed through carbon filter to remove chlorine and then through
a series of micron filters of diminishing pores size. It is also sterilized with ultra violet
light and ozonized to attain a dissolved ozone residual concentration of 0.4 mg/lt. and
maintain this concentration for at least 4 min. This internationally accepted zonation is
on the safer side and guarantees and overkill most microorganisms.
Pet bottles in which it is filled are stretch are blow molded 100 C as such are sterile.
Bottles are rinsed with water prior to filling and immediately capped using rip off
closures to ensure tamper proofing.


Production Department

Marketing Department

HR Department

Finance Department


Mineral-Bottled Water Plant (Premium Series) offered find application in purifying drinking water as per defined
standards. These plants provide vital assistance in removal of contamination like suspended matters, bacteria,
virus as well as harmful minerals like arsenic & lead that are present in water. Further, these plants also find
usage in the removal of volatile organic chemicals and are well recognized in the market for outstanding
performance support as well as long lasting service life. The compact designs of these plants and latest
technology support utilized also make these matches up with the defined packaged drinking water demands.
These also feature easy installation and can also be made available in accordance to different requirements of
our customers.

Wide range of quality Bottled / Mineral Water Plants

Plants developed in compliance with BIS guidelines

Water systems ideal for use in processing of Bottled Mineral Water, Packaged Drinking Water, Beverages &
Juices as well as Carbonated & Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks


Complete range of purification systems comprising:

Raw Water feed Pump for boosting water pressure of raw water tank and deliver it to pretreatment stage at
desired pressure and volume specifications

Chlorine Dosing system for injecting chlorine into feed water that stops growth of bacteria as well as also helps in
eliminating any existing bacterial contamination as present in feed water

Multi Media Filtration for Coarse filtration involving filtration of sand as well as sediments to 20 microns at 2 ppm

Activated Carbon Filtration that supports removal of taste, colour, odours, chlorine as well as other organic
material as present in feed water prior to stage of reverse osmosis

Water Softener/ Anti scaling Treatment Process that assists in avoiding formation of scaling on membrane

SMBS Dosing System that finds application for injecting SM BS Solution in feed water that supports effective
removal of residual Chlorine

Reverse Osmosis Treatment process that supports the demands of purifying as well as removing 98% of known

pH Correction / Mineral Dosing System that finds usage in raising pH as well as dissolved solids of Product

Purified Water Storage in Stainless Steel tank

Transfer Pump in stainless steel finish that finds usage in handling feed water to downstream micron filters as
well as UV system for further processing needs

Micron Cartridge Filtration (0.2 Micron) that supports removal of micron particles up to 0.2 Micron sizes

UV Sterilization support for eliminating presence of bacteria and virus from water

Ozone Disinfection process that supports treatment of water before filling or end usage

Ozone Mixing Tank that meets the requirements of mixing ozone in water through re-circulation process















"Marketing management is "the art and science of choosing target markets and getting,
keeping, and growing customers through creating, delivering, and communicating superior customer
value" (Kotler and Keller)."

Marketing Department is controlled by Marketing Manager, who is assisted by

Junior Manager, three Regional Managers and Branch Managers. Below them are the
confidential assistant and clerks. For each districts in Kerala, there are two marketing
apprentices, the marketing department strategies and efforts helps the federation to
increase the sales through the advertising, sale offers/discounts and creating proper
distributing channels. Aqua King Ltd has it all-an aggressive marketing strategy,
energetic sates team with an insight into the future.
The marketing manager monitors the pulse of the market, competition prevailing in
the market, activities of competitors, demand levels etc. he analyses all such situations
and then takes effective promotional activities .the assistant sales manager is
concerned with general duties like finding out market of Mineral water by field work.
The sales officer and other staffs in the department help to strengthen the link with

To find new markets.
Deciding pricing strategies.
Strengthening the agency network.
Appointment of agencies.
Forecasting the demand.
Creating awareness.
Collect ion of payments.
Grievance redressed of customers.
Keeping relevant information and exchanging with other departments.


HR Manager

Asst. Manager
Console operator

Asst. Manager

Junior Manager

Senior Asst.
Junior Asst.


The employee compensation structure include

Basic salary
House rent allowances
Dearness allowances
City compensation allowances
Special allowances


Number of employees

Permanent employees





Temporary and casual


Trade unions
Trade unions are voluntary organization of employee or employers formed to
protect and promote their interest through collective action, their activities is felt in all
activities of an organization

Time office
Time office comes under Administrative department. Time office is considered
as the soul of the administrative department'". The head time ettiable is the head of
the time office. The function of the time office is to maintain the records relating to
the attendance of the workers, their wages, leave matters etc. All the administrative
details are maintained in the time office right from the recruitment to the retirement of
the employment of the employee. That means all personnel registers and the services
Register are maintained in the time office

Working hours
The production Unit requires 24 hours continuous working. These working hours are
divided into three shifts. Each shift consists of 8 hours. The working hours for office
staff is from 9.00 To 5pm with half an hour interval from 1.00pm to 1.30pm

Manpower Planning
Manpower Planning is important for any type of organisation. It is the process which
determines how an organisation should move from its current manpower position to
its desired manpower position. For this purpose, the HR department at IRE collects
feedback from all department inorder to identify their manpower requirements of

various departments and then the HR department crosscheck whether there is any
overstaffing in any of the departments. If these departments have excess of staff, they
are transferred to those departments where there is a shortage.

Recruitment Criteria
For the recruitment of candidates, the candidates should be above 18 years of age. The
following steps are taken before the recruitment of employees. They are govt.
guidelines, the recruitment only through employment exchange, notification in
internet and advertisement in newspaper should be needed. Application will be
scrutinised with the help of a selection committee and eligible candidates are called
for an interview.

Selection:The steps followed in the selection process are

1. Inviting and receiving applications
2. Scrutinising the applications
3. Selection Test: - The selection tests of employees are
a. Aptitude Test
b. Personality Test
c. Achievement Test
d. Trade Test
Appointment will be based on certain criterias like they are medically tested after that
induction training should be given. After training for a period of one year or more they
will be put as permanent employees.
c) Performance Appraisal:Appraisal is the evaluation of work quality or merit. In the case of Green valley
performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of employees by supervisors or other
familiar with their performance.1. Straight ranking method:-

Under this method men as a whole are compares from other men and ranked on the
basis of overall performance.
2. Grading method:Under this method certain categories of work such as excellent, very good, average,
poor, very poor are established and defined actual performance of each employee then
compared with the grade definitions and ranked to evaluate the performance of the
employees. Last grade employees that are 8th & 9th grade, their work performance
have been observed by supervisors. But in the case of executives MBOs are observed
their performance and efficiency.
Firstly the employees themselves do an appraisal and this is given to the reporting
officer and the person who has done the Key Appraisal together identifies the
Key Result Areas and weightage is allotted to each one of them. This is usually done
at the beginning of the year. The reporting officer checks whether the result areas set
where met by the appraisal or if their any deviation from it. And this is to be sent to
reviewing officer and then evaluating officer. Various other factors such as the
appraisers managerial skills like job knowledge, interpersonal skills are also included
and guided and that is allotted in the appraisal and there promotion is based solely


In green valley Ltd promotion is given seniority based or based on experience.

Promotion is a transfer of an employee to a job that pay more money or that enjoys
some preferred status. Sometimes the company is considering the length of the
service, education, training courses completed, previous work history etc. Sometimes
the company is also considered ability, hard work, co-operation, honesty etc.

Condition for getting Promotion:-

1. Average leave should not exist more than 15 days.

2. Any disciplinary actions should not be taken during the service of periods.
3. Should not apply for job in any other organisation.
These candidates are eligible for getting promotion.

d) Salary and Wages Administration:-

Wages in the widest sense means any economic compensation paid by the employer
under some contract to his workers for the service rendered by them.

Suspension may be imposed on the workmen as a punishment for misconduct,
pending enquiry for misconduct or when the criminal proceedings are per sued by a
Court of Law, if the management deems it necessary

No workmen shall be writing to any person or by any means of communication
newspapers, journals etc... Or any document relating to the company except with the
prior approval in writing to the management

Industrial Discipline:Disciplinary actions are taken in the HR department. Procedure for disciplinary
actions is on receiving a complaint about a particular employee, explanation is asked.
Employee will give an explanation before 15 days. If the explanation is not
satisfactory he will be given a charge sheet and will also conduct a domestic enquiry.

For this purpose an enquiry officer is placed. After conducting the enquiry the report
should be sent to the disciplinary committee and if necessary certain punishment may
also given.

Training Program
Procedure for Training

1. Identifying the training needs

The company identifies the training needs through 3 ways: a. Organisation Analysis
b. Task Analysis
c. Man Analysis
2. Executives themselves will discuss the training needs
3. Charting out the training plan for a period
4. Based on feedback individual training is given

Training Methods
Green Valley has mainly four types of training methods.

1. In-house Training

2. External Training

3. Vocational raining

4. First Aid Training

The training method can be grouped on the basis of level of personnel in the
1. In-house Training: - Otherwise known as on the job training. In this method expert

from outside come to the organisation and give training.

2. External Training: - Also known as off job training is given outside the


3. Vocational Training: - At least 20% of the employees should be trained every year.

4. First Aid Training: - 30 people in one batch and give them training.

Uniform Allowance

Every employee is provided with two pairs of uniform in every year. Rs: 100/ month
as washing allowances is granted for all employees.

Transportation Allowance

Every employee (except officers) gets Rs: 700/- per month as conveyance allowance.
Officers will get 10% of their basic pay as their Transportation Allowance.


A round the clock canteen is provided for the employees. Company will charge Rs:
6/day from each employee. The canteen is under the control of company.

Attendance Bonus

To increase attendance in the company gives annual bonus of 12 dayswages for every
employee who have minimum 268 days presence.

Production Incentives

Every employee gets an amount of Rs: 525/ year as Production Incentivefrom the


The various sections working with the finance departments are:

Commercial accounts
Bill passing

Financial management refers to the efficient and effective management of money

(funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organization. It is the
specialized function directly associated with the top management.

This department aims in proper management of finance as a resource to result

in optimum utilization of the financial resources of the company.

Functions of Finance Department

To ensure prompt payment in terms of
Suppliers of equipment's, machinery, materials etc.
Employees as per wage agreement.
Statutory payment like sales tax, income tax, excises duty etc.
To receive all income due to company in time








Bill section
After collecting the details of attendance of various departments, branches,
offices, plants by-considering the information and statutory deductions, loans etc, the
salary bills are prepared, this section also deals with TA bills, medical bills, vehicle
expenses etc.

Internal audit section

This section is responsible for preparing financial accounts periodically. AH
kinds of cross checking is done in this section. Bank reconciliation, account
verification is done at this section

Cash section
Salaries and wages of the employee are prepared in this section, all payments
either in cash or cheques arc carried out in this section. Other major function includes
procurement and allocation of funds.



AM (A/C)

AM (A/C)


SWOT Analysis of a company reflects the effectiveness of the functions of the

company in each and every department. Brainstorming technique was adopted to find
the SWOT. It is a group creativity technique designed to generate a large number of
ideas from a group of employees. Suggestions are evaluated and the analysis is made.

1) Loyal customers give strength to company.

2) Demand for the product is very high.

3) Availability of highly skilled man power.

4) Strong relation between the organization and all the levels of employees.

5) Effective communication facility.

6) High quality products make the strong bond between company and customers


a. The casual workers without any commitment.

b. Only a part of the total capacity is utilized.


Fast growing field: The best beverage for India in the new millennium seems to be
water. In recent years, the bottled drinking water market has been witnessing high
decibel level of activity, with a host of new entrants. The bottled water market which
worth Rs. 1000 crore is expected to be Rs. 5000crore by 2010. This will increase a lot
of scope for bottled water market. Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd can utilize its
distribution chain: - With GREE Valley becoming a generic name for bottled drinking
water. If company can manage the distribution chain of the product to make it
available where the consumer needs it the most, the company may well succeed in his
gamble with water. For this the company can connect it with dealers and other
distributors who will market the products for them all around the world.

Launch of premium pack: The Company also has its premium product range. This is
prepared keeping 5-star hotels and other premium customer. This pack will be sold at
Rs. 20 per liter. This will give a tough competition to the EVIAN, the biggest player
in the premium water range which sells its1 liter water at a hefty of Rs.85 per liter.
Change of image: The Company has changed the color of the product. It has changed
from blue to green. By changing the color, the company has provided a new product
to the consumers; they will be getting a new and a refreshing product.
Increase in production: Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd is eyeing the Market
and is In the process of increasing the production by setting 4 new plants adding to its
23plants. This will increase the production capacity of the company.


Competitions: To get some share in the market many new players are entering in the
market. Among them major names are Godrej, which is launching its product AQUAPURE and Tata-Tea is looking forward to but Himalayan, this will increase the
competition. Also Britannia which is distributing EVIAN is planning to launch its
own brand. There are also new entrants ATCO with BRILLIANT water, DS FOODS
with CATCH are also coming. Even Hindustan lever is planning to enter into the
market. This is give a tough competition to the current water
Emerging of modern technology: Due to globalization modern technology were
available in the market. The competitor make s of that.



The major findings are:

1) disciplined hard working and skilled labour force.

2) The by-products are not fully utilized.

3) Many positions are vacant in the organization.
4) There is employee shortage.
5) Many machineries are rusting in company and wasting money
6) Fluctuation in sales is really increasing showing loss.
7) Electric charge is very high that the KSEB is charging very high rate for additional


The major suggestions are:

Employee Turnover should be minimized: In the long run, this may seriously affect
the company. So the real reasons behind this should be found out and corrective
measures should be taken

Performance appraisal system should be improved: At present the companys

performance appraisal system is not up to the mark. The companys techniques are
little outdated. A 360 degree appraisal system can be introduced.

Improve the motivational techniques: The motivational techniques need a revision

on the grounds of increased employee turnover. The company should make the
employees more loyal to the company. For this timely promotion, incentives and plans
like ESOP (Employee Stock Option Program) may be introduced.

More marketing efforts should be made: The new technologies in the information
technology can be utilized for that. The website of the company should be converted
into an E-commerce portal. All the companys products should be listed with pictures
and all the specifications and facilities for online trade should be made.
Infrastructure should be developed for improving the output.
Technology transfer should be established with some reputed organization.
Company should appoint marketing executives.


As we have seen from the market survey that packaged drinking water industry
is very huge and growing rapidly. The water market is going to reach Rs. 2000 cr. till
the end of 2003. Thus we can imagine how big the water market is and imagine the
growth in this industry. This market is having large share of unorganized sector. In
water industry production cost is very low. But the distribution cost of operations and
make sure about the availability of water. Green Valley Beverage Industries
Ltddistribution network to retail outlets is the best example. They have given 20 lt.
jars to there trailers and thus reduce the distribution cost. Now there is trend in the
market to give bottle without security and a dispenser free of cost to a party using 100

lt. of water. With the big players, who have the support of the financial muscle and a
large consumer base in other categories with them, like Pepsi, Britannia, Nestle and
Coca-Cola the battle is the tougher arena of brand building. All the multinationals are
looking at high-octane advertising targeting specific consumer segments. Sensing
troubled waters ahead, Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd is busy working in
strategy to soak up the competition and protect his water kingdom. By the strategies
followed by the Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd has become a synonym of
packaged drinking water. By the institutional survey, dealers survey and the
consumers survey we got many conclusions and found out the market share of the
brands involved in this industry. According to it Green Valley Beverage Industries Ltd
is the market leader having the market share of 44%, Kinley is its nearest competitor
having its market share of 31%, Aquafina 15% and other brands are covering 10% of
their market share. Thus company should emphasis more on its advertisements,
retailers and wholesalers margin. Company should also have a keen quality control
system because their break-away has been accepted by the public.


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