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Chapter 1

4 Economy hotels are growing segments. Clean, inexpensive rooms

8 Exhibit 3 (shows a sample organization chart, chart shows the management positions in luxury hotel
executive housekeeper, front office manager report to room division manager and he ensures they
work as a team
10 2nd paragraph The term front of the house, back of the house may be used to classify hotel
departments and the personnel within them. F&B and Front Office belongs to front of the house.
11 Accounting division The hotels acct division is responsible for
16 2nd paragraph - Occupancy report each night, front desk agents produces occupancy report, that
consists of rooms that are occupied that night and expects guests that are expected to check-out next
morning, executive housekeeper gets this next morning
23 How many types of maintenance are there (routine, preventive, scheduled). Routine sweeping
carpets, washing floors, cleaning windows, shoveling snow, replacing light bulbs, cutting grass
25 Engineering (maintenance people) generally keeps data cards on all equipment operated by
housekeeping. Equipment data card contains basic info We call it as equipment history record.
Chapter 2
Triple bottom
38 Sustainability is a way of doing business that says a company shouldnt take more than it gives back
48 Purchasing plays a major role in propertys environmental plan. Eco purchasing involves (3 things)
49 What is affluent or reclaimed water (water treated from waste water), what Is it used for
54 Lighting what light is high efficiency lighting?(compact fluorescent lamps)
57 3 Rs in waste management
62 Biggest problem caused by high humidity climates (mold and mildew)
63 Cleaning chemicals Housekeeping and laundry people use more chemicals during the day than
other staff (only housekeeping and laundry use chemicals)
Chapter 3
67 Identifying housekeeping resp what areas is housekeeping responsible for
68 General manager assigns which area will housekeeping be responsible for. Good housekeeping
executive will be able to talk with other dpt managers
71 Most important thing in management function Planning (4 important management functions
Planning, Coordinating, Leading, Organizing)
72 Frequency schedule indicates how often area inventory list are to be cleaned and maintained

73 Who does the repair and deep cleaning work? (Maintenance)

73 Performance standards standards required to provide quality level performance
77 Productivity sheet (simple calculation)
Chapter 4
113 What is a turnover each time position is vacated, new employee must be hired
114 3rd paragraph - Cost of turnover, what payments are made when someone is leaving
Planning of recruitment process
118 1st paragraph - Internal and External recruiting (Internal is cheaper)
127 Job analysis (3 steps), job breakdown breaking down the task into activities
129 Behaviour questions
144 Practice what does coaching do
145 Redirective feedback
147 Step 1 and Step 2, how to calculate productivity standard
152 Compressed work schedule
159 Performance appraisal
160 Employer must provide employee written feedback
Chapter 5
165 Linens most important recycled inventory under executive housekeeper, its most expensive
after wages/salaries
169 2nd issue to consider while determining the inventory for linen par level, you must take out all the
lost, damaged and stolen linen out of the inventory list.
176 Occupancy report made by the front desk can be used to determine the linen distribution
185 2nd paragraph To establish par levels for all types of uniforms, the exec housekeeper must
know 3 uniforms required as par (they are wearing the 4th)
192 Guest loan items (everything that can be returned back), housekeeping is responsible for
maintaining the items
195 Repair log, what is it, what will it have
197 Safety stock for cleaning supply item
203 Minimum quantity of guest room soap is 2 cases for 1 month. 1 case of soap if used for every 5
days, how many cases would be needed in 30 days? Total number is 8 (6+2 safety stock and lead time)

Chapter 6
212 Planning operation budget cost per occupied room is brought by predicted occupancy levels
213 Controlling expenses controlling the operational cost, controlling the budgeted cost
214 Budget and Income statement (difference between budget and income budget is expected,
income is real)
216 Contract service, laundry, dry cleaning, operating supplies, uniforms direct resp of housekeeping
218 What does linen expense mean, what does it include includes rental fees, pillow cases, towels,
face cloths, bath mats, blankets + other items included in the linen inventory
228 Controlling expenses controlling the anticipated costs of the budget (4 methods accurate
record keeping, effective scheduling, carefully train and supervise, efficient purchasing)
229 Planning linen purchases (last paragraph) directly from linen mills
237 Contract services (2nd paragraph, last paragraph going to p. 238)
Chapter 7
254 Departments prone to injuries housekeeping, maintanence; Ladder- whats important
260 When is the best time to talk about safety info during orientation and training; job safety
analysis (what is it)
Iron causes discoloration, chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus
268 Tags
278 2nd paragraph
287 Employee should never loan the key to the guest, employee is responsible for the master key
Chapter 8
322 - Type of uniforms polyester, polycotton; table linens what material
324 1st sentence, Dryer should be at the exterior wall in the corner
Laundry sorted 3 ways Light, Moderate, Heavy
335 - Which water doesnt leather Hard water, reduces the soaps ability
337 Bleaches, 2 kinds Chlorine, Oxygen
338 Extracting
344 Folding machine holds one end of the linen so the staff can fold it easily
345 Preventive maintenance (2nd paragraph) replacing parts
346 Valet service

349 Staff scheduling

350 Staggering schedule
Chapter 9
371 What is hand caddy
372 Room status report, Order of cleaning (CO, SO, DO)
387 Dusting (daily activity), things that need to be dusted
388 Order of dusting
391 Guestroom cleaning and inspection
394 RFID Technology
401 Making rooms allergy friendly
402 - Procedures for turndown service
Chapter 10
434 Guestroom cleaning
441 Spas, 3rd paragraph Use of disinfectants
446 Mold and mildew
449 Public health experts say it is now necessary to receive special training on cleaning hard surfaces
460 Flame spread index (FSI scale), Noise (noise reduction coefficient), noise pollution 25%
462/463 Porous, non-porous, semi-porous, what type of paint allows the absorption of moisture
(porous latex), what doesnt (non-porous enamel)
466 - Amenity section acid cleaners should not be used
Chapter 11
491 Box springs
493 Mattress, how many times turn it around in a year (4)
496 Bed bugs
504 - Woven fabric
508 Uniforms are polyester blend (polycotton = polyester), 65% cotton 35% polyester
Chapter 12
515 - 3 parts of carpet face of the yearn, primary backing, secondary backing

520 - Pile distortion

521 Carpet maintenance carpet fiber and backing will dictate the maintenance program
525 Types of vacuum cleaners (beater bar vacuum cleaner)
543 - Resilient floors what makes a resilient floor
544 Natural stones
Chapter 14
578 - Toilets are made of vitrous (pourous) china
580 - Usage of RFID technology
583 Luxury amenities
Order of cleaning the bathroom
590 Toilets (first step flushing)
593 - Most effective way to clean urine stains type of chemical (bio-enzyme cleaner)