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Elmer Perez-Hernandez
Mr. Hackney
Rhetoric 101
8 October 2014
Confronting Guns With More Guns
For two centuries Americans have had the privilege to own a gun to defend themselves
against harm. It was the intention of our founding fathers to give us this right in order to protect
ourselves and our family, however in recent times this constitutional law has come into question.
This is due to a spike in shootings over the last two decades such as the Columbine and Aurora
incidents. These happened because of the U.S. loophole system allowing younger, more
mentally unstable adults get a hold of weapons (Goldberg 1). In The Case for More Guns (and
More Gun Control) by Jeffrey Goldberg, the author applies powerful flashback and
overwhelming statistics to successfully provide an alternate way to protect ourselves from gun
violence by allowing more guns enter the system.
Flashbacks, such as when Goldberg recalls the horrifying shooting that happened at
Columbine High School, shows that some action must be taken in order to prevent another
disaster. Goldberg effectively brought up traumatizing events to further strengthen his argument
for some way of gun control. Another flashback that Goldberg incorporated into his article was
the Aurora shooting. He states, [t]he Aurora massacre is noteworthy, even in the crowded field
of mass shootings, as one of the more wretched and demoralizing in the recent history of
American violence, and I was surprised that the scene of the crime did not attract more attention
(1). The Aurora shooting, as stated, was horrific even for the people who werent there since its
baffling to think that for no good reason two young men would go shoot and kill innocents.

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Goldberg is calling for action here from the government but with the right to bear arms in the
constitution there is little possibility for control like in Europe. Goldberg states that if in the case
it was him who was stuck in the middle of a shooting that he would like to be armed and able to
protect himself. Most people could probably agree with this since they wouldnt want to be at the
mercy of anothers hand. With the support of flashback, Goldberg proposes the government
allow more weapons to enter the scene for the same reason others want to ban themprotection.
Furthermore, overwhelming statistics over guns and population prove how the U.S. needs
some form of gun control, whether it be through ban or more guns. The constitution of course
affects the want to ban guns since it is a constitutional law so that just leaves Goldbergs
proposal of allowing more guns. Goldbergs use of statistics really strengthens the argument with
facts like, [t]here are an estimated 280 million to 300 million guns in private hands in
Americamany legally owned, many not. Each year, more than 4 million new guns enter the
market. This statistic shows a steady increase in weapons in America and potentially even more
dangers to the unarmed population. To support his argument he also states that in 2004 Ohio
allowed people to carry firearms outside their home and the effect of this was a constant firearm
crime rate that stayed the same after the law passed. This fact proved trump the comment John
Gilchrist, legislative counsel, made when he stated that allowing people to carry weapons would
only result in more gun violence (1). The best way Goldberg sees to prevent incidents such as
Columbine and Aurora, is through even more guns so that each individual can protect themselves
instead of cowering with fear while hiding under a seat just waiting to be shot.
In the end, Goldberg effectively claims the need for some method to avoid gun violence
and he proposes to do this by allowing more guns to enter the U.S. He successfully uses
powerful flashback and overwhelming statistics to argue that the government should allow more

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guns to enter the system in the form of carry weapons for people to protect themselves against
other gun threats, such that in case of a shooting the threat would be neutralized. Many incidents
have happened where mentally unstable people shoot the public and there is nothing they could
do about it. The argument here is to allow more responsible people to carry weapons to ensure
their safeness as well as other citizens.

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