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Unit 12


Learning and practicing new vocabulary

Revising colors, numbers
Practicing parts of our body
Reciting a letter chant
Practicing English Phonetics
Singing a song head, shoulders, knees and toes




Letter Chant
Head, shoulders,
knees and toes

I Greeting and Aim

Students listen to the song Head, shoulders, knees and toes, sing and dance.
Pin up the color flashcards on the board. Encourage students to say the colors first as a class and then as
individuals. Point to the things in the classroom and ask what color are they.

II 1. Name the letters of the ABC and their sounds.

Students listen to the teacher naming the letters and sound and follow in their books in Ex. 1
p.__. Ask volunteers to name the letters and the sounds. Ask the students to name the letters
and sounds together.

2. Reading
Ask students to listen to you and follow the words in Ex. 2 p.__. Students read the words
together and translate some of them into their native language. Ask volunteers to read the

3. Introducing new vocabulary

Ask students to look at the pictures in Ex.3 p.__. Students listen, repeat and point the new
words in their books. Ask students to read the words together. Ask the class to read the words
in a random order (show flashcards). Ask volunteers to name the words in a random order. Ask
the students to say the chant with new words:
Jug, kite, lemon;
Jug, kite, jug, kite;
Jug, kite, lemon.

4. Song Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Ask the students to listen to the song and sing. Ask students to sing the song and dance. Ask
volunteers to come to the front of the class and sing the song. Sing the song without a taperecorder.

5. Name parts of the body

Ask students to look at the pictures in Ex. 5 p.__. Ask volunteers to name the words according
to the pictures. Ask the whole class to name parts of the body and show their own parts of a
body. Ask students to show and name their partners parts of the body.

6. Writing
Students match big and small letters in Ex. 6 p. ___ individually. Beforehand show the letters on
the board and name them. Check the activity and help if necessary.

7. Game What color are your eyes?

Ask students to look at Ex.7 p.__. Students go round the class and count students with green,
blue, brown eyes and write down the final numbers in their books. Students compare the
results in pairs. Ask volunteers to say the number of students with green, blue and brown eyes.
Write the results on the board.

III Summarizing and Homework

Ask students to name their favorite activity during the class.