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The Understanding of Islam.

The word Islam means voluntary submission or total submission to the will of God. It
also came from the root word Silm which means peace. Therefore, when one totally submits
himself to the Greatest power of all, surely it will bring peace to his heart and promote peace
to the others. Islam calls upon worshipping the one and only God and leaving away all
associates. Islam also teaches people that there is only one God who deserves to be
worshipped and this actually meets the nature of human being. The human being will always
find for an ultimate super power to help them whenever they face difficulties and troubles in
life in spite of how many gods they might have believed. In the Quran, God describes
himself as the only one who deserves to be worshipped by all Muslims and that is the
ultimate purpose of every creation. In Islam, the Muslims believe in a chain of prophets
starting with Adam and including Noah, up to Jesus peace be upon them. But Gods final
message to man, a reconfirmation of the eternal message and a summing-up of all that has
gone before was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad through Gabriel. That is why Muslims
can tolerate with other beliefs because we are taught to respect every human being despite of
what do they believe and where do they come from. The Quran says: God forbids you not,
with regards to those who fight you not for (your) faith nor drive you out of your homes,
from dealing kindly and justly with them, for God loveth those who are just. (Quran, 60: 8)
In fact, Islam is a complete way of life. Why? This is because it covers every single
aspect of our lives even of the smallest thing. Based on the Quran and sunnah of the prophet
in which Prophet Muhammad has left the Muslims with, it is a comprehensive set of
guidelines on how to live our lives. For example, the Quran teaches about the marriage,
polygamy, food which should not be eaten and many more. All the things mentioned in the
Quran have their own values and nowadays, scientists found in their studies about what has
already been mentioned in the Quran. To mention about food, although much simpler than
the dietary law followed by Jews and the early Christians, the code which Muslims observe
forbids the consumption of pig meat or any kind of intoxication drink. The Prophet taught
that your body has rights over you, and the consumption of wholesome food and the leading
a healthy lifestyle are seen as religious obligations. In addition, Islam is also a religion of
hope. In the previous era, women used to be only the objects of lust. People did not see
women as something valuable. However, when the Prophet Muhammad came and brought
Islam to the world, they valued and raised the standard of women to the highest level. Islam
sees a woman, whether single or married, as an individual in her own right, with the right to
own and dispose of her property and earnings. In terms of doing mistakes, Islam gives hope
even to those who did mistakes in their life because God is Most Forgiving and Most
Merciful. Islam does not take any single soul for granted. We will be given another chance to
live if we sincerely repent to God. That is how concern Islam with our lives. There is this one
quote that goes by, if a religion fails to offer hope, it is not divinely from God.