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National Service Should be Made Compulsory for School Leavers (GOVT)

Prime Minister

Thank you panel of adjudicators, members of the Opposition, fellow Ministers, members of
the House and the audience.
A very good morning to you.

Members of the House, the motion today is National Service should be made compulsory for
school leavers, and as the Prime Minister, I urge you to accept the motion for today as we the
Government will prove to you why National Service should be made compulsory for school

As the Prime Minister, I will define the key-phrases in the motion and will also present our
first argument, on disciplining the body and mind. My Deputy Prime Minister will rebut the
argument from the Leader of the Opposition and will present two more arguments, enhancing
intellect and spirituality as well as encourages social integration. Lastly, my third Minister
will rebut other argument and will further strengthen our case for today.
Members of the House, now on with the definition of the key phrases in the motion.
National Service means a three-month service programme to bond the youths of Malaysia
together and create a Malaysian nation.
Compulsory means something that must be done.
School leavers means a young person who has just left school.
As such, the motion means that all school leavers must join the National Service programme
as we the Government will prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that National Service is
beneficial to all school leavers.
As such, the Governments stand for today is National Service gives school leavers the
opportunity to practice what they learned in school for social integration and self-betterment
for the future of Malaysia.

Members of the House, on with my first argument, National Service disciplines the body and
mind. Should the National Service be made compulsory, it will definitely disciplines the body
and mind in various aspects that are being taught in school, that is spiritually, emotionally,
physically, intellectually and socially. I highly doubt that we can find the assertion of all of
these five aspects in any other place for school-leavers to start out at, be it universities,
colleges or even at offices where some school-leavers go as their part-time job. The most
aspects they are exposed to would not be as complete and intense as in the National service

The disciplining of the body and mind in the National Service are done by instilling good
values, self-confidence, leadership as well as self-evaluation. How so? These instillations
help in guiding the recently-graduated youths who are still fresh in mind and are still working
on their identity in life. By doing so, they will know when to make a call on the different
situations in life once they are disciplined. Thus, the rate of social problems that are
undeniably happening as of now in our country can be decreased.

One of the intensive trainings they have in the programme is the teachings of the
environmental restoration and protection. And what would be better to discipline our mind
than in doing community service? By participating this activity that is only possible via the
National Service what with enduring hours of exhaustion and the awareness of the
consequences should they not care of the public cleanliness, the youths will grasp the
understanding of the importance of them taking care of the environment which leads to their
disciplinary in the mind. In other words, they will find more fiends participating in the
National Service that requires one to be disciplined.

There are at two out of four modules in the programme that revolves around the body and
mind disciplinary. First off is the Physical Module that includes marching, Colt M16 usage
and camping. This shows that we need discipline in order to achieve unison in marching and
even the handling of fire weaponry. You would not want to have someone recklessly firing
the Colt M16!
The Community Service Module has trainees sent in groups to build and restore public
amenities. Should the National Service not made compulsory, there would not be many
youths doing community service via National Service voluntarily and thus leads to the lack of
awareness of what would have become of our country without any citizen giving a care of the
environment. Consequently, the youths will be responsible and lead a disciplined lifestyle.

The education system of Malaysia emphasis the development of Intellectual ability and
National Service actually gives these school leavers the opportunity to train their minds in
real life situation. Joining National Service also give them the chance to actually apply what
they learned in the classroom in the actual world. The ultimate goal of any school leaver is to
go into university, college and/or eventually land a good job at the end of the day.
Unfortunately many Malaysians graduates find it hard to obtain jobs in the real world as they
lack communication skills, lack the ability to think creatively and critically. As such National
Service is seen as the best platform for school leavers to actually communicate with other
people, practise what they learned in classroom, and solve problems, also to think creatively.
As such there is absolutely no reason why National Service should NOT be made compulsory!

Members of the House, in my arguments, we clearly see as to why National Service should
be made compulsory for school leavers so that this particular programme disciplines the body
and mind of the youths for the future of Malaysia.

Members of the House, we cannot deny, Malaysias Vision 2020 is merely seven years away,
are we producing the right kind of younger generations who shouldered the burden of leading
our country to a better future? Will we be successful in becoming a fully developed nation by
then? YES WE CAN! If we accept the motion for today, remember, when we made National
Service compulsory for school leavers it determines the future of Malaysia as it disciplines
the mind and body of the youths.

Members of the House,

Before I take my seat, allow me to once again state the stand for the Government, National
Service gives school leavers the opportunity to practice what they learned in school for social
integration and self-betterment for the future of Malaysia.
With that, I thank you.