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Career Management Student ID : 000845500 Student Name : Doan Ngoc Tu Class : BM103 Intake

Career Management

Student ID : 000845500 Student Name : Doan Ngoc Tu Class : BM103 Intake 7 Tutor : Tran Nguyen Hai Ngan

1. Three Test

The test that I have done is Big Five Personality . It has been made on the website out-of-service (out-of -service, 2014). My highest score is 83 (extraversion). In addition, conscientiousness and agreeableness scores also quite high (69). I agree with this result because it is the character with a positive attitude,and it’ll support me to take advantage of job and recruitment .

1. Three Test The test that I have done is <a href=Big Five Personality . It has been made on the website out-of-service (out-of -service, 2014). My highest score is 83 (extraversion). In addition, conscientiousness and agreeableness scores also quite high (69). I agree with this result because it is the character with a positive attitude,and it’ll support me to take advantage of job and recruitment . " id="pdf-obj-1-8" src="pdf-obj-1-8.jpg">

The second test I did was to list the career for myself. It has been done on the website (Careerlink , 2014). I noticed that there are two occupations that are suitable for me: supervision and scheduling/dispatching. I agree with this result because technology and business administration are two of my favorite sectors. Therefore, I can work with different positions as project management technology, planning and project coordination, technology consultant, system supervision, etc. However, my technical knowledge is limited, so after graduating from college I will attend a master's degree of business information system and related certificates.

The second test I did was to list the career for myself. It has been done

The third test I have done is an overall assessment test, it is about capacity and eight competencies provided by SHL Universal Competency Framework (UCF, 2014). Eight competency features related to the jobs are described under the following table:

Here are the results of eight competencies that I have done in the test:

Here are the results of eight competencies that I have done in the test:

The first competency is deciding and initiating actions, describing the ability to make decisions and initiate

The first competency is deciding and initiating actions, describing the ability to make decisions and initiate activities. It shows that I’m a person who can hold opinion strongly and can operate independently without any assistance. I totally agree with this result because holding opinion means that person can be compliance with the process. Moreover, those who have independent personality who are not governed or influenced by others, they know the difference between right and wrong, and they will not make many mistakes in action. However, maintaining opinion is not synonymous with conservative opinion, but have to consider all factors before making a decision.

The second competency is relating to the ability to work with people. It was described as expressed empathy, listening, supporting for others. It was also expressing the respect of other members. With this result I am quite pleased because it shows that I always comfortable to seek contribution from other members when making decisions and understanding the behavior of others. The contribution of people in decision-making process is important, thus, listen to their opinions will show respect for them lead to aggressive behavior. Also understand the behavior of others to empathize in order to limit the negative behavior.

The third competency is presenting and communicating information. It was described as expressing opinions, the key points of an argument clearly and confidence when presenting under crowd. With this result I cannotagree because I realized that I have not created a personal style when accessible the audience and I’m not confident when doing presentation. Therefore, I think I need to improve in this competency. Presenting in front of a mirror would probably be a good method to help me improve my confidence. Also, I will ask my colleagues and friends to provide feedback to help me to create a personal presentations style.

The fourth competency is analysis. I agree with this result because I am someone who likes to find out the elements of abstraction and to work with numbers. I’m good at math so working with the numbers for me is quite easy.

The fifth competency is creating and innovating. It was described as creating new ideas, methods, or knowledge, solutions to the problem. I agree with this result because I think I can apply the theories or different methods to solve problems in practice.

The sixth competency is planning and organizing skills. It was described as planning activities for the project and identifying the resources needed to perform the task. This result shows that I did not focus on one main objective and detailed planning. Although I was not satisfied with this result, but I agree with it. To improve in this skill, I will participate in the class of project management.

Seventh competency is adapting and responding to change, adapting to change circumstances like accepting new ideas and personal style to suit different people. The result showed that I have the ability to adapt personal style through of situations and to understand the motivations and behaviors of others. These elements will help me integrate into different working environments.

The last competency is achieving personal objectives and goals. I realize that this result does not reflect my personality. I am someone who likes to work at a steady rate and to achieve these goals require time and a particular strategy.


15 Skill Audit





Plan for Improve




  • - Assignment , Thesis.

-Reduce Grammar mistake and


-Intership Diary.

sentence formation by joint English

-Use Electronic mail like Gmail , class or can learn on the Internet .

-Use Electronic mail like Gmail ,

class or can learn on the Internet .

Yahoo! To send data .

  • - Read English Newspaper ereryday

-Cover letter and Cirticum Vitae

  • - Learn 10 words a day to increase english vocabulary . -Implement exercises in English from journals, books.




-Presentation .

  • - Spend an hour in a day to watch


-Telephone , face to face

English news channels .


  • - Voice recording and listen to it to fix mistakes in next recordings.

  • - Conversation with people who speak

better to get advice .


Application of


  • - Analysis and statistics of the survey

-tips, learn more some mathematical


in the business projects were

softwares and formulas

implemented .

  • - Understand and use mathematical information .

  • - Analysis data models (columns, circles)

-Use administration accounting software .




-Graduated from colleges with

.- Enhance ability to manage and


specialization: Network adminstrator

analyze information ( engaged master

(Hoa Sen University) .

of business information system

  • - Microsoft Office certification .

program training at RMIT university ) .

-Member of technology forum (

( RMIT , 2014 )

Tinhte.vn , Voz.com )

  • - Subscribe to technical magazines.


Information search skills ( Report ,filter data , document )



Confidentiality information (sort the

Regularly update the information management application .



data, protecting information systems

users, personne )


Interpersonal skills


-Conflit Resolution ( Team Conflict , -Question Skill (to explore the questions, cynical unresolved ) . -Active Listening ( Take note , Recording lesson ,etc. )

-Make more conversations outside of work with other people . -Focus on building harmonious relationships (empathy , fairness , trust ) .



Presentation skills


-Slide design ( MS Powerpoint , Prezi ).

Maximise visual appeal ( use simple picture to illustrate key point



Non-verbal communication ( eye


Prepare before presentation ( make

contact , gestures)

sure the audience understand contex ) -Try Presentation opposite a mirror .



Team working


-Collaboration skills ( diccuss ,

-Split the work evenly, clearly and

during project implementation .

connect with other team ) -Brainstorming ( use in decision – making , -Group Presentation (Division of work, data search and support answers questions )


minimise duplicate . -Job analysis before starting project (deadlines, assign tasks, share difficulties, -Explain clearly to avoid conflicts

-Have participated in project "Green


Help other people ( listen, to meet

Environment" (6 people in a team,

the needs and aspirations of

tasks: propaganda environmental

members ).





-Convince customers

-learn from classes, books , trainers,


parent .




-Managing Accounts and Files

-learn from books, internet .




(Arrangement data and set a password for the document ) -Database Administrator at Ajinomoto Company . -Use some online software



Problem Solving




Resolve conflict of members in team during project implementation , case study , presentation .

-learn more case studies to solve . -Try to solve some situation in workplace




Flexibility &


-Keeping calm in the face of

-Adjust behavior to suit the


difficulties. -Always Scheduling before implementation ( Presentation , data for essay etc.) -Work under pressure, deadline

environment (deal with customers, discuss on the team) -Adjust approaches and solutions to cope with an emergency situation




-Always be make peace when conflict occurs on the team .

-Select the type of leadership ( Servant leadership ) .






-Helping friends questions about theory, data analysis .

-Record ,take note the process of training staff from the manager.



read book to achieve knowledge

Established networks to share and learn .



Meeting dealine/ Achieving target


-Always submission before the deadline . -Get feedback from faculty to edit essays -Planning before implementing a project (objectives and completion time) .

-Set up detail objectives (from easy to difficult)


Commitment to ethical


-Do assignment on time . - Falsified data ( Thesis ,Ethical

-try to maintain those good routines

practices and



3. SWOT Analysis



Technical Skill

  • - Poor presentation skills .

  • - Professional network administrator degree

  • - Bad ability to focus .

  • - Microsoft Office certificate ( Access & Outlook ) .

  • - Information search skills.

  • - Internship experience and work at Ajinomoto Vietnam. Soft Skill

  • - Team playing, ability to work under pressure.

  • - English reading comprehension .

  • - Social (green summer, charity) Opportunities


Wishes to become the expert advice of technology

  • - High Software Copyright violations .

solutions, project management, software outsourcing

  • - Strongly competitive environment


  • - The downturn of global economy

Political: Information technology is the industry supports other industries. Hence the government has prioritized development of policies to develop human resources and technology. So the chance to get a job is very high ( MIC , 2014 ) .

Economic Contribution of 7% of the national GDP. spearhead economic sectors with growth rate and high efficiency (NDHMoney , 2013) . The average wage of a software engineer: 10,633,333 VND, project manager:


4. Personal Story

My interest in information technology industries started when I enrolled into an information technology program at high school. The program has introduced me to the various facets of the subject, and has showed me what an innovation field it is. Therefore, in the future, I would like to work in a business department at a high tech software company. To reach my career goal, I need to gain more knowledge in both business administration and information technology fields. I’m currently a student in Business Administration program at University of FPT associated with the University of Greenwich. I have taken many pre-requisite courses specifically designed for business administration. These courses allowed me to develop the practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. These courses are also helping me to become good at problem solving and allowing me to have a better concept of what I would most likely be facing in the future. Besides that, I got an information technology from Hoa Sen University. I’m also currently pursuing two information systems certificates from Cisco Network. These two certificates related to the installation, operation and maintenance of the network system. Upon completing my degree and certificates, I would be able to function professionally as IT managers, applications development project managers, analysts, or consultants. After fulfilling this goal, I intend to follow the growing trend of successful employees who moved to the management area. My plan is to become a senior manager in five years.


Personal Brand

My vision is to bring Vietnam from a country software outsourcing to become a producer of software. My mission is to become a professional project manager to bring the best quality products for clients and help connect members of the team to support them work effectively and ensures deadline in the process while implementation of the project.Speaking of self-worth, I noticed that there are two of my self-worth that is trustworthy and steadfastness. I think that trustworthy are persons who prestige and hold promise for everyone. It gives confidence for everyone, helping them to work in harmony and communication. Steadfastness is an essential element to become a leader in the future, because those who want to become leaders must overcome obstacles and difficulties. My career objective after graduation, I will be interviewing for a job in companies operating in the technology sector as TMA Solutions, LogiGear or other technology companies with position technology consulting for customers, analysis and advisory business solutions based on the technology.In the next two years, I will go to learn more about the certificate of project management and technology to cultivate knowledge of both information technology and business to become a project manager about software, especially masters of BIS (Business information system) to improve professional skills. In the next 5 years, when I get sufficient knowledge and financial resources, I would raise of capital to establish a business operating in the field of technology with two main functions is to produce software and deployment database system for customers. I have two opposite personalities such as openness and impatient. Openness helps me establish good relationships with coworkers, customers, partners and society. However, impatient can be considered a weakness of mine, because it made me uncontrollable of thinking and lead to wrong decisions. Therefore, I need to limit the ways by a variety of methods such as meditation, yoga, etc. My core strengths is individual skills, I can operate independently without any assistance. In addition, adaptability and flexibility as well as my strength, I can work under heavy pressure and can be flexible to work at multiple position with different tasks.My weakness is that practical experience, my knowledge mainly from books and theories so I need practical experience to better understand the nature of the problem. In addition nervous before a presentation is also my weakness, it proves to the audience I really do not feel confident.

  • 6. Presentation slide

7. Report Job-affair The job fair that I attended was the job fair for graduated students

7. Report Job-affair

7. Report Job-affair The job fair that I attended was the job fair for graduated students
7. Report Job-affair The job fair that I attended was the job fair for graduated students

The job fair that I attended was the job fair for graduated students who’s major in mechanical engineering and electronics at Cao Thang technical colleges, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Before joining this job fair, I have prepared a CV and have searched information of the companies was involved.There were a total of 32 businesses have joined this job fair, most of these businesses are specialized in manufacturing like Intel, Honda, Unilever etc . The attendee were students who newly graduated from college or university with a major in mechanical engineering and electronics. I was interviewed with Unilever for a positionin maintaining productin packaging line. I failed because I did not have sufficient knowledge for the positioned being applied.However, through this interview I learned many lessons. The first one is the ability to answer questions, followed by the ability to control emotions like anxiety and temper.I also found that the degree is not the top priority. The capable of working is far more important than the degree.I also did not wear appropriate clothes for the interview, I need to pay more attention on my outfit for the next interview. Furthermore, I did not prepared the questions for recruiters. It was an omission to demonstrate for recruiter to see my concern for the job.

8. Elevator Speech “Hi, my name is Tu . I am currently a final year student

8. Elevator Speech

“Hi, my name is Tu . I am currently a final year student University of of Greenwich . My major is business administration , especially in the field of human resource management . I am very passionate about technology , however , my opinion is working in the IT industry is not just working with machinery but also to communicate with people . Summer two years ago I did an internship at Ajinomot Inc with IT support position for a period of 4 months together with those field programs in other businesses gave me many excitement and experience . My concern for both business and information technology is never stop. In the near future, I hope to combine two different disciplines and find a career that includes them both “

9. Type of 2 industries

Type of Industry



industry support for other industries with the main tasks such as managing database systems, multimedia communication and system maintenance, design, fabrication and development of applications, technology consulting. ( MIC , 2014 )


Customers are mainly businesses which need database systems, technology companies, software and media companies ( MIC , 2014 )


The main products of this industry are administrator database management systems such as SQL Server, ERP system. The communication protocols such as VoIP intranet. Order and design of software for its customers. Installation and maintenance of IT systems .

Political change

  • - Opportunities

  • - Government has a great support for the industry development. (MIC , 2009) >> career development opportunities.

  • - Chính sách ưu đãi thuế . Software companies are exempt from corporate income tax in the first 4 years since its establishment, enjoy a tax rate of 5% in the next 9 years and 2 years after that enjoy preferential corporate income tax of 10%. (Ha Van , 2013 )

  • - Political stability - highly stable >> make good condition for stable economic environment to attract foreign clients.

  • - Threats

  • - Intellectual property protection >> weakest in the world ( IPR , 2007 ) .

  • - Wage legislation - minimum wage far below the threshold of sector standards (IPR ,2007) .

Economic changes

Join in the WTO + high GDP growth rate (8% per per year) > IT companies have to operate in more competitive environment. ( Ha Van , 2013 ) . Value of Vietnam ICT market in 2006 reached 1015 millions US dollar .The total value of the IT industry in2006 was US$ 1.74 billion US dollar .


Number of IT companies : 1200 Software companies & 200 Hardware company in 2006 . Software companies accounted for 45 percent of the market and Hardware companies accounted for 30 percentege . (IPR , 2007 )

Some famous companies in VietNam : FPTLead , TMA Solution , Logigear Inc , VINACom , CSC VietNam


Potentially big market with the population of more than 80 million ( Meyer et al , 2005 ) Big potential market for software companies due to an increase and a diversification in the use of IT in various areas, from socio-economic sectors, government administrations and businesses to the daily activities of many urban people. ( Meyer at al , 2005 )


Recent technological developments – Limited installed technology base so Vietnam has opportunity to leapfrog other countries ( KIAasia , 2002 ) .

Type of industry

Human resources management in tourism industry


Human Resource Management is operations to enhance the effective contribution of


individuals for organization goals while simultaneously trying to achieve the objectives of individuals (Nickson, 2007). Managing human resources in tourism is the activities in order to improve the quality and working efficiency of labor force in tourism industry (Nickson, 2007). The object of this industry is travel companies, restaurants, hotels need to recruit staff HR


management or improve the quality of service of employees. (Popescu et al , 2013).

Products of human resources management in tourism industry is HRM software, payroll, timesheets, policies and remuneration, etc (Popescu et al, 2013)

Political change

  • - Opportunities

  • - As an industry brought a lot of profit therefore there are many preferential policies for

development (Tien Cuong, 2014).

  • - Lack of personnel in the hotel and restaurant lead to higher recruitment needs (Hotel news,

  • - Threats


  • - Vietnam tourism industry lack of the professionalism because of perception limitations,

professional and experienced, thus, to improve the quality of Vietnam's tourism requires enthusiasm and professional qualifications (Hoang thanh , 2013 ).

  • - There is no policy to support small tourist companies (Hoang thanh , 2013).

Economic change

- Vietnam tourism industry is growing and becoming a key economic industry. (Tien Cuong,


Socail change

Most of Vietnam tourism workforce has not been good training in the ability to communicate in English .

  • 10. Type of 3 organizations

Type of organization

TMA Solutions

CSC VietNam

HPT Vietnam Corporation


TMA is a company providing software outsourcing services for leading global companies (TMASolutions , 2014 ) .

CSC Vietnam is a company provides application services, consulting and implementing ERP (Enterprise resource planning ) and IT services ( CSC , 2014).

HPT is one of the leading IT company in Vietnam. Provision of information technology services to customers at home and abroad. (HPT, 2014).

Company Background / Product / Business Unit / Branches

Established in March 1997 with six software engineers until 2014 about 1,500 engineers. There are three main centers: TMA training, student development, research and development (TMASolutions, 2014 ). Headquartered in Vietnam and

Scope of Activities: Software

CSC Vietnam, formerly called FCG Vietnam (PSV) has officially joined CSC after CSC completed the merger of CSC FCG in January 2008. Scope of Activities:

Established in 1995 with international transaction names is High Performance Technology Co. Ltd. HPT provides technology solutions for more than 2,000 businesses in Vietnam

branches in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan.

Outsourcing, Mobile solutions, research & development Network, Training for student

Consulting, development and application maintenance. Deploying ERP system for enterprises and solution development mobile applications. (CSC , 2014 )

and overseas. Core business activity of HPT is deploying commercial software for the enterprise, database management, installation of the operating system for business (HPT, 2014) .


Mission: to provide software far exceeds customer expectations

Mission: become a corporation specializing in providing solutions and Information Technology services leading global

Mission: Building HPT become a service company of information technology, communications and software development

Vision: sustainable growth, constantly increasing employee satisfaction and value for the customer (TMASolutions , 2014 )

Vision: to promote the highest capacity of staff and CSC's global scale

international level Vision: Understanding and application development technologies in the field of IT - communication for customers in Vietnam and internationally for the prosperity of customers .

Strength / Weakness

S : Have skills training center for new staff and students ,Good

S : As one of the very few companies can develop full

S : There is specific

remunation and reward (Ha Van , 2011) . Create advancement opportunities for employees after 2- 4 years of work to create opportunities for employees and support them completed good work (Nguyen Nhu Dung , 2007 )

applications (Full life cycle software development)

. Good Social welfare regimes ( Reviewcompany , 2014 )

internship program for students preparing to

graduate. ( BKACAD , 2014 .


W : Have Research & Development Department (10 years) but primarily to research new technologies in service software outsourcing .

W : Only focus on core business activities test software for customers and not diversified business model as other software





TMA is a leading outsourcing company (Tieu Nha , 2014 )

Leading corporation specializing in the research, development and support of Business solutions and IT systems with the highest complexity (Pcworld , 2007)


Maintain a friendly working environment, towards creativity and teamwork (Ha Van, 2011 )

HPT is a collective rich in cultural traditions, strong entrepreneurial spirit. Released internal publications ( HPT , 2014 )

11. SMART Action Resources Support Cost Success Criteria Completion Steps Who ? How much time ,
Success Criteria
Who ?
How much time ,
money , emotional
TOEFL Certificates :
How will I know I’ve
achieved it ?
By When
How ?
1 st Year
Working at :
TMA Solutions
Position :
What ?
A : Available
N : Needed
A :Bachelor's degree (
Business administrator )
.College degree (
Communication and
Computer Network ) .
N : TOEFL certificates ,
Cisco Certified Network
Associate & Cisco
Certified Network
Professional , Project
Management certificate in
information technology
-TMA Solutions
Business department
-Get Cisco certificate
from Nhat Nghe
technology Center .
-learn TOEFL from
-Support from
managers and
colleagues when
12.000.000 VND .
certificate : 6.000.000
, Project Management
certificate in
information technology
: 8.000.000
Total : 26.000.000 VND
improvement ( Write
, Spoken ,
Communication )
knowledge (
Consultant skill ,
convince customers
Have many good
relationships with
Certificates : 6
certificate : 3,5
certificate in
technology : 2
Total : 1 year
2 nd Year
Working at :
A : Experience
Relationship , Knowledge
N : Master of Business
information system , Skill
planning and coordination
of HR for project .
Master of Business
Team Project
information : 13.000 US
Ability to manage
Master of
TMA Solutions
Position :
Relationships with
information : 17
Know how to plan
and arrange job
5 th year
Working at :
N : motivate skill , decision
–making skill
Course :The art of
TMA Solutions
leadership : 23.000.000
Know how to
motivate staff
Course :The art
of leadership : 4,5
Skills training
Month .

Position :


for new staff




  • 12. Report Case Analysis

Before the presentation, my team had a total of four meetings to discuss and divide the tasks to other team members. The first meeting was to find out the appropriate task for each member and to divide the questionnairesamong us. In the second meeting, each member presented the draft answers based on case study analysis. In the third meeting, each member completed the answer and additional data based on the internet. We applied many ideas mainly from two websites are Emeraldinsight Journal and JSTOR. We also added some point of view from the collected essays on the internet.

The final meeting took place two days before the presentation. In this discussion, each member was targeted in 15 minutes presentation to ensure we present on time. When presenting, our skills of using body language were quite good. However, we did not apply the theory well, we were still sketchy. Besides that, all members have to answer questions of teachers but the answers did not focus on the right details and the use of English when presented are not good. Feedback from teachers has been recorded to improve for the nextpresentations. For example, the application of the product life cycle theory although in the right direction, but not in detail and unclear. At the end of the presentations, Ihave learned some experience for myself such as I need to use more body language to express their opinions and learn from the teachers’ feedback. And I think taking a class (KTDC, 2015) to improve presentation skills in English can be a suitable method

  • 13. Report Interview Clip

As an interviewer, before meeting with the candidates, there are two elements need to be prepared. First, read the resume of candidates together with job requirements in order to prepare a questionnaire for people who interview at the hotel receptionist position . Here are list of questionaire

13. Report Interview Clip As an interviewer, before meeting with the candidates, there are two elements

When I designed this questionnaire it is included the question of technical skills, soft skills based on the evaluation criteria of qualification, communication, flexibility . As an interviewer, I noticed that interviewer plays a key role in putting questions to find out the personality of the candidate. Moreover, they are also create comfortable environment makes candidates more confident . If a stressful environment occur, candidates will be uncomfortable and disorder when

answering the question, and this is not beneficial for interviewer because they will not understand exactly

answer which

candidate can answer correctly . After the interview, I noticed that there are three factors to determine whether to hire this

candidate or not is the ability to communication, problem solving skills and flexibility. In my opinion, I agree to hire this candidate because she had covered the essential skills of a hotel receptionist like good communication, resolve the situation is quite good questions. Especially the flexibility that she meets like able to work night working overtime . To function as an interviewee, before meeting with interviewer I had prepared some relevant information about the company like the business sector, remuneration policies, job requirements to anticipate the questions of interviewer. In addition, an

indispensable element that is appearance. During the interview, I feeling that control emotions to avoid unnerved is important and I did pretty good when I controlled my thinking. Combined with confidence when answering questions is using body language. The question situations need to use body language to explain more clearly. After the interviewer, I realized that I had accurate answer the questions of the interviewer. After the interview, I realized that I had accurate answer the questions of the interviewer. However, I have not good resolution the question of situations. Through interviews, I have experienced from an interviewee that is must control emotions and use body language to express the answer. Good preparation everything before the interview will be a chance for the purpose of increasing the chances of recruitment . Observer is listening, watching and recording the answers of interviewees . Characteristics of an observer is focused on the details and record the answers . Before starting a interview, observers need to read the resume of interviewee and job requirements to prepare observed sample includes various evaluation criteria . In the interview, observer noted answers from candidates by observed sample was designed (See appendix). Choosing location beside the interviewer and opposite the interviewee to cover the entire interview . After the interview, observer will summarize the criteria from sample surveys to evaluation performance of interviewee together with evaluation of interviewer. If results from supervisors and interviewers matches, which showed a high rate of successful candidates for people who are interviewee .


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