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Excerpt from the book "Magnetic Current" By ED Leedskalnin

When you were making the small magnets with a single copper wire you wasted too many North and South Pole individual magnets. You only got in the steel wire very small part of the magnets that came out of the copper wire. You are still wasting the North and South Pole magnets. You do not get one half of the magnets in the steel or iron bar from those which are in the coil. To get more magnets out of a coil put the coil in steel or iron tube, then the tube outside the coil will be a magnet the same as the coil's core, but the magnet poles will be opposite. it means at the same coil end if the core end is North Pole the tube end will be South Pole. In this way you will get almost again as much magnet out of the coil and in the core and tube.

4. John Keely

From the book Keely and His Discoveries Aerial Navigation

The suspension and propelling of an atmospheric navigator of any number of tons weight can be succesfully accomplished by this exciting the molecular mass of the metal it is constructed of; and the vibratory neutral negative attraction evolved, will bring it into perfect control, commercially, by keeping it in sympathy with the earth's triune polar stream. There is enough of this latent power locked up in the embrace of the iron ore, that is contained in our planet, which, if liberated and applied to proper vibratory machinery, would furnish force enough to run the commercial power of the world: leaving millions of times more to draw upon, as the needs increase. The velocity of the vibration governing the flow of the magnetic stream, comes under the head of the first inter-atomic, and ranges from 300,000to 780,000 vibrations per second; the first order above odour permeating the molecules, of the glass plate of the compass (with the same facility that atmospheric air would go through an ordinary sieve through which it passes), to arouse sympathetically in the needle the concordant condition that harmonizes with its own. The course of this sympathetic flow is governed by the full harmonic chord; and, consequently, moves in straight lines; thus transmitting itws sympathy free of molecular interferences.


Figure 21



Coriolis Effect weakens rapidly as one moves from north or south to equator. Consequently, the accelerating force is not enough to compensate f or f rictional f orces as equator is approached. As a resrJt, prevailing winds become weaker in lower latitudes ard vanish near equator.


Cancellation of air currents occur between magnetic

modal lines as a result of air

masses rrnving in opposite directions and convergin g

at such pcrints.




/l ,/

Particles moving

with magnetic flow

coming out of earth

will have a higher velocity

than those in the magnetic flow going into the earth since they have added velocity due to gravitational repulsion. Consequently, they will tend to escape the earth's magnetic

field. Because of mutual repulsions

some of them will be pushed south and some north.






A free enerry device can be defined as a machine that extracts or puts

out more energy than it draws from its surroundings, or is put into it, to

obtain this energy. The world of academic science has always considered this to be an impossibility, since it supposedly violates to law of conser-

vation of energy. Despite continual and undeniable proof to the con-

trary, the vast majority of orthodox scientists still refuse to recognize

such realities. In view of the type of minds possessed by these men as has been revealed throughout this treatise, it would be completely out of character for them to behave in any other manner. Many such discoveries have been made in this century. They have

passed every test designed to prove them fraudulent. In each instance,

the invention was suppressed and lost to the world by the underhanded

tactics of such vested interests governed by unscrupulous men, whose on-

ly interests are the acquiring of money and power. Their success in

preventing the widespread use of these devices was facilitated by afflic-

tions which all but a few of the inventors seemed to have in common.

These included acute cases of laryngitis and writer's cramp, at least

where the details of their inventions were concerned.




In the pages to follow, three devices of this nature will be described

and analyzed in detail. Two of them are self-sustaining electric

generators, and one is a magnetic motor or a device that is powered only

by permanent magnets. One of these, a self-sustaining electric generator,

is a design of this author.


the exception of magnetic

motors, all of these various

wireless transmission of elect-

rical energy, are based on a principle and a fact that has been dis-

devices, including Tesla's famous

"Free Energ!" Devices


c.,sscd repearedry in rhis

treatise. The principle is that alr known

which, in turn, harbor enormous

llcrr,cated with soft electrons

space is


ali or such inventions consist of vari-

erectrons to the extent that they give

tics ol' hard electrons. Essentially, ous methods of exciting these soft

up the hard erectrons they contain. Less

energy is required to Jisintegrate

in the flow of hard erec-

a violatio; ;i;.


a soft erectron than the energy that is released

trons as a

result of the disintegration. This is not


mains constant.

law, since the total kinetic energy of the ethers invorved re-


with one possible

exception to be discussed later, perhaps the most


device is the serf sustaining electric gen-

developed by different individuals at

spictacular of these was demon-


Iglg, by an inventor named

newspapers at that time.




, i*t -

practicar and useful free

erator' Many have probably been

different times' The. most famous and

strated publicry at Seattle,


Hubbard. His invention was featurid in'ieattre

one of- Hubbard's

generators was supposedly r 4 inches

es in diameter, and

powered a 40^horsepower electric

pushed a boat continuously

onstration was witnessed


around the bay for several hours. This dem-

by thousands. A iormer associate of the author

seen it.

He stated rr,uiti"Lort rr_



boat to levitate.





was one of those who claimed to have

teresting part of the spectacle was the

The reason isn't

ated such a high negarive

difficult to discern. rhegeneration of the


in ttre

viJinity that the uo"i **

nated with an inordinate quantity of soft

wards abandoned

erectrons. Hubbard soon after_


with regard to his



his experimenis and became

invention. It is not

difficult to surmise *f,rt tupp.n.a.

During the time of his

demonstrations, Hubbard made a sketch

of his smalrer generators.used

approximately six

for ordinary erectrical appriances. It was

about five inches in diameter. lt con-

iron cores which, in turn, sur-

centrar coil was wound on a

rhey were, undoubtedry,






inches long and

sisted of eight coils in

rourded a srightry larger

hollow tube which contained

comprised of soft iron. Four terminals extended

series, wound on

central coir. The




tral coil.

represented the outer coils, while the other two came from the cen_

It is highly significant that both wires


1o be of heavy gauge like those used in terephone or power Iines, with the







kind of insulation. Each core had only one layer of this wire. This

rrrcans that only a moderate number of turns were used in the entire

gt:nerator, or a total of about 250-300 turns on the outer coils and about

.15 turns on the central coil.

It is known that the generator produced a fluctuating current of an un-

disclosed frequency and had no moving parts. The baSic principle on

which the generator operated is apparent. A small initial fluctuating cur- rcnt (more than likely DC) was introduced in either the central or outer

coils. The fluctuating

magnetic field surrounding the primary coil or

coils resulting

from the primary current introduced an EMF in the secon-

coils. There is another important factor to consider when a

a coil wound on an iron core'

dary coil or

fluctuating current passes through

such a coil with a moderate number of

turns per unit length will magnetize this core to a surprising degree. This

principle is utilized to great advantage in electromagnets' What appar-


.uri.nt builds up after it is turned on, an induced EMF is produced in the

coil by the changing magnetic

is the result of the magnetic field produced

by the magnetization



flux, which is in the same direction as the

hasn't been realized is that during the brief interval in which the

A small current passed through

current. This induced EMF


of the iron core' If this induced EMF were in the

of the current, a sizeable current could never be pro-

in the coil. The EMF opposing the current would automatically

cancel it before it could increase.

Figure 22 shows a graph of the magnetization of an iron core plotted

against ampere

turns pei unit length. The term "ampere turns" is the

number of turns-of the coil per unit length times the number of amperes

of current flowing through

pere flowing through a

the coil' For example, a current of one am- -

coil of 100 turns will produce tly"' same effect as

i*o u*p".", flowing through

turns. There is a spction


turns will produce a


a coil of the same length, which has only 50 the curve where a slight increase in ampere

tremendous increase in the magnetization of the iron

The cause of this phenomenon should be analyzed' It seems paradoxi-

cal that a modest nhmber of ampere


of the iron

turns can produce extensive and sig-

nif,icant magnetization

produced by

similar field, produced by a permanent magnet, would be

unable to induce a noticeable magnetization of iron. This is something conventional science has found convenient to ignore. The solution to the

dilemma becomes apparent in view of concepts already introduced. The

parison. A

core. Yet the observable magnetic field

current without the magnetic core is miniscule in com-

"Free Energy" Devices




rHE cuRVE or roo"rr,rlfttg*L', AN rRoN

coRE vERsus







Criticalsection of the

curve, where a slight in- crease in current pro- duces a large increase in the magnetization.

Ampere Turns per Unit Length



Irormal flow of current in a wire is accompanied by an extensive tlow ot

soft electrons in the same direction. This flow of soft electrons also permeates the iron core. As this flow of soft electrons passes through the

of them tend to disintegrate, which tends to create a hard flow in the iron. This induces magnetism in the iron a con-

siderable distance from the coil. The ma$netic field produced by a per- manent magnet does not produce a flow of soft electrons to the extent of


i.on, .*y

that produced by

ampere turns



tron flow in


an electric current flowing in a conductor. When the

exceed a critical value, the soft electron flow in the iron

an intensity that results in a sudden and inordinate degree of

of the soft electrons. The great increase in the hard elec-

the iron creates a sudden increase in the magnetization of the

If an alternating

current is passed through an electromagnet and the

exceed this critical point, a chain reaction will take place in

ampere turns


coil, which will result in a tremendous increase of current in the coil.

This principle is responsible

out during current surges.


for transformers which occasionally burn

The sudden increase in current is sufficient in

cases to put the ampere turn value over into this critical range'



such effects have baffled electrical engineers. The chain reac-

results from an increase in the magnetization of the iron, which pro-

duces an increase in the current, which in turn produces an additional

large increase in magnetization, and so on. This ends when the iron

reaches its maximum degree of magnetization.

The above process occurs during the first half of the cycle. The EMF is

in the direction opposite to that of the current after it reaches its


maximum value, and the second part of the cycle begins' This EMF,

which is of the same magrritude as that which brought the current to its

maximum value during

stops the current. The

the opposite direction, and the same identical process described above occurs with this current flowing in a new direction.

applied alternating EMF then starts the current in

the first part of the cycle, now acts as a brake and

The normal operation of tranformers involves ampere turns well be-

low this critical point.


The additional EMF induced in the coils by the

of the

of the iron offsets the natural inductive impedence

coils. This is why tranformers have such a high degree of

efficiency. If

any material other than iron or special steel were used for the core, the

efficiency would drop significantly.


author tested this principle of current or voltage increase during a

cycle. A pulsed DC current from a battery source could be passed

"Free Energy" Devices



through an

considerably to stepping up

coming from the

electromagnet. The voitage irom the battery source shoutcl


increased after passing through rhe coil. This is efuivalent

the vortage of the battery when the portion or the circuit

coil is used in conjunction with the opposite pole of the

tested this theory by placing auouiz,ooo'turns on


diameter and joining the ends of the wire to the battery. A severe shock was fert when the cir-


was opened and closed. It required

a sensitive, to get anything

under normar conditions.

opened or crosed, the

battery' The author

steel bolt one-harf inch in

opposite poles of a six-volt

cuit at the negative pore of the

about 70 volts for an individuar, other than

resembling a shock from an electric current

This means that, during the intervar the circuit was


yond I00 volts! The author and an

current operated by an

battery. This produced severar

of the distributor on a car. The

crease would not register

The current pulse was in

closing of the circuit was finitesimal intervals of time

and amperage' However, the

bunches of electrons of high vortage,

increased from six volts to at reast 70 vorts and possibry well be-

associate then tried the experiment with a pulsed

electric motor to pulse the current from a l2-volt

hundred purses per second in the manner

voltage increase from the single coir was

wire and the

sufficient to produce severe shocks if one touchect the

negative pole of the

battery. paradoxically, the voltage ana amperage in_

on a voltmeter or ammeter. The reason is crear.

opening and

instantaneous. The current aurin'g-itrese in_

the form of a square wave. The

was increased tremendously in both vortage

current produced consisied only of rarge


by relatively ireat time

which wourd

intervals with no current frow, except foiresiduar erectrons


amount of

sequently, the

didn't have sufficient

these sudden increases.

only a small current on the instruments. This means the totar

current, during a significant interval of time, was

small. con_


instruments could not record these sudden increases.

time. However, the needles did vibrate, showing

It is now clear

that a normary pulsed DC current cannot be used in

experiments mentioned above only demonstrated the

such a device' The

validity of the principle. This

means that a pulsed current in the form of

the induced EMF in a coil is directly magnetic flux, the higher the fre-

A sine wave parteri means that thecase with the square wave.

coir is subjectecr wiil be

a sine wave must be emproyed. Since

proportional to the rate of change of

quency of this pulsed current, the better.

the changes wil not beso abrupt, as was

Therefore, the rare of change of frux ro which the

much less for the same number of turns, than witlr o ,quoi. *uu".




It is highly signilicant


that only small-gauge wire was employed in the

the time, it was the only kind of wire the author

above experiments. had at hii disposal. cal value, there is

electrons for a given applied EMF. There are several factors involved' Soft electrons tend to congregate around a conductor' This has been

proven by the Reich cloudbuster effect' Also, soft electrons which per-

when the diameter of the wire exceeds a certain criti- a sudden and tremendous increase in the flow of hard

permeate the conductor in high concentrations.

meate all occupied space

The number is

an EMF is applied to the wire, a hard-electron flow begins along the out- side of the wire" The electrical resistance of the wire is approximately,

within certain current limits, inversely proportionat to its diameter. As

the wire increases in size, the current flow increases, and a greater mag-

netization of the iron core is the result. This means an increase in EMF

increase in hard-electron velocity and interactions-

activity in the wire produces disintegration of soft elec-

proportional to the cross sectional area of the wire. when

with a subsequent The hard electron

trons in the wire and also along

the outer surface. The hard electrons

released increase the electron

ciency, of soft electrons in the region results in a flow of soft electrons to

flow or amperage' The shortage, or defi-

the wire,


as in the cloudbuster effect.

is another, and no doubt most important,factor which con-

tributed to the success of the Hubbard device of which even Hubbard

himself could not have been aware. At that time the only insulated wire

available was that with the thick and heavy insulation similar to that used


fi fi


fr *

in power


lines. This means that adjacent segments of the wire in the coils

,.p-uted by a distance equal to Lwice the thickness of the insula-

tion. This consequently

duced by electrons

ability to generate a magnetic

resulted in a cancellation of magnetic effects pro-

flowing in the wire. Since inertia is dependent on the

field the inertial properties of the electrons There is an optimum distance between the

would be almost nullified.

wires which would produce the maximum effect. Evidently the insulation

provided this optimum distance. Most of the resultant magnetic field was

ihat wtrictrr encircled

field. This means that a relatively low EMF could accelerate a large

number of electrons to a high velocity during

As the electrons leave the coil inertia

backup of a high concentration of electrons in the coil. Since electrostatic

both wires and would be the weakest part of the

a very short period of time.

returns. This would result in a

electrons would be ejected from the coil at a

rheir increased inertia. This would result in a high

repulsion is not affected,

hiih velocity despite

voltage and arnPerage output'

"Free Energy" Devi r:e.s



As mentioned previousry in this treatise,

magnerization of an iron core

by the

flow of soft elec-

by hard elec-

is largely the result of magnetic fields procluced

disintegrate, releasing the hard

Therefore, despite the extremely weak near inertialess hard electrons, the iron The above effect also accounts tbr the

trons, which are far more extensive than that produced

trons. The soft particres

captured by such fields permeate the iron and

electrons which magrretize the iron.

magnetic field produced by the

core will still be magnetized.


properties of caduceus

coils which have Iong baffled researchers. The caduceus coil wound in

up with high

the manner shown in the diagram shows no tendency to heat

amperages and has virtually no impedence. At high frequency AC it has

a tendency to

wire are separate

Iength of the core on

which they are wouncl. There is a tremendous con_

levitate. As the reader will notice, adjaceni segments of the

except at the nodal points where they cross

along the

soft electrons at these nodal points where the

causing a backup in the flow.

A high fre-

haio and

centration of hard and

inertia momentarily returns,

quency AC produces sufficient agitation of elecrrons, both

soft, to result in the release of hard electrons inside the core. This duces levitation. Since the hard electrons flowing in the wire have Iittle



no inertia, they are unable to produce thermal agitation in the wire. since

impedence is due to inertia, it follows that impedence will all but vanish.

The only remaining mystery of the Hubbard device is how

he obtained

his primary alternating current and the nature of the initial current

source. The means of

producing the current was very likely built into the

since the device could be carriedio any site and

appliance such as an electric .notoi. A pho-

small box-like structure below the

artached. fhis probably con-

very likery onry a ory

unit. This seems apparent

hooked up with any availabre

tograph of the smaller unit showed a

point at which the appriances wourd be

tained the source of the primary current, and was

cell battery which produced a DC current, which was then iransiormed

into a pulsed sinosoidal DC or AC.

have been a small oscillator. Under the

small initial current and EMF would have

The pulsing device could very well

conditions just ciescribed only a

been required.

secondary. A stronger mag-


In all probability the central coil was the

netic field can be produced along the periphery of the hollow tru. ir it

contained a myriad of individual soft iron rods, than would occur if

coil were wound on a solid iron core. It would require a large number of

ampere turns to completely magnetize a large core





in the case of individual rods, this is not necessary" The outer

be magnetized before the inner portions. Therefore, it is ro;ical to



assume that the hollow

During Hubbard's

tube was also of soft iron'

demonstrations, he claimed that his invention took


claimed ihat radium

insult to the

was the source

of the current produced' This was an

intelligence of the more discerning members of the popula-

of the Radium Company of America at the

tion. He was an employee

time of his later

disclosures. Evidently, his later claims had a tendency to

discourage experimentation with generators of the configuration shown in his sketch.


around the area where his device was tested' This could have been the

source of his

initial current. A radio transmitter radiates unstable low

soft unstable soft electrons' These can in-

or combination of conductors to release a flow

form of a very high frequency pulsed DC current'

akin to a crystal radio receiver to pro-

employment of the proper wire separator or

frequency photons and very

teract with the right type

of hard electrons in the

perhaps Hubbard used something

luce the input current. The



which could produce a kilowatt of electricity for ev-

weight. This was about the same output as the Hubbard de-

electrical g.n

.ry pornJof


he did not use the principle of changing mag-



his current. Nearly one million dollars was spent in

netic flux to generate

developing the


device. A government agent accidently' or perhaps on

iestroyed his device one day when he came into Moray's shop


trary to the safety rules iaid down by


for its safe operation'



told a former classmate of the author' As with all the others'

it seems

that the complete secret of Moray's

The Moray tree energy device


with lransformers. fne

frequency charging

device died with him'

was quite complex' and operated by ul-

and discharging of condensers in resonance

f<e, to the successful operation of the device was

the use of special tubes he called ionic, cold