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Markets and Marketing Summative assessment planning


The organisation I plan to use is

If it is a substantial organisation or multi-national; the strand/business unit/region/product line
that I plan to focus on is

The models that I plan to include to critically analyse the organisations marketing
environment are:
2) BCG
3) 4Ps/ 7Ps
4) Porters 5 forces
The key marketing challenges negatively impacting upon the customer value experience of
the organisation might include:
1) Target Market
2) Global Competition
3) Market Segmentation
4) Technological Change
5) Making new markets
6) The impact of change
7) Impact of local marketing
8) Effect on sales
9) World market segmentation
10) Competitive Advantage

The one issue that I plan to prioritise is:

Dropping of sales due to competitive such
like Honda .BMW. Mercideze etc

Try to make:
More customer satisfaction
Make more sales in each country
Improve customer service

Task 2:
Literature review:
Before defining lean construction, it is important to note that its roots come from lean production.
Toyota invented lean production, which is also known as the Toyota Production System (Howell,
1999; Liker, 2004). Although Toyota Motor Corporation may have started implementing lean
production in as early as the 1950s (Koskela, 1992; Tommelein, 1998), their supreme quality and
efficiency became noticeable in the early 1990s. The Toyota Production System can best be
described by its founder, Taiichi Ohno. All we are doing is looking at the time line from the
moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are
reducing that time line by removing the non-value-added wastes (Liker, 2004, p. 7). Many of the
lean construction methods come from some lean production philosophy, specifically from the
Toyota Production System. The next few sections discuss some of the principles, tools,and
models that led to effectively developing Toyotas strong lean background

Task 3:
List the options available to the organisation for improving the organisations current market
position and make a clear recommendation.
1) Investigate own dealership
2) Improve customer service
3) Innovate new technology
4)Increase the sophistication of consumer demand

Recommendation with justification:

The main recommendations for Toyota Motor Corporation is that

Potentiality of the Asian market can be utilized by introducing more fuel efficient cars
Advancement in technology can also be recommended as the world is growing smarter
Production of more eco friendly cars
Hiring fresh ideas to the production system
More customer centric production and services
Increasing production capacity in worldwide plants as it is competing in global market
Developing the technology in case of hybrid cell.
More globally accepted strategy , by including more non Japanese in the top management level
Updated customer feedback about the performance of the car, will reduce customer